God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 58

After Gu Yuanchao left, Bai Jing returned to his room.

Yingbai’s slender fingers lightly touched the slightly swollen lips, and unconsciously recalled the kiss just now in her mind.

Hot, hot, with a strong possessiveness, in addition to the other party’s, and his.

Bai Jing’s beautiful brown eyes narrowed slightly: Well, I feel pretty good, and I’m even a little addicted to it.

Bai Jing, who has experienced the end of the world, understands the biggest truth: cherish the present.

Don’t wait until the end of your life to regret it.

He thought of the team he joined when he first formed a team to kill zombies.

The captain and vice-captain are both men, one is taciturn, the other is arrogant.

Obviously they are in love with each other, but they have not been together for a long time because they are worried about affecting each other and their respective personalities.

When they finally expressed their intentions, the entire team offered their blessings, and the taciturn captain personally gave the deputy team a ring.

This is one of the supplies the team scavenged on the way, a very simple silver ring, not even the right size.

But the always arrogant and arrogant deputy team put away the ring with tears in his eyes.

For fear of losing it, it was specially strung with a rope and worn around the neck.

Unexpectedly, a few days later, they were attacked by a group of zombies in the middle of the night.

The deputy team was unfortunately caught by the zombies, and before the mutation, he rushed into the zombie group with an explosive pack——

The moment the bomb exploded, he also turned into countless flesh and blood, not even a whole corpse.

Before dying, he pulled the ring off his neck and threw it into the resolute captain’s hand.

The captain at that time did not show unnecessary grief, he still has a mission, and he has to take the other members of the team back…

When the zombies besieged the base two months later, the taciturn leader rushed to the front like a madman, and finally perished with the fourth-level zombies when his abilities were exhausted, and he still held the ring in his hand when he died.

Later, when Bai Jing went to claim the captain’s belongings, he found a diary.

In fact, it can’t be called a diary, because there are only two lines in the whole article:

If I show my heart when I meet you, I won’t miss so much time.

I hope that in the next life, we will meet at a small time, and we will hold hands to the end of our life and live up to our fleeting years.

Bai Jing woke up from his memories, and the thoughts in his heart became firmer.

Gu Yuanchao likes him, and he also has a good impression of Gu Yuanchao, why can’t he try to be together?

No matter what the final result is, he can bear it and will not regret it.

There are flowers that can be folded straight and must be folded, don’t wait until there are no flowers to break the branches.

Bai Jing lowered his eyes slightly, he seemed to strive to break the flower of Young Master Gu as soon as possible?

However, given the current strength and level gap between the two, it seems a bit difficult.

Forget it, let’s exercise mental strength first.

Bai Jing extracted a lot of energy liquid again, until the mental power was completely indigestible, and he retracted into the body to rest with a ‘hiccup’.

Put the energy liquid into the instrument to test, this time the purity has reached 61.25%, which is the attribute of the sixth-level energy box!

The auction reserve price of the sixth-level energy box is 5 million star coins, and only senior energy engineers can extract it, which is absolutely huge profit.

What’s more, what Baijing is extracting is still the icy green jadeite outside, which belongs to the 5th grade jadeite according to the level, which is the huge profit of the huge profit!

The purity he extracted last time was still the fifth-grade best, but now he has extracted the sixth-grade energy liquid, which shows that his spiritual power has improved again!

Among the jadeite weighing more than ten kilograms, the six or seven kilograms of ice yang green at the periphery have been completely extracted and slowly turned into rough stones. Only the glass seed yang green jade in the center is left, which is almost green. .

In addition, he also has a piece of high ice yellow sun green, a colorless glass seed, and a glass king green jadeite, all of which are waiting for him to extract.

‘After extracting these 6th grade jadeites in order from middle grade to top grade, you should be able to extract the energy from the two black jadeites. ’

Bai Jing thought so.

However, it will take at least a month.

He really wanted to know the secret in that black emerald.

Bai Jing faintly felt that there was not only energy in it, but other things, perhaps related to spiritual power.


At three o’clock in the afternoon, Bai Jingru, wearing black-rimmed glasses, came to Yilan’s studio, the abandoned factory.

When he saw the dark blue mecha standing in the open space in the center of the factory, he was slightly taken aback.

The light blue shell was coated with a thick layer of protective material, turning it into a heavier dark blue.

The whole mecha seems to be covered with a translucent film, polished to be very bright, as if glowing.

