God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 48

Bai Jing watched each of Gu Yuanchao’s more than 20 training videos no less than 50 times, and each time he watched it, he had a new insight.

As the saying goes: Laymen watch the fun, and experts watch the doorway.

Bai Jing’s ability has improved now, and he has accumulated a certain amount of battle experience. Watching the video at this time, he can feel the power of Gu Yuanchao even more.

There is no need for difficult skills and gorgeous footwork above Grade A, just the superposition of basic movements. After being used to the extreme, it can also be fatal in one blow!

Just as he was fascinated, there was a knock on the door.

The man’s magnetic voice came: “Ajing, it’s time to sleep.”

Bai Jing looked at the time, it was one o’clock in the morning.

Is it already so late?

Bai Jing sat up from the bed: “Oh, right now.”

After a minute, the door opened, revealing the delicate facial features of a young man behind the door, with a bright smile: “Gu Yuanchao, do you have time tomorrow night?”

After watching the video, this time he wanted to observe Gu Yuanchao’s mecha’s movements up close.

When driving ‘Silver Light’ together a few times before, the focus was on mecha killing alien beasts, and I never seriously observed the opponent’s hand speed and operation.

This time, he wanted to take a serious look at it.

The young man stared at him with bright brown eyes with obvious anticipation.

The slender and curled eyelashes twitched gently like a small fan, which was incredibly beautiful.

Gu Yuanchao’s black eyes stared at each other tightly, his Adam’s apple rolled unconsciously, and there was an urge to kiss him.

He reached out and tugged at the neckline a little irritably.

Although he really wanted to agree, but recently alien beasts have become more frequent, I am afraid that he will not be able to go home for the next week, so he can only stay in the Gu family.

Even tonight, he took time to come back because he was worried about the other party, and he had to rush back half an hour later.

Gu Yuanchao lowered his voice a bit: “Sorry, I’ve been too busy lately—”

Bai Jing immediately said, “Ah, it doesn’t matter, just do your own business first.”

It’s because he is too willful. It’s obvious that the man comes back so late every day, and still pesters him to train together.

Maybe it’s because the other party never refuses his request?

The big words ‘reliance, pet, and arrogance’ suddenly appeared in Bai Jing’s mind, causing him to shake his head violently in his heart.

Although the boy’s tone was as usual, and there was even a hint of a smile in his voice, his eyes dimmed obviously, making Gu Yuanchao’s heart tighten.

He stretched out his arms uncontrollably and embraced the young man in his arms, wrapping one hand around his waist, while the other hand gently rubbed the hair behind the other’s head.

The strong and strong chest can feel the scorching temperature even through the military uniform.

Most importantly, he heard the heartbeat coming from the opponent’s chest, which was rapid and violent.

Gu Yuanchao promised: “In a week, when I finish dealing with the affairs of the military department, I will accompany you for the whole day, okay?”

Bai Jing’s emotions were obviously excited, and his voice was clear: “Okay, this is what you said, it’s a deal!”

The next morning, Bai Jing came to the hall of the mecha simulation battle.

Now that his level has been promoted to L2, winning a game can get 1000 points, which can be exchanged for nanostrings soon.

The points of the nanostring are 30,000, and after adding the purchase ratio of star coins, only 15,000 points and 15,000 star coins are needed.

Remove the existing 5000 points, that is to say, win 10 games in a row and you can get it.

Bai Jing pressed the ‘start matching’ button on the wristband.

After about two minutes, the match information was displayed on the big screen:

143 primary games, Alpha VS Golden Warrior, No. 82 competition venue.

Bai Jing clicked to confirm, and soon came to the competition venue.

He found that L2’s arena was larger than L1’s, and the audience was much larger.

The opponent is a young blond young man with dynamism.

He stepped forward and took the initiative to stretch out his hand and shook hands with Bai Jing, showing his white teeth with a smile: “My name is Golden Warrior, isn’t that cool! I’ll show you my mecha later.”

He pressed the space button on his neck, and a golden-yellow mecha about fifteen meters high stood on the spot. Under the light of the light, the golden light shone in all directions. Bai Jing narrowed his eyes slightly, it was really dazzling.

However, judging from the battle armor it has all over the body, the level of the mecha is not low, and it focuses on defensive attributes.

Before the game started, some spectators on the field started to shout their names.

“Alpha, go ahead—”

“Golden warriors will win!”

The blond-haired youth raised the arm of the mecha with a smile, causing a burst of excitement from the fans.

Game start.

The golden warrior rushed over without hesitation, holding the energy sword in both hands and slashing towards Bai Jing.

Bai Jing manipulated the mecha nimbly to dodge sideways, but the blade twisted in an instant, turning into a sharp-curved machete, slicing across the chest of the light blue mecha.

