God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 26

Seeing the speech of Jiang Ke’s fans, this time the silence became someone else.

Although many people on Xingwang didn’t like Jiang Ke’s pretentious appearance, in terms of winning or losing this stone betting battle, they all tacitly agreed that Jiang Ke would win.

Everyone knows that because of the limit of the betting rate, the gold content of the second-level stone gambler is many times higher than that of the first-level stone gambler.

More than half of the stone gamblers will be stuck on the road to promotion to the second-level stone gambler, and cannot make any progress.

This little brother named ‘Gu Yun’ is good-looking, but it doesn’t mean that he has a strong ability to gamble.

They can lick the screen while yelling, but it is impossible to bet on the appearance, after all, no one will have a hard time with Xingbi.


After introducing the two, the host Tan Shu’s sweet voice sounded in the ears of the guests offstage:


“Everyone, please look at the wool materials selected by the two stone gamblers. Numbers 1-5 are the wool materials selected by the stone gambling master-Gu Yun, and numbers 6-10 are the wool materials selected by the stone gambling master-Jiang Ke.


These ten pieces of wool are all selected from the D area, and the price is 30,000 star coins. ”


Ten pieces of wool are enlarged on the screen, and the holographic mode is presented in 360 degrees without dead ends. You can choose any angle to watch, and the audience on the star network can also touch the scene to make bets.

“From now on, guests, please place a bet on stones, the time is 50 minutes, and the countdown begins!”

Except for some passers-by who came to see the beauty of Bai Jing, other people who participated in the betting all carefully checked the wool material, and many also brought magnifying glasses, strong lights and other equipment.


Many people did not look at the wool material numbers one by one, but skipped the first 5 numbers and started from the 6th.

Time is tight, the wool material selected by the first-level stone gambler, oh, can you look at it at the end——

Bai Jing was a little bored sitting on the seat next to him. Four or five live **** were still floating around and dutifully filming. The audience in the live broadcast room could switch perspectives at any time through the live balls.


[It’s really a 360-degree beauty bombing without dead ends, no matter which angle is so beautiful. 】


[The figure is also great, look at his slender waist and long legs, he sucks~]

[And those eyes, ah ah ah, it killed me so much, I stopped breathing the moment I looked at it! 】

Some people praised it, and some people were dissatisfied.

[What’s the use of looking good, if you have the ability to win. 】

[That is, what’s wrong with the current atmosphere, the game of stone gambling is naturally gambling stone. 】

[Yan dog gets rough! 】

Under the shooting of the live ball, Bai Jing couldn’t use the optical brain to avoid revealing his identity, so he looked at Jiang Ke on the opposite side in a bored way.

According to Bai Jing’s observation, Jiang Ke changed at least five movements and three sitting positions within ten minutes, with a ‘stiff’ smile on his face all the time.

? Isn’t he tired?

After Jiang Ke finished showing his body from multiple angles, he immediately opened his brain to interact with fans, and also organized a lottery to attract fans, hoping to use all eighteen martial arts.

Bai Jing judged the distance between the two, it was less than 20 meters, and it was boring to be idle anyway, so he slowly deepened his perception into the wool placed in front of Jiang Ke.

After a while, he regained his senses.

Of the five pieces of wool that Jiang Ke chose, only one had an active reaction, and the reaction was very weak. It should be coarse bean seeds or lower.

And the active area he feels is not large, so he may not be able to gamble up.


It seems that there is no suspense in this gambling battle.

Time passed minute by minute, and with the sweet voice of the host, a one-minute countdown appeared on the screen.

Those who haven’t made a bet are horrified, and seize the last time to operate.

“Countdown, 10, 9, 8… 2, 1 – it’s time to bet!”

As the numbers counted down one by one until they stopped, everyone turned off their optical brains and waited for the odds to be revealed.

Two minutes later, the odds were counted and displayed clearly on the big screen.

