God-level Stone Gambler 56

Seeing Ying Wenfeng’s ecstatic expression because he rubbed a bit of hibiscus, Bai Jing raised his eyebrows slightly.

Unfortunately, his wish was doomed to fail.

Now there are only two pieces of wool left in his shopping cart, one of which is elephant skin wool with torn strands, and the other is red sand leather wool that he picked at random, that is, the piece of wool that will collapse.

Bai Jing thought for a while, then took out the wool from the elephant skin and put it on the scavenger.

Let this bet point battle stop here.

This elephant-skinned rock is small, a circle smaller than a football, round and gray-white.

The skin looks rough, but actually feels very smooth, and the surface of the skin is full of lines like the skin of an elephant.

There is a gray-white python belt obliquely wrapped in the middle of the wool, and there are a few green pine flowers around it, which is considered a good performance in the scraps.

However, at the bottom of the python belt, there is a large cross about six or seven centimeters long, which cuts off the entire python belt. This situation is equivalent to cutting off the green inside, which is easy to cause the phenomenon of incoherent color blocks.

And the big cross lock is one of the large locks, unless it is formed the day after tomorrow, it is easy to damage the jade meat.

Seeing the cracked wool in Bai Jing’s hand, and seeing that Ying Wenfeng had wiped out the window of Hibiscus, the fans’ hearts could not help but twitch.

With a difference of more than one million star coins, it is still not enough to win.

If the hibiscus plant is big, it is very likely to overtake it!

And those who bet on Ying Wenfeng breathed a long sigh of relief. With this hibiscus jadeite, they still have a great chance of winning!

After Bai Jing used his perception to detect the distribution of emeralds again, he used a grinding wheel to prepare for rubbing stones along the junction of the big cross and the python belt.

His movements this time were much more meticulous than before, his brown eyes were very focused on the part formed by the fissure, and he adjusted the angle from time to time to avoid hurting the flesh.

[God Yun’s action of dissolving the stone this time is so careful. 】

[Yeah, not quite his style. 】

[Sisters, I have a bold idea——]

[Why, can Gu Yun solve another piece of glass-seeded emperor green? 】

[Maybe it was because he was afraid of losing after seeing the hibiscus planting jade, and he was just delaying time. 】

[Haha, the face upstairs hasn’t been swollen yet? 】

【Procrastination? Believe it or not, you will be called Dad for a while. 】

Because Ying Wenfeng was madly trying to wipe the stone, he quickly wiped out a window the size of a baby’s fist.

Sprinkling some water on it, the emerald green with yellowish green is like the young leaves of boxwood in early spring, soaked in the soft and moist texture like hibiscus flowers, it is particularly bright and clear, very gratifying.

[It is the hibiscus species of boxwood green! 】

[Ying Wenfeng’s bet has risen by three yuan, and he may win it back this time. 】

[One and a half million star coins, as long as you solve more than two kilograms is enough! 】

[Looking at the size of this piece of wool, the jadeite should not be small. 】

The wool that Ying Wenfeng chose for this bayberry shell is about the size of two basketballs lying down, and weighs 40 to 50 kilograms.

The sand on the surface is dark red like bayberry, and the sand is evenly turned, but the skin is slightly rough.

The pine flowers near the top are not the common band-shaped or punctate pine flowers, but the large plaster pine flowers.

As the name suggests, the green pine flowers cover one side of the wool like a plaster and cover a large area.

This is a kind of wool that has a high probability of rising, but the most important thing is to see the depth of the penetration of the pine flowers. 【Note】

If only the skin is contaminated, it means that the green has not been eaten.

In the piles of scraps, it is difficult to pick out the perfect wool in all aspects.

There is only one piece of white salt sand skin that performs so well.

The water-turned sand skin wool material selected by Bai Jing, although the waxy green jadeite with a white background was unraveled, but there are large patches of live ringworm at the bottom of the wool material.

As for the piece of elephant fur that is being unwrapped, the large cross on the epidermis cuts the python belt from the middle.

Ying Wenfeng is the same.

The wool of this bayberry husk is decent, and the foundation is not bad. Above it, there is a large plaster of pine flowers with a high gambling rate, which can be said to be an excellent material.

But if it’s all good material, how could the No. 5 mine be abandoned?

