God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 13

“Uh…that, Bai Jing, don’t be discouraged.”

Jin Mao scratched his short hair and didn’t know how to comfort the other party. The content of today’s lecture was really basic, and even he could remember it.

Could it be that Bai Jing really came from a slum and had no higher education?

In Interstellar, almost everyone has the right to education, except the slums.

The genetic level of the residents of the slums are all D-level or below. They have little potential and poor physical fitness. In the interstellar era when most of their labor is replaced by machines, it is difficult to find a way out. They can only rely on the monthly subsidies issued by the empire to survive.

Some officials in the upper echelons of the empire tried to improve the situation, but they were rejected by other executives, on the grounds that these people had no value to the empire, and it was merciful to be able to pay monthly subsidies.

The slums have always been like a forgotten corner, ignored by everyone, left to fend for themselves where no one is looking.

But the fact is as these high-level officials said, for so many years, there has never been a person who can bring great value to the empire in the slums.

Jin Mao looked at Bai Jing, the others might not have observed each other carefully because of their cheap clothes, but he was sitting next to him, so he could naturally notice.

Bai Jing’s figure is a little thin but well-proportioned, with a thin waist, long and straight legs under black trousers, and a small section of ankles slightly exposed under the trousers. His complexion is as fair as a fine jade, and he can even see the blue inside. of blood vessels.

The forearm exposed in the T-shirt is very white, covered with thin muscles, and the lines are smooth and graceful. It does not look like a person with a D-level gene at all.

If you just look at the figure, Jin Mao can almost conclude that the other party is the best handsome guy, and the proportion of the body is almost perfect.

It’s a pity that Bai Jing wears a pair of thick and earthy black-rimmed glasses, covering most of his face, making it difficult to see his appearance.

Jin Mao thought to himself, maybe his appearance is relatively ordinary or even… Otherwise, who would use this kind of thing to cover his face?

However, he didn’t ask more questions and didn’t dare to read more, and he still had this courtesy.

“I’m not discouraged.” When Jin Mao’s thoughts were racing, Bai Jing replied calmly, without the slightest expression of frustration on his face.

It is a fact that there is no answer to the question, there is nothing to dispute. He put away the notebook, ready to go home and memorize it again, trying to keep up with the progress as soon as possible.

“Then we’ll see you tomorrow!” The little fat man waved to the figure who left Bai Jing.

There are all kinds of suspended cars parked in the sky plaza of the Stone Gambling Association. The streamlined body and gorgeous appearance are more beautiful than supercars on the earth. The noble men and women got into their cars one after another and galloped away.

Bai Jing was about to walk to the suspended train platform a few hundred meters away when an extremely cool suspended car suddenly stopped right in front of him.

The pure black body exudes the unique cold color of metal, which is noble and restrained, attracting people who have not left to stop and watch.

The automatic door slowly opened from above, revealing Qiao Anjunxiu’s profile: “Let’s go, Master Gu let me take you there.”

“Okay.” Bai Jing propped his left arm on the edge of the car body and stepped into the car lightly, without the entire car body shaking at all.

The black levitating car started, rose from the ground at an extreme speed, and shot straight into the sky, leaving only a black streamer.

Two minutes later, the cool vehicle stopped at the side door of Gu’s Stone Gambling Shop.

Bai Jing took a few deep breaths, restrained the slight dizziness caused by the high speed, and followed Joan to the familiar box.

Qiao An performed iris and genetic identification, then knocked twice at the door, and said in a low voice, “Young Master Gu, it’s me – Qiao An.”

The door opened from the inside, Bai Jing entered the box, and saw a tall man in a black military uniform standing by the wall with his back to him.

The man is tall and tall, roughly estimated to be 1.9 meters tall. The tall and straight black military uniform outlines his perfect figure, with wide shoulders and narrow waist, the tight muscle outline and smooth lines can be clearly seen, which is full of strength.

Under the tight black belt are a pair of long legs against the sky, and the hem of the military trousers is tucked into the leather military boots with a bright black color, which has a sense of abstinence.

Even from the perspective of Bai Jingtong, Gu Yuanchao is very charismatic. What’s more, his perception told him that every muscle on this man’s body was full of explosive power, and he was the most perfect body.