“It’s a transformable tungsten energy sword!”

“Enter the Golden Warrior, hack your opponent to death!”

A slightly sharp stinging pain struck, and a long crack was drawn on the outer shell of the mecha.

Bai Jing’s complexion did not change at all except for a slight paleness. His hands were about to form a phantom on the console, and a teleportation escaped the next attack.

“Why did it disappear?”

“No, it’s teleportation, Alpha’s trick-”

Behind the golden mecha, the flickering titanium alloy long knife was raised high and slashed towards the neck of the mecha!


The blond-haired youth sensed the crisis behind him, and slightly turned sideways to avoid the attack that was going to the extreme. The long knife landed on the right shoulder of the golden mecha, and there was a deep mark on the armor, but it was not broken.

The young man felt a vibration from his right arm, and shook it lightly, ignoring it.

He even said to Bai Jing through the microphone: “Don’t waste your efforts, my golden mecha is extremely defensive and will never be injured by low-level mecha weapons.”

Just as he was talking, he turned the arm holding the energy sword, held the hilt in the opposite direction, and stabbed back sharply!

The light blue flipped back and opened the distance. The moment he landed, his legs were slightly bent, and he jumped up from the ground. The long titanium alloy knife in his hand slashed down from above!

“Keng!” The long knife slashed at the same position on the right shoulder, and there were several cracks in the hard armor.

The severe pain struck, causing the young man to lose his mind for a moment.

When he returned to his senses and saw the other party again, the light blue mecha was roaring in front of him, leaping high, like a mountain pressing down from the air with a mighty thunder—

“Keng!” The sharp long knife slashed at the same position on the right shoulder again, the golden armor shattered and scattered on the ground, and the mecha shell was rolled up by the blade.

The young man felt that his right shoulder was completely shattered, and the unbearable pain made his face distorted and sweaty, and he could barely see the screen in front of him.

After Bai Jing landed, he took an S-shaped arc step, like a blue light suddenly appearing on the right side of the golden mecha, and raised the weapon in his hand again!

“No, no! I admit defeat—!”

Looking at the enlarged figure of the light blue mecha, the huge sense of fear made the blond young man shout, and even his voice trembled.

Having experienced hundreds of battles, this was the first time he felt that uncontrollable fear.

Now when he sees Bai Jing, he reflexively feels that his right shoulder hurts so much that he doesn’t even dare to look directly.

Hearing the opponent admit defeat, the light blue mecha quickly put the titanium alloy weapon in his hand into his waist, flipped 180 degrees in the air to unload, and landed lightly on the ground.

“Alpha! Alpha!”

In the cheers of everyone, the electronic voice announced the final result.

[Official announcement: “The results of this competition have been announced, Alpha wins, and the competition is terminated!”]

The blond youth clutched his recovered shoulders with a bitter expression on his face.

Alas, this time he dropped from L2 back to L1 again.

In fact, he had heard the prestige of the young man since yesterday, and he was not convinced at the time, but now…

Hiss, the young man quickly shook his head, his shoulders hurt when he thought of the other party.

He even wondered if his shoulders were really healed?

Woohoo, why do I still feel a little pain even now?

Bai Jing was teleported back to the lobby and started to match the next match.

There was no suspense in the next few battles either. With his strange movement, extreme speed, and the power of ‘slashing the same part multiple times’, the teenager successfully cast a shadow over the psychology of many opponents.

About Alpha’s “murderous name” has also been faintly spread.

A player who was fighting before touched his friend’s shoulder: “Did you see it, it’s him, fuck, it’s really too hard to shoot.”

The friend glanced at Bai Jing and said in disbelief, “He is Alpha? He’s quite handsome, and he’s not too old.”

“Don’t be fooled by his appearance, my neck hurts so much now!”

The contestant couldn’t help but touched his neck: “Hey, it’s too vicious, I have a psychological shadow.”

Friend: “…”

It seems to be true, it is really unbelievable.

L2 level is longer than L1 in terms of matching time and battle time.

After about an hour and a half, 10 battles were over.

At this time, his record had reached a rare 60-game winning streak, which made almost all the players look up!

Bai Scenic opened the bracelet and looked down at the data above:

Name: Alpha

Club: Lingyun Club

Level: L2

Points: 15000

Followers: 678

Finally got enough points.

He came to the item exchange center, and without hesitation, spent all the points and 1.5W of star coins to buy the invisible weapon [Nano String].

Bai Jing thought for a while, and wrote the address of Gu’s gambling stone shop in the mailing address column.

During this period of time, he was busy with mecha training. He hadn’t played the stone betting battle for nearly a month, and he couldn’t continue to delay it any longer.

Next, he will increase the betting rate and strive to become a senior stone gambler with the fastest speed!

