God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 37

Little Fatty and An Ge hurriedly put down the wool in their hands and came to Bai Jing to maintain order. The two guys also came panting.

Fortunately, there is a two-meter-long holographic projection screen on the wall of the store, which clearly presents the image of the calcite. People who cannot squeeze in can also know the situation of the calcite through the screen.

“It’s the oily green seed, or the sun green!”

“Absolutely soaring.”

“The mid-range jadeite is unraveled from the scraps, luck is against the sky!”

“Look at this head, at least seven or eight kilograms, maybe ten kilograms, maybe—”

“The bean seeds extracted by the third shop are only four or five kilograms. Whether it is water or size, it can’t compare to this.”

“Looks like this one has better luck.”

Several of these people had just complained about Bai Jing and ran back after leaving. Seeing the one-third of the scrap and the large pieces of pine flowers scattered on it, they immediately looked embarrassed and felt their faces were swollen. .

Ten minutes ago, they were still laughing at this ignorant young master who was just playing around and had poor eyesight. Unexpectedly, they would solve the oily green jadeite in a blink of an eye, and his face slapped loudly.

Several people looked at each other and laughed dryly, and began to praise Bai Jing very tacitly.

“Young master’s eyes are truly amazing!”

“We are ashamed of ourselves.”

“Congratulations to the young master!”

Many people have already begun to pick wool from the two piles at the door.

Act fast!

When the young master solves the soaring oil green seed, he must be the first person to solve the stone, and take good luck with this luck!

Seven or eight minutes later, Bai Jing finally unraveled the jadeite, which was green and green.

It is about half the size of a football and weighs 10.5 kilograms.

Irregular oval shape, warm texture, with a delicate grease-like luster, not many impurities, good transparency, bright green but not thick, uniform and full color, it is the best in the oil green species!

“Little Master, I will give out 600,000 Star Coins!”

“Sixty-five thousand!”

“Seven hundred thousand star coins—”

The wool traders who came to hear the news asked for the price. This oily green seed is very good in terms of transparency, color and size, and there are few impurities. The energy engineer can use less mental energy when extracting it.

In the end, this jadeite weighing 10.5 kilograms was auctioned for a high price of 900,000 star coins, which is undoubtedly a big rise in a big rise for a piece of scrap, which has increased by nearly a hundred times!

What’s more, this piece of wool is the top of the 600,000 wool piece. Strictly speaking, it didn’t cost a penny. It was really profitable.

However, why does Wang Ping care about this at this time?

With a bright smile on his face, he was very busy weighing and settling coins for the people who were queuing to buy wool.

The two guys in the store and Master Xia Shi were also very busy. If it weren’t for the assistance of various handling robots and various instruments, I would have liked to break it into two people by one person.

Bai Jing left the position of understanding Shiji under the eyes of everyone, either envy or admiration. As soon as he got up, someone rushed forward.

Others were surprised when they saw it.

Damn, this person has more than 20 pieces of wool in his shopping cart. When will this be solved?

‘Damn, shameless. ’ The people lining up behind them cursed in their hearts.

But even so, no one was ready to move, preferring to wait in line behind.

This may be the ethos of the stone gambling world.

There are three or four pieces of wool material left in the shopping carts of Jin Mao and An Ge respectively, and it will take about half an hour.

There was nothing to choose from the wool on the booth, Bai Jing thought about it, and prepared to go to other shops and meet again at that time.

Gambling Stone Street is so big, he chose the same booth twice, maybe other booths have good wool.

At present, there is only one piece of wool in Baijing’s space button, which is pitifully small.

He intends to choose a few more pieces. It would be better if he picks two more pieces of waxy or watery seeds.

In this way, all the fourth, fifth and sixth emeralds are available, and the spiritual power can be improved step by step.

Not long after he left, someone suddenly thought of something and looked out of the door: “Damn it, that young master just now… is the one who solved the hibiscus species from Boss Yu’s scrap last time!” “It turns out that It’s him!”

“No wonder I feel a little familiar, looking at my memory, I can’t remember it after more than a month-”

People are talking about it, in their mouth, Bai Jing has become the latest legend of gambling stone street.

Four million hibiscus seeds were unearthed from the scraps, which was favored by the respected old man Min, and today he unearthed 900,000 hibiscus seeds from the scraps. This is not a legend!

Chang Qing, who had been staying in the corner and hadn’t left, smiled bitterly after hearing people’s comments, and looked stunned.

