God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 22

Two pieces of wool, Bai Jing intends to untie the one with the skylight open first.

After several cuts of this semi-bet wool material, only about three or four centimeters of thickness remained.

Master Xie Shi was about to get started when Bai Jing said softly, “Master, let me solve it myself.”

He had tested this piece of wool with his senses, and only the thin layer near the window had green on the cut surface, which was almost as green as the leather. But if it is possible, he still wants to solve it, even if it is only a little jade.

The automatic stone cutter placed on the table is about fifty centimeters high, the height can be adjusted up and down, and the whole body is white.

The fuselage is made of very light polymer material, which is light and flexible as a whole and easy to operate.

Bai Jing fiddled a few times and then understood the operation method.

He erected the flat piece of wool, pressed the induction button, and the mechanical grippers on both sides automatically fixed the wool firmly without any shaking.

Although his learning speed is fast, people around him still see that he is a novice and can’t help but whisper.

The stone cutting tool uses laser cutting technology, and is also equipped with an automatic infrared recognition system. As long as a line is drawn on the wool material with a special material, the cutting point can be automatically identified, so that the laser knife can be used for fast cutting, which is simple and fast.

In such a high-tech era, calcite is not difficult, but the most difficult thing is how to identify the direction of the jade inside the wool and accurately draw the cutting line.

It is necessary to ensure that one or two knives are green, and at the same time, the jade meat inside is not damaged. This is the time to test experience and eyesight.

In order to maintain the feel of the hand, many calcite masters do not use the infrared recognition system to locate, but use a laser knife to manually cut it, so that if something is wrong (such as green) in the middle, it can be corrected in time.

After Baijing fixed the wool, he drew a line less than one centimeter away from the window and pressed the cut button.

The laser knife does not have a blade, only a blue laser beam, glowing with a faint cold light, like a sharp blade in the hands of a swordsman.

The ‘blade’ pierced straight into the fur skin, and with one knife it split the flat wool into two pieces.

Everyone hurriedly looked closer, or looked up at the projection screen, and saw that the cutting line was drawn extremely accurately:

The part of the wool with the skylight has a smooth and flat cut surface, showing a bright green color, without a trace of cracks; while the other half is covered with small cracks.

This knife actually completely separated the crack!

This this……

Everyone was dumbfounded, and even Master Xie Shi looked at Bai Jing with some admiration. Even he might not be able to cut so accurately.

The wool dealer was also quite shocked. Could it be that this young man is still a master?

But thinking of the other party’s unfamiliar operation, hum, maybe it’s a coincidence.

“Little Master, your technique is really good. However, this wool material is a gamble, right?”

The wool merchant looked at Bai Jing mockingly, but there was a little bit of joy in his heart.

Fortunately, he didn’t buy this piece of wool. No matter how well it was cut, it was a green leather with only a thin layer, and there were more than two or three thousand star coins!

“Oh, it’s still broken.”

“The 30,000 star coins are all gone!”

“This young master is still too young, and the wool merchants don’t ask for prices, what can he do?”

The onlookers shook their heads.

Up to now, this half-gambling wool material worth 1.5 million is no longer in suspense, and it simply cannot collapse any more.

The angle of the skylight was so clever that it just pierced the topmost intact jadeite, creating the illusion that there was no crack. In fact, the bottom half was full of cracks, and only such a piece of ‘leather green’ could be solved.

When they were about to leave, they found that the boy put the cut wool aside and fixed the scrap on the stone cutter.

‘I still don’t give up. ‘ This is the unanimous thought in everyone’s mind.

Bai Jing did not make a one-size-fits-all cut like just now, but drew a line one centimeter away from the cut.

The piece of jade just now was too much broken due to the cracking of the locks. If it is not carefully cut, I am afraid that even a thin layer cannot be cut out, and it will immediately become worthless.

In that case, he had no choice but to cut the mess with a quick knife, and cut it out without hurting the flesh as much as possible. Two thousand star coins are also star coins and must not be wasted.

But this time, he could no longer be suspicious.

As the blue laser beam fell, the cut, unsurprisingly, was a white flowered stone.

Everyone couldn’t help shaking their heads, and the wool merchant sneered disdainfully, and almost wrote the word ‘contempt’ on his face.

Jin Mao and An Ge were equally nervous in their hearts. As Bai Jing’s friends, of course they hoped that the other party could solve Jade and beat them hard in the face.

