God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 47

Just after seven o’clock in the evening, Bai Jing was officially promoted from L1 to L2.

50 games, 50 consecutive victories, never lost!

And this, only took half a day!

Novices who had the same grades before are now standing at the top of the level distribution without exception, and the lowest level is also above L5.

It is conceivable that the future of this young man is also unlimited!

The bracelet vibrated, and Bai Jing looked down, showing his latest data:

Name: Alpha

Club: Lingyun Club

Level: L2

Points: 5000

Number of followers (fans): 425

The 100 points given by the system will disappear automatically after losing the L1 status of the novice.

As for the number of followers below, he didn’t care too much.

He will try his best to play every game regardless of the number of spectators watching the game.

Today’s games are enough, Bai Jing exits the hall and prepares to continue tomorrow.

Maybe because L1’s opponents are very weak, he feels that his ability has not improved much, and it is better to follow the coach to train alone.

After dinner, Bai Jing went online and came to the simulation training room of Lingyun Club.

Because he is a mecha battle account registered with the information of [Alpha], the information is synchronized.

Many people who followed him saw Baijing online and searched the arena with great interest.

Watching Alpha’s games is more exciting than other games!

It’s a pity that I turned many pages and didn’t see his name, so I couldn’t help but feel a little strange.

A look at the status shows that it is training.

Looking at the [Lingyun Club] marked under Alpha’s name, many people secretly remembered this name with a thoughtful expression.

To be able to cultivate such outstanding players, the strength of this club should be… not bad, right?

As soon as the coach Yao Tian saw the boy, his tone became excited: “Alpha, I saw you fight today, and you performed very well, even better than I expected!”

It has even achieved 50 consecutive victories, even the battle between the lowest level L1 is rare in the entire arena!

What makes him even happier is that in each of the 50 games that Bai Jing participated in, he beat Bai Jing to win, and he earned a lot of star coins.

Yao Tian didn’t press much, only 10,000 star coins each time.

Because the number of spectators in the L1 game is very small, and the bets are less, each game can only earn hundreds of thousands of stars, which is better than nothing.

I didn’t expect that there was a game that made more than 600,000 yuan, hahaha, I don’t know who is so generous, and gave him so much money in vain!

Today, he earned 700,000 star coins in one day, which is equivalent to several months’ income.

Thinking of this, he looked at Alpha with a softer look.

Facing the coach’s ‘loving’ gaze, Bai Jing glanced at him suspiciously: “Well, most of the people I met were newbies, it was just a fluke.”

Yao Tian was delighted, he did not refute the fact that the young man was also a novice, he had only practiced for less than a month.

“After 50 games today, how was the harvest?”

Bai Jing: “It’s okay.”

Although he didn’t gain much, he did realize his problems during the battle.

About 40 of the 50 games were won with laser beams, meaning only 10 games where the melee weapon came into play.

This probability is very abnormal. Generally, melee and long-range weapons will cooperate with each other, and the difference in killing probability between the two will not be so disparate.

And the arena of the primary competition is not big, it should be the melee weapons that can play a better role.

Bai Jing pondered: “Coach, the weak points of the mecha are in the neck and cockpit, right?”

Yao Tian: “That’s right.”

Bai Jing: “It’s just that some players have set up protective shields in these two places, which are difficult to destroy with a titanium alloy long knife. How should this be cracked?”

Laser rays are long-range weapons that require accurate distance and angle, and are often not suitable for close combat.

However, his melee weapons are not very effective when facing intermediate mechas. Is it because of the material level?

Yao Tian seemed to see through his thoughts: “It’s not because of the weapon level.

Titanium alloy is a fourth-grade material, as long as it is not a high-level mecha, or a defensive mecha with a good material, others can fight against it. ”

“First of all, you have to use strength, you can feel it.”

Yao Tian said that he pressed the space button and summoned his mecha “Double General”, indicating that Bai Jing would also enter the mecha.

The coach’s voice came through the earplugs: “Turn the pain to 30% and open the shoulder shield.”

Bai Jing followed the words, lowered the 100% pain, and pressed the corresponding key.

