God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 100

Extra 9

After Yang Wenshuo’s team had exhausted their abilities and the sergeants had fired their bullets, they finally returned to the third base, and it was almost evening.

There was no joy in the rest of the people’s faces, but they were very numb, and the atmosphere was extremely low.

Thinking that Bai Jing and Gu Yuanchao are still fighting against level 6 zombies in order to save them, it is even possible…

Their hearts slammed into a ball.

Yang Wenshuo had already reported the mission to the base’s senior management on the way, and requested additional personnel for emergency rescue.

It was only when they heard that there were level 6 zombies in the underground supermarket in H City, the higher-ups at the base were collectively silent.

Level 6 zombies are still level 6 zombies that have evolved both thunder and ice abilities!

If it wasn’t for what this group of people saw with their own eyes, no one would believe that such high-level zombies actually existed in the early days of the apocalypse!

At present, the highest-level ability user in the base is the third-level. In this case, even sending more people will not help, it is tantamount to sending death in vain.

However, when Yang Wenshuo and the others returned, the level-6 zombies did not chase after them, indicating that either Bai Jing and the others had dragged it down, or…they desperately blew up the entrance to the underground supermarket and sealed the zombies inside.

Although everyone knows, the possibility of the former is very slim.

After some discussion, the rescue was still not granted.

However, the base decided to send helicopters to search along the roads of H City. It would be best if the two of them escaped by chance, but if they couldn’t find it, it would be an explanation for everyone.

The dispatched helicopter flew in the air and rushed to H City with the fastest speed.

It is said that the zombies in H City are extremely dense, and several sergeants on the helicopter looked serious. They used binoculars to observe the appearance of the building, in case any zombies suddenly rushed from the sky.

However, they looked around from a distance, but they didn’t find a zombie, so they couldn’t help feeling very strange.

Suddenly, everyone heard a huge explosion from a distance, and the whole road seemed to be shaking. They hurriedly blocked their ears. Even if they were separated by dozens of kilometers, they could feel the aftermath of that terrifying energy wave, to destroy the dead. When the momentum hit, I am afraid that the zombies in a radius of several kilometers will be wiped out.

The helicopter scrambled into the air and flew back several kilometers to prevent it from being affected by the aftermath of the energy pouring out.

The sound of the explosion soon disappeared, and scattered dust was floating in the wind, with a bit of a stench.

Several sergeants looked at each other in dismay, which base is so generous?

This will cost at least dozens of tons of explosives, right?

The most terrifying thing is that the buildings in front are still well preserved, and they have not turned into ruins!

In such a strange situation, several people hurry up and report to the base. If City H has been occupied by other forces, they will be very dangerous now.

In the apocalypse, several major bases are equivalent to a competitive relationship. In order to **** resources, people will do everything.

After receiving the instructions, the helicopter did not dare to go deep into the city center, and only carefully patrolled around H City with binoculars. Seeing that there was no one around, let alone Bai Jing and Gu Yuanchao, they quickly returned the same way. .

After Yang Wenshuo and others returned to the base, they sent Yu Kai, who was seriously injured, to the medical department for emergency treatment. Regardless of his exhausted body, they applied for rescue again.

This request was naturally rejected by the base.

While they were at a stalemate, they received a message from the staff at the entrance of the base that Bai Jing and Gu Yuanchao had actually returned!

“Fuck, really?”

“Go, go and meet them!”

Everyone looked excited and rushed towards the gate of the base excitedly.

They knew that with their abilities, they would definitely be able to escape!

And several high-level officials of the base were shocked. They could escape from the mouth of the sixth-level zombies. How strong should they be? !

At least the strength of a fifth-level ability user!

The boss of the base, Zhou Ze, said, “Let’s go too.”

He himself is a third-level ability user, and he is also from the army. He established this base with his army comrades not long after the end of the world. Since then, he has attracted many ability users, and gradually formed the current scale.

If Bai Jing and the two are really that strong, they must stay in the third base, and make up for them so as not to let the other party chill.

