God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 57

It was already night when Bai Jing and Gu Yuanchao took the spaceship to leave. Judging from the time, they were just able to reach Proxima Centauri the next morning.

After a full six hours of wool selection and more than an hour of calcite, Bai Jing looked a little tired, but Ying Wenfeng’s performance before his death made him a little concerned.

Because of the proximity, Bai Jing noticed that the other party was stabbed in the throat with horror in his eyes, indicating that Ying Wenfeng himself was also shocked by this action of his own, which shows that the other party did not want to commit suicide.

Really want to kill him.

Moreover, when the other party used the alloy dagger to stab at his throat instead of stabbing him, his arm was obviously very stiff and did not bend at all, which was not in line with common sense.

With the experience of the apocalypse, Bai Jing is very sensitive to the human body and the movements during the fight. Ying Wenfeng’s stabbing to death is more like being manipulated by something.

He frowned slightly, but his perception didn’t notice anyone around him.

Is it in the distance?

What is it that can manipulate a living person?

Gu Yuanchao stepped forward and said softly: “Ajing, don’t think about it, I will investigate it clearly, go to the dormancy warehouse and sleep for a while.”

Bai Jing nodded: “Okay.”

He really couldn’t take it anymore.

Watching Bai Jing enter the dormant warehouse to rest, Gu Yuanchao’s eyes suddenly cooled down, and he immediately dialed the video communication.

The man’s voice seemed to freeze: “How is Ying Wenfeng’s investigation?”

The opposite Qiao An looked solemn: “Reporting to Young Master Gu, according to the investigation these days, the relationship between Ying Wenfeng and the major families is very complicated.

Because of his S-level spiritual talent, he was once sponsored by the Du family, and was personally taught by the head of the Du family, the seventh-level stone gambler, Du Feng, for about half a year.

After being promoted to the sixth-level stone gambler, he was hired by Yuan Shi and Lei Shi successively to partition the rough jadeite stones, and was taken by Lei Shi to the auction house and public auctions to advise him. ”

The five aristocratic families of the capital star, or the five aristocratic families of the empire, are the Gu family, the Du family, the Tang family, the Yuan family, and the Lei family.

Except for Tang’s focus on mecha manufacturing and rarely involving rough jadeite, the other four major families have their own rough stone mines and related industries.

After all, the cost of mining rough ore is not high, but the profit is extremely high. From the mining area, to gambling stones, to unraveling jadeite, to extracting energy liquid, gene liquid, and holding auctions, a whole chain of interests has been formed.

No one didn’t want to take a piece of the pie, not to mention the five great families in the imperial capital.

As a rare senior stone gambler in the empire, Ying Wenfeng has a certain connection with the three major families, so it is not surprising.

However, these three major families all have a certain competitive relationship with the Gu family, and who is behind them needs to be further explored.

Gu Yuanchao frowned: “What about his brain, who has been most closely connected with in the past week?”

Qiao An replied: “The information center has been asked to find Ying Wenfeng’s optical brain data.

It’s just… His optical brain has been transformed, and it is equipped with the most advanced data instant cleaning system and anti-reconnaissance system, and the messages sent will be destroyed immediately.

We’re recovering in full force, but time-”

Gu Yuanchao said solemnly, “I understand.”

Data destruction and cleaning are different. After data destruction, it is difficult to recover. I am afraid that it cannot be recovered within a year or a half.

Qiao An: “Young Master Gu, could it be the Du family?

After all, the Du family sponsored Ying Wenfeng, and Du Feng personally taught him for a long time, and the relationship is the closest.

And you have always been reluctant to marry the Du family, and their malicious revenge is also possible. ”

Gu Yuanchao pondered: “This possibility cannot be ruled out.”

It’s just that Du Feng has come into contact with him, so the behavior of such a villain is not like his style.

“Where are Ying Wenfeng’s family?”

Joan was silent for a moment before saying: “His family suffered an accident on the spaceship that was going to Wasteland Star today. The entire spaceship exploded in the middle of the flight, and more than 100 passengers survived.

The person we were in charge of tracking also died, and there was no news before his death. ”

The corners of Gu Yuanchao’s lips pursed lightly: “Place their families well and give out more pensions.”

The aristocratic family behind Ying Wenfeng’s methods were too ruthless. At this point, basically all clues were destroyed.

His knuckled fingers wrote stroke by stroke on the table, Du Shi, Lei Shi, Yuan Shi, who are they?

When Gu Yuanchao thought of Ying Wenfeng’s death, his eyes were full of shock and disbelief.

Someone took control of him.

Could it be drug control?

At that time, the situation was chaotic. The only person who had contact with Ying Wenfeng was Vice President Xi Bin. The contact time was when he took off the silver badge from his chest.

drug control.

