God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 23

The people next to him also look like hell, so they can wipe out green, which is really amazing.

I saw a cut surface about two finger widths exposed under the stone of Baihuahua. After washing it with water, the jade flesh inside revealed a light pink color, which was as tender as cherry blossoms, and the texture was moist and delicate, elegant and translucent, which was fascinating.

“Yes, it is the pink purple among the violets!”

“Gosh, this color is rare, it’s so pretty—”

The crowd hurrahed around, making the surroundings airtight.

The color of violet is relatively rare in jadeite and can be subdivided into pink purple, eggplant purple and blue-violet. Pink purple refers to purple with a slight pink in it, eggplant purple is purple with eggplant-like purplish red, and blue-violet is purple with blue in the middle.

Among the three colors, pink purple has the most delicate texture, no obvious graininess, and the price is the highest. 【Note 1】

Seeing the cut surface, An Ge’s heart was filled with unspeakable joy. He used a grinding wheel to remove all the gravel near the jadeite little by little, and finally solved a half-fist-sized piece of water-seeded pink and purple jadeite.

I saw that this jadeite was translucent, beautiful in color and full of water.

There is a touch of pink inside, with a little purple intertwined in it, like a layer of light pink tulle, shadowy, elegant and indifferent, with subtle ripples rippling in it, attracting everyone’s attention.

“I will give out 600,000 star coins.”

A bid broke the silence, and it was the wool merchant who rushed over.

This pink-purple color is too rare, and the purity is very high. Even if it is only 1.3 kilograms, he also called a high price.

“Sixty-five thousand!”

“I’ll pay 700,000!”

One by one wool merchants obviously knew the value and began to ask for prices one after another.

In the end, this water seed pink and purple jadeite was auctioned at a high price of 900,000.

An Ge looked at the number of star coins displayed on the account and stayed in place for a long time. He never thought that he would have such a wealthy day!

Five days ago, he was still worried about his assessment results, afraid that he would not be able to get funding from the Shen family;

Two days ago, he was grateful and excited for the 50,000 star coins transferred from the Shen family, crying and sighing that he finally had hope of going on;

But today, he looked at the 900,000 star coins that had been added to his account, with an unreal feeling of being in a dream.

“Hey, your kid’s luck is so good!” Jin Mao came over and patted his shoulder with a smile.

An Ge returned to his senses, and his eyes shone with light that had never existed before: “Thank you, your luck is not bad.”

The two looked at each other and laughed at the same time.

Although it is a test of mentality, the unique charm of stone gambling fascinates them and strengthens their determination to become stone gambling masters.

At the same time, Bai Jing took out the three pieces of wool in the automatic shopping cart and began to dissolve the stone.

In terms of appearance, the three pieces of wool he chose performed well.

What Bai Jing first solved was a piece of black Usha wool.

This piece of wool is round, only fifteen centimeters in diameter, black as lacquer, covered with a layer of glossy black wax shell, with small pieces of dead ringworm at the bottom, intertwined with white python belts, is a typical Pulte The wool of Xing Laochangkou.

Regardless of its small size and blackness, it looks very inconspicuous. In fact, the wool of this black and black sand leather shell has a certain probability of producing high emeralds, or even top glass jadeites.

But this piece of wool has been seen, and there is nothing in it.

So Bai Jing didn’t plan to wipe the stone, but cut a knife along the direction of the python belt, and then dropped a knife on the ringworm part, and put it aside when he saw that there was no green.

The second piece was the rock he had chosen that was turned over by water.

Its surface is yellowish-gray, with a rust-colored trace on the leather shell, with ribbon-shaped pine flowers, and a few linear fine strands spread along the rust-colored lines, about half a centimeter deep.

This piece of wool is also a broken piece of wool, and the jade meat itself has little activity, and it has been damaged by the fine tufts, leaving only a small part of the bottom.

The blue laser beam cut towards the fine tuft without hesitation, and the knife turned green, but the cut surface was broken jade, which made the people standing by watching feel a little regretful.

Bai Jing’s speed is very fast, and his super learning ability has made him familiar with the use of automatic stone cutting machines, and the switching between laser knives and grinding wheels is more and more comfortable.

