God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 34

Gu Yuanchao didn’t care at all about the frantic screams, roars, and scorching gazes of the countless people in the audience. In his eyes, there was only the glowing young man standing on the stage.

Under everyone’s attention, Gu Yuanchao walked straight to Bai Jing’s side and stood side by side with him.

The light shone on the two of them, Gu Yuanchao in a black military uniform was handsome and tall, and the white scene in a light-colored suit was beautiful and slender. When the two stand together, it is like the combination of light and darkness, the fusion of ice and fire, there is an atmosphere that no one else can get in, and it is very harmonious.

[Cough, I stand for a second for Gu Shao and Yunyun, don’t hit me (dog head). 】

[+1, I too…]

【you’re not alone. 】

[These two people stand together, the sense of CP is really too strong. 】

Hearing these voices in the live broadcast room, Gu Shao’s huge fan base did not immediately refute.

Perhaps Gu Yuanchao’s aura of a 3S-level powerhouse was too strong, and no matter who stood with him, there was a feeling of being unworthy.

Whether it is a talented stone gambler or a noble girl from an aristocratic family, as long as he stays by Young Master Gu’s side, he will become bleak and have no sense of existence.

But this time, the young man standing beside him was not suppressed at all, on the contrary, he became more dazzling, and his momentum did not lose the opponent at all.

There was a very harmonious atmosphere between the two, like… it should be.

When Gu Yuanchao looked at Bai Jing, his sharp eyes softened instantly, and there seemed to be a smile in his eyes, but he returned to his old arrogance when facing others.

He looked down at everyone in the audience: “Before the auction, I have one thing to announce:

As Gu’s side branch, Gu Yun has signed an exclusive stone gambler agreement with Gu’s, in other words: he is now my person—”


Several patriarchs sighed in their hearts, never expecting Young Master Gu to start so quickly.

Gu’s exclusive stone gambler?

With such a high treatment, Mrs Gu is really generous!

And this just shows the value of youth.

Several homeowners felt remorse in their hearts.

Why didn’t he immediately take action when Gu Yun was just emerging, but waited until the youth made a big splash and was discovered by everyone before fighting for it?

What a misstep!

Alas, it seems that they are far less vicious than the heirs of the Gu family.

The Gu family is worthy of being the number one chaebol in the empire. This vision and timing are just right, and it is really amazing not to give others a chance to take advantage of it!

It’s a pity that regret is useless now. How dare they provoke such a behemoth Gu easily?

It’s just that the people are gone, what about the jadeite?

They are determined to win that piece of glass, the imperial green jadeite!

Gu Yuanchao turned his head to look at Bai Jing, his eyes were gentle, and his magnetic voice revealed a bit of pampering: “Yunyun, do you want to auction this piece of glass imperial green jade?”

Bai Jing frowned and looked at him: “…?”

Isn’t there an agreement, why do you want to ask him?

He looked at the host: “Sorry, this piece of glass imperial green jadeite will not be auctioned for the time being.”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone in the audience was disappointed.

This kind of top-quality jadeite is rare, and everyone is naturally curious about what kind of high price it can be sold for, and who can finally get this jadeite.

As for the people who came later, not to mention, they all came for this top-quality jadeite, and now there is no auction, how can they be reconciled.

“Why not auction it?”

“We are here for this jadeite!”

“This kind of top-quality jadeite can only reflect its value if it is auctioned at a high price!”

At first, many people were afraid of Gu Shao’s majesty, but this was a matter of interest. Since a few people started shouting, everyone followed suit.

Gu Yuanchao smiled and looked at Bai Jing: “Yunyun, since everyone wants to auction, let’s do it.”

Bai Jing: “…Okay.”

Anyway, it’s not a loss for him.

Gu Yuanchao: “Don’t worry, I will definitely catch this jadeite.”

The host received Gu Shao’s gaze, and immediately put on a professional and sweet smile on his face.

