Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 95

Ye Cheng caught the strange look in Lu Jinnan’s eyes, and said, “Grandpa, it’s me who sent the food…”

Lu Xiao’s body moved.

Before he could finish speaking, Lu Jinnan raised his hand and stopped him from the next words.

“Lu Xiao, do you still remember what you promised me?” Lu Jinnan asked with a gloomy face.

The room was eerily silent, except for the ticking of the wall clock.

Lu Xiao glanced at Ye Cheng subconsciously, frowned and said, “I remember, but I don’t think there is any relationship between the two.”

Ye Cheng seemed to understand what they were talking about. What surprised him was that Lu Jinnan didn’t put himself away, but said this in front of him without any hesitation.

Lu Jinnan shook his head, “Being the heir of my Lu family, you can’t make mistakes in emotional matters. Your mother talked to me and said that you already have a partner. In that case, why didn’t you bring her to see me? Or Say, you also know that I won’t agree, so you dare not bring it home?”


Both of them were suffocating, conditioned reflexes to look at each other, and restrained abruptly.

Lu Xiao even turned his head, stunned forcing himself to turn his eyes back.

Looking at their every move, Lu Jinnan’s expression became more and more ugly.

Lu Xiao’s hand hanging by his side clenched several times, and the blue veins burst out on his forehead, and he hesitated several times.

Ye Cheng lowered his head, his palms sweating.

He almost immediately understood what Lu Jinnan said, and he knew why he didn’t let himself go—because these words were most likely meant for him.

I don’t know what Meng Li said to him, but it is estimated that the seeds of doubt were sown in his heart, so he deliberately tried this out to test them.

He imagined the scene of coming out of the closet after graduation, but he didn’t expect it to come so unexpectedly, and it was inevitable that he would feel a little uneasy.

Seeing that Lu Xiao didn’t speak, Lu Jinnan snorted coldly, turned to Ye Cheng and said, “Little Ye, you also know about this, don’t you?”

Lu Xiao immediately raised his head, “Grandpa, it has nothing to do with him…”

“Shut up, I’m asking him.” Lu Jinnan was completely angry.

Lu Xiao turned his head and looked to the side, his chest heaving up and down, gasping for breath.

“I know, I did something wrong.” Ye Cheng lowered his eyes.

Lu Xiao finally couldn’t bear it anymore, and said to him, “No need to apologize, you go out first.”

Lu Jinnan slapped the table: “Did you take me seriously?!”

Lu Xiao stood up and said solemnly, “Grandpa, I want to talk to you alone, Ye Cheng is an innocent person, you shouldn’t get him involved.”

Lu Jinnan was so angry that his hands trembled, and he was speechless as he pointed at him.

“Acheng, go out and wait for me.” Lu Xiao turned his head and said softly.

His voice was low, but his tone was very firm.

Ye Cheng nodded to Lu Jinnan, turned and walked out the door.

As soon as I walked to the door, I almost bumped into Secretary Zhang.

“Mr. Ye.” Secretary Zhang bowed to him awkwardly.

Ye Cheng saw the document in his hand and reminded him, “Elder Lu and Lu Xiao are inside, the atmosphere is not very good.”

Secretary Zhang nodded and said, “Lao Lu has been in a bad mood since yesterday, so I’ll go in later.”

Ye Cheng stopped him and asked, “Secretary Zhang, do you know why?”

Secretary Zhang was stunned for a moment, and then said: “I don’t know, I didn’t dare to come over yesterday to meet the wall, and I deliberately waited until today to come. I didn’t expect his anger to disappear.”

Ye Cheng: “…”

Lu Xiao stayed inside for more than an hour. After coming out, he asked Ye Cheng to go to the room to pack up and return to Nandu.

Lu Jinnan locked himself in the tea room, and no one would bother to knock on the door. Lu Yuelin didn’t believe in evil and insisted on “care about”, but she came out sullenly after being splashed with tea.

Along the way, Lu Xiao was surrounded by low air pressure. Due to the presence of the driver, Ye Cheng was inconvenient to ask anything.

After getting out of the car, he asked, “Have you told Grandpa about us?”

Lu Xiao shook his head and remained silent.

Ye Cheng looked at him, “Are you all right?”

Lu Xiao shook his head again, and after entering the room, he said to him, “I’m going to take a shower.” Then he went upstairs without looking back.