The most terrifying thing is that he no longer uses the infrared system to identify the line to cut the stone, but directly holds the handle of the laser knife in his hand like a calcite master.

The slender white fingers firmly held the black handle, and the extreme color impact made the fingertips white as jade, extremely beautiful.

But when these hands that look like fine works of art operate the laser knife, they are quick, ruthless, and accurate.

After a few knives, the broken jade on the cut surface became less and less, until the outline of the jadeite was cut out, and then the grinding wheel was replaced.

Five minutes later, this piece of wool finally unraveled an egg-sized dry green jadeite. Due to the poor planting water, there was no one around to bid.

These were all within Bai Jing’s expectations.

His expression did not change in the slightest, and he put the dried green jade that he had solved with the ‘leather green’ just now, and took out a third piece of wool.

This is a rock with a shell of bayberry, and the sand on the surface is like a ripe bayberry, dark red, with a rough sand texture. The top is bumpy, and the pine flowers are scattered, and it seems to be very general.

This piece of wool white scene was not optimistic at first, but when cleaning the wool next to it, he accidentally knocked over one side, revealing the dryness below.

The dry skin on the jadeite skin looks like a kind of burnt firewood, with black, black-gray, brown in color, and in the shape of ribbon, kidney, stalactite, tubercle, etc.

Green and messy blocks are often seen with dryness, so people in the industry often say: if there is dryness, there is color, and the gambling is relatively strong. 【Note 2】

Seeing this band-shaped gray-black dryness, Bai Jing thought for a while, and penetrated his perception power along the leather shell. As soon as he entered the leather shell for two centimeters, he felt a certain active reaction. It was not very strong, but it was not bad.

He fixed the piece of wool on the calciner, and directly used the laser knife to cut the leather shell **** wide along the dry direction.

“It’s green with one knife!”

“This green color is just right—”

I saw that under the illumination of the strong light, an extremely bright brilliant green was revealed in the cut surface, which was pure and full, with suitable concentration and uniform color.

“This green is really amazing, but it’s a pity that the water is a bit poor. If it’s ice or above, it’s worth the money.”

A well-dressed and spirited old man sighed softly beside him.

The color of this emerald is even more beautiful than emerald, almost full of green, which is very rare.

Others were very speechless when they heard the old man’s words. It was rare to be full of green. Could it be easy to see the ice seeds? How can there be such a good thing in the world?

However, seeing the two tall bodyguards wearing energy guns following the old man, they silently swallowed this sentence.

The blue laser beam in Bai Jing’s hand was like a sharp blade, and soon all the surrounding skins were removed, revealing the outline of the jade.

He replaced the stone cutter with a grinding wheel, wiped off all the rubble scattered around, and solved a 4.3-kilogram bean full of green jade.

Bean seeds are very common varieties, but they are also divided into various categories: such as jelly beans, ice beans, fine beans, rough beans, etc.

This piece of wool from Baijing has no obvious graininess, fine texture and high transparency. It is the fine bean species that performs better among the bean species. Coupled with the full green color, it is also not low in value.

“I will give out 200,000 star coins.”

“Twenty-two thousand.”

“Twenty-five thousand!”

“400,000 star coins.”

This time it was the old man who spoke up just now, who directly added 150,000 star coins to the previous one. This price actually exceeded the price of jadeite itself.

Bai Jing’s estimate for this jadeite is around 300,000 stars.

After all, the beans are not generally high-grade jadeite, and the price is already full of green color. I didn’t expect the old man’s bid to be 100,000 higher than he expected.

The old man paid the star coins and put the jade in the space button, but did not leave, but walked to Bai Jing: “Young man, what’s your name?”

Bai Jing was a little strange, but he answered politely, “Bai Jing.”

The old man nodded and asked with a smile, “Are you interested in being our Min family’s exclusive stone gambler?”

As soon as these words came out, the expressions of the people around them changed.

The Min family is the top three aristocratic families in Proxima Centauri. Even if there are some bad rumors, it is an existence that everyone present wants to cling to.

