God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 49

Bai Jing, who didn’t have a Star Domain account until now, naturally didn’t know that his behavior was causing an uproar.

Gu Yuanchao left him only one hover car in this house, the ‘White Eagle’.

Bai Jing didn’t know about it until Jin Mao blurted out when he was on Gambling Stone Street.

Since then, he has also thought about whether to replace it with an ordinary one.

It’s just that the S-class hover car feels too good to drive. The extreme speed and sharp response make him addicted. Moreover, he used the ‘White Eagle’ to throw off the tracker more than half a month ago. If it is a hover car, I am afraid Not so good effect.

After thinking about it, he still decided to drive the ‘White Eagle’.

When the white suspension car entered the hovering area, a violent brake stopped at a distance of thirty centimeters from the ground. With such a strong inertia, the body did not shake at all.

The slender boy jumped out of the driver’s seat swiftly and entered the door.

‘Alpha 01’ ran over and handed the owner slippers.

The first thing Bai Jing did when he returned to the bedroom was to take out the white box containing nanowires from the space button and open it.

In the center of the box is a short black metal stick with a diameter of about one centimeter. It is wrapped with circles of translucent silver silk threads. It is extremely thin, as if it is covered with a film.

The silver wire’s surface glowed with a icy cold light, and just looking at it gave people an extremely cold feeling.

Bai Jing thought unsurprisingly, fortunately, he wrapped the nanostring around the eye-catching black short stick.

If you put it in a box alone, such a thin silver wire, unless you have excellent eyesight, it is difficult to find.

But who would have thought that this silver thread, which is thinner than a hair, is sharper than the fastest blade!

Once wrapped around the opponent’s mecha, the thick mecha shell can be cut open within a millimeter, and even the entire mecha arm!

After reading it, she closed the box with her long, fair fingers.

With the weapon, the next step is to find a mecha maker to assemble it on the mecha.

Bai Jing thought about it, and it would be better to find a manufacturer who designed this mecha by himself, and he would be more familiar with the mecha.

Huang Jiu, the head of the Xinghai Club, should have contact information.

He logged into the online mall and received a message from Huang Jiu as soon as he went online.

[Head of Xinghai: Master, you are finally online! ! Cat crying expression pack.jpg]

Although energy boxes are sent by mail every three days, the master has not shown up for a long time. Huang Jiu is really worried that the other party will be poached by other auction houses, and he is very uneasy.

[Bai: …Sorry, I’ve been a little busy recently. Do you have the contact information of the manufacturer who sold the third-level mecha last time? 】

[Head of Xinghai: Yes. I’ll give you her contact information right away. Are you looking to maintain the mech? 】

[Bai: No, I plan to modify the mecha. 】

[Head of Xinghai: I suggest you find a mid-level mecha maker to modify the mecha, in case the maker fails to meet your requirements…]

[Bai: It doesn’t matter, I believe she is the person who is most familiar with this mecha. 】

[Head of Xinghai: OK, the contact information has been sent to you. 】

[Bai: Thank you. 】

[Head of Xinghai: You are too polite. 】

[The person in charge of Xinghai: Hehe, Master, the sales of energy boxes have been very good recently. Can you provide more next month? It would be even better if there are level four! 】

Now the energy boxes sold by the master have become famous, and the price of each transaction is more than twice the basic price, and they are all sold out within two minutes of going online, and other auction houses are jealous.

With the fame of the energy box, he has recently established cooperation with two mecha makers. I believe that one or two mechas will be sold every month in the future, and it is just around the corner to become the first online auction house!

And all this, thanks to the master!

[Bai: I try my best. 】

[Head of Xinghai: Then please master! Kneel down to you.jpg]


Through Huang Jiu, Bai Jing successfully added the contact information of the mecha maker, and the whole process took less than 10 seconds.

[Ilan: Hello, do you want to buy a mecha? 】

[Bai: I am the one who bought the mecha ‘Changkong’, and I want to install a small weapon on the mecha. 】

[Ilan: Yes! I have time recently, what kind of weapon is it? 】

[Bai Jing: An invisible material called ‘nanostring’ is made of the most sophisticated nanomaterials and is very sharp. 】

The other party may have gone to find information, and it took a while to reply.

[Ilan: Sorry, this kind of material seems to be relatively rare.

If it is convenient for you, can you come to my studio in the afternoon? I need to know the properties of the material on the spot. 】

[Bai Jing: Good. 】

Soon he received the location sent by Ilan, showing that it was near the slum, and the destination seemed to be an abandoned factory.

Bai Jing put on black-rimmed glasses, and thoughtfully did not drive a hover car, but took an ordinary hover train and walked along the ruins for a while before arriving.

