God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 33

At the same time, the major families of Proxima Centauri also began to calculate because of Gu Yun’s outstanding performance.

Although they don’t know Gu Yun’s true identity, but with the record of the stone gambling game in the last month, everyone with vision knows that this will be a rising star in the stone gambling world.

Therefore, major families such as the Ning family, the Min family, the Shen family, etc. began to investigate the news of Gu Yun, and the most easily obtained information was naturally the information on Xingwang.

“Gu Yun, a member of the Gu family in Tuxing’s side branch, twenty years old.

I have been living in the remote planet of Tucker before, and after the particle storm occurred on Tucker, I came to Proxima, and participated in the gambling battle-”

The major families have used various means to track down, but what they can find is only superficial information.

Tracking and positioning are truncated, contact inquiries are blocked by complex encryption equipment…

With all these things, many aristocratic families have given up. This person obviously has a background, and it is very likely that the first chaebol of the empire, the Gu family, is behind it.

Only a few powerful families have not given up.

The Gu family has not announced Gu Yun’s identity yet, they still have hope!

It can be said without hesitation that if you wait for the youth to grow up, it will be too late.

At that time, it will not only compete with the Proxima Centauri families, but also the truly powerful forces of the Capital Star.

They must get a head start before the other families!

Min family.

Min Qi, the new head of the Min family, frowned: “Go to Chacha, such as Gu Yun’s parents, siblings, etc., to see if there are any clues.”

Soon, the subordinates came to report: “Tuxing began to blow a powerful particle storm two months ago, and the residents on the planet were evacuated to other planets, and now no one can enter.”

Min Qi rubbed his brows: “Understood, let’s go.”

Alas, there is no other way, it seems that I have to go to Gu’s Stone Gambling Shop in person.

Ning family.

The head of the Ning family, Ning Qiuchen, found Mrs. Ning: “Wansi, Gu Yun bought the ice-seeded blue water jade last time, right?”

Mrs. Ning’s eyes immediately became vigilant: “What? I bought this with my own assets. You can’t take it to the auction house for an exhibition—”

Ning Qiuchen smiled: “You misunderstood, I want to ask, what do you think of Gu Yun’s character?”

Mentioning Gu Yun, Mrs. Ning’s expression softened obviously: “He is beautiful, has a calm personality, and has a good eye for gambling stones. I really want to accept him as my godson.”

Ning Qiuchen’s eyes lit up: “Then let’s take it.”

Mrs. Ning sneered: “You think it’s beautiful, maybe you don’t agree.

Don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to, in short, you must not bully my son! ”

Ning Qiuchen: “…”

son? Don’t you mean you haven’t agreed yet?


In today’s stone gambling battle, the people in the hall clearly felt the difference.

All the betting guests were stunned, looking at the imposing people at the door, they spontaneously made way to the side.

The head of the Ning family, the head of the Min family, the head of the Shen family…

? What is this one for?

Don’t do business with nearly 10 million star coins every day, and have to come to Gu’s Stone Gambling Shop to bet in person? !

Are you looking for some excitement in middle age?

The fans didn’t dare to shout loudly. Although the several family owners did not speak, the momentum accumulated over the years should not be underestimated. Going to that station can bring invisible pressure to everyone.

What’s more, the atmosphere between these people doesn’t seem to be harmonious, and there is a bit of tension between them.

The host Tan Shu also saw a few people. Rao was used to seeing big scenes and her expression became a little more flustered, but her strong professionalism made her calm quickly.

After the bet is over, the calcite masters are immediately invited to the stage.

This time, Bai Jing is fighting against Zhuo Qin, a third-level stone gambler.

Zhuo Qin is the daughter of a wealthy businessman. She was in the top 20 in the stone gambling apprentice assessment three years ago, and she has received a lot of attention.

Then, she was successfully promoted to the third-level stone gambler within three years, which can be described as an excellent talent.

Standing on the stage, Zhuo Qin secretly looked at Bai Jing, blushing.

Through close observation, she felt that the young man was more attractive than the one in the photo, which made people unable to look away.

Well, she is also a fan of Gu Yun’s face and career.

But because of this, she must treat this stone betting battle more carefully, and she must not lose face in front of the other party.

Among the stone gamblers, Zhuo Qin has his own characteristics.

In addition to judging from the performance of wool, it will also rely on its own intuition and luck.

Maybe many stone gamblers don’t like others saying that they rely on luck rather than strength, but she never minds.

