God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 51

No. 4 wool is a rock with an elephant skin. It is not big, only the size of two fists, and it is gray-white.

The skin looks rough, but it actually feels smooth to the touch. This kind of skin has a good foundation, and there is a certain probability that ice seeds and glass seeds will appear.

Through the open window, people can see the crystal clear and highly transparent texture, which is as clear and clean as glass, which is the best texture in jade.

“Fuck, it’s a glass species, a glass species!”

“My God, after the three-color jadeite of Fu Lu Shou, there is a glass species!”

“The color seems to be a little unclear, please solve the stone master quickly-”

Everyone stared at the screen dumbfounded, thinking that the water species Fu Lu Shou was already rare enough, but did not expect the second jadeite to be the highest quality glass species? ?

Too strong!

Everyone in the audience was anxiously watching the screen, and the fans were even more looking forward to it. Will Gu Yun create the next miracle?

No, he has already created a miracle that he can unravel the glass jadeite after the rare three colors of Fu, Lu and Shou!

Master Xie Shi looked at the wool with a more focused expression.

As the closest and experienced calcite, he saw the color of jade, if he guessed correctly—

Phew, then be more careful.

He adjusted the grinding wheel to the most delicate gear, and rubbed it little by little along the outline of the jadeite, daring not to hurt the jade flesh.

With the rotation of the grinding wheel, the gravel around the jadeite was slowly removed, revealing most of the outline.

The water flow washed away the gravel and particles of the cut surface, and people finally saw the color of the jade.

“This color…”

“It’s colorless glass!”

“It’s really beautiful—”

Everyone looked at the big screen blankly, and their eyes were full of fascination.

The almost transparent glass jadeite has no color or a trace of blemish on it. It is extremely pure and clear.

There is a lot of floating light coming out from the inside, like the clearest ice spring wrapped in jade, shaking gently, it is shiny and dripping, giving people a feeling of ice and jade.

The ultimate transparency, the ultimate transparency, the ultimate purity, the beauty of purity that cannot be described in words.

No one can resist such a clean texture and such a pure color.

The most important thing is that the colorless glass jadeite is not only extremely pure, but also can be used to make super gene fluid, which is very valuable!

To a certain extent, the colorless glass species is even more precious than the glass species Yang Green, second only to the glass species Imperial Green and Full Green.

“Today was really worth it.”

“Although I didn’t win this game, it’s worth seeing these two rare jadeites!”

“In the future, wherever there is Gu Yun, there will be me!”

“Cloud God is the strongest!”

From the top glass species Imperial Green to Fu Lu Shou three-color jadeite, to colorless glass species, each is very rare.

Many people may not be able to see them in their entire lives, but in just one month, they were born one by one in the hands of Gu Yun!

If this is not a miracle, what is a miracle?

The young man will definitely become a stone gambler who will cause a sensation in the entire empire in the future!

And everyone present will never forget today’s scene.

“Shit, shit, did I really read it right?

No. 5 and No. 5 are also green! ”

While everyone was still intoxicated by the shock of the colorless glass species, one of them inadvertently caught a glimpse of the movements of the other calcite master, suddenly widened his eyes, and screamed suddenly!

Others also followed his voice to find the corresponding big screen, and at the same time were shocked in their hearts:

Number 5! This, isn’t this still the wool material that Gu Yun chose? ?

Could it be that there will be three jadeites out of these five pieces of wool?

This, this is too exaggerated!

Now there are two pieces of high-grade jadeite, no matter whether the last piece goes up or not, it is extremely incredible!

In people’s shocked eyes, No. 5 wool has solved a two-finger-wide window.

Because the green position is relatively low, and the master of the stone is more cautious, it has not appeared until now.

Judging from the jadeite texture exposed by the window, it is obvious that—

“It’s ice!”

“Ah, ah, I’m crazy, three yuan! Gu Yun bet on three jadeites!”

“Cloud God is too strong!”

“Break another record—”

The bettors were also stunned. They thought that a maximum of two yuan was the limit. Unexpectedly, there was a third block waiting for them!