The silver-white mecha stopped on a remote road two kilometers away from the base. In order to prevent detection, Gu Yuanchao put the mecha into the space button, and the two rushed to the base on foot.

Judging from the current level of technology, mechas are too frightening to the world. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, they should not appear in front of people.

They came to the entrance of the base and handed over their temporary identification.

“Bai Jing, Gu Yuanchao?”

The staff suddenly widened their eyes in surprise.

It took ten minutes for her to receive Yang Wenshuo and his party, and when she registered, she learned that their mission had failed, one of the team members died, and the other two abilities stayed at the mission location.

It’s just, how long has it been since then, why are there two more people in the blink of an eye?

She quickly logged into the system to verify that it was indeed the same group of people, and reported it immediately.

“Are you injured?”


The staff looked even more surprised: “For the sake of insurance, a detailed physical examination of the two is required.”

Every ability user who goes out on a mission must go through extremely detailed inspections to ensure that they will not be infected before they are released.

What’s more, it’s a miracle that these two people were able to escape under the attack of the sixth-level zombies.

That’s a level six zombie!

Just after Yang Wenshuo and the others reported to the base, the base immediately withdrew the task of going to H City to collect supplies, and warned all ability users not to go near the center of H City anymore, because there was a level 6 zombie there.

Although many people expressed doubts, no one would make fun of their own life, and Yang Wenshuo was a top-ranked power user in the base, so his words were very credible.

Even if it’s not a level six zombie, it’s probably at least level four.

Neither of Bai Jing had any objection. They came to a white house next to the entrance and did various physical examinations such as blood tests.

When they came out, Yang Wenshuo and others looked at them with great excitement.

“I’m really sorry, and thank you.”

Except for Yu Kai, who was still lying in the medical center, more than a dozen other people solemnly expressed their apologies and gratitude to Bai Jing and the two.

Bai Jing and Gu Yuanchao smiled at each other and accepted everyone’s apology.

At the same time, the boss of the base, Zhou Ze, and several high-level officials also came to the entrance of the base and nodded to the two of them: “Welcome back to the third base. Thank you for your contributions to the base, and being able to survive in the hands of level-6 zombies is enough to show. your abilities.

Although the task has not been completed, in view of everyone’s excellent performance, each person can still get 2000 points, and Bai Jing and Gu Yuanchao will receive an additional 1000 points. ”

With the assurance of the boss of the base, Yang Wenshuo immediately stated that he would give all the points to Bai Jing and the others, and the others also agreed.

In the chaos, the boy was only heard wonderingly: “But, the mission has been completed.”

What, what? ? !

As soon as these words came out, the surroundings suddenly fell silent.

? Mission accomplished, what do you mean?

Damn, is that what they think? !

Yang Wenshuo and the others have all seen the power of level 6 zombies. Not only are they too fast to catch, they are covered in copper skin and iron bones, they have also evolved terrifying dual-type abilities, and they have wisdom no less than human beings!

No one would think that the two were really able to kill this zombie.

The best ending they could think of was that the two escaped by chance, blowing up the entrance with a bomb, and burying the zombies in the underground supermarket with countless rubble.

Could it be, could it be that these two really killed the sixth-level zombie? ?

God, what kind of monsters are they! !

Everyone opened their mouths in shock and stared straight at the two unscathed people. Damn, this TMD is too scary.

Bai Jing looked at Zhou Ze: “It is indeed dead. This is the crystal nucleus of a sixth-level zombie.”

I saw a crystal nucleus the size of a head was dragged by the boy in his hand. It had two colors of purple and white inside, and the surface was still cold and had lightning properties.

Based on this size alone, it is definitely a sixth-level zombie crystal core!

The higher the nucleus grade, the larger the nucleus.

The first-level crystal nucleus is only the size of a fingernail, the second-level crystal nucleus is the size of a coin, and the third-level crystal nucleus is the size of a ping-pong ball…

This crystal nucleus is the size of a head, and has two attributes of thunder and ice. It must be the crystal nucleus of that sixth-level zombie!

