God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 15

Bai Jing took a good night’s sleep during the holiday and made up for the lack of sleep before. When the sun was up, I got up and made a hearty lunch.

Even Bai Jing felt that he had been drinking tasteless nutrient solution for 20 days in a row.

A braised eggplant, a spicy chicken, and fragrant rice were quickly placed on the table.

The braised eggplant is soft and glutinous, melts in your mouth, and is delicious. The spicy chicken is still steaming, exuding a very attractive spicy taste. The fried chicken is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The index finger is moving.

After eating and drinking, Bai Jing continued to devote himself to his studies.

As the assessment time got closer and closer, the atmosphere in the classroom became more and more solemn. Everyone was nervously flipping through the notes and materials, except for the rustling of reading books and the sound of recitations.

The content of Gao Ling’s lecture has all ended, and it is time to consolidate and answer questions.

However, as the person in charge of leading the team to the headquarters this time, he also has other important tasks and cannot stay in the training room all the time.

Before leaving, Gao Ling put the communication method of Guangnao on the light screen, and asked him to come to him at any time if he had any questions.

I have to admit that Gao Ling is an extremely responsible teacher who treats teaching seriously and meticulously, but he has no idea about the mentality of these fourteen or fifteen-year-old young men and women.

In the eyes of these students, there is a deep gully between the teacher’s eyebrows, and his expression is frighteningly serious on weekdays. Who dares to take the initiative to find him?

“Brother Jing, how do you identify the entrance of this wool? I don’t understand.”

Fatty Jin Mao’s eyebrows were both wrinkled together, his tone pitiful.

Alas, he didn’t want to disturb the other person’s review either, but he was so depressed that his hair was going bald, and he didn’t think of the answer to this question.

“Look carefully, there are a few whitish water marks on the wool, which are traces of the rough stones moving along the riverbed.

And the traces are radial, indicating that the movement is divergent, so this is the wool at the entrance of Solan Star No. 1—”

“God, this… can you see it?”

Jin Mao looked around the wool, and finally saw three inconspicuous white water marks near the bottom, not much bigger than a grain of rice.

The shape is even more difficult to distinguish, and it is almost integrated with the texture of the wool itself, even with a magnifying glass.

Jin Mao was shocked. Bai Jing could see such hard-to-find traces just by taking a glance. What kind of eyesight must this be?

“That… Bai Jing, can you, can you help me see this piece of wool…”

An Ge next to him also summoned the courage to ask, he must pass this exam, otherwise the Shen family will never support him again.


Bai Jing did not refuse, explaining to others is also a way to consolidate knowledge, and it will sort out the ideas more clearly.

Everyone sitting in the back row watched Jin Mao and An Ge surround Bai Jing, one after another, and their eyes were red with jealousy:

Why do these two have such a good life? They also want Bai Jing’s patient answer!

Jin Mao, who was listening to Bai Jing’s explanation, shivered suddenly, and when he looked back, he almost jumped up in fright:

Damn, dozens of pairs of eyes are staring at him viciously, those eyes – hiss, it’s really terrifying.

The little fat man turned back with lingering fears, but there was a secret sense of refreshment in his heart. Hmph, who made you look down on my brother Jing when you first came, regret it now, you deserve it!


Proxima 3 space station.

It is about 300 kilometers away from the ground of Proxima Centauri, completely separated from the surface of the planet.

Bai Jing stood on the vast space station, looked around, and was shocked: it was like a small port city, docked with space ships heading to various planets, which was spectacular.

Gao Ling and more than 500 students gathered here, ready to take the spaceship to the capital star.

The capital star is about 2.5 light-years away from Proxima Centauri. It can be reached in one day using the most advanced wormhole space shuttle technology. Of course, the fee is not cheap, and each person needs to pay 10,000 star coins.

“Please board the Proxima-Capital Star at docking point 15 as soon as possible—”

The silver-gray spaceship slowly docked at the docking point, and the white hatch opened. The students followed Gao Ling to log in one by one, and swiped the optical brain on the connection screen of the hatch. The screen will automatically recognize the identity certificate and deduct the corresponding fee.

