Dressed as a Stand-in for the White Moonlight Chapter 66

With the previous experience, no matter how excited Su Yuli was, no matter how much he wanted to say, he could only keep it in his heart. He didn’t dare to rashly mention the matter of time travel to Lin Suiyan, he didn’t want to cross back at this juncture, so the only thing he could do now was to raise his arms and hug Lin Suiyan back.

Su Yuli’s arms were tightly circled, and the force was so strong that he felt pain himself. He buried his head on Lin Suiyan’s chest and whispered: “I’m sorry, I’m too stupid, I misunderstood, I never regarded this as a game, I…I love you, I love you .”

Su Yuli felt extremely guilty in his heart. If Lin Suiyan didn’t love him enough, he would have left disappointed after hearing what he said, and he would have missed a beautiful love. Fortunately, Lin Suiyan left without turning his head. He always seems to be like this, from the beginning of the encounter, he is embracing everything he does.

Lin Suiyan held Su Yuli’s cheeks with both hands and kissed his lips gently: “I know, it doesn’t matter.”

There was a whistle of sirens in the distance, Su Yuli turned his head to look, and saw several police cars driving slowly along the mountain road, and he saw Mu Lang was among them.

Seemingly aware of Su Yuli’s gaze, Mu Lang waved at him from a distance. For the rest of Su Yuli’s life after the disaster, his lover was also by his side, and even Mu Lang was pleasing to the eye. He waved his arm as a response.

Luo Xing coughed twice, grabbed his chest and got up from the ground, the red and blue light of the police car in the distance reflected in his eyes, and his body trembled violently.

The closer the police car got, the more Luo Xing trembled, but soon, he calmed down. He looked at Su Yuli and Lin Suiyan, and suddenly burst out laughing. The laughter had a faint smell of madness, and Su Yuli couldn’t help frowning.

Luo Xing smiled and locked his eyes on Lin Suiyan. His eyes were full of madness: “Lin Suiyan, you have harmed me so far, and I will make you pay the price.”

At that moment, Luo Xing’s face was savage like a ghost crawling out of the ground. He roared and crashed into Su Yuli, pushing him to the edge of the cliff. He laughed wildly: “Let’s die together!”

When a lunatic was desperate, no one could stop him. Su Yuli was pushed back by Luo Xing all the way to the edge of the cliff. In a hurry, his fingertips only had time to touch a corner of Lin Suiyan’s clothes.

They were not far from the cliff at this time, and even if Lin Suiyan responded quickly, it was too late.

At the moment of falling off the cliff, Lin Suiyan’s nervous and worried face reflected in Su Yuli’s eyes. He wanted to say don’t worry, I can swim, but the situation was in a hurry and he couldn’t say a word.

“Crash”, Su Yuli fell off the cliff. He was unlucky, and his head hit the cold and hard reef when he entered the water. He only felt darkness in front of him, and before he could breathe out, the icy sea water instantly drowned him.

At this moment, Su Yuli deeply felt the malice from this world. Originally, because of his water ability, there was no need to worry about falling into the sea, but now he hit his head.

His mind was buzzing, his hands and feet were limp, and he couldn’t gather any strength. Su Yuli knew that he couldn’t go on like this, he would drown. He wanted to live, Lin Suiyan planned so hard for their future, he couldn’t let all this become a joke.

Su Yuli opened his eyes wide, trying to maintain a clear line of clarity. He rowed his limbs, trying to float to the surface, but he felt so clearly that he was sinking, sinking.

In despair, a pair of strong hands grabbed him.

In the hazy sight, Su Yuli saw a figure appear in front of him, he didn’t need to ask, he also knew who it was. He wanted to hold the hand of the person who came and go home with him, but he clearly felt that his mind was drifting away from him.

Su Yuli knew that this time he really wanted to say goodbye, but he didn’t have time to say anything. He stared deeply into Lin Suiyan’s eyes and said silently, “I love you, wait for me.”

