God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 31

That night, Bai Jing received five three-level energy boxes, with an average unit price of 200,000 Star Coins. After deducting 5% of the handling fee, the total was 950,000 Star Coins.

\’Well, this price…it seems to be the price of Level 4 energy liquid, right? \’Bai Jing thought.

And he spent a total of 250,000 star coins to buy two pieces of oil-green jadeite. Currently, only the smaller one has been extracted, and the cost is only about 100,000 star coins.

Bai Jing blinked, this profit is indeed very high!

I remember a passage quoted in Marx’s “Das Kapital”: With proper profit, capital will be very emboldened.

At 10% profit, it will be used everywhere; at 20%, it will come alive; at 50%, it will lead to active risk taking; at 100%, it will make people defy the law; at 300% , it will make people not afraid of crime, or even the danger of hanging their heads.

Well, whether it is gambling stones or energy liquid, it has far exceeded this profit.

Therefore, he must protect himself.

Perhaps it was the alertness brought to him by the apocalypse, Bai Jing was keenly aware of a hint of crisis, and immediately spent 1 million star coins to buy an online identity encryption device.

Unless he has extremely high technology, no one can find out his true identity from the Internet.

Of course, he didn’t know that this device greatly increased the difficulty of Minister Liang’s search. At the same time, it cooperated with Gu’s anti-reconnaissance system to block the chance of the Jian family and other noble families finding him. The timing was just right.

At this time, Bai Jing was preparing to deal with another 2 kg oil-green jadeite.

In one morning, Bai Jing extracted all the energy in it, and extracted a total of eight third-level energy liquids.

Perhaps because of the upgrade of the ability, the extraction process did not stop to absorb energy due to mental exhaustion, and the overall smoothness was incredible.

Yesterday, he felt a little tired after only taking four energy liquids, but after absorbing one of them, he clearly felt that his mental power became much stronger. Now even if he took eight third-level energy liquids, he was only slightly sleepy. Some.

He put the energy liquid on the detector, and it showed that the purity is between 39.72%, which is still the best attribute!

Bai Jing was very satisfied with this, but he did not mail all of these energy boxes to Xinghai Auction House, but sent half of them.

After observing, he found that the top three online auction houses did not have intermediate energy boxes of level 3 or 4 every day, but only a few every one or two days, which seemed to be related to the spiritual strength of the energy master.

Therefore, in order to avoid being too conspicuous, Baijing will reduce the number.

At this time, he didn’t know that he had been targeted by two top families at the same time.

In the afternoon, Bai Jing received news that there will be a stone betting battle at 9 am tomorrow.

Just two pieces of oil green jade have been used up, and the two pieces that have been bet on tomorrow can continue to be used as raw materials for extracting energy liquid.

The next morning, the first stone betting battle began.

As soon as Bai Jing stepped onto the high platform, there was a burst of cheers from below.

“Gu Yun! Gu Yun!”

“Come on, Gu Yun-”

“Gu Yun will win!”

Bai Jing looked at the audience and found that there were many fans shouting his name, almost hoarse.

He was stunned for a rare moment. He didn’t expect that a first-level stone gambler like him would have so many fans to support him.

Although he wasn’t used to it, Bai Jing didn’t notice it at all. When he lowered his eyes, the corner of his mouth unconsciously showed a smile. That smile was clean and beautiful, with a slight shyness. With his delicate facial features, it would make people dizzy. .

[Ah, ah, I am dead, why am I not there! 】

[This laugh, God, I seem to see an angel. 】

【I declare that I am in love—】

There were also a lot of fans who couldn’t make it to the scene and could only watch the stone betting battle online, and they soon filled the live broadcast room.

This is also normal. At this time, it has only been two or three days since Bai Jing participated in the stone gambling battle for the first time. Coupled with the fermentation of the video of ‘Catch Jade’, his popularity has not dissipated.

Standing opposite Bai Jing was a second-level stone gambler named Xu Zhe. With the arrogance and indifference unique to the children of an aristocratic family, he glanced at him lightly, and then turned his gaze back.

However, Xu Zhe’s gambling growth rate was obviously much higher than Jiang Ke’s last time, reaching 18.75%. It is estimated that he will soon be promoted to the third-level stone gambler.