In the remaining time, Bai Jing played another eight games, all of which ended in victory!

L2 players are stronger than L1 players, they are very proficient in basic operations, and their reaction ability is not bad; but neither fighting skills nor speed can be compared with Bai Jing.

Most of them use mechas that focus on defensive attributes, and they have advantages in this type of battle, but they are all scared off by Alpha’s continuous attacks, and their original advantages are gone.

Baijing is like the nemesis of defensive mechs. If one attack cannot break the defense, then attack the second time. If the second time fails, attack the third time, not to mention the laser beam that penetrates the cockpit in that instant, like death come.

too horrible.

As the noon break is approaching, as the number of people is getting smaller and smaller, the time for Baijing to match is getting longer and longer.

Looking at the words “expected waiting time more than ten minutes”, the boy frowned and quickly got off the line.

At the same time as he exited the do-not-disturb mode, the light brain ‘di’ sounded.

[Nano String] was delivered to Gu’s Stone Gambling Shop an hour ago and was placed in a separate storage box.

Bai Jing first signed up for the stone gambling battle, and then drove the hover car to the side door of Gu’s stone gambling shop, where there is a separate storage place.

The hall was still crowded with people, and cheers could be heard from outside. The two stone gamblers should be dissolving stones.

He scanned the safe with his optical brain, and the eggshell-like defensive barrier opened, revealing a palm-sized white box.

Bai Jing put the box into the space button, and drove the hover car back home.

At the moment of skyrocketing, a girl saw the limited-edition hover car ‘White Eagle’, she couldn’t help but grow her mouth, and immediately took a photo with her brain.

Just because the speed is too fast, only a white light flowing down from the air can be photographed, and the beautiful lines and streamlined body can be faintly seen.

This photo was quickly posted by the **** Starfield, causing a heated discussion.

[@Gu Shao’s little fan girl: Oh my god, I actually saw the limited edition White Eagle today, ah ah ah, so handsome. 】

She hummed a song with the corners of her mouth raised, looking forward to the envy of others, hee hee, this kind of limited-edition suspension car is not common!

The girl’s original intention was to share, and of course she also showed off a little, but within a few minutes, the following comments made her feel the malice of the world.

【Um? A white light is a ‘white eagle’ that is worth hundreds of millions and cannot be bought with money? Oh, who believes it. 】

[Laughing to death, the pictures are all blurred. 】

[There are only five limited editions of the ‘White Eagle’ in the entire empire, are they all in the Capital Star? The landlord also needs to make a draft when he lies. 】

[The five limited editions are agreed, but don’t forget that Young Master Gu is in Proxima Centauri. 】

[This suspension car belongs to Gu Shao? ! 】

Involving countless fans of Gu Shao and the limited-edition “White Eagle”, the topic has been rising for a while, and they are all mocking “@Gu Shao’s little fan girl”.

The girl was only eighteen years old, she couldn’t bear the ridicule on the screen, she lay on the bed and cried loudly.

This is clearly the White Eagle!

As a big fan of Gu Shao, she has seen it on the poster no less than a hundred times.

The extremely smooth body and beautiful color are exactly the same as on the poster, it is definitely a white eagle!

Wuwu, but she can’t explain clearly, and these people don’t want to hear her explain.

The girl’s eyes were swollen from crying. When she was ready to close the comment area, she found that the wind direction had completely changed.

[Senior videographer Geng Qiu: I restored the picture with holographic imaging technology, let’s take a look, don’t just wrong others. @Gu Shao’s little fan girl]

Geng Qiu is an expert in this field, and he is an officially certified image restoration expert, and the pictures he restores must be recognized by everyone.

In the blue sky, a pure white mecha shot straight into the sky with a beautiful posture. The streamlined fuselage is elegant and restrained, with an aura of contempt for everything.

On top of that, there’s a small ‘S’ logo on the underside of the wing, fully revealing its identity.

[Fuck, it turned out to be a limited edition ‘White Eagle’! 】

[I’m really sorry just now. @Gu Shao’s little fan girl]

[Sorry, I am blind. @Gu Shao’s little fan girl]

[In other words, this suspension car really belongs to Young Master Gu. 】

[But the figures here don’t look like Young Master Gu…]

The original image is too blurry, even using holographic imaging technology, it is impossible to see the inside of the cockpit, there is only a hazy silhouette, but judging from the height and slender outline, it does not look like Gu Shao.

[Fuck, we seem to have found a huge melon——]

[Does anyone remember that this ‘white eagle’ is a pair with Gu Shao’s other black S-class, which is called “the choice of heaven”. You say, what does this represent? 】

【Fuck you! ! ! 】

[Warning, a large number of Gu Shao’s fans still have ten seconds to arrive. 】

#Gu Shao’s choice#

This tag rushed to the top of the hot search in just 30 seconds, followed by the big word “explosive”, which shows people’s shock.

