God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 29

That night, Bai Jing put aside the cyan jadeite that he had lost in the stone betting battle today, and the bean seed jade bought from Jiang Ke, and began to refine the energy liquid.

This anthocyanin spinach green jadeite weighs 2.5 kilograms and contains a lot of impurities. It is expected to be able to extract 10 standard 125ml first-level energy liquid.

Bai Jing protruded his spiritual power from his body, and the white thin line with the thickness of his hair merged with his perception into a thin golden thread, which was then divided into two strands, one for extracting energy liquid, and the other for removing impurities from jade.

After more than an hour, the five silver boxes were all filled with energy liquid, and the removed impurities were all left inside the stone, a lump the size of a ping-pong ball.

‘There are too many impurities. ‘

When removing the small and huge amount of impurities, it is necessary to concentrate all the attention. The long-term mental tension makes Bai Jing a little tired, and his mental strength will soon be exhausted, so he has to stop.

Half of the current dry green jadeite has lost the color and lubricious texture of jadeite, and has become a plain and slightly rough white stone; the other half still maintains the appearance of jadeite, with an indescribable sense of separation.

Bai Jing looked at the energy liquid in the silver box. Although the color inside was mottled grass-green, the color was dim, but because the impurities were removed, it showed a bit of transparency and was still eye-catching.

It seems to be a little better than the first-level energy fluid he had seen in Alpha 01 before.

At least you won’t get upset when you see it.

If he tests it with an instrument that tests the purity, he will find out that this is the purity of the first-level energy liquid, and the purity of the energy liquid inside has already reached the second-level!

Using the first-level jade to extract the second-level energy liquid, the level has been raised by a whole level, which is impossible for a senior energy engineer! It is simply too unbelievable, it is a miracle!

Bai Jing’s mental strength was running out now. Just as he was about to leave, a long-lost hunger suddenly came to his mind, which made him stop.

He hadn’t felt this way in a long time.

Since he came to the interstellar age, he has enough food every day, and he has never felt such a strong hunger. It is like a hunger emanating from the depths of his soul. impulse.

When he came back to his senses, the slender and white fingers had completely penetrated into the energy box closest to him, and the energy liquid in the box had undoubtedly disappeared without a trace, leaving only a small amount of impurities at the bottom.

? again!

Bai Jing immediately withdrew his finger, this time there was only a little bit of gray impurities on his finger, which he washed away with water.

He sighed helplessly. He couldn’t go to the hospital to diagnose his abnormality. In order to avoid the exposure of his abilities, he could only explore slowly.

Bai Jing tried his best to calm himself down and carefully feel the changes in his body.

Then he found that his mental power had recovered! There is no feeling of just being tired at all.

Can energy fluids restore mental power?

Not impossible.

Mental power can be used to extract energy liquid, and there seems to be some reason for the energy liquid to react to mental power.

Bai Jing turned on his light brain and quickly searched for the connection between energy fluid and spiritual power.

It’s just that all cases show that mental power can be exercised by continuously extracting energy fluid, thereby improving the success rate of extracting energy fluid, but there is no record that the human body can absorb energy fluid.

It seems that this particularity is still related to his physique or supernatural powers.

But there’s nothing wrong with it, who doesn’t want to have higher spiritual power?

And there seems to be no side effects so far.

Bai Jing thought for a while, and began to extract the remaining energy liquid, extracting all the energy liquid in the half of the cyanine jade.

I don’t know if it was his illusion, but he felt that the thin line formed by his mental power seemed to be a little thicker than before, and this time the extraction was easier than before.

Soon, the two fist-sized cyan jadeites were completely extracted, and a total of eleven energy liquids were extracted. After removing the consumed one, there were ten remaining.

After refining, Bai Jing felt that he still had a lot of spiritual power left, so he also extracted the small bean seed jade and filled three energy boxes.

This piece of bean seed jade belongs to the second-class jade according to the level. After the extraction, his mental power is also close to the limit.

Bai Jing sent an email to Xinghai Auction House and mailed all the thirteen energy boxes.

Before going to bed, he reviewed the knowledge about wool for a while, and then continued to sign up for Gu’s stone betting battle.

Because there are a lot of stone gamblers who sign up for the stone gambling battle every day, and they have to go through level matching and screening, etc., I don’t know when it will be his turn next time.

