God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 25

The stone gamblers who participate in the stone gambling battle must go to the underground warehouse of Gu’s stone gambling shop at least one day in advance to select wool materials in order to match their opponents in the later stage.

The selection time of each stone gambler is three hours, divided into two periods: morning and afternoon.

The stone gambler must select five pieces of wool within three hours. After the selection, it will be transferred to a special storage room and packaged according to the name. It cannot be changed since then, and the calcite will not reappear until the day of the stone gambling battle.

At 9 o’clock in the morning, Bai Jing came to the underground warehouse of Gu’s gambling stone shop to select the wool for the stone gambling battle.

The layout of the warehouse is very similar to that of Gu’s No. 5 wool area. It is divided into four wool areas, A-D. Except for scraps in E area and auction-grade wool in S area, other classifications and standard rooms are almost the same.

This is also Gu Yuanchao’s intention. Both belong to Gu’s family, and they can supplement each other with wool to ensure that Gu’s new wool enters the market every day.

Bai Jing’s current identity is ‘Gu Yun’, which belongs to the side branch of the Gu family from a remote planet, so naturally he can no longer maintain his previous dress.

He took off the heavy black-framed glasses on the bridge of his nose and restored his original delicate and beautiful facial features.

The plain T-shirt and jeans he had been wearing before were also replaced by a hand-made custom suit with good texture and well-fitting. With his excellent appearance and temperament, he looked like a pampered young master from some aristocratic family, which was completely different from before. two people.

Now Bai Jing, even if An Ge had seen his true face standing in front of him, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to recognize him for a while.

The difference is really too big!

It is like a piece of uncut jade that was suddenly discovered and polished into a work of art that shocked the world. No one knows its origin and origin since then.

This time, Bai Jing intends to choose the wool material priced at 30,000 star coins in the D area.

The first time he participated in the stone betting battle, he couldn’t choose wool that was priced too high at once. This grade was quite suitable.

At the same time, there were about dozens of stone gamblers who came to select wool materials. They sat in the VIP area and waited for a while before being taken to the second underground floor by Gu’s staff.

After everyone scans the code with their brains to confirm their identities, they have to go through two inspections before they can enter. The inspections are very complicated.

Each person is not allowed to carry space buttons and other tools for storing items, and no dangerous items are allowed. Even the light brain must be taken off and put aside to prevent cheating.

At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether genes, light brains and stone gamblers are compatible, etc., to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Bai Jing didn’t know what method Gu Yuanchao used, in short, the name ‘Gu Yun’ was displayed on the machine when scanning the optical brain.

After all inspections are completed, the stone gamblers enter the corresponding wool area.

Most of the stone gamblers here choose the wool in the D area, and a few choose the C area, which is more expensive.

Bai Jing entered the D area with more than 30 stone gamblers.

Along the way, Bai Jing received attention from many people, especially girls.

They have rarely seen such a delicate-looking young man, and his temperament is refreshing and clean, especially the pair of misty brown eyes, which almost made them stop breathing when they looked at it.

It’s a pity that you can’t bring any shooting tools or communicate with each other when you enter the wool area. Otherwise, they will definitely go up to chat with each other immediately.

Bai Jing noticed the gazes from all directions, frowned slightly, and stepped up his pace calmly.

Until now, he is still not used to being surrounded by people.

However, Bai Jing’s ability to adapt is very strong. After a few minutes, he ignored the sight of the surrounding and immersed himself in selecting wool materials.

Three hours to choose five pieces of wool, time is still plenty.

In order to avoid conflict caused by choosing the same piece of wool, the stone gamblers spread out and started to check carefully along different stone platforms.

There are at least a thousand pieces of wool for each price tag, enough for them to choose.

Compared with other stone gamblers, Bai Jing’s workload is much larger.

He wants to choose a piece of wool that is going up, a piece of wool that is broken but contains jade that can be used to extract energy fluid, and three pieces of wool that will fail.

After this period of training and study, his understanding of gambling stones is by no means comparable to that of the past. He can judge the general situation of this piece of wool by looking carefully at it.

Then combine the performance of this piece of wool, the planet it belongs to, the field mouth, and other characteristics to determine the possibility of emeralds in it.

Of course, this estimate is not completely accurate, but the probability is significantly higher than before.

