Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 99

A the big forum is over, and there’s nothing wrong here. After thinking about it, ye orange still promised to the phone: “I’ll buy a ticket for the evening. Please take care of Grandpa.”

“Oh, OK.” Secretary Zhang was too busy to answer and said “OK” to Lu Jinnan.

“Young lady said she would come back in the evening.” He said after hanging up.

Lu Jinnan said anxiously, “what are you doing when you hang up so quickly? Ask him whether he will arrive by plane or by high-speed rail!”

Secretary Zhang had to dial back again. When he thought about it, he said, “madam, I haven’t booked a ticket yet.”

Lu Jinnan realized that he had lost his manners and snorted, “keep in touch with him at any time and send it to Lu Xiao after a certain time.”

“Yes, sir.”

Lu Jinnan returned to the fish pond. For a moment, he accused Lu Xiao of scaring the fish away with a loud voice. For a moment, he said that he didn’t concentrate on the pole and scolded him.

Lu Xiao was very depressed. Her daughter-in-law ran away with others and she had to be scolded here.

He checked wechat frequently, but the message of buying sausage never got a reply.

Lu Jinnan glanced at him with an oblique eye and said with a sneer, “now you know you regret, why did you go early?”

Lu Xiao frowned: “Grandpa, what did Zhou minhao tell you? I saw him whispering to you just now.”

“You run away with your wife’s anger and blame others for chewing your tongue?” Lu Jinnan was out of breath for a moment.

He forwarded a message just sent by Secretary Zhang and scolded: “at 7:30 pm, Nandu station, pick him up for me in person. Do you hear me?”

Lu Xiao was stunned: “is he back? Did you let him back?”

Lu Jinnan hated tie Bu and asked him, “if I’m here, just sit at home and cry.”

“Grandpa, you’re right.” Lu Xiao said, “can I cry?”

Lu Jinnan waved his hand: “roll, roll, pick up your wife after dinner, and let the cook drink fresh fish stew in the evening.”

The soup made by the newly caught fish is white and creamy, sprinkled with a handful of scallion, which is original and fragrant.

During the meal, Lu Jinnan asked them to take some fish back.

Lu Xiao also packed a fish soup and said he was going back to be a night snack.

Lu Jinnan was too lazy to expose him and told him to drive carefully on the road.

After the two young people left, Secretary Zhang whispered, “Sir, everything you said has been arranged, you have booked a hot spring hotel, and a surprise has been prepared in the room.”

Lu Jinnan nodded and said sadly, “my little son, but if there is half of my style in those years, it will not be reduced to not even coaxing my wife. I need to be an old man.”

Secretary Zhang smiled clearly.

After sending Zhou minhao home, Lu Xiao saw that it was still early and went to line up to buy a soup bag that ye orange liked.

It was almost seven o’clock when we got to the station. There were people dragging suitcases and taxis on the road.

In the car, he thought about how to negotiate with Ye Cheng later and let him explain it honestly. Wait and wait. I don’t know if it’s past seven thirty.

Lu Xiao stood at the door for a long time and didn’t see anyone.

He called Lu Jinnan with doubts and asked him, “Grandpa, where’s Ye orange?”

“Why don’t you call me?” said Lu Jinnan

Then he hung up.

Lu Xiao had a black face, but there was nothing he could do about it. He had to harden his head and open his address book.

Shit, I don’t want to bow my head.

That’s so annoying.

As soon as Ye Cheng got off the bus, he was personally picked up by the hotel manager.

The manager said that Mr. Lu had prepared it for him. He introduced him enthusiastically all the way and took him into a room with an outdoor hot spring.

Push open the door, from the door to the window, all the way is covered with gaudy red rose petals.

The layout of the whole suite is ambiguous and warm, and there are various bundles on the bed Tie up a small toy Tools.

A big love is placed in the center with petals.

Leaf orange’s heart softened in an instant.

Well, it’s a little vulgar, but at least it’s a surprise prepared by Lu Xiao.

No, it’s not the same petals. It’s a little different from his style. He always likes to make a pile of flowers of different varieties.

Ye orange grabbed a handful of petals in love and a real estate certificate.


The manager crossed his hands, his eyes shining, and exclaimed, “my God, Mr. Lu gave you a villa! It’s so romantic!”

The waiter behind him danced and praised the richness of the landing.

Ye Cheng thought that he would not, which is too exaggerated.

Did you hand in all his cards? Where did you get the money to buy a villa??

The manager looked at his face and said expectantly, “do you want another fish?”

Ye Cheng had a premonition that he was not auspicious. He fished into the petals with his hand and took out a car key.


“Woo woo woo, what can I ask for if I get this beloved? Mr. Lu also gave you a car! Yes, it’s parked in the courtyard outside. Would you like to have a look?” The manager wiped his tears.

Ye orange’s cheek twitched:… It doesn’t work.

The manager put his hands in front of him and led the waiter to bow 90 degrees. Wen Sheng said, “then I won’t bother you to spend the night together. Let’s leave first and call me whenever you need anything.”

After going out, the waiter envied, “Mr. Ye is too happy.”

The manager shook his head again and again: “it’s really not easy for Mr. Lu. In order to retain his daughter-in-law, he sent both houses and cars, so he had to send shares.”

“It’s said that this is a high-minded person who is unwilling to give shares.” Another waiter said.

The manager said solemnly, “let’s take twelve points to serve. If they quarrel and divorce next time, try to let Mr. Lu choose our hotel again!”

“Yes, manager!”

Ye orange is sleepy in the hotel and plans to get up and soak in a hot spring.

As soon as I got up, the handset rang.

Seeing that it was Lu Xiao, he picked up and asked, “where have you been?”