Gu Yuanchao tapped lightly on the table with his fingers and played back the scene in his mind.

He can be sure that Ying Wenfeng was conscious when he stabbed Bai Jing with the knife, and only became terrified when he stabbed himself.

If the drug has a certain attack time, when it is controlled, his expression should not be panic, but numbness.

At least from the expression, the other party’s consciousness is awake from beginning to end, but he can’t control his own body.

Should not be drug controlled.

Gu Yuanchao crossed out this option in his mind.

As for what controlled Ying Wenfeng, there may be an answer in his corpse.

And Ying Wenfeng’s body was taken away by people from the Stone Gambling Guild.

Gu Yuanchao dialed the video communication of the president of the Stone Gambling Association.

The president of the Stone Gambling Association apparently also knew about Ying Wenfeng’s suicide, and he looked solemn across the screen.

Gu Yuanchao asked straight to the point: “President, Ying Wenfeng most likely committed suicide because he was controlled by others.

I think drug control is less likely, do you think there are other possibilities? ”

Gambling Stone’s president looked sad: “Maybe it’s mental control.”

People who are extremely skilled in the use of mental power can temporarily control people with lower mental power through higher mental power.

Ying Wenfeng’s mental power level is S-level, only those with a higher level than him can control him, or two or more are both S-level for joint control.

In any case, at least one of the three senior stone gamblers he sent was an inner ghost.

In order to ensure the absolute fairness of the stone gambling points battle, the people he sent this time were all his cronies who had been cultivated by himself, but he did not expect to be penetrated by the family.

In the future, will the Stone Gambling Association really be able to stand on its own and become an organization independent of each family?

Thinking of this, the president’s face suddenly aged a lot.

Gu Yuanchao’s eyes were cold: “Since you guessed that it is mental control, then you must have an answer in your heart?”

The president of the Stone Gambling Guild shook his head gently: “Not sure yet.

Vice-chairman Xi Bin and sixth-level stone gambler Lu Yuan both had 2S mental power levels, while Yan Ji’s was S-level.

However, the control of mental power cannot be judged by the level alone, but also the precision and proficiency of the use of mental power. ”

He sighed softly: “When Ying Wenfeng’s body is brought back, I will check it myself, hoping to find some clues.”

Gu Yuanchao’s voice was cold and solemn: “Then it will trouble the president. If there is any news, I hope to inform you as soon as possible.”

There was also a cold light in the eyes of the president of the Stone Gambling Association: “I also want to see who betrayed the Stone Gambling Association.”

The communication hung up, Gu Yuanchao raised his hand and sent a message to Qiao An.

[Go and check the relationship between Xi Bin, Lu Yuan, Yan Ji and various families, and focus on Xi Bin. 】

After all, this person has the most contact with Ying Wenfeng, and his mental power level is 2S.

[Joan: Yes, Master Gu! 】


When Bai Jing woke up from the dormant chamber, the spaceship had already stopped at the space station of Proxima Centauri.

As soon as I got home from the hover car, I only heard a ‘di’ from the light brain and updated the basic data:

ID: 1053166247

Name: Bai Jing

Sex: Male

Age: 18

Status: Citizen of the Galactic Empire

Gene class: C class

Physical fitness level: A level

Spiritual power level: S level

[Skill Title: Level 4 Stone Gambler]

[Accumulated points: 242]

[Gambling rate: 34.48%]

From the second-level stone gambler to two levels in a row, he was directly promoted to the fourth-level stone gambler!

Ying Wenfeng’s points totaled 170 points, plus the 50 points awarded by the Stone Gambling Association and the points accumulated by Bai Jing himself, there were a total of 242 points.

The seven-level stone gambler’s point requirement is more than 200 points.

That is to say, as long as the betting rate reaches 60%, he will be able to advance to the seventh-level stone gambler!

A smile flashed across Bai Jing’s brown eyes. It was not difficult for him to increase the betting rate.

After signing up for the stone gambling battle as usual, he entered the room and took out the unfinished piece of black jade.

Ying Wenfeng proposed this stone betting point battle. According to regulations, he must pay a deposit of 5 million stars in advance as the cost of this game.

Therefore, the ownership of the wool material selected by the two, including the jade that was solved, is obtained by both parties participating in the stone gambling battle.

Except for the broken piece of red sand fur, the rest of the jadeite was kept in the space button of Baijing.

The top jadeite worth 170 million star coins is really exciting.

But when they saw the Imperial Major General beside Gu Yun, no one dared to move.

The fist-sized black stone was chipped away, revealing most of the jadeite facets, leaving only the angular parts.