The white protective cover shone with a shallow halo and was translucent, covering the shoulders of the mecha like a light armor piece.

Such shields are called ‘semi-invisible shields’.

Unlike the thick protective armor of the heavy mecha, it does not reduce the flexibility of the mecha, but also has a slightly weaker defense, which is suitable for buffering attacks while buying time for the next action.

Yao Tian: “Next, I will attack in two ways, you can feel the difference and be prepared.

Remember, this is all a simulation, and it may hurt, but it won’t really hurt you. ”

Bai Jing’s clear voice came: “I understand, let’s start the coach.”

After speaking, the black mecha strode forward, and when it was about five meters away from the light blue mecha, it slashed with a knife.

The action is as fast as lightning, the black long knife is getting closer and closer, and the icy blade is in front of you!

Bai Jing’s pupils shrank, and he wanted to hide in a conditioned reflex, but he restrained his impulse in an instant.

The black long knife did not give him a chance to dodge, and slashed at the right shoulder of the mecha with a “keng”!


The protective cover cracked a long crack, and the outer shell of the mecha was also scratched with a heavy mark by the sharp blade.

At the same time, a force that was as heavy as a thousand pounds spread from Bai Jing’s shoulder, mixed with a dense dull pain, which made his entire arm numb.

Yao Tian pushed back into the distance and used earplugs to communicate: “How is it?”

Bai Jing took a deep breath: “It’s okay.”

There was only dull pain and numbness, but it wasn’t particularly uncomfortable, and it quickly recovered.

Yao Tian: “Well, this type of attack is an ordinary slashing attack, called a ‘flat slash’, and the damage caused is very general.

My ‘double general’ is a level 5 mecha, but with a protective cover, the damage to a level 3 mecha is still not at the level of serious injury, not to mention life-threatening and unable to make the opponent out of the game. ”

“Next, I will switch to another stance to attack.”

With that said, the black mecha retreated to five hundred meters away, accelerated sharply, and then kicked both legs and jumped high from the ground!

A huge shadow appeared above Bai Jing’s line of sight, like a lofty mountain pressing down heavily from the top of his head, and the long black knife held high flashed with cold light, as if he could feel the thunderous momentum and the slashing down. speed!

Bai Jing stood on the spot, watching the figure of the mecha gradually enlarge, and the cold blade suddenly fell.


The protective shield on the left shoulder shattered uncontrollably the moment it touched the blade, and the blade’s strength continued to cut deeply into the mecha’s left shoulder!

A sharp stabbing pain that was so severe that it penetrated into the bone marrow hit his left shoulder, and cold sweat broke out on Bai Jing’s forehead instantly, his face completely lost its blood, and it was terrifyingly white.

The shoulder of the light blue mecha was deeply sunken, and a crack about five meters long almost cut off the left arm. Even if it did not break, the arm could no longer be used.

Of course, this is a network simulation, so both the mech and the pilot will soon be back to normal.

After the pain passed, Bai Jing slowly sat up straight from the seat, pressed his left shoulder, and gasped for breath.

The sharp tingling still seemed to linger on the arm to this day.

This is the first time he has been injured, and I didn’t expect this feeling to be extremely real.

At that moment, he really thought that his arm was cut off, and there was a sense of fear from his heart.

Obviously everything is fake.

The corners of Bai Jing’s lips pursed slightly, dissatisfied with his absence.

Perhaps there is no potential danger in Interstellar, and he does not have to struggle on the death line every day. Now his sensitivity and reaction are much worse than before.

If it was before, even if his entire arm was really cut off, he would grit his teeth and fight desperately, just to find a trace of life from the desperate situation and survive.

As long as you can survive.

Yao Tian’s anxious voice came: “Alpha, Alpha, how are you?”

Bai Jing returned to his senses: “Coach, I’m fine.”

Yao Tian breathed a sigh of relief: “It’s fine.

You have to remember that this is just a sensory simulation created by the perception device, not real, you are still intact. ”

Bai Jing: “I know.”

Yao Tian: “That’s good.”

His tone was a little more serious: “You should be able to clearly feel the difference between the two attacks just now.