I will find you.

will definitely find you.


Su Yuli opened his eyes, what caught his eye was pure white, and he smelled the pungent smell of disinfectant at the end of his nose. He was stunned for a while before turning his head. He thought that his roommate was making a big fuss, he was just sleeping, why did he get him again Came to the hospital.

There was no one in the ward. Su Yuli felt a little thirsty and wanted to get up and pour a glass of water, but he felt dizzy when he moved. At the same time, there was a pain in the back of his head.

Su Yuli hissed and raised his hand to cover the back of his head. Only then did he realize that there was a gauze wrapped around his head. He opened his eyes in surprise. What’s going on?

Su Yuli was lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling, he thought silently, was he rushed into the dormitory and beaten when he was sleeping?

There were footsteps outside the door. Su Yuli picked up the pillow and was about to try his group of friends, but the door was pushed open and Lin Suiyan came in. Su Yuli got up startled and almost fell off the bed.

“Be careful.” Lin Suiyan took a step forward and held Su Yuli firmly. Su Yuli took a few breaths, grabbed Lin Suiyan’s sleeve and said, “How did you find me?” He just wore it back , Lin Suiyan’s actions were too fast. It was so terrifying that he forgot to cheer.

Mu Lang stuck his head out from behind Lin Suiyan and said with a smile, “Sister, you fell asleep in the car, Suiyan put you in the room, you’d better, run out and get caught by Luo Xing while we’re not careful. Stay, Luo Xing called Sui Yan, we went to the beach to save you.”

Su Yuli turned his head suddenly, staring at Mu Lang like a ghost.

Mu Lang was taken aback by Su Yuli’s reaction, and quickly said with a smile, “You won’t be stupid, will you?”

Su Yuli rolled his eyes: “You’re stupid.” He remembered the whole story, and he could guess some unknown situations, but this was not the question he wanted to ask.

Su Yuli cleared his mind and asked, “Where’s Luo Xing?”

Mu Lang pulled the chair and sat down beside the bed without looking out, and touched an orange: “At the police station, I’m afraid I’ll stay inside for the rest of my life, and I won’t bother you again.”

Su Yuli snorted. After the catastrophe, his lover was still in front of him. He didn’t care about Luo Xing’s ending, so he threw it aside after asking.

Lin Suiyan touched Su Yuli’s cheek and poured him a glass of water. Su Yuli slowly finished drinking, put down the cup and pulled Lin Suiyan’s hand.

Mu Lang is a smart person, knowing that this tired and crooked couple has something to talk about, and wisely found an excuse to leave.

As soon as Mu Lang left, Su Yuli eagerly wanted to know the answer: “What’s the matter, shouldn’t I return to the original world?” After speaking, he was shocked, and he was forcibly sent back to the original world. Well, I don’t know when the next time I will come back.

Su Yuli’s eyes were tightly closed, and his frowning brows were full of chagrin and reluctance. However, after waiting for a while, he didn’t feel dizzy. He heard Lin Suiyan’s voice ringing in his ears: “You really want to go back?”

Su Yuli opened his eyes and found that he was still here, and Lin Suiyan was still in front of him. He shook his head: “Of course I don’t want to, no, I want to go back with you. I just think it’s strange that when I fell into the water, I hit it hard.” He thought that with his bad luck, he must not stay here.

Lin Suiyan patted Su Yuli’s head gently, and asked warmly, “Does it hurt?”

Su Yuli nodded and shook his head again, Lin Suiyan laughed: “It hurts or not.”

“I don’t feel pain when I see you.” Su Yuli took Lin Suiyan’s hand like a questioning baby: “I was at the door of the bar that day, I wanted to ask you if you were like me, and I also crossed, but I haven’t said it yet. Well, just swoosh, I was sent back, why is it okay this time?”