When he arrived, Ilan was already standing near the factory waiting.

It was a girl of about 20 years old, with a ponytail, elegant appearance, ordinary clothes, and a bit of anxiety and shyness in her expression.

Seeing him come alone, without a strong bodyguard, let alone driving an expensive suspension car, the girl breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, it is not that kind of aristocratic son with eyes above the top, otherwise her work will be much more difficult.

Although she knew that the other party could spend 20 million to buy a mecha, and she was definitely not from the same world, Yilan still had a good impression of Bai Jing.

Yilan put on a polite smile: “Hello, are you the buyer of ‘Changkong’? This way, please.”

Standing at the entrance of the abandoned factory, she lowered her head slightly and whispered, “This is my workshop. Although the exterior is a bit shabby, it’s clean inside!”

After Yilan finished speaking, she stood there in embarrassment.

Many of her clients saw this humble working environment and left with a cold snort, as if they were afraid of tarnishing their noble identities.

She also complained that she wasted her time.

I don’t know what the young man thinks?

Will it turn around and leave?

By the time she recovered, Bai Jing had already stepped into the factory.

As the other party said, it was neatly arranged inside.

The rooms of several hundred square meters are divided into several categories, including a part for storing parts, a workbench for processing materials, a precision instrument for testing the utilization rate of parts, a high platform for assembling parts, and a large open space where the mecha is placed in the center, which is clean and tidy. At a glance.

Especially in the cabinets for storing parts, each level of parts is sorted and labeled.

The brown eyes behind Baijing’s lenses looked around and felt very satisfied: “Your workplace is very good, not cluttered at all.”

This environment made him very comfortable.

Yilan’s heart jumped, and her tone was cheerful: “Really? Do you really think so?”

Bai Jing said softly, “Yeah.”

Wow, Juvenile is the best client she’s ever seen, she’s sure to transform her weapons to the best!

Yilan walked to the workbench and motioned Bai Jing to put the materials on the table and release the mecha.

The slender fingers pressed the space button, and the light blue mecha suddenly appeared in the central open space, with a fine streamer glowing on the surface, like flowing sea water.

This is also the first time that Bai Jing has seen this mecha in reality, and it looks more realistic and elegant than the virtual battle.

At the same time, the white box was also handed to the girl.

Yilan opened the box, and the moment he saw the ‘nanostring’, his eyes suddenly lit up.

She has never touched this weapon!

Most of the modifications made by mechas are very conventional, such as adding shields and shields, upgrading close-up weapons to higher levels, and increasing range and power of long-range weapons.

Although she is a low-level mecha maker, she can do regular transformations, which is not difficult for a professional mecha maker.

Instead, installing this stealth weapon is the challenge!

Ilan quickly put on a pair of white gloves.

This is the “Tencel Gloves” developed by the mechanic in order to prevent being cut by the sharp blade when making weapons. It costs several million stars for a pair, and she bought it after saving for a long time.

The slender silver needle stirs up nano-strings that are thinner than a hair. The two fingertips pinch the middle section and pull it gently. You can feel the sharpness and toughness of the silver wire almost at the moment of contact.

When Yilan was checking the materials, Bai Jing entered the cockpit and operated the mecha to perform a few simple actions. He found that it was basically the same as in the virtual battle, so he was relieved.

He replaced the original two level-3 energy boxes with level-5 energy boxes, and felt that the mecha’s movements were much smoother because of this.

About ten minutes later, Bai Jing lightly jumped down along the arm of the mecha.

The hem of the loose clothes rose gently with the rapid fall, revealing a small piece of fair skin and firm abdominal muscles around the waist. The movements were natural, neat, and handsome, causing Yilan who heard the movement to look up, stunned.

When Bai Jing looked at her, she regained her senses, and her cheeks involuntarily stained a blush.

Really handsome!

Even if the other party wears old-fashioned black-rimmed glasses, it cannot hide his charm!

“That, nanostring, I’ve seen it.”

Yilan said shyly, but when it came to mecha, her professionalism made her return to normal quickly.

“It is a very good weapon material, as long as it can exert its characteristics, it is no less than a melee weapon in battle!

However, I have to confess to you that this is the first weapon I have ever made. ”

After saying this, the girl glanced at Bai Jing with a little nervousness: “I wonder if you would like to hear my thoughts.”

Bai Jing: “It doesn’t matter, talk about it and see if our ideas are the same.”

Yilan glanced at the other party in surprise. Many customers thought that this was completely what a mecha maker should do when designing weapons, and could not wait to leave all the tasks to her.

And if you are not satisfied in the end, it is all kinds of ridicule.