After the introduction by the host, the holographic projections of the ten pieces of wool were displayed on the big screen one by one. The wools selected by Bai Jing were numbered 6-10.

The next fifty minutes are betting time.

Since the last time Bai Jing gambled on the rare ice blue water jade, few people looked down on his status as a first-class stone gambler.

Maybe there is a certain luck factor, but when gambling with stones, luck is also very important sometimes!

After the bet is over, the odds of ten pieces of wool have been calculated.

The odds of the gross material for numbers 1-5 belonging to Xu Zhe are: 7.7, 6.3, 5.9, 6.6 and 7.0;

The gross odds for numbers 6-10 belonging to White King are: 8.2, 6.5, 7.4, 6.9 and 7.3.

Although Bai Jing’s odds are still higher than the opponent’s this time, it can be clearly seen that the gap is gradually narrowing, which is completely different from Jiang Ke’s one.

Xu Zhe looked at the odds on the big screen and raised his eyebrows slightly, feeling very uncomfortable.

He didn’t expect the odds between the two to be so close.

Obviously, he has become a second-level stone gambler for more than a year. Even if this first-level stone gambler named Gu Yun is lucky, what can a stone gambler show?

He didn’t believe that the other party could solve the jade every time.

There are also the following Gu Yun’s fanatical fans, all of them are too superficial, and it is not because of Gu Yun’s beautiful and delicate face.

This is a stone game, and it’s not a beauty pageant. Does the reaction need to be so intense?

This time, let them, especially Gu Yun’s fans, see who wins and who loses!

Xu Zhe is very confident in the wool material he selected, and the five pieces of wool material in it are all carefully selected by him.

Among them, the wool material numbered 3 is his most optimistic piece.

It was a rock with a yellow pear skin, with an irregular triangle at the bottom, about thirty centimeters long and twenty centimeters high.

The leather shell is like a pineapple, and it can be seen faintly green inside when illuminated by a strong light. This kind of leather shell has a high probability of containing color, and is a rare high-quality wool material.

Moreover, on one corner of the wool material, there is a bunting pine flower wrapped around the wool material like a belt, which is very good.

Usually, the size of the green is determined by the size of the wool covered by the Baotou Songhua, and the part where the Baotou is wrapped is the green part.

Based on these performances, Xu Zhe can almost conclude that there is definitely jade in this piece of wool, and it will not be small!

As long as the planting water is not too bad, there is absolutely no problem with the big rise.

After Master Xie Shi came to power, Xu Zhe discussed with Master Xie Shi, and then came to the No. 3 wool material, ready to dissolve stone in person.

As for Bai Jing, I chose one of the three pieces of wool that can solve jadeite at random. Even if it breaks, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, the jade inside can be used to make energy liquid, and the star coins earned will not lose to the piece of wool that has risen by gambling.

Moreover, he has already drawn the cutting lines on the five pieces of wool. With the rich experience of the calcite master, these pieces of wool will not collapse.

Soon, calcite begins.

Xu Zhe carefully observed the rock with the pineapple skin again, and then began to rub the stone from the left side of the wool where the Baotou pine flower was contained.

“My God, it’s going to be green so soon!”

“It’s You Qingzhong, worthy of being a second-level stone gambler.”

“This color is… Yang green, it’s soaring!!”

“I bet, hahahaha-”

There were many people’s admiration from the audience. On the enlarged screen, a bright green came out from the yellow leather shell. It was beautiful and pure, full and not evil. It was a beautiful sunny green color, and the planting water also reached medium On the upper side of the oily green class!

Xu Zhe hooked his lips lightly, all of which he expected.

He glanced at Gu Yun opposite, who was still cutting stones with a stone cutter, and there was no sign of green on the cut surface at all.

Looking at the many fans of ‘Gu Yun’ under the stage, they were all nervously watching the big screen, and they no longer had the enthusiasm to cheer and shout at the beginning.

Xu Zhe laughed in his heart: Oh, how can a first-level stone gambler compare with a second-level stone gambler, this time let him show his true form!

