God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 21

When Bai Jing came out of the bathroom, Gu Yuanchao took a breath, and for the first time had doubts about his concentration.

The other party was wearing the white sweater he had prepared, which was soft in texture and bright in color, fully revealing the youth’s fresh and elegant temperament, exuding a kind of sunshine.

The neckline of the sweater is a little loose, revealing a delicate and small collarbone and a small piece of porcelain-white skin, revealing a faint pink smudged by the heat, which is particularly attractive under the light of the light.

The young man’s soft and fluffy hair still had wet drops of water on it. The moment he swayed gently, a few drops rolled down his neck and never entered the depths of his neckline, making his mouth dry.

Not to mention that when those misty brown eyes looked over—

That kind of clear, innocent and defenseless appearance, I really want people to press him under the body and kiss him fiercely, leaving their own mark on the delicate skin!

“Joan, I still have something to do, you send Bai Jing back.”

Gu Yuanchao rolled his Adam’s apple involuntarily, looked away slightly, and his voice was much lower than usual.

“Yes!” Qiao An took the order and left the Gu family with the boy.

Before leaving, Bai Jing glanced at Gu Yuanchao suspiciously.

The active reaction in the opponent’s body is already very active, approaching the limit of physical fitness, and now it has reached an unprecedented peak, which shows that he is in a state of extreme excitement.

Could the physique of 3S still evolve?

Ah, he is really envious.

Bai Jing asked Joan to send him to the [Empire Rose Restaurant], and according to the message from Jin Mao, he came to the private room on the second floor.

[Empire Rose Restaurant] is the top three aristocratic restaurants in the entire empire. Not to mention the high fees, all the people who come and go here are business tycoons or aristocratic sons with a certain level of net worth, and they have to spend a lot of money to get the restaurant’s gold card. Row.

This gold card was handled when the Jin family was at its peak. Now that the Jin family has declined, there are not many remaining permissions. This time, Father Jin was willing to take it out to celebrate his son.

Each private room of the restaurant has a different style, or it can be simulated in the interstellar battlefield, the noble manor, the gorgeous starry sky, and even the ancient earth.

After entering the door, clusters of holographic virtual roses bloomed one after another from the feet of Baijing, extending to every corner of the room, as if they had strayed into a sea of ​​roses, which was enough to confuse the real.

Fatty Jin Mao and An Ge were already waiting in the room. Seeing Bai Jing, Jin Mao immediately shouted excitedly, “Brother Jing, come here, it’s your turn to order!”

Bai Jing looked at the menu on the light screen, and any dish on it cost three to five thousand star coins, and even tens of thousands of star coins, the price was ridiculously high.

The two had already ordered five or six dishes, and he symbolically ordered a dried shredded bamboo shoots and put them back.

After the beautiful dinner plate wrapped the exquisite food, Bai Jing’s feeling of expensiveness became more prominent.

The plates of each dish are gorgeous, surrounded by layers of gold rims, and inside are carved with beautiful paintings, with exquisite carvings and vivid characters.

But the food only took up one-third of the size of the center of the plate, and the portion was very small.

Both Bai Jing and An Ge were here for the first time, and Jin Mao was the second time. Ever since he came here once when he was a child, he has been unforgettable. The amazing taste has left him fresh in his memory until now.

Seeing that neither of them moved their chopsticks, Jin Mao urged: “Don’t look at the small amount, the taste is amazing, try it quickly.”

Saying that, he took the lead to put a piece of curry beef into his mouth.

The beef has infiltrated the unique aroma of curry, and the soup is rich and chewy, but for some reason he felt that the taste of curry was a little heavy, and the aroma of the beef itself was lost, which was completely inferior to what Bai Jing gave him during training. Bowl.


“Brother Jing, tell me the truth, are you a descendant of a chef in Ancient Earth?”

Jin Mao looked at Bai Jing with a broken face: “You are too strong, you can tie for the first place with Du Xingyu in the exam, and you can even surpass the top three restaurants in the empire in cooking!”

Bai Jing: “…Eat.”