Now Bai Jing has eight points, seven points away from being promoted to the second-level stone gambler.

According to the stone gambling battle every three days, if the gambling increases once, it will take more than 20 days to advance to the second-level stone gambling master, and the speed seems to be a bit slow.

If other stone gamblers were here, they would definitely vomit blood. Wouldn’t it be too slow to advance to the second-level stone gambler in less than a month? !

According to the statistics of the Stone Gambling Association, the average time for a first-level stone gambler to advance to a second-level stone gambler is about half a year. He has shortened the time to one-sixth. What else do you want?

But Bai Jing obviously didn’t think so.

His goal is to become a senior stone gambler within a year, and he needs to grow up as soon as possible to help Gu Yuanchao and the Gu family.

Well, going to Gambling Stone Street is a good idea, but last time he just missed the jadeite of the hibiscus species, and he rejected the invitation of Mr. Min, so it is not suitable to go again in the near future.

Maybe after a period of time, you can buy some wool in bulk, some of them will be untied on the spot, and some will be brought back and untied by yourself.

He didn’t plan to sell the jade that was solved, so it was a good idea to extract energy liquid and sell it one after another.

This can not only keep the betting rate at a certain level, but also earn more stars, the best of both worlds!


When Lu Meng received the energy box mailed by the master, he looked quite surprised.

The master has extracted a large amount of energy liquid in such a short period of time, and his spiritual power must be very strong!

Now, he was almost certain that Bai Jing was a senior energy engineer.

Except for a senior energy engineer, no one’s mental power can recover so quickly!

He put the rest of the lot aside, opened the thirteen energy boxes one by one with extreme care, and put the liquid inside to test in the detector.

The purity of the first 5 energy liquids is: 26.65%, which is the highest grade in the second-level energy liquid.

The purity of the 6-10th energy liquid is: 29.24%, the best in the second-level energy liquid!

The purity of the last 3 energy liquids: 37.18%, the highest grade among the third-level energy liquids!

Although there is no fourth-level energy liquid this time, Lumeng is already very satisfied.

These thirteen energy liquids are all high-quality and top-quality at the same level, and none of the low-quality ones are available, which will definitely attract the attention of many people!

He has secretly investigated the energy liquids auctioned by the top three online auction houses. Although the level is third or fourth level, they are basically middle-grade, and even high-grade is rare, so it seems that he is still a master!

Moreover, Master Bai is very talkative, and clearly stated that there is no need to increase the price because of the quality of the energy liquid, and it can be auctioned directly according to the reference price he marked.

Lu Meng really liked this master so much, he didn’t have the pretense of a high-level energy master, and he didn’t make any excessive demands. Except for being a little cold, the rest was perfect.

As far as he knew, when the auction house before him hired those intermediate energy engineers, it cost a lot of money.

Hee hee, I really had good luck to get to know Master Bai.

Lu Meng hummed a song and placed the secondary energy boxes in groups of five, with a single reserve price of 2,000 star coins, and a starting price of 10,000 star coins for each group.

Among them, the reference price of the group with high purity is set at 50,000 star coins, while the group with the highest purity is set at 60,000 star coins, which is 20% higher than the standard price.

Then place three high-quality tertiary energy boxes one by one. The reference price is 60,000 star coins each, which is also 20% higher than the standard price.

After Lu Meng set the price, he was a little nervous.

After all, no one knows if it was a coincidence that the last energy box could be sold. This time, the reference price he set is not low. The last eight are all over 20% of the standard price. .

You must know that if the final auction price is more than 20% lower than the reference price, this batch of energy liquid will be withdrawn and will be auctioned again after a week.

However, his concerns were obviously superfluous. At 10 o’clock, all the lots were just put on the shelves, and the man who tossed 100,000 stars yesterday came. Although it is possible to blur his appearance on the virtual network, Lu Meng knew that it must be him, because this person has a very obvious aristocratic temperament.

He glanced at the purity logo a few times, and swept the three third-level energy boxes without hesitation. The whole process took less than one minute.

That’s right, one minute into the countdown.

When Lu Meng saw the price he took, his eyes were about to fall. He even raised the price of a single energy box by 100,000, which was 40,000 star coins higher than the reference price!

This is really too rich.

