God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 35

The glass imperial green jadeite that Bai Jing bet on was auctioned at a high price of 50 million star coins. In addition to the hibiscus jadeite with yellow sun green, after paying off all the debts owed to Gu Yuanchao, there are still four remaining in the hand. Millions of stars.

Bai Jing looked at the string of zeros on the account, his brown eyes were full of smiles, and he finally owed no one’s favor.

Since he had found a rare and top-quality jadeite, when he left the gambling stone shop, although he had been careful enough to hide, he could not avoid being tracked.

It was obviously not the first time for these people to do this kind of thing. They were well-trained as a whole and drove the hover car at a tricky angle that was extremely difficult to detect. If it wasn’t for Bai Jing’s extremely keen perception, I’m afraid they wouldn’t have discovered them.

After Bai Jing noticed it, he immediately increased the speed of the suspension car. The streamlined body looked like a white streamer soaring into the sky, but when it rose into the air, it made a 360-degree gravity sinking flip, throwing it away with excellent speed and skill. tracker.

Of course, this is also due to Minister Liang’s timely positioning and truncation.

Since knowing the identity of Master Bai, he has been assigned a new task by Gu Shaojia – to protect Bai Jing and prevent him from being discovered by anyone.

As a result, Minister Liang’s work was much busier than two months ago.

In contrast, his annual salary has also doubled, so I am also enjoying it.

After returning home, Bai Jing canceled the registration for the stone gambling war, and planned to suspend the stone gambling war for two weeks, and then restart it after the limelight passed.

It took him two days to extract the tertiary energy liquid from the several small pieces of oily green seed and fine bean seed jade that had been broken down recently.

This time, Bai Jing deliberately left some impurities without removing them, so that the purity would not reach the highest quality, but would be stable at medium and high quality, and would not be too noticeable.

He agreed with the Xinghai Network Auction House to provide 40-50 Level 3 energy boxes or 10 Level 4 energy boxes every month, which is the level of spiritual power of a normal senior energy engineer.

The person in charge Huang Jiu and Lu Meng were very grateful, and said, “It’s hard work, Master Bai.”

The master actually gave up the production of advanced energy boxes and put all his energy into cooperation with their shop, which really made them unable to repay.

However, in addition to gratitude, the two were more excited and excited.

With a steady source of high-quality energy fluid every month, their store’s ranking will definitely rise again!

After a month, the energy box of Xinghai Auction House was completely famous.

When people choose energy boxes, they will not give priority to the top three online auction houses, but will stay in their stores early and wait for the daily auctions to be on the shelves!

Within a minute of the master’s energy liquid being put on the shelves, someone must make an offer, and then several people compete to bid, and the number on the quotation device rises wildly. Almost every transaction price is 1.5 times to 2 times the reference price, and no item can Fight it!

The explosion of energy liquid attracted a large number of people, and also drove the sales of other auction items in the store, which made the turnover of Xinghai Auction House rise steadily.

In just one month, the total revenue surpassed that of the third-ranked Carter Auction House, ranking third on the throne!

Not only that, with the increase of fame, the quality of the consignment items received by Lumeng has also been continuously improved.

In this way, a virtuous circle has gradually formed, and Lumen’s work has also been much easier.

After gaining a certain reputation, many advertisers began to place advertisements on the big screens in the store;

Even a few well-known mecha makers came to the door to discuss cooperation with the person in charge, Huang Jiu, and planned to put the low-level mechas on the Xinghai auction house for consignment.

If we can really reach a cooperation, then Xinghai Auction House will go further!

And all of this was brought by Master Bai. Without him, there would be no auction house today!

Now, Xinghai Auction House has waived all the consignment fees for Bai Jing, and in addition, there are various other discounts.

Compared with this interest, the trust of the master is more important, and they hope to maintain long-term cooperation with the master.

Bai Jing didn’t think about it so much, and never thought of changing partners.

It only takes two days for him to make these energy boxes. If there is not enough mental energy in the middle, he can immediately revive with full blood by absorbing a box of third-level energy liquid, and it will not take too much time.

