God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 40

Bai Jing checked the information before purchasing the mecha. Imperial citizens with a genetic level above B can successfully drive the mecha, while those with a level below B are not recommended to drive.

This is not to say that people with lower genetic levels are completely unable to control mechas, but that such people are prone to accidents, and even lead to serious genetic collapse, which is life-threatening.

It’s like letting a weak person run a marathon, and they can also run hundreds of meters or kilometers. Some people with strong perseverance can even last longer, but the consequences may be poor breathing, wheezing, coma, or even death.

Especially as an imperial sergeant, it is strictly required that the gene level must be above the B level.

Different from the usual jokes or online battles, these people will fight with real guns and live ammunition on the battlefield, and the daily training is also extremely heavy. Once someone with a low genetic level joins, it is completely equivalent to death.

Bai Jing’s gene level is C, which does not meet the requirements for smooth driving of the mecha.

However, because of the popularity of mechas, there are also many people with low genetic levels like him, in order to seek stimulation, online simulation cabin battles or private training by themselves, which is allowed in the empire, and if any damage occurs, the consequences will be at your own risk.

Mechas are divided into low-level, intermediate-level, high-level, and the top-level S-level in the advanced level.

According to the model, it can be divided into light armor and heavy armor.

The advantage of light mecha is that it is flexible and changeable, and various difficult tricks can be used. The disadvantage is that the defense and attack power are weak;

Heavy-duty mechas have outstanding defensive and attack power, but are a bit bulky and lack flexibility.

Bai Jing quickly browsed the introduction about the mecha, and was ready to buy a low-level mecha with good performance.

Low-level mechas are the most common types of mechas, and they are sold at well-known auction houses, including online auction houses and offline auction houses.

Most of the mid-level mechas are auctioned in large offline auction houses, and each time they attract a large number of people to compete, the transaction price of each mecha is not less than tens of millions of stars.

The sales channels for advanced mechas only exist in the most prosperous capital star.

Because high-level mechas have high requirements for both materials and production, and the time and energy expended is unimaginable for ordinary people, so only in the annual joint auction will high-level mechas appear.

Its popularity can be imagined, and the price is also unbearable for ordinary people.

When Bai Jing came into contact with mechas for the first time, he naturally chose a low-level mecha as a practice.

He doesn’t know if he can drive a mecha with his genetic level, but this is his wish, how can he be willing if he doesn’t give it a try?

Hearing that Xinghai Auction House was discussing cooperation with mecha makers recently, Bai Jing thought about it and sent a message to Huang Jiu, the person in charge of Xinghai, asking if there were any low-level mecha auctions recently.

[Huang Jiu: Master wants to buy low-level mecha? 】

[Bai: Well, is the mecha for sale recently? 】

[Huang Jiu: Yes.

The auction house successfully reached a cooperation with several mecha manufacturers a week ago, and will launch three mechas tomorrow: two second-level mechas and one third-level mecha. 】

[Bai: Okay. 】

[Huang Jiu: If the master wants to take pictures, it is best to prepare some more star coins. 】

[Bai: Thank you for reminding me, I will. 】

Xinghai Auction organized this mecha auction, and spared no effort to publicize it for seven consecutive days.

Mecha posters are scrolled on the big screen in the store. After each lot is sold, a mecha auction message will be attached. At the same time, old customers will be notified one by one, and they will even spend a lot of money under the ‘mecha’ entry in the online mall. Micro-advertising.

As a result, many people know that Xinghai Auction House will auction three low-level mechas at 10:00 on July 20. The number of people standing guard that day exceeded the usual dozens of times, which shows that the competition is fierce.

Bai Jing was naturally one of them. He blurred his face and came to Xinghai Auction House early in the morning.

At 10 o’clock, all the lots are on the shelves.

At a glance, everyone saw a separate area in the center.

In the huge transparent window, there are three brand new mechas with a height of more than ten meters.

Among the two secondary mechas, one is a light mecha and the other is a heavy mecha, and the difference can be clearly seen in comparison.

The light mecha looks thinner and the mecha lines are more fluid; while the heavy mecha is stronger, with heavy weapons and protective gear on the arms and feet, which is extremely lethal.

In the middle of the window is a three-level light mecha.

The light blue fuselage glows with a fine streamer, and the lines are beautiful and sharp, and the appearance is much stronger than the second-level mecha.

Bai Jing looked down at the price.

Level 2 Mecha: The starting price is 2,000,000 Star Coins, and each increase is not less than 100,000 Star Coins. Reference price: five million stars.

Level 3 Mecha: The starting price is 5,000,000 Star Coins, and each increase is not less than 500,000 Star Coins. Reference price: 10 million stars.

No wonder Huang Jiu, the person in charge, asked him to prepare more star coins. The reference price was indeed higher than he imagined, and from the number of participants at the scene, I am afraid that the final transaction price will be very high.