Since Ning Yuchen got the energy liquid with a purity of 48.75% yesterday, he immediately replaced the energy box.

Advanced mecha has two grooves, one for main and one for spare.

This is to prevent the situation on the battlefield when the energy fluid is not enough and the situation is very critical.

If he usually puts both grooves in a level-5 energy box, and occasionally he is lucky enough to grab a level-6 energy box, he will spend a lot of money to get it without hesitation.

There is almost nothing left of the energy fluid in the main box now, but he still has a spare level 5 energy box left.

He put the spare 5th-level energy box into the main control cabin, and the only one-third of the 4th-grade energy box was put into the spare cabin, and then began to train.

Perhaps because he was upset, he accidentally pressed the backup switch button during the operation, so the energy source of the mecha became a backup energy box.

At this time, the mecha is just about to do a super-difficult action – a 720-degree flip teleport!

This trick is Gu Shao’s fatal trick when fighting against high-level alien beasts.

Relying on the ultimate operating speed and complete mastery of the mecha, it can volley over 720 degrees in one second that the opponent can’t see clearly, and use the super particle cannon to hit the opponent before they can react!

Later, this action was rated as a ‘Super S-level’ difficulty action by the Imperial Army, and few people in the Empire could do it.

Ning Yuchen has been practicing this trick for two years. On weekdays, even with his full attention, he may not be able to succeed. Now that the time is tight, it is definitely too late to switch the energy box back!

But the inertia of the past two years has allowed him to continue this action.

His hands were quickly operating on the console, so fast that only the afterimage could be seen, but he knew in his heart that this action might not be completed!

“720-degree flip teleport” not only has extremely high requirements for the person who controls the mecha, but also has extremely high requirements for the mecha energy.

The purity of the energy liquid is related to the fluency and explosiveness of the mecha’s movements. Even a tiny impurity or an instant lack of energy supply will be infinitely amplified at this time, causing the mecha’s movement to pause for 0.1 milliseconds or offset, causing the action to fail.

However, to Ning Yuchen’s surprise, his mecha completed the super-S-level difficult action at an unreadable speed in the air, and then landed steadily.

The whole action is like flowing clouds and flowing water, clean and neat, it is perfect!

Ning Yuchen was stunned for a moment, and then quickly took out the energy box placed in the spare groove and exchanged it with the main control cabin.

He smiled as he jumped off the mech, perhaps he should thank his father for finding the treasure that has not yet been discovered.

The next day, he came to Xinghai Internet Auction House early and waited for the auction items to be put on the shelves.

Unfortunately, this time there was no Level 4 energy box that was sold yesterday, only Level 3 energy box, and it was not the best.

However, after he glanced at the clear liquid without impurities in the silver box, he immediately recognized that it was from the hands of one person.

Without the slightest hesitation, Ning Yuchen swept away the three third-level energy boxes at a high price, hoping that the energy liquid this time could also bring him a surprise.

These three third-level energy liquids were photographed away in less than a minute after they were put on the shelves, which attracted the attention of many people, who came around curiously.

When they saw the final auction price, many people were surprised. These three-level energy boxes actually sold for a high price of 100,000 star coins, which is twice the standard price!

So the next ten secondary energy boxes were bought by some people who were curious or really in need of energy boxes, which were almost the first to sell out among all the lots.

In the evening, Lu Meng and Huang Jiu, the person in charge, took stock of today’s income. The total income of more than 100 items was 1.3 million, of which the master’s energy liquid income was 410,000, accounting for nearly one-third of the total amount. !

The two looked at each other, no wonder the top three stores had to spend a lot of money to have an intermediate energy engineer join. This is indeed a great increase in revenue, and it can attract a lot of popularity!

At the same time, Liu Guang, the head of the “Carter” auction house, which ranks third in the online auction house, has been monitoring the data of competitors.

He found that in the past two days, energy liquids of level 3 and above have been auctioned at Xinghai Auction House, especially at unimaginably high prices, which is not a good thing for him.

Could it be that Xinghai Auction House has hired a senior energy engineer?

No, impossible!

Senior energy engineers are all distinguished, and they are often only employed by large offline auction houses. Where can they come to such a place?

But can an intermediate energy engineer have such a high spiritual power?