Huang Tianhao sucked in a breath of cold air, thinking that he had mocked Bai Jing before, and he was afraid for a while.

Fortunately, the other party does not remember the villain’s deeds. With this strength, people abuse themselves like abuse vegetables.

Rao is Zhou Ze who is well-informed, and it is difficult to restrain his surprised expression.

To be able to kill level 6 zombies, these two are extremely strong, and it is no exaggeration to say that they are the strongest in the entire apocalypse!

Gu Yuanchao continued: “I brought back some of the materials with space abilities, and the rest of the base can be collected by trucks, and the speed is better.

The zombies on the road have been almost cleaned up by us, don’t let others get there first. ”

Zhou Ze thought of the news from the search team, and the shock in his heart was indescribable.

It was them, it was them who wiped out the zombies in the entire H City, how did this happen?

Desperately restraining his inner excitement, Zhou Ze quickly dispatched three trucks to collect supplies overnight, led by the second-in-command, and equipped with a team of sergeants and two abilities, in case there were zombies along the way.

When these people came to the city center of H City, a lot of luminous things on the ground were suddenly illuminated by the street lights. A few people went down to check them out of curiosity, and found that they were actually the crystal cores of first-class zombies, and they were all over the ground!

Later, the base specially sent two forklifts to come over, and they loaded a full truck. It is roughly estimated that there are at least tens of thousands!

When the base dispatched vehicles, Gu Yuanchao was taking out the supplies in the space.

Various biscuits, instant noodles, small cakes, candy, ham, chocolate, etc. dazzled people’s eyes, and the sound of swallowing saliva was particularly obvious.

And looking at the quantity, almost all the things in the fifty cubic meters of space were taken out, and there was basically no hidden secrets.

Bai Jing looked at everyone’s greedy appearance, laughed lightly, and asked Gu Yuanchao to distribute these people’s backpacks to them.

“Oh my God, this is my backpack!”

“Wow, there’s nothing missing in it!”

“Thank you, Young Master Bai, Young Master Gu.”

“Thank you so much!”


The crowd laughed and thanked them sincerely.

To put it bluntly, other rich materials are all bases, and only these backpacks are their own.

The next afternoon, three trucks full of supplies came back from City H, one of them was loaded with leftover snacks, rice, flour, oil, and alcohol, the other was full of frozen meat, and a truck of zombie crystal cores!

This is not the end, there are still many leftover quick-frozen dumplings, frozen food, clothes, and various daily necessities in the underground supermarket.

So when these materials were put into the warehouse, several trucks set off again, and returned with a full load a day later!

For the third base, this is an unparalleled harvest!

And all this was brought by Bai Jing and Gu Yuanchao.

On the day of harvesting materials, in order to celebrate the ‘great harvest’, stoves were set up in all streets of the base, and hundreds of catties of bones in the cold storage were separated and boiled into a pot of big bone soup. Everyone in the base You can get a bowl of delicious big bone soup and two fragrant white flour pancakes.

White flour pancakes are not as toothy and difficult to swallow as rice flour pancakes. They are made of high-quality white flour, exuding the unique aroma of grains, and are very filling.

A mouthful of hot big bone soup, and then a bite of the white flour pancake, is so delicious that you will bite your tongue off.

How many people have not eaten meat since the end of the world. For many people, this day is like a New Year’s Day, which is worth a long time to remember.

In order to thank the two for their contributions, Zhou Ze, the boss of the base, raised their treatment to the highest level, and the house has permanent residency.

The two of them received 100,000 points each, and they had the right to mobilize those with less than five abilities and sergeants with less than ten people. This treatment was not even enjoyed by some high-level base leaders.

Gu Yuanchao bought a vegetable field with 100,000 points, hired a loyal old farmer to take care of it, and planted four seasons of melons and fruits, so that he could eat fresh vegetables every day.

