God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 55

The first thing Bai Jing took out was the wool of the yellow salt sand skin, which was about the size of a basketball and was oval in shape.

Before they began to dissociate stones, the two sixth-level stone gambling masters of the Stone Gambling Association stood beside them and were responsible for the live broadcast.

Of course, the particle radio equipment will amplify their voices in the live broadcast room, and will not affect the calcites present.

Standing on Bai Jing’s side is the sixth-level stone gambler Lu Yuan, and standing beside Ying Wenfeng is the sixth-level stone gambler Yan Ji.

Both of them are highly experienced senior stone gamblers, and they are also responsible for monitoring the situation of the two of them while explaining.

Also a sixth-level stone gambler, Lu Yuan was very disdainful of Wen Feng’s performance.

As a sixth-level stone gambler, he even went to challenge a second-level stone gambler, disgracing the face of their senior stone gambler!

He guessed that Ying Wenfeng may have some hidden feelings, but in the end this decision was made by himself, and he must bear the corresponding consequences.

In this stone gambling points battle, Lu Yuan selfishly hopes that ‘Gu Yun’ can win. This young man obviously has a bright future. If he grows up, it will definitely be a great help for the Stone Gambling Association!

‘But don’t fall here. ’

Lu Yuan prayed in his heart.

Bai Jing put the wool of this yellow salt sand skin on the calciner, and the mechanical hands on both sides quickly fixed the wool.

The crust of this yellow sand skin is slightly thicker, and it may take a certain amount of time to rub the stone, so he plans to cut the stone directly.

Bai Jing turned on the button of the laser knife, blue cold light spurted out like a flame, slender and fair fingers held the black handle, and directly used the laser knife to drop a knife about two centimeters along the leather case, and only one knife cut out the size of a baby’s fist window.

Lu Yuan sprinkled some water on the side at the right time to wash off the gravel and sand on the surface, revealing the cut surface of jade.

The live ball immediately shoots in all directions at the cut plane, presenting the cut plane completely in front of the audience in the live broadcast room.

The cut surface is slightly rough, and the graininess of the jade is obvious. It looks like a grain of mung beans are arranged in it, which is a typical coarse bean species.

[The first piece of wool of Yunshen turned green! 】

[With one knife, green is worthy of being the God of Clouds. 】

[Unfortunately, it is a coarse bean seed…. I feel that the gap is a bit big. 】

[This is scraps, sister, not the wool that Gu’s gambling stone shop has chosen thousands of times. 】

[Look at the color, it’s very beautiful——]

I saw the bright emerald green color leaking out from the emerald, which was more intense than Yang Green, the emerald green was dripping, the color was even and full, it turned out to be full green!

This rare green color undoubtedly elevates jadeite to a new level.

Lu Yuan is also quite satisfied with this piece of jadeite, and it is not bad to be able to pick out a bean full of green from the scraps.

Moreover, when irradiated with strong light, it can be seen that the green has been eaten, and the size of the jade is definitely not small.

Lu Yuan subconsciously looked at Ying Wenfeng next to him, but his pupils shrank suddenly when he saw the misty surface that was wiped out!

It turned out to be white fog!

There is white fog, which means the foundation is clean, and it is very likely that jade with good water will be produced.

There is green under the white fog, it will be extremely pure green!

The corners of his lips pursed, Gu Yun was in danger this time.

The first piece of wool that Ying Wenfeng took out was the small piece of white salt sand skin wool, and it was also the wool that he was most optimistic about.

That’s right, what he wants to do is to be a blockbuster and completely suppress Gu Yun mentally!

The white salt sand skin belongs to the first-class goods in the white sand skin. This piece of wool skin is delicate, and there is no shortage of Songhua pythons. The only thing to pay attention to is the dead ringworm at the bottom.

However, according to his years of experience, the ringworm does not go deep inside.

Therefore, he has high expectations for this piece of wool.

Ying Wenfeng picked up the grinding wheel and carefully wiped the stone along the direction of the python belt and the pine flower. With his sophisticated technique, he quickly wiped out a two-finger-wide window, revealing whitish mist-like crystals.

With a strong light, you can see the greenness of the interior.