Jin Mao took a few bites and continued, “Brother Jing, if we can’t become a famous stone gambler, you can open a restaurant with me.”

Bai Jing: “…I’m done eating.”

The two stared dumbfounded at the two bare plates on Bai Jing’s right hand, shocked by his speed.

After swiping the card, Jin Mao had excitement in his eyes: “Do you have anything to do in the afternoon, do you want to go to Gambling Stone Street?

The wool there is much cheaper than that of Gu’s and other major wool areas, which is very suitable for newbies like us. ”

Neither Bai Jing nor An Ge had any objections, so the two of them took Jin Mao’s white suspension car and came to Gambling Stone Street, a somewhat remote location.

The location of Gambling Stone Street is far away from the downtown area, and it took the three of them more than half an hour to ride the extremely fast suspension car.

Different from the hall of Guangkejianren in Gu’s woolen area, this is a very wide street, about 70 to 80 meters wide, with no end in sight.

In addition to some regular shops on both sides of the road, there are many large and small stalls.

The stall owners set up tents directly with extremely tough fabrics. There are several half-new blankets on the open space, and dozens of pieces of wool are scattered on it, which is somewhat similar to the stalls on the ancient earth. Very casual.

Although the environment is simple, but in general, the whole street is full of stalls and shops selling wool, and there are hundreds of them.

Bai Jing looked around and saw that the flow of people here was no worse than that of Gu’s woolen area. There were many people in front of each booth picking woollens. Judging by their clothes, civilians accounted for the majority.

Jin Mao said to the two: “This is it.

Although the tools and shops here are relatively simple, in fact, there are many good jadeites in it, but you just need to choose carefully.

It’s not like the giants of the Gu family who have senior stone gamblers to divide the wool. Most of them ask a few experienced masters to take a look and make a rough division. If you are lucky, you might be able to pick up a leak. ”

Bai Jing walked to the first booth.

This booth covers an area of ​​about 400 to 500 square meters. It is a relatively large booth in Gambling Street, and the location is also good.

All the wool was placed randomly on the ground, simply divided into three piles.

The two piles on the left are fully plugged wool, and there are hundreds of pieces; on the right stone platform are seven or eight pieces of half-plugged wool.

Totally blocked wool refers to the rough stone without openings. Because the rough stone has a thick layer of weathering shell on the surface, the material inside cannot be seen and needs to be identified by oneself, so it is called full gambling.

The risk of all betting on wool is extremely high, and the probability of jadeite is relatively small.

Semi-gambling wool material, also known as semi-clearing material, refers to cutting or rubbing a hole on the surface of the rough jadeite stone, which is called “opening the skylight”.

People can judge the kind, color, quality, etc. of the internal jade through the “skylight” opened. Relatively speaking, the probability of betting will be higher, but the price is also high. 【Note 1】

A few middle-aged people in front of the booth were approaching to study the pieces of half-gambling wool that had a ‘skylight’.

One of them was wearing the latest light brain and was well-dressed. He was holding a strong light and moving repeatedly around a half-human-high wool cut. His brows were sometimes furrowed and sometimes relaxed, as if he was a little uncertain.

The stall owner of booth No. 1 is very young, probably in his twenties, with a dark and thin face, with a shrewd look on his face.

As soon as he saw Bai Jing and the three of them, he eagerly stepped forward and greeted: “A few little brothers, just came to Gambling Stone Street?

Oh, you are right to come to me, the wool materials here are specially shipped from the old field of Soter Star, and the probability of jadeite is high. ”

‘Pfft—’ Jin Mao couldn’t help laughing, and Bai Jing and An Ge’s expressions were also a little embarrassing.

That’s it? Also the old field of Soterstar?

Looking at the grey woolen fabrics rolling in the sand on the booth, Jin Mao almost died of laughter.

The old market of Sote Star is a white sand skin with delicate skin. After not seeing him for a while, the stall owner’s ability to open his eyes and talk nonsense has become much better.

Bai Jing briefly glanced at the wool on the ground.

The surface of these wools is relatively rough, and many of them also have sediment, which looks dirty. Unlike Gu’s woolen area, the wools are carefully cleaned and displayed on a white table.