Lin Suiyan smiled softly: “Now you can say whatever you want, and there will be nothing to cover your mouth and mine.”

Su Yuli blinked and quickly understood what Lin Suiyan meant. The two of them were pulled into a book called “Stupid” for unknown reasons. Neither of them knew that the other was a transmigrator, and they both honestly played the roles in the book, although the two acted the same as the original owner. There are some subtle differences, but the main line of the story remains the same. It wasn’t until Mu Lang’s matter was resolved that the force that forced Su Yuli and Lin Suiyan to cross did not realize that something was wrong and wanted to intervene. But Lin Suiyan responded quickly, and after the initial daze, he quickly began to plan a counterattack.

Lin Suiyan sat by the bed and held Su Yuli’s hand gently. His palm was dry and warm, which made Su Yuli feel very comfortable.

Lin Suiyan said: “Luo Xing is a very important person, I thought, if Luo Xing is gone, if he no longer has the ability to hurt you, if he has no chance to appear in front of you and me, God will be able to reach the sky. There is no way to change all of this with the ability, can it still create a Luo Xing out of thin air?”

The plot collapsed as it is now.

Su Yuli quickly understood what Lin Suiyan meant. It was like playing a game, and the force that forced the two of them to cross was the system in the game, monitoring the player’s every move.

Now that Luo Xing was arrested ahead of schedule, “Wen Jin” was still alive, and the system collapsed for a while, and it could no longer monitor and control the player’s every move.

It can be said that the system has been “killed”.

Su Yuli thought for a while and said, “Then how can you be sure that after Luo Xing is resolved, we can talk without any burden? If Luo Xing is arrested and I…Wen Jin is still alive, the plot of this book will be completely messed up. , what should we do if we are forcibly sent back?”

“I’m not sure, I’m just gambling.” Lin Suiyan smiled softly: “It’s better to take a gamble than to sit still. I don’t want to part with you.”

When Lin Suiyan realized that Su Yuli might be a transmigrator like himself, he tried to give Su Yuli a password, and that time he was forced to send him back.

In this world, they can’t reveal to each other that they are transmigrators, and naturally they don’t know any real information about each other.

If he doesn’t do anything, just watch the plot come to an end, and finally return to the original world, completely losing the news of Su Yuli, then he might as well give it a shot, there is still a glimmer of hope.

Lin Suiyan lowered his head and kissed Su Yuli on the back of his hand, and said with a smile, “I bet right.”

They are both old men and old men. Looking at the smile on Lin Suiyan’s face, Su Yuli’s heart is still warm. He said in his heart that he is indeed the man I liked.

Next, Su Yuli asked what he cared about most: “When did you find out that I am the same as you?”

Lin Suiyan said that he had some doubts at the beginning of time-travel. Although Su Yuli worked hard to play the role of Wen Jin, his temperament was slightly different from the Wen Jin in the book. What really made him confirm this guess was after the matter of Mu Lang was settled.

That day, Su Yuli pulled Lin Suiyan to hold a celebration banquet. When he woke up the next day, the person beside him was the same as before, and his speech and behavior were no different, but Lin Suiyan was still keenly aware of the difference – his eyes.

Wen Jin’s temperament is gentle, and so are his eyes, gentle and quiet. But Su Yuli is different. He also looks very gentle, but his eyes are detached and full of endless vitality. When people see it, they can’t help but want to laugh like him.

The guess that was originally held in his heart was turned out. Lin Suiyan observed it carefully. The more he looked, the more wrong he felt. The one in front of him was not his lover.

Lin Suiyan’s reaction and thinking were undoubtedly fast. He began to think about the reason, and soon a guess came to his mind.

If, if he is not Lin Suiyan, is Wen Jin really Wen Jin? Does his lover, like him, do not belong to this world?

This discovery made Lin Suiyan both happy and sad. He was happy that two people who didn’t know each other met, fell in love, and stayed together in another world. What kind of fate was this? What he was worried about was that after leaving this world, he could still find each other?