Seeing the white fog and the green under the strong light, Ying Wenfeng couldn’t help raising the corners of his lips.

He glanced at the wool in Gu Yun’s hands.

Bean seeds?

Oh, he thought how capable the other party was.

Ying Wenfeng’s mood unwittingly relaxed a lot.

The total value of the jadeite is compared in the stone betting point battle. As a low-grade jadeite, even if it is full of green and big, it can’t compare to a fist-sized water seed, let alone ice and glass seeds.

The matte surface he cut out was just in front of one of the live balls, which made the audience in the live broadcast room see it very clearly.

[Look, Ying Wenfeng wiped out the white mist! 】

[There is green under the white fog, it’s definitely rising! 】

[As expected of a sixth-level stone gambler. 】

[The gap between levels is really not something that can be easily bridged. 】

[Ouch, your God of Clouds is probably going to lose this time! 】

Seeing the appearance of the white fog, people’s wind direction changed one after another.

As a sixth-level stone gambler, Ying Wenfeng is obviously stronger, and his decades of experience are no joke.

Gu Yun’s fans were outraged and quickly refreshed the barrage, suppressing all the comments.

Although they believe that Yunshen will win, it is not easy to refute it vigorously in the current form, so as not to harass the idols.

After Bai Jing cut a few knives along the leather shell, he also replaced it with a grinding wheel to clean the stone. Both of them cleaned the stone very fast.

Except for the thick leather shell, this piece of wool from Baijing is almost all jadeite, and the color is even and full.

In addition to the poor water, the color and size are rare.

On the other hand, after Ying Wenfeng wiped off the thin white mist layer, it revealed a clear ice-like texture, crystal clear, refreshing, and very transparent.

The light green emerges from the lustrous waves, and the green is like a sprout, with a hint of yellow, soft and beautiful.

[My God, it’s an ice seed! 】

【Ice green onion heart green——】

[I can’t believe this was solved from scraps! 】

[The difference between bean seeds and ice seeds is not a star. 】

[Fuck, I already knew that Gu Yun would not be held. 】

Seeing that Ying Wenfeng unraveled Gao Cui, such as the ice species Green Heart Green, many people who bet on Gu Yun to win felt remorse.

They came to the other party to solve the name of rare jade such as the glass-seeded emperor green, and now it seems that it is just a false name.

Concerning self-interest, the barrage in the live broadcast room is mixed with a lot of unbearable remarks, but all of them have been automatically identified and banned by the system and given corresponding penalties.

But even so, the remarks are still one-sided towards Ying Wenfeng, who can see that Gu Yun is currently at a disadvantage.

About ten minutes later, Bai Jing unraveled a 16-kilogram piece of bean-filled green jade from the wool of this yellow salt sand skin.

Lu Yuan gave an estimate of 650,000 stars.

In less than two minutes, Ying Wenfeng also unraveled an ice-green green jadeite that was one circle larger than an adult’s fist, weighing 2.25 kilograms.

The dead ringworm at the bottom ate up a bit of the jade meat, but it didn’t affect the whole.

Yan Ji gave an estimate of 2.9 million stars.

Bai Jingjie’s bean seed jade can’t even reach a fraction of the latter.

In the first game of the points battle, Ying Wenfeng won by an absolute advantage!

Lu Yuan looked at Gu Yun, only to see the delicate young man’s expression as usual, and he was not affected by the result of the first game at all.

His heart also calmed down, and he rushed to this gesture of indifference, he also believed that the other party would definitely win!

The second piece of wool that Bai Jing took out was the black stone about the size of a fist.

The epidermis is dark as ink, covered with a thick wax shell, very round, and there is no pine python belt or ringworm on the surface.

It looks a bit like Black Usa, but it’s not, it’s dark and inconspicuous.

Seeing this piece of wool, the live broadcast room was even more chaotic.

[Fuck, what is this? 】

【I can pick up any stone on the street, which is better than this one! 】

[Will Gu Yun bet on stones? ! 】

[I bet 100,000 star coins on him, all of which are going to waste, **** it. 】

[As the saying goes, “high green comes out of shit”, wait and see. 】

Everyone was not optimistic about this unremarkable black stone, and they all doubted Gu Yun’s vision for choosing wool.

