God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 46

“The 635th primary game, the most handsome VS Alpha, the 95th venue.”

‘Master is the most handsome’ is the Red Wolf’s friend’s shell. He looked at the handsome, seemingly innocuous young man, his teeth chattering.

“Go on, avenge the red wolf!”

“Shut up you.”

The companion, every Yana, took Su Xiaochi as a poor man and beckoned him to shut up.

The red wolf’s character is stern, and now he loses, his face is very ugly, several people are careful to avoid mentioning the battle just now, only this fool has no scruples, isn’t this courting death?

However, unexpectedly, the red wolf of Yuzhang Zhang looked at him coldly and didn’t say anything, but his face paled a bit.

‘Master is the most handsome’, thinking of the scene where the laser ray passed through his chest, he shivered suddenly: “I, I abstain!”

In order to maintain the excitement of battle in online virtual battle, the synchronization rate of pain should not be lower than 10%.

This is written in the agreement when signing up, 毜┪シ, will be banned from the competition!

He is usually most afraid of pain. If the mecha is attacked by ordinary people, he can endure it, but this kind of pain – no, no, he can’t bear it!

What’s more, he definitely can’t beat that Alpha, even the most powerful Red Wolf among them!

Why bother yourself.

“Master is the most handsome” comforted himself in his heart, he just made the most favorable choice, not afraid.

The other companions looked at him with contempt, and ‘the most handsome’ thought unconvinced: Hmph, wait until Huixiu is in line with you and see how you choose.

At that time, he came back taunting.

Bai Jing waited for three minutes at the competition venue, but no opponent came.

The system automatically determines the game to be won.

In the next dozen or so games, the light blue mechas were all Brilliant Brother Yan. With extreme speed and strange footwork, the battle was over before the opponent could react.

The whole process only takes half a minute.

On the L1 level points rankings, the ranking of [Alpha] jumped from the last few pages to the top ten pages at a rocket-like speed, and the speed was astonishing!

So in the next game, more and more opponents abstained.

Two hours later, Bai Jing looked at the data displayed on the bracelet:

Name: Alpha

Club: Lingyun Club

Level: L1

Credits: 2400

The 5,000 points required to advance to L2 are still 2,600 points away, and they should be able to upgrade in two or three hours.

In these more than 20 games, among them, Pi Nuo smashed and stewed, yongmu, stunned, embarrassed, and saddle.” Haha, that, I will also abstain. ”

He and this guy are obviously not the same, they were abused after playing.

Alas, Yu 鲂 ∈ Bie He also despised his companions for being spineless, but he didn’t expect it to be his turn so soon.

It’s really turning around.

He was ready to be ridiculed by his companions in various ways, but he didn’t expect that there would be no uranium sucking this time.

Red Wolf and the others looked at the rapidly rising name on the leaderboard, and were speechless.

This person is really too strong, until now he has never lost to Pi.

Bai Jing sat in the hall and rested for two minutes. The announcement sounded along with the vibration of the bracelet:

“The 807th game of the primary, Ray VS Alpha, the 95th game venue.”

Bai Jing quickly pressed the confirmation button and came to the circular arena.

I hope that this time the opponent will not abstain, otherwise he will have to wait for three minutes in vain, and if it is a mecha battle, he will only need half a minute.

Obviously, the speed of the battle is faster, and the experience can also be accumulated.

Fortunately, within five seconds after Bai Jing came to the playing field, the opponent came.

The boy standing opposite looked young, a little thin, and his head was slightly lowered to see his expression clearly.

He pressed the space button on his chest, and the mecha that Yuchang was lying on appeared on the field.

The heavy mecha, which is about 13 meters high, looks very bulky as a whole, and the shell of the mecha is covered with deep and shallow scratches.

The shoulder is equipped with a low-energy particle cannon, and the weapon is a long sword.

Bai Jing recognized that his mecha was a free mecha given by the system, named A1, which was the lowest level of Pox Armor.

It seems that the other party’s conditions are not very good.

The battle begins.

The dark green mecha did not attack immediately, but withdrew its left leg slightly, leaned forward, and waited for the opponent’s attack.

Bai Jing squinted slightly, this posture is very familiar to him.

It seems that this young man named ‘Lei’ has a good experience.

The hands moved quickly on the control table, the light blue mecha suddenly accelerated as it slowly approached, Yushao forced Pu Lianxing to hold the titanium alloy long sword in his hand and waved it towards the neck of the mecha. Cut it!


The sound of weapons colliding was very clear, the dark green mecha quickly turned sideways, and used the black long sword to resist the sharp long knife!

Bai Jing’s expression was slightly surprised that the other party could see his movements clearly, although he didn’t use all his strength.

After more than 20 games, he finally met his opponent.

