God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 28

Bai Jing didn’t know anything about everything on the Internet. When he came out of Gu’s Stone Gambling Shop, it was already dark.

After the stone-gambling battle, Gu Yuanchao took him to [Empire Rose Restaurant] for an expensive lunch, but in the end, Bai Jing paid the star coins first for this meal, which was a little reward for the ‘creditor’.

Then the two came to the negative second floor of Gu’s Stone Gambling Shop – Gu’s unsorted wool area.

It was a large underground warehouse. All wool materials were kept together without any partitions. It was roughly estimated that there were at least tens of thousands of pieces.

Many wools have sand on their skins, which should be the most primitive wools that have just been shipped from various planets.

Hundreds of cleaning robots carefully clean the wool surface with professional tools, then wipe it clean and place it on the stone table one by one.

Gu Yuanchao: “This is the storage place for the wool that has not been divided by the Gu family, and new wool is replaced every two months.

I entered your ID information at the entrance. If it is convenient for you recently, you can come here to familiarize yourself with it, and I hope it will help you. ”

“After a week, the senior stone gambler team hired by the Gu family will divide the wool material. Before that, you can come and study.”

There was a touch of complexity in Bai Jing’s clear eyes: “You have given me such great authority, don’t be afraid of me—”

What to do?

Gu Yuanchao interrupted him softly, and the corners of his lips twitched upwards: “You won’t, I believe you.”

Bai Jing’s slender and thick eyelashes trembled slightly, like a butterfly flapping its wings, and his expression softened: “Thank you.”

At this moment, facing the trusting eyes of the other party, Bai Jing’s heart was filled with unspeakable warmth and gratitude.

The memory of being betrayed by his teammates in the apocalypse seemed to be gradually drifting away from him, replaced by Gu Yuanchao’s “I believe in you”.

Maybe it’s time to forget everything before and start a new life again.

Bai Jing looked along the wool material one by one. The wool material here is divided according to the initial planet. The order of placement is clear at a glance. The more contact, the wool material characteristics of this planet can be clearly seen.

He looked at it row by row, trying to summarize the characteristics of each planet’s wool, which would strengthen his judgment on wool.

At the same time, Bai Jinghui will look for wool materials that he is not sure about, especially those that are plain on the surface. He will use his senses to detect them one by one. After coming to a conclusion, he will go back and study the reasons. He can often find the places that were ignored before.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

Seeing it a lot, even people who don’t know about stone gambling will sum up some experience, let alone a stone gambling master with strong learning ability like Bai Jing.

It was not until the end of the last stone betting battle that Bai Jing walked out of the underground warehouse. At this time, it was already dark.

The white suspension vehicle soared into the sky and soon came to the eggshell-style enclosed building. The heavy hatch closed quickly after the suspension vehicle entered, like a natural defense base.

Since Bai Jing came here, he can only drive in and out of the hover car every day. This is the result of the joint operation of the iris of the security system and the vehicle identification, but it is indeed much more convenient than before.

Fortunately, this black suspension car is not Gu Yuanchao’s cool black ‘S’ class, but a relatively low-key and restrained one.

However, what Bai Jing didn’t know was that the white suspension car he was driving was also an ‘S’ class and belonged to the same series as the black one.

Two suspension cars, one black and one white; one flamboyant and one restrained; one cool and the other elegant, are known as the ‘choice of heaven’ among the suspension cars. ’

After returning home, Bai Jing first took a hot shower and changed into comfortable home clothes. Then click on the light brain, log in to the account of Xingwang Mall, and check the reply of Xinghai Internet Auction House.

I wonder if his energy fluid has passed the appraisal?

As soon as Bai Jing went online, he was overwhelmed by overwhelming news.

[Appraiser Lu Meng: Master, are you there? 】

[Appraiser Lu Meng: Master, the energy liquid you sold has reached the fourth level, which is the best! ! 】

[Appraiser Lu Meng: You can rest assured that our Xinghai Auction House will live up to its trust and auction it at a suitable price! 】

Maybe it was because he didn’t reply, and after a while, someone else sent the message.

[The person in charge of Xinghai: Master, your energy liquid is very pure. I wonder if you are willing to cooperate with our Xinghai auction house? 】

[Head of Xinghai: The auction house is willing to charge 10 points less as a handling fee, as long as you consign the energy liquid to us. 】

After a few minutes, the message was sent again unwillingly.