The laser rays on the shoulders were added with a long-range transmitter, and the blade of the titanium alloy knife on the waist seemed to be sharper.

What satisfies him most is the small hole on the index finger of the left hand of the mecha, which is only the size of a coin, and can never be seen unless you look carefully.

It’s hard to imagine that it is equipped with such a highly lethal concealed weapon as a nanostring.

Seeing that Bai Jing didn’t show a critical look, Yilan breathed a sigh of relief in her heart.

This is the first time she has received such a high cost of transformation, a full eight million stars, and it is still a one-time payment!

For a low-level mecha division, this is a great trust, lest the transformation is not good.

Now it seems that the other party should be satisfied.

She begins: “Because you’re on a budget, I’ve done a lot of bold remodeling.

The first is the fuselage protection. The whole body is coated with special protective materials, which can reduce the damage caused by the attack by about 5%-10%. ”

While explaining, Yilan sent the data analysis list to Bai Jing, which listed the damage values ​​and corresponding damage reduction values ​​of many weapons in order.

Weapons from weak to strong, the protection attributes gradually decrease, at a glance.

Bai Jing read it carefully and saved the data: “You are very meticulous.”

A flash of excitement flashed between Yilan’s brows, and even his voice became much more cheerful: “The second is long-range weapons, according to your requirements, the range has been increased by 2 times, and the longest range can reach 10KM.

At the same time, the flash feature is attached, and when it is shot, a dazzling white light will burst out, thus disturbing the opponent’s line of sight. ”

Yilan showed Bai Jing the video she recorded during the test. As a mecha maker, you must know the basic operations of the mecha.

When the laser rays on the shoulders were emitted, a burst of dazzling white light erupted. Even through the screen, the dazzling light could be felt. Bai Jing squinted slightly, and was very satisfied with the effect.

“The third modification is the modification of the melee weapon-titanium alloy long knife. The ink alloy is fused at the blade to make the blade sharper and the hardness can reach 7.”

White Spot nodded, the hardness of the previous weapon was 6, which has indeed increased.

Elan: “The last modification is the nanostring on the right index finger of the mech.

Equipped with the highest-grade and most sensitive micro-transmitter on the market, with additional mute instruments and adhesive glue, to ensure that the launch is silent, accurate and error-free! ”

This is also the hardest part of all the renovations.

Several other places are conventional transformations, and only the transformation of this stealth weapon can really test the ability of a mecha.

The nanostrings are so sharp that they nearly cut through the mecha shell many times when equipped.

At the same time, the nano-filaments are very light in weight, and the mute and adhesive devices attached to the tip also need to be light enough and tiny, otherwise it will affect the angle and speed after the launch.

It took Elan to debug hundreds of times to find the best installation position and launch angle. After continuous testing, he finally achieved the desired effect.

For this reason, she stayed up for several nights, with big dark circles around her eyes, and she slept for two whole days before recovering.

But it’s all worth it.

She transformed the best mecha within her ability!

Outside the factory, there is a thick steel plate specially used for testing, and Baijing entered the cockpit, ready to feel the effect of nanostrings.

The arm of the mecha stretched out, and the tip of the index finger of the left hand revealed a coin-sized hole. Under the action of the launcher, the nanostring shot out at a speed like lightning, and instantly stuck to the steel plate.

The hair-like silver thin line is like an invisible light in the void, which cannot be observed with the naked eye at all.

Even if Ilan stands alone and observes carefully, it is difficult to find it, not to mention that the opponent is observing in a mecha as high as ten meters.

will definitely not be discovered.

The dark blue mecha teleported to the back side of the steel plate, and the nano-strings also tugged. I saw that the steel plate with a thickness of twenty centimeters broke from the middle like cutting tofu, and fell diagonally to the ground, splashing a burst of dust. .

Bai Jing put away the nanostring, and continued to pop it in another direction, testing its efficacy from all angles, while looking for the feel.

In less than 30 seconds, the huge steel plate like half a wall was cut to pieces, turned into countless pieces and fell down, turning into a pile of scrap iron.

Yilan was stunned from the side, is this the mecha warrior?

This kind of speed and lethality is really terrifying!

When she was testing, she also tried nanostrings. For her, it was just a weapon that was not easy to find, and it could not even reach one-thousandth of the damage to the opponent.

That is…. her steel plates are also very expensive.

Bai Jing jumped down from the arm of the mecha swiftly, and saw the girl staring blankly at the scrap metal on the ground, coughed dryly, and transferred 1 million star coins to her.