At first, Lin Suiyan, like Su Yuli, thought that the original owner had returned. But he soon found out that Wen Jin and the original owner have different personalities.

No matter how well he cooperates, Wen Jin will lose his temper. The anger is unreasonable, as if he was deliberately finding fault and angering him.

During the period, Su Yuli also came back. Lin Suiyan could accurately distinguish Wen Jin and Su Yuli through his eyes. He tried to tell Su Yuli about the time travel, but he found that he was forcibly sent back to his own world.

Lin Suiyan knew that this was not a simple journey through time, and that there was a force controlling this place and monitoring their every move.

It was not in Lin Suiyan’s character to sit still, so he started to fight back.

Lin Suiyan said, “Everything went well, but your divorce letter caught me off guard.”

Su Yuli felt extremely guilty: “I’m sorry.” He lowered his head like a child who did something wrong.

Lin Suiyan laughed: “It’s okay, it’s all over.”

The problem is solved satisfactorily, and the next step is to self-report. Su Yuli took his name seriously, wrote it on the paper stroke by stroke, and pointed it to Lin Suiyan: “Su Yuli, this is my name. I am twenty years old this year, from Jincheng, and currently I am a university student in Rongcheng, a well-known college student, you can find me when you go to the place and ask casually.”

Lin Suiyan was amused by Su Yuli’s stunned appearance: “Oh, school grass, then I really made a profit.”

He took the pen from Su Yuli, and as soon as he wrote the word “Lu”, Su Yuli rushed over and snatched the pen.

Lin Suiyan’s hands were empty, and he looked up at Su Yuli. Su Yuli pressed the pen under the pillow and coughed lightly: “So, don’t tell me any of your information, after we return from this world, one month… no, half a month, no no no, one week. In the meantime, I will find you.”

Lin Suiyan was startled for a moment, then smiled, “Are you serious?” China is so big, looking for someone with no name or origin is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Because of that divorce letter, Su Yuli felt deeply that he had lost face in front of his lover, and he had to get this face back. He wanted to take this opportunity to prove to Lin Suiyan that he was very smart.

Su Yuli nodded seriously: “Yes, seriously.” After a while, he whispered worriedly: “If I haven’t found you in a week, you have to come to me.”

Lin Suiyan chuckled softly: “Okay, okay.”

Since his lover wanted to play such a game, he would naturally be happy to accompany him.

Because of such an agreement, when Su Yuli woke up one day and found that he had returned to the original world, he was not panicked, but full of energy.

As early as when Su Yuli was still in the world of “Stupid”, he planned in his mind how to find Lin Suiyan when he came back. Fortunately, he thought of it.

Su Yuli’s method is – a portrait.

Su Yuli found out at the beginning of time-travel that in the world of “Stupid”, Wen Jin’s face was exactly the same as his, and Lin Suiyan was a transmigrator like him, so the situation should be the same.

After Su Yuli hurriedly washed up, a phone call called his best friend Zhou Yan: “I remember you learned to draw, please help me if you have anything, come quickly.”

Poor Zhou Yan was still in love. Every day was like glue. Last night, he slept in the early hours of the morning. He was woken up by Su Yuli early in the morning, and he had the heart to kill.

Zhou Yan was studying at a university in a neighboring province. Fortunately, the transportation is convenient now, but within a few hours, the two met.

“What’s the matter, you’re in such a hurry to call me here.” Zhou Yan yawned as if he didn’t wake up.

Su Yuli held Zhou Yan’s hand tightly: “Dude, the happiness of my brother’s life depends on you.”

Zhou Yan was overjoyed and had no sleepiness at all. He was happier than he was in love: “Is there a situation?”