Looking at the bet list that is equivalent to voiding on the brain, these people don’t care.

Going to TMD, you can see with your own eyes the jadeite that others can’t see in a lifetime, it’s worth it!

The last piece of jade was born in the expectation of everyone, it is the ice-type floating blue flower jade!

The entire jadeite is spherical with a diameter of about ten centimeters, and the texture is delicate and transparent like ice.

The dots of blue are dotted in the vast space like stars, and like pieces of floating clouds floating in the blue sky.

Ice-type floating blue flower jadeite is also top-notch in ice-type jadeite!

“Gu Yun—! Gu Yun—!”

“Gu Yun—!”

Crazy shouts broke out from the audience, and the momentum was no less than when the sky-high glass species of emperor green jade was solved before.

Even better than ever!

The bet went up by three out of the five dollars.

With a 60% bet increase rate, who can match it except for senior stone gamblers?

The three jadeites that have risen in gambling are all high-grade jadeites. Which stone gambler can do it?

I’m afraid even advanced stone gamblers can’t!

What is even more frightening is that two of the three high-grade jadeites are rare jadeites!

And the most terrifying thing is that Gu Yun’s last match was the king green jadeite of the sky-high glass species!

In addition to being shocked, everyone was shocked. Gu Yun refreshed their cognition over and over again. He thought that he had reached the peak, but the young man used facts to prove that there was a next peak.

So many miracles have happened to this young man.

No one can compare to him—

As the fans say, he is the **** of the stone gambling world!

The live broadcast room is also on the verge of madness, and the densely packed [Cloud God is the strongest] drowns the screen. This is the ultimate feeling in the hearts of countless people.

The news of Gu Yunjie’s rare Fu Lu Shou tri-color and colorless glass seeds immediately spread on Xingwang, and it rushed to the hot search in just a few minutes.

#Gu Yun Fu Lu Shou Tricolor Jade#

#Gu Yun colorless glass species#

#Gu Yun genius stone gambler#

The three tags overwhelmed countless stars and top streamers to the top, and everyone was amazed at this genius in the stone gambling world.

Compared with Gu Yun, other stone gamblers with the name of genius stone gamblers were all compared, and there was a feeling of vain fame.

In front of the other party, who would dare to call himself a genius stone gambler?

Obviously, the name of this “bad street” is not suitable for Gu Yun, and the other stone gamblers are not on the same level as him at all!

As a result, the title of ‘Cloud God’ gradually replaced the title of ‘Genius Stone Gambler’ and became Gu Yun’s exclusive use.

As long as ‘God of Clouds’ is mentioned, everyone knows that it is Gu Yun.

As for Gu Yun’s Star Domain fans, the number of fans has increased at a rocket-like speed, with more than 20 million fans, more than the number of fans of intermediate stone gamblers!

It can be said that in addition to those senior stone gamblers who have been famous for a long time, Gu Yun is the most concerned stone gambler in the entire star field!

on the high platform.

Qin Xin, who was standing on the side, was so shocked that he was speechless. His five pieces of wool were all bet down, and the other party’s five pieces of wool rose by three, and all of them were high-grade jadeite.

Both are second-level stone gamblers, what kind of gap is this? !

too terrifying.

Thinking of the young man’s beautiful eyes glowing with cold light, Qin Xin shuddered violently, and no matter what he thought, it would disappear.

This time, Gu Yun has taught him a good lesson, that is, he must rely on his own strength to gamble on stones. Never, never take chances, otherwise, this will be his end!

Qin Xin felt regretful in his heart when he thought of his lowered gambling rate.

This time, all five pieces were gambled away. I don’t know how long it will take to advance to the third-level stone gambler.

He can’t wait to turn back time and wake up himself who provokes Gu Yun!

The host waited for the cheers from the audience to subside before announcing the result of the stone betting: “This game of stone betting is over, and the winner is – Gu Yun!”

The youth under the spotlight has delicate facial features, slender but not weak, and a black trench coat adds a bit of chic and handsome to him.

There is no arrogance and arrogance in his eyebrows that other stone gamblers have looked at after winning, and his expression is still the same as before, and it seems that it will never be affected.

