God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 50

At 9 o’clock in the morning, Bai Jing and a group of stone gamblers came to Gu’s underground warehouse to select wool.

Along the way, his eyes were more and more intense than before, and almost everyone was secretly looking at this delicate-looking young man.

Since the unraveling of the top-grade glass species, the Imperial Green Jadeite, ‘Gu Yun’ has disappeared from people’s sight.

He usually participated in a stone betting battle every two or three days, and he never appeared on the high platform again.

Even the Xingyu account only occasionally distributes some fan lottery benefits, and has never uploaded photos or dynamics.

Everyone speculated that the young man was at the peak of his career because he had solved the extremely rare and extremely high-quality glass species, the emperor green jade.

It is also a wise move to retreat bravely when you are successful.

In the future, when people mention Gu Yun, they will think of the highlight moment when the young man unraveled the best jade, leaving behind the reputation of a genius stone gambler.

But if you continue to participate in the stone betting battle, if you get rid of it or get rid of the low-level jade, it will immediately disappear.

This is the gap.

Since the last stone-gambling battle, people’s expectations for Gu Yun have suddenly reached the highest peak. Unless he repeatedly creates miracles, it will be difficult for people to have a sense of expectation.

The last time was the glass seed emperor green, and the next time even if the solution is the wax seed or the ice seed, it may not be exciting.

And if it is oily green seed and bean seed, what awaits him will be complete disappointment.

In this case, how would he choose?

Gu Yun’s actions seemed reasonable.

After all, the last stone gambling battle has reached the top level in both quantity and quality. How can he break through himself?

Can you still bet three yuan at a time?

A 60% increase in betting rate can only be achieved by senior stone gamblers.

Bai Jing felt the gazes of the people around him, his expression was as usual, and he didn’t care at all.

Whether participating in the stone betting battle or the mecha virtual competition, he has always been exposed to people, and it seems that he has gradually gotten used to it.

After some inspection, everyone walked into the wool area together.

This time, Bai Jing chose wool with a price of 100,000 in Area C.

If you choose a higher price, it may be difficult to match your opponents in Proxima Centauri, and low-level stone gamblers are still the main players here.

With the arrival of a new month, all the wool on the stone platform was replaced with the latest batch.

Bai Jing separated two rows from the other stone gamblers and began to pick wool.

Since his mental power has increased to S rank during this time, his perception limit has also increased. Not to mention that he can find three pieces of wool, even five pieces.

But that would be too exaggerated, his goal is three.

I don’t know if it was his delusion, but Bai Jing felt that there were a lot more people in the C area than before, and it was usually the more people in the D area.

He carefully observed each wool material, and because of the speed, he found one that performed well after about two or three minutes.

Just as he was about to penetrate his perception, a stone gambler with a second-level silver badge on his chest suddenly came over, stopped only a meter away from him, and showed no sign of leaving.

Feeling the opponent’s approach, Bai Jing frowned uncomfortably.

When selecting wool materials, it is a well-known rule that stone gamblers do not interfere with each other.

Obviously there is so much wool, why do you have to get together with him?

By checking the action of the wool material, Bai Jing quickly penetrated his perception into the wool material, and found that all the jade flesh in the jadeite was ‘eaten’ by ringworm, covered with dense black spots of ringworm, like countless tiny needles pierced through. Same as in jade.

After the detection, Bai Jing stood up at the fastest speed, away from the stone gambler, and came to the row of wool to choose.

After he left, the second-level stone gambler quickly stepped forward, carefully observed the wool he had just probed, and finally put the yellow salt sand skin wool into his shopping cart.

Seeing this scene, a cold light flashed across Bai Jing’s beautiful brown eyes, and soon disappeared.

Because there is a lot of wool in contact, Bai Jing’s speed is extremely fast. Basically, after reading it carefully, I have some thoughts in my heart.

Moreover, the wool materials this time are all newly entered into the warehouse, and they have not been selected by anyone, so the probability of jadeite will be relatively high.

He picked out nearly 30 of the more than 100 pieces of wool that he had seen, and probed into it one by one.

Just put a piece of elephant skin wool into the shopping cart, the stone gambler came again.

Bai Jing glanced at him coldly, with no warmth in his eyes, as if he was looking at a dead object.

At that moment, the man suddenly felt a biting chill, and his teeth began to chatter unconsciously.

I didn’t expect that this slender and delicate young man would have such a strong aura!

However, he still resisted the pressure and insisted on standing beside ‘Gu Yun’.

Bai Jing narrowed his eyes slightly.

According to the rules for selecting wool, men are not considered to be breaking the rules.