Just who is this old man who can actually make decisions on behalf of the Min family?

A wool merchant carefully looked at the old man’s appearance, and after thinking of something, he couldn’t help but be surprised: This, this old man is very likely to be the old head of the Min family, Min Yuan!

He met Mr. Min at a Proxima Centauri auction ten years ago, and he still remembered the old man’s decisive appearance.

The other party threw 150 million star coins at the auction to take the bid king at that time, overwhelming all the aristocratic families, and shocked everyone present at the time.

Later, King Biao sold out the ice-seeded Yang Green Jadeite worth nearly 300 million, and it was the best in the whole auction.

Many aristocratic families admired Mr. Min’s eyesight and determination, and became friends with him one after another.

This move also allowed the Min family to successfully take a step forward and become one of the leading families in Proxima Centauri.

Although the current head of the Min family is clearly a businessman of Min, the power is still in the hands of Mr. Min, and any major decision of the Min family must be implemented with his consent.

Min Yuan’s video materials were widely circulated on the star network. At this time, many people recognized the appearance of Mr. Min.

Moreover, there were two bodyguards in black behind him, equipped with the latest energy guns around their waists, guarding his safety every step of the way, which further showed his identity.

What shocked everyone was that Mr. Min actually took a fancy to a little-known young man and asked him to be the exclusive stone gambler of the Min family!

For a time, everyone looked at Bai Jing with incomparably envious eyes.

What kind of **** luck did this young man have to get the favor of the people in power behind the Min family! How could they not have such good luck? !

Looking at his appearance, I still don’t know if he is eligible for stone gambling!

When he came out this time, Bai Jing did not wear the badge of a first-level stone gambler, and with his different clothes, no one knew that he was the commoner who was tied for the first place with Du Xingyu.

Many people looked at him with puzzled eyes, wanting to know what was so outstanding about this young man that he could be valued by the old man of the Min family.

Unexpectedly, however, Bai Jing not only did not immediately agree to Mr. Min’s invitation, but instead rejected the other party’s kindness: “Thank you, but I can’t accept it.”

As soon as this statement came out, the crowd erupted.

Did this young man not know the status of the Min family in Proxima Centauri, or was his brain caught in the door?

That is the exclusive stone gambler of the Min family, which is much higher than that of a general hired stone gambler!

The expression on Bai Jing’s face was always calm, making it impossible to see what he was thinking.

The reason why he refused the invitation of the Min family was not only because he had signed an agreement with Gu Yuanchao to become the exclusive stone gambler of the Gu family, but also because of Min Qingshi.

As the saying goes, ‘small sees big’, and Min’s family education can be seen from the arrogance, arrogance and disrespect of others in Min Qing. In addition, Bai Jing accidentally read the news about the Min family’s oppression of civilian stone gamblers on the star network, and he has no good feelings for the Min family since then.

Unexpectedly, the young man would refuse his invitation. Mr. Min was stunned for a moment, but he was not angry, but a little puzzled: “Young man, can you know the reason for your rejection?”

Naturally, Bai Jing couldn’t tell the truth, and said politely: “My ability is not at the level of an exclusive stone gambler, so I shouldn’t be so important to you. Thank you for your invitation, and I’m really sorry.”

Mr. Min’s insight into human nature was so acute, his eyes flashed, and he intuitively felt that this was the other party’s shirk.

Since Bai Jing began to dissolve the stone, he has been watching the boy without a trace.

The young man’s calculus method is neat and neat, and he is not depressed after being cut down, and he does not get carried away when his gambling rises.

Mr. Min has seen countless people in the first half of his life, but he can be as indifferent as a teenager, and he has never seen a few.

So when the heart of love for talent arises, it will be an exception to invite.

It’s just that people don’t want it, so he can’t force it. Ugh!

When boarding the suspension car, Mr. Min was still a little unwilling, and planned to go back to check Bai Jing’s information.

There will be no unreasonable rejection in the world. If there is any misunderstanding, it is better to solve it in advance.

Mr. Min had a hunch that if this young man joined the Min family, their family’s status would be further improved.