[Head of Xinghai: If you do not agree, we can discuss in detail. 】

[Head of Xinghai: Okay, the auction house only charges you 5% of the handling fee, which is already the best price. What’s your opinion? 】


[Head of Xinghai: Master, your energy liquid has been auctioned off, and you will receive star coins after settlement. 】

[Appraiser Lu Meng: Master, are you there? ! (Cat and cat crying expression pack)]

Bai Jing:  …

It’s nothing more than the appraiser’s excitement. This is a fourth-level energy liquid with a purity of more than 40%, and the purity of this energy liquid is close to 50%, which is the best in the fourth-level!

Generally, energy liquids above the fourth level will not be auctioned in online auction houses like them, but will be auctioned in groups of ten in large offline auction houses.

As the only appraiser at Xinghai Auction House, Lu Meng was struggling to deal with various consignment items every day. Nearly half of these items were unqualified, which really annoyed him.

Originally, he didn’t care when he saw this silver energy box.

There are too many elementary energy masters now. There are not hundreds or dozens of energy liquids sent to him every day, and many of them simply do not meet the standard of consignment.

Lu Meng sighed, although it was an online store, it was a formal auction house anyway, and not everything could be sold on consignment.

This first-class energy liquid, even the purity of the energy liquid, cannot reach the first-class energy liquid. Unless it is sold to a robot processing factory in batches, who will buy it?

Lu Meng took over so many items every day, so he naturally acquired an unparalleled identification speed, and each item would not exceed 30 seconds in his hands.

When he opened the silver box, he glanced at it and found that it was only one-third of the weight.

Lu Meng sighed, he was probably a novice with poor mental strength, he couldn’t even extract a whole box of energy liquid.

He rolled his eyes helplessly, poured the liquid in the silver box into the special testing equipment, and went on to identify other items.

After more than half an hour, he finally dealt with some of the mess in his hand and stretched out to get a rest.

I glanced at the screen of the detector inadvertently, and saw that it displayed: Purity 48.75%, Level 4 Energy Liquid.

Oh, the fourth-level energy fluid is really something that beginners use to exercise.

Just as Lu Meng was about to sit down, his body suddenly shuddered and he bounced off the chair.

No, no, the level 4 energy fluid was just displayed? ?

Lu Meng couldn’t take a rest, and hurriedly operated the instrument to identify it twice, and obtained the same result: the purity was 48.75%, the fourth-level energy liquid! !

Hiss, he was extremely excited, this level of energy liquid has never appeared in the Xinghai auction house.

The level 4 energy liquid can be extracted, and it is still the best purity in level 4. The level of this energy master is at least intermediate level or above, and it is even very likely that he is a senior energy master!

The purity of level 4 energy fluid is 40%-50%.

The purity extracted by the average intermediate energy engineer is below 45%, and the purity of this 48.75% has more than 80% probability from the hands of the senior energy engineer!

Lu Meng quickly reported to the person in charge, who was also his friend, and happily sent a message to the energy engineer whose online name was [Bai], waiting anxiously for a reply.

After a few minutes, he glanced at the interface and did not reply!

After a while, still no reply.

Woohoo, do you think his identity is not enough?

Also, to the outside world, he is just an appraiser, and no one knows that he owns 30% of Xinghai’s shares and is also half a shareholder.

So, the person who contacted the energy engineer was replaced by the person in charge of Xinghai.

Huang Jiu, the person in charge, was equally excited. He lowered the handling fee from 20% to 10%, and then to 5%. Still no reply, both of them felt a little cold.

Perhaps, the master was just too boring?

That’s right, otherwise it wouldn’t just extract that little energy fluid.

Alas, they both sighed in unison. That’s all, since it’s a consignment sale, let’s auction it first. If the master sees that the auction price is good, he can change his mind.

The Xinghai Internet Auction House will put the lot on the shelves at 10:00 am every day. The starting price is 2000 star coins, and the minimum price increase is 500 star coins each time. The auction time is 24:00 on the same day.

Except for the sellers with their own auction prices, in order to ensure that other lots are not sold at a low price, the appraiser will show the corresponding reference price.

Once the final auction price is more than 20% below the reference price, the lot will be recalled and put back on the auction block a week later.

If the bid exceeds the reference price, the lot will automatically enter a one-minute countdown. If there is no bid, the lot will be acquired by the buyer.

