God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 45

Bai Jing sat in the driver’s seat and rested for a while before he came out. His beautiful eyes were half-closed, his breathing was short, and his expression was exhausted.

If after the first obstacle test, his energy was still very abundant, then various weapon tests and shooting tests followed, which exhausted his mental strength.

Especially when more than 20 discs were thrown from different angles at the same time, Bai Jing used his mental power to the extreme, and a string in his mind had been tense until now.

Then, the overwhelming sense of exhaustion swept through his body, almost smashing him down.

Maybe he needs more exercise.

Watching the young man come out of the cockpit, Yao Tian’s eyes were full of smiles: “Alpha, you really exceeded my expectations. The evaluation result of this test is – special!”

It is the highest level of all ratings, which no one has ever achieved before!

Bai Jing gasped and said, “Thank you… Coach, weapons, is there anything to improve?”

Yao Tian’s tone was a little more serious: “Actually, before I saw your performance, I didn’t approve of you using laser rays as a long-range weapon. Compared with other weapons such as particle cannons, the former is obviously more demanding.

You did give me a big surprise though, and now, I don’t think you need to change weapons. ”

Bai Jingping took a breath: “Then can you explain the characteristics of laser rays in detail?”

Yao Tian nodded: “Of course.

First of all, the penetrating power of laser rays is very strong, and it can condense all energy into one point, directly penetrate the protective cover and mecha shell of the cockpit, and cause damage to the driver and the energy system!

At the same time, its range is very long, and it does not make any sound when shooting. Sometimes it can be used as a long-range sniper. According to the arms, it is equivalent to the role of a sniper. ”

Yao Tian seemed to have thought of something, with a longing look in his eyes:

“In the online competition five years ago, the captain of the champion team took advantage of the terrain to hide in the corner and silently killed three enemy players with laser beams!

Not only that, he also blocked the way of the other two people with dense laser rays, and cooperated with his teammates to annihilate all opponents with a record of 0 casualties. This is a record that no one has broken until now! ”

“Secondly, laser rays can add additional properties such as high temperature, stroboscopic, and sudden brightening, which interfere with the driver’s line of sight.

In the same state, the laser ray consumes less energy, and if a six-level energy box is installed, it can be emitted almost infinitely. ”

Bai Jing pondered: “It sounds like the laser beam is indeed an extremely powerful long-range weapon, so why did the coach plan to let me change the weapon before that?”

Yao Tian: “It’s because of the difficulty of operation.

Laser rays can only be fired in a straight line and cannot turn.

In addition to being able to continuously shoot through enemies at the same angle, it can only hit one person at a time, and it cannot change the firing route like a particle cannon, and fire twenty-four bullets in a row. ”

Looking at the young man’s thoughtful expression, he added: “If you want to change to particle cannons, you can. After all, this is the most commonly used long-range weapon.”

Bai Jing shook his head: “No need, I prefer laser rays.”

The thrill of shooting, like using an energy gun with him.

Yao Tian smiled again: “Very good, mecha warriors just have to overcome difficulties!

I believe you can use this weapon to the extreme and create a miracle! ”

He looked at the analysis data of the test: “As for the weapon modification, the basic characteristics are good, but the range needs to be improved.

The current range is too short, at least three times more. ”

Yao Tian continued: “I suggest you replace an advanced engine first.

The engine is the core of the mecha. A good engine can improve the attributes of the mecha in all directions, including range, speed, lethality, etc. Compared with the engine, other transformations are the icing on the cake. ”

Bai Jing: “Advanced engine?”

Yao Tian: “That’s right. Advanced mechas are not for sale in Proxima Centauri, but if you are lucky, you may be able to grab the advanced engine.”

When the coach was explaining, Bai Jing had already turned on his brain and searched for the price of the advanced engine.

When he saw the previous auction prices, he was silent.

A single level 7 engine costs 50 million star coins, and this is the cheapest among the advanced engines.

He now has more than 60 million star coins in his account. He thought he was rich enough, but it was not enough to buy a high-end engine with good performance!

Mecha is simply a bottomless pit that burns money.

The most terrifying thing is that the auction of the seventh-level engine will be announced in six months at the earliest. There will definitely be many people competing for it at that time, and it is uncertain whether they can get it.

Seeing the boy frown, Yao Tian chuckled in his heart.

Except for the young masters of the aristocratic families who really have channels, all the people who are new to mecha have the same expression when they see the price, and they are all shocked by its price.

However, this helped him and Nie Bai invisibly.

Yao Tian tried his best to keep his tone calm: “Cough, besides buying mecha engines at auctions, there is another way—

That is to participate in virtual online battles and exchange points for various resources. ”

Bai Jing turned off his optical brain and looked up at him: “What does virtual online battle refer to?”