This indifferent and confident temperament attracted everyone’s attention, and their eyes were full of admiration.

As expected of the Cloud God, God’s character should be so calm, unlike them, who were about to faint with excitement.

When several patriarchs saw this scene on Star Online, they felt even more regretful.

With such a strong ability to gamble, such a firm character, and such a good attitude, why is a good seed like Gu Yun not with them?

Thinking that Young Master Gu shot so quickly, they sighed deeply. Perhaps this is the vision and means of the first chaebol of the empire.

However, this does not prevent them from wanting to obtain the three-color jadeite of Fu Lu Shou. After all, who doesn’t want to be blessed by Fu Lu Shou?

At the moment when this jadeite was released, they sent their subordinates to the gambling stone shop to squat. Be sure to photograph this jadeite!

The scene of the stone betting battle.

As usual, the host asked Bai Jing if the auction was on the spot. At this moment, Gu Yuanchao’s tall figure suddenly appeared on the high platform.

There was an uproar in the audience, this is the second time!

Gu Shao, who has always seen the head but not the tail of the dragon, actually appeared on the gambling stone table twice!

At this time, the live broadcast room was completely painted by CP.

[Young Master Gu, he appeared again. 】

[Where there is Yunshen, there is Master Gu! 】

[Chaoyun CP is absolutely true. 】

[Come here, sisters, look at Gu Shao’s eyes. Animation.jpg]

【Ah, ah, ah, it’s so sweet—]

That’s right, as soon as Gu Yuanchao came up, his eyes were glued to Bai Jing, affectionate and focused.

Everyone around him was regarded as air by him.

Bai Jing also looked sideways at him, his beautiful brown eyes slightly curved, and the corners of his pale lips rose slightly.

Gu Yuanchao has been very busy recently. He hasn’t seen each other for two days. Well, he still misses him a bit.

[Ah, this laugh, I seem to have seen an angel. 】

[Fuck, f*ck, Yunyun is so beautiful. 】

[God Yun actually responded with his eyes ah ah ah-]

[Knock me to death, sisters, I don’t know why I’m so excited! 】

[I am also very excited. 】

Bai Jing and him looked at each other for a few seconds, and asked what was going on with their eyes.

Gu Yuanchao withdrew his gaze and faced the audience:

“Starting today, all the high-grade jadeites unearthed in the gambling stone shop and the wool material area will be sent to Gu’s auction house for auction, as well as other precious items such as high-grade energy liquid.

The latest auction will take place in three days, and everyone is welcome! ”

After the words were finished, there were cheers from the audience, and almost no one objected.

The wool merchants looked at each other and were satisfied with the proposal.

Anyway, the jade that was solved was originally a clear material, and there is no possibility of making a difference in the middle. If the auction time is unified, there is no need to stay in the stone gambling shop all day, which greatly saves the time and cost of squatting.

Although other viewers feel that it is a pity that they can’t see it now, the auction will definitely be broadcast live on the whole network by then, and it will still be fun to watch at once, and the big guys will bid one by one.

As for the stone gamblers, there is no objection.

They are not Gu Yun, and they don’t know how many stone gambling battles they have to participate in before they are fortunate enough to solve a piece of high-grade jade.

If it can be solved, the auction price at the auction house will definitely be higher than the auction price on the spot, and you can get more star coins, so why not do it?

The people sent by several Patriarchs quickly reported the news.

The patriarchs immediately understood that this was the Gu family’s plan to officially enter the energy world, announcing that it would compete with other auction houses of Proxima Centauri.

This trend is about to change.

And the person in charge of the large auction house of Proxima Centauri was horrified, how could there be another batch of advanced energy liquid so soon?

It’s only been two weeks since Gu’s last auction of energy fluid!

Gu’s definitely hired an unknown master-level energy engineer.

And their market share is about to be carved up by a strong force!

With Gu Yun, a new star in the stone gambling world, and an unknown master-level energy engineer behind his back, no one can stop Gu’s expansion.

The top three auction houses of Proxima Centauri have the support of the family behind them, and they are chain-type auction houses.

