God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 6

After Joan and the others left, the silent hall seemed to explode, and everyone was talking frantically.

“Young Master Gu? Is that the Young Master Gu I’ve heard of, he actually came to Proxima Centauri?”

“Oh my god, is that the 3S-level gene rank, Young Master Gu who became a major general of the Empire at the age of twenty-four?!”

“Of course, otherwise, who else can be worthy of the title of Young Master Gu!”

“Gu Shao, as the eldest son of the first chaebol, is simply too perfect, I really don’t know who is worthy of—”

“Young men and women in the entire empire want to marry Young Master Gu, but he doesn’t lie to anyone.”

“Didn’t the Gu family want to marry the Du family?

Du Jingya, the second daughter of the Du family, is very talented, and she is a fifth-level stone gambler when she just turned 20! This is unique in the entire empire. ”


“Yeah,” the other person lowered his voice, “but Young Master Gu disagrees, and he promised the family that he will marry someone he likes and who is worthy of him!”

“Hey, that’s impossible, right? Besides a talented stone gambler like Miss Du, who else can be worthy of Young Master Gu?”

“Isn’t it—”

Bai Jing’s keen five senses heard the communication of the person next to him, but his focus was on the genetic level.

The genetic level of this young master is 3S? He called up his attribute panel, and the gene level on it was only D.

Gene level refers to a person’s potential, and the higher the level, the stronger the potential.

For example, the currently high-profile imperial sergeant must be recruited with a genetic level of B or above; and a genetic level of A can only be used to drive advanced mechas.

The reason why people in the slums have no way out is because the genetic level is very low. In the era of such advanced technology, there is no use at all, and they can only rely on imperial relief.

‘Gu Shao – Gu Yuanchao. ‘ Bai Jing searched with his brain and silently kept the name in his heart.

In the apocalypse, strength is everything, everyone longs for a strong man, and Bai Jing is no exception. He hopes to one day fight against this 3S strong man named ‘Gu Yuanchao’.

“It’s here!” Outside the door, a woman in a royal blue dress shouted first.

“Young Master Gu, ah ah ah, I’m your fan!”

“Young Master Gu, I love you—”

“Young Master Gu—!”

Bai Jing was about to leave when he saw thousands of young men and women crowded into the gambling stone shop at the entrance of the hall.

Bai Jing was stunned for a rare moment, he had never seen such a terrifying scene before.

Young men and women dressed in all kinds of gorgeous clothes swarmed up, each with a morbid excitement on their faces, hoarsely shouting the name of Young Master Gu, pushing hard like crazy, their hair was messy and embarrassed, Some even had their clothes torn.

Compared with such a huge crowd, the fans of the two stone gamblers just now are nothing at all.


Gu’s uniformed staff were tall and grim-faced, and wore various advanced equipment around their waists.

They were well-trained around each other and showed no pity, but within a few minutes, the fanatical fans were kicked out of the stone gambling shop and the isolation device was activated.

The hall soon returned to normal, and the stone betting battle continued.

Bai Jing quickly left the gambling stone shop, and turned to a remote road after 20 minutes.

This is his newly rented long-term rental room, 3,000 stars a month, which is much cheaper than the daily payment.

When he was halfway, Bai Jing’s body froze. The sense of crisis that he had cultivated for a long time in the last days made him roll quickly to the left, only to hear the sound of ‘bang bang’, and there were two white smokes left at his position just now. bullet holes.

The monitoring devices on both sides of the road have been destroyed, and the sound shielding device is also running, and no one will pass by on this remote path.

Jiao Gui’s face was full of blue and purple, and he looked very embarrassed. He roared fiercely at the two tall men in black next to him: “It’s this **** bastard, kill him for me—”

It’s the **** of this slum that made him lose everything!

Mr. Gu has issued a ban order on Xingxing.com, and will not provide any commercial support in the future. His business and his life are all over!

Jiao Gui’s eyes were about to split, and his teeth were rattling.

There’s nothing he can do about Mr. Gu, but this little bastard, he must rip off his skin with his own hands, and then stab him with thousands of knives to relieve the hatred in his heart!

Bai Jing dodged the light bullet of the man in black extremely fast, and his figure was so fast that only an afterimage remained. He took out the energy gun from behind his waist, and while dodging the bullets sideways, he aimed at a man in black, and pulled the trigger.

There was only a muffled sound, the bullet was right between the eyebrows, and the sound of ‘bang’ exploded blood flowers, blood and flesh splattered everywhere.

The man in black, who lost his head, fell heavily to the ground, and the blood on his neck was spurting. Another man in black touched the minced meat that had been splashed on his face, and was stunned for a moment, before he was shot in the head before he recovered.

And Bai Jing, who had done all this, didn’t even have a drop of blood on his body, and his expression was even more indifferent to the extreme.

The corpses of the two men in black fell in front of Jiao Gui, and the gushing blood pooled into a blood-colored stream that flowed to Jiao Gui’s feet, staining his leather shoes red.

Jiao Gui was still thinking about how to torture the other party, but in a blink of an eye the killer he hired was dead, not even a corpse.

impossible! impossible! He stared at the corpse on the ground with wide eyes, trembling all over, and took two steps back to escape: “Save—”


With the sound of a low gunshot, Jiao Gui’s fat body fell to the ground. He never thought that he would die in the hands of a delicate slum boy.