Yao Tian: “To put it bluntly, it is a 1v1 battle with mechas on the star network, and it is divided into nine levels from L1 to L9 according to the number of wins.

L1 is the initial level and L9 is the highest level.

After winning each game, you can get corresponding points. The higher the level, the more points you get, and the harder it is to advance.

When you reach L5 and above, you can get hundreds of thousands of points for each win. ”

“1 point can be exchanged for 1 star, and points can also be exchanged for various mecha resources, such as mecha parts, defense covers, weapons, engines, etc.”

Bai Jing thought about it, after nearly a month of training, he already had a certain foundation for mecha, and what he lacked was actual combat experience.

This online virtual battle can not only accumulate experience, but also gain points, why did he not participate?

There was a little more excitement in Bai Jing’s eyes: “Coach, what are the requirements for registration?”

Yao Tian’s voice was a little excited: “There are no requirements, as long as you pay the registration fee of 1,000 star coins and have your own mecha, I can use the club’s recommended places to register for you directly.”

Bai Jing: “Okay, thank you coach.”

Seeing the boy’s unconcerned expression, he couldn’t help but add: “But in this case, you will display the name of Lingyun Club every time you fight, are you sure?”

After all, the reputation of Lingyun Club is not as good as it used to be.

Bai Jing: “OK.”

Through this period of contact, Yao Tian is undoubtedly a very responsible coach. As a member of the club, he does not feel anything wrong.

Yao Tian’s heart filled with boundless passion: “Okay!

Alpha, go to the reception desk of the virtual hall to report after the launch tomorrow. By the way, learn about the specific rules. The system will match your opponents for you soon. I believe you will definitely win! ”

Bai Jing smiled: “Thank you coach, I believe it too.”


That night, Bai Jing checked the rules of virtual online battle.

Due to the popularity of mechas, online mecha battles are very popular, with a large number of participants, which is equivalent to a national movement.

Of course, like the stone betting battle, the audience watching the mecha battle accounts for the majority.

The level of mecha warriors is divided into nine levels, L1-L9. The initial level of the novice is L1, and the initial points are 100 points given by the system.

L1 level, you can get 100 points for every win, 100 points are deducted for losing, and you can advance to L2 if you reach 5000 points.

After the promotion, if the points are less than 5000, the level will be lowered back to L1 again.

At L2 level, you can get 1,000 points for each win, 1,000 points are deducted for losing, and you will be promoted to L3 if you reach 50,000 points, and so on.

If the points are negative after losing a few games in a row, you need to spend Star Coins to make up the points as soon as possible, otherwise you will not be able to continue to participate.

These are the rules of matchmaking, and in addition to that, there are challenges.

Match matches are mech battles between players of the same level, while Challenge matches are cross-level matches that can span up to three levels.

The minimum level requirement for the challenge is L3.

Bai Jing glanced at it briefly. His current initial level is L1, and it is still too early for a challenge match.

All battles are open-ended, similar to the live room mode, and interested viewers can enter the scene to watch.

Levels L1-L3 are free to watch, and battles at level L4 and above require paid entry, and the higher the level, the more star coins will be spent.

Tickets for each battle above L7 cost hundreds of stars, and the number of people is very popular, with more than 100,000 people per game.

Compared with the points, such a huge amount of traffic makes the organizer earn a lot of money. In addition, there are bets on both sides of the battle, etc., which are all means of making money.

It is said that behind the organizers are several major families in the capital city, as well as the participation of the imperial royal family, with strong strength, so no one can break the rules.

This is also what the empire likes to see, and it is undoubtedly the best way to exercise during the period when alien beasts are raging frequently.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, Bai Jing entered the virtual hall and reported his name and number at the reception.

The staff at the reception gave him a look: “Is it Alpha? Recommended by Lingyun Club, tsk.”

Others who came to participate in the mecha competition also sneered, and some people were surprised: Lingyun Club…Is this club still closed?

Staff: “The rules are written on the big screen. After 10 minutes, you will start to match opponents. If you go offline or leave, it will be regarded as giving up, and the corresponding points will be deducted.

By the way, to remind you, the initial points are 100 points, and if the points are negative, you need to buy them with star coins, otherwise you will not be able to continue the competition. ”

Bai Jing took over the bracelet representing his identity: “I know.”

The red-haired man closest to him laughed out loud and said to the staff, “Haha, if you want me to tell you, you really know how to do business. I think this little white face will definitely contribute a lot of star coins today!”

Then looked at the friend behind him: “What do you think?”

“At least one thousand star coins.”

“How can a thousand star coins be enough, 1000 points only, 10 games will be lost!”