Meng Li was learning how to make steamed buns with Mrs. Wang, and flour was sprinkled on the table. Seeing them coming back, he said in surprise, “Xiaocheng, why did you guys come back so early? Did you quarrel?”

Ye Cheng thought about it and said, “Mom, can you go out for a walk with me? I have something to ask you.”

Only then did Meng Li notice that his face was a little pale, he agreed, and quickly took off his apron to wash his hands.

They walked out of the community and found a convenience store to sit.

As the Chinese New Year is approaching, the southern capital is much empty, and many migrant workers have returned to their hometowns.

The plane trees on the street are bare, their trunks are wrapped in frost-proof turf, and their branches are hung with lanterns and ribbons. There was no one in the convenience store, and the clerk was behind the counter watching dramas.

Ye Cheng bought two cups of hot coffee, Meng Li took a sip and stopped drinking, holding his hands to warm up.

“Did he really say that? This old man is too smart.” She tutted.

Ye Cheng asked, “So what did you and grandpa say to make him so angry.”

Meng Li said unnaturally: “I…I didn’t say anything, I just told him that Xiaoxiao has a partner, so don’t keep arranging messy blind dates for him. If he wants to, he will bring it home.”

“That’s all?” Ye Cheng looked at her suspiciously.

If it’s just a few words, it shouldn’t arouse the old man’s anger regardless of his image.

Meng Li said, “Well, I quarreled with him and said that Lu Xiao is my son. Believe it or not, I will immediately change his name to Meng Xiao.”

Ye Cheng twitched the corners of his mouth and continued to ask, “Anything else?”

Meng Li covered his forehead and said frankly: “I also said that if he wants the shares in my hand, he should not interfere in my son’s feelings, otherwise we will see. He called me ungrateful and unreasonable. , I said that you don’t want the shares anymore? He let the driver drive away.”

Ye Cheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

No wonder the old man was so angry that he was deceived and coerced at the same time.

“But I didn’t expect him to be such a thief. I just said lightly, ‘It’s his classmate, it’s not suitable to bring him here to see you now’, and he guessed it had something to do with you.” Meng Li’s face was absurd, “This is a young man. At that time, how many times did you fall in love with your family?”

Ever since Lu Jinnan persuaded her to get back with Lu Yaoshan, she no longer likes this old guy, and now she can’t even maintain a fake harmony.

Ye Cheng said helplessly: “Then what else did he say?”

Meng Li’s eyes dodged: “No, no.”

“Mom, since you’ve said so much, you can tell me completely.” Ye Cheng said.


Meng Li sighed and said, “Xiaocheng, I didn’t want to say it, because these words will only add to your troubles.”

“It’s okay, tell me, I don’t mind.”

Meng Li patted the back of his hand and said, “Don’t be unhappy when I said that. The old man was agitated by me, and his words were a bit ugly. He probably meant that Xiaoxiao was just a young fun-loving, thrill-seeker, and then… …will be with you.”

As she spoke, she observed Ye Cheng’s face.

After confirming that he was not angry, he continued: “He said that he is not in a hurry, and he is not worried about what tricks I will help you with. In three or five years, he can still afford to wait, and he doesn’t believe that someone will do it for the unreliable. love to give up the future.”

In the last sentence, Lu Xiao had already said something similar in the car.

Lu Jinnan asked him to stop going to the company from today.

Ye Cheng’s face was light, and he couldn’t see any emotional changes.

Meng Li said worriedly: “Xiaocheng, are you alright? I don’t think you should let his words affect you, although Xiaoxiao…he is indeed what the old man said, but, I believe he is sincere to you. .”

Her hand on the back of Ye Cheng’s hand trembled a little.

Ye Cheng gave her an indescribable smile and said, “No, Mom, you don’t believe it.”

Meng Li immediately retracted his hand and opened his mouth nervously to explain.

Ye Cheng waved his hand and said, “Actually, like your grandfather, you both think that he may not be single-minded towards a person, and think that he can go his own way like Uncle Lu.”

Meng Li was struck by his heart and kept silent.

“Do you think he has changed a lot since he met me?” Ye Cheng said gently.

Meng Li hesitated for a moment, then nodded.

Whether she doesn’t want to admit it or deny it on the surface, that’s what she thinks in her heart. For more than ten years in her impression, Lu Xiao was a heinous little **** and a bully. When I was young, I liked to play pranks and molest the little girl in the neighborhood; when I grew up, I liked to fight, and my grades were poor. I managed to get into the university by luck, but I couldn’t change my playful nature.