It turned out that the boy was the object of his resentment before.

The funny thing is, I was still mocking the other party in my heart as a ‘taken advantage’, but the result was:

It’s ironic that the teenager bet on the soaring oil green seeds in the scraps, but he bet on the best white salt sand skin.

‘It seems that Mr. Min’s vision is right. ’

Chang Qing sighed softly and restrained the arrogance on his body.

The teenager taught him a lesson, that is, never think that you can judge the inside of wool, let alone judge anyone at will.

After going through this, he will always be alert to himself and maintain a humble attitude in the future.

It is with this attitude that Chang Qing was recognized by Proxima Centauri as the ‘Emerald King’ after 20 years, and became a legend among generations of Gambling Stone Street.

And when he was old and recalled the past, he still remembered that young man with black-rimmed glasses and an indifferent expression, and he was always grateful.


Bai Jing came to the third store.

Just now, when he was in the calcification, he heard a lot of people say that the bean seed jade is out of the leftovers here, and there are indeed many customers here, there should be a lot of good materials.

Of course, what attracted him the most was the row of wool on the stone platform at the door.

One by one was cleaned very cleanly, and the volumes were arranged in order from small to large, neatly arranged, very similar to the feeling of Gu’s wool area.

In addition, each row of wool on the stone platform has a corresponding price, which is clear at a glance and extremely clear.

At least for Bai Jing, the environment here makes him very comfortable, and the first impression is excellent.

He looked from front to back along the stone platform.

The first two rows are the leftovers sold by kilograms, which are a bit more expensive than the first stall, 500 stars per kilogram.

The latter is a better performance, full betting wool of 10,003,000 stars per kilogram.

In addition, there are six or seven pieces of semi-gambling wool that have already been opened, and the single price is very high, all of which are more than two million stars.

Bai Jing glanced a few times, then directly skipped the area where leftovers were placed and went to the more expensive wool area.

After observing along the stone platform for more than ten minutes, he found that this shop has a really good eye for wool selection.

Not to mention the half-gambling wools that cost millions, just look at these dozens of pieces of 3,000 star coins per kilogram, each of which performed admirably, equivalent to the first-class wool in Gu’s C area.

Baijing selected the best six of these wools.

Among these six pieces, there are two pine-flowered pythons on the surface of the leather shell, and one is not lacking, and the pine-flowers are bright and likely to be high-colored;

The third piece is the white sand peel with delicate skin and symmetrical distribution of pine flowers on the surface, which has a higher probability of high green;

The fourth piece is the black sand of the Laokeng species. The surface is covered with a layer of wax shell. There is also a certain probability of high-grade jadeite such as ice species and glass species, although the probability is not large;

There are also two pineapple skins with very thin skins. Under the strong light, the green inside can be clearly seen, and they are all wools that perform very well.

According to his estimation, at least 2-3 pieces of the six pieces of wool can be used to solve the jadeite, and whether the bet can go up depends on the size of the jadeite inside.

Bai Jing divided his perception into two parts, and then retracted it after a while, frowning slightly, and a thoughtful look on his face.

Because his perception detected: none of the six pieces of wool has jade inside!

The first two are with pine flowers and python belts, one is full of cotton wool, and the other is a stone with white flowers;

The well-performing Baishapi and Heiwusha also do not feel any active reaction inside;

As for the two pieces of pineapple peel that are green from the surface, only the layer near the peel is green.

No, not by skin green!

Bai Jing took a closer look and found that the green layer was only a thin layer against the skin.

how to say?

It was as if someone had dug out the wool inside in advance, leaving only a layer of ‘skin’.

Maybe other people can’t see the difference between the two, but Bai Jing is different.

He spends most of the day in Gu’s underground warehouse observing the wool material, plus the wool material selected by the stone betting war, he has seen tens of thousands of rough jadeite stones, and he has explored no less than 500 pieces with his senses. The difference could not be concealed from him.

Relying on the skin green is naturally formed, no matter how similar the conditions of generation, there will always be slight differences in thickness, gloss and texture.

But this piece, although trying to fake the appearance of ‘leather green’, the thin layer of ‘skin’ is too uniform, and it doesn’t look like a creation of nature at all.

Therefore, Bai Jing had a bold guess in his heart that this shop was–fake!

Not only because of ‘relying on skin green’, but also in terms of the betting rate, it is unreasonable.