Before he could take a closer look at the properties of the mecha, the time was up and the auction started.

For almost a minute, the auction prices of these three mechas were all constantly changing at an indiscernible speed on the screen, and the numbers flickered dazzlingly.

Bai Jing was not in a hurry to make an offer.

A high-priced item such as a mecha is not like other auctions. After bidding, there will be a one-minute countdown, but it will last for a whole day. The auction time ends at 24:00 tonight, leaving plenty of time for everyone to bid.

In just two minutes, the auction prices of the three mechas all exceeded 1.5 times the starting price, but to everyone’s good fortune, the frequency of quotations gradually slowed down.

At this moment, the figure of the mecha maker was displayed on the big screen. After they briefly introduced themselves, they began to explain the materials and properties of the mecha.

[This second-level heavy-duty mecha is bright black, with a defensive coating on the surface, and is equipped with a long-range low-energy particle cannon on its shoulders, which can fire six shells at the same time, provided that a third-level energy box is needed as support.

The melee weapon is a golden long whip, twenty-five meters long, with a certain flexibility, it can wrap around the opponent to attack…]

“I didn’t expect this heavy-duty mecha to have good properties, and it can reach the second-level high quality.”

“It’s really good, and the attack power is very strong.”

“It’s suitable for attacking players, but the defense is much weaker. There is not even a protective cover, only a protective coating, which is useless at all.”

“This is just a secondary mecha, it can’t be perfect.”

A few teenagers gathered together and whispered. They were young and it was their first time to choose mechas.

Bai Jing doesn’t know much about mechas at present.

After hearing the comments of several people, he observed the heavy mech up close again.

It was found that as they said, the weapons on the arms and legs, as well as the long whip around the waist, all focused on attack power, while other attributes were relatively lacking, and they were particularly cumbersome.

This is a common problem with heavy weapons. Due to the cost, the secondary mecha cannot improve the lightness of the weapon, so the weight will be too high.

If it is replaced with advanced mecha, this problem will be alleviated a lot.

‘This mech is not suitable for me. ‘ Bai Jing thought to himself.

His advantages are speed and keen perception, and heavy mechas undoubtedly cannot play this advantage.

Bai Jing focused on the next two light mechas.

After the introduction of the heavy mecha, after showing the shape and weapons of the mecha at close range again, the screen changed, and another mecha player came on stage.

[This second-level light mecha, I named it ‘Egret’.

In order to maintain flexibility, I fused the tertiary material “light gold” on the mech shell, reducing the weight of the mech by one-fifth. At the same time, the “polymer ionic liquid” is applied to the joints, which can maintain the flexibility of the movements.

As for the weapons, the melee spears and long-range particle guns are set…]

Bai Jing frowned slightly. He didn’t know much about mechas, but after the end of the world, he was relatively familiar with guns and ammunition.

The ballistics of the particle gun is narrow, the penetration is not strong, and the lethality of long-range attacks is very weak. It seems that light mechas almost give up attack power in order to reduce weight and increase flexibility.

Many of the people present felt the same way.

However, this ‘Egret’ is slender and compact in shape, light and flexible, and the pure white body is clean and beautiful, which has won the love of many people, especially in line with women’s aesthetics.

As a secondary mecha, if it can attract everyone’s attention in one or two ways, it has been successful.

After the mecha maker’s introduction, the tickers in the hands of many people began to flicker frequently, and soon the price of this light mecha was increased by more than one million, and it was about to approach the reference price.

And this, only half an hour has passed since the shooting started!

Next comes the main event, the mecha master will introduce the only third-level mecha in the auction house, which is also the highest level of low-level mecha.

[This third-level mecha is a light mecha, and I named it ‘Zhangkong’.

The mecha shell is added with light blue flow gold, which can reflect light and can be temporarily invisible under certain conditions. The head and chest are equipped with intermediate defense shields, which require a level 4 energy box to open at the same time.

The long-range weapon is a laser beam, with a range of up to five kilometers, and the melee weapon is equipped with a titanium alloy long knife, which is a fourth-grade material…]

“Level 4 materials are actually used on Level 3 mechas!”

“The stealth attribute is really good, it’s unexpected. This mecha maker is amazing!”

“This mecha has good attributes in all aspects, and the weapon mix is ​​relatively balanced.”

“However, if you configure a four-level energy box, the usual consumption is very large…”

After the mechanic finished his introduction, the auction house was full of various discussions.

Obviously, this third-level mecha has ignited people’s enthusiasm. Whether it is made of materials or defensive attributes, it can be said to be the best among low-level mechas. Mechas of this quality are rare.

Bai Jing stood outside the window and looked up at the mecha. The mecha, which was more than ten meters tall, was tall and arrogant.

