Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 98

Lu Xiao carefully folded the towels and put them away.

He looked at his home. Because ye orange didn’t like outsiders to touch his things, the invited aunt didn’t clean up her bedroom and study. She just dragged a floor.

There is a bit of chaos in the bedroom. This kind of chaos is not superficial chaos, but there are too many things, so it looks more miscellaneous.

Lu Xiao took out rubber gloves and a rag from the tool room. When he saw the rag, he wondered. How could this cloth look a little like the one ye orange gave him to cushion his head?

He plans to take advantage of Ye Cheng’s two-day business trip to take care of his family. In this way, when he comes back, he finds that his home is completely new. At that time, he will investigate the matter of people outside him, and ye orange will gradually retreat.

Lu Xiao pays great attention to strategy. Even if he is preparing to quarrel, he should occupy the commanding height.

He didn’t know how to use those cleaning tools. He couldn’t find the mop and broom, so he had to take a cloth to wipe the floor.

Midway, the secretary called and asked him what to prepare for the meeting tomorrow.

With his hands-free, Lu Xiao said sweating: “let each department report the performance of this month, and you can write a manuscript for me…”

When the Secretary heard that he was panting heavily, he blushed and said, “President Lu, you are… If it’s inconvenient for you, I’ll call you later.”

“Convenient, I’m wiping the floor.” Lu Xiao pouted his ass and wiped the sweat path.

Secretary: “ah?”

Lu Xiao arranged work while wiping the floor.

The secretary was very sad to hear that. She didn’t expect the rumor to be true. It turns out that President Lu’s family is really headed by a young lady. He is a dignified president. It’s terrible to wipe the floor at home.

Finally, Lu Xiao asked, “do you have any more questions? If not, I’ll hang up.”

The Secretary said eagerly, “I’m sorry, Mr. Lu. I’ll tell the following people later to let them not make you angry.”

Inexplicably, Lu Xiao looked at the phone and said “what’s up”, then hung up and continued to wipe.

When Zhou minhao returned, he was worried to death for fear that they would fight. He made several phone calls to Lu Xiao early in the morning, but they were all hung up in a hurry, so he came to his house.

Zhou minhao rang the doorbell for a minute and even wanted to call the property. Only then did he open the door late.

Lu Xiao wore an apron and rubber gloves full of foam. He took a toilet brush and looked at him. “What are you doing here?”

Seeing his clothes, Zhou minhao was stunned. It took him a long time to respond. He stammered: “I, I’ll see you… Are you okay? Is brother orange punishing you or are you playing some housekeeping play…”

“Do you his mother play with the toilet brush?” Lu Xiao said angrily, “come in and sit on the sofa. Don’t get in the way.”

Zhou minhao: ”

He never thought of such a day in his life.

He sat upright on the sofa and watched her wipe the tea table, wipe the cupboard and the floor after wiping the cupboard.

When I passed him, I asked him to lift his feet impatiently.

Zhou minhao finally couldn’t help asking him, “no, brother Xiao, don’t be busy. Why don’t you invite an aunt?”

Looking at the tidy living room, Lu Xiao straightened up with a sense of accomplishment and said, “he doesn’t like others to touch his things.”

Zhou minhao was speechless and said, “brother orange can’t do this to you. I’ll tell him to go another day.”

A rag was thrown on his face. Lu Xiao took off his hand and said, “don’t look for trouble. I like to work. What’s the matter?”

Zhou minhao: “… You… OK, just be happy.”

He looked around and asked, “where’s brother orange? Are you still sleeping? Are you two reconciled?”

Lu Xiao sat down next to him wearily. “I went on a business trip. We didn’t talk yesterday.”

Zhou minhao became serious and asked him carefully, “so… Brother orange really has people? Who is that man?”

Lu Xiao lowered his face and shook his head indifferently.

Seeing that his expression was wrong, Zhou minhao quickly turned off the topic and said, “where did brother orange go on business?”

“Province a, go to a medical forum.” Lu Xiao said casually.

Zhou minhao said, “Wow, my mother is still talking these days. She wants to eat sausages from province A. can brother orange bring some back?”

“Aunt wants to eat? I’ll tell him.” Lu Xiao opens wechat and sends a message to Ye Cheng, telling him to bring some sausage back to Zhou minhao.

After sending it, he conveniently entered Ye orange’s circle of friends.

He would click in almost every day to have a look. Ye Cheng liked to share some medical knowledge needed in life. It was obviously boring, but there was a pile of praise below every time. Jiang Yirong’s girls often asked him questions about dysmenorrhea, skin care and so on.

Lu Xiao wondered. My daughter-in-law is a surgeon. Why do you always ask dysmenorrhea when you step on a horse?

