God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 60

The biggest highlight of the Challenger 3 level.

Ordinary L3 level matches are free, but all challenges require spectators to pay to watch, and the organizers are naturally happy to see it.

In particular, it is the challenge launched by the most outstanding ‘Rookie King’ Alpha recently, which spans two levels and is full of highlights!

The most important thing is that each L5 player has millions of fans, and they are the consumers who pay for live broadcast.

In every way, this challenge will be a high-profile shaken

Bai Jing’s challenge application was quickly passed, and the message was forwarded to the challenged [Assassin].

[Assassin] After receiving the news, he raised his eyebrows and crossed his eyes.

If you only challenge because of seeing her ranking, you can only say that this person is stupid!

The leaderboard of each level is ranked according to the points. The assassin’s point leaderboard in L5 is in the middle position, which is neither good nor bad.

But if you look at the winning percentage, you will find that she can definitely enter the top ten of L5!

L5 points leaderboard.

The 10th place [Fleeting Years], with 47 million points, 734 wins and 251 losses, and a winning rate of 74.52%;

The 155th [Assassin], with 28 million points, 461 wins and 135 losses, the winning rate is 77.35%!

Assassins just don’t have enough games, it doesn’t mean they are not strong.

According to this winning rate, it is only a matter of time before she rushes to the top ten of L5.

The Assassin swept the framed rice dumplings and knocked on the man’s bank ⅲ shouting ⒍ method, level L3, 112 wins and 2 losses.

She raised her eyebrows, isn’t this the ‘new king’ who has been in the limelight recently?

The assassin chuckled lightly, raised his hand and pressed the confirm button.

Young people are always ignorant of the sky and the sky, thinking that winning dozens of games in a row in low-level battles is great, and they want to go crazy.

But which L5 wasn’t like this when it first started?

Assassin also won the title of Rookie King and Genius Mecha Warrior two years ago.

But when she arrived at L5, she realized that she was nothing!

It took her half a year to advance from L4 to L5 alone!

After being promoted to L5, “Zai Jian, she lost. After deducting points, Di Lun Yong Xie was 4.”

After that, she continued to challenge and continued to fall back, and it was not until half a year later that she stabilized at the L5 level.

The assassin’s cardamom-coated fingertips slashed Alpha’s name hard—

Just let my sister wake up your sweet dream!

After Bai Jing went through four battles, the bracelet shook Dilong.

He looked down and found that the organizer had replied to the message:

[Your challenge application for L5 “Assassin” has been approved, please pay the star coins as soon as possible, the system will automatically deduct the points and return them after winning. 】

Bai Jing quickly paid 1 million star coins, and the points were automatically deducted by 7W points, including the points he just won.

After the system determined the time of both parties, a broadcast sounded in the hall: “L3 [Alpha] challenged L5 [Assassin] across levels, both parties have accepted.

The challenge will start on time at 21:00 tomorrow night. The battle room will be the VIP-2 room, so please watch. ”

The broadcast sounded three times before it stopped, and at the same time, the broadcast of Yiwei every time on each big screen attracted the attention of many people.

“Fuck, L3 challenged L5, two levels in a row, exciting!”

“Huh? You dare to challenge an assassin in the middle of the L5 ranking, are you tired of living?!”

“This…. shouldn’t challenge L5’s last minister

“Tsk, I really admire his courage.”

“Don’t use rankings to measure assassins, I’ve watched her live battle, it’s terrifying.”

Red Wolf and his friends were stunned by the news on the big screen.

Alpha, who had played against them before, advanced to L3 at a rocket-like speed, but also challenged L5!

Looking at them again, only the Red Wolf has advanced to L2, and the others are still hovering in L1. The gap is really——

However, since the other party advanced to L2 with a 50-game winning streak, they knew that this boy named Alpha and they were not the same.

The other party is a rare mecha genius!

“I have to say that I quite admire him.”

“Cow, as expected of us, the jerk

“Is it all right tomorrow night, Jin Quail タ Chun Chu Jun

“no problem.”

Even the red wolf did not object, and even faintly hoped that the other party would win.

Perhaps, what Alpha carries is that all their newcomers want to go even further.

As a stable member of L5, the Assassin has millions of followers due to its outstanding style and frequent online presence.

And Bai Jing now only has 20,000 followers, which is a world of difference!