Originally, the base had unified management of food and vegetable production areas and did not sell them to the public. Each vegetable field had a special protection system and was guarded by sergeants day and night.

However, because the two men contributed so much to the base, the base made an exception to allow it.


In the next year, all the difficult tasks of the base were taken over by two people, the zombies were wiped out everywhere they went, and the supplies of various supermarkets were all emptied.

The third base has rapidly grown into the largest base in the country, and its territory has gradually expanded, attracting the influx of countless abilities and ordinary people, which also means that there are more and more capable people.

There was not a single zombie around the base, and the buildings were not damaged. Large tracts of land in the towns and villages were reclaimed, and crops, chickens, and pigs began to be planted.

After more than half a year, the nutrient solution formula brought by Gu Yuanchao was also analyzed by the researchers and synthesized according to the ingredients.

Creating a recipe can be difficult, but analyzing it on a finished product makes it a lot easier.

When the ingredients were analyzed, all the researchers were stunned.

This is the limit of technology, it is the best combination, it is too delicate, no one can develop a better formula than this nutrient solution!

With the least and cheapest ingredients, it is a miracle that the most satiety and nutritionally balanced food can be created!

As long as they can be synthesized, they can definitely solve the problem of food and clothing in the base!

Today, the nutrient solution they synthesize has undergone extremely rigorous testing, and has begun mass production, which is distributed to the residents of the base free of charge.

A small nutrient solution can make a man work all morning without feeling hungry, and the cost is very low.

With this nutrient solution, people are full of energy every day, and the extra points can be used to exchange for some vegetables, meat and other foods. At least once or twice a month, people can get meaty, which is much better than a year ago.

After satisfying the most basic food and clothing, people began to build the city. With the support of the base, some factories and shops began to operate, and it was faintly restored to its pre-apocalyptic appearance.

Bai Jing has absorbed thousands of zombie crystal cores this year, and is now a seventh-level ability user, and the only seventh-level ability user in the world, and has awakened a rare spiritual ability.

The thin white line of spiritual power stretches out, which can easily carry out mental control and mental attack.

On the second day after he had just awakened his spiritual ability, he killed a level 6 zombie with wind ability with only one branch of spiritual power, leaving everyone present dumbfounded.

After killing the zombie, mental force swayed the tip of Ying Bai Ruyu, and wrapped around his wrist coquettishly. Bai Jing couldn’t help hooking his lips, feeling that this scene seemed familiar.

That night, Gu Yuanchao handed him a white ‘energy stone’.

“Ajing, this stone belongs to you originally. It stores your spiritual power, but be careful when absorbing it.”

“be mine?”

The youth’s beautiful brown eyes widened slightly, but when he started, he did have a very familiar feeling.

Bai Jing looked at Gu Yuanchao and said impatiently, “Then I’ll give it a try.”

The man raised his hand and stroked his hair with gentle eyes: “I’ll accompany you.”

The slender fingers were placed on the energy stone, and strands of pure white spiritual power came out of the stone, entangled with the thin line of his spiritual power, and gradually merged.

Bai Jing closed his eyes and felt that there were suddenly many more pictures in his mind:

There are scenes of him being pierced by five-level zombies, scenes of gambling stones, and scenes of driving mechas, but more are the figures of mature and handsome men in military uniforms, and he is in almost all the pictures.

“Gu Yuanchao…”

The boy’s slender eyelashes fluttered gently like butterfly wings, and he called out the man’s name, as if he was dreaming.

“Ajing, Ajing, how are you?”

Gu Yuanchao’s expression changed. He knelt down beside the boy on one knee, and placed his strong arms on the other’s shoulders. He wanted to wake him up but stopped his movements. He didn’t expect to meet Bai Jing’s open eyes. .

Those beautiful brown eyes glowed with water, and there was endless emotion and joy in them.

Bai Jing hugged the man suddenly, and whispered in his ear: “Gu Yuanchao, thank you, thank you very much.”

Thank you for not giving up even if you change time and space, thank you for saving me when I was 16 years old.