“Sorry to keep you all waiting.

Next, Mr. Gu will auction this 3.0kg glass-type imperial green jadeite on his behalf. As a rare and top-quality jadeite, no need to say more, everyone can feel the value of it.

The auction starts below! ”

“Ten million stars!”

A well-known wool merchant opened his mouth with 10 million star coins. With the nervous inhalation of everyone, the atmosphere in the hall was pushed to a climax.

“I give fifteen million!”

“16 million star coins!”

“Eighteen million star coins!”

“Twenty million stars!”

After a wealthy businessman called out the auction price of 20 million star coins, the bidding voice behind him gradually weakened.

Twenty million star coins is not a small amount, not to mention the ‘cash’ that will be paid soon, non-fixed assets.

By this time, all those with weak strength have already withdrawn from the competition, and the next is the contest between the aristocratic families.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on several patriarchs. They started the auction and haven’t made any bids until now.

Sure enough, the head of the Ning family started the first bid: “Thirty million star coins!”

[Fuck, 30 million Star Coins directly, a price increase of 6 million at a time! 】

[As expected of the aristocratic family of Proxima Centauri, it is arrogance! 】

[I don’t know what kind of sky-high price this jadeite can be sold for, I look forward to it. 】

The head of the Min family was unwilling to follow: “Thirty-five million star coins!”

The Patriarch of the Shen family glanced at the two of them inexplicably, and said slowly, “Thirty-eight million star coins.”

This price is already high, and I am afraid to consider it further.

Unexpectedly, Ning Qiuchen continued to increase the price: “Forty million stars!”

Min Qi also continued to bid: “Forty-two million star coins!”

This is the top glass type of imperial green. In addition to the value of jadeite itself, it also brings fame, traffic, and shock to other families, etc., which should not be underestimated.

The head of the Shen family was silent for a moment and gave up the bid.

This price is already close to the valuation of this jadeite in his mind, and the profit will not be much higher.

At present, the purity limit of all energy liquids is 80%, and even if top-quality jadeite is used as raw material, it will not exceed this purity.

Even a master-level energy engineer, as long as there is a little loss in the extraction process, it is a huge loss for this top-quality jadeite, and it also means a decrease in profits.

He thought about it again and again, but gave up the jadeite.

If Gu Yun hadn’t become the exclusive stone gambler of the Gu family, maybe he would still fight, but now that the boat is done, it’s not worth taking such a big risk.

Seeing that Shen Bo was no longer bidding, Ning Qiuchen pondered for a moment and shouted out the high price of 43 million star coins.

This is the limit of his psychological price, and he will not continue to bid above this price.

After the head of the Ning family called out the price, Min Qi also fell silent.

Several family owners are all experienced business leaders. Since the jadeite just appeared, they have calculated the benefits and losses in their hearts, and the valuation of this jadeite is almost the same. Now it has indeed reached a critical point. Too much risk.

Seeing that neither of them made any more bids, Ning Qiuchen breathed a sigh of relief.

This piece of jade is finally in my hands, and there is an explanation from the lady.

Moreover, although Gu Yun had already been attacked in advance by the Gu family, it would be worth it if he could befriend him with this jadeite.

Just when everyone thought that this jadeite would be in the pocket of the Ning family, Gu Yuanchao opened his thin lips slightly and shouted a price that shocked everyone.

“Fifty million star coins.”

[Fuck, Gu Shao is awesome! 】

[As expected of Young Master Gu. 】

[The big guy is the big guy—]

On the basis of the highest price, he added seven million star coins without hesitation. The Gu family is worthy of being the number one chaebol, with a lot of wealth!

Several homeowners were also very surprised:

At this price, plus the cost of hiring a master energy engineer and the unavoidable loss, there is absolutely no profit at all. Shouldn’t Young Master Gu be a loss-making business?

However, when he caught a glimpse of Gu Shao’s gaze towards the young man, he seemed to have an answer.

