God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 39

Two pieces of pineapple shell wool, one was solved by Bai Jing, and the other was solved by Liao Guang, a second-level stone gambler.

Aware of the boss’s warning gaze, Liao Guang wiped the cold sweat from his forehead for the third time, knowing that he must make a quick decision and try not to affect the business of the store.

Moreover, the unwrapped skin must be disposed of immediately, and other people must not be able to see the clue!

Although the probability of being discovered is extremely small, he looked at Bai Jing, who had been indifferent beside him, and suddenly felt a little scared, in case—

‘I beg you, but don’t let anything happen. ‘ Liao Guang prayed secretly in his heart.

And the ‘Boss Huang’ went to the wool material next to him and pretended to choose it under the direction of the owner Wu Xing.


After the collapse this time, there must be a big increase immediately, otherwise the business of the No. 3 store will be over!

Damn, it’s all to blame for this little young master, who made them lose three pieces of wool in vain, and they have to lose their reputation.


The wool of the pineapple shell in Liao Guang’s hand was very thin. He rubbed it lightly with a grinding wheel, and soon the jadeite under the shell was exposed, which was about **** wide.

“It’s green!”

“Growing water is good, it’s egg white seed!”

“That’s it, as long as you solve the egg-sized emerald shopkeeper, you will win.”

“As expected of the young master of an aristocratic family, you have to make this bet. Isn’t this sending money?”


Several people looked at Bai Jing and shook their heads and sighed.


In order to prove an illusory intuition, I would rather pay millions of star coins, and take advantage of it is not like this.

Gee, they really don’t understand the world of the rich.

Liao Guang had no joy at all, his expression was tense, and he had an ugly expression of ‘the death of a loved one’ on his face, which was exactly the same as that of the shop owner Wu Guang.


This is where he is mocking the other party, he is clearly mocking him!


The more these people expect from this piece of wool, the greater their disappointment when it is solved in a while.

At that time, I am afraid to run faster than anyone else—

Especially when he noticed the boss’s warning eyes, he wanted to cry without tears.

Liao Guang also wanted to hurry up, and could not wait to cut this **** piece of wool in half with a laser knife.

But it is against common sense to cut the swollen wool directly. Since it is green, it is natural to rub the stone carefully so as not to damage the jade inside.


So, he could only hold the sharpening wheel and slowly remove the broken jade from the edge.

As for Bai Jing’s side, it was naturally green.

The same kind of water is good, it is a waxy species.

The people around were already looking at Bai Jing with the eyes of the ‘silly son of the landlord’s family’, and it was the first time they were rushing to send money.

Jin Mao also regretted a little bit. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Bai Jing, but that these two pieces of jadeite with very good water were solved bit by bit in front of him, and there was always a little discomfort in his heart.


After all, if he bought it, all these big gains, points, and betting rates would be available.

Liao Guang’s grinding wheel sounded ‘zizi’, Bai Jing didn’t waste time like the other party, and directly turned on the switch of the laser knife.

The faint blue laser beam flickered with cold light, fell straight down, and cut off the second half of the wool!

“Oh my God, just cut it!”

“Fuck, what if it’s chopped?”

“Hehe, it seems that the young master trusts his intuition very much—”

However, they were dumbfounded that the two halves of the incision were all white stones, and there was no sign of green.

This knife white scene is measured, it is not cut from the middle, which is too unreasonable, but the knife is dropped from the last third.

“Cough, this is normal. After all, it is impossible for the whole piece of wool to be full of jade.”

The person who had just ridiculed Bai Jing for ‘trusting his intuition’ saw that his face was dull and hurriedly added a sentence.

But as soon as he finished speaking, Bai Jing slashed again.

This knife is cut from the center of the remaining two-thirds of the wool, only three or four centimeters away from the green part, which can almost determine the ‘winner’.

It is conceivable that the cut surface this time is still a white stone.


As soon as he finished speaking, he was refuted by reality. The man’s face flushed, as if he had been slapped several times in a row, and he lowered his head and dared not speak again.

The others also didn’t say a word. The wool that performed so well was cut down!

Judging from the appearance of the cut surface, it may not be green if you go deeper for one or two centimeters. Isn’t it really a skin green? ?

Everyone fell silent as the laser knife fell.

It turned out to be really a thin layer of skin green, or even a thin layer of rubbing stones that wastes physical strength, let alone 5,000 star coins, it is worthless!