As he absorbed more and more energy, Bai Jing felt that his spiritual power was constantly getting stronger. Before, he could only extract up to five third-level energy liquids, but now he can extract ten at a time without the slightest fatigue.

After dividing the fifty energy boxes into groups of five and setting them to be sent every three days, Bai Jing looked at the top-grade glass-species imperial green emeralds placed on the table.

The day after the stone gambling battle ended, Gu Yuanchao came here and returned the jadeite to him.

Bai Jing: ?

Seeing the boy’s puzzled eyes, Gu Yuanchao chuckled lightly: “Do you remember our previous agreement, the mysterious Master Energy Master? This jadeite is the raw material I provided, and I will put it with you first.”

After he finished speaking, he added: “This kind of top-quality jadeite requires a huge amount of mental energy. You must be careful when extracting it, and don’t force yourself.”

Bai Jing hesitated: “However, I have never extracted high-level energy liquid, and it is very likely that I will fail.

Such a precious jade, otherwise… you should find another energy engineer. ”

Emerald with fifty million star coins, even a single mistake in the operation process may cause millions of losses. He currently does not have this ability.

Gu Yuanchao’s tone was very soft, with strong comfort: “It doesn’t matter, mistakes are normal, there is no energy engineer who can’t make mistakes.

A Jing, don’t worry, I can wait. ”

Facing the trusting gaze of the other party, Bai Jing nodded: “Okay, I will give it a try.”

Then, Gu Yuanchao stayed here, and the reason given was that it was too late and it was not safe to travel late at night.

Bai Jing looked at the sky that had just darkened outside and was silent for a long time.

Forget it, he can live as long as he wants, there are still rooms available anyway, as long as he doesn’t disturb himself.

If Gu Yuanchao wanted to live here when he first moved in, Bai Jing would definitely move out without hesitation.

But now, maybe it’s because Gu Yuanchao is too good to him, or maybe there are many similarities between the two; Bai Jing has long recognized his friend’s identity in his heart, and his tolerance is constantly decreasing, even surpassing ordinary friends bottom line.

Fortunately for Bai Jing, however, Gu Yuanchao seemed to be very busy every day and returned very few times a week.

Even when he came back, he just had a meal together and chatted a few times, never interfering in his private affairs.

This sense of proportion in getting along with adults made Bai Jing more trusting and favoring him.

Operating room adjacent to the master bedroom.

Bai Jing looked at the crystal clear, emerald green glass jade on the table, took a deep breath, and planned to try it first, if it didn’t work, he would stop in time.

The spiritual force condensed into a thin line and protruded from the body, and the perception power also appeared together. The two blended with each other, and the white thin line was slowly dyed with gold.

The current thin line of spiritual power is not as thin as the hair at the beginning. With the improvement of spiritual power, the white thin line has become much thicker, and it is as thick as ordinary wool, and the perception has also become much stronger.

The moment the long golden line penetrated into the Jadeite, Bai Jing’s mind throbbed, and his smooth forehead was instantly covered with fine cold sweat.

The inside of this glass-type jade seems to have turned into a deep black hole, which is frantically extracting the spiritual power from his body!

Bai Jing bit his lower lip and put all his mental power into it. The original thin line-like mental power became the thickness of chopsticks, trying to extract the energy liquid from the ‘black hole’.

One drop, two drops…

In less than a minute, Bai Jing suddenly withdrew his mental power, followed by a needle-like pain in the head.

It’s like taking a needle and poking it at the nerve, until he stretches his mental power into a third-level energy box like a conditioned reflex.

After absorbing four boxes of third-level energy liquid in a row, Bai Jing’s pale face recovered, and he slowly sat up straight from the seat.

There was only a tiny bit of energy liquid extracted from the silver box next to it, very little, and even the bottom of the box was not completely covered.

But the liquid inside is clear and pure, the green is bright and bright, full of lustre, as if endless greenness has been injected into the clear spring water, which is clean and heartbreaking.

Bai Jing took out the detector next to it and tested it, and it showed that the purity was: 82.43%.