Not to mention that this is also related to the betting rate that stone gamblers value the most.

As a huge organization second only to the Imperial Army, the Stone Gambling Guild has the right to access the optical brain transaction records.

All wools sold within the empire must be registered with the corresponding number, and their holographic projections must be entered into the system database.

In any process of buying wool and selling wool, every transaction will be completely counted, and then the betting rate will be automatically calculated.

In the past, some disciples of aristocratic families used the rules to cheat, and let their own people buy jadeite at a high price, but they were detected by a quantum analyzer, and the person was given a punishment of depriving him of his status as a stone gambler and banning stone gambling for life.

Since then, no one dared to challenge the authority of the Stone Gambling Association easily.

If Bai Jing loses his bet, he will definitely reduce the betting rate, which is very unfavorable for him who is just starting out.

The blue laser knife radiated cold light again, and the second knife fell, and cut off about one centimeter in thickness, and the exposed cut surface was still a white stone.

“Oh, it’s just a piece of scrap, just cut a knife from the middle!”

“It’s boring, I can’t cut green again, I walked away—”

“That is, there is nothing to see in a piece of scrap, it is better to pick one by yourself.”

After two consecutive cuts, no green came out. Many people had long been impatient and left the store in twos and threes and walked towards the next store.

Wang Ping’s always smiling face also became anxious. He had just cut a piece of wool worth more than one million yuan, which has already driven customers away. If this piece of scrap is cut down again, how can his shop do business? Ugh!

Bai Jing ignored the reactions of others and continued to cut the third knife.

“Look, it’s green!”

“Big rise, absolutely big rise!”

“It’s amazing, who would have expected jadeite to be produced from a piece of scrap?!”

“It’s up — it’s up –”

Seeing Chulu, the stall owner Wang Ping breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly shouted.

The people who hadn’t gone far heard the voice and returned immediately, even more people than before, almost filling the entire store, making Wang Pingle’s eyes wide with a smile.

The surface of this wool material has no cracks and ringworms, and there is basically no possibility of internal damage. As long as it does not rely on the green skin, it is an absolute surge.

Seeing the green, Baijing turned off the button of the laser knife and replaced it with a grinding wheel.

This grinding wheel is very small, and the handle is equipped with a miniature force sensor, which will soften and adjust the force. As long as you are careful, you will never hurt the flesh inside.

The grinding wheel adopts nano-particle technology. When Baijing touches the surface of the wool material, it will grind off the surrounding gravel without much force, and there will be no vibration in the hand, which is very comfortable.

The polished gravel is all turned into granules and falls vertically, and there is an automatic cleaning tool below to clean up the debris, so that it will not fall on the operator at all.

As the surrounding leather shells were constantly rubbed off, part of the jade inside was removed, and the stone master drenched some water on it, so that everyone could see it more clearly.

“My God, it is the hibiscus species second only to the ice species!”

“It’s so beautiful, it’s so clear that there’s no trace of impurities, and it’s not much better than the ice seeds.”

“Miracle, it’s a miracle—”

A million-dollar hibiscus jadeite was found out of a piece of worthless scrap. Isn’t this a miracle?

The woolen trader, who was still mocking before, stared at the exposed cut surface, his eyes were straight, and he looked unbelievable.

He never imagined that the hibiscus jadeite, second only to the ice seed, could be produced from a piece of scrap!

Thinking that he was still smugly taunting the other party just now, he couldn’t help blushing, as if he had been slapped several times in succession, which was very embarrassing.

After being embarrassed, he suddenly thought of something, his face turned pale in an instant, and his body began to shake.

It was him, he personally delivered this piece of wool to the boy!

If you spend 60,000 star coins to buy those scraps, wouldn’t this hibiscus jadeite be yours? !

In vain, he still haggled, boasting a vicious eye, and it turned out that the most stupid person was himself.

At this moment, endless regret and unwillingness drowned him like a tide, and he finally felt a stronger sense of loss than Boss Yu, which was really miserable.

The rest of the wool merchants glanced at him disdainfully, and immediately distanced themselves from him.

They still want to get this piece of hibiscus, but they don’t want to annoy the owner of the wool. Seeing that Jadeite has already been solved by one-third, if it is not done again, it will be more expensive to solve the clear material.

“Little Master, I’ll give you one million star coins, you can directly transfer this wool to me.”

“I’ll pay 1.2 million.”