Is this young master’s intuition really so accurate?

So the dubious people turned their attention to another piece of wool.

Liao Guang rubbed it for more than ten minutes under the enormous pressure and the scorching eyes of everyone, and finally completely wiped out the cut surface of the egg white seed.

When the movement stopped, his entire back was soaked wet.

“It’s rubbed up!”

“I’ll just say, how could it all rely on skin green, this is too exaggerated!”

Hearing this, Liao Guang reached out and wiped the sweat on his forehead. The hand holding the grinding wheel trembled so badly that he almost scratched his fingers.

Bai Jing glanced at him and said lightly, “Do you want me to help you?”

Liao Guang suddenly froze: “No, no need.”

He felt so stressed that he was about to collapse, this young master wouldn’t have found anything, would he?

hurry up, hurry up!

He adjusted the speed of the grinding wheel to the maximum gear, and countless gravel fell like raindrops, revealing the part behind the cut surface.

The inside is no longer the delicate egg white texture, and has become an extremely rough gray-white stone.

All the people around were dumbfounded and looked incredulous.

“This, is this broken?”

“I’m going, it really depends on the skin green!”

“Wait, cut two more knives and see-”

Under the urging of everyone, Liao Guang daringly divided the wool at the back into three pieces, which was clear at a glance.

“Damn it, that little young master really got it right, both pieces are made of leather green!”

“This intuition is too accurate!”

“That’s amazing—”

They were still mocking the so-called intuition before, but when they saw the final result, they were all speechless, their faces were slapped, and their gazes towards Bai Jing changed, and they were full of admiration.

At the same time, this unpleasantness of being slapped in the face was completely transformed into anger towards the shopkeeper and the stone gambler, and he couldn’t wait to vent it out.

“5000 star coins, bah, it’s worthless!”

“Two pieces of pineapple peel that perform so well, they are all green when cut, are you kidding me?”

“Fuck, fortunately I haven’t paid for the wool I just picked. There’s nothing good in this store.”

“Come on—”

Many people put down the wool in their hands and left the store without looking back. Wu Xing and Liao Guangblock couldn’t stop it.

It’s a joke, if such a good wool material can’t solve the jadeite, wouldn’t the ‘leftovers’ in their hands be even more difficult to solve?

Some people remembered the bet made by Bai Jing and the shopkeeper, and stayed here to watch the fun, like seeing what wool this ‘intuitive detached’ young master would choose in the end.

Jin Mao’s gaze towards Bai Jing can no longer be described with admiration. Brother Jing is his god, thanks to him this time, Brother Jing!

Thinking that if he didn’t listen to the other party and bought this piece of wool, it would be a trivial matter to lose stars, but it would be a huge blow for him to lose such a good piece of wool.

Not only that, but it will also affect his relationship with Bai Jing.

Sometimes estrangement arises little by little. Although there will be no problems for the time being, in the long run, it will be like a thorn buried in the heart. If it is not eliminated, it will exist forever.

Bai Jing also thought of this.

He made the bet for three reasons:

One is to eliminate the estrangement between you and the little fat man,

Second, teach the owner a lesson;

The third is, in case the soaring jadeite is solved later, it can be pushed to intuition.

This intuition is illusory, and there is no one for a while, and it cannot be verified. As long as it is not too exaggerated, no one will doubt it.

Seeing the customers leaving one after another, Wu Xing, the owner of the store, was so anxious that he immediately gave a wink to ‘Boss Huang’.

The ordinary big rise can no longer be recovered. This time, it must be a blockbuster and come out with the best jadeite!

Anyway, it’s all emeralds solved by my own people, it doesn’t matter, it’s just a show.

From the corner of Bai Jing’s perspective, he has been watching the movements of ‘Boss Huang’, and seeing him put down the wool in his hand and walk towards the other row, he knows it.

Bai Jing smiled at the shopkeeper: “I am willing to admit defeat, shopkeeper Wu, can I go and choose wool?”

Wu Xing looked at Bai Jing’s eyes as if it was poisoned, his face was cold, and two words were squeezed out of his teeth: “Yes, of course.”

Bai Jing ticked the corner of his lips, walked over to ‘Boss Huang’ with the other’s split-eyed expression, and put his hand on the wool he was looking at, “I want this piece.”

At the same time, the perception quickly penetrated into it, and it was detected together with a piece of wool around it.