The current Bai Jing, even without perception, can control the betting rate to more than 20%, that is, a third-level stone gambler is even close to the strength of a fourth-level stone gambler.

And the six pieces of wool he saw just now were all gambled, and the probability was too outrageous.

It is a pity that, perhaps because of the use of more advanced technology, the other four pieces of wool have not found any traces of forgery.

And the wool of the two yellow pear shells must be identified with professional testing equipment after the layer of ‘skin’ has been unraveled. Otherwise, the store will not be open for more than a month. It can be seen that no one has found it. ‘s tricky.

Just as he was thinking deeply, his eyes unconsciously fell on the piece of wool with pineapple husks beside him, and the shopkeeper thought he had taken a fancy to this piece of wool.

The shop owner Wu Xing looked over Bai Jing from beginning to end, especially stopped for a while on his fine-quality clothes and the space button on his neck, and judged the identity of the young master of Bai Jing’s family.

Although the black-rimmed glasses on the bridge of the nose are a bit dirty, it may be the hobby of these disciples of the aristocratic family, but it is not surprising that at the age of seventeen or eighteen, there are all kinds of strange ideas.

Wu Xing had an easy-going smile on his face, his attitude was not overly attentive but full of sincerity: “Little Master, are you interested in this piece of wool?

This is a newly arrived batch, a typical pineapple-husk mountain stone.

This kind of wool has a high probability of containing color, belongs to the first-class wool, and it will not be less than 70,000 or 80,000 stars in other stores. ”

The wool of this pineapple shell is average in size, and the weight is marked on it: 13.4 kg.

Calculated at 3,000 stars per kilogram, there are only 40,000 stars, which is indeed much cheaper than other places.

If Bai Jing hadn’t found out that the shop was a fraud, he would have liked his attitude very favorably.

Compared with Wang Ping, the stall owner, who was rude and glib, this shopkeeper Wu was sincere and had his own bearing.

Moreover, he obviously has a good understanding of the market price of wool materials and wool materials, and his tone is full of affinity. If he does it well, he will definitely attract a large number of customers, but unfortunately——

Bai Jing’s eyes swept across the row of wool fabrics, he casually touched a piece of wool fabric next to him, and said lightly, “I’m just looking at it casually.”

Wu Xing knew when he saw the young man’s unfamiliar movements that this young master was probably the first time to gamble on stones, and he immediately thought about it.

This is the best target that appeared today, and it is still a ‘big fish’, how could he let it go?

So Wu Xing’s tone was more gentle: “It’s okay, you look at it first. If there is anything you don’t understand, we have professional stone gambling consultants here to answer your questions at any time.”

He sent a message with his bare brain, and immediately a middle-aged man came out of the store.

He looks about thirty years old, looks like Zhou Zheng, wears a silver badge on his chest, and turns out to be a second-level stone gambler!

The middle-aged man stepped forward and introduced himself: “My name is Liao Guang, and I am a second-level stone gambler. Is this the first time the young master has come to gamble?”

Bai Jing was noncommittal: “Yes.”

Liao Guang slowly led him to the 1000 star per kilogram of wool: “The first time you bet on stones, you don’t have to choose such an expensive stone, you will feel distressed if you lose your bet; don’t choose cheap scraps, the probability of betting will increase. Too low, you can look at this row of wool.”

The tone of Liao Guang’s speech was very pertinent, as if he was really thinking about the boy, Bai Jing unconsciously followed and matched his rhythm. The corners of Liao Guang’s lips taunted, and it was indeed the young master of an aristocratic family who was ignorant of world affairs. The progress was much smoother than he imagined.

“Look at the wool of this yellow sand skin, the sand is uniform and has a certain sense of sanding, indicating that the quality is much better than other yellow sand skins.

Looking at the green on the surface, it is called ‘songhua’, which is an important basis for gambling. Generally speaking, the greener the fresher the better…”

“Continue to look at this piece, it is the water stone of the bacon skin. The skin is red like bacon, smooth and transparent, smooth to the touch, no grit…”

After introducing several wool materials in a row, seeing that the other party listened carefully and nodded from time to time with a teachable expression, Liao Guang felt that his trust was almost cultivated.

So there was a bit of bewitching in his tone:

“Little Master, if you trust me, I’ll pick a cheap trial hand for you first.

If the bet goes up, wouldn’t it be safer for you to choose those wools that perform well? ”

Bai Ding nodded: “Okay.”