After all, the other party did not speak, nor did they **** the wool.

On the contrary, if you stop yourself first, you will have verbal communication, which is considered a violation of the rules.

However, this person is really annoying, which greatly affects the speed of his selection of wool materials.

Not only this second-level stone gambler, but Bai Jing found that several other stone gamblers around were also about to move.

Is it because after he became famous, he planned to follow him and choose good things?

It doesn’t matter if it’s far away.

But once the other party approaches him, no matter the perception or the sense of crisis brought by the end of the world, they will react involuntarily.

It distracts him.

Since ignoring his warning, then—

Bai Jing pretended to observe a piece of white sand fur wool carefully, and at the same time penetrated his perception into the two pieces of wool that he had picked on the side.

There are two gray-white python bands on the surface of this white sand skin, which are easy to turn green, and there are several intertwined bands of pine flowers around.

Just looking at the performance, it’s pretty good.

At the very bottom of the wool, however, was a dark green fissure that almost blended in with the color of the pine flowers.

Unless you have excellent eyesight, you can’t see it.

Bai Jing used his senses to detect this piece of wool, and indeed, as he observed, the jadeite was only concentrated in the lower half of the densely populated pine flowers, and it was all broken jade.

Feeling the gazes from all directions, he bent over to observe the piece of wool for a long time, frowned slightly, pretending to be hesitant, and finally gave up the piece of wool.

Before leaving, Bai Jing glanced back ‘reluctantly’ again, his eyes lingering on the number of the wool material for a few seconds before he turned his attention.

Such performance in the eyes of others is:

Gu Yun basically liked this piece of wool, but he wanted to compare it again. If there was no better wool, he would come back and take it.

Gu Yun’s eyes were too high.

They don’t ask for top-quality jadeite, they just need to bet on it.

Almost within half a minute of Bai Jing’s departure, three people quickly walked in this direction.

In the end, the second-level stone gambler was the closest, and got this piece of white sand fur.

After getting the wool, he subconsciously looked at Gu Yun. The latter’s eyes were a little angry and embarrassed. They were as sharp as knives. The man immediately looked away, but the corners of his lips curled up.

In just an hour, he ‘snatched’ two pieces of wool from Gu Yun’s hands. The man seemed to think it was okay, so he pushed the shopping cart to the row of stone platforms at the back, and did not continue to entangle.

As for the other stone gamblers, it was so obvious that they didn’t dare to do it, plus they were swept by Bai Jing’s cold eyes, their bodies trembled, and they didn’t dare to make trouble.

Bai Jing came to the two pieces of wool that he had just probed with his perception, and put one of the wool with a pineapple husk into the shopping cart.

The leather shell of this yellow pear shell is very thin, and a faint green can be seen on the surface when illuminated by a strong light, a small piece about the size of a baby’s palm, and the color is very light inside.

However, this is not a sign that green is not eaten, but that it contains more than one color.

Bai Jing hooked his lips lightly, this time the harvest was very good.

For the rest of the time, he sensed all the nearly 30 pieces of wool that he had just selected. There were eight pieces of jadeite, and six of them were medium and low-grade jadeite.

He put the most active piece of wool into the shopping cart, and randomly picked two pieces that were ruined. At the end of the time, he sealed the wool in Gu’s special storage room.

The second-level stone gambler who grabbed the wool looked in a good mood. Before leaving, he glanced at the two stone gamblers who had just fallen behind and did not grab it, with a look of schadenfreude.

Bai Jing hooked his lips, hoping that he would maintain the same mentality when he bet on the stone war.


Maybe it’s because ‘Gu Yun’ hasn’t participated in the stone betting battle for a long time, so the match was fast this time, and he was the first match in the next morning.

Bai Jing went to Gu’s Stone Gambling Shop ahead of time, stood on the high platform and looked down, and found that this time there were more fans than he expected.

“Gu Yun! Gu Yun! Gu Yun!”

Before the host introduced, there were cheers one after another from the audience, mixed with choked crying.

They finally waited for the ‘God of Clouds’ to come on stage again!

What leaves at its peak, and retire when it is famous—

They never believed it!

Cloud God will surely create new miracles!

The number of people who bet on the live broadcast room on Xingwang is also increasing, and the public screen is full of a series of words, which lasts for a long time.

【Welcome to the return of Yunshen! 】

【Welcome to the return of Yunshen! 】

Bai Jing stood on the high stage and looked at the excited fans under the stage. He seemed to have a touch of warmth in him, who had always been cold. So many people supported him and waited for him, which seemed to be a good feeling.