The disadvantage is that the color of the large plaster pine flowers on this wool material is very light, as if it is distributed on the epidermis. It is doubtful whether the green has entered the interior of the jade.

Ying Wenfeng irradiated the leather case with a strong light, and could faintly see the green radiance inside. He couldn’t help but be overjoyed and put it into the shopping cart without hesitation.

Compared with other garbage materials, this wool material is simply a good material second only to white salt sand skin!

As the window that was wiped out became larger and larger, Ying Wenfeng’s confidence gradually returned, but it was just over one million star coins. This gap was simply too easy to catch up!

After the stone was almost wiped, he put on the laser knife and turned on the button. The faint blue flame burned like a signal that victory was coming, reflecting his excited and twisted expression.

He first conservatively cut a knife in the last quarter of the wool, which was undoubtedly a white stone.

It’s normal for such a large piece of wool to behave like this. Ying Wenfeng didn’t care. After carefully observing the texture of the wool, he moved in a distance of four or five centimeters. This time, the cut surface was covered with flocculent white cotton.

White cotton is an impurity of jade, which will greatly affect the quality and beauty of jade.

But at the same time, it also means that the incision is finally no longer a white stone, but a level close to the emerald layer.

Ying Wenfeng’s confidence almost swelled up. Judging from the remaining wool, there were still 20 to 30 kilograms.

Even if white cotton occupies most of it, there are at least ten kilograms of hibiscus species Huangyang green jade.

No, it doesn’t have to be the hibiscus species, the outermost layer is the hibiscus species, and there may be a higher-level ice species inside!

He couldn’t wait to operate the laser knife and drop another knife, still white cotton!

It doesn’t matter, this is exactly what he guessed.

After two or three cuts in a row, only the part of the wool that was covered by the large plaster pine blossoms remained.

Ying Wenfeng’s face was not particularly good-looking, and the person who held him was equally uneasy.

At the same time, I want to cut a knife from the middle to have a good time, and at the same time I worry that everything will collapse and there will be no hope. It is really a dilemma.

He looked at Gu Yun, who was on the side, and when he saw the matte face wiped by the other party, his mood instantly sank to the bottom of the valley.

It’s honey mist!

The color of honey mist is like honey. If you encounter this kind of mist, most of them prove that the texture of the jade below it is delicate and transparent.

Honey fog, like white fog, is a good fog among stone gamblers, and is very popular among stone gamblers.

Obviously, the audience of Xingwang also saw the honey mist layer, and they were all excited.

[Look, it’s honey mist! 】

[I can’t wait to see the jade under the fog. 】

[With honey mist, planting water will never be bad——]

[This is scraps, the God of Clouds is too strong! 】

[Ah, ah, another day of madly shouting for the God of Clouds! 】

Ying Wenfeng looked at the piece of wool in Gu Yun’s hands in disbelief. There was clearly a large dreadlock in the middle of the python’s belt.

Not to mention the jade below, there are no cracks even on the matte surface, how is this possible? !

Unless, unless it’s an acquired fissure, but that’s rare—

What kind of luck is Gu Yun! !

Ying Wenfeng took a deep breath, and his mind became much clearer under the extreme stimulation.

The honey mist does not mean that the foundation of jadeite must surpass that of hibiscus, and he still has a chance.

What’s more, there is still a piece of wool that has not been solved. Who knows what the result will be until the last moment?

Ying Wenfeng thought so, but the hand holding the laser knife trembled a little, and he finally cut a knife diagonally along the pine flower in the middle of the remaining wool!

It’s green!

Although there was only a little bit of green the size of a fingernail that was faintly exposed at the bottom, it made him feel relieved.

[Ying Wenfeng has gone up! 】

[It is not certain who will win this game. 】

[I believe in the strength of the sixth-level stone gambler. 】

Gu Yun’s fans sneered and didn’t even bother to refute, so let them deceive themselves, it won’t be long before they can jump.

The fog surface of the honey mist is not thick. After rubbing the white scene with a grinding wheel for two or three minutes, the fog surface is removed, revealing a two-finger-wide window.

Sprinkling some water on it, you can see a very transparent and clear texture from the window, pure to almost completely transparent, without a trace of impurities inside, clear and flawless, as transparent and clean as glass, with a shallow floating light, water color. Full.