Liao Guang took him to the end of the row of wool, and randomly selected a piece of wool with average performance.

This wool skin is slightly rough, with a few sparse clusters of punctate pine flowers.

Generally, this relatively scattered pine flower is difficult to connect into green inside.

Bai Jing took a few glances and then lowered his eyes. Based on the performance of this piece of wool, he would definitely rule it out when choosing.

When Liao Guang started to introduce, Bai Jing probed his perception into the wool, and the perception was divided into two parts in the air, and even the next one was detected together.

Soon, Bai Jing retracted his perception, and a trace of clarity flashed across his brown eyes.

In the two adjacent pieces of wool, there are actually all jadeite!

Although it is a low-grade jadeite like a bean seed, it can definitely bet up.

It seems that these pieces of wool should be specially used for ‘fishing’.

Just like the pineapple husk with only one layer of skin left, the two pieces of wool also have tiny traces of exchange. It should be that the stones inside were replaced with bean seeds that were unearthed from somewhere, using high-tech technology to achieve Perfect stealing.

After gambling with the “fishing” wool, people’s psychology of chasing after the victory is used to make them buy more expensive wool.

You must know that people here believe in luck, and the first piece of wool that they choose here will go up. No matter who they are, they feel that their luck is overwhelming, so how can they easily stop it?

Obvious gambler mentality, greed.

If you win once, you want to win the second time, and if you lose, you want to win again. Once you get hurt, you will be rewarded. So back and forth, I don’t know how much business it has brought to this shopkeeper.

It has to be said that the shopkeeper’s fraudulent technique and speculation about the mentality of the stone gamblers have reached the pinnacle.

If there are not many customers in the store, then find a piece of bean seed jade from the fake leftovers.

When the firecrackers go off, countless people will be attracted.

After understanding the general routine, Bai Jing suddenly lost interest and decided to find a reason to leave.

For these pieces of ‘fishing’ wool, he absolutely despises it, so it is better to pick two good pieces by himself.

“Brother Jing, so you are here.”

At this moment, the little fat man Jin Mao shouted at the door and entered the store with An Ge.

Liao Guang’s expression suddenly became a little more excited. Judging by the dress and the space button on his neck, he should also be a good money owner.

Before Bai Jing could open his mouth to ask, Jin Mao complained with a sad face: “Damn, my luck is really bad, all ten pieces of wool have collapsed; it’s not like An Ge betting on a piece of cyan seed, and he will be promoted right away. A first-class stone gambler.

I heard that this new store is very popular, so I came here to try my luck. I didn’t expect you to be there, Brother Jing. ”

The little fat man said viciously: “Today, I must get the last point!”

Bai Jing heard a move in his heart, and introduced to the little fat man: “Jin Mao, this is Liao Guang, a second-level stone gambling master, with rich experience in stone gambling…”

No need for Bai Jing to say more, Liao Guang immediately took over the conversation: “The young master has won the prize, but he has seen a lot of wool, so he can’t be regarded as experienced.”

That Zhou Zheng’s face, coupled with the attitude of righteous words, is indeed quite professional.

For someone like Little Fatty who didn’t even get the official qualifications, the second-level stone gambler was already very powerful, not to mention Bai Jing’s help.

Liao Guang: “Young Master Jin, you’re here by coincidence. Just now I was picking wool with this… Master Jing. Look at this piece of wool—”

After Jin Mao passed the training and assessment of the gambling apprentice, he was no longer the one who knew nothing.

Besides, after visiting Gambling Stone Street several times, I have seen a lot of wool, and I still have basic eyesight.

He observed this piece of wool back and forth, but couldn’t see anything special, so he couldn’t help but look at Bai Jing.

Compared with this second-level stone gambler, he still believes in Bai Jing more. His brother Jing is a miracle worker!

Bai Jing nodded lightly at him, and the little fat man immediately decided to buy it. After paying 8,000 star coins on the spot, he came to understand the stone machine.

Hearing someone dissolving the stone, many people around him quickly gathered around.

Jin Mao changed from the depression of ten pieces of wool and became full of confidence.

This is the wool material recommended by Brother Jing, and it will definitely be green!

Since the pine flowers on the wool are relatively sparse and scattered, it is not easy to judge where the incision is. To be on the safe side, Jin Mao was going to rub the stones along the places where the pine flowers were slightly denser.

