God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 44

In the end, fifteen fifth-level energy boxes were auctioned for a total of 42 million, and the auctioneer stepped down with a look of joy.

Although he basically didn’t play a role, he was interrupted twice in the middle, ahem—

However, these energy boxes were auctioned off in his hands, and any part that exceeded the starting price would have a corresponding commission!

I really hope that next time it will be auctioned by him, it’s just lying down to make money, it’s so cool, hahaha.

On the contrary, after the auction ended, many people left angrily.

With the great Buddha Master Jianrun and the well-earned young Master Ning, not only did they not take pictures, they were even deprived of the qualifications to bid. Damn, it’s really, deceiving people!

As a result, these people went to the star network to complain, and successfully brought up the topic of #Gu’s auction energy box#.

[Hehe, this auction is a large-scale show of wealth]

[Damn, the auctioneer hasn’t finished speaking yet, the sound of “eight million” successfully shut me up]

[I also quoted the price and took my own humiliation (cigarette light.jpg)]

【I’m not worthy】

[Next time Mr. Gu will disassemble the energy boxes and sell them one by one, I want to buy them too]

[+1 upstairs, give your child a chance to bid QAQ]

The heads of several other large auction houses were so angry that their noses crooked when they saw the overwhelming news on Xingwang.

Immediately dialed the video and scolded the inquirer, this is what they said there was no threat? ?

The threat is too big!

Excellent products coupled with Gu’s huge network and publicity means, I am afraid that the energy world of Proxima Centauri will be reshuffled, and their situation is in danger!

In the box on the second floor of the Gu family.

Master Jian Yuan is sitting on the sofa drinking tea leisurely.

Qiao An looked at him speechlessly, this master actually put down his face and pretended not to leave unless he saw Gu Shao, this…

The other party is a highly respected person, the only master-level energy engineer of Proxima Centauri, and he can’t use force.

Joan could only send a message to Master Gu while sighing.

Gu Shao asked him to take Master Jian Run to the box on the second floor and wait for a while, while the rest of Jian’s family could only wait outside the door.

After ten minutes, Gu Yuanchao’s affairs in the general’s department were completed, and he sat unceremoniously on the sofa opposite Master Jian Yuan, with his legs folded and half leaning on the back of the chair, his posture was lazy.

Even in the face of this master, his aura was still fierce.

The two did not speak for a while.

In the end, Master Jian Yuan put down the teacup and said firmly, “The energy master is here with you.”

Since the Jian family used various means to find the location and information, but all of them were intercepted, and in the end, even if the location was obtained, it was useless information, he suspected that it was Gu’s method.

After all, they employ the most professional teams and high-tech talents, and those who can intercept signals must have superior means.

The Gu family has the most advanced anti-reconnaissance system and positioning system, so it is listed as the biggest suspect by the Jian family.

Until a few days ago, I heard that Mr. Gu, who has rarely been involved in the energy industry, used various publicity channels to create momentum for the auction. Master Jian Yuan was basically certain that the person was hidden by Mr. Gu.

After seeing the performance of the energy liquid with my own eyes today, I am 100% sure.

Gu Yuanchao raised his eyebrows and did not deny: “Yes, he is here with me.”

Master Jian Yuan: “I want to meet him.”

Gu Yuanchao chuckled: “Impossible.”

Since he promised Bai Jing to keep it secret, he would never break his promise.

What’s more, how could he possibly give others a chance to poach Bai Jing?

The boy can only be his.

Master Jian Yuan was silent for a moment, and then threw out an extremely tempting offer: “As long as you introduce him to me, the Jian family will immediately cooperate with the Gu family to help Gu’s position in the energy world.”

Almost everyone in the Jian family is an energy engineer, and there are six senior energy engineers. They have a large number of contacts and channels in the energy industry. This condition is a huge temptation for any family that wants to enter the energy industry.

He believed that after weighing the pros and cons, the successor of the Gu family would definitely not refuse.