The long titanium alloy knife on the waist reflects a cold light under the illumination of the light, it is sharp and cold, and its hardness can reach a high level.

The more Bai Jing looked at it, the more he liked it. Whether it was the temperament, color matching or weapons of the mecha, he was very satisfied.

A long-lost excitement spread out from the chest and gradually spread to the whole body. At this moment, he seemed to see the scene where he was driving this mecha straight into the sky, and his eyes were filled with a bit of longing.

Not only him, most of the people here have taken a fancy to this mecha with excellent attributes.

The numbers on the ticker have been increasing rapidly, soon surpassing the reference price of 10 million and continuing to soar upwards.

Eleven million.

11.5 million.

twelve million.

Sixteen million!

An hour after the opening of the auction house, the highest price reached 16 million!

This is rarely seen in low-level mechs.

This price is obviously beyond the budget of many people, they are no longer obsessed with this mecha, and turned to auction the other two secondary mechas.

With the mecha, the energy box in the store was also swept away.

Not only did Bai Jing’s energy box fetch an unprecedented high price, but other secondary and tertiary energy boxes were also much higher than the previous transaction prices.

The person in charge Huang Jiu and appraiser Lu Meng were very excited when they watched the rising prices on the quotation device.

In the future, the auction house’s mecha will attract popularity, not only the revenue will skyrocket, but also the influx of traffic and other effects, the ranking of their stores will continue to rise!

It’s a pity that it takes too long to make mechas, at least 2-3 months can there be such a mecha auction.

Seeing such a hot scene, Huang Jiu and Lu Meng decided that they must negotiate and cooperate with several mecha manufacturers, and strive to sell mechas every month!

Bai Jing looked at the number on the ticker, sixteen million.

No one has quoted since this price appeared.

He thought about it and entered the price of 20 million on the ticker.

“My God, twenty million!”

“This should be the limit, right?”

“Remember that last month, Tianshu Auction House’s third-level top-quality mecha sold for a high price of 18 million. I thought it was strong enough, but I didn’t expect it to be higher this time!”

“Rich people—”

Bai Jing waited for a minute, and saw that no one continued to bid, so he went offline.

He originally wanted to enter 17 million, but after thinking about it, maybe others will continue to increase the price, it is better to directly pay a high price to let the other party retreat, which is also a psychological tactic.

Bai Jing was right, the teenager who just bid 16 million star coins wanted to continue bidding, but after seeing this price, his eyes widened suddenly, and he had to give up unwillingly.

His total budget for this mecha is 20 million star coins, but the budget includes the energy box and the cost of maintaining the mecha on weekdays.

If the other party bids 17 million star coins, he may grit his teeth and add another two million, but from the price, it is obvious that the other party is not short of money.

‘Forget it, let’s wait for the next time. ‘ the boy thought through gritted teeth.

At the same time, I secretly hate, this bidder is really annoying!

When the auction was about to end, Bai Jing went to the online mall and found that the highest price was still the 20 million he quoted, but he did not let his guard down.

Because some people will make an offer with seconds left in the countdown and be caught off guard.

Bai Jing put his white fingers on the ticker, and his brown eyes focused on the numbers on the screen.

“The auction of three mechs will enter the countdown, 10, 9, 8…”

Until the end of the last second, Bai Jing relieved his tense wrists, but fortunately his quotation did not change.

But the other two secondary mechas are different.

“What’s the matter? Why didn’t I take a picture!”

“Final transaction price: 11.7 million… Damn, who is it that added 200,000 star coins at the end!”

“Playing this kind of trick, there is a kind of PK!”


Apart from the fact that Bai Jing’s quotation did not change, the other two mechas all changed hands in the last ten seconds, and the transaction price increased by 200,000-300,000 stars on the original basis, which made the original buyer very angry.

They squatted here for a whole day, and they were about to win. They were cut off. They were so sad and angry that they could not wait to find this sinister villain and beat him!

The person in charge Huang Jiu shook his head helplessly in the background.

Well, the two buyers are probably young and don’t know the tricks.

Bidding in the last few seconds can not only let bidders relax their vigilance, but also buy this mecha at the lowest cost, which is a common trick in auctions.

Of course, if the original bid was high enough, this would not have happened.

In this way, it is still a great master.

After Bai Jing paid 20 million star coins, he quickly received the space button sent by virtual teleportation. In addition, there were matching mecha repair tools and mecha care solution.

This space button is also light blue, as if there are fine streamers sprinkled on it, the same color as the mecha.

Bai Jing held it tightly in his hand and connected the virtual port in the bedroom to the optical brain.

There is no way to release the mecha in the room, but the simulation training room on the star network can.

The author has something to say: Bai Jing: I finally have my own mecha!

Gu Shao: It’s my turn to play.


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