Before starting, he took a special look at Bai Jing, and seeing that the other party had no objection, he turned on the switch of the grinding wheel with confidence.

As the gravel fell one after another, a few minutes later, the upper part of the wool was rubbed with a hole, which was three or four centimeters deep into the leather shell, about **** wide.

Seeing that there was a faint green inside, the little fat man hurriedly turned off the grinding wheel, and sprinkled water to wash away the particles and debris around, revealing a slightly rough cut surface.

The graininess of the jade is obvious, and it looks like a grain of mung beans are arranged in it, with a blue-green color, which is a typical coarse bean species.

“It’s green!”

“It’s a bean seed—”

“Yes, it should be able to bet up!”

Jin Mao was also a little excited. Today he untied so much wool, and finally one piece came out green. It’s still a bean seed, much stronger than Ange’s flower green seed!

The next calcite went well, because this piece of wool is not big, just rub the stone in circles along the green window.

When it was nearly halfway rubbed, a gray-green stone gradually emerged underneath.

Seeing this, Jin Mao drew a diagonal line directly against the exposed stone. Under the cutting of the blue laser beam, the wool was divided into two parts from the middle, and the other half was indeed a white stone.

At this time, the shape of the jadeite has basically been shown.

The little fat man suppressed the excitement in his heart, adjusted the grinding wheel to the most precise gear, and carefully removed the gravel from the corners.

After about five minutes, the jadeite in the wool material fully revealed its true colors.

It is the size of an adult fist and weighs 1.4 kg. The texture is slightly rough, and the whole body is turquoise, like the color of grass.

“I will pay 15,000 star coins.” A wool merchant directly shouted the price.

There is no need to bid for such a small and low-grade jadeite. If you like it, it will be a buy-in price, as long as the bid is reasonable.

“No problem.” The little fat man narrowed his eyes with a smile and readily agreed.

After receiving the transferred star coins, Jin Mao walked up to Bai Jing and looked at him with admiration: “Brother Jing, my God, my bet has really gone up!

It’s incredible, I can be promoted to the first-level stone gambler in no time! ”

Bai Jing was also very happy for him: “Congratulations.”

Liao Guang, who was standing beside him, murmured in his heart. It was obviously the wool material he recommended, so why was the next person all the credit?

However, if the other party successfully bet on a piece of wool, it means that the plan is half successful.

Thinking of this, he took a few steps forward and said to Jin Mao with a smile: “Congratulations, young master! You just picked a piece in our store and your bet went up. This luck is simply unmatched.

It is better to take a look at the other wools that perform better when you are in good hands. Maybe you can get high-grade jadeite such as waxy seeds and ice seeds. Wouldn’t it be better to turn it dozens of times! ”

The words made the little fat man heartbroken.

Just now, he broke ten pieces of wool in a row, and now he has changed a store, and he has solved the bean seed jade at once. Not to mention earning more than 10,000 star coins, he also got the points, which makes him full of confidence.

He just said, it must be the shop’s problem, not his own!

After being promoted to a first-level stone gambler, it is necessary to see the betting rate. It’s better to take advantage of luck to pick a few more pieces and increase the betting rate, so you don’t have to be so hard in the future.

Jin Mao had already made a decision in his heart, but he still looked at Bai Jing unconsciously: “Brother Jing, I want to pick two or three more materials that perform well, what do you think?”

Liao Guang was overjoyed when he heard the words, this big fish was hooked!

There will be tens of thousands of star coins in the account immediately, and there is no cost! They had already hollowed out the jade inside and replaced it with white stones!

Bai Jing looked at the expectant look of the little fat man, and pondered for a moment: “If you really want to buy it, you can choose two more, but there is no need to choose the more expensive one.

Since the wool that has just risen was selected from the pile of wool of 1,000 star coin kg, it is still selected from this row of wool, and the probability is higher. ”

Jin Mao slapped his head: “Yeah, why didn’t I think of it! Brother Jing, you are so powerful and thoughtful.”

The smile on Liao Guang’s mouth froze suddenly, and he didn’t know why things didn’t go as he expected.

After the normal bet goes up, shouldn’t the desire become bigger and bigger, and you want to bet on jadeite with a higher variety of water, why do you choose the average wool again? !

? ? This, this is not right!

The author has something to say: Small Theater:

Jin Mao: Brother Jing, you are right! (worshiping gaze)

Wu Xing: ? This is not right.

Liao Guang: Why, why don’t you play cards according to the routine?


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