Gu Yuanchao was not at all tempted: “Sorry, no matter what conditions you offer, I will not reveal his information.”

The astonishment flashed in Master Jian Yuan’s eyes, and finally he had to give up regretfully.

He did not seek this energy master for profit, but wanted to conduct more in-depth research on improving the purity of energy liquid, but unfortunately…

Fortunately, they photographed three sets of energy boxes this time. I hope that after careful research, they can get the secret of purification of impurities.

Bai Jing opened his eyes slightly after receiving the 42 million star coins from the auction.

He really did not expect that fifteen middle-grade energy boxes could be auctioned for such a high price!

According to his budget, 30 energy boxes can shoot so many star coins, which is already very powerful, but this is only half of the amount.

In other words, all the energy boxes can be shot for more than 80 million stars? !


He can’t wait to extract all the remaining energy liquid.

After the excitement passed, Bai Jing searched on the star website, and sure enough, news of this auction was everywhere.

Seeing that Gu Yuanchao did not hesitate to spend a lot of publicity costs to build momentum for his energy box, a warm current poured into Bai Jing’s heart, and his beautiful brown eyes bent unconsciously.

The unexpected kiss flashed across his mind in an instant. At that time, the distance between the two was so close that he could even feel each other’s hot breath—

Bai Jing shook his head sharply, expelling the image in his mind.

But after seeing the final auction price, the smile in his eyes was a little less.

Gu Yuanchao didn’t seem to be divided into 28 according to the agreement, but gave him all the proceeds.

Coupled with the high publicity costs, isn’t the other party at a loss?

One yard to one yard, Bai Jing didn’t like being taken care of like this.

[Bai Jing: Thank you, I have already received the star coins.

It’s just that the profit distribution is stipulated in our agreement, why didn’t we deduct that part of the expenses? 】

After Gu Yuanchao received the message, he sat up straight and looked happy.

Since the last kiss, Bai Jing had been avoiding him, and even refused to drive the ‘Silver Light’ together, which made him very helpless.

This is the first time I have sent him a message.

The slender fingers quickly operated on the light screen, replying to the past with the fastest speed.

[Gu Yuanchao: This time is just an exception.

First, I did not provide you with raw materials; second, a lot of publicity is also for Gu to accelerate his entry into the energy world. As long as he can become famous, the initial investment is worth it. 】

[Gu Yuanchao: Next time, we will strictly follow the agreement. 】

After Bai Jing saw the news, he felt relieved.

Just as he was about to close the message interface, the light brain made a ‘beep’, indicating that the message was received.

[Gu Yuanchao: Is Ah Jing worried about me? Do you want to fly the mech together tonight? 】

[Bai Jing: No. want. 】

Seeing the reply, Gu Yuanchao couldn’t help but chuckle, how could a boy be so cute?

The Imperial Major General grasped the silver-white space button on his chest, and rubbed it very cherishly: “It’s all up to you, brother!”


After learning Bai Jing’s basic operations and combined operations, Yao Tian immediately increased the difficulty and started the teaching of intermediate footwork.

S-shaped arc step, Z-shaped arc step, short-distance ski jump, left flip, right flip, etc., a total of nearly 20 kinds of footwork.

Each footwork is at least a series of more than ten basic operations, and requires speed – extreme speed!

Otherwise, it will not be able to exert its true strength.

Due to the increased difficulty, Bai Jing temporarily gave up the time to extract energy fluid at night.

A few days ago, he had extracted another piece of hibiscus parrot green weighing 6.9 kilograms.

Twenty energy boxes have all reached the fifth-level high-quality, plus the remaining fifteen energy boxes from the last time, two auctions are enough.

As a result, Bai Jing put most of his attention on the mecha, and often practiced until late at night.

After the coach Yao Tian explained and demonstrated all the footwork carefully, he did not give the teenager much time to adapt and started training in a simulated environment.

Only in this way can the potential of teenagers be forced out!

The light blue mecha struggled to move forward under orders, crossing the cluttered obstacles placed on the ground.