If someone bids, the two will continue to compete. After the one-minute countdown ends, the higher bidder wins.

Bai Jing’s bottle of energy liquid is only one-third of the standard energy box, and the basic price of the fourth-level energy liquid is 200,000 star coins.

Lumeng thought about it, and conservatively marked the reference price of 70,000 star coins, and noted that the purity was 48.75%.

This purity is much higher than that of the general fourth-level energy liquid, and it is close to the purity of the fifth-level energy liquid. I hope it can be auctioned for a high price.

Starting from 10 o’clock, many people came to Xingwang Mall to buy some items that they were interested in.

Xinghai Auction House ranked fourth in online auction houses, so most people came here after browsing the first three stores, and it was almost noon when they started bidding.

The appraiser Lu Meng and the person in charge hurriedly drank a nutrient solution to fill their stomachs, so they stayed here nervously.

Judging from the browsing records, many people curiously looked at Lot 58, which is Bai Jing’s energy fluid, but most of them left in a hurry, and no one bid for it for two hours.

It’s not their fault, most people still choose to trade offline for this kind of mid-to-high-level energy liquid, or directly provide jade for the energy division to extract.

Even if you buy it, you will choose the most reputable store first, and will not choose the fourth-ranked Xinghai Auction House that seems to have a lot of items.

Besides, this Xinghai auction doesn’t seem to be reliable.

In addition to the low-level energy liquid, there is only one fourth-level energy liquid, and it only contains one-third of the amount, which is a bit ridiculous.

Who will buy it?

What’s more, ordinary people won’t buy middle and high-level energy fluids in order to save money.

For them, the secondary energy fluid is also sufficient, but it is not so silky to use and needs to be replaced frequently. There is no need to use such a good one.

As for families with small assets, some have a certain friendship with senior energy engineers, some go to offline auction houses to buy, and few people come to online auction houses.

Lu Meng was a little anxious. If the energy liquid could not be sold, how could he explain to the master?

At this time, someone walked up to Lot 58 and looked at the energy fluid inside with interest.

Lu Meng’s eyes lit up, and the next moment he heard the man shaking his head and sneering: “Is this energy liquid also auctioned?”

The middle-aged man looked at the price again, “The reference price is 70,000? Shit, grab the money—”

Then, without hesitation, he turned around and left.

Lu Meng was suddenly disheartened.

“Look, someone has bid!”

Looking at the floating numbers of Lot 58, Huang Jiu shouted excitedly.

But soon, the light in his eyes dimmed, because only 500 star coins were added to the number, and it stopped at 2,500 star coins.

As time passed by, the mood of the two became worse and worse.

Their store has been doing this for more than ten years to achieve such a scale, but it is still no match for the top three stores with backgrounds.

Lu Meng is a senior appraiser. In order to make the store they partnered with bigger and stronger, he resigned from his previous high-paying job. , never a minute wasted.

With his strength and talent, it is a pity to be nestled in such a small online store.

But even if they work so hard, they can only stabilize the ranking in fourth place, and there is no way to improve.

Because the first three have intermediate-level energy masters they are familiar with offline, they can bring them a steady stream of third- and fourth-level energy fluids, and they have accumulated a group of loyal old customers.

Unlike them, they have no resources and no background, and can only boil a little bit.

So when this master with the online name [Bai] appeared, whether it was the person in charge Huang Jiu or Lu Meng, they all saw hope in their eyes at the same time, maybe he was an opportunity!

An opportunity for them to continue to break through and improve their rankings!

However, reality gave them a fatal blow.

Lu Meng thought sadly in his heart, even if the master didn’t reply, they didn’t have anything worthy of the master’s agreement, and even sold the energy liquid with such a high purity.

“Lu Meng, look, it’s sold!!” Huang Jiu, the person in charge, frantically shook his friend’s arm.

“Ah, sold it? Damn it, it’s really sold!” Lu Meng couldn’t help but utter a foul language.

I saw that the price of Lot 58 suddenly rose from 2,500 stars to 100,000, which was 30,000 stars higher than his reference price!

Lu Meng and the person in charge were about to cry with joy, God, this time I finally have an explanation for the master!


Ning Yuchen came out of the mecha training room and frowned secretly as he watched his father leave.

Since expressing his desire to become an Imperial sergeant, his father has expressed his disappointment more than once.