It took Bai Jing about two hours to select 15 pieces of wool from more than 150 pieces of wool, which was the limit of his ability.

After choosing, he will perceptually penetrate into the wool one by one.

Among the fifteen pieces of wool, there are three pieces of jadeite.

Bai Jing first chose the most active one among them.

This time he was lucky, the active reaction in this wool material is very strong, it should be able to reach the ice or ice waxy species.

Then I picked the weakest piece as the raw material for extracting energy liquid, and put down the middle piece of wool that also had jade.

In order to make the betting rate appear normal, he can only do this.

Of course, the other three pieces of wool are bound to collapse.

After picking, Bai Jing drew roughly cutting lines on the five pieces of wool material in turn. With the assistance of the handling robot, he put the five pieces of wool material into the automatic shopping cart and walked to the door.

After a series of inspections, Bai Jing got his brain back, and after paying a fee of 150,000 star coins, the wool was sealed up by the staff in the safest storage room.

At the same time, his optical brain received a number: 060523.

After that, the opponents will be randomly matched according to the number and level, and the notification of the stone betting battle will be issued.

At 5:00 pm that day, Bai Jing received a match notification for the stone gambling battle:

[Gambler number 060523, please go to the lobby on the first floor of Gu’s Stone Gambling Shop at 10:00 am on June 6th to participate in the second stone gambling battle of the day.

If you withdraw from the competition without reason, you will be disqualified from participating in the stone betting battle for one year. 】

After Bai Jing read the news, he put away his light brain.

He ordered 20 standard ‘5x5x5cm’ silver boxes on Star Online, each priced at 100 Star Coins, as containers for the energy fluid.

Tonight, he intends to refine the piece of ‘leather green’ that collapsed on Gambling Stone Street into energy liquid, otherwise this piece of jade that no one bids to buy will be wasted.

This piece of ‘green on skin’ jadeite is only 0.4 cm thick, like a thin disc, and weighs 0.3 kg.

Although it is small, the water is actually pretty good, reaching the glutinous seed.

According to Bai Jing’s estimation, this jadeite should be able to extract a small amount of third-level energy liquid?

In fact, according to the level of jadeite, it corresponds to the fourth-level energy liquid, but with his mental power level, it is very satisfying to be able to extract the third-level energy.

The purity of the third-level energy liquid is more than 30%, and the price is 50,000 stars.

Even if he extracts one-fifth of the energy liquid, he still has 10,000 star coins, which can buy a lot of natural ingredients.

Bai Jing, who has experienced the end of the world, will not waste a single bit of resources.

He put the silver box on the table, and concentrated all his attention on the cut surface of this green emerald.

A few minutes later, a thin white line of spiritual power protruded from his body, and at the same time his perception was running simultaneously. The two collided and intertwined, forming a thin line with gold in the white.

Only the thin golden thread with the thickness of a hair was divided into two, one to introduce the energy liquid in the jade into the silver box on the desktop, and the other to separate the gray-green impurities inside, with a clear division of labor.

There were fine beads of sweat oozing out from Bai Jing’s forehead. Perhaps because the jadeite grade this time was much higher than yesterday’s dry green seed, it was more laborious for him to extract it, and his head twitched in pain.

Fortunately, the energy liquid contained in this jadeite is not much, and it has been fully extracted before his spiritual power reaches the limit.

Bai Jing rubbed his forehead lightly, and a strong sense of exhaustion struck him, causing him to lie down on the sofa almost collapsed and fall asleep.

Out of the corner of the eye, he seems to see that the energy liquid is only about one-third of the size of the silver box?

Well, it’s a bit of a loss.

Bai Jing thought about it and fell asleep.

Perhaps it was because he went to bed early yesterday, and Bai Jing woke up before 6 o’clock. The first time he woke up was to see the energy liquid he extracted yesterday.

The energy fluid was indeed very small, and it was shallower than about one-third of the height of the bottom of the box, which was even more pitiful in this small box.

However, the liquid inside has achieved a good transparency, crystal clear, and the color of Yang green is very gratifying.

Baijing logged on to the Xingwang mall. Because of the support of holographic technology, many items will be sold directly on Xingwang. There are also small online auction houses.

Of course, high-priced mechas, weapons, high-grade jadeite, etc. will still be traded in reality.

Bai Jing searched down the ranking and found Xinghai Internet Auction House, which ranked fourth in the shopping mall.