Gambling stones, luck is also a part of it, the so-called “immortals can’t break an inch of jade” is like this.

Therefore, out of the five pieces of wool she chooses in each stone betting battle, three pieces are carefully selected based on experience and the performance of wool materials, and the other two pieces are randomly selected by relying on her own intuition.

But the amazing thing is that sometimes the wool material she randomly chooses does not have pine flowers and python belts, which looks ordinary, but at least one or two times out of five times, jadeite can be produced, and the probability is very high.

Therefore, she is called by many people on the star network “the most spiritual stone gambler of Proxima Centauri”.

The three pieces of wool carefully selected by Zhuo Qin this time are: a piece of white sand skin that performs well, a piece of yellow sand skin that is full of python and pine flowers, and a piece of artichoke skin wool with thin skin and high transparency.

What I chose by intuition were two gray-white rocks, with nothing on the surface, except for their large size, they had no features. They were placed on the table like two ordinary stones, or the kind with rough leather shells.

But Bai Jing was idle and bored when other people were betting, and checked Zhuoqin’s wool with his senses. Two of the five pieces had jadeite, and they had good activity. One of them could even unravel glutinous seeds or ice with good water. Waxy species.

As expected of a third-level stone gambler, he was stronger than any opponent he had ever encountered before.

However, Bai Jing was also lucky this time, and the quality of the wool he selected was very high.

Now that he has been promoted to the second-level stone gambler, the gambling increase rate can naturally be raised one level higher, and he does not need to be **** as usual.

After more than a month of continuous gambling stones and the sale of energy liquids, the star coins he owed to Gu Yuanchao were only 12 million before he could pay off.

Bai Jing hoped that the speed could be faster and pay off the arrears as soon as possible, so that the big stone in his heart would fall.

And today, that wish may come true.

The calcite begins.

After discussing with the master calcinator, Zhuo Qin walked to the potato skin and wool material numbered 8, intending to calcine the calculus himself.

This piece of wool is about the size of a football, with an irregular polygonal shape, with two band-shaped pine flowers distributed on the surface, and a black wither near the bottom.

Generally speaking, if there is dryness, there will be color, and the gambling will be stronger.

She wiped the stone along the dry first, because the leather shell was very thin, and within two minutes, she wiped out a window the size of a baby’s fist, revealing light red crystals.

“It’s Red Mist!”

“Could it be that under the red fog is Hong Fei?!”

As for jadeite, green is the most common.

While purple, red, yellow, combination colors, etc. are relatively rare colors, perhaps because of cosmic radiation, these colors of jadeite are easier to extract higher purity energy liquid, and the energy engineer consumes less mental energy. .

Therefore, jadeite with rare colors like red jade is very popular in the market. The jadeite of the same water is 1.2-1.5 times as bright as the green jadeite.

Seeing the appearance of Hong Wu, Zhuo Qin was equally excited, but it did not affect the movements in his hands. This is the quality that a professional stone gambler should have.

She rubbed the stone more carefully along the red matte surface, trying not to hurt the slightest bit of jade inside.

As the red mist was wiped away a little bit, the bright red color gradually appeared.

“It’s really Hong Fei, the color is so beautiful!”

“It’s still a glutinous seed, it’s soaring-”

Here, Zhuo Qin bet on the soaring Hong Fei, and many people couldn’t help but look at the handsome young man on the other side.

He hasn’t been green until now. Could it be that Gu Yun, who has never been defeated, is going to lose?

Judging from the window where the No. 8 wool material is rubbed out of the red jade, both the water and the color are excellent, I am afraid it is difficult to surpass it!

Many of the betting guests also looked ugly.

Because Gu Yun had won consecutively before, they were all used to betting on the wool material that Gu Yun chose. Although they would not win every time, the probability of winning the last time in five or six times was much higher than before.

Alas, but looking at the performance this time, I am afraid that the star coins will be lost–

After the calcification started, Bai Jing came to the No. 2 wool material that he had chosen.

This is a piece of wool with a black Usa leather shell, black as lacquer and covered with a layer of black wax shell with a glossy surface. At first glance, it is an old pit seed from the No. 1 entrance of the Pult Planet.

The diameter of the entire wool material is only fifteen centimeters, and it is round and round, like a toy ball in a child’s hand.

There are dark green and dense dotted pine flowers on the surface, which looks very inconspicuous, but there is actually a certain probability that Gao Cui will appear, although this probability is not large.