This is a purity unmatched in the entire interstellar history.

No one has ever achieved such a high degree of purity since the foundation of the empire!

Glass species with ordinary color or high ice species with pure color belong to grade 6 jadeite, and the extracted energy liquid is grade 6, and the purity is between 60% and 70%, and most of them are below 65%.

Yang green and emerald-grade glass species can extract higher-purity energy liquid, but it cannot reach the level of 7-level energy liquid, and at most it is the best in 6-level energy liquid, and the purity also does not exceed 70%.

The higher the level of jadeite, the stronger the mental power required.

At the level of the sixth-level energy liquid, it is extremely difficult to increase every 1%. It is necessary to consider the environment, fortune, timing, the age, state, and spiritual power of the energy master. Whether it is maintained at the best period and so on.

The reason why the ranking of master energy masters is high and low depends on the purity gap of 1% or even 0.5%.

However, top-grade jadeites such as glass-type imperial green, top-grade blood jade, and supreme yellow are scarce in number, which can raise the purity by one level.

Today, the energy liquid with the highest purity is the seventh-level energy liquid extracted by Master Gu Hang from the top-grade red jade a hundred years ago. The purity is as high as 79.42%.

But now, the purity of the energy liquid extracted by Bai Jing has reached 82.43%, surpassing all previous records, which is definitely a miracle!

Fortunately, this detector is the highest-level detector, which has been encrypted and will not return data. Coupled with the constant operation of Gu’s anti-reconnaissance system, otherwise it will definitely cause a sensation in the entire energy world and even the entire empire!

Bai Jing rubbed his forehead lightly. Now his mental power level is not enough to extract the energy in this top jadeite, and he needs to improve it step by step.

He must first extract the energy liquid of the fourth and fifth levels, and slowly transition to the sixth level. When the mental power has accumulated to a certain level, he can try to extract the energy from this top glass jade again.

But where do the raw materials come from?

I have already obtained the white scene of the glass species of imperial green, and I don’t want to trouble Gu Yuanchao for the time being.

‘I knew earlier that I wouldn’t auction that hibiscus jadeite. ‘ Bai Jing thought regretfully.

At this moment, the video communication of the fat man Jin Mao called.

They kept in touch during this time.

However, because Bai Jing has become an official stone gambler, and Jin Mao and An Ge are still gambling stone apprentices, for the sake of each other’s gambling growth rate, the two went to gambling stone street several times and did not invite Bai Jing.

But now, Jin Mao is only one point away from the promotion, and so is An Ge.

The two of them together simply called Bai Jing together, and strived to win the badge of the first-level stone gambler today in one fell swoop.

Jin Mao: “Brother Jing, we are still one point away from the promotion. Do you have time? Let’s go to Gambling Stone Street together in the afternoon?”

Bai Jing: “Okay.”

It has been more than a month since he last went to Gambling Stone Street.

After such a long time, I am afraid everyone has long forgotten his deeds, just bought some wool and came back to solve it.

Bai Jing scattered the combed hair with a special spray, and gently fiddled with his white fingertips. The fine strands of hair fell naturally between his foreheads and fell to the brows, soft and fluffy.

The thin lines drawn at the end of the eyes were also wiped off, and the maturity and sternness on the stage was a little less.

The thick black-rimmed glasses framed on the bridge of the tall nose blocked those beautiful brown eyes and became ordinary.

Before leaving, he hung the space button that Gu Yuanchao had given him around his neck. The space inside was more than 80 cubic meters, enough to hold dozens of pieces of wool.

Bai Jing drove a white hover car to the hovering area of ​​Goshi Street, and Jin Mao would bring An Ge to meet here.

Because there is a lot of people on Gambling Street, there are many floors in the hovering area. He and Jin Mao discussed it before and stopped at Area A on the 10th floor.

The white hover car fell from the window opened in the air, and stopped stably when approaching the ground, with excellent balance.

As soon as Bai Jing got out of the car, he saw the little fat man staring straight at the hovering car, his eyes glowing.

When he saw him getting out of the car, his eyes widened in disbelief.