Said to be an auction house, in fact, it mainly sells some items consigned from various planets, which is somewhat similar to the online auction of X treasure.

The top three have clear requirements for consignment items, which must be more than 20,000 stars.

Bai Jing was not sure whether the energy liquid he extracted could reach the auction reserve price, so he chose the fourth-ranked one.

Most of the auctions here are mecha parts, various instruments, low-level energy fluids, jade of different grades, objects from ancient earth, and some new products that have been developed and have not yet been listed, etc. The types are very complicated.

However, this auction house is quite formal and will not auction some messy items.

There will be a special appraiser for appraisal before the auction. The value of each lot cannot be less than 5,000 star coins, otherwise it will be returned.

The owner’s information will also be kept secret. This is an unspoken rule of the online auction, and it is also part of the store’s reputation. Bai Jing doesn’t have to worry about revealing his identity.

He looked at only one-third of the energy liquid he extracted, hoping to sell it successfully.

Bai Jing sent an e-mail in the format of consignment, roughly saying that the energy liquid was extracted from waxy jadeite, and the signature was [Bai], which was a virtual name anyway.

The silver box containing the energy fluid was then sent.

After doing this, Bai Jing took a shower, put on clean clothes, and came to Gu’s Stone Gambling Shop.

In the morning, Shao Gu sent a message saying that he was going to find someone to do a little modification for him to match the age of ‘Gu Yun’ on the information. I hope it is not too strange.


Gu’s gambling stone shop.

The sweet-looking host appeared in front of the screen: “Hello everyone, I’m the host Tan Shu, and I’ll start today’s second stone game right now.

Standing on my left is Gu Yun, a first-class stone gambler who is fighting today. He is twenty years old. Welcome! ”

The dazzling light beam hit Bai Jing, and there were several live **** floating around in the air for close-up shooting, which made him a little uncomfortable.

Bai Jing squinted his eyes slightly and stepped into the high platform.

Since the host’s announcement, there has been a commotion in the audience.

“How can it be a first-level stone gambler?!”

“What kind of stone gambling battle is a first-level stone gambler participating in? Isn’t this looking for abuse?”

“I only became a first-level stone gambler at the age of 20. The talent is too poor.”

“I would never bet on him!”

There is no requirement for a gambling increase rate for a first-level stone gambler. It can be said that as long as they pass the stone gambling apprenticeship assessment, they will definitely become a first-level stone gambler.

Talented teenagers like Du Xingyu became a stone gambling apprentice at the age of fifteen, and would definitely be promoted to a first-level stone gambling master in the same year.

Compared with them, the twenty-year-old is indeed very old, a full five years difference.

However, the discussion in the hall fell silent when the camera on the big screen switched to the magnified appearance of the white scene.

The delicate and beautiful facial features of the youth are unobstructed under the illumination of the light, and the complexion is white and luminous, as smooth and delicate as beautiful jade, without any flaws.

The slender and curled eyelashes fluttered gently like the wings of a butterfly. The most striking thing was the pair of clear and translucent brown eyes, which seemed to contain a clear spring with a slight coldness. He resisted holding his breath.

The broken hair in front of his forehead was pulled back, revealing the arc of the smooth forehead and the end of his eyes, which dyed his face a bit mature.

The black windbreaker wraps the slender and slender figure, with a hint of indifference, and the beauty has a handsome free and easy, which is particularly fascinating.

“Fuck, this looks, I can do it!”

“It’s so beautiful and handsome, ah ah, I’m dead-”

At the same time, the people who participated in the Star Network betting at the same time also began to stir up.

Although there are a lot of people in Gu’s Stone Gambling Shop, most of them don’t have time to bet on the spot all day long, and instead choose the more convenient online bet, so the number of people on Xingwang is dozens of times that of the spot.

The live ball projected the delicate facial features of the white scene onto the virtual screen. Even if it was magnified several times, the jade-like skin was flawless, and even the pores could not be seen.

The beauty of young people is not delicate, but a little sharp and cold, like a rose with thorns, obviously delicate and beautiful but not to be profaned.

Within a few seconds, the high-definition picture of Bai Jing was uploaded to the ‘Star Domain’ by netizens, attracting many passers-by to lick the screen.

