God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 38

Liao Guang was shocked, especially when he saw the little fat man walking straight towards the end of the row of wool under the leadership of Bai Jing.

The last few pieces of wool are all specially used by the shop for ‘fishing’, and they are full of wool that can be gambled up, and even big ones. How can they be picked away? !

Being blocked, Jin Mao stopped and looked at him with displeasure: “What’s the matter?”

Liao Guang’s face was no longer as calm and calm as before, and the smile at the corner of his mouth became stiffer and looked rather strange.

His tone was also very unnatural, and he said dryly: “Haha, Young Master Jin, that, or else you should look at the wool that performs better?

The wool in this row is average, and the chance is too great, in case the gamble breaks…”

Jin Mao was not happy when he heard it, his eyes widened: “Didn’t you just say that I was lucky?

What do you mean when you say I’m going to lose your bet? ! ”

Liao Guang was at a loss for words, wiped the cold sweat that kept coming out of his forehead, and showed a smile that was even uglier than crying: “This, this… I’m also doing it for your own good, isn’t that the probability that good wool will produce jadeite?”

As he spoke, his voice was a little faint unconsciously.

This really doesn’t blame him. A month ago, Liao Guang was still a serious stone gambler. In order to maintain that poor gambling rate, he had not gambled for a long time.

It was Wu Xing, the owner of the shop, who found him through some unknown channel, and he promised to share the heavy profits with three or seven, so Liao Guang came here with the idea of ​​giving it a try.

The first time he did it, he was still very uneasy, afraid of being seen through, but after a few times, he gradually became bolder and his expression became more natural.

Without him, these stone gamblers are too deceived.

Especially a ‘big fish’ a few days ago, he used two pieces of jade with a total of 30,000 star coins to deceive the other party of 600,000 back and forth.

According to the share, he was rewarded with 180,000 Star Coins all at once, which is more profitable than being a stone gambler!

It’s just that this period of time has been smooth sailing, nothing more than the difference between earning more and earning less, but I have never encountered such a situation!

Shit, what the **** is he going to do? !

In the inner room of the store, the owner Wu Xing has been using recorded images to observe the movements of several people.

These two young masters are the ‘big fish’ in his eyes. If this business is successful, it will be much more profitable than selling dozens of scraps.

Seeing that Liao Guang was about to be overwhelmed, Wu Xing frowned, and immediately took out his light brain and sent a message: [Go and help Liao Guang get those two rich young masters. 】

At the same time, one of the “customers” who was looking at the wool material turned on the screen without a trace.

[Okay, don’t worry. 】 The ‘customer’ replied.

So, when the little fat man and Liao Guang were at a standoff, the ‘customer’ came to several people holding a piece of wool with a pineapple husk.

“Hmph, Liao Guang, don’t be too busy arguing, come and help me look at this piece of wool.” The ‘customer’ said arrogantly from the side.

“It turned out to be Boss Huang, your vision has always been very good.” Liao Guang was very relieved when he saw the rescuer coming.

When he first came here, the owner told him that he didn’t have to worry about letting it go. If he couldn’t figure it out, there would be another person who would cooperate with him. This person is the so-called ‘Boss Huang’.

‘Boss Huang’ greeted Liao Guang and put the wool in his arms on the stone platform next to Jin Mao, which was one of the two pineapple peels that Bai Jing had seen before.

He took out a strong light and moved it back and forth against the pine blossoms on the surface. The light beam passed through the thin leather shell on the surface of the wool material, and a light green color could be seen from the inside, and the area was not small.

There is green under the skin, which basically means that there is jade inside the wool!

Several people around heard the quarrel just now to join in the fun, and they were a little excited to see this performance.

“The performance of this wool material is really good. You can see the green color from the leather shell. It is a good material!”

“What’s the price of wool?”

“If it’s not expensive, I’d like to buy it and try it—”

For a time, everyone around him crowded over.

Hearing the chattering voices all around, ‘Boss Huang’ snorted lightly and said with a high attitude: “This is 3,000 star coins per kilogram of wool.”

Most people shook their heads when they heard it. The price was too expensive. They couldn’t afford it, so they should buy scraps.

But there are also a few middle-aged people who are moved. If it is tens of thousands of stars, it seems to be okay?

It looks like the odds of a bet going up are high!

Jin Mao also stared at the pineapple fur in the hands of ‘Boss Huang’, and was truly moved.

It’s only tens of thousands of star coins. For him, it is at most a little less pocket money, which is nothing at all.

No matter how confident the little fat man is, he doesn’t think he can really bet one after another in the pile of ordinary wool, but he is just trying to take advantage of his luck.

But this piece of wool in the hands of ‘Boss Huang’ is different. Judging from the green color that emerges from the skin, it is at least 60%, not to mention 100% of the bet!

Jin Mao looked at Bai Jing with bright eyes, and his tone was a little excited: “Brother Jing, otherwise, let’s go over there and choose!”

The same goes for Ange.