“I, rely on me, Brother Jing, the owner of the car is actually you!”

“Brother Jing, honestly, have you been earning money from gambling stones recently, and you can actually afford an ‘S’ grade White Eagle!”

“Huh? No, that’s not right… White Eagle is a limited edition, and you can’t buy it now.”

Jin Mao couldn’t wait to stick his eyes on the smooth body, and muttered to himself.

Ah ah ah, this is the top sports car that all men yearn for, and there are no more than ten cars in the entire empire!

Bai Jing was silent for a moment: “Do you mean the ‘S-class’ this suspension car?”

Jin Mao: “Of course! Brother Jing, isn’t this car yours?”

Bai Jing: “…not mine, but a friend’s.”

Jin Mao exclaimed: “Oh my God, then your friend must have a very high status! And he must have a very good relationship with you, and even lent you Bai Ying!”

Seeing that Bai Jing was not interested in continuing to talk, he changed the subject wisely: “Hey, let’s go to Gambling Stone Street.”

An Ge and Bai Jing naturally have no objection.


Gambling Stone Street was still as lively as before, and the three went to the first shop as usual.

The stall owner Wang Ping greeted familiarly: “Master Jin and his friends came to Goshi Street to pick wool again, welcome and welcome!”

Then he looked at Bai Jing, his smile became more and more out of sight: “Oh, the young master is here too, it’s a rare customer, a rare customer – you must choose a few more pieces of wool, and this time it’s still a 20% discount!”

His impression of this young master was too deep. He solved the soaring hibiscus seed from the waste of gambling, and then he was favored by the old man Min. He was lucky.

On that day, the income of his shop had quadrupled to five times, and the people who came to pick wool almost emptied the shop.

Wang Ping’s eyes glowed when he looked at Bai Jing. He hoped that the young master would also have good luck this time, and that the bet would increase by one or two yuan to bring more business to their shop.

The first pile of wool on the booth was cheap and many people chose it, so Bai Jing went directly to the second pile of wool.

Now his perception limit has been raised to the point where he can detect thirty yuan at a time, and he will definitely be able to choose the right wool today.

Through the frequent gambling battles during this period, as well as the tens of thousands of pieces of wool that were in contact with Gu’s underground warehouse, Bai Jing’s judgment on the rough stone is much faster than before. Wool takes less than half a minute.

As for those that did not perform well in themselves, Bai Jing didn’t intend to waste time, just glanced at them and skipped them.

Even if there is jade in these wool materials, it is not his choice.

It took about half an hour for Bai Jing to read through the pile of wool, and picked out ten pieces that barely caught his eye, and probed into his perception.

After the perception touched his fingertips intimately, it divided into two strands and entered two pieces of wool along the leather shell.

As Bai Jing absorbs more and more energy liquid, his abilities are constantly upgrading, and the number, speed, and activity of perception are not comparable to those of the past.

Now he can not only identify the jade’s seed water through the active reaction, but also perceive the color and structure of the jade, which is almost equivalent to a rough 3D model presented in his mind.

Two minutes later, he sensed that three of the ten pieces of wool were emeralds.

In addition to a large oily green seed, the other two are crude bean seed and dry green seed, which are not attractive to Baijing now.

He put the piece of wool that could unravel the oily green seeds into the shopping cart, and then picked two loose wools and went directly to the place where the half-betting wools were placed.

Fatty Jin Mao and An Ge were still struggling in the first pile of wool.

The two had seven or eight pieces of wool in their shopping carts, and depending on their momentum, they had to pick a few more pieces before they stopped.

Now there is only one point away from the first-level stone gambler. Both of them are ruthless, and they must get it today!

Anyway, the price of wool here is not high, the quality is not good, then use the quantity to win!

Bai Jing came to the stone platform where half gambling wool was placed.

There are a total of seven or eight pieces of betting wool, all of which have been wiped open.

The windows are big and small, some are only **** wide, some are about the size of an adult’s palm, and without exception, they are all green.

A middle-aged man is holding a magnifying glass and a strong light, and is looking at the jade inside one of the wool windows.