Bai Jing’s beautiful eyes watched the surroundings vigilantly. The road here is remote and the monitoring device has been destroyed, so no one should find it. Since the other party chose to start here, he must be interested in this.

He put on the medical gloves usually used to isolate zombies, and quickly removed Jiao Gui’s light brain from his wrist, picked up the pistol of the man in black and smashed it into pieces.

Then he did the same to destroy the brains of the other two, and used this pistol to patch each of the three people’s neck breaks to cover up the wound caused by the energy gun, and then put it back in the hands of the man in black.

After doing this, Bai Jing avoided the blood on the ground and quickly left the scene.

He didn’t know whether he could be discovered by interstellar high-tech means, but since someone wanted his life, he would not let him go. After all, it’s just to live.


Bai Jing came to the rented room. The room was about 50 square meters, and the gray and white tone was clean and tidy. It was more than enough for one person. As soon as he entered the door, there was a white housework robot holding slippers and placing it at the door.


He changed his shoes, wiped the energy gun, and put it in the corner of the cabinet.

The bullets of the energy gun have all been used up. The bullets are specially made in the end times and cannot be replenished in the interstellar era, so this gun is useless.

Bai Jing simply took a hot bath, put on a set of comfortable cotton pajamas, and came to the master bedroom.

The master bedroom is very large, and there is a storage room in the innermost, which makes Bai Jing very satisfied. It can be used as a place to store food in the future.

He opened his brain and ordered a green vegetable, a shiitake mushroom, a dozen eggs, two tomatoes, and two sets of ordinary clothes in the mall, costing a total of one thousand stars.

Compared with food, clothes are much cheaper, a set is only 100 stars.

Delivery arrived in less than five minutes.

Bai Jing took off his black-rimmed glasses and cooked a plate of scrambled eggs with tomato, a plate of mushrooms and vegetables in the kitchen, and served with fragrant rice, which was so delicious that he bit his tongue.

He ate nothing left over from the two plates of stir-fried vegetables, and ate two large bowls of rice, and he could make another egg fried rice with the remaining rice.

After eating and drinking, Bai Jing’s beautiful brown eyes narrowed slightly, like a lazy and noble cat.

The teenager who was lying on the bed showed a slender waist, and the complexion was extraordinarily white due to the lack of sunlight all the year round, like a fine jade.

Now he has more than 20,000 star coins in his account. If he saves a little, it can last for about two months, but what about after that?

Bai Jing thought of the dangerous gaze on the second floor of Gu’s Stone Gambling Shop and Jiao Gui’s fate, and the corners of his lips pursed lightly. He had a conflict with Jiao Gui today, and if he was noticed again, the risk would be too great.

The method of stone betting is not applicable for the time being, so there is only one way to become a stone gambler.

Now his ability limit is to perceive ten pieces of wool. If there is no jade in these ten pieces of wool, it means failure. So he can’t just rely on abilities, he must master a series of stone gambling knowledge as soon as possible, so that he can select the best performing wool.


Bai Jing turned on his brain to see how to become a stone gambler.

The premise of becoming a stone gambler is to obtain the qualifications of a stone gambling apprentice first, and there are three requirements to become a stone gambling apprentice: mental strength is above B level, at least once the gambling has been fully blocked, and the final assessment of the stone gambling guild.

His mental power level is A-level, so there is no problem with this; then he will have to bet once to fully block the wool before he can participate in the assessment of the Stone Gambling Association.

In the next few days, Bai Jing began to study hard about stone gambling.

Now the technology is very advanced, he can use the holographic projection to feel the touch of the wool while learning the knowledge of gambling stones. In this way, the combination of theory and practice is very efficient.


“Young Master Gu, Jiao Gui is dead.”

Qiao Ann’s face was slightly solemn. Yesterday, Mr. Gu issued a ban on Jiao Gui, and he died today. Although it won’t have any impact on the Gu family, he feels that something is wrong.

“Have you found the murderer?” Gu Yuanchao asked lazily, leaning on the sofa with his straight legs folded.

“Not yet, the satellite surveillance of the incident site was destroyed, there were no witnesses, the sound shielding device was also turned on, and no suspicious fingerprints or footprints were detected around. Both Jiao Gui and the two thugs were shot in the head, and their movements were neat , like a professional killer.”

“Well. Tell the Interstellar police, don’t need to investigate, don’t waste resources for this kind of scum.” Gu Yuanchao said casually, stood up from the leather sofa, and walked into the training room.

“Yes.” Joan replied respectfully, and after exiting the room, he dialed the video of the head of the Interstellar Guard Bureau. In the video, the other party said yes, and did not dare to refute.

The protective door of the training room slowly closed, Gu Yuanchao pressed the white space button on his chest, and instantly a silver-white mecha 20 meters high appeared in the training room.

Every inch of the mecha’s lines are smooth to the extreme, showing a bright metallic color under the illumination of the light, which can be called the most perfect artwork.

Gu Yuanchao entered the mecha, quickly clicked a few times on the light brain, and entered the star network to participate in the virtual mecha battle.

Recently, alien beasts have a tendency to make a comeback. As a major general of the empire, he has to prepare early.

The purpose of his visit to Proxima Centauri this time is to find a few pieces of top-quality jade to satisfy the terrifying consumption of the super mecha, but the current progress is not ideal.


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