God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 36

This piece of wool, weighing more than 100 kilograms, was split into two parts, left and right.

The part on the left half near the window is indeed a coarse bean seed. It is not big, only four or five kilograms. Next is the stone with white flowers.

However, going six or seven centimeters inward, removing the broken jade near the fissures, the remaining half had a very strong active reaction, and they were all ice and glass yang green jadeite, at least a dozen kilograms!

On the contrary, on the right half separated by the evil crack, the entire fifty or sixty kilograms of wool are all stones, and there is not a single bit of jade.

Bai Jing once again clearly felt that gambling stones had too much uncertainty.

Even the most powerful stone gambler cannot accurately judge the distribution and grade of jade inside the rough stone through external performance and experience, just like this piece of wool.

When the stall owner Wang Ping saw that Bai Jing was interested in this piece of half-gambling wool with a cracked surface, his eyes flashed a ray of light, and he immediately came over with a smile.

Wang Ping: “Little Master, have you seen this piece of wool? I have to say, your eyes are really good.

Look at this piece of wool, it’s a typical old pit species, it’s so big, how can it be a 20 to 30 kilograms of jade, right?

If it hadn’t been for a fissure in the middle, ouch, it would have been perfect—”

Hearing that, the middle-aged man who was still examining the piece of white salt sand skin looked at him with disdain.

Oh, just this piece of wool?

On the surface, there is not a single pine flower python, and the texture is rough. There is a destructive crack in the middle, as well as countless large and small fissures.

Looking at the traces of the broken skin, it is obvious that after several cuts, the green was not cut out. I had to change the place and re-rub it. I don’t know what kind of **** happened to wipe out a little green, or it was a low-grade jade from coarse beans.

Che, wasn’t it picked from the leftovers sold by Lunjin?

He was right.

Since the piece of wool with the cracks collapsed and swelled more than a month ago, there have been many more people who specialize in betting on cracks.

Money doesn’t make a bastard, let alone Wang Ping, such a shrewd stall owner.

He took inventory of the wool in the warehouse, and picked out all the more than a dozen pieces of wool with cracks to see if he could wipe out the green.

If the green bento is sold, it will be sold as half-gambling wool.

However, the scraps are worthy of scraps. After wiping eight or nine yuan, nothing came out. Instead, he lost a lot of stars. As a businessman, how could he not feel distressed?

At this moment, Wang Ping saw this huge piece of wool and sighed softly, this was his last hope.

The total weight of this piece of wool is 150 kilograms. Even if the minimum price is 300 stars per kilogram, it will cost 40,000 to 50,000 stars in total.

If there is no green after cutting for a long time, it will be difficult to sell this piece of wool. After all, who would buy a piece of cut wool?

But if it is green, the price can at least double ten times!

Wang Ping quickly calculated the gains and losses in his mind, and finally gritted his teeth and decided to wipe it away.

He first asked the calcite master to turn the grinding wheel to the fastest gear, and rub the stone from the place where the leather shell on the right was slightly thinner. After wiping for more than ten minutes, the windows that were wiped out were all rough stones.

The blue light beam fell two or three centimeters along the leather shell, and when they saw the exposed cut surface, the two of them sighed in unison.

After some operations, there are more than 20 kilograms of scraps cut out, and there is still no sign of green.

Looking at the neat corner at the top right of the wool, Wang Ping didn’t dare to continue cutting the stone, and he really couldn’t sell it if he cut it again!

So I reluctantly switched to the other side and started rubbing the stone.

He couldn’t believe it. With such a large piece of wool, is there no jade at all? ?

Fortunately, his luck was not too bad this time. After changing the direction, he wiped about three or four centimeters along the leather shell, and finally the green was wiped out.

Wang Ping and Master Xie Shi looked at each other, and Qi Qi breathed a sigh of relief.

Although the window he opened was only of the grade of coarse beans, and the color was mottled, he didn’t dare to continue rubbing it. With so many large and small cracks, if rubbed two centimeters in it, the jadeite would turn into broken jade. But it’s over.

So this piece of scraps sold by the catty turned into half gambling wool.

The base price of semi-bet wool is basically not less than one million stars.

Wang Ping calculated in his mind, mark a high price first, even if the price is cut to 500,000 star coins, it will be more than ten times the original price, and it will definitely make a lot of money!