Bai Jing had untied the wool of Hei Usha several times before, and there was nothing in it, but this one was different.

He directly picked up the grinding wheel and rubbed the stone along the pine flowers on the leather shell. Because the leather shell was thicker, even if he was fast, he was a little later than Zhuo Qin.

After about five or six minutes, as the shards turned into powder and fell one after another, a window about **** wide was finally exposed above the wool.

Sprinkling water on it, you can see a very transparent and clear texture, there is no trace of impurities inside, and it is clean like a mirror. The green from the inside is bright and uniform, the color is full, the blue is bright and transparent, the emerald color is full, and it is indescribably beautiful.

“Oh my God, yes, it’s a glass floor!”

“This green, imperial green, is the purest imperial green!”

“Glass Imperial Green, the ultimate glass species—”

On the screen magnified several times, people can clearly see the pure and flawless texture, the bright, pure and full green, just like the sun shining into the green leaves, revealing from the inside out, the bright green sun Rather than being strong, it truly achieves ‘positive, strong, positive, and balanced’!

A good emerald green is to pay attention to the four standards of “Zhengyang thick and uniform”.

Positive: Refers to the range of shades.

According to the ratio of the primary color to the secondary color, it should be absolutely pure green, not mixed with other colors.

Thick: refers to the depth of the color.

As far as emerald green is concerned, the concentration is preferably between 70%-80%, and 90% is too thick.

Yang: refers to the brightness of the bright sun of the jade color.

The brightness of jadeite is mainly determined by the proportion of green and black or gray contained in jadeite. If the proportion of green is more, the color will be bright, and if it contains more black or gray, the color will be dark.

Average: refers to the uniformity of the color distribution of jadeite.

The color distribution of jadeite is generally uneven, and it is not easy to obtain jadeite with uniform color distribution. 【Note】

Seeing this piece of glass with excellent water and color, the imperial green jadeite, all the onlookers were excited and couldn’t help themselves.

This is the top texture of jadeite, the most beautiful color of green, and how exciting it would be to see it unravel from the rough!

Emperor green, the top green color, whether it is yellow yang green, scallion green, parrot green, apple green, yang green, emerald green, even full green can’t compare with it.

It is the most noble color, so it is crowned with the name of ‘Emperor’.

And the glass species Imperial Green is one grade higher than the ordinary glass species, and it is the best of the well-deserved best!

Except for a few guests who complained that they were not in the deposit, everyone held their breath as they watched the birth of this piece of glass jade.

Several homeowners also stared at the big screen intently, with thousands of thoughts in their minds.

If it was said that they were trying to make friends with ‘Gu Yun’ before, if they had the opportunity to win him over to join the family——

Now that they saw this top-notch glass species of imperial green, they immediately decided to increase their stakes. No matter what the cost, they must let Gu Yun join them!

This is the rarest top jadeite. Whether it is luck or strength, this young man named Gu Yun must not be missed, otherwise it will be a huge loss!

At the same time, this jadeite must also be photographed!

Under the incomparably hot eyes of everyone, the expression on Bai Jing’s face did not change in the slightest.

This piece of black Usha wool is not big, and after wiping it for a while, the jade inside has exposed a fist-sized window.

With a strong light, you can see that the green has penetrated into the wool, and the green has been eaten!

However, at this exciting moment, Bai Jing did not continue to wipe the stone, but replaced it with a laser knife.

The blue cold light shines like a blade, and the white fingers hold the handle. Under the shocked eyes of everyone, they simply cut a knife along the bottom third, directly dividing the wool into two!

‘Fuck, it’s too ruthless, just cut out the wool of the glass seed and cut it! ’

‘As expected of Gu Yun, his mentality is good! ’

This is a common thought in people’s minds.

They really sweated for Gu Yun just now. If they weren’t afraid of affecting each other’s feel, they would immediately scream.

And the audience on Xingwang is no longer good, because they will not affect the scene, so they vent their emotions unscrupulously.

【Ah ah ah ah ah–】

[Fuck, f*ck, just cut the glass imperial green jade? ? ? 】

[It’s so exciting, my whole body is shaking! 】

[When the laser knife fell, my breathing stopped! ! 】

【Brother Gu Yun, you scared me—】

[Damn, Gu Yun is too fierce, too A, I love it so much! ! 】

Everyone was shocked by his hand, but other than that, it was exciting, unparalleled excitement, which made their adrenaline soar in an instant, and couldn’t wait to look at the big screen.

