God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 54

The eighth block is located in the depression of the rock group. The whole street is not as wide and straight as the Gambling Stone Street in Proxima Centauri, but curved and vertical. The road is also very narrow, and only four or five people can pass through at the same time.

Large and small wool materials are placed in a mess on simple wooden shelves, and the surface is covered with sand, many of which look no different from stones.

The local aborigines had already received the news and hid in the tents behind, daring not to disturb the points battle between the two stone gamblers.

Last night, the people from the Stone Gambling Association gave each of them a full 50,000 stars, enough for half a year’s income.

Moreover, these stones were picked up from the vicinity of the No. 5 mining area. There was no money at all. As long as they were sold, they were earned. This was a benefit given to them by the empire.

Ying Wenfeng looked at the wool from the street entrance, his face a little ugly.

Can jadeite be found in scraps of this quality?

Since becoming a sixth-level stone gambler, he has been exposed to almost medium and above wool, even S-level wool.

There are no more than fifty people in the entire empire of the sixth-level stone gambler, so naturally they will not participate in the stone gambling battle to accumulate fame like the low-level stone gambler.

He spends most of his time helping the capital star’s aristocratic family to classify wool materials, selecting high-quality wool materials on the public market, giving reference suggestions, participating in auctions, etc. It has been a long time since he has selected scraps.

But so what, he must not lose.

The sixth-level stone gambler lost to the second-level stone gambler?

What a joke!

Bai Jing looked at these wool materials, and his expression was as calm as ever.

However, if you look closely, you can see the flash of excitement in those beautiful brown eyes.

These wools are unscreened, and there may be surprises in them!

Besides, after winning, there are so many points waiting for him, he can’t wait!

As time went by, there were more and more people in the live broadcast room, and the number of people rose at a rapid rate.

Before 9 o’clock, the number of people has exceeded 60 million, and the popularity is comparable to that of the last live broadcast!

One is a sixth-level stone gambler who was highly respected in the past. No matter how famous he is now, his strength is absolutely undeniable.

The other is a recent star in the stone gambling world. Gu Yun, who has continuously bet on rare jadeites such as the glass type Imperial Green and Fu Lu Shou San Cai, is also not to be underestimated!

Between these two, who will win?

You must know that those who lose will face the devastating punishment of permanently withdrawing from the stone gambling world!

This is equivalent to a bet on ‘life and death’, which is more exciting than the stone game. This huge sense of excitement undoubtedly attracts people’s attention.

Gu Yun’s fans had already entered the live broadcast room and were nervously waiting for the live broadcast to start.

[God Yun Che come on! 】

【Cloud God will win! 】

【Cloud God will win! 】

Barrages supporting Gu Yun flooded the entire screen, so densely packed that it was impossible to recognize.

The live broadcast room of the Stone Gambling Association quickly rushed to the top of the live broadcast platform, and many passers-by joined the live broadcast one after another, and the popularity exploded for a while.

Approaching 10 o’clock, the number of people in the live broadcast room has increased wildly, increasing by 100,000 people every second, and has reached 80 million online people. This is a popularity that no star variety show can achieve!

Wasteland Star game scene.

Gu Yuanchao and other irrelevant people were isolated by the staff of the Stone Gambling Association.

Five or six live **** floated around Bai Jing and Ying Wenfeng. At the same time, the monitoring equipment began to operate. Their every move was completely exposed to the eyes of the Xingwang audience, preventing any possibility of cheating.

As soon as Bai Jing’s image appeared in the live broadcast room, everyone was amazed.

【Ah, ah, the cloud **** has appeared! 】

[God Yun is still so beautiful. 】

[Ow, ooh, beautiful and handsome! 】

[Hey, why is my screen dirty——]

After Xi Bin, the vice president of the Stone Gambling Association, announced the rules of the game again, the two entered the eighth block at the same time.

Seeing that Ying Wenfeng stopped at the first booth to start picking, Bai Jing walked inside.