Today, he sent someone to observe it, and he actually launched thirteen energy boxes at once, and all of them were of high grade or above!

This is definitely not something that an average mid-level energy engineer can do.

Thinking about the two mid-level energy masters he hired, who could only provide a dozen or so third-level energy boxes or five fourth-level energy boxes each month, and they had to offer them in a good voice, he couldn’t help but feel a little jealous.

Who is this energy engineer, and why can’t he come to their Carter auction house?

He can give the other party higher treatment!

The other two shops in the top three on the Internet also thought the same, so they began to search for information about this mysterious energy master.


Bai Jing didn’t know anything about all this, so he went to Gu’s gambling stone shop early in the morning to select the wool for the competition in advance, preparing to participate in the stone gambling battle tomorrow or the day after.

There are dozens of stone gamblers who also came to choose wool materials. Along the way, Bai Jing could feel their incomparably hot eyes, and he couldn’t help frowning slightly: What happened to these people?

He didn’t know that after the last stone gambling battle, the number of fans of ‘Gu Yun’ had reached 5 million at a rocket-like speed, which was no less than that of some well-known second-level stone gambling masters.

What’s more, his action of catching Jadeite is chic and elegant, coupled with his delicate face, he really explained the beauty and handsomeness to the extreme, even passers-by will pay attention to it involuntarily.

After a complicated inspection, Bai Jing looked at the crowd behind him and walked into the C-grade wool area.

The price of a single wool in the C-grade wool area is 60,000-100,000. Generally, stone gamblers who do not have much confidence in themselves will not choose such a high price, but will choose the D area with a relatively low price.

Sure enough, there were far fewer people in the C-level wool material area than in the D-level area. There were only about a dozen people, and half of them were third-level stone gamblers with the word “three” on their chests.

This scene made Bai Jing a little relieved. He was still not used to being watched eagerly by so many people.

The wool in the C-grade wool area also has three grades of 6W, 8W and 10W. Baijing chose the price of 6W.

The performance of these wool materials is good, and the probability of jadeite should be higher.

So this time, he plans to choose a piece of wool that has risen sharply, two pieces of wool that are bet but have jade, and two pieces of wool that have completely collapsed.

The worsted wool is best grown with water at the level of oily green, just the small one.

Bai Jing thought that the energy solution extracted from the ‘leaf green’ glutinous seed last time was sold for a high price of 100,000 star coins. It is convenient for him to extract the intermediate energy liquid.

After observing several pieces in a row along the stone platform, Bai Jing found a piece of white sand leather wool that performed well.

This piece of wool skin is delicate, about the size of a football, and there are two pine flowers on the surface that are shaped like brush strokes.

When he was about to penetrate his perception, he found that the perception was divided into two strands like mental power, one penetrated into this piece of white sand fur, and the other fawned around him, poking it from time to time. Poke his finger.

White King:…

Can perception also be improved with the help of energy fluids? Still so, humanized?

Bai Jing intends to test it.

He probed another sense of perception into the yellow sand skin wool next to him, and he could indeed feel the weak activity inside, and at the same time, the white sand skin wool could also sense it!

Moreover, now his sensing speed is much faster than before, and almost as soon as he enters the leather shell, he can immediately know the activity level and distribution range of the jade inside. In this way, time can be greatly saved.

Next, Bai Jing devoted all his energy to the selection of wool materials. He checked nearly 200 pieces of wool materials in more than two hours, and saw almost one-third of the wool materials priced at 6W star coins.

Then, out of the nearly 200 pieces of wool, the 20 pieces that I personally think are the best performers are selected and detected with perception.

This time, he did not choose the fifteen pieces that reached the limit of power, but chose a few more pieces, in order to see if the upgraded perception has improved the amount of wool.

The two senses detected 15 pieces of wool at a very fast speed, plus the white sand skin and yellow sand skin just now, a total of 17 pieces were detected, which was two more than the previous perception limit.

The wool at the back does not need to continue to probe, because his perception is ‘wrapped’ around his arm, and he even poked his finger with the tip.

White King:…

Can perception still be like this?

But this is also good, to avoid his dizziness.

Among the seventeen pieces of wool that had just been sensed, there were five jadeite pieces. The most active piece of wool was the white sand skin, but it did not reach the ice level, and at most only water or waxy.