It is also an attack, one is a flat slash; the other is a top-down slash by leaping into the sky and using the force of gravitational acceleration.

The strength and effect of the two are completely different, which is what I mean by borrowing. ”

Bai Jing: “Thank you coach, I understand.”

Yao Tian: “In addition to borrowing strength, there is another method, that is, in a very short period of time, use a weapon to continuously slash at the same part of the enemy, stacking the wounds.

Let’s try again. ”

Participating in mecha battles must learn to feel pain and endure pain.

When a qualified mecha warrior is injured, he must respond quickly according to the angle, strength, and location of the ‘wound’, immediately block the opponent’s next attack, and even determine the position of the opponent and counterattack.

Otherwise, all that awaits him is failure.

According to the settings of the training room, the light blue mecha quickly returned to its original state, and the protective shield on the shoulders and the deep marks on the mecha shell were restored to their original state.

Bai Jing controlled the mecha to stand on the spot, and the black mecha rushed up quickly.

The blade fell on the left shoulder with the sound of gusts of wind, the protective cover shattered, and a strong dull pain hit, Bai Jing gritted his teeth and carefully felt the strength.

Then, another knife came suddenly, the sharp blade fell on the same place, the protective cover had been completely shattered, and the shoulder of the mecha was cracked with a deep dent.

A sharp sting hit, and Bai Jing’s forehead was covered in cold sweat, but he tried his best to calm down in this situation, thinking about how to fight back if he encountered such a situation.

The third knife landed on the wound of the first two knives again, Yao Tian slashed hard, and with a loud bang, the light blue arm of the mecha was chopped off!

The shoulder blades seemed to have been completely shattered, and the synchronous induction of the mecha made Bai Jing think that his arm was also cut off, and the pain was so painful that he almost fainted.

It’s fake, it’s fake, it’s fake!

Bai Jing kept meditating in the bottom of his heart, trying his best to keep himself awake, and finally resisted the severe pain that was about to burst his soul.

I have to say, his ability to accept is amazing.

This time the situation was much better than last time, and he recovered as soon as the pain passed.

Completely unaffected.

Yao Tian called out nervously, and after getting a quick reply from the other party, he was relieved.

Alpha is really a born mecha warrior, not only because of his learning ability and talent, but also because of his strong heart!

As he said before, psychologically speaking, multiple injuries in the same position will not only double the pain, but also easily make the opponent feel fearful and even cause a “psychological shadow”.

If it was a student from previous years, when he slashed with the knife for the second time, even if there was no time to dodge, there would be subtle movements.

For example, shoulder shaking, arm retreat, etc., are conditioned reflexes under inner fear.

This is a normal mentality, but if you can’t overcome it, you will never be able to advance to become a real master.

But Alpha is different.

He didn’t flinch at all!

The light blue mecha was like a well-trained soldier, standing there motionless, without fear or flinch, with a firm expression waiting for the pain to come.

This is the inner quality that an excellent mecha warrior should have!

Not only that, but the juvenile’s endurance is also amazing!

Almost as soon as the pain passed, he immediately returned to his senses, completely unaffected by his true perception.

He is like a finely-running, absolutely calm instrument, isolating himself from his desires.

How terrifying!

As long as he has rich actual combat experience, Alpha can definitely become a master at the level above L5!


After a night of training, Bai Jing experienced the use of melee weapons and gradually got used to the pain.

After Yao Tian’s black mecha demonstrated, the two started a mecha battle.

As expected of a senior mecha instructor with more than ten years of teaching experience, not only is he extremely fast, he has rich battle experience and countless skills.

During the battle, Bai Jing couldn’t do any damage to Yao Tian at all, the opponent could always see through his actions and react in advance!

The light blue mecha was knocked to the ground again and again, and the white scene in the cockpit experienced various ways of death in just one hour.

His body was already numb from pain, but he raised the threshold of suffering pain again and again, and the reaction time was getting shorter and shorter, and he could even attack the opponent while his arm was cut off!

Watching the light blue mecha turn into an arc of light rushing towards him, his figure flashed as he approached, and the 180-degree flip teleport jumped into the air, and the long titanium alloy knife in his hand suddenly fell from above, using the force of gravity. The blessing slashed to the back of his neck!