Others thought that Gu Yun was a side branch of the Gu family after all. He solved so many rare jadeites in the Gu family gambling shop. Did the Gu family open a back door for him?

There are not a few people who have this idea, but no one dares to express it in public.

The Gu family is the number one chaebol in the empire, and they dare to arrange it at will when they are tired of living.

Fortunately, there is this game of gambling points, and everything is carried out under the scrutiny of the public.

Without Gu’s protection, wouldn’t Gu Yun show his true form soon? ! He just said, no one is so exaggerated, in just one month, one after another rare jadeite, and the rare top-grade jadeite such as the glass imperial green.

A second-level stone gambler’s gambling increase rate has reached 60%. It turns out that it is all fake!

Having deceived everyone for so long, it is finally revealed today!

There was a secret pleasure in the hearts of these people, the pleasure of stepping on the feet of the genius stone gambler who had to look up before.

They are self-proclaimed messengers of justice and can’t wait to get justice so that Gu Yun’s true face can be exposed.

For a while, various barrages flew around, and Gu Yun’s fans were torn apart with these ‘spotters’.

Although many remarks have been suppressed, fans are still very aggrieved.

They are holding a breath in their chests, just wait, until the final result comes out, and your face will be swollen!

The black stone in Bai Jing’s hand was smaller than the last one, and its surface was as hard as iron. I didn’t know when it would be solved with a grinding wheel.

He fixed the black stone on the calciner, slanted a knife at 0.5 centimeters of the leather case, and cut the knife down, directly revealing the outline of the black jade film, and the angle was extremely accurate!

This stone is no more than the size of a fist, the surface is smooth and round, without any features, there is nowhere to start.

But Bai Jing was able to completely cut off the skin on such a stone, without hurting the flesh inside. Just looking at this technique, it was absolutely amazing!

After the first cut, he made several cuts along the circumference of the leather shell. Each cut was fast, ruthless, and accurate, with an error of no more than 0.01 mm, and the outline of the jadeite was completely cut out!

[God of Cloud’s action of cutting stones is so handsome! 】

[What kind of jade is this black? So dark, only the outlines can be seen. 】

【Could it be Mo Fei? 】

[Definitely not Mo Fei, I have seen Mo Fei before, and the texture is very clear. 】

【What is it? Curiosity is just around the corner. 】

Because Ying Wenfeng’s second piece of wool didn’t turn green after a few cuts, it was very likely that he would fail, so many people focused on Gu Yun.

Regardless of Jade, just looking at this pretty face and dashing movements is enough to please the eye.

After cutting the stone, Bai Jing put the delineated jadeite aside.

If you continue to use the abrasive wheel to grind off the surrounding gravel, it will take at least 40 minutes to clean it all up.

Lu Yuan glanced at the indifferent young man with some regret, and gave the judgment that the value of this jadeite was zero.

When this black jade was first discovered, it caused quite a stir in the empire, because the inspection equipment showed that it contained extremely terrifying energy and spiritual substances, exceeding all known energy sources!

Unfortunately, countless energy masters have tried it, including several master-level energy masters, and found that no matter what, the energy inside could not be extracted.

It was like an energy black hole with great suction. Not only was it unable to extract the energy liquid, but it was also sucked in a lot of spiritual power. Since then, no energy master dared to touch this kind of stone.

The inability to extract energy fluid means that this jadeite is worthless.

Hearing this result, Gu Yun’s fans were disappointed and worried at the same time.

This is the second piece, and the gap between the two is still as much as two million star coins. Yunshen must not fail!

Fortunately, Ying Wenfeng’s second piece of wool was also broken, and he did not widen the gap, otherwise his speech would be even more one-sided.

Bai Jing took out the third piece of wool from the shopping cart.

This is a piece of wool made of water-turned sand skin. The skin is yellow-grey, flat rugby-like, and the sand is turned evenly.

The leather shell is not as thick as other sand leather shells, but is very thin, and the internal performance can be faintly revealed in the light, and it is not real.

The most alarming thing is that the bottom is covered with a large dark green ringworm, or live ringworm, which makes this wool a lot less gambleable.