[Fuck it, it’s a glass species! ! 】

[Understanding the best glass species from scraps, oh my god! 】

[God Yun is indeed the God of Cloud, it is too strong! 】

[Fuck, compared to the glass species, the hibiscus species is a bird? 】

【Who else is dissatisfied? stand out! I slap you for Yunshen, clap clap, is it cool? 】

【Sisters, look at the color! ! 】

[Congratulations to the one who said glass species of imperial green just now, this time the color is even rarer. 】

[Hey, I’m really crazy, it’s Violet! It’s Violet! 】

I saw that the color coming out of the window was a gorgeous and enchanting purple, mixed with a little red.

However, because the window is too small, the most accurate color cannot be completely judged.

But this color is clearly – a rare violet!

It doesn’t matter what Ying Wenfeng, what kind of hibiscus is cut or not, this is the violet of the glass species!

If the color is uniform, it is the finest jadeite that is more precious than the glass species of imperial green!

No wonder their Yunshen was so careful, lest it hurt the jade flesh under the cracked locks, so it was.

What kind of judgment is that! Absolutely!

The barrage in the live broadcast room suddenly decreased a lot, and everyone watched the birth of this superb jadeite with bated breath, and no one paid attention to the time-wasting barrage.

Many people brought sensor equipment, just to be able to observe this jadeite at a closer distance.

On the other hand, Ying Wenfeng stared blankly at the wool in Gu Yun’s hands. After he regained his senses, overwhelming despair struck, crushing his mind and body, making him almost breathless.

From this moment on, he knew that he was completely hopeless.

As for those who bet on Ying Wenfeng to win, after seeing the purple color from the window, even the last bit of luck in their hearts was shattered, and they all turned pale.

Glass species of violet, this is the finest jadeite that is even rarer than imperial green!

This kind of top jade has come out, what else can they win!

Alas, this face is really slapped, enough for them to remember for a lifetime.

Even if he had to unravel such a precious jadeite, Bai Jing’s hand was still very steady.

After removing all the rubble near the crack with a sanding wheel, the window has changed from **** wide to the size of an adult fist.

All the live **** flew to one side of the window, and the top-level jadeite was photographed in all directions without dead ends.

Without wasting time, Bai Jing replaced the laser knife directly.

When the slender fingers are placed on the gorgeous purple jadeite cut surface, the white fingertips are also dyed a light purple under the irradiation of the light, which makes the fingers more slender and beautiful, as shiny as jade. Glass violets!

[Woooo, the hand of the God of Clouds looks good. 】

[I really want to hold that beautiful fingertip in my mouth and bite gently with the tip of my teeth——]

[Laughing upstairs, shy~]

[Cough, you are careful to be assassinated by Young Master Gu! 】

Gu Yuanchao stood not far from Baijing. The 3S level advantage made his five senses far more sensitive than ordinary people. Naturally, he took this scene into his eyes clearly. His Adam’s apple rolled up and down unconsciously, and his black eyes became deeper and deeper.

In the crazy surge of adrenaline from the crowd, Bai Jing held the handle of the laser knife and dropped a knife three centimeters from the bottom.

In the blink of blue light, the gray-white leather shell fell, revealing part of the cut surface, which was extremely precise and just right.

[Fuck, it’s really exciting! 】

[Hi, every time I watch Yunshen cut stones, my scalp feels numb! 】

[Only Yunshen dares to cut stones in front of top-quality jadeite. 】

[It shows that Yunshen’s judgment on wool is really perfect! 】

After a few cuts at different angles around the spherical wool, the rough shape of the jadeite is gradually revealed.

Baijing used a grinding wheel to finely grind off the gravel at the edges and corners, and the clear water washed away the remaining stone chips. This top jadeite finally revealed its true appearance.

The shape is a spherical shape with a diameter of about fifteen centimeters. It is round and can be held in the palm of both hands.

The bright purple is mixed with a little red, the color is bright but not too strong, a little more is full, a little less is shallow, it can be said to be just right.

The noble and elegant color glows lightly in the clear and lustrous texture of glass seeds, as if there are water waves rippling in it, romantic and mysterious, like an intellectual and elegant lady, and her behavior is all amorous.

Lu Yuan carefully held this rare top-quality jadeite in his hand, and after a while, he introduced in an excited tone: “Compared to green jadeite, the yield of purple jadeite is not high, and it can be regarded as a rare color. The saying is “red, jade, green, and purple are respected”, which is enough to explain its preciousness.