Soon, his perception was withdrawn, and a smile appeared in Bai Jing’s eyes.

Not bad, a piece of glutinous apple green, and a piece of hibiscus parrot green, they are not small, I am afraid that each piece is no less than two or three million star coins, no wonder they use it to save the field.

‘Boss Huang’ looked terrified, and roared in a stern voice: “Stop—!

This, this is what I fancy, do you have any rules! ”

“Rules? I think you have no rules.”

A middle-aged man with Zhou Zheng walked over from the corner, it was Chang Qing.

Although he just broke a piece of white salt sand, but with his reputation and status in gambling stone street for many years, people spontaneously made a way for him.

Chang Qing looked at ‘Boss Huang’ and said:

“For a bet more than ten times, the default is that both parties have the qualifications to choose first, not to mention that you haven’t bought this piece of wool, this piece of wool doesn’t belong to you.”

In the echoes of everyone and the horrified eyes of ‘Boss Huang’, Bai Jing put the two pieces of wool with a total value of more than 5 million directly into the space button.

The owner Wu Guang’s face was extremely ugly, his eyes were red as if he was about to drip blood, his heart was throbbing so badly, his teeth were rattling, and he was almost breathless.

This is the best wool in his shop, the best wool!

The wool material worth 5 million stars was taken away for free, and not a single star was spent!

Wu Guang’s eyes turned black for a while. The star coins he earned in the store this month were not enough for one piece of the raw material. In addition to the cost of counterfeiting, TMD lost a lot!

He grabbed his hair in pain, the boy must have seen something, otherwise it would be impossible to accurately target the wool in the hands of ‘Boss Huang’.

It’s over, it’s over!

The shop is going to end! He’s going to die too!

He’s going to hire a killer to kill him! kill him!

The extreme anger mixed with the fear of being discovered immediately made Wu Guang suddenly collapsed and collapsed to the ground unconscious.

But what he didn’t know was that when he woke up, the pain was far more than that.

Bai Jing coldly looked at the shopkeeper who was lying on the ground like a dead dog. Before leaving, he asked the little fat man to scan the code to buy the last few pieces of ‘fishing’ wool, which he shared with An Ge.

Then, the three of them left the store under the terrified eyes of Liao Guang and ‘Boss Huang’.

As soon as he left the store, Bai Jing sent an anonymous message to the Gambling Stone Street Management Office with his brain.

Just after dissolving the stone, he put the dismantled lean leather green in a hidden place when no one was paying attention. Now that the store is so chaotic, Liao Guang and the others should not find it right away.

I hope the people from the management office can come sooner, but he also told the other party the location.

Afterwards, Bai Jing picked out a good egg white jadeite from the shop at the back.

The quality of the wool in the shops became worse as they went on, so they stopped after seeing a few.

After all, after being promoted to the official stone gambler, what is more important is the betting rate.

However, when Bai Jing passed by the penultimate store, his footsteps stopped, and his perception suddenly started to move.

In his impression, this was the first time the perception was so excited.

This store is very small, and the wool at the door is only more than 20 yuan.

At a glance, Bai Jing saw the black stone that was only the size of a fist, similar to Hei Usha, but not like it.

After his perception entered, an extremely strong reactive reaction surrounded him, stronger than the crystal core of a fifth-level zombie!

Even that piece of glass, the Imperial Green, has only the strength of a fourth-level zombie crystal nucleus!

There was a trace of surprise in Bai Jing’s eyes, what was this?

I saw that the color of the ’emerald’ inside was dark and rich, completely lacking in luster and transparency.

‘Not one of the finest jadeites, Mo Fei. ‘ Bai Jing denied in his heart.

Although the top-quality ink jade is black, it still has the texture of glass, and it is clear and clear, which is completely different from the one in the hand.

Anyway, take it back and study it first.

He didn’t counter-offer, and directly spent 10,000 star coins to buy this piece of wool.

The stall owner laughed so hard that he couldn’t see his eyes. There was less than 1,000 star coins for such scraps, but he really made a lot of money.

Before leaving, the little fat man looked at Bai Jing sincerely: “Thank you, Brother Jing.”

Bai Jing: “You’re welcome.”


After returning home, Bai Jing put all the five pieces of wool that Bai Jing brought back from Gambling Stone Street on the stone platform in the operation room.

Among the five pieces, one is ice and glass that can solve more than ten kilograms;

One piece is about seven or eight kilograms of hibiscus seeds and about the same weight of glutinous seeds, and one piece of egg white seeds is about five kilograms.