There is a rule in the normal stone gambling world, that is, if someone is looking at a piece of wool, other people can only come forward after the person has read it, and follow the order of first come first to avoid disputes.

Otherwise, if two people like a piece of wool at the same time, who will sell it to first?

This is not an auction house. Every piece of wool has a price tag, and the one with the highest price will greatly damage the store’s reputation.

Bai Jing glanced at it from the side. The piece of wool that the middle-aged man was looking at was about thirty centimeters long and fifteen centimeters high. It was a flat irregular polygon with sharp edges and corners.

The wool is a typical white-salt-sand-skin wool. The skin is fine, with a few clusters of gray-white pine flowers on the surface. A two-finger-wide ‘window’ opens on the right, with a light green color showing through, and the texture has reached the level of ice !

‘The price of this wool must be high. ‘ Bai Jing secretly judged.

The white salt sand peel is originally the best among the white sand peels. It is easy to get high green, and the window opened is still ice, the color is also not bad, it should not be less than 5 million.

He was also very optimistic about this piece of white salt sand skin. By checking the cover of another piece of wool next to him, Bai Jing penetrated into the inside of the wool without a trace, and after a few seconds, his pupils shrank suddenly!

The ice species with strong activity and reaction are concentrated only four or five centimeters away from the window, and further down are densely broken jade, and there is no sign at all – it is an invisible lock!

This is the most difficult type of fissure to identify, unlike other fissures such as cross, chicken feet, etc., which have obvious marks on the wool skin, but are cunningly hidden.

As the name suggests, the invisible lock is on the surface of the rough jadeite. It is impossible to see any cracks. Even if it is seen, it is just a waterline. When the rough jadeite is cut, this lock will be revealed, which is hard to prevent. 【Note】

Bai Jing sighed softly in his heart, even a top stone gambler could not judge this kind of invisible lock. If it wasn’t for his supernatural powers, he would probably have bought this piece of wool that performed very well in both the leather case and the window.

It’s a pity… the person who bought it can only admit to being unlucky.

Bai Jing looked up at the middle-aged man and lowered his eyes again. He couldn’t remind him, so he should continue to look at other wool materials.

These pieces of semi-gambling wool have their own advantages and disadvantages. From the perspective of the open window, they are basically above the oily green species. Except for the white salt sand skin that is of the ice species, there are also two glutinous species.

However, this does not include the large piece of wool in the middle.

This piece of wool is more than half a meter long, in the shape of a flat oval, lying on the stone platform, and roughly estimated to be at least 100 kilograms.

It’s just that there are large and small fissures on it, some ten centimeters long and three or four centimeters short.

The longest fissure is the large open fissure, which is called a bad fissure. Unlike the leather-covered fissure, there is no regolith. There is a large amount of gray scale in the middle of the fissure, which is deeply immersed in the wool. The giant axe slashed in the center of the wool, splitting it in two, and it didn’t perform well.

Moreover, there are obvious cutting marks on the upper right of this piece of wool, and the edges and corners are flattened. It seems that the position of the window is wrongly judged. After cutting a few knives are all white stones, it turned to the left and opened another window.

If it wasn’t for the green window later, this piece of wool would never have been placed in the half-bet wool area.

Bai Jing looked in from the open window, very rough bean seeds, very grainy, and the green is also an uneven gray-green, which is incomparable with other semi-bet wool.

But I don’t know why, as soon as he saw this piece of wool, he had a good eye, and his perception was just around the corner in his body.

A minute later, Bai Jing withdrew his senses, and his brown eyes flashed with shock, and then disappeared.

The author has something to say: ask for a nutrient solution duck, more will be added tomorrow, love you, more than heart~

small theater:

Gu Shao: I found a bad reason to live together, but A Jing did not refuse!

So happy, does Ah Jing like me too><Bai Jing: Well, it’s his house, so it’s not easy to drive him out, the room is big anyway.

Gu Yuanchao: successfully entered the hall √

Carefully exploring…

[Note] Invisible locks are taken from Baidu.


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