The person driving the white eagle must have a close relationship with Young Master Gu!

God, does Gu Shao have someone he likes?

Moreover, this person is in Proxima Centauri!

On the star field, everyone around Gu Shao was picked up, from his friend Fu Yan to his subordinate Qiao An, but it didn’t feel right.

Young Master Gu has a very valuable status, and there are only a few people around, all of whom have been excluded one by one.

Gu Yuanchao’s fans were even more aggressive and desperately denied it.

This photo is so blurred that even the holographic technology can’t be restored. How can you say that the driver is not Young Master Gu?

Oh, why can’t they see it?

Besides, it’s just a hover car, why can’t you lend it to a friend?

The name of the chosen choice is just a gimmick made by the ‘Fuguang Group’, not to mention that these two cars were given to Gu by the senior management of the group. What is the matter with you?

It would be too ridiculous to judge the relationship between the two based on this.

In short, they will never admit that Gu Shaoyou likes someone!

Gu’s propaganda director Wei Cheng was in a hurry in the office. No one expected that a shocking news about Young Master Gu would suddenly break out in the star field, and it was fermented so fast!

It’s not that their reaction speed is not fast enough. Who would have thought that a photo could lead to Gu Shaolai?

Or what is the so-called ‘choice of heaven’?

Weicheng’s face was full of irritability, which was related to Gu Shao’s private life and reputation, and another point was the marriage between the Gu family and the Du family.

Although Young Master Gu strongly resisted the marriage, the head of the family——

In any case, get rid of it as soon as possible!

However, when he was using all means to suppress the news, the video communication of Guangnao suddenly rang.

Qiao An’s face appeared on the opposite side of the screen, with an intriguing look on his face: “Gu Shao said that you don’t need to waste resources on illusory hot searches, and concentrate on promoting other products.”

Acropolis was stunned: “? But—”

Is it really unnecessary to deal with such a big thing?

The communication was quickly hung up, leaving the Minister of Propaganda staring at the screen in confusion.

Alas, forget it, there are so many things to do in the Propaganda Department, let’s finish the work at hand first.

Maybe the heat will drop soon.

As for Gu Shao, who had just finished the video conference, he rubbed his forehead tiredly. He had not rested for two days and two nights.

Closing his eyes and dozing off for ten minutes, he logged onto the Xingyu account with ease, and checked the ‘Chaoyun’ CP he followed to see if there were any new clips.

This is the most common relaxation method he has used in the past month.

Every time he saw the pictures of him and Bai Jing edited by fans, he felt amazing and watched with relish.

It turns out that it can be, well, very good imagination.

Gu Yuanchao’s account is the most advanced platinum-level account in the star domain. The information is highly concealed. Online, follow, private messages, etc. are all set to be inaccessible. No one knows that the dignified imperial major general is secretly squatting on his CP.

Well, mainly it’s not time to announce it yet.

With his slender fingers pointing to the topic, Gu Yuanchao found that today’s ‘Chaoyun CP’ is very lively.

[Who is driving the white eagle, do I want a BE for the CP I knocked on? Tears.jpg]

[No, maybe it’s Gu Shao himself? 】

[Without an official announcement for a day, the CP I hit is still there! 】

[Sisters, don’t panic, this silhouette really looks like Gu Yun, comparison picture.jpg]

【Really like ah ah ah-】

[I don’t care, the one inside is Gu Yun! 】

Gu Yuanchao skipped a lot of replies and looked upwards, and the top one was a photo.

In the photo is the familiar ‘white eagle’ and the blurred silhouette in the cockpit.

Gu Yuanchao recognized Bai Jing’s figure at a glance, stunned for a moment, and then chuckled softly.

Good, save him racking his brains to set the stage.

Gu Yuanchao got up and moved his body a bit, feeling the exhaustion all over his body dissipated, and then he began to deal with military affairs.

The sooner he can deal with it, the sooner he will be able to fulfill his promise with the boy.

I won’t make Bai Jing wait too long.

The author has something to say:

Small Theater 1:

before the game.

Golden Warrior: Haha, I made a meat suit, don’t waste your energy.

The first knife.

Golden Warrior: Oh, it’s a little tricky, it’s almost like scratching a tick.

Second knife.

Golden Warrior: Damn it, it hurts a bit!

The third knife.

Golden Warrior: Ouch, it hurts me!

Fourth knife.

Golden Warrior: Help, I admit defeat! Please don’t cut it off-

Small Theater 2:

Gu Shao: I am very happy to have hugged A Jing today><

Ah Jing’s waist is so thin QAQ

PS: The few people who tracked Bai Bai for the first time were sent by the family to know his location in order to win over him, so they didn’t pay attention to the model.


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