Su Yuli nodded. Naturally, he couldn’t talk about the time-travel. Maybe Zhou Yan regarded him as a lunatic and sent him to a mental hospital, so he said, “I ran into someone while wandering in the old street some time ago. I fell in love with him at first sight, but I haven’t been looking for a fight for several days, and now I want to send a missing person notice.”

“Understood.” It was about the lifelong happiness of Faxiao, Zhou Yan patted his chest: “Don’t worry, leave it to me, brother.”

Su Yuli was overjoyed, he didn’t seem to be in tune with his hair Xiaoping, but he didn’t expect to be so reliable at critical moments. The two went straight to the store and bought all the painting tools.

Su Yuli found a quiet shop, and after entering the box, Zhou Yan pulled away: “Come on.”

Su Yuli’s blood was full of enthusiasm, and after seeing Zhou Yan’s masterpiece, he almost lost his breath. He grabbed Zhou Yan’s neck and shook it vigorously.

“What are you drawing?”

Zhou Yan was swayed by Su Yuli and didn’t resist. He smiled and said, “I didn’t draw everything as you said. It’s pretty good if I didn’t draw it. How handsome.”

Su Yuli said, “Your boyfriend looks like this, right?”

Zhou Yan was furious.

Su Yuli indented into the sofa and finally understood the gap between reality and ideal.

Seeing Su Yuli’s lost face, Zhou Yan walked over and touched his shoulder: “Angry? The last time I painted was in junior high school. There is a friend in the Academy of Fine Arts, how about asking him for help?”

Su Yuli glanced at Zhou Yan, and Zhou Yan hugged him with a smile: “It’s okay, with me, the person you like will definitely not be able to run away.”

Su Yuli said in his heart that of course he couldn’t run, but it wasn’t a question of whether he could run or not, it was a matter of face.

Thinking of this, Su Yuli laughed instead. He knew that Lin Suiyan didn’t take the Oolong incident to heart. In seven days, he couldn’t find him, and Lin Suiyan would not laugh at him.

This is the little fun between their husband and wife, he really doesn’t need so much pressure, and there are still six days.

Su Yuli adjusted his mood, invited Zhou Yan to dinner, and took him around the school. The next day he sent Zhou Yan to the airport. It was the weekend, so he was not in a hurry to go back to school. turned up.

I accidentally passed a bookstore and found that the store was crowded with people and very lively. I walked over and asked, it turned out that there was an author holding a signing meeting here.

Su Yuli looked at the sign hanging at the door of the bookstore and found that it was the author of “Stupid”. The author’s real name is Lu Yumo, and his favorite author’s surname is Lu. Su Yuli said that he has the same surname as his lover.

Strictly speaking, Lu Yumo is his matchmaker, and he likes her book very much. Since he met her today, it is fate. Su Yuli went in and bought two books by Lu Yumo.

The scene was very hot, and Su Yuli waited in line for two hours before it was his turn.

Lu Yumo likes to splash dog blood when writing books, which is cruel and sour, but he is unexpectedly beautiful. She was wearing a long white dress, light makeup, and a pair of black-rimmed glasses on the bridge of her nose. When she smiled, there were two pear eddies on her cheeks, and her smile was very sweet.

“Hello.” Su Yuli said, “Madam, I like your book very much.”

Lu Yumo smiled sweetly: “Thank you.”

Su Yuli said: “I should say thank you to you.” Thank you for writing “Stupid”, allowing me to meet the love of my life.

Lu Yubai glanced at Su Yuli in surprise. She couldn’t understand what Su Yuli said, so she could only smile back.

Lu Yumo took the book from Su Yuli’s hand, opened the page, and was about to write, but he didn’t know what to see when he suddenly waved in one direction, she smiled brightly: “Brother, you are here, this way.”

Su Yuli turned his head to look, and the moment he saw the person coming, he couldn’t take his eyes off.

The man has a pair of eyes as deep as the sea, and under the bridge of his nose is a beautifully shaped lips, Su Yuli will not admit it wrong, that is his lover.

In the hotel box.