The odds of gross material for numbers 1-5 are: 9.3, 10.2, 8.9, 9.6 and 11.0 (Gu Yun);

The gross odds for numbers 6-10 are: 6.1, 5.5, 7.4, 6.5 and 5.8 (Jiang Ke).

The comparison is simply too great!

Seeing his odds, Bai Jing raised his eyebrows slightly: It’s a pity, he can’t bet as a spectator.

Otherwise, if you invest all the hundreds of thousands of stars in your account, wouldn’t you make a lot of money?


Next is the most exciting part of the calcification.

Ten experienced calcite masters stepped forward to the stage under the anxious and expectant gaze of the crowd, fixed the wool, and prepared calcite.

Bai Jing didn’t draw lines when choosing wool materials, but now he stepped forward and finished the marking of five pieces of wool materials at one go.

The five calcite masters took a look and found that Bai Jing’s lines were not drawn randomly, but were extremely precise and just right.

Some are based on the direction of the pine blossoms and the python belt, some are close to the depth of the scabs on the skin, and some are based on the distribution of dryness. Their eyes are as vicious as experienced veterans, and they basically do not need to make judgments.

Several people looked at each other and saw the same idea in each other’s eyes:

It seems that most people have misunderstood. Although this beautiful young man is only a first-level stone gambler, his strength is definitely not weak!

Jiang Ke also negotiated with a few calcite masters, but his mind was obviously not on this.

When Xie Shi received the most attention, how could he give the camera to Master Xia Shi? Of course, he had to solve it himself.

These five pieces of wool were carefully selected by him, and the most satisfactory one was No. 7 wool.

This piece of wool is large, about the size of two basketballs side by side, and roughly estimated to be at least fifty or sixty kilograms.

The bottom is flat and the top is uneven. There is a long gray python belt extending from the top to the bottom. There are a few blobs of loose pine flowers and ringworms around the python belt, which looks good.

Jiang Ke was very optimistic about this piece of wool. He checked it many times during the selection. There was no cracks on such a large piece of wool, and there was no such thing as bristle ringworm, straight ringworm and other damage to the wool material, which was really rare.

Even if it is jade with poor water, as long as it penetrates five or six centimeters into the wool, he will not be defeated by his size, and it may even rise greatly!

Such a highlight moment must be completed by himself.

With a lovely smile on his face, Jiang Ke said to Master Xie Shi, “Master, I won’t bother you with this piece of wool, just let me do it!

However, I need a few of you to wait for a while, and then start when I finish solving you, can you? ”

Several calcite masters naturally nodded in agreement, the wool material was selected by the stone gambler, and they only helped with calcification.

The handling robot fixed the large piece of wool on the stone cutter. Jiang Ke looked at the live ball floating around him, adjusted his posture towards the angle of the live broadcast, and displayed the most perfect profile.

He has a cute smile on his face, and his voice is soft and cute:

“Everyone, please, I have already drawn a hidden line on this piece of wool, and then I will rub the stone along the python belt and the pine flower first, everyone should support me a lot—”

Before he could finish speaking, he heard a series of exclamations from the crowd.

“Look, it’s foggy on No. 1!”

“It’s still white mist-”

“Looking like this, planting water shouldn’t be bad!”

Jiang Ke was startled and unconsciously looked at Bai Jing opposite.

Only the delicate-looking young man rolled up the clothes on his right arm loosely, revealing a jade-like wrist, his previously indifferent eyes became sharp, and there was a slight cold light.

The five slender and fair fingers held the grinding wheel, and the arm muscles were slightly tense, revealing smooth lines, full of beauty.

He was rubbing stones along the turquoise pine flowers of the first piece of wool. His movements were neat, smooth and natural. It was a pleasure to watch him dissolve the stones.

Everyone’s eyes were attracted to him, and no one paid any attention to Jiang Ke’s performance.

With his polishing, the wool revealed a white matte surface **** wide.