Cough cough, well, since it’s all for this sake, then there is no need for them to fight.

Several patriarchs were still very sorry when they left. How could Gu Shaoxian get such a good seedling?

Now it seems that there is no hope.

However, they still asked Qiao An for Gu Yun’s contact information. This face is always necessary, right? !

In the end, several people walked away angrily.

Not even giving a means of communication is really outrageous! Is it necessary to be so guarded? !


Next, the 4.5kg glutinous red jade that Zhuo Qin solved was auctioned for a high price of 3.5 million star coins because of its rare color.

Another piece of hibiscus of the same size in Baijing, Huangyang Green, was auctioned at 2.6 million star coins among the bidding prices of wool dealers, and the overall harvest was huge.

This stone gambling battle has come to an end, and many people left with satisfaction.

After watching today’s stone betting battle, the remaining few stone betting games have become less hopeful, so let’s wait for two days to come back.

The traffic on Star Online about this stone betting battle also reached an astronomical figure.

before it’s over,

#Glass Imperial Green Jade#

#Genius stone gambler Gu Yun#

Hot words such as #Gushaoappear# have reached the top one after another, and the popularity is unrivaled.

Gu Yun’s number of fans has also increased steadily. This time, the gambling battle alone has increased by several million fans, and the video of him solving the glass species of emperor green jade is also spreading on Xing.com. In just one day, it was on-demand. The amount exceeds one million.

At the same time, a small group of CP fans of Gu Shao and ‘Gu Yun’ began to be established, reaching hundreds of thousands in just a few hours, and they are still rising.

[Fuck, these two match up. 】

[Sisters, hurry up, look at Young Master Gu’s doting gaze. Animation.jpg]

【Ah ah ah, I am gone—]

[There is also this sentence from Young Master Gu: He is my person now. 】

【my people! Isn’t this a naked declaration of sovereignty! 】

[Knocked me to death, woo woo woo-]

Before getting down from the high platform, Zhuo Qin walked across from Bai Jing with a blushing face: “Gu Yun, I’m your fan, can you add your contact information? I won’t spread it.”

Bai Jing rarely refuses girls, and the other party is also an outstanding stone gambler. Maybe there will be an exchange of experience later, so he agrees.

Gu Yuanchao did not forcefully step forward to stop him. He respected Bai Jing and would not interfere in his private affairs.

It’s just that those bottomless black eyes looked at Zhuo Qin as if they had been frozen for ten thousand years. The will of the sentence was completely aborted.

Today, there is Gu Yun’s stone betting battle, Liang Heng skillfully boarded the Star Domain account to thank the fans, and by the way, he found a few high-definition pictures of the other party’s immortal appearance and uploaded them.

Quantum data screened out the most perfect Jiugongge pictures from all angles. Minister Liang took a look at them one by one: Hey, why are there three of them standing with Young Master Gu?

Well, but these pictures are really good-looking, double the value of the crit, let’s send it out like this.

After Liang Heng’s operation this month, it has become his pleasure to watch the number of fans rising every day.

Even if the number of rises drops one day, he will rack his brains to do things such as lottery draws and distribution of GIF benefits. It can be said that he has followed Mr. Gu’s orders to the end.

He quickly sent out the high-definition pictures of Jiugongge, and added the text: Thank you for your support.

Bai Jing’s cold and polite attitude was brought into full play.

【Ah ah ah, so handsome. 】

[Yunyun is really beautiful and handsome, and his strength is so strong! 】

[Stunning beauty, hey, why is my screen wet—]

[Wow, there is Young Master Gu in the picture, Chaoyun CP is real! 】

[The two of them stand together really well! 】

These pictures are really beautiful, and the number of retweets quickly reached hundreds of thousands. While the popularity rose, it also attracted a large number of aggressive Gu Shao fans.