Ying Wenfeng next to him, together with Yan Ji, moved out his third piece of wool.

This piece of wool is a rust-hulled wool with a height of half a person and a weight of more than 100 kilograms.

The surface of the wool has a streak of rust color, and there are many cracks.

However, those who are experienced in gambling stones can see that these cracks are not very destructive evil locks, but leather locks. If you are lucky, you may not hurt the jade inside.

Judging from the wool performance of the two, it is obvious that Ying Wenfeng is better.

The calcite begins.

Bai Jing turned the bottom of the wool material over, and started rubbing the stone along the part covered with live ringworm with a grinding wheel. The dark green ringworm and the rubble of the skin fell together, and in a short while, a two-finger-wide rubbing mouth was wiped.

Lu Yuan rinsed off the surrounding gravel with clean water. When he saw the cut surface, he couldn’t help but sigh, and the ringworm really entered the wool.

I saw a small amount of black spot ringworm on the cut surface, although the number is not large, it can obviously damage the jade flesh.

However, Bai Jing’s hand was very stable, and was not affected by the cut surface with ringworm at all, and continued to wipe the stone in a different direction.

Lu Yuan was slightly taken aback when he saw his movements, and after observing it carefully for a while, he laughed softly.

He explained to everyone in the live broadcast room: “As expected of Gu Yun, who has created many miracles, he has excellent eyesight.

At first glance, this piece of wool looks normal, with live ringworm, but if you look closely, there are many pine flowers shaped like cypress branches around the ringworm. ”

Through Lu Yuan’s voice operation, the live ball aimed at the little white pine flowers scattered near the dark green living ringworm. These pine flowers were very light in color and almost merged with the skin.

After the image was magnified many times, the audience could barely see it clearly, and could not help but be amazed.

Lu Yuan continued: “This kind of pine flower is called cypress pine flower. It is difficult to identify it, but the place where there is this kind of pine flower is usually green, indicating that this piece of wool has great gambling potential.”

As he expected, five minutes later, the wool material was wiped away by about a quarter along the middle part. Except for the layer of jade close to the ringworm that was ‘eaten’ by the ringworm, the other jade meat was all intact!

And from the point of view of the jade, the texture is as crystal clear as cooked rice, delicate and moist, it is a glutinous species!

【Amazing, this eyesight is absolutely amazing. 】

[Wow, it’s waxy jade—]

[The middle-to-high-grade waxy jadeite is unraveled in the cutting material, which is indeed the God of Clouds! 】

【Cloud God is the strongest! 】

Gu Yun’s fans have long been dissatisfied with the remarks against Ying Wenfeng, and now they finally have a way to vent.

The live broadcast room was strongly swiped by [Yunshen is the strongest], leaving no room for anyone to betray at all!

As for Ying Wenfeng next to him, he was not so lucky.

The rust skin and wool he selected had too many fissures, most of which were harmless, but two or three fissures penetrated directly into the interior, cutting the jade inside into pieces.

Ying Wenfeng used a laser knife to cut four or five times in a row, and all the pieces were broken jade, and his face was very ugly.

More than 100 kilograms of wool was finally cut to only one-fifth. At this time, the cut surface finally revealed the intact jade meat.

It is also a relatively common type of coarse bean, but the color is much worse than that of full green. It is a dull gray-green, and the distribution is very uneven.

Seeing this situation, Ying Wenfeng replaced the laser knife with a grinding wheel with a gloomy face.

In normal times, he would never solve such low-grade jadeite, it was a waste of time!

On Baijing’s side, as the grinding wheel wiped off the thin leather shell, people were surprised to find that the green just now was just a touch of emerald green in the middle of the emerald, and the background color of the emerald was actually white!

The whole piece of jadeite is in the shape of a disc, and the lustrous white like suet white jade is used as the base color of the whole piece of jadeite.