Lu Xiao had stretched his neck and was going to ask him where he was in a hard tone. Who knows he was robbed first and said in confusion, “I’m at the station. Where are you?”

Ye orange has been tired all day and is a little angry in his heart.

“You sent someone to pick me up to the hotel and asked me where I was?”

Lu Xiao was about to argue, but he suddenly reacted. This should be arranged by the old man.

Ye Cheng also responded to the news and narrowed his eyes and said, “Lu Xiao, did you prepare it? Didn’t you want to apologize to me at all?”

“I…” Lu Xiao said a word, and there came a beep.

“Fuck!” He almost dropped his hand.

Ye Cheng took up the poured red wine and poured it down. He took off his clothes and went to the hot spring.

Lu Xiao lingered at the station for a long time. Reluctantly, he dialed Lu Jinnan and asked him the address of the hotel.

Lu Jinnan shouted “useless stuff” and threw the address to him with his backhand.

On the way over, Lu Xiao hammered the steering wheel all the way.

Shit, just blunt Ye orange’s attitude towards him. There’s absolutely something behind his back.

The more he thought, the more angry he became, and he quickly came to the door of the hotel.

The manager came up to introduce him. With a calm face, he handed out his ID card and said, “take me to Mr. Ye’s room.”

“Allow me to introduce myself first. I’m the manager of this hotel. You can call me…”

“Shut up and lead the way.” Lu Xiao said patiently.

“OK, OK.”

The manager took him to the door. Lu Xiao banged on the door and angrily said, “open the door!”

“You… Calm down and say something.” The manager was frightened by him.

Lu Xiao calmed down, shook his hand and said, “I’m busy with you.”

The manager left in dismay.

“Leaf orange, open the door!” Lu Xiao continued to smash the door.

No one paid attention to him inside. He knocked for a few minutes and turned on the handset to make a phone call.

The mobile phone rang from the room, but no one paid attention to him.

Lu Xiao became more angry. He remembered that the manager didn’t give him the card when he left. He ran to the front desk to get the card angrily.

Back to the room, hold up the card and get ready to brush.

The door opened.

Lu Xiao held his breath and asked, “I’ve been knocking for a long time, you…”

Halfway through, he stopped.

Ye orange had just finished soaking in the hot spring and his hair was wet on his face.

Wearing a bathrobe, he opened the door for him before he could put on his shoes. His face, as well as the skin of his collar, exposed hands, arms and small legs, were all flushed by the hot spring.

The whole person is like a honey peach with sweet aroma, with water and powder.


Lu Xiao swallowed his saliva.

His eyes fell on Ye orange’s feet, the veins on the instep were clearly visible, the white foot surface was one degree redder than before, and even the round toes were red.

“Why are you barefoot? My heart is cold.” When he opened his mouth, he found that his voice was already hoarse.

Leaf orange gave him a cold look and turned to find a towel to wipe his hair.

When Lu Xiao was hung outside, he remembered that they were still in the cold war.

He went in and saw the petals on the bed. Ye orange sat with his back to him and wiped his hair on the other side.

At that moment, Lu Xiao suddenly didn’t want to hear his explanation. He just wanted to press him on the bed and have a good time.

But he just thought.

He sat down by the bed, back to back.

As time passed by, Lu Xiao dryly broke his silence: “aren’t you going to say something?”

Ye Cheng’s hair has long been half dry. He just doesn’t want to turn his head and wipes it mechanically.

Hearing Lu Xiao’s words, he put down his towel and smiled, “what are you talking about? Why don’t you talk about why Zhou minhao sent that circle of friends?”

Neither of them is a person who will give in. Once they speak in this tone, nine times out of ten there will be a quarrel.

Of course, this kind of quarrel often ends with Lu Xiao’s apology, but he doesn’t think it’s possible to apologize this time.

He turned to Ye orange and raised his voice a little: “why do you say I send it? If you don’t, you also send it!”

Leaf orange threw away the towel, turned out the hand machine from a pile of messy petals and ordered it.

Lu Xiao said sarcastically, “why, do you want to destroy the evidence in front of me? I took a screenshot and I’ll tell you.”

Ye orange handed the machine to him and clicked the icon in the lower right corner.

This picture is only visible to him.

“I don’t know why you go to the bar to drink with women. I admit that sending this circle of friends is to stimulate you, but this is the only purpose for me to send this picture. Is this explanation satisfactory to you?” Leaf orange’s voice was trembling, and his eyes were red.

Lu Xiao immediately panicked. He stood up hurriedly and said, “wife, don’t cry… I didn’t, I didn’t…”

He was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot. He simply confessed, “I deliberately let Zhou Min get angry, and I also wanted to stimulate you! I didn’t drink with that woman that day, I promise! I want you to be a little wrong. It’s a thunderbolt!”

Leaf orange frowned and looked at him with a red nose: “you didn’t lie?”

“I’m not lying! You’re the only one in my heart. If you don’t believe me, ask Zhou minhao. If I look at that woman, I’ll dig out my eyes.” Lu Xiao doesn’t choose his words.

“Then why did you do that?” Leaf orange bit his lips and asked.

Lu Xiao was silent. He suddenly didn’t dare to ask.

What if it’s true? What if wanyiye orange doesn’t want him.

Is it true that if he doesn’t pierce it, ye orange will stay with him?

“Say it.” Ye chengmu looked at him with his eyes turned. There was a clear spring in his light brown eyes.

Lu Xiao bit his teeth, but still summoned up the courage to say, “wife, I want to ask you something. Have you been to Bordeaux with Huang Shengan?”

Leaf orange blinked: “ah?”


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