The man reached out to Su Yuli: “Lu Yubai.”

Su Yuli endured and endured, but still couldn’t hold back, and suddenly jumped up and hugged him tightly. As early as the first time he saw Lu Yubai in the bookstore, he wanted to do it.

“The next day.” Su Yuli happily announced in Lu Yubai’s ear: “I found you the next day, isn’t it great?”

Lu Yubai hugged Su Yuli with a very gentle smile on his face. He said softly, “Yes, it’s amazing that you found me.”

Lu Yumo wiped his hands and came in from the outside. Seeing Su Yuli and Lu Yubai sitting side by side, he asked curiously, “Brother, who is this?”

Lu Yubai said: “Introduction, Su Yuli, my boyfriend, my name is brother.”

Su Yuli was a little stunned. He didn’t expect Lu Yubai to say their relationship so directly, but when he thought about it, he was Lu Yubai, and Lu Yubai would never let him down.

And this boyfriend is so sweet, Su Yuli’s lips couldn’t help turning up,

Lu Yumo took a few steps back in shock, as if he was meeting his brother for the first time: “You actually fall in love behind my back, hurry up, tell me honestly, when did you meet?”

Being both a sister and the author of the book “Stupid”, Lu Yubai and Su Yuli did not hide their intentions from her.

After listening to Lu Yubai’s words, Lu Yumo’s big eyes flickered, she dragged her voice and said, “So that’s what I said, brother, why did you suddenly send me a big red envelope yesterday, it turned out to be…”

Lu Yubai hummed and said calmly, “Thank you.”

Lu Yumo was very happy about her eldest brother’s departure from the order. She looked at Su Yuli and Lu Yubai who were sitting together, and wisely withdrew out, and closed the door with a thief.

When Su Yuli and Lu Yubai crossed, they used their own faces, so they didn’t feel unfamiliar when they got along.

Su Yuli leaned on Lu Yubai’s shoulder and sighed with emotion: “Your sister really deserves to be a writer, so calm.”

If ordinary people heard their stories, they would not know what they would be like.

Lu Yubai said with a smile: “Yes, she is always imaginative and has all kinds of ideas, so she went to write novels. Speaking of which, if it wasn’t for her strong request, I wouldn’t watch “Stupid”. book.”

Su Yuli sat up straight and said solemnly, “No, I have to give her a big red envelope too.”

If it weren’t for Lu Yumo, Lu Yubai would not have read the novel “Stupid”, and he would not have penetrated into the book, and they would not have met.

Su Yuli did what he said, and immediately got up and wanted to find Lu Yumo, but Lu Yubai held him: “No hurry, I haven’t seen you for so long, are you satisfied with just hugging your boyfriend?”

Su Yuli’s departure paused. He looked at Lu Yubai with a smile in his eyes, but complained, “Obviously he’s a husband, why did he suddenly downgrade to a boyfriend.”

Lu Yubai is fluent in kindness: “Oh, then my husband is satisfied with just hugging me, don’t you want to do anything else?”

It’s not that Su Yuli hasn’t shouted the word husband, but he didn’t expect that when Lin Suiyan said these two words, it would be so lethal. His cheeks flushed instantly, he glanced towards the door like a thief, and heard Lu Yubai’s undisguised low laughter.

Su Yuli became angry and pounced on Lu Yubai, saying fiercely, “Don’t laugh.”

Lu Yubai held Su Yuli’s waist with one hand to prevent him from falling down, saying, “Okay, I won’t laugh.”

Su Yuli was indignant in his heart. He lowered his head and kissed those smiling lips fiercely. But soon, the kiss became tender. Su Yuli kissed his lover reverently.

Thank you for meeting me among thousands of people.

Give me infinite joy and beauty.

I love you.

The author has something to say: it’s over!

The next book is “The Vicious Villain’s Heart is bitter”, if you are interested, you can collect it in advance~


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