However, this also shows that this is untreated wool from other planets. It has not been carefully partitioned, but there is a possibility of leakage.

Bai Jing swept around and didn’t see the price, so he asked, “What is the price of this pile of wool?”

The stall owner looked at the good quality clothes of Jin Mao and Bai Jing, especially the space button hanging around Jin Mao’s neck for a few seconds before he said with a smile:

“Little brother, you have such a good eye. My batch of wool is a good material from the old farm. There is no shortage of pine flowers and pythons under the sand. I will give you a cheaper price. Calculated at 600 stars per kilogram, it is also a bargain. Returning customer.”

Bai Jing frowned, isn’t that more expensive than the scraps of Gu’s District E?

He couldn’t help but look at Jin Mao, where is this cheap?

Jin Mao laughed angrily when he heard this. He wanted to save face for this person, but now he doesn’t need to: “Wang Ping, open your dog’s eyes and see who I am!”

Wang Ping carefully observed Jin Mao’s facial features and smiled: “Hey, isn’t this Young Master Jin? You haven’t been here for a long time, sorry for your clumsy eyes, I’ll apologize to you—”

The little fat man rolled his eyes and said, “Stop talking nonsense, I brought a friend here, tell me the real price, or I’ll leave.”

This stall owner has a thicker skin than the city wall, and there is no embarrassment on his face: “It’s easy to say, the first pile of wool will give you 300 stars per kilogram, and the second pile of wool will cost you 500 stars per kilogram.

Seeing that the two young masters are new, I will give you a 20% discount. What do you think? ”

Bai Jing was speechless. The wool that had just been sold for 600 star coins turned into 300 star coins in an instant. This place is not ordinary black.

An Ge’s eyes lit up instantly. A 20% discount for 300 star coins is equivalent to only 240 star coins per kilogram of wool!

In this way, he can pick more, and once he can open jade, he can get a point.

At the same time, An Ge also silently thanked the two in his heart, he understood that it was a friend who was taking care of him.

The wool here is cheap, which is just right for someone like him who doesn’t have many stars in his account. If he doesn’t come here to try his luck, he doesn’t know what year and month he will be able to collect 5 points and be promoted to the first-level stone gambler.

Bai Jing squatted down at the first pile of wool, and rinsed the few pieces of wool at his feet with clean water, exposing the surface of the leather case.

He looked at them one by one, and most of the wool materials did not perform very well. There were no python belts and no pine flowers. Some had cracks on the surface. It seemed that the sediment on the surface was also a means of disguise.

After looking at more than a dozen pieces in a row, I finally found one that could barely catch the eye. This is a rock with a sandy skin overturned by water. It is an irregular flat polygon with a yellow-gray surface and a rust-colored trace on the skin. With ribbon-like pine flowers.

After Bai Jing washed the sand and stones on the surface, he frowned slightly, because there were a few linear fine tufts spreading along the rust-colored lines, not very deep, but he couldn’t judge whether it caused damage to the inside of the wool.

He penetrated his perception into the wool, and the active reaction inside was negligible, and there was only a small amount of reaction at the bottom. It seemed that the fine strands did destroy the jade meat.

Bai Jing wanted to put down this piece of wool, but on second thought, he couldn’t bet every time, it was too conspicuous.

The wool here is so cheap, it is better to use the broken wool to decompose the stone, he has not tried it himself.

He put the piece of wool in the shopping cart behind him and started looking at the others.

After a while, the little fat man Jin Mao came over. The automatic shopping cart behind him was already full, at least eight or nine pieces of wool.

He looked at the only two pieces of wool in Baijing’s shopping cart, and said with a grin: “As expected of Brother Jing, he chose carefully. Unlike me, in order to earn more points, he can only work hard in quantity.”

The stone gambling apprentice is promoted to the first-level stone gambling master, and only needs to obtain points, and the gambling increase rate is not calculated.

In other words, as long as you can get 5 points, no one cares about you even if you buy a thousand pieces of wool to dissolve the stone.

