God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 62

After Bai Jing received the news from Gu Yuanchao, he immediately checked the relevant information with his light brain.

The Emerald Event is held every ten years and is the largest gambling event in the entire empire.

At that time, almost all noble families, auctioneers, energy engineers, etc. will all gather in one place, and wool merchants, stone miners, and families from all over the world will also take out their treasured wool and put them on the spot for auction.

It is hoped that with the super high condyle, the rough jadeite that has been stored for several years will be auctioned at a good price.

This kind of stone gambling event is similar to the Burmese public auction of ancient earth, and this time it is held in the ‘Soter Star’, also known as the Soter public auction.

Soter Star is a satellite of Capital Star and the second largest jadeite rough mining base in the Empire.

Except for the imperial family and the five aristocratic families, other companies who have obtained admission tickets for the Soter public auction need to issue a recent asset certificate, which should be sent to the organizer’s mailbox at least one week in advance.

The asset certificate here refers to current assets, assets that can be used immediately, fixed assets, etc. are not included.

Only Li Pang, who has a current asset of more than 50 million, is mad, otherwise it will be a waste of time.

Guests who are eligible for admission will bring two meals each time, and pay 1 million star coins Badger seek V そ Zhen

Because there are clear restrictions on food, the guests who receive the invitation letter will choose the best stone gambler that they can hire within their ability, and follow them to participate in the Sote public game.

After all, many wealthy businessmen don’t know how to gamble on stones, and need professional help.

For a time, the price of stone gamblers has risen, and they are very popular.

Many aristocratic families also wanted to invite ‘Gu Yun’, but they knew that Young Master Gu would definitely hire him as an exclusive stone gambler, so they had to give up regretfully.

This Sauter public offer is obviously very important to Bai Jing.

If you are lucky, you might be able to raise your gambling rate directly to the level of a seventh-level stone gambler.

After three recent stone gambling battles, his gambling growth rate increased to 41.10%, and he was successfully promoted to the fifth-level stone gambling master!

However, with the advent of the Sote public auction, there are fewer and fewer stone gamblers participating in the stone gambling battle.

Especially for an intermediate stone gambler like him, who has not been matched with an opponent for a week in a row, the annual stone gambling event.

Bai Jing calculated his assets.

There are about 500 million in the Guangnao account, of which the top-grade glass species Peach Blossom Spring Jade that was auctioned some time ago accounted for half, and most of the rest came from the auction of energy liquid.

It seems that it is more profitable to extract energy liquid.

He currently has twenty-five boxes of high-grade 6-grade energy liquid and a box of 8-grade energy liquid he just extracted. After removing the handling fee, he should be able to make up about 150 million.

These funds should be enough as long as they don’t take the kind of wool like Biao Wang with a base price of hundreds of millions.

Just thinking about it, the light brain heard a ‘di’, and the white spot opened the news:

[Gu Yuanchao transferred 600 million stars to your account, please check. 】

The beautiful brown eyes widened slightly, and before he could ask the other party, Gu Yuanchao’s video communication called.

Bai Jing was connected, Nan Ning, Lan Mu, arguing, Zhong Quan, Won Lian, Yue Gui, with a little smile in his black eyes, looked at the young man’s gentle eyes: “Ajing, I still remember your bet with Ying Wenfeng. Stone points battle?”

Bai Jing let out a ‘um’, it was less than a month since the points battle, of course he remembered it.

Gu Yuanchao: “At that time, you and Ying Wenfeng made a bet. I bet 1 billion to bet that you would win. In the end, you really won, and I earned 600 million stars.”

Bai Jing exclaimed: “Hello, you can do business.”

He participated in the stone betting battle non-stop, extracting energy liquid every day, and only made a total of 500 million. The opponent only made one bet, and immediately made 600 million!

So this is the financial accumulation of capitalists?

Just horrible!

However, the premise is that there is a capital of 1 billion yuan and is willing to make a one-time investment.

Gu Yuanchao’s magnetic voice came from the screen: “Because I believe in A Jing.”

So make the decision without hesitation.

Bai Jing thought for a while: “In any case, these star coins are earned by you, I can’t accept them directly.

Well, let’s count your investment, according to the funds… Well, how about you own 50% of the shares? ”

Gu Yuanchao smiled: “Thank you Ajing, I’m honored.”

Seeing the young man’s face earnestly calculating the shareholding of the two badgers’, the boy was troubled by Huang Ruan and wanted to touch his little boyfriend’s head.


When he came back at night, Gu Yuanchao saw at a glance the two rows of energy boxes placed in the living room.