The live broadcast was cut into two screens at the right time, and the audience could watch at the same time or enter separately.

Nearly 50% of the people chose to watch at the same time, and another 40% of the people chose the “Gu Yun” live broadcast platform, and Ying Wenfeng’s side was only less than 10%. The comparison is so obvious.

Because of the popularization of holographic technology, Xingwang viewers wearing sensing devices can feel the sand and temperature of Huangyanxing, and they seem to be in the same space as their idols, which makes them excited.

Bai Jing walked to the third booth.

Hundreds of pieces of wool are placed on the long wooden frame, in different sizes, and the distribution is extremely messy.

It’s not so much wool, it’s just stones that are picked up everywhere, and the quality is really poor.

He took a few casual glances, put aside more than twenty stones that were obviously rocks, and began to look at the others.

Because of the climate of the Wasteland Star, most of the wool here is sandy shells and rocks.

Bai Jing checked the wool materials one by one. After checking forty or fifty pieces in a row, he found that there were only two or three with the pine-flower python on the surface, and the distribution of the pine-flowers was very hidden, making it difficult for those with poor eyesight to find them.

Compared with these wool materials, Gu’s leftovers are considered to be one of the best.

Originally, he thought it was a waste of time to select five pieces of wool in six hours, but now it seems that time will be very tight.

It took more than half an hour to read all the wool materials in this booth, and Bai Jing picked out a total of six pieces of wool materials that were barely visible.

One of the best pieces is the wool of yellow salt sand skin, about the size of a basketball, with a thicker skin.

The epidermis is yellow-brown, the sand grains on the surface of the shell are uniform and fine, the size of salt grains, and the sanding feeling is strong, which belongs to the top grade of yellow sand skin.

This texture of wool is easy to produce high green, full of emerald color.

When the sensory power penetrates into this wool material, the active reaction is not strong.

Bai Jing frowned slightly, perhaps because he was accustomed to betting on high-grade jadeite, he now even saw the high-green oily green seeds, not to mention the coarse bean seeds.

If other stone gamblers were there, they would definitely be **** off.

In such poor scraps, betting that the beans are full of green, it is full of green! It is even rarer than yang green and emerald, so what is there to be dissatisfied with? !

By observing the movements of the wool, Bai Jing probed into the other five pieces of wool.

When his perception was withdrawn, his pale lips pursed lightly. Only one of the five pieces of wool had emeralds, and it was still a dry green seed with a very uneven color distribution.

Bai Jing sighed softly, and put the yellow salt sand skin wool that was full of green beans into the shopping cart. If there is no better one in the future, just count it as one.

Fans in the live broadcast room saw the idol frown, and their hearts tightened. In their impression, Yunshen has not shown such an expression.

[Wuwuwu, Yunshen, don’t frown. 】

[God Yun, we believe in you! 】

[Sisters, I will go to Ying Wenfeng’s live broadcast room and report back. 】

Here, Ying Wenfeng frowned indiscernibly as he looked at the woolen material covered with sand.

Because he was worried about the live broadcast on the whole network, he did not dare to be too obvious, but he still wore the white gloves provided by the guild for free.

This is actually an unprofessional performance. As we all know, in addition to special induction gloves, other gloves will more or less affect the touch and judgment of contact with wool.

Especially in the contrast of Bai Jing not wearing gloves, this behavior caused group ridicule of the whole network.

[Tsk, it seems that the sixth-level stone gambler is not very professional. 】

[Yes, gloves will affect the feel of wool, don’t tell me he doesn’t know. 】

[God Yun didn’t wear such fair and beautiful fingers, what is this rough man hypocritical. 】

[Seeing the words upstairs, I have already started to get angry. 】

Ying Wenfeng couldn’t see the ridicule on the live broadcast. He bent down, holding a strong light and a magnifying glass in his hand, and was concentrating on selecting wool materials.