The little fat man Jin Mao walked behind Bai Jing, thinking of his situation, he suddenly leaned forward and whispered, “Brother Jing, if you don’t have enough star coins…”

“Di—passenger with ID 1053166247 paid successfully, please enter the cabin.”

Before he could finish speaking, Bai Jing’s light brain was already on the connection screen.

Jin Mao’s eyes widened. He just seemed to see a flash of light on the brain screen showing that the balance was more than 700,000 star coins? ?

He must be wrong! Isn’t Bai Jing from the slums, how come there are more than his star coins—

The pure white cabins in the spaceship were separated one by one, and the dormant compartment took up most of the space. Other than that, there were simple tables and chairs, and there were several primary nutrient solutions on the table.

Through the small circular window, Bai Jing saw Proxima Centauri intertwined with azure and yellow getting farther and farther away from him. He knew that the space capsule had been activated, but he could not feel the impact of the slightest bumps and high speed inside. There is no difference on the ground.

He looked forward, and a huge black spherical ‘object’ appeared in front of him. The boundary was very thin, like a surging bubble. Bai Jing knew that it was a wormhole.

Wormholes are space tunnels that connect two distant space-times, which are equivalent to folding two far-distant spaces, and are “shortcuts” for space-time conversion in the universe. 【Note】

Entering a wormhole is equivalent to entering a high-dimensional space, and the radiation will become extremely intense. Bai Jing pressed the remote control and entered the dormant compartment.

It was as if he had slept for a long time, and when Bai Jing was woken up by the dormant chamber, he felt as if he had passed away.

Everyone walked out of the cabin door one after another and saw the appearance of Capital Star on the galloping suspended train, and couldn’t help but be amazed.

“Look, that is the main city of the main capital star – Cloud City!”

“My God, it’s actually built in the air?”

“Yes, it is said that the energy system of Yunzhong City comes from the No. 1 Jade Mine, which produces a glass species of imperial green jade weighing 5 tons, known as the king of jade, enough to maintain Yunzhong City for hundreds of years. energy.”

Bai Jing looked forward through the car window, and saw the huge main city built in mid-air, with various towering buildings rising from the ground, like huge islands floating on the sea, completely unaffected by gravity.

Capital Star is worthy of being the first planet of the Empire, and its prosperity far exceeds that of Proxima Centauri.

High-level mechas and supercar-type suspension vehicles that rotate and leap can be seen everywhere in the air, whizzing past in front of everyone’s eyes, so fast that they can’t see a trace.

A well-equipped armed fleet is on standby at the docking point, and the cold and sharpness of the metal is blowing at the face, guarding the safety of the main city.

After a strict inspection, everyone entered the main city, and it didn’t take long to see the headquarters of the Stone Gambling Association.

The headquarters of the Stone Gambling Association is located in the center of the main urban area. Two pyramid-shaped buildings are connected up and down, one is upright and the other is upside down. The tops of the triangles are firmly inlaid together, forming an angular ‘8’ shape.

Its appearance is smooth and flat like a mirror, so clear that it can illuminate human figures. The silver surface reflects the cold light.

The Egyptian Pyramids are known as the first of the eight wonders of the earth. This building is a reconstruction of the wisdom of the ancient earth, but it is beyond the skills of the ancient earth.

The golden pentagram flag flutters on the top of the tower, and the whole building is unique, even people who don’t know the Stone Gambling Guild can recognize it at a glance.

The interior and exterior of the Stone Gambling Guild are completely different, with a consistent European style, which is very similar to the Proxima Branch.

Dozens of white pillars support the high semi-circular dome, the colors of blue and silver are intertwined, and the long carpet extends all the way to the inside, embroidered with the golden pentagram logo, which is restrained and gorgeous.

Bai Jing and the others stood at the door and looked up at this magnificent building with amazement.

Gao Ling, the leader of the team, stepped forward to connect with the head of the headquarters, and at the same time informed the other party that the candidates from Proxima Centauri had arrived.

The boss is a fifth-level stone gambler, and his attitude towards Gao Ling is not enthusiastic, and even a bit contemptuous.