But after becoming a first-level stone gambler, it is different, and there are strict requirements for the betting rate:

You must reach 15 points, and at the same time the betting rate is above 10%, in order to be promoted to the second-level stone gambler.

This is not the only way to advance based on quantity. What is needed is the ability to truly judge the jade in wool, plus a little luck, in order to continue to move up.

The promotion rules for stone gamblers are a set of promotion mechanisms developed by the Stone Gamblers Association after hundreds of years of continuous improvement. Naturally, there is a reason for its existence.

Going from a stone gambling apprentice to a first-level stone gambling master is a stage of learning and accumulating experience, so it is necessary to play more stone gambling, strive to contact a variety of wool materials, and expand their horizons.

Starting from the second-level stone gambler, it is to develop in a professional direction.

The setting of the betting rate will screen out at least half of the candidates, let some inappropriate people stop there, and avoid the flood of stone gamblers.

The little fat man Jin Mao came to An Ge when he saw that Bai Jing was still choosing.

An Ge also selected five or six pieces of wool material. He and Jin Mao summed it up and planned to untie these wool materials first to see how the quality was before continuing to choose.

If the betting rate is too low, the two are ready to go to other booths to see.


Half of the ten pieces of wool selected by Jin Mao came from the first pile, and half came from the second pile, totaling 21,600 star coins. The stall owner wiped off the fraction and counted it as 21,000 star coins.

The six pieces of wool that An Ge picked were all from the first pile, and they only cost 240 stars per kilogram. After deducting the fractions, the total was 9,000 stars. On average, each piece of wool was only 1,500 stars, which was indeed very cheap.

If these wool materials are placed in the Gu’s wool material area, even if they are only scraps, each will not be less than 3000-4000 star coins. Here, they spend at least half of the star coins.

The calcification device is placed in the storefront behind the booth. The storefront is not large. There are five calcification machines in total, providing free calcification services.

However, there is only one calcification master in the shop.

The two entered the store and found that the middle-aged man who was preparing to dissolve the stone was the middle-aged man who was holding a strong light.

It seems that this middle-aged man bought it after hesitating for a long time.

The half-gambling wool material is clearly marked, and each piece is not less than one million star coins. But correspondingly, because of the opening of the skylight, the betting growth rate will be much larger than that of all betting wool.

Hearing someone dissolving the stone, people from the surrounding booths hurrahed around. If it weren’t for a few middle-aged friends who were blocking it, I’m afraid it would have been crowded.

Fortunately, there is a holographic projection screen about two meters long on the wall of the store, which clearly presents the image of the calcite. People who cannot squeeze in can also know the situation of calcite through the screen.

It’s still early, and Jin Mao doesn’t want to miss this lively event.

What’s more, the solution is to open the skylight of the semi-bet wool material, the probability of jadeite is much higher than that of the full bet wool material, maybe it will be festive.

“An Ge, wait here, I’ll call Brother Jing.”

The solution to the stone has just begun, and Jin Mao hurried out of the store to find Bai Jing. This exciting process requires three people to watch it together to feel it.

Bai Jing was not as eager as Little Fatty. He first put the three pieces of wool that he had picked into the shopping cart, and then followed Jin Mao to the store, looking up at the projection screen.

This half-gambling wool material is the size of two basketballs placed horizontally.

Its surface is slightly reddish, the skin is delicate, the center is dotted with clusters of dark green pine flowers, and a long gray-white python belt is connected to the pine flowers, which is very good.

Unfortunately, there was a 20-centimeter-long crack on the top of the wool. The crack was very thin and penetrated about half an inch into the wool, which made the wool material much more gambling.

A window the size of a baby’s fist was opened on the right side of the wool material, which was some distance from the fissures. Through the window, a bright green light could be seen. The water was good, and there were no excess impurities.

Seeing the performance of this piece of wool, people who have studied gambling stones understand that this is gambling cracks.

There are many ways to bet on stones, some people bet on sex, some people bet on kind, some people bet on fog, and there is a special bet on crack.

Cracked tresses are extremely harmful to emeralds. Large cracks are easy to observe, while tresses are elusive because they are small and easy to change, large or small, deep or shallow.