In just a few minutes, the wool material of this 30,000-star coin has fully multiplied fifty times, which is the same as the price of buying a whole piece of half-gambling wool material.

Bai Jing did not agree and continued to dissolve the stone.

After about ten minutes, the surrounding gravel was cleaned up, revealing the complete shape of the jadeite.

This is a hemispherical hibiscus jadeite, about half the size of a football, and weighs 6.2 kilograms.

The whole piece of jadeite is very transparent, as moist as water, as elegant as hibiscus flower, without a trace of impurities in the whole body, and its purity is no less than that of ice seeds.

A touch of green radiates from the inside, not as strong and bright as the sun green, but more like the tender leaves swept by the spring breeze.

Its color is pure and soft, the overall color is uniform, and the texture is delicate and moist. If it is compared with people, it is like the gentle, beautiful and moving of Jiangnan women.

Wang Ping couldn’t see his eyes when he smiled, and immediately hung the firecrackers at the door.

Just listening to the crackling sound, people in other booths put down the wool in their hands and ran here, wanting to cheer up.

Looking at this elegant and pure jadeite, everyone’s hearts are filled with love and excitement.

The little fat man Jin Mao looked at Bai Jing as if he was looking at a god. He unraveled the hibiscus jadeite from a piece of scrap. Who else was there besides his brother Jing? !

“Little Master, I will buy this jadeite with two million stars.”

“I’ll pay two and a half million.”

“three million!”

“Four million, I will give out four million!”

When everyone saw it, wasn’t this the wool merchant who didn’t even give out 60,000 star coins and didn’t believe what he said?

I didn’t buy 60,000 star coins just now, and now I spend 4 million, tsk, it really deserves it.

The price of 4 million is a high price for this hibiscus jadeite, and other wool dealers did not continue to bid.

Bai Jing planned to sell it, but suddenly remembered the agreement signed with Gu.

He remembered that there was a stipulation in the agreement that Gu had the right of first refusal to buy the wool.

Apologizing to the onlookers, Bai Jing used the light brain to initiate communication under the shield of the stone cutter, and at the same time turned on the sound shielding device on the side.

Communication was established within seconds.

Bai Jing didn’t expect to be connected so quickly.

Looking at the mature and beautiful face of the other party, he was stunned for a moment before saying: “I sold Hibiscus jadeite in Gambling Street, do you want to—”

Priority acquisition?

Gu Yuanchao’s sharp facial features softened obviously, a smile flashed in his black eyes, and he said warmly without waiting for Bai Jing to finish speaking:

“Is it a gift for me? Thank you A Jing.

However, you can auction this hibiscus seed by yourself. In the future, if you find a high ice seed or a glass seed, I will buy it from you in my own name. ”

Seemingly feeling that there was ambiguity in his words, Gu Yuanchao immediately added: “Because my mecha level is high, I can only use top-quality jade as energy, and hibiscus is also very good, just—”

Not suitable for my mecha? Will this make Bai Jing sad?

Bai Jing nodded: “I understand, then I will auction it directly.”

Gu Yuanchao looked at the black screen, filled with annoyance, could Bai Jing be angry?

Did his words just hurt the self-esteem of the young man?

The only heir of the Gu family, the youngest major general in the empire, and Young Master Gu, who has always been decisive in killing things, looked at Guangnao for the first time in a daze.


In the end, the 6.2 kg hibiscus jadeite was auctioned for 4 million, and the star coins in Baijing Guangnao’s account also changed from 1.7 million to 5.7 million. Some of the onlookers dispersed, but more and more people came here to pick wool, all trying to get lucky.

Bai Jing gave up the position to Master Xie Shi again, and came to Jin Mao and Jin Mao with the piece of ‘leather green’ jade.

Jin Mao looked at Bai Jing with stars shining in his eyes: “Fuck, Brother Jing, you are so awesome!

Tell me, how did you see the jade in that scrap. ”

Bai Jing was helpless: “No, the piece of scrap was in my hand just now, and I saw scattered pine flowers at the bottom, and I felt that it could be gambled to a certain extent.

In addition, the attitude of the wool merchant was really too much, so I thought of giving it a try. ”

He was telling the truth, but it made sense to conceal part of the fact that he detected wool with his senses.

Jin Mao also became indignant when he thought of the scene just now: “That’s right, that profiteer not only doesn’t count, but has always been angry. But—”

He hehe smiled: “It was so relieved just now!