It is a pity, however, that the performance of this wool material is so poor compared with other semi-bet wool materials, and there are very few active inquiries.

Among the bidders, the highest bidder only received 250,000 star coins.

Generally, the price of each kilogram of crude beans is 15,000-20,000 stars. If you want to spend 250,000 stars to bet on the increase, the beans in it must be at least ten kilograms.

However, the cracks had obviously penetrated deep into the wool, and it was hard to say whether so many jadeites could be unraveled. The risk of increasing the price was too great.

Wang Ping held on to the reserve price of 500,000 yuan and refused to sell it. These people shook their heads and walked away.

In a few days, as the trend of gambling and cracking passed, this piece of wool material was even less of interest.

This is the way the stone gambling circle is. After the gambling rises, everyone lined up to dissolve stones on this stone breaking machine. From this trivial matter, it can be seen that stone gambling people especially believe in luck.

Ever since Bai Jing unraveled the soaring hibiscus jadeite from the scrap of gambling crack, and then was favored by Mr. Min, everyone envied this kind of luck, and crack gambling was very popular for a period of time.

However, this ethos never lasted long, and disappeared within a few days.

For Wang Ping, since this piece of wool has been wiped green, it is impossible for him to sell it at a lower price.

What if it was put on for a few months or half a year?

Just make money in the end.

Nothing more than Wang Ping can get the best position in Gambling Stone Street, and the business is prosperous. No one can match this patience alone.

This woolen white scene has just been detected with perception. In addition to four or five kilograms of bean seeds, there are at least ten kilograms of ice seeds and glass jadeite. The total price exceeds 20 million. He must bought it.

With this piece of wool, there is no need to worry about extracting the raw materials for the fifth and sixth energy fluids within at least two months.

Facing Wang Ping’s attentive attitude, Bai Jing nodded lightly: “Well, I bought it casually to practice my hands.

Like you said, this piece of wool is so big, there should be jade in it, I wonder what the price is? ”

Wang Ping smirked in his heart, it’s not worth the wait for more than a month to bite and not let go, no, business has come.

“Little Master, oh, I’m a regular customer and I won’t ask you more. You can take this 1.5 million piece of wool directly.”

Bai Jing was silent.

He can really accept this price. As for the jade inside, he will buy it even if it triples or quadruples it.

However, he is not so stupid.

This piece of wool has an average performance and is not worth so many stars at all. It must be bargained for.

Bai Jing: “I’ve seen the wool, it’s obviously from Xinchangkou, there is no wax crust and no signs of weathering on the surface, and it’s not old.

The crack in the middle almost splits the wool into two, which is likely to affect the jade meat inside; and from the window that opens, it is only a relatively low-quality coarse bean seed.

Therefore, I only paid 500,000 stars for this piece of wool. ”

When Wang Ping heard the bid, he was very satisfied. The wool material for 40,000 star coins was sold for 500,000, a full tenfold increase!

However, he still stabilized his mood and increased the price: “Little master, this cracked lock does have an impact on the wool, but there are also cracked gambling stones, so I can’t say what’s going on inside, in case How about a big rise like you did last time?

If you want to take it, add another hundred thousand, sixty thousand, how about it? ”

Seeing that Bai Jing was unmoved, Wang Ping changed his mind and saw the shopping cart behind him:

“Well, 600,000 star coins, except for this piece of wool, the few pieces you selected in your shopping cart are considered as a starter, and no money will be charged.”

Bai Jing frowned slightly, pretended to be reluctant, and thought for a while before agreeing.

After scanning the QR code to pay, the middle-aged man next to him looked at Bai Jing like a fool.

Some people buy broken stones with vicious cracks like this?

Also 600,000 star coins, so much money that there is nowhere to spend it.

He sneered and beckoned the stall owner to come over, intending to buy the wool of this white salt sand skin.

The middle-aged man just took a magnifying glass to look at it for a long time, and confirmed that there are no cracks and ringworms on the surface that damage the flesh, and he used a strong light to shine in along the window, the very clear ice seeds, and the color is also very beautiful. Green onion, there should be no problem.

The only thing to watch now is the price of this wool.

Wang Ping came to the middle-aged man at the right time and said with a smile: “Boss Chang, how do you see it? You must have made a decision in your heart with your eyesight?”