Due to the concealment and variability of the locks, it is difficult to grasp, so there is a saying “don’t be afraid of big cracks and small locks”. 【Note 2】

However, along with risks are often opportunities. Although the wool with tufts is extremely risky, if the fissures do not penetrate deep into the interior, it is very likely to bet up.

A skylight has been opened on one side of this piece of wool, and no obvious cracks can be seen when irradiated with a strong light, there is a certain possibility that the cracks have not penetrated into the interior.

If it is a bet, this piece of wool material is a veritable rise!

The rest of the people also looked eagerly at the big screen, wondering if the crack had entered, and whether this piece of wool was gambling up or down?

Master Xie Shi observed for a while, and then said to the middle-aged man, “Boss Yu, to be on the safe side, I’ll start wiping from the window at the top.”

Boss Yu restrained his inner tension and nodded, “Yes.”

The calcite master manipulated the grinding wheel to rub the stone along the window the size of a baby’s fist. After a while, it penetrated about two centimeters into the wool, and the window became a cut surface the size of an adult’s palm.

The middle-aged man sprinkled some water on the side and took a look at it with a strong light. Seeing that there was still no crack on the cut surface, and the green seemed to be brighter, he could not help exhaling.

“It went up and up, and the crack didn’t seem to go in.”

“Yes, the green color is very uniform, and the planting water has reached the level of waxy seeds. If you look at it like this, it is very likely that ice seeds will grow out of it!”

“Yeah, this piece of wool is so big, I’m afraid the jade inside will not be small—”

Some speculative wool merchants have also begun to bid.

If the crack does not go in, as long as the jade inside is one-fifth the size of wool, even if the water cannot reach the ice seed, it will be a proper surge!

“Boss Yu, I paid 3 million star coins to buy this piece of wool. The cut surface is still a short distance away from cracking. It’s better to pass the risk on to me.”

“I’ll pay three and a half million.”

“Boss Yu, I’ll give you four million!”

As the asking price got higher and higher, the smile on Boss Yu’s face also got bigger and bigger.

This piece of wool was originally priced at 2 million because of the fissures, but he got it for 1.5 million. In just a few minutes, it has tripled.

Hearing the tempting price, Boss Yu was moved for a moment, but after seeing the performance of the incision, he immediately held back.

This green has obviously been eaten, and the cracks have not affected the inside of the jade, and it is more than 4 million completely solved.

If it can reach ice seeds inside, even if there are only two or three kilograms of ice seeds, the value is more than ten million!

He declined several wool merchants without hesitation, and said to the calcite master: “Go ahead and cut a knife along the second half of the crack.”

Such a large piece of wool, I have been rubbing the stone and don’t know when to rub it, so let’s look at the distribution of jadeite first.

As long as the cut knife is green, it will basically rise.

Boss Yu was so excited that he even breathed heavily. This was more than 10 million star coins, which was more than worth the income of his mecha parts factory for a few years.

When Master Xie Shi was going to operate the automatic stone cutting machine to prepare the stone, Boss Yu couldn’t help reminding: “Master, you have to be careful not to hurt the jade inside.”

Master Xie Shi wiped the sweat on his forehead and replied in a low voice.

Once again, he carefully observed the direction of the cracks and loose flowers on the wool, and cut a knife near the bottom quarter.

When the knife goes down, what is exposed on the cut surface is a white stone.

Boss Yu frowned, but he also understood that it was impossible for the wool to be all jade, as long as it wasn’t cracked.

He put the scrapped piece of cut stone aside and let the calcite master continue to cut the cracked piece.

Master Xie Shi moved the line two or three centimeters inward and dropped a knife steadily.

Bai Jing looked up at the big screen, and saw that the cut surface was full of broken jade, and the crack went in!

And the cracks are as dense as cobwebs, in a destructive radial shape, extending all the way to the inside. Looking at the distribution and direction of the cracks, at least half of the jade meat has no hope.

Boss Yu was in a trance for a moment, but he quickly recovered and comforted himself:

It doesn’t matter, as long as the crack doesn’t eat all the jade meat, it is still possible to bet up, just from a big increase to a small increase.

