God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 19

First place: Du Xingyu, assessment score: 96 points, from Capital Star headquarters.

Second place: Bai Jing, assessment score: 96 points, from the Proxima Branch.

Third place: Tang Ling, assessment score: 91 points, from Capital Star headquarters.

Fourth place: Luo Minghan, assessment score: 90.5 points, from Capital Star headquarters.

[Fuck, am I dazzled? ? Who is this Bai Jing, who can tie for the first place with Du Xingyu! 】

This is the common thought in everyone’s mind after seeing the ranking.

Who is Du Xingyu?

The young master of the Du family, the second largest wool miner in the empire, the favorite son of the seventh-level stone gambler Master Du Feng, and the younger brother of the genius stone gambler Du Jingya.

Since childhood, he has been loved by thousands of people, has received the highest education, owns the original stone of an entire planet, and has the title of the little prince of the capital star. No one knows or knows about it in the empire.

Since Du Xingyu participated in this stone gambling apprenticeship assessment, he has been the number one in the minds of the citizens of the Empire, unshakable.

But no one would have thought that this Bai Jing would get the same score as Du Xingyu!

Not only that, but it also exceeded the gap of a full five points from the third place!

You know, Tang Ling, who ranked third, also came from an extraordinary background.

She comes from the Tang family, the first mecha manufacturing family in the empire. Her grandfather is the strongest mecha maker in the empire, and is the jewel of the Tang family.

Because Tang Ling loved stone gambling since childhood, Mr. Tang specially invited the seventh-level stone gambler Master Rong Xuan to teach her baby granddaughter. Although she was not an official disciple, she had received absolutely professional guidance.

And this time, she could only rank third, a full 5 points behind Bai Jing who was second!

In previous years, the candidates of Capital Star will definitely take the top five in the assessment, which has not changed for many years. But the white scene that turned out this time completely shattered the myth that had been in the air for decades. It was a miracle.

Everyone just watched the live broadcast of the Stone Gambling Association two days ago, and they knew that this topic was extremely perverted. Under this difficulty, this person could still get the limit of 96 points, which is really terrifying—

If it is not for the candidates with the same score, they will be ranked according to the strength of the guild, and the Capital Star headquarters is ranked before the Proximity Star Guild, he is the first.

God, this white scene is simply a dark horse within a dark horse!

People searched for Bai Jing on the star network, but they did not find any relevant information about him, nor did they find any planet with a noble family surnamed Bai, so they could not help but suspect—

Could this person be the pseudonym of the young master of the capital star?

Who is he?


#Who is Bai Jing#

#Du Xingyu and Bai Jing tied for the first place#

#The biggest dark horse of the current gambling stone apprentice assessment#

The three entries quickly occupied the top three hot searches on StarNet at a rocket-like speed.

Du Xingyu was also surprised when he saw the ranking. Who is Bai Jing? He never—

No, not right!

In a flash, he thought of the commoner who walked out of the examination room almost at the same time as him after the two examinations were over.

That person’s exam room happened to be the No. 6 exam room where Proxima Centauri candidates were.

Du Xingyu can almost be sure that it is him, he is Bai Jing!

The most ridiculous thing is that at that time, I thought that the other party would leave the examination room early because he could not answer the question.

Thinking of this, Du Xingyu’s face was a little hot, his blue eyes were a little overwhelmed, and he squinted at each other with mocking eyes…

Ahhh, what a shame, what would Bai Jing think of him—

The usually mighty little prince threw himself on the bed and covered his flushed face with a quilt. The housekeeper didn’t even go down when the housekeeper came to ask him to eat.

Hehe, the person being mocked should be him!

What face does he have to eat!

Ning Yuxuan looked at her ranking: the twelfth place, the assessment score: 85 points.

Then his eyes moved upwards, and he stayed in the second place for a long time. In the end, he sighed softly, and he was convinced that he lost for the first time.


Bai Jing read the list of passed exams from beginning to end, with a clear smile on his lips.

Not only because he achieved the top ten as he wished, but also because two of his friends passed the test.

As soon as he logged out of the website, the optical brain communication rang.

Bai Jing was connected, and little fat Jin Mao’s excited roar came out from his brain, mixed with obvious crying: “Brother Jing, I passed, I finally passed this time! It’s the ninth Nineteen—!”

Bai Jing waited for his emotions to calm down a little before he smiled and said, “Congratulations.”

Jin Mao snorted: “Brother Jing, it’s really thanks to you, if it wasn’t for you, I would have to take the exam for another year.”

Bai Jing answered his questions patiently every time, and finally refined the key points for him and An Ge. If it weren’t for the other party, he would definitely be cool with such a difficult test question, and he would have to continue next year.

Bai Jing didn’t take credit: “This is the result of your own efforts, even without me.”

Jin Mao smiled: “I know it in my heart, but I still have to thank Brother Jing for the praise.”

Then he snorted softly: “Damn, that boy An Ge, who quietly took the twenty-eighth exam, is much better than me.

Oh, by the way, I reserved a table at the Imperial Rose Restaurant. I will treat you tomorrow. You and An Ge must come. ”

After a while, An Ge also called by video communication. His eyes were red, and it was obvious that he had just cried.