Seeing the two of them, Gu Yuanchao turned around and sat on the leather seat, his hands resting on both sides of the armrests, his long legs overlapped, his deep eyes swept over Bai Jing, and he asked, “Genetic decay has been completed. cured?”

Bai Jing nodded: “Yes, thank you for the gene fluid you provided.”

Gu Yuanchao laughed: “Is it necessary to be so polite with me? We are partners now, you can trust me more.”

Bai Jing lowered his eyes, he used to be carefree, cheerful and straightforward. It’s just that after the end of the world, the sense of crisis and the betrayal of his teammates who are always on the verge of life and death make it difficult for him to trust others as before.

He’s been trying to change recently, but… he can’t do it yet.

Gu Yuanchao didn’t force it: “How does it feel to participate in the training on the first day?”

Bai Jing: “Very good. But my foundation is very weak and I need to learn from scratch.”

Gu Yuanchao pondered for a moment and looked at Qiao An who was standing upright beside him: “You ask the Minister of Information to sort out the gambling stone materials that record all the planets and bring them as soon as possible.”

“Yes.” Joan bowed her head and replied.

Just when he turned to leave, his eyes couldn’t hide his surprise: I didn’t expect that Young Master Gu would care about such a trivial matter, he was really unusual for this young man.

Soon, Joan handed a small black box to Bai Jing. Inside is a transparent chip the size of a thumb, which stores the most comprehensive stone gambling information in the entire empire.


When he got home, Bai Jing took a hot shower as fast as he could, and reviewed the knowledge points on the notebook with the nutrient solution in his mouth.

He has an excellent memory since he was a child, and can basically repeat it completely after reading it a few times. He even won the first place in the whole grade in the middle school entrance examination, and entered the provincial key high school with excellent results.

Too bad it all ended in his sophomore year…

Bai Jing quickly regained his senses. It is useless to think too much now. The most important thing is to pass the assessment.

He focused on flipping through the notes, replaying the knowledge points in his mind. Then close your eyes and imagine how you would tell the students here if you were a teacher.

To repeat it like this, the forgotten knowledge points in the middle are his weakest part, and he only needs to consolidate this part.

It took two hours for Bai Jing to memorize all the content of today’s class.

He put away the notebook, inserted the transparent chip Gu Yuanchao gave him into the groove that popped up from the optical brain, and began to watch it carefully on the optical screen.

The information in the chip is very comprehensive, covering almost all planetary information under the current empire’s colonization. Among these planets, there are more than 30 jadeite rough stones.

The history, characteristics of the planets, the location of the field, the characteristics of the field and the wool produced, etc., are completely marked and clear at a glance.

Among them, there are even precious virtual images to assist understanding, which is simply the most detailed information, which can be called the encyclopedia of the interstellar stone gambling world.

What he didn’t know was that when Liang Heng, the Minister of Information, received Qiao An’s instructions, dense cold sweat immediately oozes out of his forehead. That was the information that Gu Shao, the heir of the entire Gu family, wanted, and he did not dare to neglect it in the slightest.

Liang Heng immediately ordered his subordinates to put down the work at hand. Countless quantum computers were running quickly, and a document was compiled as quickly as possible. He personally checked it and sent it to Qiao An, and finally it came to Bai Jing’s hands.

Bai Jing looked at these materials with great concentration, absorbing the knowledge inside like a sponge absorbing water, and unknowingly it was late at night.

For several days, Bai Jing only slept for three hours a day, and the rest of the time was spent on researching the content of the chip except reviewing the content in the class.

He only read less than one-tenth of the information on the chip, but he has a detailed understanding of the origin, development and unique characteristics of the nearby planets, which has laid a good foundation for future courses.

Even though he only had three hours of rest every day, Bai Jing was still in high spirits and showed no signs of fatigue.

Using fragmented time to rest against the clock is a compulsory course in the last days. His sleep quality has always been very good. Three hours of sleep is equivalent to eight hours of others, and he does not feel sleepy.

At this point, the class had been going on for a week. Gao Ling strode up to the podium and inserted the memory chip into the holographic device. Five dimensional projections of wool material appeared in the center of the classroom.

“The knowledge related to the entrance of the wool farm has been completed yesterday. I believe that all the students have a systematic understanding of the entrance.”

Gao Ling’s tone has always been serious:

“The theory of gambling stones is only the foundation, and the most important thing is practice. Let’s take a closer look at this piece of wool material numbered 1.