But she is also very aggrieved.

Don’t say anything, some even have to test the performance of the mecha one by one, without providing any information at all.

Of course, for low-level manufacturers like them, the status is inferior.

If you are facing a senior mecha maker, these people are afraid that they will have another face, and it is too late to ask.

Yilan cleared his throat: “My idea is to install the ‘nanostring’ in one of the mecha’s fingers, and convert the fingertip into a launcher to shoot a sleeve arrow tied with nanowires.

The Hidden Arrow can penetrate the mecha, and fix the starting point on the mecha after launching. After that, as long as it wraps around the opponent’s mecha during the action, it is easy to cut off the shield and outer shell. ”

Elan: “This is my vision for this stealth weapon, what do you think?”

She thought she had a good idea.

Bai Jing pondered: “It’s very similar to what I thought.

However, the sharpness of the hidden arrow must be able to penetrate the mecha without letting the opponent notice it. Maybe add a mute device? ”

Yilan’s eyes lit up: “You’re right! It’s great, it’s a wonderful idea!”

She quickly recorded the ideas put forward by Bai Jing in the electronic notebook on the optical brain, and also wrote down the materials that may be used.

After remembering it, she looked at the boy with admiration: “Are you really not considering becoming a mecha designer?

Your conception of weapons definitely surpasses that of most mecha makers, so you have a lot of talent! ”

Bai Jing’s lips curled slightly: “Thank you for the compliment.”

There was no answer to her question.

Yilan felt a little pity, but he soon discussed the material of the weapon with the other party: “That’s it, the tip of the sleeve arrow is wrapped around a nano-string, and at the same time, a miniature sound wave shielding device is added on the top…”

She continued to record her thoughts: “However, the material for making Hidden Arrows needs to be sharp enough to pierce the shell of a highly defensive mecha. Well, this material doesn’t seem to be easy to find.\”

The more Yilan spoke, the more quietly, and finally lowered his head in disappointment: “The most important thing is that my current level can’t handle advanced materials, I’m sorry… Otherwise, you can find a senior mecha maker, and I will pass the recorded information. yours.”

Bai Jing was also thinking, and after a while he thought of a better idea: “It’s better to replace the Hidden Arrow with a harmless launcher, and apply an adhesive substance on the top, so that no matter how powerful the mecha is, it will be glued. live.”

Yilan’s eyes became brighter and brighter with Bai Jing’s words: “This method is wonderful, you are really a genius!”

Her hands quickly operated on the light screen, looking for the corresponding materials, and then excitedly said: “The cost of this is lower than before … ten times, and the effect is better!”

Yilan was amazed and a little embarrassed at the same time. After all, she is a mecha maker. I didn’t expect that all the ideas were made by customers. Will she feel that she is too useless.

Bai Jing: “Thank you, is there anything else you need?”

Yilan returned to his senses: “Oh, I also need your usual training videos. By the way, do you use the left hand or the right hand for weapons, which finger?”

Bai Jing thought for a moment: “Left hand, index finger.”

Yilan recorded it easily: “Okay, apart from installing stealth weapons, are there any other parts that need to be upgraded?”

Bai Jing thought that the coach mentioned that the laser beam can be attached with flashes, flames, etc., and the range needs to be strengthened, so he put forward his own needs.

Yilan calculated the materials consumed while recording, “Yes, this is a common upgrade method. However, in terms of price, it may be more expensive.”

She said carefully: “What’s your budget? I’ll make a material plan based on the budget.”

This is the most difficult place to negotiate. Some clients claim to be rich, but when they finally reported their budget, they said a price that made her vomit blood, and even the material cost was not enough.

And after she clearly stated the fact that the fee was not enough, these people added half a million star coins in anger, accompanied by all kinds of abuse and disgust.

As a low-level mecha maker, she is really too difficult.

Bai Jing doesn’t know much about the mecha transformation market, but he has a deep understanding of “Mecha is a money-burning hobby”.

He tried to quote a psychological price: “Is 8 million star coins enough? If it is not enough, the maximum is 10 million.”

After all, it’s only a third-level mecha, and after that, you have to replace the advanced engine and do higher-level modifications, so you can’t spend too much star coins.

Hearing Bai Jing’s budget, Yilan was stunned for a moment, and then suddenly shouted excitedly: “Enough, enough! Don’t worry, I will definitely transform ‘Changkong’ into the best mecha!”

Wow, this client is really generous, her budget is 3 million star coins, at most 4 million star coins, she didn’t expect the other party to open her mouth and double it!

These budgets are simply too sufficient. As a low-level mecha maker, this is the first time she has received such a high salary, and she can finally make a big effort.