The headquarters of auction houses are all located in Capital Star, and Proxima Centauri is just a larger branch.

Seeing this situation, the person in charge reported the situation one after another, and the specific operation will be decided by the real person in power.


Capital Star.

One of the family of Empire Five.

There are only three people in the luxurious palace-like chamber.

The two stood on the spot with their brows furrowed, and another spirited old man sat on top.

The middle-aged man said anxiously: “Father, do you really want to send a sixth-level stone gambler to deal with Gu Yun? Will it be a bit of a fuss?”

The old man gave him a cold look: “What a fuss?

Who can solve the rare jadeite such as the glass imperial green, the rare jadeite, the three-color Fulushou, and the colorless glass in just one month, and achieve a 60% bet increase rate? ! ”

The middle-aged man retorted: “But, he is only a second-level stone gambler, maybe it’s just a coincidence!”

Disappointment flashed in the old man’s eyes: “Confused!

Don’t kill him before he grows up, do you have to wait for him to grow to the level of Gu Yuanbai? ”

Thinking of the fame and strength brought by the eighth-level stone gambler to the Gu family, a coldness flashed in the old man’s eyes, “Gu Yun must be asked to quit the stone gambling world immediately, otherwise it will be too late!”

The middle-aged man was still a little hesitant: “But father, there are only three sixth-level stone gamblers that our family has cultivated over the years.

Otherwise… or send a fourth-level stone gambler or fifth-level stone gambler? ”

The old man suddenly raised his hand and threw the teacup. The broken porcelain pieces fell on the white protective ground without a trace of scratches, but the sound of the broken porcelain made the middle-aged man’s body tremble violently, and he no longer dared to speak.

The cleaning robot quickly cleaned the tiles and water stains on the ground, and after a while, the ground was as clean as ever.

The young man behind the man said with a smile: “Father, don’t be angry, eldest brother just loves the talents we have worked so hard to cultivate.

However, this Gu Yun is indeed very talented, and we had better prepare with both hands. ”

The old man’s expression calmed down and nodded: “Yes, you are right. It is not guaranteed to be foolproof, so you really need to make some preparations in advance.”

Under the operation of the sound blocker and signal blocker, the two discussed closely, and it was not until the evening that the final plan was finalized.

Hmph, no matter how capable Gu Yun is, he will not be able to break the game they arranged!

At the same time, the sixth-level stone gambler Ying Wenfeng received the light-brain message sent by the old man.

When no one was paying attention in the middle of the night, he drove a hover car from the Stone Gambling Guild headquarters, and deliberately made a big circle in the middle to prevent anyone from following him.

After strict screening such as iris recognition, he came to Guang Kejian’s meeting room.

Ying Wenfeng looked at the old man sitting at the top and said respectfully, “Patriarch.”

The old man smiled kindly: “Wen Feng, you’ve worked hard for you recently. Have you found out about Gu Yun in the past few days?”

Ying Wenfeng looked serious: “Patriarch, I have tried my best to inquire, but apart from the data on the surface, the guild president has set the highest level of information about Gu Yun, and no one can access it except him.”

The old man’s face darkened instantly: “That old immortal—

Forget it, I have something for you to do this time. ”

Ying Wenfeng: “Patriarch, please speak.”

The old man: “You immediately apply to the Stone Gambling Association to have a stone gambling point battle with Gu Yun.”

The old man used the tone of command, and it was obvious that he would not give the other party a chance to refute.

The stone gambling points battle is a ‘life-and-death battle’ in which the two stone gamblers gamble their future.

The location of the stone gambling is randomly arranged by the gambling association, and the whole process is broadcast live on the Star Network to ensure complete fairness.

Both sides of the stone gambling battle must select five pieces of wool within the specified time, and judge the result according to the quantity and quality of the jade.

The winner will get all the points earned by the other party and the 50 points awarded by the Stone Gambler Association.

The loser will deprive the stone gambler badge, clear the points, and permanently quit the stone gambling world.

It can be said that this is an extremely serious stone gambling battle, and the future of the two stone gambling masters is completely bet.