As a sixth-level stone gambler, he has also seen various types of wool, and the selection speed is very fast. In less than an hour, he has checked all the more than 200 pieces of wool in the two booths.

His luck was very good, and he found a good piece of white salt sand skin wool!

This piece of white salt sand peel is not big, about fifteen centimeters long and ten centimeters high.

The upper part is covered with pine flowers, and there is black ringworm at the bottom, which is dead ringworm. It is very likely that it will not affect the internal jade flesh.

Take out the strong light and shine it from above, you can see the green color that comes out, there is a high probability that the bet will rise, and there is a certain probability that Gao Cui will appear!

In addition to this white salt sand skin, he also picked a piece of wool from the shell of bayberry.

According to his judgment, it is also a rare good news.

In less than an hour, two pieces of good wool were found in a row, which gave Ying Wenfeng full confidence in this points battle.

Gu Yun’s live broadcast room.

[Sisters, I’m back, alas, the situation is not very optimistic. 】

[I also saw that Ying Wenfeng has found two pieces of wool, and he looks very proud from his expression. 】

[It doesn’t matter, I believe in Yunshen. 】

[Although I also believe it, I am still very nervous. 】

Bai Jing looked at two more booths, but still couldn’t find any material that he was particularly satisfied with.

It’s been an hour and a half now, and there’s still only one piece of wool in his shopping cart, and it looks like he’s at a disadvantage.

Because of the high popularity of this stone betting battle and the wide range of participants, some people have already opened a betting room and started betting.

Although Ying Wenfeng has a bad reputation for taking the lead in launching the points battle, judging from the funds and odds of the bet, it is obvious that he invested more in him.

Seeing such a scene now, the star coins that bet on it are rising steadily. The total capital has exceeded 1 billion, and only 600 million have invested in Guyun.

Gu Yuanchao raised his eyebrows when he saw Xingwang’s betting, and he bet 1 billion with his brain without changing his face. The odds of the two were completely reversed!

[Lying trough, worthy of being Gu Shao, who is so generous! 】

[Mom, one shot is 1 billion! ! 】

[Knocked, knocked, spent a lot of money for Yunshen! 】

[I’m tired of saying that Chaoyun CP is real. 】

Bai Jing left the booth, just as Ying Wenfeng walked past the booth next to him. The moment the two of them crossed over, Ying Wenfeng saw the lonely wool in the other’s shopping cart, and a smile of desperation appeared on his face.

Bai Jing also saw the two pieces of wool with a good foundation in his shopping cart, but he still looked as usual.

Ying Wenfeng’s eyes were particularly dazzling with this calm and relaxed attitude, the fierceness in his eyes flashed, and the final victory must belong to him.

Gu Yun is just waiting to quit the gambling stone world and be forgotten by everyone!

Bai Jing speeded up the observation of wool materials. When picking wool materials, he accidentally saw a stone shaped like black sand and covered with a thick wax shell.

A surprise flashed across his eyes, shouldn’t this kind of stone be—

After detecting it with perception, it turned out to be a very active black jade.

What a surprise!

Since he discovered this wool material on Gambling Stone Street, he has been searching for it deliberately, but has never encountered it again.

Didn’t expect to find it here!

In terms of stored energy, this is an emerald that is even more precious than the glass imperial green!

He didn’t hesitate to put the fist-sized stone into the shopping cart, causing everyone to sigh.

In addition to fans and passers-by in the live broadcast room, there are many stone gambling enthusiasts and other stone gambling masters. They saw this scene and expressed their incomprehension.

The surface of this black wool material has no features, the texture is rough, and there is nothing to gamble at a glance.

This is a gambler point battle related to the future. What the **** is Gu Yun doing? !

A lot of people in Gu Yun’s live broadcast room suddenly quit.

These people originally came with the attitude of learning, but Gu Yun didn’t show the level he should have at all. In this case, it is better to see Ying Wenfeng.