However, the planting water of purple jadeite is mostly waxy species, and the water head is dry, so there is a saying of “ten springs and nine trees”. The violet color like the water species is already considered to be relatively rare for the purple jade species, not to mention the violet of the glass species, which is extremely rare! “【Note】

Lu Yuan tried his best to restrain his inner excitement: “The color of this jadeite belongs to the category of red and purple in the violet, but it does not belong to the general red and purple, but the top peach blossom spring among the violets!”

Peach Blossom Spring Emerald, as the name suggests, is as bright as a peach blossom.

Only the violet jadeite with full spring color, uniform tone, high quality of seedlings, and lustrous and flawless can be called peach blossom spring!

Lu Yuan, Yan Ji, and the vice president of the Stone Gambling Association, Xi Bin, discussed it for a while before making a decision: “The three of us have made a rough estimate for this top jadeite, but it can only be used as a reference.

After all, the empire has not seen the jadeite of the glass species Peach Blossom Spring in the past 100 years, and its significance is extraordinary! ”

This top-level jadeite weighs 5.8 kilograms. No matter its size, water, or color, it is extremely rare among top-level jadeites. The final estimate given by the three senior stone gamblers is 170 million star coins! !

[Oh my god, what a trough, a trough, a trough! 】

[170 million top jadeite, what the hell! 】

[Is this really solved from scraps? ? 】

[Miracle, this is a miracle! ! 】

[Ah, ah, the God of Clouds is so strong that it bursts! 】

After this jadeite was solved, all the people on Xingwang went crazy.

Countless people are fascinated by this jadeite, which is more precious than the glass species of imperial green, and even the stone gambling points battle between the two has been left behind.

What is this better than? What’s the comparability? !

Hehe, what jadeite can compare with the top jadeite like Peach Blossom Spring? !

#Gu Yunjie found the top glass species Peach Blossom Spring, worth 170 million! #

#Top peach blossom spring jade, rare to see in a hundred years#

The two tags quickly jumped to the top two of the hot search, and for a while, photos and introductions of this top jadeite were everywhere on Xingxing.com.

The popularity of the live broadcast room exploded, and all of them came to admire this top jadeite!

【beautiful. 】

[It turns out that this is Peach Blossom Spring, and the colors are really bright like peach blossoms. 】

[Wow, so beautiful that I want to cry. 】

[Once in a century, it is so beautiful that it cannot be described in words. 】

Not everyone in the empire likes to gamble on stones, but their preference for emeralds is consistent with their pursuit of beauty.

Such a clear, peach-colored, elegant and charming top jadeite has been loved by everyone, and they also remembered the name of the stone gambler who understood this jadeite – Gu Yun!

Liang Heng got on the Xingyu account and watched as Gu Yun’s fans rose at a rocket-like speed, 23 million, 24 million, 25 million… all the way to 32 million!

This number is no less than the number of fans of senior stone gamblers! !

And Gu Yun is fully qualified to rival the advanced stone gambler!

No matter how lively the Star Network is, the game between the two continues.

It’s a pity that the hibiscus species boxwood green jade that Ying Wenfeng finally solved has only a thin layer, which is slightly better than the skin green.

The thumb-sized cut surface exposed before is only the bottom part of the jade, which is equivalent to lying in the wool, so there is still a large piece of white cotton above.

However, even if he solved the ten kilograms of hibiscus, it still couldn’t compare to the top jadeite like the glass species Peach Blossom Spring!

The estimate given by Yan Ji is 10,000 stars.

Ying Wenfeng took out the last piece of wool with a pale face.

This piece of wool is palm-sized black sand, black as lacquer, and covered with a layer of wax shell, indicating that it is old.

There is a very small probability that this kind of black Usha wool will bet the glass species of imperial green jade, but obviously the probability of 99.99% is impossible, including this one of course.

Ying Wenfeng didn’t have any hope in his heart. He put the grinding wheel aside and cut a few cuts with a laser knife. No surprise, the cut surface was a white stone.

Although he understood in his heart, the moment he saw the result, he still felt an uncontrollable despair.

Lost, completely lost!

His reputation, his future, are all over! The owner of the house probably won’t let him go.

Ying Wenfeng shook violently, and lowered his head in despair, making it difficult to see his expression.

Bai Jing also took out the last piece of red sand leather wool.