Bai Jing’s expression became more focused, and his hand speed became faster and faster.

When the weapons intersected again, the slender fingers grasped the operating handle and slammed forward, and the right arm of the exhausted mecha suddenly exerted force, as if the towering mountain was pressed down by the titanium alloy long sword. The hardness of the black long sword was no match. The break is in two!

The weapon has failed!

The speed of ‘Lei”s pupils rose to the extreme in Yubuxiao, the dark green mecha quickly retreated, and the pace was ethereal and strange. At the same time, the low-energy particle cannon on the shoulder faced the white scene, and six shells were fired at the same time!

It’s an S-shaped arc step!

Bai Jing recognized it instantly, but because the opponent’s mecha attributes were very poor, he couldn’t maximize his speed.

The light blue mecha also used the S-shaped arc step, flashing like a stream of light, easily surpassed the opponent, and circled behind him at a speed that the naked eye couldn’t see!

At the same time, the six artillery shells aimed at Bai Jing exploded in mid-air because they failed to locate the target. The huge roar and splashes of fire ignited the enthusiasm of the audience.

Some spectators whistled excitedly, while others stood up and shook their arms to shout.

“So exciting—”

“Come on, Alpha!”

When they log in to their accounts as viewers, although they are on the scene, they are equivalent to staying in another place.

Not only will you not suffer any damage, but you can also experience the most exciting mecha battles, which is the most attractive part of virtual battles!

The distance between the two mechas was no more than three meters. The long titanium alloy knife in Bai Jing’s hand turned 90 degrees horizontally, the blade turned inward, and slashed from the right side, and was blocked by the dark blue mecha’s raised arm.

‘Lei’ felt that the arm was slammed. The hard and sharp long knife broke through the mecha shell, and it continued to pierce, and it was about to cut off the entire arm!

“Alpha, well done!”

“Cut off his arm—”

‘Lei’ gritted his teeth, his hands moved frantically on the console, the dark green mecha swept the haze in the air, and after landing on the ground, he used his strength to widen the distance from Bai Jing.

However, when he retreated, the two red laser beams were like arrows from the strings, and it was too late to dodge Min’s cockpit!

‘Thunder’ suddenly turned sideways at the critical moment, two beams rubbed his chest and penetrated the mecha’s shoulder and left arm!

The stinging pain that made the soul tremble came, and the cold sweat dripped down, making him almost faint in pain.

To make matters worse – both of the mecha’s arms are disabled!

Xia Yangbo’s sharp blade pressed against his neck neatly.

He lost.

[Official announcement: “The results of this competition have been announced, Alpha wins, and the competition is terminated!”]

The electronic sound rang, and ‘Ray’ lay in the cockpit to calm down his rapid breathing.

For the physical and mental health of the mecha warrior, the synchronizing rate of the mecha and the pain lasted only about 0.5-1 second after the attack, and now he has basically recovered.

Bai Jing also took a few breaths and jumped out of the cockpit.

This ‘Thunder’ is very good in both skill and speed. If it wasn’t for the poor performance of the mecha, he wouldn’t have won so fast.

According to his estimates, it would take at least six minutes to fight, not two minutes now.

Bai Jing looked at ‘Lei’ who lowered his head slightly and left the arena.

After coming out this time, he did not click on the match immediately, but came to the self-service item exchange center at the reception.

Bai Jing knows that his current points are very low and cannot be exchanged for other valuable things, but he just wants to see how many points the high-level engine said by coach Yao Tian, ​​or he can give himself a lot of trouble.

The items in the exchange center can cover almost all the mecha needs: from low-level shields and mecha parts to high-level engines and the most advanced attack weapons, it is more comprehensive than a large auction house.

The seventh-level engine is always bright and fishy at the end, and the lowest one needs to be exchanged for points: 40 million.

The performance is better than the one that Bai Jing found on Xingwang.

According to the 1:1 exchange rate of points and star coins, it is equivalent to the price of 40 million star coins, which is much cheaper than the auction houses outside.

Unfortunately, all the exchange items here cannot be purchased with star coins.

The highest exchange rate is 50% of the stars plus 50% of the points, which means at least 20 million points plus 20 million stars.

Fortunately, there is this regulation, otherwise these advanced engines may have been exchanged long ago.

Forty million star coins are nothing to those who can have kohlrabi acne nails.

Such exchange standards are also the most effective means for the sponsor to attract these mecha warriors.

In order to obtain high-level engines that are difficult to obtain even with money outside, these people can only keep fighting to get points, and at the same time, they will attract more and more people who love mechas to participate, so they will continue to grow.

After reading the advanced engine, Bai Jing flipped through the items in front of him. There were a variety of things inside, which really opened his eyes. At the same time, he also had the idea of ​​​​modifying the mecha.