Did it cut up?

In the cut surface of the wool, the exposed half is flocculent white cotton, and the other side is normal green.

Although many people feel that it is a pity that the other half is not jadeite, but with this knife, the outline of this glass-type jadeite is completely solved, and there is no suspense in the surge!

At this moment, someone caught a glimpse of Zhuo Qin’s screen.

“Look, it’s green, and No. 10 is green too!”

“My God, this is Zhuo Qin’s second piece—”

This is another piece of wool that Zhuo Qin used besides the waxy red jade, and it turned out to be green as well.

From the surface, this wool material is a gray-white rock with weathered marks on the surface and a few thin cracks, which are very shallow and should not go deep into the interior.

No matter how you look at it, this is an ordinary stone with a very ordinary performance.

But on the big screen, the calcite master used the stone cutter to cut a few knives along the leather shell, and you can see that there is a clear green color on the cut surface, with a grease-like color.

“It’s You Qing Seed!”

“A piece of glutinous red jade, a piece of oily green seed, Zhuo Qin is too powerful!”

Everyone was amazed, what day is today, to see so many high-quality jadeites born.

A piece of glass is of imperial green, a piece of waxy red jade, and a piece of oily green!

Isn’t this the previous competition of low-level stone gamblers?

The rate of increase in gambling is so high, and the quality of jadeite is so good, I am afraid that even many intermediate stone gamblers cannot reach this level!

Although Gu Yun’s glass seed Emperor Green’s water is far better than the other two, the first thing to look at in the stone betting battle is the betting rate; only when the betting rate is the same, will the value of jade be judged.

Gu Yun might lose this time, but everyone didn’t care.

If you can solve the top-quality jadeite such as the glass species imperial green, what is the loss?

However, before they could take another look at You Qingzhong, a voice from the other side also sounded.

“Damn it, are my eyes gone? Gu Yun’s No. 5 is also green–!”

When everyone looked at the screen on the other side, the person suddenly shouted, and even his voice was hoarse.

Everyone hurriedly looked up and looked for the screen of No. 5.

Because there are three pieces of wool material to unravel the jadeite in succession, in order to facilitate everyone to watch, the images of these pieces of jadeite are specially enlarged on the big screen.

Now someone made a sound, and the screen immediately switched to four parts, displaying the four jadeites separately.

Everyone took a closer look, and sure enough, there was a light green color in the No. 5 wool material. In the translucent texture, the waves were bright and clear and gratifying.

“It’s the hibiscus species!!”

No. 5 wool is bigger than a basketball. It is the most common lime-skin shell. The calcite master cut three or four knives along the python belt, but no green was found.

Seeing that only the last quarter of this wool material was left, but the cut surface was still a white stone, the calcite master was about to give up, and planned to take the last cut.

Unexpectedly, after about two centimeters inward along the cut surface, a knife will immediately turn green, and it is still the hibiscus species second only to the ice species!

All the people in the audience were boiling. Four of the ten pieces of wool material contained jadeite, and there were high-grade jadeite such as glass, glutinous, and hibiscus. For a low-level stone gambler, this was a miracle!

Glass seed and glutinous seed must have gone up, and whether the other two bet have gone up or not, this is a stone betting battle that is memorable enough!

A lot of people don’t need to pay attention to betting anymore, because they only bet two dollars at most, and almost no one will bet three or four!

Anyway, it’s all wrong, it’s better to look at the gambling stones, and just spend money to buy tickets——

Damn, this ticket is really TMD worth it!

Hearing the deafening cheers from the audience, mixed with crazy roars, Zhuo Qin, who has always been calm, was also a little emotional. In addition, she was already very excited, and the hand holding the grinding wheel was dripping with fine sweat and almost slipped.

She stopped, put the grinding wheel aside, asked Master Xie Shi to help solve the last part, and then looked at Gu Yun beside her.

The other party lowered his head intently, his long and slender eyelashes trembled slightly, and his beautiful brown eyes stared intently at the black shaggy wool that was about to be unwrapped. The movements of his hands were smooth and natural, without being affected in the slightest.

Zhuo Qin’s face was slightly red, and his eyes were unconsciously glued to him.

Seeing the young man with a focused expression, the hustle and bustle under the stage seemed to gradually fade away in her ears, as if time had slowed down, and what she heard was her own ‘thump thump’ heartbeat.