[Served, don’t mess around with CP, okay? 】

[There are so many photos, I have to put photos of the two of them together, and I also put three photos, my mind is clear. 】

[You want to touch Mr. Gu again, isn’t the current popularity enough? 】

[Haha, isn’t the character design of the **** strength not good, the fans have turned black. 】

Gu Yuanchao, as a major general of the empire, heir to the Gu family, an excellent family, a distinguished status, and himself a 3S-level powerhouse, the number of fans has always been high, and no one can match the number one throne of the empire.

With them ending, Gu Yun’s comment area was immediately captured and in a mess.

Gu Yun’s fans are not to be outdone. Although their number is less than many Gu’s fans by hundreds of millions, but because Gu Yun has frequently participated in the gambling battle recently, they attract the most active fans.

[Just put a photo, is Gu Shao shameless? Don’t exaggerate too much, fans. 】

[Oh, putting a few photos is just touching the porcelain, Ye smiled. 】

[I don’t want to take pictures and let your family member Gu stand far away! 】

[God Yun is Gu’s exclusive stone gambler, well, you guys can actually tear it up. 】

There are two groups of Gu Yun’s fans, one is a mother’s fan, who loves Gu Yun very much, and generally calls him “Yunyun”;

The other wave is younger fans who worship Gu Yun’s strength and will call him ‘God of Clouds’.

But being able to unravel the glass-species Imperial Green Jadeite is a well-deserved voice of ‘God of Clouds’.

Liang Heng looked at the comment area that was getting louder and more ruthless, and was a little stunned.

He really didn’t expect this to happen!

It’s just a few photos, he didn’t do anything.

Seeing the drop in the number of fans by more than 10,000, Liang Heng regretted in his heart, these are the fans he has worked so hard to accumulate!

It’s the fruit of his labor, **** it!

But for this matter, he did not think of any solution for a while.

Although he has been operating this account at the request of Young Master Gu, Liang Heng’s job is the Minister of Information, and he does not understand the intrigue among fans.


When he adjusted his mentality and refreshed again, he found that the number of fans he had just dropped had returned, and it was still increasing rapidly, and the comment area became harmonious.

! what’s the situation?

Liang Heng took a look. It turns out that Gu Shao, who has never logged into his account for ten thousand years, is online and forwarded the message just now.

[Major General Gu Yuanchao: The photos are very nice. @Gambler Gu Yun]

At this time, Young Master Gu’s fans completely extinguished their arrogance and dared not speak any more.

The most admired idol, Wannian, doesn’t log in to the Star Domain. As soon as he goes online, he forwards this news. It can be seen that he is protecting Gu Yun. What else can they say?

The ridicule just now made them feel ashamed like a joke, their faces were slapped, and they all went offline.

At the same time, the CP fans of Gu Yuanchao and Gu Yun’s “Chaoyun” were rejoicing and could not wait to set off fireworks to celebrate.

However, they learned from the previous lessons, formed a circle of their own, began to produce their own output, and encircled their own territory.

[Young Master Gu actually logged into the account to clarify, what does this mean? 】

[Sisters, Chaoyun is real! 】

[+1, Young Master Gu is really a pet. 】

[+1, today’s candy is really delicious. 】

The CP fans were so sweet and screamed, and some people cut a collection of Gu Yuanchao’s eyes looking at Bai Jing, plus the words proclaiming sovereignty, put together, it was so sweet that it was so sweet.

Gu Yuanchao’s slender fingers brushed his light brain, he clicked on the entry “Chaoyun”, and smiled lightly.

The author has something to say: Calvinka to Bald QAQ.

Small Theater 1:

Several homeowners (confident): Give me Gu Yun’s contact information, there must be some face for this.

Several homeowners (angry): Fuck, I really have no face!

Small Theater 2:

Liang Heng: These are all my fans, woo woo woo, none of them can be missing. fury.jpg

Gu Shao: I knock my own CP, happy.


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