Among them, Yu Yuan’s ferocious Gong Nano String’ weapon caught his attention.

This weapon is different from commonly used melee and long-range weapons. It is similar to small weapons and can have unexpected effects: such as installing steel sleeve arrows on the forearm of the mecha, installing alloy daggers on the knees or feet, and so on.

This ‘nanostring’ is about twenty meters long, silver, only the thickness of a hair, and usually no one notices it when it is wrapped around the wrist.

It is made of the most sophisticated nanomaterials. The thickness of the hair contains hundreds of millions of nanometer cutting lines, which are so sharp that the opponent can cut off the entire arm of the mecha!

The grain in front of Bai Jing’s eyes is simply the most ideal stealth weapon!

However, this weapon has very high requirements for the user, because the strings are too sharp, and the wooden legged wanzisi Baiyun must be perfectly controlled.

[Nanostring, exchange points: 30,000. 】

30,000 points, you can get it when you reach the intermediate level of L2, which is relatively easy.

After getting the points, Bai Jing decided to exchange this weapon first, which is also beneficial to the subsequent games.

Just when he was about to continue the matching battle, he heard a quarrel at the reception, and Bai Jing casually swept over the stunned boy and found that the boy was ‘Lei’.

Lei: “I’d like to rent the Yuju-class mecha first, but the points are still short-”

His voice was interrupted by the staff: “The points are not enough, you can pay with star coins.”

The body of ‘Lei’ was stunned, and his voice was obviously lower: “But I don’t have enough star coins.”

The staff sneered and raised their voices: “There is no way, you should use the free mecha.”

The people around also looked at him with pity or ridicule.

Most of the people who can participate in mecha battles have small assets, at least they won’t be able to pay the rent of the mecha.

No money to play mecha?

The teenager lowered his head and couldn’t see his expression clearly, and finally asked in a trembling voice, “Can I pay by the day?”

The staff rolled his eyes and threw the scorpion away!

He receives so many rich and aristocratic sons every day, and he also comforts and blows straws and vinegars.

If you have no money, you can use free mechas, and the organizer is not doing charity.

‘Lei”s fists were clenched in the sleeves, and then gradually loosened.

Leasing a secondary mecha requires 500 points per day, which is 15,000 points for a perch.

Today he played fifteen games, lost five games, and finally only got 500 points.

Except for the game just now, which was not as good as others, the rest of the game was lost because the mecha level was too low.

His black long sword can’t break through the opponent’s shield at all, and the low-energy particle cannon can’t penetrate the shield of the intermediate mecha, but the opponent’s weapon can easily pierce his cockpit and cut off his weapon.

In addition to winning the first few games easier, the rest of the game he can only rely on skill and speed to win hard.

Even if he avoided all the deadly attacks of the opponent and ended up in a tie, he still lost according to the damage statistics of the round.

And with more points and more games, the opponents he matches will become stronger and stronger.

Judging from this speed, he doesn’t know how long it will take him to collect 15,000 points, and he may not even be able to reach the L2 level.

‘Lei’ held the dark green space button on his neck.

This A1 is a retired old-fashioned mecha, tinkered many times, and its performance is poor.

But now, he has no choice—

Just as he was about to leave in despair, Bai Jing, who was watching the whole story, walked over to him: “I can lend you star coins.”

‘Lei’ raised his head, his blue eyes filled with gratitude: “Thank you, I am 毝ɑ峳] Niguxi.

If you don’t close the bass, I will pay you back within half a month. ”

Bai Jing: “Okay, I’ll wait.”

‘Lei’ breathed a sigh of relief, but luckily the other party didn’t say anything like ‘don’t pay it back’, otherwise it would be difficult for him to agree with his remaining self-esteem.

Bai Jing turned to the staff and said indifferently, “I’ll pay for him with star coins.”

“Okay, wait a minute.”

The staff recognized him as ‘Alpha’, but they no longer dared to make fun of the ‘Lingyun Club’ as before, instead they were earnest.

In their spare time, they leaked more heat data. The speed of this teenager named ‘Alpha’ rose in the rankings was like riding a rocket, and he never lost a match from start to finish.

According to this trend, promotion to L2 is a certainty, and promotion to L3 or even higher levels is very likely.

Such potential players will be the cash cows of the organizers in the future, and they will not dare to offend them.

Bai Jing paid 15,000 star coins with his light brain, took the white space button and handed it to ‘Lei’.

‘Lei’ was jealous, and the two added each other as online friends and agreed on a repayment time.

The next battle continues as usual.

The opponent Bai Jing matched was stronger than before, but none of them were as strong as Thunder, so the light blue mecha easily defeated the opponent, and the time was kept within two minutes.