The host began to introduce the two sides of the battle: “Standing on my left is the second-level stone gambler, Gu Yun, who solved the sky-high glass species of emperor green jade, and the bet increase rate is 25.58%, everyone applauds!”

Bai Jing’s delicate face and softer face than ever came under the spotlight, making fans in the audience and on the star network scream again.

The host: “Next, I will introduce Qin Xin, a second-level stone gambler who is standing on my right hand. The bet increase rate is 18.45%. Everyone applauds!”

Bai Jing glanced at the other party and found that he was the stone gambler who robbed the wool yesterday, and the corners of his lips curled up, what a coincidence.

Qin Xin’s face is resolute and resolute, with sharp lines, it looks like a soldier’s tall and straight posture, and it is also a more popular appearance.

No one could have imagined that he would be so opportunistic when choosing wool materials.

When Qin Xin saw that his opponent was Gu Yun, he knew that he could not win this match.

But it doesn’t matter, his points are enough, as long as he can increase the betting rate to more than 20% and advance to the third-level stone gambler as soon as possible, the rest is not important.

He has confidence in this. After all, he grabbed two pieces of wool from ‘Gu Yun’ yesterday. After seeing his performance, he was very satisfied and believed that he would be promoted soon.

If the other party is influenced by him because of this, and he doesn’t pick good wool, it will be better, maybe he can step on the other party’s fire.

After the host introduced the two sides, all ten pieces of wool were projected on the huge holographic screen.

Baijing’s wool is numbered 1-5, and Qinxin’s is numbered 6-10.

The 50-minute betting time began, and the people below began to observe and discuss, which was more heated than other stone betting battles.

“Put Gu Yun’s wool first!”

“Nonsense, what are the two key points to bet on?”

“Look at the performance first…”

Today is not the same as in the past. They still remember that when Gu Yun first appeared, the odds were much higher than that of another person. At that time, no one was optimistic about this first-class stone gambler.

However, in just over a month, Gu Yun has undergone earth-shaking changes, completely reversed, and now the odds of each piece of wool selected by Gu Yun are much lower than those of other players.

No way, people’s gambling rate is high! It is a combination of strength and luck!

Most importantly, bet on him to win!

All are not fools.

50 minutes of betting time, this time Bai Jing did not sit on the high platform bored and doing nothing.

His optical brain has been replaced with the latest type of optical brain with hidden functions yesterday, so he no longer has to worry about revealing his identity.

So, he started to check the video of Gu Yuanchao’s battle.

At this time, Chaoyun CP began to become active again.

[Sisters, look at Gu Yun’s movements, do you feel that the silhouette is the same! 】

【It’s so similar! 】

[Knock, knock, knock. 】

The five pieces of wool that Bai Jing selected were discussed over and over again, and it was not until the end of the betting that he gritted his teeth and filled them in.

Gu Yun’s choice of two out of five, and the opposite Qin Xin’s choice of one of five, a total of three dollars.

If several friends are together, they voted with different numbers, so the probability of winning the bet should be higher.

The countdown is over in one minute, and the following is the most exciting part of the calcification.

Three of the five pieces of wool that Bai Jing selected this time were up for betting. He drew all the wool on the cutting line at the fastest speed, and then came to the No. 2 wool.

Those who bet on No. 2 are a little excited. According to Gu Yun’s previous performance, there is a 90% chance that this piece of wool will go up!

And Gu Yuan’s fans are looking forward to watching the youth on the high platform, what kind of miracle will their idol bring this time?

No. 2 wool is the wool of the pineapple husk, which is very thin.

The white and slender five fingers held the handle of the grinding wheel and began to rub the stone along the upper leather shell.

The sharp gears rotate at an indiscernible speed, and the nanoparticle technology turns all the rubble on the edge into particles and falls.

In less than two minutes, he wiped out a two-finger-wide window, and his movements were faster than Master Laishi.

“Look, No. 2 is green!”

“So fast, Gu Yun is so strong!”

“The color… doesn’t seem very bright—”

I saw a faint green in the two-finger-wide window, very light, like green grass that has just sprouted. This is not a very good color in green, but the texture is like water.

Perhaps it was because Gu Yun had seen more high-grade jadeites such as glass-type imperial green and ice-seeded jade. With Zhuyu first, people were not very excited this time, and even felt a little disappointed when they saw the top-quality jadeite last time. .

The cheers that erupted at ordinary times were much smaller than before, and it was a world of difference from the last time when the madness of the glass species emperor green was solved.

They did invisibly raise their expectations for Gu Yun.