It only took the teenager less than two weeks from the beginning of his unfamiliar footwork so that he bumped into various obstacles from time to time, and now he can cross them flexibly and accurately.

Today is the time to test the results.

Yao Tian quickly set his hands on the operation screen, adjusted the obstacles from fixed mode to mobile mode, and set up various types such as multi-layer polyline movement, curve movement, and waveform movement. Word.

Yao Tian: “Alpha, the distance of ten kilometers, there are two hundred moving obstacles in the middle, once it hits, there will be a 30-second deceleration effect.

The normal requirement is to reach the opposite side within ten minutes. The requirement I gave you is five minutes. If you do not meet the requirement, you will not be able to proceed to the following courses. ”

Bai Jing: “Well, I will achieve it.”

Yao Tian didn’t hold out much hope for this.

He has a deep understanding of the difficulty of this training. The requirements for speed, reaction and anticipation are very high. The most difficult thing to pass is the set deceleration link.

Once it encounters one of the obstacles, the speed of the mecha will be reduced to half of the original. During the 30-second deceleration process, due to the speed drop, it cannot respond in time, and it may encounter two consecutive, Three obstacles, leading to slower and slower speeds, and ultimately failure.

It can be said that it is a wrong step and a wrong step. If you can’t get out of the predicament immediately, there is no possibility of turning over.

Among the students he has brought, more than half of them failed to meet the standard for a month in a row, and the fastest was three times.

What’s more, he also raised the standard for the teenager, cut the time in half, and more than doubled the difficulty. It is difficult to reach the sky.

Yao Tian: “Confidence is a good thing, be prepared – 3, 2, 1, start!”

He pressed the start button.

All the obstacles floating in the air moved in an instant, and the routes between them were intertwined, irregular, and fast. It was impossible to reach the opposite side by observing and memorizing the route within the required time. matter.

As soon as the sound of ‘start’ fell, the light blue mecha moved.

A high-speed Z-slip passed over the first two circular objects. When the third obstacle was about to hit, it quickly turned sideways to dodge with a keen reaction, and at the same time jumped high and dodged the speeding fourth. An obstacle, at the moment of landing, teleport to avoid the fifth obstacle that came!

Bai Jing in the cockpit was focused, staring intently at obstacles from all directions without even blinking.

The thin white spiritual power lines are deeply connected to the inside of the induction helmet, allowing him to maintain the sharpest perception under such high-intensity training.

The mecha seemed to have become a part of the body, and there was only a phantom left between the hands between the fast movements, and the light blue mecha perfectly matched his instructions.

180-degree flips, sideways, high-altitude jumps, S-shaped arc steps…

Like a flash of fast-moving light, and like a flash of lightning, the figure of the light blue mecha gradually became blurred in the high-speed jump, so fast that the movement could not be seen clearly, and only the moment of movement was left. An afterimage behind the lower body is approaching the extreme!

‘What an amazing speed! ’

Yao Tian watched in shock as the blue mecha passed through countless obstacles at a speed that the naked eye couldn’t see, without touching any object.

No, not only the speed, but also the accuracy of prediction!

Bai Jing used all kinds of skills to the extreme. Under Yao Tian’s amazed eyes, he perfectly avoided all obstacles and quickly reached the finish line.

Yao Tian immediately looked at the record: “Two minutes and eighteen seconds!”

It was twice as fast as he asked for! This is simply horrible.

Bai Jing’s heart was beating violently, and his hands trembled slightly when he put them down from the console.

The process just now is undoubtedly a state of high mental tension. His concentration, mental power and perception have reached the extreme, and he does not dare to relax in the slightest.

However, this feeling of going all out is really cool!

Bai Jing was panting rapidly in the cockpit. This was the first time he had experienced the charm of driving a mecha.

Instead of watching Gu Yuanchao’s video on the video, or sitting on the co-pilot being excited by the other person’s skillful movements, I really felt the pleasure of operating the mecha by myself!

