God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 43

The light blue mecha was left with only an afterimage in the training room, and only when it landed, the outline of the mecha and the shredded streamer could be seen.

“Alpha, stop it! Stop it now!”

Yao Tian recovered from his daze, and immediately stopped, his heart almost in his throat.

It’s over, the teenager is only a B-level genetic level, and the difficult action of teleportation is the most energy-intensive. What will happen to his body?

It’s all his fault, he just forgot to remind him just because he was surprised.

It’s just that the boy’s performance doesn’t look like a person with a B-level gene at all. Judging from the potential he showed, he definitely reached an S-level!

Bai Jing recovered from the state of being one with the mecha, and then he was exhausted. His fingers were numb due to the constant high speed, and he lost his perception. His mental power also returned to the body and began to rest.

The sweat on his forehead kept flowing, and a few drops along the long eyelashes almost fell into his eyes. Bai Jing could only close his eyes and wait for the exhaustion to pass.

“How are you, Alpha? Open the cockpit door.”

Yao Tian’s anxious voice came from the earplugs.

He can’t wait to kill himself just lost his mind. As a professional high-level mecha coach, he has not fulfilled the responsibilities of a professional.

It’s just that it’s useless to blame yourself now. He has a particle conduction device that stabilizes his mental body. He just hopes that he can make it in time, and don’t let the young man with great potential have a mental breakdown!

“I…it’s fine.” Bai Jing gasped and said, “It’s just…a little bit out of strength.”

The young man’s clear voice came from the earplugs intermittently, causing Yao Tian to let out a heavy sigh and let go of his tense heartstrings. Phew, as long as it’s fine.

Bai Jing felt that his current state was much better than yesterday, but he was just tired and weak, at least he didn’t fall into a coma.

If it was placed yesterday, after experiencing the extreme teleportation, it is absolutely impossible for him to continue to remain awake.

This is the power of S-class spiritual power.

Although it is only one level away from the A-level, after breaking through that critical point, the mental power will increase rapidly at a rate of ten times, and the gap between the two is like a world of difference.

Half an hour later, Bai Jing felt that the tiredness of his body began to weaken, and the thin white line of mental power also drilled out of his body and began to connect to the induction helmet.

The light blue mecha moved again, but it moved slowly, because the sense of the fingers had not fully recovered.

Yao Tian has been guiding this talented student until eight o’clock in the evening, until the latter reaches the limit of his physical fitness, and then he does not stop.

After six hours of teaching, the teenager has mastered eight combined footwork, and the learning speed is amazing!

Every time after he explained and demonstrated once, the second teaching has not yet started. It is convenient for me to operate the mecha and start practicing, and the movements are not bad. It is equivalent to re-engraving from him. This kind of learning ability is terrifying. .

In just half a day, he accomplished every footwork to the extreme.

As a coach, Yao Tian likes such students the most, and the smile on his lips has never been put down.

He looked at the training plan for teenagers that he had discussed with Nie Bai for a whole day before, shook his head in his heart, and planned to redo it.

This plan is too slow, at least three times shorter at Alpha speed.

When the teenager came out of the cockpit and put away the mecha to prepare to go offline, Yao Tian stopped him: “Alpha, what is your training time? I wonder if you need to make some adjustments according to your time.”

Bai Jing: “If there are no exceptions, it can be from 2:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon every day.”

Yao Tian nodded: “Okay. Take a good rest tomorrow, and continue the day after tomorrow.”

Bai Jing let out an “um”, paid the fee and left.

Two minutes later, Yao Tian received today’s tuition fee and couldn’t help laughing: This kid is quite good.

After a week of practice, Bai Jing has learned more than 30 basic movements and combined movements.

In the final test, even Yao Tian could not pick out any mistakes.

No matter in terms of accuracy, proficiency or speed, it is a textbook-level operation, almost perfect.

After obtaining Bai Jing’s consent, Yao Tian recorded a video of him operating the mecha to do basic exercises.

At the same time, the part of the cockpit was blurred at his request, and he plans to use this video as the action standard for all students starting next year.

The two of them didn’t think too much about it at this time.