[Zhuo Qin blushed. 】

[Stand for a second at Zhuo Qin and Gu Yun’s CP. 】

In the box on the second floor, seeing this scene, Gu Yuanchao’s expression was icy cold, his chest was like a big rock being blocked, and the uncontrollable aura released Qiao An’s cold sweat.

Joan: “…”

Otherwise, I’d better go out and hide.

On the high platform, the calcite is nearing its end.

“Well, that crack still went in a bit—” someone sighed.

I saw that the oily green seed that was unraveled from the No. 10 wool material had small cracks in the lower part. The calcite master cut off the broken jade, leaving only half a fist-sized jadeite. I am afraid it is difficult to bet on it.

In the end, four of the ten pieces of wool were solved for jadeite, and three of them went up:

They are Baijing’s glass type imperial green, hibiscus type Huangyang green, and Zhuoqin’s waxy type red jade!

The three jadeite bets went up, and all of them went up!

This is a scene no one can forget after a long time!

The host Tan Shu: “The result of this stone betting battle has come out. Let us congratulate the winner of this stone betting battle – the second-level stone betting master Gu Yun!”

“Gu Yun—! Gu Yun—!”

Everyone in the audience shouted Gu Yun’s name frantically, almost hoarse, even ignoring the presence of the next few patriarchs.

The young people on the high platform can always bring them new excitement, new look and feel, exquisite appearance and unrivaled ability, he is the **** in the hearts of everyone in the stone gambling!

The coldness on the faces of the several family heads also disappeared, and they looked at Bai Jing as if they were looking at treasures, with a certain sense of inevitability.

They will definitely win this young man!

Whether it is luck or mentality, Gu Yun is stronger than the average stone gambler.

If you don’t do it now, you will definitely regret it later!


According to the regulations of the Gambling Stone Gambling Company, the released jadeite will be auctioned on the spot after obtaining the consent of the stone gambler.

This time, the first thing to start is naturally the much-anticipated glass imperial green jadeite.

This jadeite weighs 3.0 kilograms and is almost completely transparent. It is as clean and clear as glass, with a delicate texture, clear and flawless, and pure without a trace of impurities.

That green is even more beautiful, bright and vivid but not too intense, evenly emerald green in color, more oily than emeralds, more moist than green leaves after rain, more gratifying than full green, a beauty that cannot be described in words.

This jadeite will definitely fetch a sky-high price.

The wool merchants, speculators, jade merchants, energy experts, major families, etc. who came to hear the news from Xingwang, crowded the entire hall of the gambling stone shop, and they all came to block the elegance of this top-quality jadeite. .

Of course, people with rich assets have the idea of ​​​​taking this superb jadeite in their pockets, even at all costs!

All eyes were on the host and Bai Jing, and there were even many urging voices.

Several patriarchs looked at each other and prepared to bid.

This is not only a matter of top-quality jadeite, but also a certificate of invitation to Gu Yun, and you must get it!

At this moment, a tall figure appeared on the high platform.

A black military uniform outlines his slender and tall body, with wide shoulders, narrow waist and long legs, and the faint muscular lines show strength, which is the perfect proportion that all men envy.

The eighth-rank golden military insignia on his shoulder indicates his status as a major general of the empire.

His facial features are sharp, his face is handsome, and he has a strong momentum. No one can ignore his existence on the stage.

“Young Master Gu, it’s Young Master Gu—”

“Gu Shao! Gu Shao!”

The people in the audience fell into a frenzy, and the people on the star network even more, the number of people in the live broadcast room exploded in an instant, and went straight to the top.

【Gu Shao ah ah ah ah-】

【What kind of fairy day is today! ! 】

[Young Master Gu, the head of the Min family, the head of the Ning family, the head of the Shen family… Cough, why do I smell the smell of the Asura Field? 】

The author has something to say: Small Theater:

Other people’s Shura field:

XX Duke: Ah Jing, I love you!

Prince XX: Marry me for nothing.

Marshal XX: Go away, Bai Jing is my fiancee.

The Shura Field of the Book:

The head of the Ning family: Gu Yun, join our family.

The head of the Min family: Gu Yun, join our family.

Gu Shao (angry): Ah Jing is mine!

The head of the Shen family: It doesn’t matter, Gu Yun can join our family.

Gu Shao: QAQ

[Note] Part of the content is excerpted from Baidu Encyclopedia.


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