[My God, so beautiful! ! 】

[The color of this jadeite kills me, I really want it. 】

[It’s glutinous green on a white background! ! 】

[Ah, ah, I’m so excited—]

Lu Yuan’s expression was also a little excited, and he explained to the live broadcast room: “The characteristic of green jadeite on a white background is that the background is as white as snow, the green looks very bright on the white background, and the white and green are distinct. [Note]

However, this kind of jadeite is generally of poor quality and insufficient water head. Most of them are dried green seeds, bean seeds, etc. It is rare to see such a beautiful waxy green jade with white background! ”

He took the jadeite handed by Bai Jing, carefully felt the warm touch, and his eyes were obsessed: “Look, this piece of white and green has a delicate and smooth base, and the white has almost no flaws.

The green in the middle is bright and clear, and it is only distributed in a long strip in the middle. It does not mix with white. It is simply a treasure! ”

Lu Yuan admired it for a while before saying, “My estimate for this piece of glutinous white ground green is – four million star coins!”

Ying Wenfeng’s wool material was also finished, and finally a ten kilogram bean seed gray-green jadeite was solved, which was estimated to be 200,000 star coins.

At present, the total value of jadeite solved by Gu Yun is: 4.65 million star coins.

The total price of Ying Wenfeng is: 3.1 million star coins.

The difference between the two is one and a half million stars.

[Haha, four million stars! All of a sudden it exceeded Ying Wenfeng by more than one million! 】

[The one who just said that Yunshen can’t gamble with stones, does your face hurt? 】

[Hee hee, I just like to watch Yunshen slap in the face, bang bang bang, it’s so loud~]

[Our cloud **** is the strongest! 】

【Cloud God will win! 】

All of Gu Yun’s fans raised their eyebrows, looking at those who jumped up and down before they didn’t even dare to squeak, it was really funny and pitiful.

Hmph, didn’t these people bet on Ying Wenfeng?

Just wait to die.

The faces of those who bet on Wenfeng’s victory were all pale.

Many of them saw that Ying Wenfeng’s momentum was obviously better, and they bought some chips from the middleman at a high price in the middle of the way. Who would have guessed that Gu Yun would be able to pull back a city, this is over!

After the anxiety, they hurriedly consoled themselves: Hu, don’t be nervous, there are still two pieces of wool, what are you afraid of? !

As long as Ying Wenfeng solves another piece of ice, he can still pull it back!

At this time, Ying Wenfeng had long lost his relaxed and smug expression, his face was pale, and fine cold sweat was overflowing on his forehead.

He never imagined that Gu Yun would be able to unravel the glutinous species with white background from a piece of wool whose bottom was full of live ringworm, or the waxy white background with such a beautiful color!

It actually surpassed the ice-green scallion green he solved in the white salt sand skin!

Originally, he thought that he was very lucky this time. He found the best white salt sand skin in a pile of garbage, and solved a rare ice species that even other senior stone gamblers could not do!

As for the bean seeds solved later, the water and color of the seeds are indeed average, but they are not small, and they are already very good in the scraps.

But what he didn’t expect was that Gu Yun was actually stronger!

A piece of glutinous seed with a white background, the color has reached the same level of the best!

That is superb!

There are so many good materials that I can’t find a piece, but it is solved in the scraps!

Even the bean seeds that the other party solved were rare and full of green!

What the **** is TMD luck? !

Looking at Gu Yun’s delicate but calm face again, Ying Wenfeng’s heart cast a shadow, but it made his expression even more severe.

He can’t lose! Absolutely can’t lose!

Next, there is a piece of wool from the shell of bayberry, which he is more optimistic about, and it is very possible to solve Gao Cui!

Ying Wenfeng clenched the handle of the grinding wheel, turned it to the maximum gear, and rubbed the leather shell of the loose part.

As the gravel fell, he couldn’t wait to sprinkle it with water, with a frantic smile on his face: “Hahaha, it’s a hibiscus!”

It’s only 1.5 million star coins, and he will soon catch up!

The author has something to say: Small Theater 1:

Ying Wenfeng (proud): The ice is green, who else is it?

Ying Wenfeng (contemptuously): Bean seeds? Rubbish.

Bai Jing: Look calm.

Ying Wenfeng (shocked): Waxy species with white background? !

Ying Wenfeng (ruthless): I will not lose!

Ying Wenfeng (crazy): Hibiscus species, hahaha!

Bai Jing: ? You seem to have that serious illness.

[Note]: The introduction about green on white background is taken from Baidu Encyclopedia.



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