Give you five minutes to judge: which field of the planet No. 1 wool belongs to, and tell the characteristics of this field of wool. ”

The projected wool is not ordinary wool, but a symbolic wool that can only represent the characteristics of the field after removing other influencing factors such as python belts and pine flowers on the surface.

This kind of practice can allow them to more accurately identify the characteristics of the wool in the field. After judging the basic field, and adding the obvious characteristics such as loose flowers, python belts, and fissures, the probability of betting will increase a lot.

Nonetheless, the questions asked this time are significantly more difficult than in the past. Even the noble men and women in the back restrained their relaxed attitude and began to think hard.

With the gradual deepening of the course, countless knowledge points come one after another, like a sea of ​​smoke.

Now what they have to do is to connect the majestic knowledge points into a tight line. Unfortunately, not every student can sort out and integrate these knowledge points one by one.

The five-minute time is up, and everyone is still thinking hard and has no clue.

It’s so hard!

If the previous question is equivalent to the difficulty of the short answer question, then this time it is the difficulty of the paper, not a level at all.

When the time was up, under Gao Ling’s stern gaze, everyone in the classroom, except Bai Jing and Ning Yuxuan, lowered their heads stubbornly, with a look of never calling me.

When Bai Jing was reviewing yesterday, he consciously made a mind map of the characteristics of these fields, and combed it twice in his mind from beginning to end, so he did not find it difficult.

On the other hand, Ning Yuxuan only had the foundation of the previous ten years as a guarantee to be so confident.

Gao Ling saw that only Bai Jing and Ning Yuxuan were still raising their heads in the classroom. The latter’s perfect answer on the first day left a deep impression on him.

As for Bai Jing, he shook his head inwardly. He didn’t know such a simple question before, how could it be a more difficult question?

“Ning Yuxuan, can you answer the question of which planet No. 1 wool material belongs to, and what are the characteristics of the wool material produced?”

“Yes.” The girl’s sweet voice carried a bit of arrogance: “No. 1 wool material is a black Usa leather shell, the surface is slightly reddish, this is the performance of the No. 2 field of Pulte Planet.

The characteristics of this field wool material are that the skin is black like lacquer, the surface is slightly reddish and the shell is thick, and there are often ringworms on the skin. ”

“Very good!” A smile appeared on Gao Ling’s face. This answer was almost exactly the same as the standard answer, but the basic skills were solid.

After Ning Yuxuan answered, she glanced at Bai Jing with mockery in her eyes.

She didn’t think that this slum-born person could answer such a difficult question, but it was just a swollen face and a fat man.

Next was the second piece of wool. Gao Ling continued to ask questions. This time, only Bai Jing and Ning Yuxuan raised their heads.

He frowned slightly, it’s not good for the same person to answer the question every time, he looked at Bai Jing, which happened to meet the confident and clear eyes of the other party behind the lens.

Gao Ling’s heart moved: “Bai Jing, you answer this question.”

“Yes. No. 2 wool material comes from the first mouth of Paros.” The boy’s cold voice resounded in everyone’s ears, like a flowing spring:

“Paros rivers are all over the place. The mouth of the field is formed by the accumulation of sedimentary sediments over time. At the same time, the ground is full of magma. Therefore, the wool material is characterized by a red sandy skin. The skin is as thin as paper, and it is easy to produce bean seeds and waxy jadeite.”

“Completely correct!”

Gao Ling’s eyebrows were a little surprised. In addition to answering the field and the characteristics of the field, Bai Jing explained the reasons for the formation, and truly achieved the integration of knowledge points.

Not only him, everyone in the training room looked at Bai Jing in shock.

A week ago, this teenager didn’t even know the most basic knowledge, but now he has answered a question that even they don’t know? This, how is this possible?

But the facts were clearly in front of them, and they couldn’t help but believe it.

The faces of these noble men and women were flushed, as if they had been slapped several times in succession. They never thought that they would one day be defeated by a slum-born teenager, what a shame!

Fatty Jin Mao’s eyes were full of excitement, happier than answering the question himself. Damn, Bai Jing is so handsome, from now on Bai Jing is his idol!

And An Ge, who was sitting at the back, clenched his hands tightly, and the young man in front brought him infinite power, which made him tremble with excitement: What about people from slums, they are not inferior to anyone—!


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