God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 61

The assassin frowned slightly and quickly avoided Bai Jing’s backhand knife. The power device under her feet provided her with the ability to fly at high speed. She turned around and shot dozens of arrows!

The commentator Muzi immediately said excitedly, “I avoided it!

The assassin perfectly avoided Alpha’s attack by virtue of his extreme speed, and the micro-launcher fired – unexpectedly… did not hit the target? !”

Accompanied by the exclamation of the commentator, the dark blue mecha avoided the arrows shot from a large area with an S-shaped arc step and teleportation, turned 180 degrees in midair, and was as agile as an assassin!

Seeing this scene, Muzi suddenly widened his eyes and said loudly, “Oh my God, it’s an S-shaped arc step! And teleportation!

This is an A-level difficulty move, and Alpha is so perfectly connected! ”

The laser beam on Bai Jing’s shoulder turned on, and the dazzling light struck, causing the assassin to lose his mind for a moment.

All the audience below the stage also hurriedly covered their eyes with their arms.

No one knows what happened on the field.

When they opened it again, the assassin’s left arm was burned with a large hole by the laser rays, and she, who was connected to the mecha’s perception, was also affected by pain.

The speed like a streamer before has dropped so that people can clearly see her figure.

On the dark blue mecha standing opposite the assassin, there were also more than a dozen flying arrows.

“What just happened?”

“Oh my God, the assassin was injured!”

“I have to say, this Alpha is a bit powerful.”

“What about the explanation—”

Muzi immediately recovered from the battle just now, sprayed his eyes with the spray on the side, and played back the video just now.

It wasn’t until it slowed down five times that people could barely see.

At the moment when two red laser rays shot out, the assassin snapped back to his senses——

Although the reaction was extremely fast and sideways dodged, the laser beam still rubbed her chest and penetrated her left shoulder!

However, she is not a vegetarian. She gritted her teeth and endured the pain. She quickly operated her hands on the operating table. All the launchers on her chest, knees, and arms were activated at the same time, and hundreds of arrows were shot ‘whoosh’!

This time the assassin is obviously serious, you must know that the number of arrows in this launcher is limited!

Dense arrows hit from all directions, and those with locators were able to change the course in the middle.

Bai Jing used various flips, sideways, and teleports to flexibly dodge most of them. However, the assassin’s speed reached the limit, and the timing of firing the launcher was just right. pierce.

“Fuck, it’s amazing…”

“To be able to reach a tie with the assassin!”

“It’s been three rounds, alas, the bet is cold.”

The audience on the field was stunned. They never expected that an L3 would be so strong.

Red Wolf and a few friends even shouted Alpha’s name hoarsely.

The fans of Bai Jing, who had been drowned in the crowd and dared not speak out, roared like chicken blood.


“Alpha Rush-”

In the ring, the battle between the two continued.

Along with the dazzling light, the laser rays flickered every second, and the red rays with a very long range were intertwined in the air to form a dense net, overwhelming the sky and attacking the assassin.

And the gray-white mecha returned to lightning speed, shuttled fast in the red rays, so fast that only an afterimage remained.

The assassin’s breathing was a little heavier. She relied on her speed, but this kind of high-intensity battle also consumed her stamina.

Now that most of her route is blocked, she can only dodge frantically, and she is completely at a disadvantage!

I didn’t expect this Alpha to be so powerful!

People were so overwhelmed that they couldn’t catch the two figures with their eyes.

too fast!

Before the battle started, they thought it would be a one-sided ending, but they didn’t expect the two on the field to be evenly matched!

Really exciting!

In order to maintain a good look and feel, when the dazzling white light was emitted for the first time, a setting was made to reduce the light perception on the field, which is also the benefit of the VIP room.

Muzi’s expression also became serious.

She quickly used various high-tech means to analyze the data, and finally came to a terrible conclusion: the assassin was at a disadvantage!

Whether it’s range, activity range, remaining energy, or total damage, Alpha ranks first!

This added a lot of difficulty to her explanation.

After all, the number of fans of the assassin is more than a hundred times that of the opponent, so her wording is much more cautious.

The assassin was unfortunately stabbed in the left shoulder by a laser beam during the ultra-high-speed dodging, and the pain of the mecha shell being pierced made her face pale.

No, it can’t be like this!

The range of her arrows is completely incomparable to the range of laser beams, and she has to be close to the opponent to be effective.

The power plant under the assassin’s feet ignited a blue flame, making her movements faster, like a floating light passing through the air.