The news is naturally all kinds of disdainful voices.

There are endless evaluations such as over-comprehension and ignorance of the sky and the sky.

Some people even built thousands of floors of high-rise buildings and bet on the mecha battle forum, betting that Alpha would lose to the assassin in the few rounds.

Among them, more than 70% of the bets on the Shrimp Stealing Round accounted for more than 70% of the bets, which shows how pessimistic people are about Bai Jing.

Bai Jing didn’t pay attention to these, and after sweeping the frame, he continued the mecha battle.

After Gu Yuanchao’s guidance, he corrected many of his previous shortcomings, and the time to win was shortened a lot, and he did not use the invisible weapon of nanostrings from beginning to end.

At present, the L3 level battle does not need to use this weapon at all.

If it is against L5, this may be the key to his victory.

After all, this is a sachet-shaped weapon that even the major generals of the empire have lingered in Jizhang surname, which can be used as the last trump card.


At the same time, Gu Yuanchao, who had dealt with important military affairs, received a video request from the president of the Stone Gambling Association.

He immediately connected, and the president’s solemn face was displayed on the opposite side of the screen. After two days of absence, the other party’s face seemed to have aged a bit.

Gu Yuanchao turned on the signal blocking device, and stared at him with black eyes: “President, it seems that you have already found out.”

The president of the Stone Gambling Association said in a deep voice: “I found the remaining spiritual power in Ying Wenfeng’s body, which shows that he was indeed controlled by spiritual power to commit suicide.”

Gu Yuanchao’s expression also became serious: “The murderer—”

The chairman of the Stone Gambling Guild shook his head gently: “From the perspective of the remaining mental power, it does not match the mental power samples left by the three of them when they entered the high-level of the Stone Gambling Guild.”

Ranglian said that the level of wood divine power cannot be changed since birth, which is something the entire empire knows well.

People like Bai Jing who are improved by absorbing energy belong to the ‘heterogeneous’. Fortunately, Gu Yun’s mental power level is S in the data, and the name Bai Jing has disappeared from the public’s eyes.

There is also a mutation caused by strong cosmic radiation.

The probability of such variation is extremely low and has a large chance.

竦┦О埽 will cause incurable genetic decay due to ultra-high radiation.

A long time ago, the Fifth Research Institute conducted experiments with a large number of people in slums in order to study ways to improve mental strength. It was not long before it was urgently stopped because the mortality rate was too high.

Later, protective equipment was installed on each planet where the radiation exceeded the normal value, and it was guarded by special sergeants. It was called a ‘forbidden place’, and no one was allowed to enter.

Gu Yuanchao frowned: “What do you mean?”

Isn’t the murderer the scar of these three

But given the circumstances at the time, that was impossible.

No one can hide under 3S-level sight without being discovered.

The head of the Stone Gambling Association flashed a cold light in his eyes: “I guess some of them have done a mental power mutation experiment, and it is very likely that they have succeeded.”

This fact is probably more terrifying than Ying Wenfeng’s suicide by mental control!

The empire had banned this kind of experiment hundreds of years ago, but now some people have successfully mutated it, which shows that some people have been instructed to use the thorium flute and flute and have achieved initial results.

It would be bad if Wanpi Cheyan wanted to use spiritual power to control the upper echelons of the empire and aristocratic families.

Gu Yuanchao obviously knew the seriousness of the matter: “I will report it to the military and the royal family as soon as possible, and at the same time notify the owners as soon as possible, so that they can take precautions.”

The president of the Stone Gambling Association sighed and sneered: “Okay, then I’ll leave it to you.”

He has lived for so long and knows the secrets of Song Yidao.

Even if this kind of mental power experiment is successful, it will also bring serious sequelae. Otherwise, how could it be called off back then?

These people are not going to stop because the ghetto people die.

Even if the people in the slums die, it doesn’t matter to these noble families.

The ultimate reason is that the person who successfully mutated was finally unable to bear the torture, and killed all the people in the Fifth Research Institute.

That’s all.

As it turns out, that person still hasn’t mutated successfully.

His mental power soared uncontrollably to the extreme, until his body couldn’t bear the mental power of more than 3S level, and it exploded into a scorpion.

This event is known as the ‘905 Mutation Massacre’, and the files have been destroyed.