When Yilan heard the prompt from Guangnao, she suddenly opened her eyes when she saw the star coins received in the account.

One million stars!

This client is really nice.

In fact, because it was the first time that he received such a high modification fee, Yilan was afraid that he would not be able to meet the standard of customer satisfaction, so he used the best micro-transmitter and other materials that could be selected within the conditions.

So in the end, the 8 million modification cost is almost nothing.

However, Yilan has no regrets. She has learned a lot from more than a week of modification practice and gained a lot of experience. At the same time, she has also improved the design and concept of weapons.

It was a good experience.

To some extent, Bai Jing made a lot of money.

If you hire a famous mid-level mecha at the same cost, the overall attributes will probably drop by more than one level.

Yilan expressed his gratitude after receiving one million stars.

With this part of the extra funds, she earned 600,000 to 700,000 star coins in total, which just offset the manual cost, perfect!

Bai Jing put the dark blue mecha into the space button, and agreed with the other party that if there is any problem, he can send it here for free debugging, and then left.

When he got home, he couldn’t wait to board the simulation training room, intending to test the performance of the mecha in all aspects.

Coach Yao Tian hasn’t seen Alpha for three days, and he misses him very much.

Since Alpha went from a rookie to L3 with almost a winning streak, their Lingyun Club came back to life from a state of decay and completely got rid of the fate of going bankrupt.

Although it can’t keep up with the top clubs, the number of students has been increasing, and now the training rooms are no longer empty.

He also brought a few talented students, but all of them were not as good as Alpha.

Alpha is the most outstanding student he has seen for more than ten years. No one can compare with the terrifying ability of reaction and learning of the teenager!

After Bai Jing went online, coach Yao Tian was already waiting for him in the training room.

This advanced training room became Bai Jing’s exclusive training room, and the club would keep it for him whether he was there or not.

Compared with the value brought by the youth, this is just a drop in the bucket.

Yao Tian was very happy when he saw the dark blue space button hanging on Bai Jing’s neck: “Alpha, has your mecha modified?”

Bai Ding nodded: “Yes, coach.”

Yao Tian: “Then let’s leave today’s training first, run in with the mecha first, and test the attributes by the way.”

A few days ago, when Alpha participated in the online mecha competition, he used the ordinary second-level mecha provided by the club.

These mechas are for novice students, and their performance is average in all aspects. In addition, they are not commonly used mechas, and Alpha unfortunately lost two games.

Yao Tian has seen these two games. Basically, Alpha has used the attributes of the mecha to the extreme. Unfortunately, the opponent may be slightly less capable, but the level of the mecha is completely suppressed, so he still loses in the end.

But even so, the teenager successfully advanced to L3 with a terrifying win rate of 102 wins and 2 losses, and became a new star in this online mecha budget competition. He was dubbed the “Rookie King”, and countless people went crazy for him!

With him, the games are full, and his popularity is comparable to that of many well-known players!

Now that Alpha’s mecha has been refitted, I believe he will shine brighter in the future!

The modified mecha Baijing was not yet fully familiar with, so Yao Tian set up a [simulated scene] for him to practice.

This mode is very similar to the first time he sat in the cockpit of the mecha silver light, watching Gu Yuanchao kill all kinds of alien beasts.

The map Yao Tian chose for him was [Desert Scene], the mode was set to [Elementary], and he observed the data from outside the field.

The alien beasts in the primary mode do not appear fast, which is just suitable for practice, and there are exact damage statistics in the simulation scene, which can better analyze the data and check the effect of the mecha transformation.

Bai Jing’s eyes flashed, and when he opened his eyes again, he was already in the desert.

The thin line of mental power automatically connects to the induction helmet, and a gust of sand hits, you can feel the dryness and heat of the air.

Yao Tian’s voice came from the earplugs: “Alpha, concentrate, the first alien beast will appear in 20 seconds.

It may look scary, but the real beasts are more ferocious, all you have to do is kill them! ”

He thought it was the first time the boy had experienced such a scene, so he reminded him.

Bai Jing’s voice was very calm: “Thank you coach, I know.”

Soon, the sand pile in front of him began to surge, and something was gathering momentum inside.

Suddenly, a giant centipede with a length of more than 20 meters burst out from the bulge, with sharp mouthparts.

There are more than fifty pairs of hooked feet in front of the upright body, taller than the mecha, leaving a long shadow on the ground, and swooping towards him with a neigh.