She used agile movements to keep sideways to avoid the galloping laser rays, and finally approached the opponent after dozens of seconds.

It’s now!

The launching devices of the knees and arms were opened at the same time, and dozens of flying arrows shot out, like a rain of arrows.

It’s now.

Bai Jing also evoked a smile, the mecha teleported in a 360-degree flip, dodging most of the flying arrows, and pressed the nanostring launcher on his arm.

The silver filaments popped out silently and wrapped 180 degrees along the gray-white mecha, without causing anyone to notice.

During the attack of the arrow rain, several arrows pierced into the vicinity of the cockpit of the dark blue mecha.

The assassin was overjoyed, the particle cannon on his shoulder aimed at Bai Jing, and at the same time detonated the arrow.

As long as she can hit each other at the same time, she wins!


The expected explosion did not appear, and the dark blue mecha was unscathed in mid-air, but the assassin suddenly felt severe pain all over his body!

The thin mecha shell was cut open by nanostrings like cutting tofu, and a long opening was split from top to bottom, exposing the cockpit.

The assassin was sweating in pain and his face was pale, but he still wanted to get out of the predicament.

However, as soon as she manipulated the mecha, the nanostrings cut even more, and the entire mecha almost turned into a pile of scrap metal!

When Senbai’s titanium alloy blade pressed against the gray-white mecha cockpit, the assassin, who had no protection, could feel the coldness from the blade, and had to grit his teeth and admit defeat.

This sudden change shocked all the audience at the scene.

“what’s the situation?”

“Assassin, actually lost???”

“This is impossible! How is this possible!”

“What happened just now, how could the assassin lose!!”

“Fuck, I don’t believe it!”

In the midst of people’s scolding and scolding, the narrator muzi pressed the playback button, and this time the speed was reduced ten times.

At first, the audience didn’t realize it, until Muzi magnified the nanostring several times, they finally saw it clearly.

It was just such a silver thread that was as thin as a hair that cut the mecha into pieces. It was terrible!

Mu Zijie said: “We can see from the replayed screen that Alpha launched this invisible weapon when the assassin was approaching, and the latter didn’t notice it at all.

When the assassin was about to detonate the small launcher, Alpha cut the opponent’s mecha with a silver thread one step ahead of time. This blow was fatal! ”

Until then, people had to admit that Alpha defeated the assassin!

Whether it is the ingenuity of using invisible weapons or the judgment of distance, this young man is terribly accurate!

The field was silent for a while.

Muzi took a deep breath: “I announce that the winner of this challenge is Alpha, let’s congratulate Alpha on successfully advancing to L5!”

“Alpha! Alpha!”

Fans such as Red Wolf were the first to call out Bai Jing’s name, and then like a prairie fire, they ignited the enthusiasm of everyone present!

“Alpha! Alpha!”

The people in the audience shouted hoarsely, pushing the atmosphere to a climax!

The teenager brought them a huge surprise, successfully challenged L5 at the L3 level, and crossed two levels in a row!

This is rare in the entire arena.

In the face of the assassins, they did not lose the slightest, and brought them a very exciting game!

Totally worth it!

He won the prize, won the unexpected!

Even Assassin fans are convinced!

In the roar of cheers, the assassin walked out of the cockpit, his glamorous eyebrows looking at Bai Jing with a focused expression: “Is it Alpha? I look forward to the next battle with you.”

This means that she recognized Bai Jing’s strength and made him one of her opponents.

You must know that [Liu Nian], who is ranked tenth in L5, does not have this treatment.

Amid the still frantic cries of everyone, Bai Jing and Assassin left the arena in turn.

The final result of the challenge is broadcast in the lobby:

[Challenge: Alpha (L3) VS Assassin (L5), Alpha won and successfully advanced to the L5 level. 】

Repeat broadcast:

[Challenge: Alpha (L3) VS Assassin (L5), Alpha won and successfully advanced to the L5 level. 】

The results of the match were repeated three times, shocking those who were too busy to watch the live broadcast.

Damn, L3 challenged L5, and the challenge was to a player in the middle of the L5 ranking, and it was a success!

For a time, everyone cast a shocking and adoring look at Bai Jing, who was resting on the reclining chair.

This person has been promoted from L1 to L5 in one month since he started as a newcomer. What kind of speed is this? !

Bai Jing ignored all the sights around him, closed his eyes and adjusted his breathing.

It didn’t take long for the bracelet to vibrate, and he looked down at his message.

Name: Alpha

Club: Lingyun Club

Level: L5

Points: 1.2 million

Followers: 82746

After one game, his followers grew by 60,000 and counting!