The white fog means that the jadeite has less impurities and a clean foundation. If there is green under the white fog, it will normally be a jadeite with good water and bright colors.

The grinding wheel continued to rotate, rubbing stones along the matte surface, and quickly wiped out a window the size of a baby’s fist.

Sprinkling water on it, the exposed cut surface is as clear as ice, and it seems to have a touch of blue, and the water is full.

“It’s green!”

“This, this seems to be an ice seed!!”

“It’s soaring–”

Everyone was excited, and many people complained that they did not bet No. 1.

Who knew the luck of this first-level stone gambler would be so good?

Bai Jing was really bored just now. He had observed these wool materials many times while waiting for the bet, so he discussed with Master Xie Shi and chose the first piece of wool material to solve, which was also the one he chose to bet on.

Now he is very proficient in the operation of the automatic stone cutting machine. He does not need to use the infrared system to identify the line, but directly holds the handle of the laser knife in his hand, which can make it feel more comfortable.

The grinding wheel was put aside, and the slender fingers firmly grasped the black handle. The extreme color impact made the fingertips white as jade, so white that it seemed to glow.

The people in the audience held their breath involuntarily, watching the youth’s movements intently.

Not only is it rising because it is cut, but also because the movements of young people have an extreme beauty that makes them unable to look away.

Bai Jing pressed the button of the laser knife, and the blue light beam came out, exuding a faint light, like a sharp blade.

The hand holding the ‘sword’ didn’t stop at all, and without hesitation, it cut along two centimeters near the leather shell.

I saw a flash of blue light, and the wool was neatly divided into two halves, revealing the faceted jade.

“Cut up—”

“As soon as it rises, it cuts up, it’s amazing!”

Bai Jing quickly cut a few more knives, but in a few minutes, the outline of the jadeite was completely solved. Next, just remove the surrounding gravel with a grinding wheel.

Everyone was fascinated by it, and it was only at this time that they returned to their senses.

It’s over, the wool material numbered 1 actually solved the jadeite! this means–

“Damn it, I lost again this time!”

“This young man turned out to be a first-level stone gambler, is he a liar?”

“Forget it, I admit it.”

Jiang Ke also suddenly came back to his senses, what the **** is he doing!

Are you staring at your opponent’s solution? ?

However, judging from the reaction at the scene, no one paid attention to him at all, and everyone’s eyes were on the young man named Gu Yun.

Jiang Ke bit his lower lip, how could he let others steal his limelight, absolutely not!

“Hey – it hurts!”

He suddenly shouted loudly, and everyone followed the sound and found that his fingers were worn by the grinding wheel.

Originally, Jiang Ke abused a fan in order to gain pity, but he didn’t expect it to backfire.

Against the background of Bai Jing’s neat and tidy actions, his actions were like exposing his ‘incompetence’, and even his fans were speechless.

[Uh, Ke Bao was too careless, right? 】

[One thing to say, I was worn out by the instrument in the solution stone. As a stone gambler, I am really a bit unprofessional. 】

[I hope Ke Bao will not make such a mistake next time, alas. 】

More people glanced at him mockingly, then looked away immediately.

On the other hand, the jade of ‘Gu Yun’ is about to be solved!

“Oh my god, it’s a rare blue water jadeite!”

“Ice seeds, absolutely soaring—”

“I bet right, 9.3 odds, hahaha, I’m going to send it!”

The jade released by Bai Jing was a circle larger than an adult’s fist, with high transparency, clear as ice, and light blue throughout.

Like sparkling sea water, and like a clear blue crystal, the jade is delicate, clean and clear, without a trace of impurities, as clear and elegant as the heart of the ocean, with a faint noble luxury, worthy of ice. The rare blue water jadeite is so beautiful!

Everyone was fascinated by this blue water jadeite and couldn’t look away for a long time. It is definitely a beautiful enjoyment to be able to see a piece of jade with such a beautiful texture and color come out of the sky.

At the same time, other calcite masters also began to calcite.