Bai Jing rubbed the stone little by little with a grinding wheel, and it took more than 40 minutes to completely solve it.

A thin white line of spiritual power protruded from the body, circled around the black jadeite, and finally poked the surface of the jadeite with a thin white tip.

Bai Jing sealed the black jade in a silver box as usual, and put it in the space button.

Feeling the dissatisfaction from his mental power, Bai Jing calmed down a little and began to extract the ice seed and glass seed Yang green jade that weighed more than ten kilograms.

Boxes of clear and green energy liquid were extracted, and with the owner’s permission, the thin line of spiritual power poked the white tip into it, and ‘gudonggudong’ was full.

Whenever the mental power is about to be exhausted, he reaches into the silver box to replenish energy.

After doing this several times, he finally reached the limit. His mental strength hiccupped contentedly, rubbed the tip of Bai Jing’s fingertips with the tip, and retracted it into his body.

Woo, the host is so warm!

It’s just that it is still very weak, and these energies need to be digested well.

When Gu Yuanchao came back in the early morning, he was not surprised to see silver energy boxes on the table.

In addition, there are also the waxy white ground green and the top glass peach blossom spring jade that have been wagered in this point battle.

Gu Yuanchao carefully put the energy box and two pieces of jade into the space button.

It looks like the next auction will be held soon.

The publicity time this time is sufficient, and the emerald at the finale is also enough to attract people’s attention.

Obviously, the rare jadeite can’t be auctioned at the Proxima Centauri branch. It must be auctioned at the Capital Star’s head office in order to exert its value.

Just as he was thinking, a video communication sounded in his light brain.

Gu Yuanchao’s face changed slightly when he saw the name displayed on his brain, and he quickly returned to the room and turned on the sound shielding device.


In the video, it is a mature and handsome male face, who looks only in his thirties, but in fact the other party’s actual age has reached his fifties.

His appearance is like a replica of Gu Yuanchao, but he is more mature than the latter, adding to the precipitation of the years, and he looks particularly majestic.

He is Gu Jinzhou, the current owner of the Gu family.

The head of the Gu family: “As the heir of the Gu family, you have done a good job.

That stone gambler named Bai Jing, you must win over him well, he may be able to replace your uncle Gu Liubai and make Gu family enduring in the stone gambling world! ”

As the owner of the Gu family, he is naturally aware of all the branches and side branches of the Gu family. With the power of the Gu family, it is not difficult to know a person’s background.

Gu Yuanchao frowned subconsciously, maybe at first he valued the opponent’s talent and luck in gambling, but now——

In the name of Bai Jing betting on the top glass species Peach Blossom Spring, he intends to directly showdown: “Father, there is one thing I want to emphasize again: I will never marry Du Jingya of Du Shi.

No excuses this time, because I have someone I like. ”

The head of the Gu family was silent for a moment: “Is that the stone gambler named Bai Jing?”

Gu Yuanchao: “Yes.”

Patriarch Gu’s face darkened slightly: “I admit that he is very talented and looks good.

However, the marriage with the Du family is a combination of the interests of the two great families of the empire, not a child’s play of love! ”

Gu Yuanchao did not give in: “I promise to use other methods to promote the interests of the two families to cooperate, and there is no need to use the method of marriage.”

Patriarch Gu paused for a moment before saying coldly, “Remember what you said.” The video hung up, and a smile appeared on Gu Yuanchao’s lips. Now, he is finally qualified to pursue Bai Jing in an open and honest manner.

He understood that the main reason why his father would compromise so quickly was because of the boy’s talent for gambling stones.

Otherwise, I am afraid there will be many twists and turns.


When Bai Jing woke up from the bed, he stretched a lot, um, his own bed was the most comfortable.

While washing, he seemed to hear a ‘ping-ping-ping-ping’ sound from outside.

Listening to the sound, it seems to be in the… kitchen?

The sound insulation of the room is very good, and if he can hear it, the sound should be loud.

Bai Jing washed away the remaining foam on his mouth, opened the door and walked towards the kitchen, when he saw the scene in front of him, he couldn’t help but be stunned.

A tall man wearing a pink apron is making breakfast with his back to the white scene.

A normal-sized apron is obviously a bit small when worn on a man who is 1.9 meters tall. The fabric is stretched tightly, revealing strong muscle lines. The picture looks very inconsistent and a little funny.

“Gu Yuanchao?” Bai Jing called out in confusion.

Is the man at home today?

Hearing the young man’s crisp voice, Gu Yuanchao’s body stiffened, and he almost dropped the fried egg he had finally made on the ground.

The housework robot Alpha 01 immediately helped straighten the tableware and brought breakfast to the dining table in the living room.