An Ge has been restless and restless for the past few days, unable to sleep at night.

Maybe for others, this exam will only have to wait until next year to fight again, but for someone like him who came from a slum and is funded by an aristocratic family, there is only one chance!

Without the funding from the Shen family, he could not even pay for the training expenses and the travel expenses to the Capital Star.

An Ge stayed up all night last night, anxiously waiting for the result.

The moment he saw the ranking, the pressure he had accumulated for a long time was finally released, causing him to burst into tears.

This time, he not only passed the assessment steadily, but also made the top 30. The Shen family was very satisfied with him and planned to support him for a long time.

An Ge looked at the 50,000 star coins transferred from Guang’s brain, and was very excited. He was finally able to continue gambling stones!

“Bai Jing, thank you.” An Ge bowed deeply towards Bai Jing in the video.

If it weren’t for the other party, he might be able to pass the assessment, but he would never get such a high ranking.

The Shen family not only sponsored him, but if he could not stand out among the common people, he would not be eligible for this fee.

After the video ended, Bai Jing was about to turn off the optical brain, and the communicator beeped again.

[Gu Yuanchao requested to communicate with you via video. 】

A look of surprise flashed across Bai Jing’s eyes, and he immediately connected to the video.

A man dressed in a tall and straight black military uniform appeared in the light screen. His handsome features were sharp and charming, and his deep eyes were fixed on Bai Jing: “Congratulations, you passed the examination with the first place.”

The long eyelashes behind the Baijing lens blinked: “Thank you, but it’s not the first, it’s the second.”

“No, in my heart, you are well-deserved number one. Du Xingyu is just taking the title of Capital Star.”

Gu Yuanchao looked at him with undisguised admiration: “Bai Jing, you always impress me.”

Bai Jing politely thanked him, but he was a little puzzled. Is the video of Mr. Gu and him just to say this?

Gu Yuanchao coughed lightly, and a rare trace of annoyance flashed in his black eyes.

Because he had a good family background since childhood, he really had no experience in complimenting others. I wonder if the other party could feel his sincerity?

Gu Yuanchao: “Well…I prepared a gift for you. Remember to come to Gu’s Stone Gambling Shop tomorrow, and I will ask Qiao An to wait for you at the entrance on the second floor.”

Bai Jing frowned as he looked at the light screen that suddenly blacked out.

Gift for him?

Forget it, let’s fill up the stomach first.

Near noon, Bai Jing made a hearty lunch, with tomato brisket, small fried pork and seaweed egg drop soup, and had a delicious meal.

He was enjoying the food, but he didn’t know that the Proxima Star Guild and Star Network had already caused an uproar.

Since the appearance of the tag #baijingwho#, people on Xingwang have been searching for his information more frantically, but after searching for a long time, they have not found any useful information, not even Xingyu account.

The star field is equivalent to the ‘WB’ of the earth and is the fastest channel for information exchange.

Once there is any trouble, everyone will publish it on the Star Domain as soon as possible, and almost every citizen of the Empire has their own Star Domain account.

But Bai Jing didn’t, adding a touch of mystery to his identity.

So people started to speculate.

Some people say that he is the young master of a certain family, and some people think that he is a descendant of a stone gambling family, or even the proud disciple of a senior stone gambling master. In short, there are various speculations.

But what they didn’t know was that Bai Jing really didn’t have a ‘Xingyu’ account, and he didn’t need it for the time being.

Until an insider broke the news that Bai Jing was a civilian, it could be said that one stone stirred up a thousand waves.


How could a commoner overwhelm many of the most highly educated nobles?

The news was nothing short of a bombshell.

The empire has a clear hierarchy. Nobles and noble families hold various resources and lifelines, while commoners have low status, and the slums are left unattended. They are left to fend for themselves.

After this incident, many people can’t help but think: Will background and education bury talents?

There are even calls for better education for civilians.

The major noble families gritted their teeth bitterly, and jointly suppressed the entries related to Bai Jing, and quickly replaced the more popular celebrities.

Gu Yuanchao has been sending people to pay attention to the movements of Xingwang, and to remove all hidden dangers that may threaten Bai Jing.

He believes that with the temperament of the other party, he will definitely not like to be noticed by others all the time, and his identity will be picked up, so that his information will be exposed to everyone.

Gu Yuanchao thought of Bai Jing’s water-clear, extremely beautiful brown eyes, as well as the thick black-framed eyes on the bridge of the other’s nose. He gently pressed his chest and hooked his lips silently.


At the same time, the Proxima branch.

After seeing the ranking announced on the official website of the Stone Gambling Association, President Zhuo was so excited that he couldn’t help himself.

A total of 16 people from their planet passed the assessment in the top 100. I don’t know how many times better than last year!

Especially the candidate named Bai Jing, who surpassed the group of heaven’s favorites from Capital Star, broke the curse of the previous year, and got the second place proudly.

Even with him alone, the position of the third largest guild of the Proxima Centauri Guild has been preserved!

President Zhuo immediately issued a notice to award Bai Jing a bonus of one million stars in the name of the Proxima Star Guild.

A mere one million star coins is nothing to the status of the entire branch.

If Bai Jing becomes a stronger stone gambler in the future, their guild will have a steady stream of benefits, so why not do it?



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