Ning Yuchen understood that his father had only one son, and of course he wanted to pass on the family business to him.

It’s just that he didn’t like gambling stones since he was a child, and he didn’t have any interest in the wool area of ​​the Ning family.

On the contrary, her younger sister, Ning Yuxuan, is very gifted with this stone gambling apprenticeship. She has also achieved 12th in the stone gambling apprentice examination. She believes that she will soon become an official stone gambling master.

Why not pass on the Ning family to Yu Xuan?

Ning Yuchen thought about it this way, he took the suspension car out the door, he was an adult and could be responsible for his own choices.

He has secretly registered his name without his father, and has passed the genetic and physical examination. He believes that he will soon become an imperial sergeant.

With his S-rank genes, Ning Yuchen is confident that he will be promoted to an officer within a year.

The most important thing now is to buy more energy boxes to meet the consumption of mecha training in the next year.

His mecha is a high-level mecha and requires at least a level 5 energy box to meet the needs.

Ning Yuchen took the hover car to the Lanka auction house that he frequented the most.

Director Liu graciously invited him into the VIP room, but after he explained his intention, Director Liu stiffened and said embarrassedly:

“Master Ning, I’m really sorry, your father has informed us in advance to cancel your permission to buy medium and high-level energy boxes.”

Ning Yuchen glanced at him coldly, and the silver suspension car turned into a streamer and disappeared.

Director Liu wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, but there was nothing he could do. The current head of the Ning family was still Ning Qiuchen, so he couldn’t afford to offend him.

Ning Yuchen went to several houses in the same state. He understood that his father planned to use this method to make him compromise, but it was absolutely impossible for him to give in!

After searching on Guangnao, he came to the online auction house.

Most of the energy liquids of the previous ones are of the fourth grade, and the purity is below 45%, which makes Master Ning, whose eyes are higher than the top, very dissatisfied.

He didn’t stop until he came to the fourth auction house and accidentally saw the energy box with a purity of 48.75%.

Would such a high degree of purity be found in a fourth-ranked online auction house?

But on second thought, the virtual network can touch the real thing in person, and there is no need for this store to fake it, because it can be detected as soon as it is detected with an instrument.

Ning Yuchen stopped in front of the silver metal box and carefully observed the liquid inside from above.

The color of the liquid is bright and emerald green, crystal clear, like shaking lake water, and the transparency is very high, almost no impurities can be seen, and it is clean and heartbreaking.

Ning Yuchen often uses mecha to practice, and he is exposed to countless energy fluids, which is related to the stability and endurance of his mecha, so naturally he cannot take it lightly.

According to his judgment of purity, this energy liquid belongs to the best grade in the fourth grade, and it is not even weaker than the fifth grade energy liquid, reaching the level he needs.

It is a pity that the liquid in this energy box is only about one-third, and it is estimated that it can only maintain the advanced mecha for two months.

Ning Yuchen thought about it, two months was enough for him to support his training during this period, and it would not be too late to go to other planets to buy it.

So, Young Master Ning, who was not short of money, directly bid 100,000 star coins to make up a whole number, got the energy liquid, and left.


When Bai Jing received the 95,000 star coins from Xinghai Auction House, his beautiful eyes widened slightly and his expression was a little unbelievable.

That piece of green jadeite was released from Boss Yu’s half-gambling wool. At that time, no one cared about it. It was worth two or three thousand star coins at most, and the extracted energy liquid was sold for 100,000 star coins.

Um? Thirty times more profit?

It’s just too lucrative!

What he didn’t know was that the profit of energy liquid was indeed not low, but it couldn’t reach such an exaggerated dozens of times, and at most three or four times it was already very high.

Moreover, this situation is limited to senior energy engineers. If it is a low-level energy engineer, there is basically no profit at all.

As we all know, the grade of energy liquid is distinguished according to the purity, and the purity corresponds to the jade grade.

Kind of water + color constitutes the grade of jade.

for example:

Generally, jadeite with poor water quality and very general color, such as dry green seed, cyanine seed, and white ground green seed, can only extract first-level energy liquid. .

Second-grade jadeite with coarse bean grade but average color, or dry green jadeite with very positive color and poor planting water, can extract secondary energy liquid, and the single price is 10,000 star coins.

The overall profit will not exceed 50%, and after deducting costs such as handling fees, there will only be a profit of about 20% at most.