Two hours have passed, and there is still only one piece of wool in Bai Jing’s shopping cart, while Ying Wenfeng has already picked out three!

In addition to the white salt sand skin and bayberry skin wool, Ying Wenfeng also found a large piece of rust skin wool.

This piece of wool is about half the height of a human being, and weighs at least 100 kilograms. There are strands of rust on the surface, and there are many cracks.

However, most of these fissures are not deep and belong to inlaid skin dreads. If they are formed the day after tomorrow, they will not hurt the jade inside.

Although the wool base of the rust shell is average, and the color is not too bright, but such a large piece of wool, if you can solve the jadeite, you can beat most of them by the size alone!

In the restless mood of the fans, Bai Jing came to the next booth, and at a glance saw the water sand leather shell wool in the middle.

The wool was yellowish-gray, flattened rugby ball, and sanded evenly.

The leather shell is not as thick as other sand leather shells, but is very thin, and the internal performance can be faintly revealed in the light, and it is not real.

From the performance of the skin, it is not bad, but the bottom of it is covered with a large area of ​​dark green ringworm, and it is still live ringworm, which is alarming.

Normally, green goes with black, and most places with black ringworm will have green emeralds.

But correspondingly, ringworm eats green, which means that ringworm can easily penetrate into the jade meat and eat the green in the jade meat.

Bai Jing took a closer look and found that there were inconspicuous cypress branches and pine flowers around the ringworm, which were shaped like cypress branches and were difficult to identify, indicating that this piece of wool had great gambling potential.

He probed into his perception, retracted it after ten seconds, smiled slightly, and put the piece of wool that was turned over into the shopping cart.

There are also three pieces of wool in Baijing’s shopping cart now, which is the same as Ying Wenfeng’s, but in terms of performance, it is much inferior.

When comparing the two live broadcast rooms, a lot of remarks against Gu Yun appeared.

【Cloud God? Genius stone gambler? I can’t see it. 】

[The wool material of Gu’s Stone Gambling Shop is too good. Once it is replaced with scraps, it will show its original shape immediately. 】

[I see what Gu Yun won in the end! 】

[Sixth-level stone gambler can’t compare to second-level stone gambler? joke! 】

Gu Yuan’s fans immediately went off the stage, suppressing these unfavorable remarks.

But seeing this situation, many fans have no bottom in their hearts, and they are praying in their hearts.

[God Yun must not lose. 】

[Sisters, don’t be afraid, Yunshen will not lose! 】

[Yes, the God of Clouds will win! 】

In the last two hours, Bai Jing selected another piece of wool with a cracked elephant skin and a piece of wool with a red sand skin.

Since the last time he unraveled more than ten kilograms of ice and glass sun green jade from the cracked wool, he would pay more attention to the cracked wool.

The rock of this elephant skin is generally gray-white, and the skin looks rough, but it actually feels smooth.

There is a gray-white python belt slantingly wrapped around the middle of the wool, and there are a few green pine flowers around it, which is very good.

However, there is a large cross at the bottom of the python belt to cut off the whole python belt. This situation is equivalent to cutting off the green inside, which is difficult to connect in series.

Moreover, the cracks can easily damage the jade meat and cause fragmentation.

This piece of wool has a good foundation on its own, but with the addition of the truncation that cut off the python belt, the betability is much worse.

Bai Jing has already judged with his perception that this big cross was formed the day after tomorrow and did not hurt the jade inside. I believe that after this piece of wool is solved, everyone will be satisfied.

As for the wool of the last piece of red sand leather, it was a piece that he chose at random and was destined to be gambled.

Originally, Bai Jing had a large dry green seed as an alternative, but after he used his perception to detect Ying Wenfeng’s wool, he gave up the idea.

Time entered the 10-minute countdown, Ying Wenfeng came to the entrance with satisfaction, Bai Jing was one step behind.