Bai Jing believes that after a year of practice and exercise, he will become more proficient in the operation of the mecha, and he will leave the club at that time, so it’s okay to give it.

On the other hand, Yao Tian thought sadly: If the club cannot get the ranking this year, then the Lingyun Club will cease to exist, so let’s keep it in our minds.

However, what neither of them thought was:

For many years to come, this video has become the only promotional video of Lingyun Club, attracting batches of students who come here in an endless stream.

At the same time, the number of views of this video on Xingwang is also increasing day by day, and it has become the most played after the video of Gu Yuanchao killing alien beasts!


Bai Jing had a very fulfilling time during this time.

In the morning, I went to Gu’s underground warehouse to sense the wool, and in the afternoon, I did mecha training, and in the evening, I took two or three hours to extract energy fluid.

Perhaps because of the substantial increase in mental power, after the daily mecha training is over, there is still a lot of residual mental power, and the speed of extracting energy fluid is also accelerating.

In a week, he has already extracted all the 5.4 kilograms of egg white light green jade and the 7.8 kilograms of waxy apple green jade.

Forty silver energy boxes are neatly placed on the table in rows, which is spectacular.

Among them, except for the first 7 energy liquids that are level four, all the rest have reached the standard of level five energy liquids. And as more and more energy is absorbed, the purity is also getting higher and higher, and the last twenty or so have all reached the fifth-grade middle grade.

And this, only use level 4 jade!

The standard price of a single level 5 energy box is 1 million star coins. If such a large number of energy boxes are replaced by other senior energy masters, they can only be extracted from the 5th level jadeite such as ice seeds or ice wax seeds, deducting various The profit after cost and loss is only about 8 million at most, and it takes 4-5 months.

But Bai Jing is different, these energy boxes can earn him more than 30 million profits, and the cost is only 100,000 star coins!

Using the wool material worth 100,000 star coins to solve the four-level jadeite worth 7 million, and then create a higher-level five-level energy box, it is a superposition of high profits.

Bai Jing put away the ten energy boxes with the lowest purity as a source of spiritual power supplement, and he planned to hand over the remaining thirty energy boxes to Gu Yuanchao in two batches.

late at night.

Gu Yuanchao looked a little tired when he got home, and when he opened the door, he found that the light in the living room was on.

Bai Jing was sitting on the sofa, watching the first training video in the chip intently.

He has watched this video no less than ten times, and every time he replays it, he is still excited and longed for by the neat and tidy movements of the opponent driving the mecha.

Hearing the voice, he quickly put away his light brain and looked at each other with a smile: “Are you back?”

The voice is a little more familiar than before.

Gu Yuanchao looked at the young man’s delicate facial features and bright smile, his heart was fiery, the exhaustion all over his body disappeared at that moment, and his eyes softened unconsciously: “Why are you still not sleeping? Are you waiting for me?”

Bai Ding nodded: “Well, I’m waiting for you.”

The moment he heard the answer, Gu Yuanchao’s heartbeat slowed a beat. The boy was waiting for him, did that mean—

Bai Jing blinked and motioned him to look at the table.

Hmm, can’t you see so many energy boxes? He also deliberately placed it in a prominent position.

Seeing the energy box placed on the table in the living room, Gu Yuanchao’s expression froze slightly.

But this time, he already had experience, and he quickly regained his lost emotions and focused on the energy box.

When he saw the fifteen energy boxes on the table, his dark eyes flashed with surprise: “So many? Ah Jing, you don’t need to be so anxious.”

It has only been less than twenty days since they last reached a contract.

Bai Jing: “Well, I haven’t participated in the stone gambling battle during this time, so I just have a lot of free time.”

Gu Yuanchao put the energy box into the space button: “I will ask the appraiser to test the purity and publicize it as soon as possible, and I will definitely shoot at a price that will satisfy you.” Bai Jing’s voice was obviously a little more joyful: “Okay, thank you you!”

He recently spent 20 million for the mecha, plus the expensive training costs, and maybe the cost of modifying the mecha and maintaining it, he really needs to make more money.