Last year, Proxima Centauri’s ranking in the assessment almost fell out of the top ten. If this is the case this year, the position of the third largest branch will be handed over—

After a while, Gao Ling’s face became ugly, showing that he was not happy at the headquarters.

Now that it was getting late, Gao Ling led the students to check in at the pre-booked Interstellar Hotel.

Even if you have already reserved a room, you must pay for the check-in as soon as possible, because the room will be extremely tight during the stone gambling assessment.

The consumption of Capital Star is very high, and the cost of staying one night is 2,000 stars.

Counting the two-day exam time and the rest time tonight, each person has to pay 6,000 stars for accommodation.

This amount of money is nothing to the children of rich families, but it is a lot of money for An Ge. The Shen family only subsidized his travel expenses to and from Proxima Centauri, and he had to bear the daily expenses himself.

After seeing the price list of the hotel, An Ge’s face turned pale, and he stood there stiffly.

He quickly turned on his brain, swiped from top to bottom, and looked at all the surrounding hotels, and found that the cheapest one cost 1,500 star coins, and it was at least 30 minutes away from here.

“Bai Jing, can I, can I live in a room with you? I’ll pay half of the room fee…” An Ge bit his lower lip, desperate to ask Bai Jing for help.

I don’t know when he started to have an extraordinary trust in Bai Jing. Although the other party looked cold and his body was not so tall, he felt extraordinarily safe.

“I want to live in a room with you, and I’ll pay for the room!”

Before Bai Jing could answer, Fatty Jin Mao interjected enthusiastically. He hadn’t slept with his idol yet.

“Forget it.”

The hotel currently only has a big bed room. With the size of the little fat man, there is no room for three people to share the room. Although he is not used to living in a room with others, but—

In this strange era, after a month of getting along day and night, these two people can be said to be his only friends.

friend…? Bai Jing was stunned, the word had not appeared in his mind for a long time.

“Let’s go.” Bai Jing refreshed his mind and walked towards the room under the guidance of the guiding robot.

‘He agreed? ‘ An Ge stood there for a moment, stunned, and immediately chased after him ecstatically.


As soon as Bai Jing entered the door, he took a hot bath. When he came out, An Ge just packed his things and looked up, and the moment he saw the other party, he lost his voice.

The young man has a slender figure and perfect proportions, his skin is dyed with a touch of pink under the steaming heat, his brown-black hair is fluffy and soft, scattered in a messy manner between his eyebrows; further down are a pair of misty brown eyes, moist and translucent. , as if containing a clear spring, so beautiful and fascinating.

When those soul-sucking eyes looked over, An Ge couldn’t help holding his breath.

“Bai, Bai Jing, you, you, you…”

His face suddenly turned red, his heart was beating violently, his throat was dry, and he was a little breathless.

He never thought to cover up such a beautiful face under that pair of black frames, he can say firmly: If Bai Jing becomes a stone gambler in the future, this face alone will attract countless fans.

“What’s wrong?” Bai Jing asked suspiciously.

His perception felt that the other party seemed to be excited, and the active response in the body surged, but he did nothing.

In the apocalypse, people have always only focused on survival, the strong are respected, and they can do whatever they can to survive, and everything else is secondary.

He didn’t know the lethal power brought by beauty in this era.

‘never mind. ’

Seeing An Ge hurrying into the bathroom with his head lowered, Bai Jing didn’t ask any further questions. He took down one of the quilts and spread it on the carpet several meters away from the bed.

“You’re going to sleep on the floor? Ah, let me come.”

After An Ge came out, seeing that the other party didn’t plan to sleep with him, he breathed a sigh of relief, but how could he let Bai Jing lay the floor? It was obvious that he had something to ask for.

“No, go to sleep.”

Bai Jing had no intention of arguing about such trivial matters, he turned off his optical brain, the voice-activated lights went out under his command, and the room immediately plunged into darkness.

An Ge tossed and turned on the bed for a while before calming down his pounding heart.

Bai Jing doesn’t want others to see his appearance must have his concerns, he will help the other party keep this secret and prevent Bai Jing from being coveted by others!


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