What Bai Jing is solving now is the piece of wool that contains fine bean seeds, numbered No. 7.

This is the wool of a yellow sand leather shell. After a long period of weathering, the leather shell is very thick, and the jadeite is located in the lower part of the center of the wool, so naturally it cannot be cut in half at a time.

So he used the laser knife to cut along the leather shell three times, and wiped off the surrounding gravel with a grinding wheel, and finally revealed the green cut surface.

“Look, No. 7 is green!”

“It’s a bean seed, the color is not uniform, and I don’t know the size.”

“Only one-third of the wool is left, I’m afraid it’s hanging-”

Xu Zhe was startled when he heard the outburst of discussion, and immediately raised his head to look at the big screen: Could it be that the other party has also increased their bets?

Then when I saw the uneven color of the cut surface and the texture of the beans, I could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

In this way, it is difficult to bet on this piece of wool.

“Oh my God, it’s green, and No. 9 is green too!”

Xu Zhe’s heart just let go, and he was about to continue to dissolve the stone, when he heard the words, he couldn’t help but snort.

He couldn’t care about the jade in his hand, and looked anxiously at the big screen.

It was a piece of lime husk wool, half unwound.

I only saw that the master stone sprinkled some water on the cut surface, revealing the delicate and shiny jadeite with a grease-like surface, and the color was a dull spinach green.

‘Huh, it’s just spinach green, it’s far worse than my own yang green. ’

After taking a look, Xu Zhe was relieved, and continued to unravel the oily green jadeite in his hand.

Under the rotation of the grinding wheel, most of this jadeite has been solved, and it is a circle larger than the palm of an adult. There is absolutely no suspense in the rise.

The other calcite masters also unraveled part of the wool, revealing three white stones on the cut surface, and the other one covered with dense black spots.

There is no doubt that Xu Zhe’s other four pieces of wool have collapsed.

But he doesn’t care, anyway, with the soaring oil green seed in his hand, he has already won!

Xu Zhe raised his head and glanced at the big screen. Gu Yun’s just released No. 7 and No. 9 were jadeites that were only the size of a baby’s fist. They simply couldn’t reach the 6W price tag of the original stone.

‘Haha, it’s such a pity, luck didn’t seem to favor this first-level stone gambler this time. ’

He thought happily in his heart, and couldn’t help but flutter for a while.

“Look, it’s green, and the 10th is green again!”

“This time it’s actually a waxy seed or a sun green! It’s definitely soaring—”

“Three of the five pieces of wool are green? My God!!”

“I’m all-in, hahahaha—”

Xu Zhe was shocked, and immediately raised his eyes to look over.

I saw that on the woolen shell of the white sand skin, a two-finger-wide cut surface was rubbed along the direction of the pine blossoms of the brush. The green color revealed was pure and rich, and the texture was delicate. It was as warm and translucent as cooked glutinous rice. It was indeed glutinous kind.

Impossible, this is impossible! !

This was Xu Zhe’s first reaction.

He really couldn’t believe what he saw.

Among the five pieces of wool, three pieces of jade have been solved, and one piece has reached the waxy yang green. What is the probability of this?

What a luck!

He thought that he was lucky enough to solve the rare yang green luster and a good oily green seed texture, but the other party also solved the yang green, and the seed water was a whole level higher than him!

Xu Zhe’s eyes were fixed on the big screen, and his expression was stunned until now.

However, the fact cannot help him not believe.

The calcifying master neatly unraveled this waxy green jadeite, which was a flat spherical jadeite with a diameter of about twelve or three centimeters.

It weighs 4.3 kilograms and is translucent as a whole. The green color is bright but not thick. The texture is refreshing and pleasant. The glutinous feeling adds a touch of spring breeze to it.

“Gu Yun—! Gu Yun—!”

The fans in the audience were crazy about Gu Yun’s name, and it was not until the dust settled that they burst into uncontrollable passion.

When they just broke down, they were uneasy and didn’t dare to speak out, for fear of affecting Gu Yun’s mood; but now, the victory belongs to Gu Yun!

They didn’t see the wrong person, what about the first-level stone gambler, who can still crush the second-level stone gambler.