However, this is not the most important thing to him, but his points have increased by 100W. It seems that the game just now is counted in the L5 game.

At L5 level, you can earn 1 million points for every game you win.

Similarly, if he loses, 1 million points will be deducted. As long as he loses a game, the points level will drop back to L3 and start all over again.

Not only the Challenger Tournament, but all players who advance to a higher level for the first time.

This kind of huge pressure often makes the players who have just been promoted to be unstable, so they fall back to the original level again. It takes a long time to stabilize.

Bai Jing glanced at the points, and then started to match the next game.

L5-level matches often take more than 30 minutes to match, so he checks the videos of other players on the online lobby interface.

The videos above L7 are locked and cannot be viewed, and only one L8 [Aurora] can be entered.

Bai Jing clicked in curiously and found that there were not many videos in it, only four or five.

And no play volume at all?

It’s strange, how can there be no playback at the top level of the pyramid like L8.

He clicked on the first video and found that he didn’t need to pay to watch it.

[L8 Aurora VSL7 Bone Wing]

Aurora is a blue-colored mecha, which is able to handle the opponent’s attack with ease and has the upper hand, and the bone wings have no power to fight back.

The more Bai Jing looked at it, the more he felt that something was wrong. Although his appearance had been adjusted, the mecha was also a cyan level eight mecha, but—

[Aurora] I feel like Gu Yuanchao!

In fact, the other party has done a lot of cover up, and the tricks are completely different from usual.

However, with his super observation skills, Bai Jing still found some similarities from the minutiae.

The end of the video, of course, ends with Aurora winning.

Even against an L7-level powerhouse, Aurora was not injured from start to finish, and his strength was simply terrifying.

The bracelet showed that the match was complete, and Bai Jing played the second L5 battle.

The opponent this time was obviously not as strong as the assassin, so he won without using nanostrings, albeit a little longer.

That night, Bai Jing sat on the sofa while watching the video while waiting for Gu Yuanchao to come back.

At about 1:00 in the morning, the man came back and was slightly taken aback when he saw the lights in the living room.

“Ajing, why haven’t you slept yet?”

“Gu Yuanchao, are you the Aurora of L8?”

The two voices collided.

Gu Yuanchao took the lead in answering the other party’s question: “Yes, I am.”

Looking at the boy with some adoring eyes, he unconsciously raised his lips: Yes, Ajing, just look at me like this, just pay attention to me alone.

In this way, he doesn’t have to worry about the boy being hooked away by other powerful opponents.

No way, his A Jing is too conspicuous, he has to take precautions in advance.

Bai Jing thought for a while and asked, “You gave me permission alone?”

Gu Yuanchao: “Yes, Gu’s is also one of the shareholders behind the mecha battle, so I have certain rights.

However, the largest shareholder is the military, and they will look for talents who can enter the military based on the performance of the players. ”

The man walked over and rubbed the boy’s hair lightly, and said with a smile, “I didn’t expect my A Jing to be so powerful. Several officers have already reported to me that they have found a rare and good seedling, and let me take action as soon as possible. , otherwise it will be too late to be robbed.”

Gu Yuanchao knelt on one knee on the sofa and slowly approached Bai Jing, his magnetic voice was **** and seductive: “A Jing, will you be taken away by others?”

The tip of the boy’s ears turned slightly red, and he grabbed his collar and said ‘viciously’, “What do you think?”

The man’s scorching kiss was pressed down, and the two fell on the corner of the sofa.

He couldn’t tell who it was from the heavy breathing, and the sound of wet water made people blush and heartbeat.

Between his lips and teeth, Bai Jing held down the man’s big hand that reached his waist. Through the thin clothes, he could feel the hot temperature of the man’s palm, as if he was about to burn him.

If it goes on like this, I really can’t control it.

Gu Yuanchao held his white fingertips and kissed them on his lips.

He wanted to do this when he was in Wasteland, but he never found the opportunity.

A peculiar feeling of numbness and numbness came from the fingertips, Bai Jing’s face was slightly red, panting and trying to retract his hand, but the other party held it even tighter.

Later, Gu Yuanchao went to take a cold shower for an hour.

Looking at the obvious red marks on his fingertips, Bai Jing secretly thought that he deserved it.


The top glass species Peach Blossom Spring Jade that was sent to Gu’s Headquarters Auction House sold for a high price of 250 million!

This kind of rare jadeite is not only valuable for extracting energy liquid, but also has collection value and is deeply loved by noble families.