[It’s so beautiful, woohoo–]

[It turns out that there is really a prosperous beauty! 】

[In one minute, I want all the information about this little brother! 】

Many people on ‘Xingyu’ who don’t usually participate in stone betting, because they want to see the beauty, they poured into the live broadcast room of Gu’s Xingwang. The number of people online has exceeded the previous number several times.

The host Tan Shu continued to introduce: “Standing on my right hand is the candidate to play against Gu Yun – Jiang Ke, eighteen years old, second-level stone gambler, with a gambling increase rate of 10.35%, everyone applauds!”

A young man with a sweet smile came out from the high platform. He had a handsome appearance, wearing a pink shirt and a bow tie, dressed like a middle school student.

The boy seemed a little excited and ran up happily. As soon as he came up, he pouted and blew a kiss to the fans: “Xiao Ke, thank you for your support, I love you~”

“Come on, Ke Bao!”

“Cobo is the best—”

“Ke Bao will definitely win!”

Fans in the hall immediately shouted his name with excitement.

With his cute appearance and good marketing skills, Jiang Ke has a lot of fans on ‘Star Domain’.

However, at this time, when many fans shouted his name, their eyes drifted to the screen where Bai Jing was.

Wow, this young man looks too good-looking!

Jiang Ke quickly glanced at Bai Jing, who was beside him, and a trace of jealousy flashed in his eyes.

Who is this person, who has overwhelmed him!

On weekdays, Jiang Ke frys beautiful and lovely characters. Every time the stone betting battle is his performance venue, the camera sense is very strong, attracting the attention of many fans.

In fact, Jiang Ke’s talent is not bad, otherwise he would not have become a second-level stone gambler at a young age.

However, it is too difficult to increase the level. Not only are there requirements for points, but also higher requirements for the betting rate, and it depends entirely on time to accumulate.

Moreover, he has been gambling on stones for so long, and he has not opened high-quality jadeite, so he can’t earn much star coins at all.

Later, he discovered that every stone betting battle was an excellent opportunity for exposure, so why didn’t he make good use of it?

After participating in more than ten stone gambling battles, Jiang Ke has a group of fans, and he has also successfully received two well-known endorsements, and he has received much more star coins than his stone gambling.

After that, he put all his energy on cultivating fans, and gradually slack off about gambling stones.

But now his exposure has become less, and he has not been gambling with stones for a long time, so he can only continue to participate in stone gambling battles.

Jiang Ke looked at Bai Jing on the opposite side and had to admit that the other side was prettier than him, but so what?

Gu Yun is only a first-level stone gambler, this time he will definitely win.

[He came, he came, he came with the most innocent expression. 】

[Ugh, Jiang Ke is already nineteen years old, do you really think he hasn’t grown up? 】

[What’s wrong with my Kebao, cuteness is also wrong]

[That is, Ke Bao is so beautiful, you sunspots are just jealous. 】

[Oh, the fans above, go and treat your eyes!

It’s fine to talk on weekdays, but now look at the handsome guy next to Jiang Ke, are you too embarrassed to say it? 】

The fans who just spoke were suddenly at a loss for words.

In all fairness, Jiang Ke is really good-looking, and he is very good at dressing up, otherwise he would not have so many face powder.

But today, under the background of the first-level stone gambler on the opposite side, the fans were shocked to find that their Ke Bao seemed to be compared?

The cute face before, now looks a little unnatural;

After the skin that has been emphasized that can be broken by bombs is enlarged, you can see large pores and traces of makeup. Compared with the flawless face of the other party, it is horrible to see;

The pink clothes were originally very tender, but compared with the handsome windbreaker of the other party, they felt more contrived;

Not to mention that air kiss, I don’t know why I feel a little greasy?

Fans shook their heads hastily to clear the horrific thought from their minds.

No, no, they are Jiang Ke’s fans, not his black fans, how can they think like this? Well, it doesn’t matter how good looks are, Jiang Ke is a second-level stone gambler, and the opposite is only a first-level stone gambler, their Ke Bao will definitely be able to win the other!

So the fans who were still boasting about their appearance immediately changed their minds and became Jiang Ke’s career fans one by one.

[Appearance or anything is not important, this is a battle of stones, it is a comparison of strength. 】

[Yes, that Gu Yun only has a face, it doesn’t look like our Ke Bao is a second-level stone gambler! 】

[Just wait and see, Ke Bao will definitely win. 】


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