Over the years, unless there is an irreconcilable conflict between the stone gamblers, few people have done so.

Seeing that Ying Wenfeng was silent, the old man got up and patted him on the shoulder: “Don’t worry, I will arrange everything in advance.

Even if you really lose, I will give you 100 million stars as compensation and settle your family. ”

Ying Wenfeng trembled, realizing that the last sentence was a threat.

The old man’s hand on his shoulder was like a coiled poisonous snake, opening its **** mouth and spitting out bright red letters. The cold touch made him froze in place and unable to move.

Since he was tested with S-level mental power at the age of ten, he was sent to the capital star by a side branch, and grew up in a harsh environment and extreme training.

Even though he later became a respected senior stone gambler, the fear engraved in his bones since childhood was still deeply buried in his mind like gangrene, and he could never get rid of it.

Not to mention his family.

And what scares him the most is that when he was a teenager, he accidentally ran into the laboratory on the top floor while being attacked by alien beasts, and inadvertently saw those things—

That was the fear of his life.

Ying Wenfeng took a deep breath and said, “Yes, Patriarch, I’ll do it right away.”


When Bai Jing walked from the side door of the gambling stone shop to the hovering area, he keenly found that someone was following him again.

However, this time the person did not seem to have received professional training, and was discovered by him as soon as he appeared.

Bai Jing’s eyes were cold and walked in that direction, his footsteps on the ground hardly made a sound, and at the same time he touched the energy gun behind his waist with his right hand.

The two didn’t expect the young man to be so keen, and before Bai Jing approached, they walked out of the corner awkwardly.

At that moment, Bai Jing pulled out the energy gun reflexively, and aimed the cold muzzle at the two of them.

The man with the micro-particle camera hanging around his neck was startled, and immediately raised his hands: “I, I, I have no ill intentions, I just want to see the hover car you are driving.”

This person is a staff member of Universal Entertainment Company. The company he belongs to sees the popularity of ‘Bai Ying’ and ‘Gu Shaotian’s Choice’, and specially sent people to squat.

The company paid a lot of money to buy one of Gu’s staff, found out the location of the internal passage, and purchased the most high-end anti-tracking equipment.

They knew that they would definitely not be able to break through Gu’s layers of protection, so they waited carefully outside the door.

As long as you can take a photo of ‘Gu Yun’ boarding the hover car, or a clearer silhouette, you will be successful!

With the popularity of Gu Shao and ‘Heaven’s Choice’, the company will definitely gain huge traffic!

Bai Jing looked at the man with trembling legs and said coldly, “I hate being followed the most, don’t have another time.”

He used his light brain to contact Qiao An, who immediately took the two away with several tall men in black, and arranged for his subordinates to install powerful prevention and control devices in the hovering area.

Before the man left, he glanced back and saw the figure of Bai Jing riding the ‘white eagle’ straight to the sky, his eyes widened.

It is a pity that his equipment was confiscated, there is no evidence at all, and he faces criminal punishment.

After returning, Bai Jing boarded the simulation training room, did some basic exercises with the club’s temporary mecha, and then went offline.

Each mecha warrior has its own exclusive mecha, and the mecha will not be easily replaced unless there are special circumstances.

Because each mecha has its own characteristics, it takes a long time to get used to driving other mechas after getting familiar with one mecha, which is not conducive to mecha battles.

The same is true for Bai Jing, so before the transformation of ‘Changkong’ is completed, he will first train his physical fitness, speed, etc. to maintain his feel. If the running-in period is over, he will participate in the mecha battle.

When he took off the sensing device, he found that the optical brain received a message.

[From the Stone Gambling Association: The sixth-level stone gambler should conduct a ‘stone gambling point battle’ with you at Wenfeng’s request. 】

The author has something to say:

Small Theater 1:

Gu Shao: Staring at A Jing, I really miss A Jing

Gu Shao: Ah Jing looked at me, he’s happy><

Small Theater 2:

Bai Jing: Points battle? And such good things?

PS: Because of the purity, the price of colorless glass is higher, and the reality is not necessarily.


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