She will definitely use the best materials!

Yilan’s gaze towards Bai Jing could no longer be described as glowing, it was like seeing an angel descending into the world, pious and fascinated.

Bai Jing: “How long will it take?”

Ilan: “I will give priority to transforming your mecha. It is conservatively estimated that it will take a week. If the materials are insufficient, it will take about ten days.”

Bai Jing: “Okay.”

He put the mecha into the space button and handed it to the other party. Then, without hesitation, he transferred eight million stars.

Yilan once again sighed at the generosity of the customer, and also looked forward to the future mecha transformation in his heart.


By the time Bai Jing returned home again, it was already evening.

And Guangnao also received the news of going to the warehouse of Gu’s gambling stone shop at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning to select wool.

The mecha was sent for modification, and instead of participating in the mecha battle, he came to the studio.

There has been no calcification for a while, Bai Jing intends to untangle the last two pieces of wool that he bought on Gambling Stone Street tonight.

Of the five pieces of wool bought on Gambling Stone Street, three of them were unwound and energy liquid was extracted, namely waxy, egg white and hibiscus.

Now there is only one piece of wool with cracks bought for 600,000 yuan and another piece of round black wool, the jade in the latter is unknown.

With the help of the handling robot, Bai Jing put the huge piece of wool with cracks on the lithotripter.

This piece of wool is about half a meter long, flat and oval, and weighs more than 100 kilograms.

The large open cracks are distributed in the center of the wool, as if a giant axe was used to cut a knife in the middle of the wool, and it was divided into two parts, the left and right parts.

Bai Jing had detected it with his senses before, and the part on the left half near the window was undoubtedly coarse bean seeds.

But further inwards, six or seven centimeters, except for the broken jade near the crack, the rest are all ice and glass yang green jadeite, at least a dozen kilograms.

After determining the distribution of emeralds with perception again, Bai Jing turned on the button of the laser knife. The blue laser was like a sharp long sword, dividing the entire wool in two from the evil crack.

The weight of the cut wool is still considerable, with each piece weighing fifty or sixty kilograms.

At the request of the owner, the handling robot puts the right half of the wool aside and the left half of the wool with the window on the calcifier.

Bai Jing began to unravel the rough bean jadeite on the left half.

A knife was cut three inches away from the evil crack. This knife completely separated the jade from the bean seeds and the stone of the white flower. The other half of the cut surface was more than 40 kilograms of waste.

Then, he dropped two knives diagonally along the husk near the window, and unraveled the outline of the entire bean seed jade.

The laser knife was replaced with a grinding wheel, and as the gravel fell one after another, finally, a hemispherical jadeite weighing about five or six kilograms was placed on the stone platform.

The whole body is gray-green, the graininess is very prominent, and the quality is very poor.

But Bai Jing didn’t care, because the highlight was in the wool on the right half.

A gray-white stone weighing about 60 kilograms was placed on the calcifier, and the mechanical arms on both sides held it firmly.

Bai Jing operated the laser knife and cut it cleanly and neatly along the distance of seven or eight centimeters from the evil crack. Half of the exposed cut surface was broken jade, reaching the ice species!

The other half is the intact ice jadeite, the texture is transparent like ice, crystal clear and moist, the green is bright but not too strong, and the distribution is very even, it is an excellent sun green color!

The white fingers held the black handle of the laser knife, every movement was just right, exactly, cut off all the outer shell of the wool, and replaced it with a grinding wheel.

After ten minutes, the jadeite weighing more than ten kilograms was completely released.

It is a flat spherical shape with a diameter of about fifteen centimeters. The edges and corners of the side half are slightly protruding, and the other parts are very rounded and look extremely beautiful.

The outside is an ice species that weighs six or seven kilograms and is full of yang green and floats like waves, while the inside is a glass species with the same color and higher permeability!

Bai Jing placed it carefully on the stone platform covered with the blanket, and began to unravel the last piece of black wool.

This piece of wool is only the size of an adult fist and weighs at most two kilograms. It is similar to the performance of Hei Usha, but it is not Hei Usha.

The outer shell of the wool is as black as ink, and the surface is covered with a thick layer of wax shell, indicating that the degree of weathering is very high.

This size of wool does not need to be cut, just use the sharpening wheel to rub the stone.

I don’t know if it’s an illusion, but Bai Jing feels that the usually sharp grinding wheel has a stagnant feeling of collision of hard particles when it touches the surface of the leather case, and the sound of the collision is loud, like a confrontation between metals.

He wiped it for half an hour before wiping off the two-finger-wide leather shell, and his arms were a little sore.