And here, Qin Xin and Master Xie Shi finished the discussion and came to the No. 8 wool.

This piece of wool was the white sand skin he ‘snatched’ from the other party. Gu Yun took a look at this piece of wool when he was leaving. It should have been used as an alternative, but it was a pity that he had long since picked it up.

He also thought about whether Gu Yun was putting a cover on him, so after putting the wool material in the shopping cart, he looked it over and over several times, and found that the performance was better than he expected!

This piece of white sand skin has a fine leather shell, two gray-white python belts run through the entire wool from top to bottom, and there are several intertwined ribbon-shaped pine flowers near the bottom.

With the addition of pine flowers, there is a high probability that the white python will turn green!

He guessed that it was because Gu Yun had a very high eye, and most of the pine flowers in this piece of wool were distributed near the bottom. The latter might think that the size of the jade inside was not big and wanted to take a look.

However, he also understood Gu Yun, after all, he had obtained the top-grade jade before and held him up too high.

If you don’t choose carefully now, when the fans’ expectations are met, it will be another scene.

He didn’t have that concern.

Qin Xin drew a line on the second half of the wool material along the distribution of the pine flowers and the python belt, and clenched the laser knife in his hand and dropped it along the cutting line.

This knife cut off nearly two-thirds of the waste, but the remaining one-third exposed a corner of the jade!

The part near the bottom of the cut surface between the two shows a little clear luster, which is only the size of a fingernail, but it is still discovered by those with sharp eyes.

“Look, No. 8, No. 8 is green!”

The screen immediately magnifies this part, and the incision the size of the fingernail reveals a thick green, bright and bright, and the texture is as transparent as ice, which makes people love it at first glance.

“It’s an ice species, close to Yanglu!”

“Oh my god, Qin Xin’s seeding water for jade has surpassed Gu Yun!”

“Look at the back.”

Qin Xin’s eyebrows showed a hint of pride. He even thought that Gu Yun was just like that. Otherwise, why would he let this jadeite go and let him pick it up?

He sprinkled some water near the window to make it clearer for everyone to see, and then put on a grinding wheel and started rubbing the stone.

Because the remaining wool was small, the window the size of the fingernail soon expanded to **** wide.

With the thought of showing off, I took out a strong light and took a picture.

The expected surprise did not come.

He took a closer look, and suddenly his pupils shrank, only to see that there were all broken pieces of jade inside, although small but deadly.

I couldn’t see it because the exposed window was too small, but now it’s projected on the big screen, it’s already obvious!

“It’s a crack, I didn’t expect it.”

“Oh, it’s broken-”

“Fortunately, there was not much pressure, and only lost 5,000 star coins.”

Qin Xin’s face was full of disbelief, how could there be cracks?

He obviously checked it many times.

At this moment, there was a high-pitched cheer from everyone under the stage.

“Oh my God, I read that right, the No. 2 wool material is actually the three colors of Fu Lu Shou!”

“The three-color jadeite of the water species is too rare.”

“I have to say, as expected of Gu Yun! I admire it!”

“Hahaha, I bet-”

Just when most of people’s attention turned to Qin Xin’s ice jadeite, Bai Jing, with his skillful movements, untied most of the wool of this yellow pear shell, revealing the true content inside.

It is not the green grass of the water species, but the three colors of Fu, Lu and Shou of yellow, green and purple!

Be aware that other colors of jadeite are rare compared to green.

Like the glutinous red jade that Zhuoqin solved last time, it was 1.5 times more than the green jade of the same texture by virtue of its color advantage.

And that’s just monochrome!

This time, what Bai Jing solved was a rarer tricolor!

Whether in terms of the efficiency of extracting energy fluid or the collection value, it is a fine product.

From the perspective of the ancient earth, Fu Lu Shou represents the traditional Chinese lucky stars, Lu stars, and longevity stars. Such jade is called three-color jade, or Fu Lu Shou jade.

Fortune, longevity and longevity are people’s highest expectations for life. Since ancient times, there has been a saying in China that “blessings do not come singly, and misfortunes do not come singly.” It is the happiest and happiest thing in the world. 【Note】

After Bai Jing completely untied the jadeite, his true face was finally revealed.

It is about the size of a disc, with a thickness of only about two or three centimeters, and it is flat.

Because it is a water type texture, the water color is full, moist and transparent.

The far left is an orange-yellow color close to chicken oil, the middle is a light and moist green grass color, and the second half is a pink-purple color with a crystal luster.

No matter in terms of color or planting water, in the three colors of Fu, Lu and Shou, they are all first-class!

