Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 97

A group of men and women sat together in the smoke filled box of Lama bar.

A fat man with big ears stopped a girl with his left and right hands, and smiled drunkenly: “if I lose this one, I’ll kiss you. If you lose, I’ll take off a dress, okay?”

The curly haired woman beat him with her fist: “Mr. Wang, you are good or bad.”

The woman on the other side said discontentedly, “what about the family? What about the family?”

Wang Fan’s eyes turned and pointed to the man sitting in the middle and said, “if you lose, go and give him a glass of wine.”

The two women followed his hand and looked at the man. The man was wearing a black shirt, his cuffs rolled up high, his long legs folded wantonly, and was filling wine cup after cup.

Although the light in the private room is dim, you can still see that he is a handsome man at the top level. The most important thing is that those who mix with this group of people are either rich or expensive at home. He looks so young, eight or nine out of ten. He is a rich second generation. Handsome and golden, who doesn’t care.

“How’s it going, Jun?” Wang Fan said with a bad smile.

The curly haired woman’s face changed. She seemed to want to say something and held it back again.

Xiaojun is a new kid here. Because of his pure appearance and clever brain, he was soon appreciated by the manager. She acted wisely and said, “if I go to toast, will Wang always have any reward?”

Wang Fan thought that the man in Lama was known as “strangers are not allowed to enter”, but he didn’t expect the new comer to rush forward like a fool. His heart was lifted to see the excitement. He proudly untied Jiang shidanton from his hand, threw him on the table and said unkindly, “but if you don’t come back crying, this watch is yours.”

The curly haired woman sneered, and Xiaojun’s eyes lit up: “really? Thank you, President Wang!”

The three pretended to fight. Sure enough, Xiaojun deliberately lost.

She picked up her glass and walked over gracefully.

The sound in the private room suddenly decreased a lot, and many people put down their cups to watch the play.

The curly haired woman leaned on Wang Fan’s shoulder and said with a smile: “Mr. Wang, you are really bad. Knowing that Mr. Lu’s family is strict, she asked Xiaojun to recruit him. But I still remember the girl last time. You encouraged her to go to Mr. Lu’s room and was dismissed that night.”

Wang Fan drank the wine with empty eyes and disdained to say, “don’t pretend, I’ve reduced several competitors for you.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” The woman said angrily.

Then, he showed a curious look, “what’s the source of Mr. Lu’s family? It’s said that he can take care of his clothes. It’s said that he has also taken care of the whole family. Most women can’t learn this method.”

Wang Fan’s expression is more obscene Trivial, he picked her chin and said, “you’re short-sighted. That’s not a woman. He’s a man with a handle. He’s different from you. He’s a serious professional and a doctor.”

“Ah?” The woman exclaimed and covered her mouth.

Xiaojun didn’t know what he said, so he sat down next to him.

There was a moment of silence in the private room, and everyone exchanged incredible eyes.

“Fuck, what’s going on?” Wang Fan was also shocked.

The woman stared blankly over there until the private room door was pushed open from the outside.

“Sorry, I’m late.”

A tall man came in. His facial features were three-dimensional and handsome. He looked like a hybrid.

Wang Fan stood up and said, “President Zhou, why are you here?”

Zhouminhao shook hands with him and said hello, “there is a traffic jam on the road. You don’t know the fucking Jiulong road. It’s so blocked that I can’t wait to find a crane to lift all the people in front.”

The crowd laughed and punished him a few cups.

They are all business partners. They are already familiar with each other. There is no need to greet each other.

After drinking, Zhou minhao sat down between Lu Xiao and Xiaojun, waved to Xiaojun and said, “go away.”

Xiaojun stood up and was about to leave, but Lu Xiao patted the position on the other side and said, “sit down.”

Zhou minhao almost fell to the ground and asked subconsciously, “what’s the matter? Are you in a bad mood? Have you quarreled with brother orange? I said, no wonder you ignored me and drank muggy wine here alone.”

Without answering his words, Lu Xiao moved to Xiaojun and said, “take a picture of me, take her in, and send it to the circle of friends.”