When Master Xie Shi cut the second knife, the atmosphere at the scene suddenly became tense, and everyone held their breaths and focused on the master’s actions: whether to bet up or down, success or failure is here!

According to the instructions of Boss Yu, Master Xie Shi cut a knife directly in the middle of the wool. When the cut surface was exposed, everyone sighed in their hearts.

I saw that the jade flesh inside was broken into pieces by the tiny scorpion. Not only did the crack not disappear, but it was more serious than people expected.

Seeing this scene, Boss Yu seemed to have been slammed into the head with a hammer, and he felt dizzy for a moment. If it wasn’t for the friend next to him, he would have almost collapsed to the ground.

Fortunately, Boss Yu himself has experienced strong winds and waves, and he recovered after a while, but his face was ashen, and his voice was unspeakably hoarse: “Master, let’s cut another knife.”

This is his last hope, not asking for a rise in gambling, but not asking too much.

The face of Master Xie Shi is also not good.

After all, a few minutes ago, he thought that he had solved a big piece of wool by himself, but he didn’t expect it to collapse in a blink of an eye.

He took a deep breath, and without thinking about it, he directly divided the piece of wool that was wiped out of the window in two.

The moment he saw the cut surface, Boss Yu closed his eyes in pain.

There was no hope. The cut surface was only two or three centimeters away from the green window. Even if it wasn’t cracked, it would have collapsed severely. Not to mention that the fine lines were still there, but they were not obvious.

Boss Yu’s voice was hoarse: “Does anyone want this piece of wool?”

The few wool merchants who just made a bid looked at each other, and one of them hesitantly quoted the price: “Sixty thousand star coins.”

As soon as he said that, he regretted it.

It’s really fascinated by ghosts, the remaining wool is very likely to be a skin-green! It’s a piece of junk if you buy it…

Hearing this price, Boss Yu’s body shook violently, and a wry smile appeared on his pale face.

The wool of 1.5 million star coins rose to more than 4 million in just a few minutes, and then became 50,000 in a few minutes. It really fits the old saying: one knife is poor, one knife is rich, one knife is heaven, and the other is heaven. One **** of a knife!

This feeling of falling from heaven to hell, he has learned today.

Boss Yu’s red eyes looked at the wool dealer who made the bid: “Okay, 60,000 star coins, this piece of wool is yours.”

He just wanted to get rid of the cut wool as soon as possible.

The wool merchant laughed shyly: “Well, Boss Yu, I just got a headache and accidentally called the wrong thing.

Alas, you bastard… Honestly, that’s not really a gamble. I originally wanted to call for 10,000 star coins, but my mouth was bald, and it was said to be 60,000.

As a big boss like you, you won’t care about me, will you? ”

“You—!” Boss Yu was shaking with anger.

Not to mention that this woolen material collapsed, and he was so ridiculed by others, his face turned purple for a while, and he was so angry that he was speechless. Instead, he coughed a few times violently, and his expression was very embarrassed.

Several friends of Boss Yu hurriedly stepped forward to support him, staring at the wool merchant with a bad expression, and the atmosphere in the shop became a little dignified.

When the two sides were facing each other, a clear and pleasant voice came from behind, “Boss Yu, I will pay 60,000 star coins, can you sell me the remaining wool?”

Everyone turned back spontaneously and made way for him.

I saw a young man in a white sweater come forward, with a slender stature, fair complexion, and elegant temperament, but the black-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose covered most of his face, which looked rather strange.

Many savvy people recognized the brand on his body. It was a high-grade material custom-made by hand. It was soft and skin-friendly, light as nothing, and the price was quite high.

So they knew in their hearts that this must be the young master of some aristocratic family who was idle and bored to join in the fun.

Bai Jing came late, so he stood against the wall at the periphery of the crowd, paying attention to the calcite situation on the big screen.

Boss Yu casually took the piece of scrap that was cut out of white flowers with the first knife and put it on the table beside him, not far from his hand.