In the past two days, Gu Yuanchao has been busy again. He has no time to accompany Bai Jing to the mecha battle, and he rarely comes back at night.

Bai Jing expressed his understanding. After all, his boyfriend is a major general of the empire and the heir to the Gu family, so he must have a lot of things to do.

Fortunately, the other party recorded the video of the last battle between the two of them, so he can watch it at any time, find and correct his shortcomings.

Bai Jing also had a corresponding understanding of the [Assassin] he was going to challenge.

There are many modules in the lobby of the online mecha battle, and there are videos of players fighting, which need to be paid to watch.

Players above L7 level are eligible to choose not to publish the video.

Baijing recharged 100 star coins, each time you watch the “hot”, you need to spend 2 star coins, and 100 star coins can be used for a long time.

However, the recorded video does not have the holographic function and can only be viewed on a light screen, which is not as exciting as live broadcast.

He found related videos of [Assassin], and found that there were hundreds of them, and he casually clicked on the most-played video.

This is the matchup when the Assassin is successfully promoted to L5.

Her opponent is the [Beast], which is a relatively rare beast-type mecha.

The wolf-shaped mecha, which is about ten meters long, is wrapped in alloy, with sharp claws and teeth, a thick tail, and a diamond wing on the back.

The beast-type mecha is characterized by agile movements and can shoot laser beams from its wide open mouth, which looks very difficult to deal with.

And the assassin is worthy of her title.

Her mecha is gray-white, thirteen meters high, and the lines of the mecha are very slender, only about two-thirds of the average mecha.

The outer shell is very thin, making people wonder if it is a yike push beer

Two alloy daggers are attached to the waist, and small launchers are installed on the knees, chest and arms, which do not seem to have much lethality.

Only the particle cannons on the shoulders seemed to cause damage to the opponent.

However, if you look closely, you can find that the particle cannon’s launch port is not large, and each launch port can only launch Xiandujie at the same time, that is to say, Yiwu, Tuandi Huangqian⑸songjiaoding

The people on the field obviously supported the [Beast], and the cheers were endless.

But when the game started, people were stunned.

Because the speed of the assassin is really too fast!

She gave up the extra protection and compressed the weight of the mecha to a minimum in exchange for extreme speed!

“Keng-keng-keng-“, the audience can only see the gray and white afterimages leaping in the air, like a lazy scorpion coughing happily, and then disappearing abruptly.

The sound in the ear was the rubbing sound of metal intersecting, indicating that the two were fighting fiercely.

The beast-shaped mecha’s sharp claws and teeth couldn’t touch the [Assassin] at all, but he had wounds caused by alloy daggers and dozens of arrows piercing his body.

But that’s just a tickling for it.

The wolf’s head slammed a few times, shaking off a few flying arrows on his body, and the broad diamond wings behind him spread out with a ‘swish’.

This time, relying on the flexibility of the beast-shaped mecha, it tore the assassin’s left arm with sharp claws.

Under the stage was the enthusiastic cheers of the audience, loudly shouting “The beast killed her!” “Tear her to pieces with claws!”

The beast opened its mouth, and the red laser cannon aimed at the assassin it caught, and wanted to give her a deadly sole

At the end of the world, the assassin pulled out the alloy dagger around his waist and slashed his left arm, and dashed to the side and rear of the beast. Arrows explode at the same time—

The beast felt exploding pain from its limbs, joints, wings and other parts, it howled violently and fell from the air.

The assassin pierced the beast’s throat with an alloy dagger as it landed, declaring the game’s victory.

The audience at the scene changed from shouting the name of the beast to the name of the assassin, and the entire arena fell into a frenzy.

The video ends here.

Bai Jing watched several videos in a row, and basically they were all about the same battle process.

However, the assassin’s speed is very fast, and the tricks are flexible and changeable, and others can’t figure out her routine.

The more restrained assassin is the heavy defensive mech.

But in the same way, heavy defensive mechas are rarely used at the L5 level because they focus on defense and sacrifice speed and flexibility.

Even if someone switched to this type of mech specifically to fight assassins, the latter would have a way, without killing him, just blast him out of the ring with a particle cannon.

The worst way is to play for 30 minutes and use the final damage value to determine the winner or loser.