The feeling that everything is under control and every inch of the spirit is extremely tense is really great!

Bai Jing leaned on the seat and closed his eyes to rest, and Yao Tian’s excited voice came from his earplugs: “Alpha, congratulations on clearing the customs! This customs clearance is perfect!”

Bai Jing smiled involuntarily, his voice a little hoarse: “Thank you… Coach.” Yao Tian: “No thanks, you go offline and take a rest, and start a new course in half an hour.”

Bai Jing returned to the real space, quickly replenished the nutrient solution and a lot of water, and at the same time cooperated with the elemental medicine formulated by the coach to increase physical strength, quickly recovered his physical strength, and came to the training room again.

Next, he has to learn the use of mecha weapons.

Yao Tian: “Mecha’s attack weapons are generally divided into two types: melee and long-range. Some mechas will install small weapons on the knees, arms and even joints, hoping to achieve unexpected results. But—”

His tone was a little serious: “The more weapons the better, the more weapons will distract the mecha warrior’s attention, and the burst of energy is not endless, and the dispersion will reduce the damage value of each weapon.

Therefore, weapons are not expensive, and it is the best result to be able to use one or two weapons to the extreme. ”

Yao Tian: “Let’s test the data of the weapon.”

He pressed the button of the manipulator, and a thick white wall in front of him covered the landing from above, covering the original wall.

The coating on the surface uses nano-adsorption material, which is similar to the previous target in Gu’s, which can quickly and evenly disperse the pressure concentrated at a certain point. It is a commonly used training material.

Yao Tian: “Use the alloy knife on the waist of the mecha to chop at this wall. It’s faster.”

Bai Jing was sitting in the cockpit, connecting his mental power to the induction helmet, and manipulating the mecha to a place about three meters away from the wall.

The titanium alloy long knife in his hand was raised high, and then he slashed down!


The speed of the long knife was extremely fast, and the sound of the metal intersecting the wall sounded in an instant, and there was a long scratch one meter deep in the center of the white wall, which was quickly relieved by the nano-absorbent material, and the wall returned to its original state.

Yao Tian: “The speed is good, try two more times and try to chop to one place.”

Bai Jing’s eyes were focused, the sharp blade shone with a cold white light, and he slashed with a ‘swish’. If the traces of the previous knife did not disappear, you would find that the angles of the two slashes were exactly the same!

A smile appeared on Yao Tian’s face, Alpha’s accuracy was great!

With such accuracy, it will be very advantageous in the battle.

Psychologically speaking, if the two injuries are in the same position, not only the pain will be doubled, but also it is easy to make the opponent feel fearful and even cause a “psychological shadow”.

After three times, Yao Tian signaled that it was okay.

“Titanium alloy, a fourth-grade material? The hardness is good, it can reach 6; the moment it touches the wall, the explosive force is 5,000 ren.

Yes, that’s enough for now. ‘ he commented.

As a third-level mecha, it is already the limit to allow the fourth-level weapon to exert more than 80% of the power.

Putting away the data, Yao Tian looked at the laser beam on the shoulder of the light blue mecha, and frowned slightly.

Laser rays, which are emitted in bunches, have strong lethality and penetrating power, but lack flexibility.

Unlike particle cannons, which can change direction on the way, or even automatically track opponents, it fires in a straight line and cannot turn.

This requires the driver to have strong predictability, speed and accuracy, so most people will not use it as a long-range weapon.

But correspondingly, if this weapon is mastered to the extreme, it is also an incomparable existence of the same level.

He still remembered the champion team five years ago, the Tianshen team. The captain [Michael] used laser rays as a long-range weapon to harvest the opponent’s three players in one fell swoop!

No matter how the opponent escapes, the red ray is like a dense net, completely blocking their path, and finally being strangled by the ‘Tianjin’ team, which StarNet calls the ‘Heavenly Net’.

But for so many years, there has only been such a ‘net of heaven and earth’.

The difficulty of manipulating the laser beam is initially estimated to be three to four times that of ordinary long-range weapons.