Min Qingshi’s recent period of time seems to be plagued by bad luck, and it is very unlucky.

A month ago, he had lost five million star coins in a bet with a lowly slum in the Gu’s woolen area, and he had also ruined his reputation, which made him very embarrassed.

Thinking of this, Min Qing gritted his teeth with hatred. He still remembered that after the incident that day, he somehow explained to his father that he stayed out late until he had to bite the bullet and go home.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he entered the door, he was greeted by a heavy slap.

Min Qingshi was beaten until the corners of his mouth were bleeding, and he was beaten directly.

In my impression, my father had never touched a single finger of his, and I didn’t expect such a big fire this time.

Min Shang changed his tolerant expression before, and scolded him for being stupid, and he insisted on lowering his worth and fighting against a commoner.

The most stupid thing is that he didn’t tell him in time after he got into trouble, so that the rumors spread, and many aristocratic families were waiting to see the jokes between Min Qingshi and the Min family.

Since Min Qingshi became a third-level stone gambler, Min Shang has been proud of this, and has been promoting his son’s status as a genius stone gambler, hoping that everyone will know it.

However, the third-level stone gambler, who is only twenty-two years old, is indeed extremely talented.

Many aristocratic families envy Min Shang for having a good son.

But after this incident, Min Qingshi’s reputation as a genius stone gambler turned into a huge irony and almost became the laughing stock of the upper class circles.

Fortunately, Min Shang responded quickly and used a lot of funds and contacts to remove all the news on Xingwang. At the same time, he used other more exciting news to suppress the matter.

After Min Qingshi found out, he exhaled heavily.

He is not afraid of his father, Min Shang, because his father only has one son, and he dotes on him very much at ordinary times.

Min Qingshi was very quiet for a while.

Seeing that the matter is about to pass, I don’t know who was stabbed by Mr. Min.

When he heard the news, Min Qingshi’s heart was “squeaky”, and he secretly said that it was bad.

What he is most afraid of on weekdays is his grandfather, Mr. Min.

When Mr. Min was young, he was an officer of the empire.

He is still the behind-the-scenes man in charge of the Min family, and he is the well-deserved core of the entire family.

When Min Qingshi saw the old man, his legs went weak, and he didn’t dare to squeak in front of him.

Mr. Min is not only his grandson, but the one who loves the most is Min Qinghe, who is only seventeen years old, and he doesn’t look down on him at all.

Sure enough, the other party was furious after learning about this. He was sent to the mine to work as a coolie for more than a week. When he came back, he was so tired that he couldn’t even lift his arms.

He can only be forced to stay at home to recover from his injuries, and he can continue to gamble on stones until the wind has passed.

All of this is thanks to that slum bastard!

Thinking of this, Min Qingshi’s eyes turned red with hatred, he would never spare that slum bastard!

He secretly hired a few people to squat in Gu’s wool yard, intending to teach him a lesson.

But the people he sent couldn’t find the figure of that **** for several days, and the location couldn’t be checked, so they could only secretly annoy the other party’s **** luck, dammit!

I thought this was the worst outcome, but I didn’t expect it to be worse.

Min Qingshi lost his bet one after another during this period, and the betting rate dropped directly below 15%, and he did not increase the rate of betting within a month, so he was downgraded from the third-level stone gambler to the second-level stone gambler.

Fuck Nima!

Min Qingshi couldn’t help but let out a foul language, frantically smashing all the items in the room. He couldn’t imagine the ridicule of others when he participated in the stone gambling battle again.

Blame that bitch, he must kill him! !

At this time, it has been more than a month since the last incident, and he can finally lift the ban.

However, before he could leave the house, the housekeeper beside the old man came at the first moment and invited him to the main hall.

Min Qingshi came to the retro-style hall with trepidation, and was greeted by a teacup.

“Bang——” Min Qingshi was startled by the sound of the teacup falling, and his legs were so weak that he almost didn’t stand up.

Mr. Min’s face was ashen, and for the first time he looked at his grandson seriously.

Before, he was worried that Min Shang was the current head of the family, so he didn’t want to intervene too much, so he turned a blind eye.