With a few sharp knives, the cut surface is also a white stone.

The last piece of wool for both of them was gambled.

The whole gambling stone points competition has come to an end, and it has all ended.

The second-level stone gambler Gu Yun raised a total of three jadeites, namely the bean full green, the waxy white ground green and the glass peach blossom spring jade, with a total price of 174,650,000 stars.

The sixth-level stone gambler Ying Wenfeng raised a total of three jadeites, namely the ice-green scallion green, the bean-grey green, and the hibiscus boxwood-green jadeite, with a total price of 3,110,000 star coins.

If you only look at Ying Wenfeng’s betting growth rate and jade quality, it is very good.

In the pile of scraps, the betting growth rate reached 60%, and the high-grade jadeite such as ice green verdant green was solved, fully exerting the strength of a senior stone gambler.

Unfortunately, he met Gu Yun.

It is the genius stone gambler Gu Yun who has repeatedly bet on the best jadeite!

Lu Yuan and Yan Ji looked at each other and sighed: Even if they were to meet Gu Yun, they would still lose!

Ying Wenfeng may not have thought that, as a sixth-level stone gambler, he would lose to a second-level stone gambler!

Unfortunately, everything is self-inflicted.

The vice president of the Stone Gambling Association, Xi Bin, announced the final result: “Sixth-level stone gambler Ying Wenfeng competes with second-level stone gambler Gu Yun in the stone gambling points battle, and the final winner is Gu Yun!

According to the regulations, Ying Wenfeng deprived the sixth-level stone gambling master badge, cleared the points, and permanently quit the stone gambling world. ”

In the swipe of “The Strongest Cloud God” in the live broadcast room, Xi Bin took off the silver badge representing the sixth-level stone gambler on Ying Wenfeng’s chest.

At the same time, send a notice to the president to apply for the cancellation of all permissions of Ying Wenfeng, and transfer all the accumulated points and the 50 points awarded by the Stone Gambling Association to Gu Yun’s name.

At this moment, a sudden change occurred, Ying Wenfeng shoved Xi Bin away from him, pulled out the alloy dagger from his waist and rushed towards Gu Yun who was standing aside!

Just as Bai Jing was about to dodge sideways and restrain the opponent, he heard a ‘puchi’, the dull sound of a sharp weapon piercing the flesh, and Ying Wenfeng actually stabbed the dagger backhand into his throat!

Everything happened between lightning and flint, and the audience on Xingwang was stunned when they saw the gushing blood, and screamed.

Bai Jing was also stunned, whether it was Ying Wenfeng’s expression or movements, it was obvious that he was going to stab him to death!

Why did he stab himself instead—

“Ajing, are you alright?”

Gu Yuanchao was far away. Although he arrived beside Bai Jing in time, he was full of youthful figures and had no time to respond to Wenfeng, which led to the successful suicide of the other party.

Yan Ji stepped forward to take a breath and shook his head at the crowd.

The knife pierced so deeply that he was no longer breathing.

This stone betting point battle ended in a tragic situation, but because Ying Wenfeng wanted to assassinate Bai Jing, no one sympathized with him.

As for his death, it was also speculated that he could not accept the fact that his future was ruined and he was insane.

Perhaps because of the bad influence, news about him soon disappeared.

People continued to indulge in the joy of Gu Yun’s solution of the sky-high glass species Peach Blossom Spring, and they all sighed that Gu Yun deserved the title of “God of Clouds”.

Later generations wrote in the records about the “God-level stone gambler”:

This day is a day to remember.

The only god-level stone gambler in the empire proved his strength to everyone in a fully transparent live broadcast environment.

Bai Jing, who was still a second-level stone gambler at the time, defeated Ying Wenfeng, who was a sixth-level stone gambler, with an absolute advantage, laying an important foundation for him to become a god-level stone gambler.

Later generations recorded the date of August 19, 835 as the “Day of Miracles”.

At the same time, it is also the official birth day of the god-level stone gambler!

The author has something to say:

small theater:

Gu Shao: The fingertips are so beautiful, I really want to kiss them, and even bite them gently in my mouth.

Bai Jing: Give it.

Gu Shao: Really?><

White King: Homeopathic backpressure (bushi)

[Note]: The notes about the pine flowers and violets of the large plaster are taken from Baidu Encyclopedia.


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