“That’s right, it’s two thousand anyway—”

The friends joined in one after another. They were senior members of the second-largest online club “Meteor Club”, so naturally they looked down on any down-and-out club.

Bai Jing gave him a cold look and remembered his name from the staff – Red Wolf.

“In that case, see you at the game.”

Leaving this sentence, Bai Jing left, leaving the red wolf in a rage.

“Damn, what is his attitude!”

“Remove your breath, wait for the queue to show him a good look.”

“There are not many people registering at this time in the afternoon, and there is a high possibility of queuing.”

Ten minutes later, the bracelet on Bai Jing’s left wrist began to vibrate and emit blue light. At the same time, the matching result was displayed on the big screen, accompanied by a sweet voice:

The 608th primary game, Alpha VS a rookie, the 91st venue.

The 609th primary game, Red Wolf VS I can win, venue No. 92.


Contestants should press the confirmation button as soon as possible. Those who do not confirm within three minutes will be regarded as giving up automatically and the corresponding points will be deducted.

Bai Jing pressed the confirmation button on the wristband and was teleported into the center of the huge circular arena in an instant. On the opposite side was a white mecha 100 meters away, his opponent ‘a rookie’.

He glanced around. This circular arena was half a meter above the ground, equivalent to a ring.

There were a dozen people sitting on the ring seat ten meters away from the ring, which should be the so-called audience.

It seems that there is not much to watch in the L1 game, and the number of people who come to watch is very small.

Bai Jing summoned a light blue mecha from the space button on his chest and entered the cockpit.

After the two players took their seats, a loud electronic sound sounded: “Please pay attention to the two contestants, the duration of this competition is 30 minutes. Either side of the two sides falls off the ring, suffers a life-threatening crisis or gives up voluntarily, and it will be regarded as a loser. If the game is dropped, the corresponding points will be deducted.

The countdown is 10 seconds, 10, 9, 8…..1, the game begins! ”

At the moment when the countdown ended, the white mecha ran towards him crookedly, the barrel on the shoulder stood upright, ready to launch the low-energy particle cannon.

Bai Jing directly manipulated the light blue mecha to go around behind it at a very fast speed, and the titanium alloy long knife pressed against the neck of the mecha from the rear, and touched it lightly.

[Official announcement: “The results of this competition have been announced, Alpha wins, and the competition is terminated!”]

When the electronic sound rang, ‘a rookie’ was still a little dazed, so, is it over?

He only saw the opponent’s figure flash, and before he could react, he heard the electronic sound that represented his loss.

Although he is a novice who has just participated in the competition for a long time, but this, loses too fast, right? !

After all, he won two games before.

After 30 seconds, Bai Jing returned to the hall.

The top of the screen has been replaced with a new round of match players, and the bottom part shows the results of the match just now:

In the 608th primary game, Alpha VS a rookie, Alpha won.

The 609th primary game, Red Wolf VS I can win, Red Wolf wins.

Bai Jing glanced at it and retracted his gaze.

At this time, the bracelet vibrated, and the integral data was displayed on the micro-display:

Name: Alpha

Club: Lingyun Club

Level: L1

Credits: 200

The slender fingers clicked on the ‘start matching’, waiting for the system to match the opponent.

Two minutes later, the bracelet began to vibrate, and the broadcast sounded at the same time: “The 623rd primary game, Alpha VS Red Wolf, venue No. 93.”

The red wolf looked at Bai Jing who was not far away with a provocative smile, and the figure disappeared in place.

Bai Jing also pressed the confirm button.

The two entered the arena. In addition to more than a dozen spectators, there were also friends of the Red Wolf, who were cheering and cheering from the audience.

“Red wolf, come on, **** him!”

“Let him see how powerful you are!”

The red wolf looked at Bai Jing with an arrogant face, with contempt in his eyes: “Master, my mecha is the best level six mecha, I can’t kill you.”

As he spoke, he made a ‘click’ gesture on his neck.

Bai Jingli ignored it, pressed the space button on his chest, and a light blue mecha with a height of 15 meters appeared behind him and quickly entered the cockpit.

The red wolf stared at him fiercely, and also summoned the mecha.

His mecha is a heavy red mecha that is 18 meters high. The color is as hot as a flame, and it shimmers under the light. At first glance, it is coated with thick protective materials.

At the waist is a golden long whip of more than 20 meters, with a thick defensive shield on the back.

The shoulders, arms and under the ribs are equipped with particle cannons and long-range particle guns, which are high in both attack and defense.

The red wolf entered the mecha, and the electronic voice began to announce the rules of the game, and then entered a ten-second countdown.

Several people in the audience started betting in a hurry.