He was also attracted by the wool of the pineapple husk.

The promotion of the first-level stone gambler to the second-level is based on the betting rate. Now he has more than 800,000 star coins in his account. If these wool materials are really performing well, he can also bite the bullet and buy a piece.

When Liao Guang heard this, his nervous heart was completely relieved.

The boss is really amazing. With the cooperation of this ‘Boss Huang’, not only did this ‘fat sheep’ take the bait, but he also brought a few others along. It seems that he can get a lot of rewards this time.

Thinking of the steady stream of star coins, the smile on Liao Guang’s face returned to its natural state: “Master Jin, please come here, this row is a good new material for our shop.

By the way, in addition to the piece that Boss Huang picked, there is another piece of pineapple husk wool, right here—”

Bai Jing looked at him coldly, his eyes shining brightly behind the lens.

I didn’t expect that this store’s routines are so deep and the methods are frequently used. It seems that they will not give up unless they cheat the star coins from the little fat man.

He looked at the ‘Boss Huang’, who was carefully observing the distribution of pine flowers on the wool with a magnifying glass, his expression focused, and he looked no different from ordinary customers.


Compared to Jin Mao’s excited performance, he was obviously overly calm.

As a wealthy businessman, it’s just tens of thousands of pieces of wool, or wool that performs very well. Shouldn’t you buy it right away?

It’s just another tool to work with.


Here, the little fat man has already begun to look closely at the wool of another piece of pineapple skin.

He held a strong light along the leather shell, and as the green under the leather shell revealed, the expression on his face became more and more excited.

The symmetrical green pine flowers are distributed in bands, bright in color, and there are no ringworms or fissures on the skin. In addition to the green peeking out, Jinmao is almost certain that there must be emeralds inside!

He fondly stroked the piece of wool and looked at the price tag on the side: “Well, 13.4 kilograms, 40,000 stars, right, I bought it.”

“Wait a minute.”

Just when he was about to pay with light brain, Bai Jing pretended to observe carefully and stopped him.

“Brother Jing, what’s wrong?”

Jin Mao admired Bai Jing very much. Not only did he not get angry because he was interrupted, but he took it back obediently.

Liao Guang’s eyelids twitched, and he couldn’t hold back the expression on his face.

It’s just a matter of time before the door, why is this young master coming up to make trouble again? Have a grudge against him? !

Bai Jing said to Jin Mao, “Do you remember the intuition we mentioned last time?

When I first came into contact with this pineapple husk, I had an intuition that went straight to my mind – this piece of wool should not be gambled on, as it is very likely to be made of green skin. ”

Intuition has always been mysterious and mysterious, just like luck, erratic.

Not only Bai Jing and An Ge, but many stone bettors also have an intuition, but whether this intuition is accurate or not is another matter.

Liao Guang groaned in his heart upon hearing this, and cold sweat suddenly burst out from his forehead.

Did this little boy see something?

No, impossible!

The technology they use is the most advanced polymer chimera technology. The two pieces of wool that are spliced ​​are all from the same field, and the growth environment and the performance of the skin are very similar, so they have done a lot of screening.

In addition, the polymer chimera technology can make no trace of splicing between the two pieces of wool, unless it is specially tested with the highest-end equipment, it is absolutely impossible to find it.

Thinking of this, he suddenly reacted.

No, no, this piece of wool has not been unraveled, and all the techniques are covered in the leather.

What is he worried about?

Liao Guang wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. A series of accidents happened today, which made him feel extremely tense.

Just to frighten myself.

I think he has deceived dozens of people in the past month. When was he discovered?

Hehe, intuition.

Damn, this little young master’s intuition is truly terrifying!

However, intuition is such an ethereal mistake, he doesn’t believe that the young master Jin who has seen the performance of wool will believe it.

Unexpectedly, Jin Mao hesitated for a moment, then nodded immediately: “Okay, Brother Jing, I will listen to you.”

He was actually very reluctant in his heart, but compared to betting on a piece of jade, Jin Mao was more concerned about his friendship with Bai Jing, and he didn’t want to be separated from him because of this.

An Ge also put the wool material he was looking at in his hand. He absolutely believed in Bai Jing’s strength, because he knew that the other party was ‘Gu Yun’.

When An Ge was in Capital Star, he had seen Bai Jing’s true face, coupled with the same cold temperament of the two of them, the genius’ ability to gamble on stones, it was easy for him to associate it with him.

Of course, he won’t say it out, and will always keep this secret.

I fuck!

The two ‘fat sheep’ turned against the water, and Liao Guang wanted to scold people irritably. Did these two people have no thoughts? They gave up after hearing a word!

He wasted so much time on the two of them, and suddenly he stopped buying it at this time, he was about to vomit blood!

Liao Guang took a deep breath and stared at Bai Jing with a bad expression:

“What intuition, this kind of intuition is always inaccurate!