Jiang Ke’s hand was injured, and Gu’s staff hurried to the stage to help him treat the wound with a therapeutic apparatus.

This small wound was quickly healed under the high-tech treatment technology.

However, because the ‘operation’ just now had the opposite effect, he didn’t dare to insist on his own calcification any longer, so he left it all to the calcification master.

No. 7 wool still has many people’s attention. In such a large piece of wool, as long as a part of jade can be solved in it, it is a proper bet.

Many people have bet on this piece of wool, especially those who have already bet on No. 1, and pay more attention to whether there is jade in No. 7.

The odds of No. 1 wool are 9.3, and the odds of No. 7 are 5.5. If both bets, this is fifteen times the odds!

The calcite master quickly rubbed the stone along the part of the python belt and the pine flower, and it took five or six minutes to see the green color.

“No. 7 has gone up!”

“Look at the head, it is very likely to rise sharply.”

Jiang Ke’s fans were also relieved that their idols were finally not ashamed.

Originally, it was enough that he couldn’t match Gu Yun’s appearance, but he couldn’t compare to the calcite technology, and it was ugly.

If they even lost the stone betting battle, their fans’ faces would be really ugly.

The calcite master looked back and forth at the direction of the pine flowers and python belts of the wool skin, and cut a knife along the bottom third.

Jiang Ke’s eyes are excited, if this knife is green, it will be a big rise!

“Oh, it’s white cotton.”

“It’s broken.”

People sighed when they saw the cut faces on the big screen.

White cotton refers to the translucent and slightly transparent white minerals that are filamentous, plaque-like, corrugated and striped inside the jadeite. It is an impurity in the jadeite, which seriously affects the quality and beauty of the jadeite. Affects the price of emeralds. 【Note】

Jiang Ke was a little disappointed in his eyes, but he was confident that such a large piece of wool would not be all white cotton, right?

Master Xie Shi cut another knife at the green piece of wool. This knife almost split the piece of wool in two, but what came out was white flocculent crystals, that is, white cotton.

The smile on Jiang Ke’s face could hardly be maintained. At this moment, Master Xie Shi cut the third knife.

This time it finally turned green, but less than one-sixth of the wool was left, and the window that was opened earlier was wiped inward by three or four centimeters, so the jade inside would not be very large.

Unless it’s better to grow water, otherwise—

When Master Xie Shi solved the bean-seed jadeite, which was only the size of a fist, the corner of Jiang Ke’s mouth suddenly fell, and his face was gloomy, which was very different from his previous lovely face.

Such a large piece of wool has collapsed!

It’s over, is he going to lose?

At the same time, other wool materials were also solved one after another. In addition to a piece of blue water jade, Bai Jing also solved a piece of cyan jade.

However, due to the low grade of Huaqing Jadeite, it is not considered a bet.

There is no suspense in this stone betting battle at this point. The sweet-looking host appeared on the screen and said with a smile: “The results of this stone betting game have come out, and the winner is the first-level stone gambling master Gu Yun!”

The dazzling spotlight hit Bai Jing at the same time, and the handsome and delicate face of the young man was reflected on the big screen, which made the audience under the stage reach the climax of the atmosphere.

“Gu Yun! Gu Yun!”

Countless spectators shouted this name frantically. Although they had never heard of him before, they were deeply impressed by the youthful appearance and the rare blue water jade today.

I believe that in the near future, more people will become fans of Gu Yun when they see this gambling battle on Xingwang.

He is like a luminous body, dazzling and radiant, attracting everyone’s attention and making them crazy!

The author has something to say: Small Theater:

Jiang Ke: Please watch me explain-

Crowd: It’s foggy!

Jiang Ke: I will continue-

Everyone: It’s green!

Jiang Ke: …is there anyone listening to me?

Everyone: ah ah ah, blue water jade! !

Jiang Ke: Shut up.jpg

[Note] The introduction about white cotton is taken from Baidu.


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