I was reluctant to give up 60,000 star coins before, but in the end, I didn’t spend 4 million star coins to buy it back, and it turned over nearly 70 times. It is estimated that my intestines are going to regret it. ”

Even An Ge showed a happy smile. It is normal for businessmen to focus on profits, but it is too sloppy to fall into trouble when others are gambling down.

“Let’s go to the calcite too.”

I just watched the fun for half an hour, and the two of them still haven’t solved more than a dozen wool materials in their shopping carts.

There are many people there, and it seems that everyone has identified that good luck comes from that position, even if there is a long queue.

Jin Mao and An Ge respectively came to the two adjacent self-service calcification machines, fixed the wool on the table, and planned to calcine them by themselves.

Bai Jing weighed the three pieces of wool that he had picked at the stall owner Wang Ping, with a total weight of 35.5 kilograms and a total of 8,500 star coins.

Seeing him, Wang Ping said with a smile: “Little Master, thanks to you today, how can I be so embarrassed to earn your money again?

That’s good, these few pieces of wool are wiped off, and they will be calculated at a 50% discount. Next time you come over, you will come to me more to cheer–”

It is worthy of being the first booth on Gambling Stone Street. The owner of the booth, Wang Ping, has become a fine character, and he will calculate the interests and the interests clearly.

Bai Jing has brought him a lot of business, and it is necessary to show his favor properly.

Besides, Young Master Jin and this young master are obviously not people who are short of money. For the sake of long-term planning, this transaction is definitely not a loss.

If it wasn’t for the other party’s ‘upright’ temperament, what if he waived all the thousands of star coins?

I am afraid that the young man will not agree.

Bai Jing paid 4,000 star coins with his light brain and came between the two.

Here, the little fat man Jin Mao had several experiences of gambling stones before, and he soon began to dissociate stones.

And An Ge was operating the calcifier for the first time, and he was in a hurry. With the help of Bai Jing, he successfully opened the laser knife and dropped the first knife.

The first piece of wool for the two was cut out of white stones, which is a normal situation among such cheap scraps.

Jin Mao unraveled six pieces of wool in a row, not to mention emeralds, not even one piece of green.

An Ge unraveled four pieces, but there was nothing but a piece of jade flesh that was destroyed by ringworm.

Seeing this situation, they couldn’t help but feel a little discouraged. If it goes on like this, when will they be able to accumulate enough five points.

“Brother Jing, or you can help me solve it.”

Jin Mao usually doesn’t believe in fortune or anything, but this way of gambling is really a test of mentality, so he came up with this method.

Bai Jing came to him, and while observing the wool, he penetrated his perception into the remaining four pieces of wool.

Three of them had nothing inside, but one of them sensed an active reaction, and the degree of activity was acceptable.

The piece of wool was right at the top, and Bai Jing comforted the little fat man: “Try again, maybe you will get jade.”

After Jin Mao heard it, he took out the oval piece of wool: “Brother Jing, I will listen to you.”

Although he said this, he was still very depressed. After a hasty observation, he cut a knife directly at the third point.

“This, this is… it’s green!”

Seeing the dark green peeking out from the inside, the little fat man’s eyes widened suddenly, and he almost jumped up with excitement.

Some of the people surrounding the stone gambler immediately gathered over to witness the birth of Jade.

No matter how many times you’ve seen it, it’s an exciting thing to unravel the jadeite in the rough rough.

Jin Mao’s hands trembled a little. He no longer cut the stone as hard as before, but replaced it with a grinding wheel and rubbed it finely. This was the first time he had been gambling, and the feeling of fullness in his heart almost broke through his chest.

After about 20 minutes, only a small part of the wool was wiped out, and the people next to him couldn’t wait.

“At this speed, it is estimated that it will not be solved in a few hours.”

“As I said, cut a knife directly at the back and see if the cut goes up!”

“That’s right, otherwise it’s useless to wipe it for so long.”

Jin Mao has been operating continuously for a while. Even though the grinding wheel is very sensitive, his arm still needs to be strong. Especially after the excitement subsides, the exhaustion swept over, making him a little tired indeed.

He shook his right hand and put on the laser knife, intending to cut the knife first as others said.

As the saying goes: rubbing up does not count as up, but cutting up is counted as up.

There may be various situations such as green skin, cracks, ringworm, etc., while the cut rise means that the jadeite is connected together, which is a real bet.