The two handed in the wool in the shopping cart. The vice president of the gambling branch and two sixth-level stone gamblers used various precision instruments to check the surface of the wool in turn to confirm that there were no invisible marks, special substances, etc., and put the wool back to its original location. place.

The six-hour wool screening is very exhausting. Next, Bai Jing and Ying Wenfeng will have a 20-minute rest period. After the rest, they will conduct calcification.

The live broadcast room was replaced with an advertisement screen and an introduction to the Wasteland Star, which will be opened again after the two people have finished resting.

Bai Jing took the nutrient solution from Gu Yuanchao, drank it quickly, and then stood on the rock beside him and looked at the scenery of Wasteland Star.

Perhaps because of the habit brought by the last days, he unconsciously began to analyze the surrounding environment.

The Wasteland Star is rocky, and the huge rocks can be used as shelter and hiding places, making it a good ambush and hiding place.

If they are at a high place, they will have a wide view, and if they are at a low place, their vision will be blocked, and they are now in the depression of the two rock groups. If they are attacked, they will be in an extremely disadvantageous position.

Bai Jing narrowed his eyes slightly, his perception range has now reached 50 meters, and he has not noticed any crisis for the time being.

But for some unknown reason, just now he felt a sense of peeping, which was fleeting.

Bai Jing jumped off the rock flexibly, approached the man who had been looking at him, and said softly, “Gu Yuanchao, I feel that there is something wrong with the 2 o’clock direction in the northeast corner. Well, it may also be my illusion.” Gu Yuanchao His eyes were cold: “It’s not an illusion, I feel it too. Ajing, wait for me here, I’ll be back soon.”

Before leaving, he was still a little worried, and put the white wristband on the right wrist on the boy’s hand: “This is a super energy shield developed by the military, it will automatically open when in danger, I will feel more at ease with it. Some.”

Bai Jing did not refuse, looked at him and said, “You must be careful.”

Gu Yuanchao summoned the silver-white mecha, which turned into a streamer and disappeared in place. Half a minute later, there was a loud noise in the northeast corner, and a rock dozens of meters high burst apart, causing a commotion.

Ying Wenfeng was shocked. Could it be that he was discovered so quickly?

A minute later, a silver light flashed, and Gu Yuanchao jumped off the arm of the mecha and walked to Bai Jing: “It’s resolved.”

However, the man blew himself up together with the mecha when he was about to be restrained by him, leaving no clues.

Fortunately, the mecha shield and the surrounding rocks blocked the aftermath of the explosion, otherwise…

Gu Yuanchao’s eyes flashed a murderous intent, this person must have come for Bai Jing.

He must find the man behind the manipulation as soon as possible!

Ying Wenfeng felt a bone-chilling coldness coming from the front, and tried his best to keep his expression as normal.

Now that all the chips are gone, he can only rely on himself!

Must win!

Twenty minutes later, the live broadcast screen was switched back again, and the number of people in the live broadcast room soared, reaching an unprecedented peak.

The number of viewers exceeded 100 million!

The live broadcast platform has never been so popular!

#Guyunyingwenfeng’Battle of Life and Death’# This hot search rushed to the top of the hot search with the popularity of a horse, which aroused people’s unprecedented excitement and curiosity.

One is a sixth-level stone gambler, and the other is a rookie in the stone gambling world. Who will win the final victory?

They can’t wait!

The hearts of the fans also mentioned their throats, one by one, their hearts speeding up and their eyes showing nervousness.

Their cloud **** must win!

Amid the crowd’s attention, Bai Jing and Ying Wenfeng sat next to two calcite machines and began calcining.

The author has something to say: Small Theater 1:

Bai Jing: Frowning, only the beans are full of green.

Fan: What happened to Baishen? worry.jpg

Ying Wenfeng: Damn, this must be Versailles, it must be!

Small Theater 2:

Gu Shao: Ah Jing, wait for me.

After a minute.

Gu Shao: Ah Jing, I’ll solve it ><

Bai Jing: …….


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