Zhou minhao: “…?”

“What are you stimulated by?” He didn’t dare to take pictures and hid his cell phone.

“Pass the phone to Lu Xiaoxiao and say less nonsense.”

“No, brother Xiao, don’t be impulsive.” Zhou minhao didn’t want to kneel with him. I don’t know why, every time this kind of thing, he unfortunately participates in it.

The last time Lu Xiao quarreled with Ye Cheng and ran away from home, Ye Cheng sent a message in the group in the middle of the night, asking all people not to take him in. At that time, Zhou minhao didn’t see the news. Lu Xiao called and was rejected by a group of people. He had to ask him to come out for a drink. He foolishly went and took the people back to stay all night.

The next morning, Lu Xiao woke up, went back to apologize and truthfully said that he had taken himself in last night.

Unfortunately, Zhou minhao had gastroenteritis that day. He thought it would be more convenient to go to Yecheng’s Hospital, so he dragged his body to go to the hospital. But I didn’t expect that there was only gastroenteritis. Ye orange forced him to line up for three hours. When it was his turn, he had already run to the toilet four or five times.

Lu Xiao forced him to take a picture and said coldly, “send a circle of friends.”

Zhou minhao burst into tears and stuck to his mobile phone: “I don’t send it! It will kill people!”

“Hair, or I’ll let you go now.”

Zhou minhao made the last struggle with his mouth deflated: “can you shield brother orange?”

Lu Xiao looked at him with frightening eyes. “You can shield all people, only he can see.”

Zhou minhao: ”

After sending out the circle of friends, Xiaojun came together to propose a toast.

Lu Xiao casually took out a card and smashed it on her. He said in a deep voice, “stay away from me and find your manager.”

Xiao Jun’s eyes fell on the ring of his left ring finger, thanked intelligently, got up and left.

Zhou minhao shook his head and sighed, “why do you bother?”

Lu Xiao ignored him and continued to drink in silence.

After three rounds of drinking, he was finally drunk unconscious.

Zhou minhao struggled to help him out, called Ye Cheng and found that he had blacked himself.

In desperation, he had to use Lu Xiao’s mobile phone to make a call, but he was hacked again.

Zhou minhao was about to cry. He waved to his driver and said, “go back first. I’m afraid he’ll vomit in my car.”

The driver nodded and Rolls Royce disappeared into the night.

Fortunately, it’s not far from Lu Xiao’s residence. Since he married Ye Cheng, he moved out of Meng Li. The two bought a suite in Dijin, which is close to Lu Xiao’s company and Ye Cheng’s hospital.

“He is someone outside! My intuition can’t be wrong!” Lu Xiao sucked his nose and said with a big tongue.

Zhou minhao supported him and advised him, “it’s impossible. Don’t think about it. There must be some misunderstanding. Brother orange is not like that.”

Lu Xiao said excitedly, “how can it not be? The day before yesterday, he was drunk at a dinner party and slept in a daze at night. He suddenly told me,” honey, do you remember the last time we went to Bordeaux and drank this kind of wine in the winery? When the hell did I go to England with him? ”

Zhou minhao twitched at the corner of his mouth: “brother Xiao, Bordeaux is in France.”

“… it doesn’t matter! What matters is that he has someone else in mind!” Lu Xiao gasped with a nasal sound.

Zhouminhao hurried to see him: “no, brother Xiao, don’t cry… Fuck, I’ve never seen you like this before. Is it really so serious?”

Lu Xiao turned his head and his eyes were red. “I didn’t cry. I have to ask about it when I die.”

“Then ask quickly! I really don’t believe brother orange is such a person!” Zhou minhao is also in a hurry.

Lu Xiao wiped his face: “do you think I don’t want to ask? He has been cold war with me for two days.”

“Cold war? Why did he have a cold war with you?” Zhou minhao is inexplicable.

Lu Xiao said with a dark face, “I was angry for a moment the night before yesterday and did it hard. He kicked me out of bed and told me to get out of bed.”