The middle-aged man’s surname is Chang Mingqing. Five or six years ago, he was a small trader who was not worth mentioning. One day, he had good luck and bet on a piece of glass emerald and emerald worth tens of millions from the poor scraps. Instantly doubled in value.

As the saying goes, ‘high green comes out of shit’.

Whether it’s luck or not, in short, it’s true that this boss Chang became rich overnight.

After that, he focused on gambling stones, and he has really trained his eyesight in the past few years. Now his assets have reached hundreds of millions.

With his identity up, his unnatural tone also took on a bit of arrogance: “Well. Wang Ping, your eyesight for picking wool materials has grown. This white salt sand peel is indeed a good material.”

Wang Ping smiled: “This is all thanks to Boss Chang.”

Chang Qing snorted coldly: “How much? Don’t give me those falsehoods, you know my eyesight.”

After he finished speaking, he glanced at Bai Jing next to him.

Wang Ping sighed: “How dare you?

Many people remember your deeds of unraveling glass jadeite from scraps. This white salt sandbar—”

Wang Ping lowered his voice: “If you want to buy it, 5.5 million is not negotiable.”

After he finished speaking, he put on a pained look, “You will earn 100,000 stars in total, and you have to pay for the shipping. If you didn’t expect you to bring business to the store, how could the price be so low.”

He was not wrong, this kind of good news on the bright side really doesn’t make much money, but there are always 300 to 400,000 yuan.

When Chang Qing heard the compliment from the other party, he was a little overwhelmed. In addition, he had been in Gambling Stone Street for many years and knew the market price of white salt sand peel, so he quickly agreed.

Wang Ping received the star coins and asked earnestly, “Boss Chang wants to have a solution to the stone on the spot, right? I’ll tell the master of the stone solution right away, and I’ll deal with you first.”

Chang Qing: “It is to be resolved on the spot.

However, the calcite master does not need it. This piece of good material can’t be damaged a little. I will solve it by myself. ”

As he spoke, he slowly unfastened the jeweled cufflinks on his wrists and walked towards the store.

When they saw someone dissolving the stone, the crowd gathered around.

Fatty Jin Mao would naturally not miss this kind of excitement. Besides, he and An Ge had already picked ten pieces of wool each, so he was not afraid that the last point would be missed.

If it’s all broken, it’s a big deal to pick a few more pieces later.

Jin Mao moved very quickly this time, pulling Bai Jing and An Ge to the innermost floor. The screen outside could indeed be seen clearly, but it was not so meaningful.

As soon as they saw this piece of wool, people started talking about it.

“White salt sand skin, the first-class product in white sand skin, seems to be doing very well.”

“That’s right, you see ice seeds coming out of the window!”

“Ice Seeds? Hiss, let me see—really.”

“Performing so well, this piece of wool can’t break down.”

Everyone had high hopes for this wool.

White salt sand skin has a fine wool texture, and it is easy to produce high-grade jadeite such as ice seeds and glass seeds. In addition, the window that is opened is ice seeds, which is almost a semi-clear material.

Ming material refers to dividing the raw materials into halves or equal parts, peeling off the skin and polishing it, so that the quality of the jade can be seen clearly, and solving the Ming material is equivalent to no suspense.

Someone recognized Chang Qing, and they knew about this man’s family history, so they couldn’t help but be more certain.

Even the stall owner Wang Ping prepared firecrackers in advance, just waiting for this piece of wool to come out and use it to attract business.

Chang Qing was very satisfied with the voices of the people around him.

In the past few months, there have been frequent newcomers to Gambling Stone Street, especially when I heard that a young boy actually got the blue eyes of Mr. Min, it was really bad luck.

If he is present, where is this kid’s business?

Therefore, in addition to gambling stones this time, Changqing is also promoting his reputation.

This white salt sand skin weighs about thirteen kilograms, and the skin is not thick.

After rubbing the abrasive wheel along the window for a few minutes, three or four centimeters of emerald came out. The texture revealed is exactly the same as the window, clear as ice, the soft green with a little yellow, and the color is uniform. It is an ice onion. Heart green no doubt!

At this time, an adult fist-sized jadeite has been unwound above the wool material. When you take a light on it, the light transmittance is very strong, and you can see the jadeite in deeper depths, which is definitely not small.