At this rate, I don’t know how long it will take to wipe it out.

Bai Jing thought about it for a while, and simply replaced the grinding wheel with a laser knife, and drew four cutting lines obliquely close to the leather case.

The mechanical arm of the calcifier firmly fixed the wool, and the blue ‘blade’ suddenly fell, finally cutting off the skin of the wool.

The exposed window is jadeite, which is darker than the shell, thicker than thick ink, and barely able to see through a trace of light, so the refraction in the eyes is more like a thin outline, while the inside is endless darkness.

Bai Jing continued to cut the stone, completely cut off the four corners, and redrawn the tangent line closer to the jade.

The tangent line this time is less than one centimeter away from the jade meat, and the thickness is almost equivalent to the width of the blue laser beam. It is very difficult to operate, but it is nothing to Baijing.

With one cut, the laser beam disappears into the wool with an accuracy of 0.01 mm, which is no less accurate than the automatic identification of the infrared system, and perfectly separates the inner jade from the outer shell.

The black leather shells fell one by one, and only a little bit of fine edges and corners remained in the upper half that needed to be rubbed.

Baijing turned the wool over 180 degrees with the bottom facing up, re-scribed the cutting line, and started cutting.

The whole cutting process took twenty minutes, and then the grinding wheel was changed.

This time it was much easier. After wiping for less than an hour, all the gravel was removed, revealing the black jade inside.

Bai Jing rubbed his slightly sore wrist before starting to observe this jadeite.

It is only the size of an egg, without any edges and corners, it is smooth and round, like a hard-boiled egg wrapped in an eggshell.

Except for the outline, it is a black piece, without any gloss and transparency, just like a miniature black hole.

In short, only the outline can be seen.

If you have to express it in words, it is like a bubble, you can only see the outer layer of film, that is, its boundary.

Bai Jing took it and observed it carefully for a while, and didn’t even know if it was jade or not.

However, the perception ability can sense the extraordinary activity, which is several times stronger than the glass emperor green, indicating that it contains abundant energy.

It’s like compressing countless energy in a black container, continuously compressing and merging, forming a huge suction, preventing the energy from escaping.

If it is said that the black hole is because the gravity is strong enough that light cannot escape, then this jadeite is because the attraction is strong enough that the energy cannot escape.

Seeing this piece of black jadeite, Bai Jing’s mental power has been stirring all the time, exuding a feeling of extreme desire but fear.

If it were normal, the white spiritual power was very bold, and it would have extended its tip into the jadeite long ago.

But now, it doesn’t dare, and can only ‘watch’ eagerly.

There is only one possibility, and that is: in terms of his current spiritual power, he cannot absorb the energy inside.

Bai Jing opened the empty silver box, put the jadeite in it, sealed it, and put the box into the space button.

The two layers of space were isolated, and the mental power immediately returned to calm.

After resting for a while, Bai Jing began to extract the energy liquid from the ice seed Yang Green Jadeite.

This is the first time he has extracted energy liquid from the fifth-grade jade. Although the energy liquid extracted before is the fifth-grade energy liquid, the raw materials are all fourth-grade jade.

I don’t know if he can fully extract it with his current mental power.

The thin white line of spiritual power protruded from the body, and did not directly enter the ice jade, but searched around for a long time, as if looking for the breath of black jade.

After finding that it was gone, he obediently inserted the tip into the outer layer of ice-seeded Yang-green jadeite, and at the same time his perception was intertwined with it, forming a dazzling golden thread, and began to extract it.

Ice Jadeite requires a lot more mental power than before, but it is not too difficult for Bai Jing, whose mental power has reached S rank.

However, there is no way to increase the time it takes to draw a box of energy fluids.

One drop, two drops, three drops… After an hour, the clear and clear liquid filled the silver box, and a box of energy liquid was extracted.

Bai Jing felt that his mental power was nearly half consumed, so he continued to extract the second box of energy liquid.

By the time this extraction was completed, it was already late at night.

Bai Jing put the energy liquid on the detector to check the purity, and it showed that the purity was 59.85%, which was the best in the fifth grade.

It will soon reach the purity of the sixth-level energy liquid!

He put the two boxes of energy liquid this time and the fifteen boxes of energy liquid of the fifth grade last time on the table, sent a message, and waited for Gu Yuanchao to come and get it.

When the other party came back, the boy had already fallen asleep early.

Seeing the seventeen energy boxes on the table, Gu Yuanchao flashed surprise in his eyes, this time the time was shortened a lot, and the number was more than before!

His Ajing is really amazing.

The author has something to say: Small Theater:

Mental strength: so greedy, drooling, and overwhelmed.

Woohoo, put it away!


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