After six o’clock in the evening, the audience watching the mecha battle gradually increased.

Hundreds of people watched even the primary L1 battle.

Yu Ze is an armor replacement parts assembler. Although he can’t make as much money as a mecha maker, he makes all intermediate and high-level parts, and his income can reach an annual salary of more than one million!

However, this work requires absolute concentration. After all, it is a precision machine, and it also requires mental power. Any troubles and misfortunes in the streets will make you very tired after get off work every day.

His biggest pastime is watching cyber mech battles.

After logging in to the account, Yu Ze first watched Yu Lun Yohan Kau ⒌ Difficult ∈ Zheng Xiu 6’s [Morning Cream] and L5’s [Fei Yu], which were not online.

He was not disappointed, after all, at their level, they would pay more attention to real-life battles with live ammunition. There was not much time to participate in virtual battles, and the audience would be full every time they went online.

Yu Ze browsed through the interface of the lobby and put on the sensing device, and randomly selected the game of Yujing 1 to enter.

It’s a free show anyway, and sometimes it’s quite interesting to watch these people peck at each other.

I remember yesterday’s “Bi” fever. Both sides of the battle were newbies, and the mechas turned into hand-to-hand combat. The two mechas, you and me, sometimes fell because of poor balance. It’s really funny. .

Very depressing, hahaha.

I don’t know what kind of surprise it will bring him this time.

Yu Ze bought a 100-star betting list at random. If he can bet on the right player, he will be happier.

Entering the viewing area, he found that the audience for this game was much larger than he thought. Today’s traffic seems to be good?

The light blue mecha came on stage, well, it didn’t seem to be anything special.

On the contrary, the black mecha on the opposite side looks very fierce, as if wearing a scorpion armor. per plant

The level of this mech is definitely not low, especially the weapons.

He looked towards the upper display screen and looked at Ji Dijing (left) VS Black Scythe (right)]

Judging from Yu Ze’s experience of watching countless games, the Black Scythe is a sure win.

Without hesitation, he placed the bet on Black Scythe.

The game begins.

When the countdown was over, the black mecha rushed forward, jumped high from the ground, and raised the slender sickle with a cold light in his hand. I am afraid that the opponent will be killed in a different place!

Yu Ze stared at the field intently, a little scared in the excitement, and some timid audience members had closed their eyes.

However, the expected picture did not appear, and the figure of the light blue mecha, Lu Lunyou, was lost!

Yu Ze couldn’t help stunned.

“It’s a Z-shaped arc step!”

“Look, he is behind the black sickle!”

“Alpha Rush-”

The light blue mecha’s titanium alloy long knife almost hit the neck of the black mecha. At the moment of the hit, the armor on the latter’s body suddenly stood up, blocking the fierce Shu Ding.

The black sickle was in pain, and the particle cannon on the shoulder was suddenly fired, and at the same time, the backhand slashed with the sickle.

Bai Jing manipulated the mecha nimbly and slipped to dodge. Seeing the cannonballs hit, he lost his stature, and when he reappeared, he was already at a distance from the black mecha!

“Fuck, it’s teleportation, it’s teleportation!”

“A-level high-difficulty action in mecha!”

“Ahhh, Alpha is so handsome—”

Next, they once again experienced the power of Alpha terror.

The particle cannon has an automatic tracking mode, but it can’t catch up with the light blue mecha at all, because Alpha’s speed is too fast!

The red laser beams and the shells collided in the air and exploded with a bang. The huge explosion almost shattered people’s eardrums!

At the same time, it completely ignited the atmosphere of the scene!

The laser beams that the black sickle can’t avoid is like a sniper rifle that smashes the cockpit of the mecha, and – his chest!

The uncontrollable pain came, the black mecha fell to the ground, the cockpit and energy system all failed, and the driver was in a coma.

“Alpha! Alpha!”


Everyone on the field shouted Bai Jing’s name, full of passion and hoarse!

Equal to Ze came back to his senses from the shock and found that there was no one on the field, and the screen showed that there were still 30 seconds to turn on the “hot”.

He held down his chest, which was still pounding with excitement, and pressed the follow button behind Alpha’s name.

The author has something to say: Small Theater 1:

Ye the most handsome VS Alpha

Ye is the most handsome: I, I abstain.

Friend 1: Despise.

Friend 2: Coward.

Red Wolf: Silence.

Friends 1 vs Alpha

Friend 1: Ahaha, I will also abstain (face is swollen).

Friend 2: Silence.

Red Wolf: Silence.

Ye is the most handsome: …why don’t you mock him!

Small Theater 2:

Follow and don’t get lost, congratulations to A Jing for successfully gaining a wave of fans~

Bai Jing: Put on my third vest.


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