In order to brush the sense of existence, he also likes every message.

Two days ago, Ye Cheng shared a demonstration of the caesarean section process and lamented the greatness of his mother.

The following several people said they had a caesarean section, indicating that they loved their mother.

In order to break in forcibly, Lu Xiao commented: [well, I’m moved. So is my mother. Mothers have worked hard.]

But he forgot that Ye Cheng also added Meng Li, and soon Meng Li returned to him: [you’re out of your mind? I told you how many times I’ve had a good life. My mother gave birth to you a day and a night. Which of your mothers had a caesarean section?]

Zhou minhao was turning over something to eat on the tea table when he suddenly found Lu Xiao staring at his mobile phone with an increasingly dignified look. He bit the apple and leaned over and said, “what’s the matter, brother Xiao?”

Zhou minhao almost choked on a huge apple screen.

Lu Xiao recovers the enlarged photo. It is a group photo of Ye orange and a man. The background is in front of the library of a university.

The man looks handsome and tall, shaved a small flat head, and looks like a capable young man.

“Oh, is this brother orange’s circle of friends? Who is this man? He looks very handsome.” Zhou minhao chewed the apple again.

Lu Xiao gnashed his teeth and said, “rape husband, shit, he can’t follow to a province.”

Zhou minhao immediately changed his words: “fuck, ugly.”

He looked closely at the photo and said, “how do I feel that this man looks so familiar.”

Lu Xiao said angrily, “Huang Shengan, you had dinner together.”

Zhou minhao patted his head and shouted, “shit, is it the childhood sweetheart of brother orange? It’s a dog day. What’s the evil relationship

Lu Xiao was so angry that his veins jumped: “his bamboo horse is me.”

“What?” Zhou minhao has a head of fog.

Lu Xiao was too lazy to explain to him and called Gao Qiulan.

He first booed the cold and asked the warm, and then asked Gao Qiulan, “grandma, has Ye orange ever gone abroad with Huang Shengan? What, has he ever been to Bordeaux?”

Zhou minhao whispered, “France.”

Lu Xiao: “it’s French.”

Gao Qiulan said with a smile, “I know. I don’t think so. They haven’t traveled together.”

The old man was very sharp and teased him: “you won’t be uncomfortable for Sheng’an, will you?”

“No… no trouble, grandma.” Lu Xiao didn’t dare to make a mistake in front of her. She found a reason and hung up the phone.

Zhou minhao patted him on the shoulder and said, “brother, don’t think too much. I think that sentence may be that brother orange drank too much and talked nonsense.”

“Impossible,” Lu Xiao said coldly. “He never talks nonsense.”

However, Zhou minhao’s reminder reminded him of a day many years ago.

At that time, they were still in high school and went to a “what fellowship”. Lu Xiao came home with a drunk leaf orange on his back. At that time, leaf orange pointed to his door and talked nonsense. It was a bit like nonsense.

Are you really thinking too much?

He shook his head and said, “forget it, go fishing with my grandfather.”

Recently, Lu Jinnan got a fish pond and called him to go fishing every three or five times. Every time Lu Xiao caught it, he took it to the company and gave it to their secretary.

As soon as he heard that he was going to play, Zhou minhao became interested and jumped up and said, “OK, let’s go! It’s just right for you to change your mood. Don’t always get into a corner.”

They drove to the fish pond, where Lu Jinnan was also there.

Seeing that there were only two of them, Secretary Zhang came to lead them in.

Since Lu Xiao got his license, Lu Jinnan has never affirmed or denied his relationship with Ye orange.

When he came out of the closet to his family, there was a roar of noise. Lu Yaoshan also returned home for some time. His father and son had a great intention of breaking up the relationship. Finally, Lu Jinnan couldn’t tolerate the bad development of the situation, so he had to nod in front of him and agree.

The old man agreed, and Meng Li agreed with both hands. Lu Yaoshan was completely speechless.

Although they are married, Lu Jinnan still has some opinions about leaf orange.

The first point is that his existence gives the Lu family a handle enough for outsiders to say “three ways and four”; The second point is more personal, because he repeatedly invited Ye Cheng to the company to assist Lu Xiao, but ye Cheng declined.

Lu Jinnan actually looks at the major situation. Since he has accepted Ye orange as his granddaughter-in-law, he wants people to make the best use of it. He always appreciates Ye Cheng’s personal ability and believes that if he takes over part of the business, he must be able to do quite well.

It’s a pity that ye orange has to be a doctor, which makes him unhappy.

Therefore, except for the Spring Festival, ye orange is generally not easy to hang around in front of him.