Gu Yuanchao turned around, lowered his eyes to estimate the distance between the two, and then knelt on one knee on the sofa beside Bai Jing, his strong left arm resting on the back of the sofa, keeping it within the normal range but not disturbing. The distance of disgust, the voice is magnetic and low: “Why are you being so polite to me?”

Bai Jing really didn’t dodge, his eyes were again attracted by the space button shaking on the other side’s chest, and he subconsciously retorted: “I didn’t—”

Gu Yuanchao took another step without a trace, his tall body almost shrouded the boy, he lowered his head slightly and whispered in his ear, “Do you want to continue tonight?”

“of course yes!”

Gu Yuanchao has been very busy recently, and every time he comes back late, Bai Jing is embarrassed to disturb him more.

This time the other party took the initiative to propose that he must not miss this rare opportunity.

Bai Jing raised his head happily, but he didn’t expect that because the distance between the two was too close, his lips inadvertently brushed the corners of Gu Yuanchao’s lips.

The two were stunned at the same time.

The boy’s lips were exceptionally soft, and the beautiful touch of the two lips touching each other kept replaying in Gu Yuanchao’s mind. His heartbeat was completely uncontrollable, and the veins in his hands on the back of the sofa burst out. His 3S-level perception almost made the living room’s living room disappear. The wall shattered.

Seeing the boy’s shocked eyes and long curly eyelashes, Gu Yuanchao’s eyes darkened, and his muscular left arm gradually tightened.

The distance between the two is getting closer and closer, the hot breath is intertwined, and the atmosphere gradually becomes ambiguous.

There seemed to be a strong and domineering cold fragrance between his nose, Bai Jing quickly recovered, and was stunned when he saw the handsome face close at hand, then quickly turned over from the other side, dodging this look. Very dangerous posture.

Gu Yuanchao could have stopped him, but he restrained and did not move, allowing the other party to escape.

Facing the scorching hot gaze of the Imperial Major General, Bai Jing slightly averted his gaze, breathing a little short, the careless kiss just now, and Gu Yuanchao’s actions were thinking—

The boy’s cheeks were stained with a touch of red, which was very obvious against the white skin.

“A Jing—” Gu Yuanchao’s voice was low and hoarse, with a hint of temptation: “Let’s go to training.”

“No, I won’t practice today.”

Bai Jing’s voice lost its former clearness, and with a bit of anger and shame, he slammed the bedroom door shut.

Neither of them fell asleep that night.

Gu Yuanchao sat in the place where Bai Jing had sat, he touched his lips lightly with his fingertips, his eyes darkened for a moment, and he seemed to be able to feel the touch of the boy’s lips, which made him fascinated.

Maybe from the first sight of seeing each other, he has been caught in it.

And as the boy grew better and better, he also became more and more difficult to extricate himself from.

If other people are here, I am afraid that their eyes will fall out of shock.

It’s just a kiss, what kind of beauty does Gu’s heir want without being so, er, so innocent?

In fact, the distinguished Gu Shao has always had eyes above the top, so this is indeed his first temptation.

And from the current point of view, is it still unrequited love?

In the room, Bai Jing was lying on the bed with his eyes open, recalling the experience of this period of time, and suddenly understood something.

I understood why Gu Yuanchao was so kind to him.

Save him with expensive gene fluid, provide him with a place to live, and help him cover up his identity.

Because Gu Yuanchao likes himself.

In this way, everything is traceable.

In order to cater to his preferences, he went to great lengths to decorate the room, and even showed him his most precious mecha, and even sat in the co-pilot seat.

It turned out to be so.

Bai Jing closed his eyes gently, the unexpected kiss inadvertently came to his mind, and he opened his eyes again.

Well, can’t sleep.


Early the next morning, Gu Yuanchao asked Qiao An to send the energy box to the appraisal office, and within half a day, the appraisal result came out.

Qiao An: “Young Master Gu, all the fifteen energy boxes have reached the fifth grade.”

Gu Yuanchao’s eyes flashed with surprise, level five?

He remembered that the energy box that Bai Jing had provided to Xinghai Auction House was only level 4 at the highest level. Did he get promoted to level 5 so quickly?

What a great speed!

Gu Yuanchao pondered: “Let the relevant personnel do a good job of publicity and auction it in a week.”