Just when he was ready to cut, he was a little unsure.

If the angle of everything is wrong, if the jade inside is chopped up, most of the energy will escape, but it is a pity.

Jin Mao gestured a few times before he dared to attack, so he could not help but cast his eyes on Bai Jing for help.

Bai Jing did not refuse. After careful observation, he drew a line diagonally along the bottom quarter.

He had just sensed the range of the emerald with his senses, but when he drew the line, he meant that the bottom was slightly offset by half a centimeter, so as not to be too coincidental.

The little fat man turned on the button of the laser knife, and the blue beam condensed into a sharp ‘blade’, which cut along the scribed line.

“Cut up!”

“It’s the oily green seed—”

I saw that the cut surface under the strong light showed a greasy texture, a slightly darker color, and contained a small amount of impurities. It was at most medium, but it was also greatly increased.

You must know that it only cost 2,000 points to buy this piece of wool, and the oily green jade inside is at least a dozen times more than that.

Seeing that the cut was rising, Jin Mao was instantly refreshed, and quickly operated the grinding wheel to polish along the outline of the jade. In less than ten minutes, he solved a piece of oily green jade that was the size of an adult fist. .

A wool merchant made an offer: “This oily green seed is of average texture and not big. I will pay 40,000 star coins.”

The price he offered was more reasonable, and the others did not continue to bid, and the little fat man happily took out the brain and traded.

“Brother Jing, ahhh, that’s great, I earned 20,000 stars today—”

These ten pieces of wool cost a total of 20,000 stars, which is half the price of this oily green jadeite. Although the overall profit is not much, the feeling of gambling up is really cool!

Most importantly, he also got a point, one step closer to the first-level stone gambler!

Jin Mao planned to solve the remaining three pieces of wool later. He changed his position to Bai Jing and went to An Ge.

An Ge’s five pieces of wool have all collapsed, and he is now working on the last one.

The performance of this wool material is not good. There are no pine flowers or python belts on the surface, and there is a sparse black spot ringworm underneath. It really doesn’t look like a wool material that can produce jade.

But for some reason, when he saw this piece of wool at first glance, he felt very familiar, so he bought it without hesitation.

The successive betting increases of two friends are a kind of pressure for him, even if he is not a competitive personality, he will inevitably be affected.

An Ge took a deep breath, put the wool on the calciner and fixed it, rubbed the leather shell and dropped the first knife.

The cut surface is unsurprisingly a white stone.

He was not lost, and after careful observation drew a second tangent. The blue laser flickered coldly, and cut a second knife along the wool.

Still not green.

An Ge calmed down and continued to drop the third knife.

At this point, less than one-third of the wool was left, but there was no sign of greening at all.

If others had given up long ago, and the remaining wool was no more than the size of a fist, and there was no green on the cut surface, wouldn’t it have to collapse?

An Ge bit his lip tightly, put away the laser knife, and replaced it with a grinding wheel.

He has an extraordinary feeling for this piece of wool, which is why he has not given up until now.

His intuition told him that there must be jade in this piece of wool!

Due to the continuous increase in gambling, there are more and more people in the store, and there are several people waiting for the calcite in front of almost every calcite machine.

Seeing that the boy had replaced the stone cutter with a grinding wheel, everyone expressed their confusion.

“This cut surface didn’t even show green, why did it get wiped?”

“I said, little brother, don’t be stubborn, this piece of wool is obviously useless, just cut it with a knife.”

“That’s right, I’m still waiting for the calcite, how long are you going to wipe it?”

An Ge is introverted and inferior. Hearing the urging voices of these people, his face turned pale for a while, but he still did not stop to hold the hand of the grinding wheel.

The little fat man Jin Mao had a hot temper and quarreled with the man directly: “Uncle, you don’t understand the rule of first come first serve? My friend is dissolving stones, what if I destroy the jade meat inside?”

The middle-aged man had a strong sarcasm on his face: “Just this piece of wool, how could it be—”

Before he could finish speaking, his eyes widened in an instant, and he said incredulously, “Wipe, wipe it green!”

The author has something to say:

small theater:

Scrap: Hmph, you like to ignore me with 60,000 star coins, and you can’t stand up to me with 4 million star coins!

Wool Dealer: It turns out that the fool is actually me!

Gu Shao: I said something wrong, Ajing don’t be angry with me QAQ (in self-doubt)


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