It is the first time for many people to see this kind of jadeite. It seems that the lustrous color melts into the flowing water, which is fresh and bright, attracting everyone’s attention.

People were shocked by it, but also shocked by Gu Yun.

I didn’t expect that there would be such a surprise after the glass species of imperial green jadeite!

“Cloud God is the strongest!”

There was a sudden burst of cheers on the field.

Fans screamed wildly—

Gu Yun deserves to be their idol, the **** in their hearts.

Glass Species Imperial Green is just one of the masterpieces of God, not all!

At the same time, the betting live broadcast room was led by fans, and all of them were swiped by [Yunshen is the strongest].

Even the passers-by who made the bet didn’t say anything, because they were also immersed in the shock of Gu Yun’s solution of “Fu, Lu, Shou Sancai”.

Moreover, they also bet on Gu Yun.

Qin Xin stared at the big screen, and the look of disdain just now turned into a slap and slapped him in the face.

Not to mention that the ice jadeite is full of fissures, even if it is an intact piece, it is not as beautiful as the ‘Fu Lu Shou San Cai’ which is so beautiful and so rare!

The extraction of energy from this jadeite is one aspect, and its meaning and collection are another value.

Many old family owners who like ancient earth culture are very partial to this kind of jade. If they can donate it on their birthday, they may be able to get the protection of the family. Who doesn’t like Fu Lu Shou?

Qin Xin took a deep breath. The broken ice jadeite just now gave him a very bad feeling. He walked to the first piece of wool that Gu Yun had picked.

This is a piece of wool made of yellow salt sand skin. The surface is very sandy. It is bigger than a basketball. The python belt and the pine flower are intertwined at the top, and there is ringworm at the bottom.

With his observation, the green part is above. Although ringworm is destructive to a certain extent, it is distributed at the bottom and should not affect the emerald above.

Therefore, he specifically told Master Xie Shi to solve it slowly and not to hurt the jade meat.

At this time, the other three pieces of wool that Qin Xin had chosen had all been untied, except for one that was a bean seed that had been undone, and the other two were white stones.

This is his only chance!

A little cold sweat appeared on Qin Xin’s forehead unconsciously.

At his request, the stone master rubbed the No. 6 wool for a while, and then began to cut the stone after seeing no green.

Until now, the exposed section has finally turned green.

The surface of the window was glowing with a color that was as delicate as oil, and it was a little deep. It was spinach green of the oily green.

Qin Xin breathed a sigh of relief. Although it was not a high-end jadeite, it was of good quality.

Maybe he thought too much, the ice seed just now was just an accident.

He unconsciously glanced at Bai Jing, who happened to be looking at him, and his brown eyes were clearly very beautiful, but it made him feel a little chill.

No, this piece of wool can definitely bet up!

Nowadays, people are all immersed in Fu Lu Shou Jadeite, and the big screen is also a 360-degree clear view of the jadeite without dead ends. It took a while to cut to him.

“Hey, the 6th is green.”

“Should the bet go up this time?”

“If you gamble again, Qin Xinke will be miserable.”

The window the size of the baby’s fist had been untied. Qin Xin washed the gravel off the cut surface with clean water, and illuminated it with a strong light, his face turned pale.

The screen zoomed in on his movements in time.

“My God, it’s ringworm!”

“Black spot ringworm!”

“It’s over, this jadeite is useless.”

I saw that under the light, the jade inside was covered with dense black spots, except for the green skin on the top layer, which completely ate the jade.

Qin Xin couldn’t believe it, five yuan, all collapsed!

He thought of the look Gu Yun had just looked at, like falling into an ice cave, the other party must have done it on purpose!

It’s terrible, this person’s judgment on Jade is terrible.

Qin Xin fought a cold war, Gu Yun was using this method to warn him!

At this moment, cheers came from the field again.

“Look, Gu Yun’s No. 4 wool has also turned green—”

Several master sleuth masters deliberately slowed down their movements and waited until Gu Yun finished sloughing off the stone.

They understand that it’s all for the sake of creating momentum.

What’s more, Gu Yun dissolves the stone so fast, it won’t take a few minutes.

So until this time, No. 4 wool has just wiped the window.

The author has something to say:

small theater:

Qin Xin: Hehe, I picked up a leak, but it’s still two pieces!

Qin Xin: Damn, Ice Seed, Yang Lu!

Qin Xin: Broken QAQ

Qin Xin: Ah, You Qingzhong!

Qin Xin: eaten by ringworm QAQ

Qin Xin: I slapped myself, bang bang bang.

[Note] The meaning of Fu Lu Shou is taken from Baidu.


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