In addition to the unknown jadeite, the total price exceeds 30 million star coins, and the cost is less than 700,000.

The two pieces in the middle are even more ‘white wolves with empty gloves’, without spending a single star coin.

With a ‘di’, news came from Guangnao.

[Thank you for your anonymous report on the shop on No. 3 Gambling Street. Now that the evidence of fake wool has been verified, the person concerned will be sentenced to 10 years of interstellar prison and exiled to the barren star; the income of the shop will be confiscated…]

In addition to being a tool for people to gamble and entertain, the rough jadeite is also the only energy source of the empire. The empire will never allow anyone to fake it, so the punishment will be very serious.

Bai Jing smiled lightly, he is also a qualified interstellar citizen now.

Without further ado, Bai Jing untied the piece of wool containing egg white jade and prepared to extract the energy liquid.

This is the wool of the husk of bamboo shoots, which belongs to the half-mountain and half-water stone, yellowish-white, and the skin is thin.

Because it is in my own home, there is no need to hide it.

The precise 3D image was completely displayed in Bai Jing’s mind. He unraveled the wool with the fastest speed. The laser knife fell neatly along the edge of the jade, and the outline of the jade was solved with a few cuts.

Then put on the grinding wheel, and in two minutes, the excess gravel was wiped off, revealing the jade inside.

This is a spherical jadeite with a diameter about the size of the mouth of a bowl. The texture is as light and soft as egg white, and the light green is revealed from the inside, which is not strong.

Although it is not as clear and transparent as glass, it has a warm and delicate texture, which I like very much.

This egg-white light green jadeite weighs 5.4 kilograms, and its color distribution is slightly uneven. It belongs to the general quality of the fourth-grade jadeite, which is just suitable for refining the fourth-grade energy liquid.

Bai Jing penetrated into the spiritual power and perception at the same time, the golden thin lines are bright and dazzling, extracting energy from the jade while separating impurities, and soon the light-colored, clear-textured liquid filled the silver box, continue Filled with the second.

After extracting four boxes, Bai Jing felt exhausted.

Seeing this, the thin golden forehead thread unceremoniously penetrated into one of the energy boxes, absorbed the liquid inside, and then wrapped around the master’s white fingertips in a dignified manner, burping lazily.

Then, after extracting five boxes of energy liquid in a row, his mental power was a little sluggish, and he had another meal with Bai Jing’s permission.

After absorbing the energy this time, the golden thread happily rubbed against Bai Jing’s fingertips, automatically retracted into the master’s body, and fell into a deep sleep.


When it wakes up, it becomes stronger and helps its owner better rid of those **** impurities.

Bai Jing looked at the seven energy boxes filled with liquid in front of him, and put them into the detector to test them one by one.

The first three show a purity of 49.05%, and the last four show a purity of 49.67%, all of which are the best in the fourth grade.

However, it can be seen from the data that after absorbing energy, mental power and perception can indeed improve the purity.

It seems that the absorbed energy really works.

Bai Jing thought about it and solved the piece of glutinous and hibiscus jadeite.

The color of these two pieces of jade is very good, reaching apple green and parrot green, and the distribution is also very even, close to the fifth-grade jade.

After the egg-white jadeite is extracted, it can gradually transition upwards smoothly, and the spiritual power will gradually increase.

As for the unknown jadeite, let’s wait for his mental power to reach a higher level.

After solving enough raw materials for the past two months, Bai Jing looked at the balance in the account and boarded the online mall.

He can finally buy the mecha that he is thinking of! The author has something to say: Small Theater 1:

Wu Xing: Damn, I lost a piece of wool.

Liao Guang: No, boss, I lost three dollars.

Wu Xing: Fuck, I lost five yuan! Ah, ah, there are two more expensive ones!

Liao Guang: No, boss, they also took four yuan…

Wu Xing (vomiting blood): Stop talking, I won’t listen, I won’t listen!

Small Theater 2:

Liao Guang: Boss, the Interstellar police are here.

Wu Xing: What did you say, who is here?

Liao Guang: The Interstellar Police are here.

Wu Xing: What police are here?

Liao Guang: The Interstellar Police are here.

Wu Xing: What is Interstellar?

Liao Guang: The Interstellar Police are here.

Wu Xing: I don’t listen, I don’t listen.

Liao Guang: …


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