“Well, I’ll give it a try.”

Gu Yuanchao rudely untied the apron that was stuck on his body, and moved the garbage disposal below without a trace.

The first time I cook, it is inevitable that some ingredients are wasted, but biodegradation technology can be used as nutrients for natural crops.

With a “呲la” sound, the poor apron couldn’t resist the strength of the Imperial Major General’s subordinates, and a long gap was suddenly cracked.


Seeing the man’s stiff and overwhelmed expression, Bai Jing couldn’t help laughing out loud. Gu Yuanchao like this made him feel a little cute.

“Ajing, don’t laugh.”

Gu Yuanchao tore his apron in half, walked up to the smiling boy with his eyes curled, and lowered his head to kiss him suddenly.

Bai Jing’s beautiful brown eyes widened slightly, and the other party’s kiss was strong and restrained. It seemed that as long as the boy pushed gently, he could stop him.

The fair and slender fingers stretched out from the side, but they did not push him away as the other party thought, but grabbed his collar and pulled it down sharply——

Gu Yuanchao’s body tensed in an instant, his arms as strong as iron pincers tightly wrapped around the slender waist of the young man, and kissed him deeply.

The scorching breaths were intertwined, the lips and teeth were intertwined, and it seemed that even the air was going to burn.

Alpha 01, who had put away his breakfast, ran over and covered his electronic eyes with a round robotic arm.

Woohoo, master, breakfast is going to be cold!

After a while, Gu Yuanchao used all his self-control to let go of the boy in his arms.

The other party breathed lightly, and the soft lips were covered with a light layer of water, which was particularly attractive, making his eyes darken a bit.

“Ajing, you eat first, I’ll take a bath.” Gu Yuanchao said in a hoarse voice.


Bai Jing’s face was a little red, and the two of them were very close just now, so he could naturally feel the other’s strong reaction.

Ahem, as expected of a 3S-level body, there is also, extraordinary.

Bai Jing took a bite of the fried egg, and the taste was okay, just a little salty.

It seems that Gu Yuanchao’s cooking skills are not too bad.

If he knew that this was Master Gu’s special video to ask the chef of the ‘Empire Rose Restaurant’ and learned it after watching it a dozen times, it might be another evaluation.

After breakfast, Bai Jing received news from Yilan.

[Ilan: Your mecha ‘Changkong’ has been remodeled. Do you have time to pick it up this afternoon? 】

Bai Jing naturally has time.

He replied to Elan immediately and would be there on time at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

By the time Gu Yuanchao came out of the bathroom, Bai Jing had already finished his breakfast.

However, he did not return to the room, and was still waiting in his seat. When he saw Gu Yuanchao, a bright smile appeared on his lips.

The man also laughed, and when he passed by the boy, he brought a damp and cold air on his body, which almost froze him.

This is a bit exaggerated, isn’t it?

Bai Jing widened his beautiful brown eyes and looked at the other party without blinking, even wondering if the other party’s body would freeze because of this.


“Ajing, don’t look at me like that.”

Gu Yuanchao quickly finished his breakfast, unable to bear it any longer, covered his clear eyes with his cool big hands, his voice was **** and hoarse.

If it goes on like this, he is going to take a cold shower again.

Although his physique is strong, it will be very uncomfortable if he stays like this.

“All right.”

Bai Jing blinked, and the long and thin eyelashes swept across Gu Yuanchao’s palm like a small fan, making him tremble, and quickly retracted his hand.

Gu Yuanchao stood up abruptly: “I’ll go to Gu’s first, and I’ll be back early in the evening to accompany you to drive the mecha.”

The young man’s crisp and pleasant voice came from behind, with a little excited tone: “Okay, I’ll wait for you to come back.”

This time, he didn’t want to drive Yinguang with Gu Yuanchao, he wanted to try to play against the opponent’s mecha – using the modified mecha.

The author has something to say:

According to everyone’s request, there won’t be too many mecha parts, so I’ll consider putting them on the sidelines, okay?

Small Theater 1:

Gu Shao: Oh, I finally got a kiss><

still want more QAQ

Bai Jing: Well, the 3S-level body is really perfect.

Small Theater 2:

Tang Clan: The Tang Clan focuses on mechas, and there is no competition with the Gu Clan. The person behind the scenes is not me.

Du Shi: Although Du Shi has funded and taught Ying Wenfeng, the Du family has an upright family style and won’t do such petty things. The person behind the scenes is not me.

Lei Shi: Lei Shi and Ying Wenfeng are just an employment relationship, the person behind the scenes is not me.

Yuanshi: Yuanshi and Ying Wenfeng are also just an employment relationship, the person behind the scenes is not me.



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