Several wool merchants watching around were moved, and looking at this momentum, it was estimated that the ice species inside was not less than tens of millions, so they all offered starting prices.

“Boss Chang, I paid 7 million to buy this jadeite, you might as well pass the risk to me.”

“I’ll pay 8 million, Boss Chang, you see—”

Chang Qing looked up at them a few times, snorted lightly, and did not stop the movement of his hands, indicating that he did not intend to sell.

Several wool merchants sighed in their hearts.

People like them spend all day on gambling stone street, and only buy some raw materials or clear materials that have been solved, so as to minimize the risk.

As for the all-bet wool that hasn’t been unlocked, the risk is too great, and they won’t touch it.

However, they are more willing to buy this kind of material that has half of the solution and basically determines the direction of jadeite. Just like this piece of ice, the risk is low and the profit is high.

If you wait for all the jade inside to be solved, the price will become very transparent, and the remaining profit margin will be small, and you will not be able to earn many stars.

Unfortunately, what they can see, the owner of the wool can also see, so it will not be sold halfway.

Can only wait until Jade is completely solved!

The abrasive wheel rubbed in layer by layer along the thin leather shell, and as the gravel fell, the wool was also unraveled by a third.

The onlookers were even more excited, and if they rubbed three or four centimeters in, the bet went up!

However, at this time, Chang Qing’s hand holding the grinding wheel suddenly stopped, and his face became ugly.

“What’s up?”

“I don’t know, I don’t seem to see anything.”

The crowd of onlookers saw him stop, and their tone was a bit puzzled. Due to the angle problem, they could not see the inside of Jade.

When Chang Qing was operating the grinding wheel, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a faint crack inside, and then suddenly stopped.

But before buying this piece of wool, he carefully observed it dozens of times with a magnifying glass, and even looked at the patterns on the wool. He can guarantee that there are absolutely no cracks!

‘Maybe I was wrong. ’

Chang Qing took a deep breath, took out the bright light a little nervously, and her heart suddenly became cold.

I saw a strong beam of light penetrated the surface of the jadeite. Due to the strong light transmission, the clearly illuminated jadeite had tiny cracks distributed in the inner jadeite. The lines were not very dense, but they were enough to destroy the jade flesh.

“Huh, it turned out to be an invisible lock!”

“This kind of fissure is really… ah, it’s hard to prevent.”

“Ice seeds are green and green, what a good water planting, it’s a pity—”

Although many people are concerned about Changqing’s status and do not directly say that the gambling is broken, anyone with a discerning eye can see that this piece of wool has completely collapsed. Alas, it is a big loss!

Several wool merchants glanced at each other, secretly rejoicing that they didn’t succeed just now, otherwise they would have lost their lives.

The jade that has been solved now has a maximum of two kilograms of ice seeds, no more than two million. If he just bought it, he would have to pay a full six million star coins!

Who would have thought that there would be invisible locks in such a good material?

Chang Qing’s face was pale and his thoughts were messy, and it took a full minute before he started to dissociate.

He had high expectations for the wool of this white salt sand skin.

Chang Qing also thought about this piece of wool to increase his fame. Now it seems that not only is the fame gone, but the star coins are also lost, and everything has become an extravagant hope.

In the end, under the sigh of everyone, this well-performing piece of white salt sand skin and wool unraveled 1.6 kilograms of ice green and green, and sold for 1.8 million yuan, which was less than one-third of the price of the original stone. , lost a full 3.7 million.

Wang Ping watched the audience walk out of the store one by one without hesitation, as anxious as ants on a hot pan.

This is over. Many people know that this white salt sand skin is the best piece of all the wool in his store.

Now the best ones are broken, what about the rest? Wouldn’t it be worse?

One can imagine how much it will affect his business!

Even the little fat man Jin Mao secretly hooked his hands and whispered to the two of them, “Otherwise, let’s switch to another shop to solve the stone? The luck here doesn’t seem to be very good.”

Wang Ping was in a hurry when he suddenly saw Bai Jing standing not far away, and his eyes suddenly lit up.

Those eyes were frighteningly bright like a thirsty person seeing a water source.

He still remembered the great achievements of this young master last time, and he was really lucky.

Besides, can the person that Old Master Min likes be an ordinary person?