The dark blue mecha jumped high, and with the right hand, he pulled out the long titanium alloy knife around his waist.

The sound of metal slamming sounded, the giant centipede was in pain, and a sharp neigh broke out in its mouth. The sharp mouthparts were wide open, and attacked the cockpit of Baijing. At the same time, the hooked jaws sprayed venom. The entire mech melted away!

The dark blue mecha flashed and teleported to the back of the giant centipede. The long titanium alloy knife reflected the cold light of Senbai, and slashed at the ‘sac’ behind its head!

Blue blood spurted out, and the desert centipede separated from its head. Before dying, its tail was raised high. It wanted to launch the last blow, but Bai Jing quickly avoided it, and fell to the ground unwillingly.

Yao Tian also obtained the data after the transformation of the titanium alloy long knife. The explosive force is 6,200 ren, which is about 20% higher than before.

Yao Tian said through earplugs: “The effect of melee weapons is good, and the attack power has been significantly improved. Next, we can test long-range weapons.”

Bai Jing: “Understood.”

About thirty seconds later, a second alien beast appeared in the desert—a giant lizard nearly twenty meters long.

Instead of actively attacking, it hides behind the dunes, and its khaki skin almost blends in with the environment.

Seeing Bai Jing standing motionless, it jumped out of the sand dune in front of him, his sturdy limbs were extraordinarily flexible, and his speed was extremely fast.

When approaching the dark blue mecha, it sticks out a bright red tongue that is more than ten meters long. The mucus on it is very corrosive, enough to completely destroy the mecha shell!

Bai Jing’s hands moved rapidly on the console, and the mecha rose into the sky in an instant, pulling away from the giant lizard.

The lizard also jumped up high, and at the moment when it landed, two laser beams shot out in a flash, and a dazzling white light burst out when they were launched. .

The red laser beam pierced through the body from the head, and it twitched and died.

Yao Tian narrowed his eyes the moment the white beam erupted, but when he opened it again, he could still feel the black spot in front of him.

That is the sequelae of the eyes after the intense light, which shows that this transformation is really good.

The three alien beasts were a desert python.

It is more than 30 meters long, and it walks silently. When the triangular head stands tall, the cold and oppressive feeling is suffocating.

When the giant python’s 180-degree **** mouth attacked, Bai Jing operated the mecha to avoid it sideways, and at the same time shot the launcher under its head.

The smooth snake skin could not prevent the adhesive from sticking tightly. The silver thread seemed to connect the desert python and the arm of the mecha like a transparent thread.

It stood upright to capture the movement of the light blue mecha with only an afterimage left, and frantically swung its tail, twisting its body—

In the next instant, without any warning, the 30-meter-long desert python was cut into countless pieces. The **** scene caused Yao Tian outside the arena to look away slightly.

More importantly, what just happened? !

He thought that Alpha was just testing the range of long-range weapons, but he didn’t expect such a shocking scene.

Coach Yao Tian replayed the video and finally noticed the invisible silver thread.

Immediately excited in my heart, this is definitely a surprise move!

It can be used as a secret tool during battles!

He is already imagining the scene where Alpha shocked everyone in the cyber mecha competition, and he will definitely catch his opponent off guard!

Bai Jing quickly completed the primary training, and the score given by the system was 100 points.

After continuing to pass the intermediate training, Bai Jing was basically familiar with the modified dark blue mecha, and fought against Yao Tian a few times.

After a few games, the two have their own victories and defeats. Of course, Yao Tian has a higher winning percentage overall.

But Bai Jing has accumulated a lot of experience after hundreds of battles, and he can even summarize the coach’s move rules in these battles, so as to make predictions.

And the rare invisible weapon such as nanostrings has improved his winning rate in battle. Even though Yao Tian has tried his best to be careful, he is still entangled several times and loses his ability to move.

Yao Tian was once again shocked by Alpha’s terrifying power of observation and judgment. I was afraid that it would not take long for the other party to surpass him.

The training continued until about 7 o’clock in the evening, when Bai Jing went offline.

After watching Gu Yuanchao’s training video for a while, he walked to the kitchen.

Gu Yuanchao sent a message at noon saying that they could have dinner together when they came back at 8 pm.

Since the other party made breakfast, let him cook dinner.

The author has something to say:

Bai Jing: How did you break this flower?

Gu Shao: Ah Jing, you can fold it however you want (lie down automatically)


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