No matter how strong Alpha’s talent is, he is only a novice who has been in contact with mecha for less than two weeks. Can he really master it?

Yao Tian set the scene to [shooting mode]: “Alpha, after retreating to the horizontal line five hundred meters away, try to hit the leaping disc with a long-range weapon.”

Bai Jing: “Understood.”

The light blue mecha backed lightly, quickly jumped to the white line, and stared intently at the wall ahead through the protective cover of the cockpit.

Yao Tian set the speed to the lowest double speed and pressed the button.

A second later, a disk with a diameter of about 20 cm flew out from the starting point and dropped diagonally above at a parabolic angle.


A red laser beam shot from the mecha’s shoulder, hitting the disc the moment it was thrown, and the whole process lasted less than half a second.

The mecha itself has the function of automatically locking and zooming in on the target, and Bai Jing’s most training in the last days is shooting. This test is very simple for him.

Yao Tian is not surprised, this is only the lowest speed, and the difficulty is not high.

However, after just testing, Alpha obviously has shooting experience, which is good news for him.

Speed ​​increased to triple speed.

Bai Jing pressed the button on the top of the operating handle, and another laser beam shot out, accurately focusing on the center of the disc, but because of the speed, this time it hit when the disc moved to the top.

Yao Tian nodded, it seemed that the boy’s basic skills were solid.

He adjusted the difficulty, and this time it turned into three discs thrown in succession from different angles, with an interval of 0.01 seconds, and the speed was faster.

“Whoosh whoosh—”

At the moment when the disc was just thrown, three red laser beams were already rushing out, as if predicting the throwing route, without any hesitation, and there was also no pause between each laser beam.

The three discs were hit one after another, but the order of the hits was not in the order of firing, but in the order that they were about to land!

It’s all in again! And it hits the heart!

Yao Tian’s eyes suddenly changed.

It’s not just a matter of difficulty and accuracy, it’s a matter of the order of the shots.

Judging from the order in which the teenager was hit, he has extraordinary observation skills and overall situation awareness that many people do not have.

The three discs, the first to be launched above and the last to be launched below, have a time difference of only 0.02 seconds, which seems insignificant.

If the average person did this exercise, they would reflexively shoot down the disc that fired first, and of course, these people also finished the test at the end, so it didn’t seem to make any difference.

But what if it’s not fast enough?

It’s easy to miss the last fired disc and fail!

The performance of the teenager is the optimal strategy, defeating all enemies in the shortest time.

This is a question of thinking and strategy, which is difficult to reverse.

If it is placed on the battlefield, other people will become the priority to kill the closest alien beast, and let go of the most threatening existence, or ignore the inadvertent attack behind.

The young man is different, he will use the most accurate algorithm and the least cost in exchange for the greatest benefit.

Yao Tian took a deep breath, and recorded on his brain: Alpha has the talent to be a leader.

If a team is formed later, Alpha is definitely a well-deserved candidate for the captain!

Although the team members have not yet been settled, and the teenager has not agreed to participate in the competition, Yao Tian has already begun to fantasize in his heart.

Half a minute later, the senior mecha coach came back to his senses and continued to increase the difficulty.

Until thirty discs flew out from different angles at a speed that was indiscernible to the naked eye, Bai Jing’s hand speed reached the limit and could not be saved, and ended in failure.

Yao Tian looked at the record in his hand: twenty-eight.

It was able to shoot down twenty-eight ultra-high-speed flying discs with a straight-line laser beam, a record higher than that of other students using particle cannons!

Perhaps, the teenager can really create a miracle with laser rays, just like the [Michael] of the “Team of the Gods”!

The author has something to say: Small Theater 1:

Gu Shao: Brother, it’s up to you!

Mecha Silver Light: Shaking his head.

Small Theater 2:

Bai Jing: I will achieve it.

Yao Tian (before): Confidence is a good thing.

Yao Tian (later): Pupil Earthquake.

White scene: cool ><



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