But now, Old Man Min couldn’t help heartache when he thought of that young man named Bai Jing.

In the first half of his life, he knew countless people, and relying on his intuition, he rescued the Min family from life and death several times, and developed the family to the point where it is today.

That young man was neither arrogant nor impetuous, intelligent, and possessed a disposition and attitude that were unmatched by ordinary people.

And he has found out through special means that the other party is the legendary young man who is tied for the first place with Du Xingyu in this stone gambling apprentice assessment!

Although there is very little information about Bai Jing on Xingwang, Mr. Min can still find some things with his own network, of course, including the stupid things his grandson did!

No wonder Bai Jing did not agree to his invitation.

If he knew these stupid things his grandson did, how could he have the face to ask him?

“Your father didn’t discipline you well before, and made you a stupid and poisonous person.”

Old Man Min looked cold and merciless, “Since he can’t even teach his son well, how can he manage the entire family?”

He looked at the housekeeper: “Go, call everyone in the family to the hall, I want to re-select the head of the family.”

Mr. Min made this decision not just because of Bai Jing, but most importantly, this incident sounded the alarm for him.

If we let the Min family go on like this, how many talents like Bai Jing will be missed?

He had also heard rumors that the Min family was suppressing some civilian stone gamblers, but unfortunately, Min Shang stopped him, and no one dared to stab the matter in front of Mr. Min, and the latter didn’t care.

This time, he thoroughly investigated what Min Shang had done over the past ten years, only to find that things were much more serious than he thought.

If this is allowed to continue like this, the Min family will be caught sooner or later, and the glory of the past will not be restored.

Hearing that the owner of the house was to be changed, Min Qingshi shuddered and fell heavily to the ground, looking terrified.

It’s over, it’s over-

He caused his father to lose his position as the head of the family, and this time his father is probably going to kill him!

And he himself, lost his qualifications as a family heir, and has since been reduced to a marginal figure.

Min Qing couldn’t accept this reality for a while, his eyes suddenly darkened, and he fainted and lost consciousness.

Min family history records:

In the year 835 of the ephemeris, the head of the Min family changed.

The new head of the family, Min Qi, rectified the Min family with iron and blood, cleaned up the internal and external atmosphere, and saved the infamous Min family from danger at that time.

Bai Jing didn’t know that his unintentional actions, like the butterfly effect, changed the rise and fall of a family.

Now, he and An Ge are returning from gambling stone street in Jin Mao’s suspended car.

Jin Mao adjusted the suspension car to automatic driving mode, and the fluent body galloped through the air along the set route without any reduction in speed.

And Jin Mao sat in the back happily chatting with the two of them, full of laughter and laughter along the way.

This trip to Gambling Stone Street, the three of them gained a lot.

Although Jin Mao only earned 20,000 star coins this time, the least among the three, his family was wealthy and he didn’t care much about the number of star coins.

On the contrary, he was fascinated by the thrill of gambling, and this was the first money he made by himself!

Not to mention earning a point for it.

I used to think that 5 points would be difficult to reach the sky, but now I got 1 point on the first day. It seems that it is not as difficult as he imagined!

In short, Jin Mao, who laughed so much that the corners of his mouth were grinning, had already started planning in his mind the next time he would come to Gambling Stone Street.

As for An Ge, ever since he sold the pink-purple jadeite, his expression has always been a trance mixed with excitement.

He was usually inferior and restrained, and his eyes lit up after seeing a string of zeros on his account.

This is the first time he has seen so many star coins. With this fund, he doesn’t have to worry about the attitude of the Shen family all the time, and whether he has funds to gamble on stones.

These stars brought him unlimited confidence, and becoming a stone gambler is no longer an unattainable dream.

He looked at Bai Jing beside him, his eyes were full of longing, and soon he could become an official stone gambler like an idol!

Among the three, the one who gained the most was Bai Jing.

The hibiscus jadeite from the scrap was auctioned for a high price of 4 million, plus the 400,000 star coins that were later filled with green jadeite beans, a total of 4.4 million star coins were collected today.