Young Master Jin, you can’t give up this piece of wool that is easy to bet on just because of a word from your friend—”

At this time, the shop owner Wu Xing also stepped forward and said with a straight face: “This young master, you don’t have to buy it yourself, but the quality of the wool in our shop cannot be slandered.

You interrupted my business again and again, and slandered this good piece of material because it is based on leather green. What is your intention? ! If so, please leave my shop immediately. ”

The people around also joined in.

“Yeah, this pineapple peel is doing so well, why are you stopping me from buying it?”

“Could it be that other stores are here to disrupt business?”

“If you don’t buy it, leave quickly. It’s really bad luck that you keep saying that you’re going to lose your money.”

‘Boss Huang’ also sneered yin and yang: “Yo, it’s not because your friends can buy good stuff but you can’t afford it, you’re jealous, right?

Tsk tsk, this friendship is really cheap. ”

Jin Mao was trembling with anger: “Brother Jing is not!

Isn’t it just a broken stone with tens of thousands of stars, how could Brother Jing not be able to buy it? ”

It’s just that the people around looked suddenly realized, and looked at Bai Jing with a bit of scrutiny.

Some people recognized that Bai Jing had just made a bet on the oily green jadeite. In this way, he felt that the other party was afraid that his friends would steal his limelight.

Others wondered about conspiracy theories: Is this person the trustee of Shop No. 1? Are you here to ruin the business of the No. 3 store?

After all, in the past month, the business of the No. 3 store has been very prosperous, and there is a trend of faintly surpassing the No. 1 store. If it continues, I am afraid that it will not be able to maintain its status as the No. 1 store on Gambling Stone Street.

Bai Jing looked at the shop owner Wu Xing coldly. This man looked righteous and dignified, but he was really amazing.

The first is to condemn and incite public opinion from the commanding heights of morality, and then to use aggressive tactics, plus sow discord, and play a good strategy.

If it is an ordinary young master of a noble family, even if he wants to fight for a breath, he will buy wool of hundreds of thousands of star coins to ridicule him.

It’s a pity that these people met him.

Bai Jing looked at the shopkeeper calmly: “Since you think I’m slandering the quality of your shop’s wool, let’s make a bet – I think my intuition is right.

There is no need to bet, as long as the two pieces of pineapple husk wool can be solved with a total price of more than 5,000 star coins, even if I lose, I will pay more than ten times the listed price of star coins. ”

“If you can’t figure it out, you apologize to me, and I’ll pick up two pieces of wool from your store for free.

How about, bet or not? ”

“Betting, of course betting.”

“10 times, wouldn’t that cost millions of stars?!”

“This young master is really rich and powerful. As long as he doesn’t rely on skin green, the shop owner won’t win?”

“That’s right, these two pieces of wool are doing so well, and it’s more than 5,000 star coins to solve a little jade!”

The shopkeeper hadn’t spoken yet, and the others began to discuss, wishing to immediately agree on his behalf.

Those who do not agree to such conditions are fools!

The owner Wu Xing’s face suddenly sank, and he wanted to cover everyone’s mouth, but he didn’t want to agree!

Who will buy wool from their store once they have solved the two pieces of leather green!

He secretly winked at ‘Boss Huang’, who immediately said angrily to Bai Jing: “I don’t agree! Come first, come first, I want to buy this pineapple peel—”

Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by someone on the side.

“You haven’t paid yet?”

“Strange, don’t you untie it when you buy wool? Isn’t it the difference between unpacking now and later!”

“When the bet goes up, 10 times the star coins are waiting for you; when the bet breaks, you save the star coins for buying wool, and you won’t lose anything!”

“Yes, boss, are you having trouble with your head?”

‘Boss Huang’ was speechless and pale, and if he explained it again, he would be suspected, so he had to shut up.

After getting the ‘Boss Huang’, everyone’s eyes turned to the shopkeeper, with an invisible urging in their eyes.

Being stared at by dozens of pairs of eyes, the shopkeeper Wu Xing’s face was horribly ugly. He finally tasted the taste of being forced by public opinion, which is really bitter and unspeakable.

Now that it’s over, he can’t help but agree.

After all, judging from the content of the bet, it was all in his favor, and he had no reason to refuse.

It’s better to be broken than to be suspected of cheating.

If this is the case, the business of his shop will definitely plummet…

Wu Xing looked at Bai Jing as if he was about to kill someone, and there was endless remorse in it.

Why does he have to provoke the other party, provoke the young master Jin, and cheat on someone else?

Too bad it’s too late now.

He took a deep breath and said in a dejected tone: “Okay, I promise, let’s solve it.”

Everyone looked at him in disbelief, it was obviously a good thing to take advantage of, why did the shop owner feel like—ahem, as if their relatives had just passed away?

…it must be their delusion.

The author has something to say: Small Theater 1:

Wu Xing (before): Hmph, get angry, break up, come and buy wool.

Wu Xing (now): Woohoo, I was wrong, I knelt down, please let me live.

Small Theater 2:

Everyone: Promise this kind of good thing!

Crowd: ? what expression is this 🙂


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