Joan: “Yes, Master Gu.”

When he exited, his expression was a little hesitant.

The number of these energy boxes is indeed quite large, but the purity is not comparable to the best energy boxes made by master energy engineers.

Of course, the number of master-level energy masters is too small, and the Gu family has not hired them.

However, not long ago, a senior energy engineer brought several high-grade five-level energy boxes and wanted to seek cooperation with Gu, but Gu Shao was not moved.

What is the reason for spending such a large publicity cost this time?

That’s right, the master!

Qiao An thought of the master who used all kinds of power to track with Liang Heng, and suddenly realized.

But can the master only make fifth-level middle-grade products? It has to be said that this is a bit different from what he imagined.

No matter what she thought, Joan still carried out her mission faithfully.

The next week, on the huge holographic screen in the lobby of Gu’s Stone Gambling Shop, the advertisements for nutrient solution during the interval between each gambling battle were replaced with the announcement of the energy solution auction a week later, and the live betting room of Star Network was also refreshed. notice.

With Gu’s financial resources and means, the news spread at an extremely fast speed, and everyone knew that Gu was about to enter the energy industry.

The Gu family has always put a lot of resources and attention on the mining and sales of rough jadeite. With its strong financial resources, it has almost monopolized nearly 30% of the wool business in the entire empire, and has also dabbled in other industries.

However, the energy industry has been in a tepid state because there is no suitable energy engineer and stable supply.

This time, Mr. Gu did not hesitate to spend a lot of money to promote it. Could it be that he hired a master-level energy engineer?

As soon as this idea was put forward, they were rejected by themselves.

There are only two master-level energy masters in the entire Proxima Centauri, but they have never heard of cooperation with the Gu family.

For a while, many people were speculating on Gu’s thoughts.

With various mentalities, many people gathered at Gu’s Stone Gambling Shop on the auction day, far exceeding the usual number.

There is a real need for energy boxes. After all, fifth-level jade is rare, and it takes a lot of mental energy to extract fifth-level energy liquid. Even large auctions will not have it every time.

Some came to watch the excitement, some noticed business opportunities and followed trends, and some came to support Mr. Gu and Mr. Gu’s fans.

In short, the hall was full of people, and the spare passages on both sides had to be opened.

To everyone’s surprise, one of the only two master-level energy masters in Proxima Centauri, Master Jian Run, also came, along with more than a dozen Jian family members!

This is the real master, who lives in a secluded place and can’t even see him at ordinary times.

Everyone was very puzzled when they avoided it. The Jian family itself is a family of energy masters. Why did they come to participate in Gu’s energy liquid auction?

Are you worried that the Gu family threatens the Jian family’s position in the energy industry?

How is this possible? !

The Jian family has been rooted in the energy world for hundreds of years, and passed down from generation to generation. All the families in Proxima Centauri have more or less connections with the Jian family, and the foundation is unshakable.

This move by Master Jian Run is truly incredible.

As for other auction houses that cooperated with energy engineers, they heard that Gu was going to enter the energy industry, and they sent people to inquire about the news, to see if they should list Gu as one of the strongest competitors, and adjust countermeasures in time.

When the time is up, the auction starts on time.

The beautiful senior appraiser issued an identification report and a purity test certificate on the big screen, and said, “After identification, the fifteen fifth-grade energy boxes in this auction have all reached fifth-grade mid-grade, with a purity of 53%. -55%.”

Everyone was disappointed with this result.

After all, large auction houses will sell Level 5 energy boxes every one or two months, and even occasionally high-quality ones will appear.

Gu Shi did not hesitate to spend a lot of money for publicity, and held a separate auction for energy fluids, just to auction the energy box of the fifth-level middle-grade product?

“Fifth-level mid-grade, sigh, do you think it’s fifth-grade high-grade or top-grade?”

“Counting the cost, Gu Shi shouldn’t make much money, right?”

“It’s really rare. The biggest chaebol of the empire also has a time when his mind is hot–” Several people who came to inquire about the news were relieved when they saw this, and they all used their brains to send messages.

[You can rest assured, this is just an attempt by Mr. Gu. The energy boxes auctioned are all 5 intermediate quality and will not be our competitors. 】

The heads of several major auction houses were relieved after seeing the news.