Therefore, low-level energy masters can only work hard to accumulate experience, exercise spiritual power, and try their best to climb up, otherwise there is no way out.

In order to extract higher-purity energy liquid, middle and advanced energy masters need a higher level of jade in addition to stronger spiritual power.

For example, the fifth-level energy liquid can only be extracted from ice seeds, ice wax seeds and jadeite with uniform and bright colors. Although a single one can sell for 1 million star coins, the corresponding jadeite price is also very high.

Generally, one kilogram of ice jadeite is priced at 1 million to 1.5 million stars. In addition to the loss, about 3-4 pieces of 5*5*5cm standard energy liquid can be extracted, and the total price is 3 million to 4 million stars. Around, the profit is up to 2-3 times.

But Bai Jing was different.

He can remove the impurities in the energy liquid and directly increase the purity by nearly one level. Even a senior energy engineer cannot do such an ability!

Since the birth of spiritual power, I have never heard of anyone who can improve the purity of energy fluid, which is impossible in the entire empire—

Not to mention improving the purity, only a senior energy engineer can do it if the purity does not drop.

This is a miracle in an energy division!

The seed water of the green jadeite can only reach the waxy seed level. If it is extracted by other energy masters, even if it is an advanced energy master, it can only extract a small amount of middle-grade energy liquid at most. Energy Master, I am afraid that only the third-level energy liquid can be extracted!

The most important thing is that no one will waste mental energy to extract such a little “green waste” that no one cares about.

The spiritual power of any energy master is limited. An advanced energy master can only extract 3-4 Level 5 energy liquids every month. No one will waste spiritual power on this little jade.

So this time Baijing also took advantage of a loophole. If it weren’t for this piece of ‘leather green’ being too small, the cost would never be so cheap.

However, for Bai Jing, energy division is indeed a hugely profitable industry.

Bai Jing looked at the star coins he received in his account, and his beautiful brown eyes flashed. He seemed to have found other ways to make money besides gambling stones.

Just thinking about it, the news on Xingwang popped up again.

[Appraiser Lu Meng: Master, have you received the star coins? Your energy liquid is worth 100,000 stars! ! ! 】

Bai Jing looked at the huge exclamation marks and laughed softly, even through the light screen, he could feel the other party’s excitement.

[Bai: Thank you, I have received it. 】

Lu Meng’s eyes widened suddenly, and the master replied to him!

After a whole day of anxious waiting, he was really flattered.

[Head of Xinghai: Master Bai, I wonder if Xinghai Auction House has the honor to cooperate with you?

In addition to the minimum 5% handling fee, we can also give you a 10% discount on all lots, including all kinds of medium and low-grade jadeite, mecha parts…]

When Bai Jing saw the middle and low-grade jadeite, his mind moved.

Now his betting rate must be kept at a level that cannot be too conspicuous. The jade that has been gambled can only have at most one piece at a time, and it is all low-level.

With so many impurities, it is also very difficult for him to extract the energy liquid.

Well now, with the online auction house, he can buy some intermediate jadeite to extract energy fluid!

[Bai: I agree to cooperate, but my identity must be kept absolutely confidential. 】

Although Bai Jing didn’t understand how other energy masters used their mental power, he knew that he used not only mental power, but also perception power when extracting energy fluid, which was the combination of the two.

And his perception is an ability brought from the end of the world, and it is bound to not be exposed.

Huang Jiu and Lu Meng glanced at each other and knew in their hearts: They guessed right, this must be a master who doesn’t want to reveal his identity to experience life!

Maybe there’s trouble at Proxima Centauri? was forced to remain anonymous.

Lu Meng had already made up a story in his mind that a master fell into a predicament and had to make money online.

[Head of Xinghai: Of course. I can use the reputation of Xinghai Auction House to guarantee that I will never reveal the slightest bit of your information. 】

[White: Transaction. 】

The author has something to say: Rolling and selling cute, asking readers to give some nutrient solution, oooo~

small theater:

Lu Meng: Master, are you there?

Lu Meng: Master, are you there—

Lu Meng: Master, are you there? T.T cat crying emoticon pack.jpg

Sure enough, the essence of human beings is a repeater.

Small Theater 2:

Master Ning: Not bad for money, Modo Modo.

Bai Jing: Put on my second vest.

Remarks: energy liquid + silver box = energy box, the two names are sometimes used interchangeably, but they actually mean the same thing.


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