Just like mechas, many mecha enthusiasts usually use a certain high-level mecha the most, but in addition, they also collect other mechas with good attributes, which is also a hobby of the nobles.

What’s more, the top-quality jadeite will only become less and less as it is mined, and it will never depreciate. It is also good to keep it as a family heirloom.

As for the sixth-level energy box, it also sold for a single sky-high price of 7-8 million.

The Capital Star is a gathering place for aristocrats from aristocratic families. Anyone who pulls in on the street may be worth tens of millions or even billionaires.

Of the twenty six-level energy boxes, fifteen of them were taken away by the military at a high price.

As a mecha warrior, the energy box sometimes means life, especially when it comes to life and death on the battlefield!

The more advanced the energy box means, the more stable the properties of the mecha, and at the same time, it means that there is no need to worry about the problem of insufficient energy in the battle, and you can launch twenty-four particle cannons to fight!

And this kind of energy that burst out in an instant can only be provided by an energy box of level 5 or higher, and level 6 is the best.

Gu Yuanchao discussed with Bai Jing whether half of the sixth-level energy liquid extracted in the future could be provided to the military, and the other half would be kept in Gu’s auction.

The military will buy it 20% above the market price.

Bai Jing naturally agreed.

During this time, he had already finished extracting the only remaining piece of jade from the glass seed Yang Green.

There are a total of fifteen grade 6 energy boxes, with a purity of 67.14%, reaching the high grade of grade 6!

As for the colorless glass species, the purity is even higher, at 69.82%, reaching the sixth-grade best grade, and almost surpassing the seventh-grade!

You know, the best level 6 is the limit for all master-level energy masters to extract energy liquid!

But this seems to be easy for Bai Jing.

The white spiritual power line is full of drinks every day. The length and width of the thin line have increased a lot. It can extend from the room to the outside of the hall, and can be divided into several strands, which can be extracted from several parts of a piece of jade at the same time. energy fluid.

This undoubtedly speeds up Bai Jing’s extraction of energy fluid.

It took only two nights to extract the small piece of colorless glass seed. Bai Jing took out the 3.0 kg glass seed imperial green in the space button and put it on the table.

He still remembered that when he extracted the energy liquid from this top-quality jadeite two months ago, he had a splitting headache after only a few drops and had to withdraw his mental power from it.

Now, his mental power is not what it used to be, and I don’t know if it can be fully extracted this time.

Bai Jing looked at the crystal clear, emerald green glass-species Imperial Green Jade on the table, took a deep breath, and poked out his spiritual power from his body.

Since the spiritual power level has been changed to S rank, part of the perception power has been completely integrated into the spiritual power and is overwhelmed by the powerful spiritual power.

The white tip quickly penetrated into the top-quality jade and began to extract. Bai Jing felt a strong suction from the inside. Unlike ordinary glass jade, the imperial green was obviously several times stronger than them.

A long thin line of spiritual power stretched out from Bai Jing’s body unyieldingly, almost all over the room, condensing into a wisp of combined force against this suction.

This confrontation did not last long.

With the sound of “tick, tick”, the green and pure liquid slowly dripped into the silver box. Two hours later, a whole box was finally extracted.

The thin white line of mental power happily rubbed against Bai Jing’s fingertips, and several thin lines intertwined in a “thumbs up” action, which meant that it defeated the hateful enemy.

Bai Jing praised at the right time: “Well, my mental strength is so strong.”

How do you feel like praising yourself?

Yingbai’s tip expresses the idea of ​​hunger with every inch. Seeing that the owner has no objection, he secretly drinks a few mouthfuls of the emerald green liquid.

Good drink!

The thin white line shrank back contentedly.

Baijing looked at the liquid in the box, it was clear and pure, the green was bright and full, and the green was dripping, like endless greenness poured into the clear spring water, which was so clean and heartbreaking.

He took out the detector next to him and tested it, and it showed that the purity was: 80.32%.

Level 8 Energy Liquid!

This is a level of purity and level that has never been achieved since the foundation of the Empire!

Just when Bai Jing was about to tell Gu Yuanchao the good news, a ‘di’ sounded from his brain.

[Gu Yuanchao: Ah Jing, the once-in-a-decade jadeite rough event is about to start in two weeks, do you want to come with me? 】

[Bai Jing: Good. 】

The author has something to say: Small Theater:

Gu Shao: I finally kissed my fingertips><

Ah Jing could only look at me alone.

Bai Jing: L8? My boyfriend is awesome, but luckily he only gave me permission.


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