It is impossible for such a bulky heavy mecha to touch the assassin’s long hair.

Bai Jing closed the video and took out his notebook for analysis.

The advantages of the assassin are obvious, the biggest advantage is that it is fast and flexible.

In addition, her knees, chest and arms are equipped with small launching devices, which can shoot hundreds of arrows, and the particle cannon on her shoulder explode at the same time, and the power is not low.

Bai Jing is going to be amazed by the person who designed the mecha, speed + small launcher, a wonderful match!

It will not increase the weight, and it can cause not weak damage, which is very powerful.

Likewise, her shortcomings are obvious.

Poor defense is the assassin’s biggest weakness, so as long as you can catch her and dodge most of the arrows, you should be able to win.

However, the assassin’s mecha is a fifth-level mecha, and it is a limit-speed mecha that sacrifices other attributes.

And his ‘Changkong’ is equivalent to a fourth-level light mecha after transformation. Even if the attributes are used to the extreme, they cannot reach the speed of an assassin.

How can I catch her?

I’m afraid she will have to wait until she gets close.

Bai Jing had a rough plan in his mind, and after several simulations in the training room, the challenge came.

[Challenge: Alpha (L3) VS Assassin (L5), it will start in five minutes, please take your seats as soon as possible. 】

A broadcast sounded in the hall. Red Wolf and several friends each paid 100 stars to enter the VIP-2 room, and found that it was already crowded with people.

Looking around, almost all of the assassin’s fans were shouting her name frantically.

A few people managed to find a peripheral position and sat down. Fortunately, it was a circular venue, and no matter where they sat, their sight would not be blocked.

“I don’t know if Alpha can win.” Ye Shuai said in a low voice.

“It feels very dangling.” Another Rongyanyan replied.

Because they were surrounded by Assassin’s fans, it caused them a lot of psychological pressure. They didn’t even dare to speak loudly for fear of being sprayed.

“Alpha can win!”

The red wolf suddenly spoke loudly, causing the people around him to glare at him.

“What are you looking at? What, have an opinion?”

Red Wolf’s red-haired, arrogant expression, the emperor of Chuntong was choking and admiring Qiao.

The people around looked at him and silently retracted their gazes.

The most handsome man gave him a thumbs up. When did Red Wolf become an Alpha fan?

Does he have masochistic tendencies? hiss.

Bai Jing pressed the confirm button and was sent to the ring.

This arena is obviously several times wider than the arena in his previous competition, the space of the audience is more than 10 times larger, and the voices are full of people.

There is also a special commentary on the big screen, but he won’t let him hear it during the battle.

Beautiful commentator: “Welcome everyone to the exciting live broadcast of the challenge, I’m the commentator Muzi.

Let’s introduce our challenger – Alpha. L3 level, this month’s rookie king, everyone welcome! ”

There was sparse applause from the audience.

Muzi: “the challenged is the assassin, the L5-level victorious general, everyone is welcome!”

“Assassin! Assassin!”

There was thunderous applause from the audience, and there were shouts for the assassins everywhere.

The Assassin opened the cockpit and sighed slightly towards the crowd

Her cockpit is very narrow, only enough to accommodate the chubby and even the slightly fatter, who will not go in. Assassin is the image of a royal sister with short hair, cool eyebrows and charming eyes.

Regardless of the mecha or the person, the name “assassin” is very suitable.

The game has entered a countdown.

After the countdown was over, the slender gray-white rushed out, too fast to see the figure.

The thin line of Bai Jing’s spiritual power is deeply buried in the induction helmet, making him and the mecha’s feeling completely integrated.

At the same time, the perception is released, capturing the opponent’s lightning-fast movements.

‘behind! ’

The titanium alloy light blade glowed with a chilling cold light, stabbed back suddenly, and was flexibly avoided by the opponent!

The Assassin ate the pill, and couldn’t help but look serious.

The author has something to say:

Small Theater 1:

Gu Shao: Ah Jing called me boyfriend, happy><

It’s a pity that I haven’t had time to QAQ with him recently.

Small Theater 2:

Red Wolf (before): Hmph, this little white face, watch me kill him.

Red Wolf (slaps face): It hurts, brother, I was wrong.

Red Wolf (now): Alpha will definitely win!

What are you looking at? Haven’t seen the fan brother? Arrogant.jpg


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