In addition to the five sixth-grade high-quality energy boxes left by Bai Jing himself, more than 20 other energy boxes were all placed on the table.

Among them, two boxes were the eighth-level energy liquid extracted from the glass species imperial green, which he held in his hand alone.

Gu Yuanchao’s eyes flashed with surprise, and he pursed his lips lightly.

This time, the speed of Bai Jing’s extraction of energy liquid has increased a lot, and it has reached a terrifying point.

It has only been less than a week since the last auction, and it is not suitable for another auction.

Bai Jing’s bright brown eyes looked at each other: “Gu Yuanchao, I have a gift for you.”

He doesn’t plan to auction the eighth-level energy liquid, and Gu Yuanchao’s ‘Silver Light’ also needs energy as an S-level mecha.

When the detection instrument showed that the purity was 80.32%, Rao, the well-informed imperial major general, also showed a shocked expression.

“This is… eighth-level energy fluid!”

An eighth-level energy liquid that the entire empire has never seen before!

The energy contained in the extremely rare seventh-level energy liquid alone is more than five times that of the sixth-level energy liquid, not to mention the higher-level eighth-level energy liquid!

Once it comes out, it will definitely cause a sensation throughout the empire.

Gu Yuanchao hugged Bai Jing abruptly, and tightly wrapped his strong arms around his slender waist: “Thank you A Jing, I like this gift very much.”

He was amazed by the talent of the young man, and he was happy to receive the gift from his heart.

In addition to these emotions, there is also a faint panic.

The youth’s talent is so outstanding, so outstanding that it will make a lot of people stupid and want to take it for themselves, and he is even afraid that he will not be able to protect him.

Unexpectedly, the dignified Major General of the Empire would also have such a worrying day.

After a long time, Gu Yuanchao let go of the boy in his arms: “Ajing, has your spiritual power level increased?”

Bai Jing didn’t intend to hide it: “Yes, I have been promoted from A to S.”

‘Only S-class? ‘ Gu Yuanchao’s expression became solemn.

There are about 300 taels of imperial spiritual power above S rank, but I have never heard of any energy division with such a strong talent.

“Ajing, I want to take you to a friend’s place for a full-body examination. Would you…will? I promise that he won’t leak any information out.”

Gu Yuanchao’s tone was a little cautious, he didn’t know whether he would violate the secret of the young man.

Bai Jing thought for a while: “Yes.”

After curing the gene decay, he never checked his body again, and he also wanted to see how far his spiritual power had grown.

Fu Yan’s personal spear.

When Gu Yuanchao knocked on the door and came in, Fu Yan’s eyes were filled with surprise.

Tsk, the current Gu Shao is really different from the past, so polite, the little beautiful badger is really powerful.

After more than two hours of tossing and checking examinations, Bai Jing finally came to the conclusion that he was in good physical condition and very healthy.

Mental strength value: 18600, about to break through the 2S level.

The value of S rank is 10,000, 2S is 20,000, and Bai Jing is only 1400 short of advancing to 2S rank.

Fu Yan pushed the golden glasses on the bridge of his nose: “Xiaomei is so charming and charming, similar to the variation of mental power, but there is a big difference. But don’t worry, this kind of improvement is not risky, but… don’t let it Don’t ⑾ frame!

Although the research institute has terminated the experiment on the variation of mental power, it has not stopped the research on mental power.

If there is a breakthrough in spiritual power, the empire will not be afraid of the unique spiritual power attack of alien beasts.

Gu Yuanchao said solemnly, “I understand.”

Before he left with Bai Jing, he said to Fu Yan, “Remember to destroy all data as soon as possible.”

Fu Yan quickly operated on the light screen with both hands, instantly cleared the data, and pushed the frame with a smile: “Don’t worry.”

Seeing the black hover car soaring into the sky, the coquettish doctor showed a smile: This day, it’s going to change.

At this rate, maybe the empire will soon give birth to a strong man whose spiritual power surpasses 3S, and he will not bathe with this kind of Yu.

To a certain extent, Xiaomeiren kills the skirt, looses the meal, and forgives the anger.

Bai Jing holds a small measuring instrument in his hand, which is said to be able to measure the value of mental power at any time.

His light brain has been taken by Gu Yuanchao and encrypted at the highest level. Gu Yuanchao even cleared all Bai Jing’s data except the Imperial Data Center.

However, Jia said, with the improvement of Bai Jing’s spiritual power, the purity of the extracted energy liquid will become higher and higher, and it will be discovered sooner or later.