Zhou minhao: ”

It was not easy to send him to Dijin. Zhou minhao stood at the door and knocked.

After knocking for a long time, no one came to drive.

Lu Xiao sneered, “look, he doesn’t want to talk to me at all. If it weren’t for the password lock, I would have to sleep on the street tonight.”

He stretched out his finger to open the door, but the code lock didn’t respond at all.

Lu Xiao was unbelievable. He tried again and nothing happened. He trembled with anger and trembled to enter the password, but the key light didn’t even light up.

“Leaf orange –! What do you want?!” Lu Xiao hammered the door crazily, blushing and roaring with a thick neck.

Zhou minhao was so frightened that he quickly stopped and hugged him and said, “brother Xiao, calm down! Calm down!”

Bang bang!

Lu Xiao smashed the door to earth shaking.

The next second, the door opened and his fist stopped at the tip of Ye orange’s nose.

Lu Xiao was so surprised that he didn’t move and looked at him foolishly. Zhou minhao also maintained the posture of holding him, and the atmosphere didn’t dare to breathe.

Leaf orange looked down at the password lock and said indifferently, “there’s almost no electricity.”

Then he moved his nose again, as if he smelled the wine coming to his face, and turned back to his room without saying a word.

Zhou minhao carefully released his hand and said, “well… Brother Xiao, I’ll go first. You two… Have something to say. Don’t quarrel.”

Lu Xiao stumbled into the house and sat down on the sofa full of wine.

He sat for a long time, but the wine strength gradually came up, his eyelids were swollen and drooping, and his mouth was still muttering: “don’t want to leave me, you are my own… Whoever dares to rob me, I his mother will kill that guy…”

Ye Cheng woke up thirsty in the middle of the night. When he opened his eyes, he found that there was no one around him.

He got out of bed and opened the door to look for water, but he nearly tripped and fell to the ground.

Lu Xiao lay at the door like a dead body, sleeping with his arm on his pillow and snoring slightly.

Leaf orange was speechless. He didn’t wear shoes. He moved his arm with his toes and wanted to cross him to the living room.

Suddenly, his ankles became hot. Lu Xiaofan grabbed his feet in a daze and said vaguely: “wife… Find someone else… Fuck you…”

Leaf orange only heard the last three words, clenched his teeth, kicked him away and said, “get out and drink like this. Go dry air.”

He kicked his leg too hard, pulled the wound behind him, and pumped out in pain.

Shit, every time you go crazy, it’s like you haven’t eaten meat for 800 years. Can’t you take it easy.

After drinking the water, Ye Cheng found a rag and put it under Lu Xiao’s face to prevent him from spitting on the floor.

Then close the door and go back to sleep.

The next morning, Lu Xiao woke up in her sleep.

He slept on the ground all night. His shoulders were sore and his head hurt.

As soon as I opened my eyes, I found that something bad happened – he was lying at the door of the room, the door of the room was wide open, and the leaf orange was gone!

This “gone” is the real “gone”, because the pillow for leaf orange is gone!

He always knows his bed when he sleeps. He always brings a pillow when he goes on business.

Lu Xiao was flustered. He immediately opened the wardrobe and was immediately splashed with cold water – several sets of clothes disappeared from the wardrobe.

Lu Xiao took a step back and sat down on the bed with a thousand twists and turns in his mind.

It’s over. Ye orange really cheated.

Did he run away with his lover? Stop yourself?

Why is it like this? It was fine a few days ago

His heart tingled so much that he could hardly breathe. He picked up his cell phone and asked Ye orange to understand.

As soon as I opened wechat, I saw the message sent to him by Ye orange before the Cold War:

Husband, I’ll go to a province for a lecture on Wednesday. You can stay at home for two days by yourself


Well, he patronized the quarrel and completely forgot it.

Lu Xiao was relieved and went to the door exhausted. He saw a khaki cloth thrown on the ground.

It seems that ye orange still cares about him. Is it for fear that he will catch a cold and used to cushion his head?

Although it seems to be a little small, woo woo, his daughter-in-law is very good to him. He said that he might try to save it. There is still some help between them.


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