And the cost of his purchase of the original stone was only 34,000 star coins, which is not an exaggeration!

Bai Jing opened the Guangnao account, and the balance displayed on it was: 6,080,000.

Almost without hesitation, the white fingertips quickly operated on the light screen, transferring 5 million star coins to Gu Yuanchao’s Guangnao account, leaving 33 million in arrears for the treatment of gene decay.

After doing this, there are 1.08 million star coins left in the account, which can be used as the next stage of gambling funds.

There was a sound of ‘di’, and Gu Yuanchao, who was in a meeting with the leaders of various planets, quickly made a pause gesture, and opened the brain at the fastest speed.

He set a special tone for Bai Jing so as not to miss the other party’s news.

At this moment, the corners of Gu Yuanchao’s lips twitched slightly, and his sharp eyes towards his subordinates softened. I wonder what message Bai Jing sent him?

[Your account has received five million star coins from [Bai Jing], please check. 】

Seeing this message, Gu Yuanchao was silent for a few seconds.

He wanted to tell the boy that he didn’t need to be so eager, but he was afraid of hurting the other party’s self-esteem. How should he reply?

The person in charge on the opposite side of the video communication saw Gu Shao frowning slightly, wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and felt uneasy.

Gu Shao has been staring at Guangnao with a solemn expression for a full minute. Could it be that what happened to Mr. Gu? !

No, it shouldn’t, they haven’t heard of anything major happening recently.

The deep black eyes stared at the message on the light brain for a long time, Gu Yuanchao smiled helplessly, and replied with a “received” message.

After thinking about it, I added another sentence: Pay attention to your body.

The moment the message was sent, he paused with his fingers and deleted the word “Pay attention to your body”.

This sentence seems too blunt, uh, there is no sincerity?

Three minutes later, the meeting resumed, and the other leaders had to cheer up and continue to report.

After the meeting was over, they discussed together for a long time: what is the important thing that can make Gu Shao, who has always been calm and calm, frown and suspend the video conference?

It is a pity that they discussed and discussed and they did not get an answer, and they could only list this incident as an unsolved mystery.

Three minutes later, when Bai Jing saw the message “Received” popped up in Guangnao, he glanced at it and retracted his gaze.

After Jin Mao finished expressing his experience of this trip to Gambling Stone Street, he looked at An Ge with a sad expression: “An Ge, don’t look at your brain anymore, are you listening to me?”

An Ge smiled apologetically, his attention was indeed still on the 900,000 star coins he got, and that sense of unreality has not dissipated until now.

Of course Jin Mao was not really angry, but looked at An Ge teasingly: “Okay, now it’s your turn, tell me how you feel.”

An Ge nodded and said with a smile, “Okay.”

Jin Mao keenly found that An Ge is much more cheerful now than before. Although he is still a little shy, he can clearly feel that the inferiority complex is gradually fading, and his original light is blooming.

An Ge thought for a while before saying, “This is my first time gambling stones. I think the experience of gambling stones is one aspect, but the more important thing is the mentality-”

After telling his own experience, he was a little embarrassed, but there was still a question in his heart:

“Actually I’m choosing the last piece of wool—

When the piece of wool was made of pink and purple jade, there seemed to be an intuition in my heart: I just felt that there must be jade in this piece of wool. Do you feel this way? ”

Jin Mao scratched his head: “No.”

Bai Jing pondered: “I have.”

When he saw the piece of scrap, he also had something similar to intuition. There was no reason, but he felt that there should be jade in it.

It’s just that this intuition

Small Theater 1:

Headline: Shocked! What changed Mr. Min’s mind?

What made him change the owner without hesitation?

With the appearance of mysterious characters, everything becomes confusing——

Come on, follow in the footsteps of the editor and decipher the truth behind the Min family! (dog head)

Small Theater 2:

Gu Shao (contemplation): Pay attention to your body [delete],

Don’t worry [delete],

I don’t mind these star coins [deleted]… QAQ, does Ah Jing feel my sincerity?

Bai Jing (casual): Oh, he just got it.

[Note 12] The content about gambling stones is taken from Baidu.


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