Bai Jing got closer and carefully observed the piece of ‘waste’, and found that there were inconspicuous band-shaped pine flowers underneath, the color was very light, and there was a certain chance that jadeite would bloom.

The most important thing is that when he saw this piece of wool, he had an intuition. This feeling was very strange. There was no reason, but he felt that there should be jade in it.

So, Bai Jing probed his perception into this piece of wool that was about two-thirds the size of a football, and actually sensed an active reaction, and it was very active, only slightly weaker than Ice Seed.

As long as you cut off about three centimeters along the white stone outside, the rest is all jade, estimated to be six or seven kilograms.

With this part of the ‘waste’, this half-bet wool will not fail.

Bai Jing walked straight to Boss Yu along the path that everyone gave up, and reminded without a trace:

“Actually, you have another piece of wool. Do you want to try again, in case you can get jade?”

“Which piece of wool was he talking about, wouldn’t it be that scrap?”

“Forget it, the cut surface of the waste is a stone with white flowers, how can there be jade?”

“That’s right, the cracked and green areas can’t be opened, let alone that piece of junk—”

Everyone was talking about it, no one was optimistic about the piece of wool, and even Bai Jing was regarded by them as a prodigal son of a family.

The wool merchant even smiled and said: “Hehe, young master, is this your first time to gamble?

Listen to me, don’t waste star coins, what’s wrong with 60,000 star coins, you have to buy a piece of scrap. ”

Jin Mao also leaned over and whispered: “Brother Jing, you are now a first-level stone gambler, and you need to count the rate of increase in gambling. This waste… or, forget it?”

He knew that although Bai Jing looked a little cold on the outside, he was very soft and kind on the inside, thinking that he wanted to help this Boss Yu out of the siege.

Alas, 60,000 Star Coins is not a small amount, not to mention wasting Star Coins, if you delay promotion, you will lose a lot.

Bai Jingchong shook his head slightly, looked at Boss Yu, and waited for his response.

When he heard the clear voice of the young man, the tone in Boss Yu’s heart loosened a little.

But at this time, he didn’t want to see this piece of gambled wool again, and he didn’t want to hear everything about gambling stones.

“Do you really want to buy it?

Ahem, let’s do it, take away the 30,000 star coins, don’t say more. ”

Boss Yu directly reduced the price by half, and when the 30,000 star coins arrived, he and a few friends did not stop for a moment, and immediately left in a hover car.

Bai Jing spent 30,000 star coins to obtain two pieces of cut wool: a piece of wool with a ‘window’, and a piece of ‘waste’ with a cut surface of a white stone.

Seeing this result, the wool merchant who gave out 10,000 star coins was a little unhappy.

If this young master didn’t make trouble, he could get that piece of wool with a window for 10,000 star coins, which is still a good deal.

Thinking of this, he said strangely: “Since the young master has bought everything, why don’t you unpack it and take a look.

Your bid is so high, you must have a unique vision. I wonder if we have the honor to follow you to open our eyes? ”

“Yeah, untie it.”

“Let’s see if there is any jade in this scrap.”

Most of the people around hadn’t dispersed, and it was not a big deal to watch the excitement, and the shop was in chaos for a while.

Bai Jing looked at the wool dealer, his eyes behind the lens were as sharp as a knife: “Yes.”

These wool materials were meant to be unraveled. He originally planned to leave this piece of ‘waste’ for the end, and first unravel the few pieces of wool that would definitely be ruined.

However, since this wool merchant is so aggressive, why doesn’t he follow the trend?

I hope that when the jade inside is solved, the other party will not regret it.

The author has something to say:

Small Theater 1:

Gu Shao (contemplation): Am I single for too long?

Joan (nodding sharply): Yes! That’s right! Boss, you will become a wizard (bushi) in a few more years of being single.

ps: The stalk of the magician comes from “When you are a virgin at the age of 30, it seems that you will become a magician” (dog head).

Small Theater 2:

Wool Dealer: Hum, sarcasm, disdain, contempt, slightly—

Jin Mao: Oh, what can’t you do, the yin and yang strangeness is the first.

[Note 12] The content is excerpted from Baidu Encyclopedia.


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