That’s right, most of Gu’s power and industry are in the capital star. If you really invite a master-level energy engineer, why come to the neighboring star to auction?

It’s because they are too arrogant.

It is impossible for the first chaebol of the empire to cover every aspect of every industry.

Just when everyone was disapproving, the video of the energy liquid began to be displayed on the huge holographic screen.

After the silver lid is opened, the liquid inside is clear, crystal clear and translucent, without a trace of impurities, just like the abundant green has been injected with a clear spring, whether it is a light tone or an apple green, it is so pure that it is heartbreaking, attracting all at once. all eyes.

“Oh my God, it’s so beautiful!”

“I’ve never seen such a clean color before.”

“I really want to buy it!”

The person who just reported it suddenly widened his eyes and couldn’t help but shudder in his heart.

It’s broken, can I take back what I just said?

Holy crap, where is this to test the waters, this is to plunder market share strongly!

I’m afraid it won’t be long before the Gu family will become their auction house’s biggest competitor!

After the video is played, the auctioneer divides all the energy boxes into three groups, a total of five groups, and starts the auction.

Auctioneer: “A group of three energy boxes, the first group will be auctioned now. The starting price is 3 million star coins, and each increase is not less than 100,000 star coins.”

“Three million stars!”

“Three million and a half star coins!”

“Three million seven hundred thousand star coins!”

“Eight million star coins.”

The bidder was Master Jian Run, who directly doubled the last offer, and the needle fell in the hall for a while.

The auctioneer made up his mind: “Eight million star coins, is there anything to increase the price?

Eight million once, eight million twice, eight million three times, the deal! ”

The three cube-sized energy boxes were placed in a velvet box, reinforced with alloy materials, and soon sent to Master Jianrun.

In the eyes of others, the silent and cold master, in the stunned eyes of everyone, ‘grabbed’ the box at the fastest speed, and put it into the space button in the next second.

This, this is too exaggerated, right? ?

Even more exaggerated is yet to come.

When the auctioneer started to auction the second group, the price gradually climbed, and the auction price has been raised to 6 million star coins.

The auctioneer was already satisfied with the price, which was twice the starting bid and higher than he expected.

Just as he was about to announce, he heard a cold voice.

Master Jianrun: “Eight million stars.”

Crowd: ? !

When the third group was auctioned, the auctioneer: “The starting price is 3 million stars, and each time the price increases—”

Master Jianrun: “Eight million stars.”

The auctioneer’s open mouth closed helplessly: … I haven’t finished speaking yet.

Others who are ready to buy are not very popular, and they are all in the third group. Even if you are a master, you cannot monopolize so many energy boxes. These are enough advanced mechas for five or six years!

“Eight and a half million!” Someone raised the price with a painful expression.

Master Jian Run looked at him coldly: “Ten million stars.”

The person who asked for the price just now looked angry: Oh, it’s amazing to be rich.

Okay, got it, just shut up.

When the fourth group was auctioned, the master finally stopped bidding, and everyone else was relieved.

Just when the final price was about to be sold at six million star coins, Young Master Ning rushed in from the gate, shook off the sweat on his forehead, and his voice was a little unstable: “Eight million, star coins.”

Ning Yuchen, who was squatting at the Xinghai Auction House every day, bought a lot of third-level energy boxes, but he didn’t buy more advanced ones.

When I was disappointed, I accidentally saw the energy liquid video synchronized by the star network, and instantly drove the suspension car to the highest speed, and finally caught up.

The others looked at him in anger and dared not to speak, alas, we can only wait for the last group.

The auctioneer cleared his throat. It was unexpected that he could fetch such a high price for each set of energy boxes today. Even if the price of the last set was not too high, it was a success. “This is the last set of five mid-grade energy fluids today, the starting price—”

Ning Yuchen raised his eyebrows: “Eight million stars.”

Auctioneer:  …

Crowd: …

So, what kind of fantasy plot is this auction today?

The author has something to say: Small Theater:

Bai Jing: The first kiss is gone, I’m angry.

Gu Yuanchao: The first kiss is gone, happy ><


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