“Master, Mr. Lu is here.” Secretary Zhang said.

His address to Lu Xiao gradually changed from “young master” to “President Lu”, with a respectful tone that he didn’t even notice.

Lu Jinnan was sitting fishing. When he heard the speech, he looked up and said, “Xiaoxiao, you finally have time.”

Lu Xiao introduced him: “Grandpa, this is my friend Zhou minhao.”

“Hello, Grandpa. Your fish pond is too big. I think you can see the one with crabs.” Zhou minhao was surprised.

As soon as we talked about the fish pond, Lu Jinnan became excited.

He stood up and took them around and showed them what fish there were.

After chatting for a while, Secretary Zhang took Zhou minhao fishing.

Lu Jinnan pretended to be casual and asked, “just you two? Where’s your daughter-in-law?”

When he mentioned Ye orange, Lu Xiao’s expression was a little unnatural and said, “go to a province.”

Lu Jinnan looked at his face and said strangely, “have you quarreled? It’s really rare.”

Lu Xiao didn’t say anything, and his face was sullen.

Lu Jinnan had a wonderful heart, but he couldn’t find a fart after asking for a long time, so he had to give up.

While landing Xiao went fishing, he went to ask Zhou minhao what had happened.

Zhou minhao hesitated at the beginning. Lu Jinnan winked. Secretary Zhang immediately knew that he was emotional and reasonable, and told him that as long as the old man just wanted to help solve the problem, he had no bad mind at all.

Zhou minhao was finally told that he was convinced and roughly told him what happened. He only said that they were in a cold war, but did not say the specific reason.

Lu Jinnan sneered: “I didn’t look at them at the beginning. That boy has to compete with me. Now it’s good.”

Zhou minhao dared not speak.

Lu Jinnan left with his hands on his back, and Secretary Zhang followed.

“Hey -” Zhou minhao sighed and saw that Lailu’s family wanted them to break up. It’s a pair of bitter mandarin ducks.

Lu Jinnan walked out of the fish pond with a crack on his face. He was so anxious outside the open door that he turned around.

“What can I do? Xiao Cheng has run away from home! If Xiaoxiao is dumped, how can she do?” He frowned. “Secretary Zhang, don’t be stunned, but think of a way!”

Secretary Zhang scratched his head in embarrassment and said, “mainly, we don’t know whose problem this matter is…”

“Still need to ask, it must be that smelly boy’s problem!” Lu Jinnan angrily said.

He looked at the sky and sighed: “every one in our family has the ability to save worry. There is no other ability. He has the ability to make his wife angry one after another.”

Secretary Zhang: ”

After thinking hard for a long time, they finally decided to cheat Ye orange back first.

This is the first time they have quarreled since they got married. Ye orange left home. Lu Jinnan thinks the problem is very serious.

He is always light on leaf orange and holds a shelf, but in his heart, he thinks that it is Lu Xiao’s great luck to find such an excellent granddaughter-in-law. If the granddaughter-in-law runs away, he will cry in the future.

Lu Jinnan dialed Ye orange and waited with bated breath.

Secretary Zhang was posted next to his mobile phone, with a face ready to cooperate at any time.

Ye Cheng is sitting in the coffee shop outside a university, listening to Huang Shengan’s recent girlfriend.

When he came to listen to the discussion forum, he saw the dynamics of Huang Shengan, which was located in province A. he thought that Huang Shengan had always wanted to visit University A, so he called him over.

Halfway through the conversation, ye orange’s cell phone rang.

When he saw that the caller was Lu Jinnan, he was slightly shocked, made a gesture to Huang Shengan, and went out to connect the phone.

“Hello, Grandpa, I’m little orange.”

Lu Jinnan immediately looked weak and said shakily, “cough… Little orange, where are you?”

“I’m in province A. what can I do for you, Grandpa?” Ye Cheng wondered that Lu Jinnan almost never called him.

“Province a? How did you get to province a?” Lu Jinnan covered his heart and said, “Grandpa is not feeling well. Can you come back?”

Ye Cheng believed it and asked him, “what’s the matter with you? Have you called Dr. Yang? Where’s Lu Xiao? I’ll call him and let him go.”

Lu Jinnan groaned: “it’s an old problem. I have angina pectoris. If you’re not busy, come back or call Lu Xiao.”

Ye orange was stunned.

As soon as angina pectoris came out, he probably understood what was going on.

He said carelessly, “then I’ll call him and ask him to see you.”

Secretary Zhang’s flustered voice sounded at the other end: “Sir, what’s the matter with you, sir? Come on, come on!”

He wheezed, then picked up the phone and said calmly, “young lady, why don’t you come back.”

Leaf Orange: “


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