What’s more, their idols are so good-looking, so handsome, and powerful, they are the most perfect existence!

With such idols, they are honored!

Many people in the audience, even if they are not fans of Gu Yun, are also attracted by the young people on the high stage.

Whether it’s the youth’s delicate eyebrows, his unhurried attitude, or his neat and tidy litholysis techniques, they are all like a luminous body, attracting people’s attention.

And many people who participated in the stone betting decided secretly that in the future, where there was Gu Yun, they would definitely bet on him! As for which of the five pieces of wool to press, that’s up to you to judge.

Picking one of five is better than picking one or two at random out of ten?

After a few practice sessions, they found that as long as they bet on the wool material selected by Gu Yun, the winning rate would really increase significantly, and they also earned a lot of star coins, which is another story.

When the enthusiasm of Gu Yun’s fans gradually subsided, the host Tan Shu was shown on the big screen.

She smiled and said: “The result of this stone gambling battle is as you can see, the winner is the first-level stone gambling master Gu Yun!”

The white spotlight hit Bai Jing, and the enlarged picture on the big screen showed his delicate facial features. This kind of beauty crit made the fans below excited again.

Xu Zhe stood aside with an ugly face. He lost, and he lost completely.

Whether it is the quantity or quality of jade that the other party unraveled, they far surpassed him.

How could he, an experienced second-level stone gambler, lose to a first-level stone gambler?

If it was before this stone gambling battle, he would have sneered.

But now Gu Yun’s victory is like a loud slap in the face, making him feel ashamed.

Standing in the shadows, Xu Zhe looked at the charismatic youth on the high platform, and suddenly had a feeling that the other party would definitely become a very strong stone gambler!

With Bai Jing’s permission, the host auctioned off this 4.3kg waxy green jadeite as usual, and the bids below were heard one after another.

“One million stars!”

“One and a half million star coins!”

“I will give out 1.8 million star coins!”

The beautiful Yang-green luster and the glutinous seed water finally sold for 2.8 million yuan, which was a good price.


Relying on the authority given to him by Young Master Gu, Liang Heng, with the help of Qiao An and Security Minister Luo Xing, used Gu’s most advanced positioning system, reconnaissance system, Xingwang cracking technology, domain name resolution technology and other means, and finally found a solution. Tianhou found the real address of the master, codenamed [Bai].

On the way, he and the technicians not only encountered complicated network encryption technology, but also encountered another wave of people who wanted to find the master’s information, and he was truncated by the anti-reconnaissance system and virtual code replacement technology.

Gu’s technology is the latest type, I believe these people will find countless “masters”, let them distinguish one by one!

Seeing that the range displayed by the red area on the positioning system is getting smaller and smaller, Liang Heng’s heartbeat is getting faster and faster, and at the last minute, he will know who this mysterious master is right away!

Since yesterday, he has been squatting here, not closing his eyes all night, just to wait for this moment to come.

Who is this person?

Liang Heng went through the senior energy masters he knew well in his mind, and then rejected them one after another, and then stared at the red area that was constantly shrinking, not even daring to blink.


Not only did Liang Heng’s heart rate increase sharply, but he also felt that his breathing was also quickening.

I saw that the red area on the system gradually shrank to a small red dot, and finally stopped completely.

But when he saw the location displayed by the little red dot, he and Qiao An were stunned at the same time. Isn’t this, this is Master Gu’s home? ?

what’s the situation? ? !

The author has something to say: don’t fatten my duck, love you guys, love you~~

Small Theater 1:

Everyone: It’s green!

Xu Zhe: Oh, bean seeds, you scared me.

Everyone: It’s green again!

Xu Zhe: Hmph, what’s the use of a small oily green seed?

Everyone: It’s green again!

Xu Zhe: Oh, let me see——Fuck, glutinous seeds! Sun green! (falls to the ground)

Small Theater 2:

Moderator: How did you feel when you were in the stone game?

Xu Zhe: Thank you, my mood is flashing like a neon light, exciting like a roller coaster—

It would be even better if you add some Mary Sue hair (bushi).

Liang Heng (crazy): Ah, ah, what’s wrong with the system? Is it a bug?


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