Yao Tian turned around and hurriedly used his two knives against the sharp blade, his body took a step back due to the force of the attack.

His expression became more and more shocked, the growth rate of the boy was simply too fast!

How long has it been since he had no skills at the beginning to occasionally let him be at a disadvantage? !

After a little distraction, it was sharply captured by Bai Jing, and the laser rays spun out in the air, directly penetrating the cockpit of the black mecha.

A burst of pain came from his chest, and Yao Tian’s eyes went black in pain: … Damn, I really can’t underestimate this kid.

After finally defeating the experienced coach by luck, Bai Jing shook the sweat from his broken hair and left the training room satisfied.

After reviewing a series of data and the youth’s growth, Yao Tian was all smiles and prepared to go offline.

Just after quitting Star Online, a video call from his friend Nie Bai called.

After he connected, his friend’s voice almost broke with excitement: “Brother, I’m so happy!

There were ten more students in our club in one night, and all of them took the initiative to apply! After three years, this is the first time that so many people have applied. ”

Yao Tian was stunned for a moment, and then followed with a smile: “Congratulations, Lingyun Club will definitely get better and better.”

Nie Bai tried his best to restrain his excitement: “I know that these students must have signed up because of Alpha.

After this period of training, what do you think of him? ”

Yao Tian only said one sentence: “Unlimited.”

Nie Bai looked at each other in surprise. Yao Tian had been in the industry for more than ten years, and this was the first time he had given such a high evaluation.

Maybe they can really look forward to the mecha competition in two months this time, but——

He sighed: “Alas, other clubs will definitely send people to dig him.”

Yao Tian’s tone was firm: “He won’t leave.”


At the same time, Guo Ding of Yunlu Club looked at the battle materials sent below and suddenly stood up from his seat.

50 straight wins!

How could such a good seedling be in Lingyun Club?

Thinking of Nie Bai’s upright face and pedantic thoughts, a hint of irony flashed in his eyes.

Times have changed, who still believes in word of mouth?

Without stars and resources, everything is free to talk!

Otherwise, how could all those people in Lingyun Club be dug over by him one by one?

Nie Bai, the old club, treats them well, tsk.

Especially some of the most respected old coaches, in order to earn a little commission, can’t wait to hollow out all the students under them, regardless of the life and death of the old club.

Hahaha, it saved him a lot of trouble.

Even Yao Tian, ​​who is known as his brother, is not coming soon!

‘The Lingyun Club should close down by then. ’

Guo Ding touched his chin and thought.

Do you think you can turn around by recruiting a talented student?

Oh, to dream!

Immediately this good seedling is his.

Guo Ding called his subordinates in a good mood: “Go, send a message to the young man named [Alpha], exempt the training fees and other expenses, and dig people over as soon as possible.”

When the subordinate received the order to leave, he added: “By the way, if other clubs also come to poach people, inquire about the conditions offered and increase the stake.”

Subordinate: “Yes!”

Anyway, as long as he can win the online mecha competition two months later, all this can be earned back.

As soon as Bai Jing left the training room, he received a series of private messages from Alpha’s account.

He clicked on the top one.

[From Yunlu Club:

Alpha, we watched your battle video and are very optimistic about your potential. We sincerely invite you to join us! The club will provide the best advanced mecha coaches for guidance, exempt all training costs, and look forward to your joining. 】

[The news from the Meteor Club, please check. 】

[The news from the Cloud Shadow Club, please check. 】

Bai Jing glanced at it and closed the interface.

Not interested in.

He carefully placed the transparent chip into the optical brain, opened Gu Yuanchao’s training video, and watched it intently.

The author has something to say: Small Theater 1:

Coach Yao: Hahaha, who sent me money?

Then I’m welcome, and rub my hands together.

Coach Yao: Want to poach people from me? Step over my body first! (bushi)

Small Theater 2:

Bai Jing: A waste of time (click on the video and look focused).

Gu Yuanchao: Is Ah Jing looking at me in such a hurry? Star Eye (☆-☆)


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