Wang Ping came to Bai Jing’s side at the fastest speed, and said tentatively: “Little Master, I see that you also put several pieces of wool in your shopping cart. Why don’t you try to untie it now?”

Seeing Bai Jing’s silence, Wang Ping exaggeratedly wiped away the tears that didn’t exist in the corners of his eyes, and wailed with a bitter face: “You also saw that my shop has just broken down a stone, and the business is bleak. Now only you can help me-”

Then he threw out the bait: “Do you think this will work, Master Jin and your other friend’s wool are all free…”

When Wang Ping got close, he looked at it with his corner of the eye. The wool in the shopping carts of the two people were all selected from the cheapest first pile of wool. If they died, they would only be 40,000 or 50,000 star coins. Compared with hundreds of millions of businesses, it is really a drop in the bucket.

Big profits come first, what is this little profit? !

What’s more, the 600,000 piece of wool has already made enough money.

Bai Jing felt the expectant gaze of the two friends, and pondered: “…But, the wool material I chose is not guaranteed to be green, in case it collapses—”

Wang Ping, who was still grimacing just now, immediately smiled: “It doesn’t matter, even if the young master solves the stone, no matter whether the bet goes up or down, I will not break my promise!”

Anyway, the solution is scraps, and the dead horse should be regarded as a living horse doctor.

Bai Jing put the huge piece of wool with bad cracks into the space button, went to the calciner, moved the three pieces of wool in the shopping cart, and planned to calcine.

Wang Ping breathed a sigh of relief, but fortunately he didn’t solve the piece of “half-gambling wool” that had cracked badly, otherwise it would be even more troublesome.

The little fat man also sat happily on the calcifier beside him.

Thanks to his brother Jing, the ten pieces of wool were not spent at all, which is equivalent to a free gift. Can he be unhappy?

Hey, it doesn’t hurt to break down. Bah, how could it be broken?

Ange too.

He looked at Bai Jing gratefully, it was a blessing for three lives to have such a friend, and he would definitely cherish the friendship with the two of them.

When they saw someone sloughing off the stone, many people came back hula-la and gathered around a few people.

Jin Mao and An Ge were no longer the ones who couldn’t even operate a calcining machine. They fastened the wool on the machine with quick movements, and were firmly grasped by the mechanical grippers on both sides.

What Jin Mao was trying to solve was a piece of wool with a rust shell, about the size of a football, round and round, with sparse dotted pine flowers and silk pythons.

If this wool material has a high color, it will be a very good material. If it does not, the color will be darker.

He carefully observed the direction of the pine flowers on the surface of the wool material. Generally, the place where the python strips and the pine flowers appear at the same time represents the green part, but the silk pythons on this piece of wool are like wood grains, not a single piece.

Jin Mao directly drew an oblique hidden line at the junction of the Songhua and the python belt, which seemed to be the same thing.

After pressing the button in the dark, the infrared recognition system recognizes the line, and the laser knife automatically emits a faint blue light, and starts to cut along the hidden line, directly dividing the wool into two.

I saw that the cut surface was a grayish-white stone, and some parts had a bit of jade green, which showed that the inside was not yet formed.

“Unfortunately, if you don’t dig it out in advance, it may be hundreds or thousands of years later to form jade.” A middle-aged man shook his head and said regretfully.

The little fat man rolled his eyes directly. After hundreds of thousands of years, he was gone, hehe, still care about this stone?

Here, Bai Jing also began to dissociate.

There were three pieces of wool in his shopping cart, two of which were bound to collapse, and the other was capable of producing a large oily green seed.

Under Wang Ping’s earnest attention, he took out one of the broken pieces of wool.

If you bet first, then bet up, people will come to cheer; but if you bet first, and then bet down one after another, I am afraid this effect will be greatly reduced.

So even though Wang Ping’s eyes were extremely hot, he didn’t plan to change his order of calcification.

The first piece of wool is the wool of the black Usha leather shell, which is only the size of two adult fists and weighs no more than 4 kilograms. The color is as black as lacquer, and there is gray ringworm at the bottom, which is relatively scattered, and it can be seen that the gambling is not strong.

Bai Jing turned on the laser knife, and the blue beam emerged like a fire, cold and sharp, cutting directly along the leather shell.

“It turned green!” Someone exclaimed.