Thank you for always being with me, thank you for loving me.

Gu Yuanchao was taken aback: “Ajing, you—”

Bai Jing sniffed lightly: “Well, I got my memory back.”

The man kissed the tears off his eyelashes and said with a smile, “It’s my honor to meet A Jing earlier, I’m very happy.”


After that, the two left the third base, and Gu Yuanchao’s space was filled with fresh vegetables, fruits and meat, enough for them to last for more than a year.

The two of them accelerated the speed of cleaning up the zombies. After half a year, the zombies in Huaguo had been cleaned up almost.

However, Bai Jing knew that these were temporary. As long as there were zombies, the virus would continue to spread.

Bai Jing speculated based on the information obtained with high points and his “previous life” experience: the source of the zombies should be in a laboratory in country M, where there seems to be the serum of healer zero.

If it is true, then as long as the serum in the laboratory is brought back to the researchers to develop an antidote, the world can be saved.

And now, there are less than two months before his ‘previous life’ death. If that day comes, maybe they can return to the interstellar space again.

Of course, it’s all just speculation on his part.

The silver-white mecha swept across the air like a streamer, heading towards Country M at an extremely fast speed.

Twenty-four high-energy particle cannons were fired one after another, cleaning up the waves of zombies. Fortunately, the mecha energy cabin was placed in a ninth-level energy box, otherwise the energy would have been exhausted.

There are many zombies above level 5 gathered around the laboratory, and even level 8 zombies have evolved, but this is enough for the two of them.

Fortunately, this is the third year of the apocalypse, and the evolution of zombies has not yet reached its peak.

In a few more years, I am afraid that no one can fight against these zombies.

The two successfully entered the core area of ​​the laboratory, successfully obtained four serum samples, and handed them to the three major bases and the International Ability User Center in person.

When the anti-virus vaccine was developed, all mankind fell into jubilation.

To commemorate Bai Jing and Gu Yuanchao, the vaccine was named B&G, and their names will forever be engraved in human history.

At this time, the two of them were watching the aurora in the South Pole, and it was less than a minute before the death of his ‘previous life’.

60, 59, 58…

Bai Jing looked up at the starry sky, the fluctuation of the particle flow became stronger and stronger, and there was a strong suction in the air. The two entered the mecha and turned into a silver light that rose into the sky!

At the moment of losing consciousness, he tightly held Gu Yuanchao’s hand, and the two interlocked their fingers, as if they would never be separated.

“Ajing, are you okay?”


Bai Jing opened his eyes, and the familiar wormhole reappeared in front of him. The time displayed on his optical brain was one second before they crossed the earth.

Everything is like a dream.

With a ‘di’, the latest news popped up in the two’s light brains at the same time.

[To all the citizens of the empire: The empire will establish diplomatic relations with the earth civilization, which will be an epoch-making milestone, and everyone will be ready for it as soon as possible. 】

Xingwang suddenly exploded.

[Earth civilization, the top civilization in the universe wants to establish diplomatic relations with us! ! 】

[God, I’m not dreaming, am I? 】

[Our ancestors were also earthlings, they just immigrated. 】

[If I knew earlier, I would not immigrate——]

[I heard that Earth civilization encountered a major crisis a long time ago. Everyone thought that the fire of civilization would be extinguished, but I didn’t expect it to survive! 】

[So excited, I really want to see what the top civilization is like! 】

[Hey, Earth Civilization named Gu Shao and Yunshen as diplomats—]

【Ah, ah, Yunshen Saigao! 】

[Gu Shao rushes to duck! 】

With a bright smile on Bai Jing’s face, he suddenly hugged the man beside him: “Gu Yuanchao, we did it!”

Gu Yuanchao also hugged the slender waist of the young man: “Yeah, we did it.”

But what made him happier was that he went back to the past and saved the 16-year-old boy.

“Ajing, no matter what time and space you are in, no matter what you experience, I will always accompany you, forever and ever.”

[End of the full text. 】


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