However, two of the other four are still active.

One of the pieces should be of the oily green seed, and the other piece is about the level of the fine bean seed, and it is only the size of a baby’s fist, which can be used as the material for the energy fluid.

Bai Jing put these three pieces of selected wool into the shopping cart, and randomly selected two pieces that were bound to collapse. After paying 300,000 star coins, he left Gu’s Stone Gambling Shop.

After returning home, he just landed on the Xingwang mall when he received news from Lumeng.

[Lu Meng: Master, all your energy fluids have been sold! And the third-level energy liquid also sold for a high price! 】

[Bai: Okay, got it. 】

[Lu Meng: Master, do you still have energy liquid for consignment tomorrow? (The cat excitedly rubs his hands and cleans his watch.jpg)]

[Bai: …will be mailed in the evening. 】

[Lu Meng: Alright, Master! 】

Bai Jing received 390,000 star coins from the auction of thirteen energy boxes yesterday, after deducting the handling fee.

Except for the 20,000 star coins to buy the bean seed jade, there is almost no cost.

Ten second-level energy boxes sold a total of 110,000 star coins, and three third-level energy boxes sold 300,000 star coins.

It seems that the third-level energy box is more profitable, and there are relatively few impurities, so it is more convenient for him to extract.

Bai Jing didn’t have jade in his hand at present. He remembered the previous discount and browsed it at Xinghai Auction House.

There are various kinds of goods in it, and half of them have been auctioned off. It can be seen that the appraiser Lu Meng’s eyes are still very vicious.

Among the more than 100 lots, there are nearly 20 pieces of jadeite, all of which are not very big. The better ones are of the oily green class, and the worse ones are mostly white ground greens and dry greens.

Bai Jing selected two pieces of oil-green jadeite of uniform color, one weighing 1.4 kg and the other weighing 2.0 kg. After a 10% discount, a total of 250,000 star coins were spent.

Based on the extraction of 4 pieces of energy liquid per kilogram of jade, these two pieces of jade can extract 14 pieces of energy liquid, which is enough for him to be busy these days.

At the same time, he ordered a hundred silver boxes online, and they were placed on the table in rows, which was quite spectacular.

After Bai Jing made dinner, he came to the second bedroom and planned to extract energy fluid.

The thin line of spiritual power and perception are each divided into two strands entangled with each other, one extracts and the other removes impurities, and the division of labor is clear.

Two hours later, Bai Jing, who had extracted four energy liquids, felt exhausted.

This time, he didn’t need to put his fingertips into the energy box. Seeing that he didn’t object, the two thin lines automatically extended along the edge.

After a minute, all the liquid in the energy box was absorbed, leaving only a layer of gray impurities.

The thin golden thread stretched out from the box, wiped it on the paper next to it, and wrapped his finger affectionately, rubbed it in a pleasing manner, and burped, looking very happy.

By the time he finished extracting the 1.4kg piece, it was too late.

There were six silver boxes filled with energy liquid on the table, and one of them was empty after he absorbed the energy liquid.

For the sake of convenience, Bai Jing spent 200,000 stars to buy the detector in the mall.

He put the five boxes containing the energy liquid into the detector, which showed that the purity was 39.65%, which was the best of the third-level energy liquid.

After sending the message to Lumeng, Bai Jing quickly sent the five energy boxes out.

When I was about to rest, I suddenly received several messages from the Internet.

[Carter Auction House: Dear energy engineer, I am the person in charge of the third ranked Carter Auction House. I wonder if you are willing to cooperate with our auction house? 】

[Yuguang Auction House: Hello, I am the person in charge of the second-ranked Yuguang Auction House. If you cooperate with us, we will waive the handling fee and give you other discounts. Do you want to? 】

[Tianshu Auction House: Hello, I am the person in charge of the No. 1 Tianshu Auction House. No matter what kind of conditions you put forward, we can accept it. I wonder if you intend to cooperate with us? 】

The author has something to say: today is a double shift, no matter, I want nutrient solution (akimbo).

I wish everyone a happy Dragon Boat Festival in advance, there are red envelopes in the comments in this chapter~

small theater

Bai Jing: Well, it seems a little slow to advance to the second-level stone gambler in one month?

Crowd: Versailles! This must be Versailles! How fast do you want? (spit blood)


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