Wang Ping was overjoyed when he heard the words, as expected of the lucky young master, he turned green all of a sudden.

Hey, he has to get the firecrackers ready quickly.

“No, the greens are not connected.”

“It’s the worst green seed on a white background, it’s broken.”

I saw the cut surface cut in half, revealing the green seed on a white background, the lowest grade of jadeite, only half the size of a palm.

The green inside is a dark gray-green, scattered here and there, and it is very messy. With bad seed water, it is equivalent to waste, and absolutely no one wants it.

This kind of material, even someone like Bai Jing who never wastes it, would not use it to extract energy liquid. There are too many impurities and poor transparency. It is a complete waste of mental energy.

The firecrackers in Wang Ping’s hands were not released, but he was not in a hurry. Isn’t there two more?

The second piece of wool in Baijing is a rock that has been turned over by water.

The white fingers held the handle of the black laser knife and cut a knife directly along one third of it. It was no accident that it was a white stone.

The cold and severe Duoguang cut two more knives in succession, and it was already a sure end.

Similarly, An Ge and Jin Mao are also broken stones.

Seeing that there were fewer and fewer people in the store, Wang Ping was really nervous this time.

He even had some regrets, knowing that he didn’t promise free wool materials, he lost tens of thousands of stars in vain, and even the only traffic disappeared!

Alas, maybe today is really bad luck.

When Wang Ping was about to lose his confidence, Bai Jing, with the assistance of a handling robot, put the last piece of wool into the lithotripter.

This piece of wool is a circle larger than a basketball, yellowish-brown, slightly flat, and the surface of the leather shell is bumpy. If it weren’t for a few gray-white python belts that didn’t look obvious, it would look average.

Especially in the uppermost corner, the pine flowers are connected together.

As the saying goes: “It is better to buy a line than a piece.” It means that there are large pine flowers (green) on the surface, but there is no jade inside. It is better to choose the pine flowers with a linear or globular skin, which are more likely to appear green.

At that time, when Bai Jing was selecting, he also saw this large green, but with his excellent eyesight, he saw that the lower half of the wool was covered with light-colored needles and pine flowers.

This is a hard-to-recognize pine flower, light in color, yellow, green or white; it is easy to have high green or full green.

Combining these performances, he felt that this piece of wool had a certain gamble, so he probed into the inside of the wool.

The above part of the pine flowers does not have jade, but it does not affect the whole. There are at least ten kilograms of oil green seeds in it.

But the onlookers don’t have such good eyesight as Bai Jing, and none of them are optimistic about this piece of wool.

“Oh, this piece of wool… it’s hard to see green.”

“Yeah, the pine flowers are all connected together, how do you choose this wool?”

Someone lowered his voice a little: “Can’t you see it, it’s this young master who is bored to play!

I just saw that he bought a piece of wool with cracks, 600,000 star coins, tsk tsk, really rich. ”

“Ah, that one?

I saw it when I came here a long time ago, such a large piece of wool has been sitting there, and it hasn’t been sold for a month. I didn’t expect it to be bought. ”

“It seems that this young master is really here to play.”


“Hey, you guys, don’t look at it.

A piece of bean seed has grown in the scraps of shop No. 3, go and cheer up—”

Along with this person’s words, the sound of crackling firecrackers was heard not far away, which was deafening.

“Okay, wait for me-”

“I’ll go as well!”

Most of the people here are civilians, and half gambling on wool can only pass the eye. They can’t afford the price of millions of stars. Many people can’t make so much money in their lifetime.

Therefore, the good luck they really want to take is to find the jadeite that has risen sharply from the cheap scraps, or to get good jadeite from the waste like Baijing’s ‘picking leak’ before. This is what really attracts them.

As soon as I heard that the No. 3 store had released the soaring bean seeds from the scraps, all the people who were watching the lively here just now rushed out the door, and ran to the back in a hurry. For a while, Wang Ping’s store Extraordinarily quiet.


Wang Ping was really desperate now. He didn’t even bother to pretend to be smiling all the time. He sat down on the stone bench by the door and silently looked at the store No. 3 diagonally opposite.

The small shop has been surrounded by three floors inside and outside, and people are scrambling to squeeze in, and the coldness here is like two worlds.

The No. 3 store had a new owner two months ago. Perhaps the new store had good fortune. Almost every one or two days, there was a huge increase in wool, which robbed him of a lot of business.