Ye Cheng turned the coffee cup, stared at the vortex inside, and said, “You always say that I changed him, but no one wants to believe that Lu Xiao’s nature is like this, I’m just the incentive to stimulate his nature. That’s it.”

Meng Li looked up at him, and he looked at the falling snow outside the window, as if caught in some kind of memory.

“When he was young, he would go up to help him desperately because he was beaten by someone he didn’t know. He would deliberately pass by his house every day because he comforted a stranger.” Ye Cheng said slowly, “Chen Zhen said they were together. Going to climb the tree, Lu Xiao sent back the fallen bird, he said that his mother said to take care of the little animals, if the bird fell, its mother would be sad too.”

Meng Li’s body trembled violently.

Ye Cheng said: “After we were together, he didn’t look at other people in front of me. After a long time, he told me that my mother said that the first half of her life was very chaotic and her relationship was messed up. I hope I can Be good to those you like and don’t leave any regrets, because there is no regret medicine in the world.”

“Mom, look, he remembers everything you said. Actually, he’s not as bad as you think.”

Meng Li covered his mouth and his eyes were red.

Ye Cheng patted her, thinking three years or five years? I have been with him for more than three or five years.

He can’t say a lot of things, it doesn’t mean that others can guess freely.

If Lu Xiao’s love for him is like strong wine and as fierce and turbulent as the sun, then his love for Lu Xiao is more like a cup of tea and a bright moon, long and deep, but you are indispensable.

After returning home, I didn’t see Lu Xiao coming downstairs for a long time.

Ye Cheng went up to see what was going on with him, and sure enough, his glass-hearted boyfriend was looking out the window in a melancholy way.

He walked over and suddenly jumped onto Lu Xiao’s back.

Lu Xiao knew it was him as soon as he touched it, and quickly reached out and grabbed his leg without letting anyone fall.


Ye Orange wrapped around his neck, lying on his back and asked, “Why, not happy?”

The puppy was sluggish to the naked eye, and even the unruly sea of ​​​​flows collapsed.

Lu Xiao shook him and said, “No.”

“Lie, you’re looking up at the sky almost forty-five degrees.” Lu Xiao grabbed the flesh on his cheek and pulled it to both sides.

Lu Xiao took a symbolic bite of his finger, and his teeth tapped at the knuckles.

“Did Grandpa tell you that we must break up in a few years?” Ye Cheng smiled.

Lu Xiao’s body froze and did not turn his head, “How do you know?”

“What about you, do you feel the same way?” Ye Cheng asked.

“Of course not,” Lu Xiao turned around immediately, “I just don’t like hearing things like this, no one can say it.”

He stared at Ye Cheng in an awkward posture, his eyes were full of sadness and tenderness, he didn’t look away because his neck was sore, and he let him see all his feelings so calmly and resolutely.

Such a look should not appear on his face, it is an eyesore.

Ye Cheng turned his head manually and said, “Ignore them, let’s go out, I want to go somewhere.”

He seldom said such willful words, and there was a feeling of wanting to run away from the world and run away with you.

Lu Xiao held his hand tightly, and his voice relaxed a little, “Where are you going?”

“You’ll know when you go, let’s go.” Ye Cheng hugged him tightly.

Lu Xiao never rejected Ye Cheng, and because of his cheerful tone, the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

“You can go, but you have to let me wear a coat, it’s snowing outside.” There was a smile in his eyes.

Ye Cheng said, “I don’t want to come down.”

Lu Xiao’s smile was even worse. It was rare to see his wife being coquettish and clingy. It seemed that it was good to be sad occasionally.

“Then I’m going to catch a cold.”

He didn’t rush, he took Ye Cheng on his back, stood at the window and swayed around.

Ye Cheng let go, unzipped his down jacket, and wrapped him from behind. Fortunately, this dress was loose enough to barely fit half of Lu Xiao.

“That way you won’t catch a cold, let’s go—” He pinched his leg.

“Then, let’s go—” Lu Xiao carried him on his back, ran downstairs, and rushed into the fluttering snow.

Meng Li was crying downstairs with Mrs. Wang about her son’s bitter love story, wiping her tears and saying, “There is no one in our family that has a smooth relationship. Do you think I should take time to pay my respects?”

Sister-in-law Wang put an ice pack on her eyes, just saw the two of them running out in a hurry, and the ice pack was scared off.


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