“Come on, bet on the red wolf to win.”

“How much?”

“What do you think? Bet 100,000 stars first.”

“alright, alright.”

On the stage, when the countdown was over, the red mecha rushed towards the light blue mecha, and with a flick of the whip in his hand, it made a crackling sound, and the lightning attribute was added!

At the same time, the gun barrels on the shoulders and under the ribs were all aimed at Bai Jing’s cockpit, vowing to blast this hateful little white face into the sky with cannonballs!

Damn, why did the other party’s figure disappear?

How can it be? Just here!

The red wolf was stunned for a moment, and at the same time, there was a sudden sharp pain in the neck near the left rear, which made him conditioned reflexively to come out, and at the same time, he drew out his defensive shield to block the slashing titanium alloy long knife!


The sharp blade intersected with the thick shield, making a violent collision sound. The shield made of the sixth-grade protective material was obviously extremely hard, and the long titanium alloy knife only left heavy scratches on it.

In the cockpit, Red Wolf’s face was covered in cold sweat.

Fortunately, he sacrificed some of his flexibility and wore a protective shield on the neck of the mecha, otherwise—

He almost lost!

The red wolf looked ruthless, how could he lose to a little white face driving a low-level mecha!

The golden whip slammed violently, mixed with the whistling wind and flickering electric light, and slammed into the waist of the light blue mecha with fierce force!

This is his best move. The opponent in the last match was directly knocked out of the ring by him, and he was stunned in the cockpit. This time, the same is true——

Bai Jing’s hand speed soared to the extreme in an instant, the light blue mecha evaded the fierce whip with a flexible back flip, a Z-shaped sliding step jumped to the front of the red mecha, turned sideways in the air, shoulders The laser beam of the department is fired suddenly!


Red Wolf’s thoughts were still in the state where his attack was evaded. When he found that Bai Jing’s figure disappeared, he was startled and immediately looked for the figure of the light blue mecha.

Then, he felt a pain in his chest that was so sharp that his soul burst. Looking down, a beam of red laser rays penetrated the cockpit with extremely strong force, and pierced his chest forcefully!

[Warning, the cockpit is damaged, please fix it as soon as possible. 】

[Warning, the energy system is damaged, please fix it as soon as possible. 】

[Warning, decreased vital signs. 】

The red wolf’s painful eyes turned black, and he could no longer continue to operate. The red mecha lost its power source and fell to the ground!

[Official announcement: “The results of this competition have been announced, Alpha wins, and the competition is terminated!”]

Hong slumped down in the driver’s seat, his chest heaving sharply.

The pain of dying has passed, but the fear of death has always enveloped him, making him tremble and unable to return to his senses for a long time.

For the first time, he was grateful for Interstellar’s technology. If it weren’t for the virtual battle, he would be dead now!

Is really dead!

When the laser beam penetrated his chest, he really felt the approach of death, but fortunately it was fake.

Offstage, Red Wolf’s friends were all dumbfounded.

They stared blankly at the Red Wolf, who was killed by the other party in less than a minute. They couldn’t believe it until now. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

The Red Wolf is a Level 6 mecha, the highest level that a Level 2 planet can buy, but lost to a low-level mecha?

And it only took a minute!

How is this possible?

Although the Red Wolf’s ranking among the newcomers in the ‘Meteor Club’ is not in the top ten, it can still be ranked around fifty, and it is the most powerful among them!

However, the truth is: the red mecha’s cockpit and chest energy compartment were pierced by three-finger-wide red rays, the energy was destroyed, and finally fell to the ground.

However, they all shuddered at the thought of the ghostly figure of the light blue mecha.

What kind of speed is that? !

It’s almost to the extreme, even if they sit under the stage with their eyes wide open, it’s hard to catch them, let alone the red wolf in battle.

After all, the auditorium has an all-round line of sight, while the two in the battle only have a 180-degree line of sight.

‘How can this level be L1? ’

‘When did Lingyun Club produce such a monster? ! ’

This was the thought that flashed through their minds at the same time.

“Fuck, my bet!”

“It’s not just 100,000 star coins, but it’s okay, it’s just as shocking for the red wolf.”

“No, I, I invested half a million!”

Seeing other friends staring at him, the man wanted to cry without tears: “Didn’t you think he would win, didn’t expect—”

Alas, miserable.

The author has something to say: Small Theater:

Friend 1: I bet 100,000!

Friend 2: I also bet 100,000!

Friend 3: Fools, I bet 500,000 in the sure-win game, hahaha.

After the results come out.

Friend 1 & Friend 2: Alas, 100,000 star coins, if you lose, you will lose.

Friend 3: looking sluggish.jpg



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