Today, his shop has been gambling down one after another, but the other party’s gambling has risen again. It’s really enviable.

The little fat man unwrapped a few pieces of wool in a row, and the cut surfaces were all white stones. In addition, there were not many people, so his interest was greatly reduced, and even his hand in operating the grinding wheel slowed down.

Fortunately, these wool materials are free, otherwise he really intends to change to another shop for calcite, and this one’s luck is really bad—

“Brother Jing, do you think I can get the last point today?”

Jin Mao turned off the instrument in his hand and looked down at Bai Jing beside him.

Suddenly, his eyes widened suddenly, his mouth opened wide, and he couldn’t wait to shout out: “Damn, it’s green! It’s green!”

This voice seemed to release all the bad luck of his successive gambling, and it was extremely loud in the empty space.

Wang Ping’s spirit was shocked, he quickly took a few steps forward, pushed the little fat man away and came to Bai Jing’s side.

I saw that the yellow-brown wool had been cut by one-third, and the cut surface the size of a baby’s fist revealed a beautiful sun-green luster and a greasy texture. It was an oily green species!

This grade is much better than the bean seeds on the opposite side!

Wang Ping reluctantly suppressed the excitement in his heart, yes, he has to wait a little longer, and there must be no mistakes.

After the white salt sand skin and wool were rubbed up and down, he was also a little scared, in case… uh uh uh, nothing in case!

Wang Ping stared intently at the wool on Bai Jing’s hand, and green light appeared in his eyes.

Damn it, after this oily green seed has completely grown, he must pull all the people on the opposite side, not one of them!

Whether it was the departure of the people around him, the exclamation of the little fat man, or the unusually scorching gaze of the stall owner Wang Ping, none of them had any effect on Bai Jing.

His hand holding the laser knife was still very stable, and he cut two knives cleanly at the bottom three centimeters near the leather shell, directly cutting out the rough shape of the jadeite.

Seeing this, Wang Ping immediately sprinkled some water on it, only to see that the cut surface of the other half was still smooth and soft, with no cracks or damage from ringworm.

Looking at the thickness of the cut jadeite, there are at least seven or eight kilograms of oily green seeds inside!

Wang Ping’s body trembled with excitement, he counted the time, and quickly called the two guys in the store: “Liu Xiaowang, you two quickly run outside and call someone, saying that the scraps in the store have been removed. The rising oily green species.

Shout as loud as possible, the louder the better, do you hear that? ! ”


The two immediately ran outside, one shouted at the door of the store, and the other shouted near the third store, successfully attracting a large number of people.

Wang Ping took a deep breath and looked at Bai Jing with bright eyes.

I saw slender and fair fingers holding the handle of the grinding wheel. In the sound of ‘呲呲’, countless small gravels fell like raindrops, and the entire oil green jadeite was solved in half, and the exposed shape already had the mouth of the bowl. The size is definitely a big increase.

This is a good time for onlookers, and those who come can witness the birth of this jadeite with their own eyes!

That’s right, right now—

Wang Ping looked at the firecrackers in his hand, a large string of bright red, which symbolized joy in the ancient earth, and also symbolized luck and rising in the stone gambling world, which are all good meanings.

He didn’t let it out a few times today, and now he finally has a chance.

The crackling of firecrackers rang for a full two minutes.

Soon, countless people swarmed from various stores, and a large area of ​​darkness crowded into this small store frantically, striving to occupy the best position, and in a short while, the place was filled with water.

Standing at the door, Wang Ping was knocked to and fro, but he didn’t feel any pain.

Hahaha, the business in his shop has finally been revitalized, and everything is thanks to this young master!

The author has something to say: Although the nutrient solution does not have 2000, it has been updated with 9000+! Paralyzed.jpg.

The author is not a tentacle monster, only a QAQ with a hand speed of 1000 words per hour, woohoo~

Small Theater 1:

About 600,000 wool.

Wang Ping: Haha, I earned it!

Bai Jing: Coincidentally, me too.

Small Theater 2:

Buddy A (beating the gong): Take a look, take a look-

Buddy B (playing drums): Jadeite is not good-looking and doesn’t need money~

Wang Ping: Hey, hey, hey, kill me to help the young master.

White King:…


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