Even now, there are already a lot of scumbags and anger.

The same is true of stone gambling.

Once Bai Jing is successfully promoted to senior stone gambler, he will be the youngest senior stone gambler in the entire empire!

At that time, countless eyes will be focused on the young man.

Sometimes this look is both annoying and protective.

As long as Bai Jing’s name was well known to the public, he would not be able to make a fuss about him.

Gu Yuanchao looked at the boy seriously: “Ajing, are you ready?”

Bai Jing saw that the mental power value on the instrument rose by several hundred more, and replied: “Ready.”

Since he decided to be with Gu Yuanchao, he has been ready to expose his true identity to the dark and turbulent.

After all, his boyfriend has more than 100 million fans, and is known as the perfect boy who is known as ‘the dream of a girl in the whole empire? What if he doesn’t work hard?

This time Sauter’s public offering will be the best way for him to attract wontons.

When he becomes a senior stone gambler, he will be able to be with each other aboveboard.

And he was looking forward to this day.

Gu Yuanchao put all the sixth-level energy boxes into the space button, because they are high-quality and top-quality attributes, he bought them directly at a single price of 15 million.

To be honest, this price is not too high, after all, the energy box of the sixth grade is extremely rare in the market.

However, Bai Jing felt that it was too high, so he counted the excess as a shareholding.

As for the two level 8 energy boxes, Gu Yuanchao used them to replace the original two level 6 energy boxes of ‘Yinguang’. During training, the transmitter on his shoulder was aimed at the energy light plate, and he fired twenty-four particle cannons at the same time. .

The huge explosion sounded, the power was a bit stronger than before, and there was no feeling of difficulty.

He looked at the remaining energy ratio: 99.20%.

If you replace it with a level 6 energy box, it will consume at least 10% of the energy.

With such a low consumption, it seems that there is no need to have any consideration on the battlefield in the future, and you can go all out.


In order to meet the Sote public auction, Sote Star has been under martial law since two months ago, restricting slang

Those who can receive the invitation letter in the public auction will gather here, which is equivalent to more than 50% of the wealthy family in the entire empire. It is extremely important to ensure that they are safe.

As a major general of the empire, Gu Yuanchao needed to deploy sergeants and protection three days in advance, and at the same time remove possible crises.

Bai Jing also planned to go with him.

Since there has been no stone betting battle recently, Bai Jing put all his attention on the mecha battle.

He participates in at least a dozen battles every day from morning to night, making his fans hooked.

In just two weeks, his attention has increased to millions, and the growth rate is comparable to that of a rocket!

His ranking in the L5 points leaderboard has also entered the position close to the middle from the last page, and the speed is extremely terrible!

The most terrifying thing is that his win rate has been maintained at above 90%. Just looking at the win rate, he can reach the top five!

Perhaps stimulated by Bai Jing’s challenge, the assassins fought day and night, and within 20 days rushed to ninth on the leaderboard.

The two most conspicuous of the 5th level of the Ningshaoyun stool, were called “fighting madness” by Yi Qian.

Two days before he left, Bai Jing finally collected 30 million points, paid the same amount of star coins, and got the level 7 engine he was thinking of.

Replacing the engine was not difficult. Ilan took an hour to replace the third-level engine of the dark blue mecha with the seventh-level engine.

At this hour, Yilan didn’t plan to charge, and Bai Jing simply gave the replaced third-stage engine to the other party.

After the spaceship traveled for a day, the two chaotic

The star of Soter is like spring all year round. It is the top habitable planet in the entire empire. The radiation is low. Many stars come to vacation every year.

As soon as he got off the suspension car, Bai Jing felt the warmth of the spring breeze, soft and comfortable.

The venue of the Sote Public Disk is located in the northeast of Sote Star, a white hemispherical building covering an area of ​​tens of thousands of square meters with an open terrain.

When they arrived, many wool merchants were instructing the handling machines and the fat girls.

In addition to these nunneries, there were sergeants with energy guns around their waists. There was one every few steps. After seeing Gu Yuanchao, they all stood at attention and saluted.

“Report Major General, guards are on.”

“Report to the major general, the empire’s fifty thousand sergeants have all been in place, and the long-range reconnaissance instrument has searched a ten-mile radius, and found no abnormality.”

“Report Major General…”

Bai Jing looked at the serious-looking man not far away, holding down his beating heart. Gu Yuanchao like this was really attractive.

He was sensible and did not bother, and curiously watched the layout from the entrance of the venue.

A wool merchant obviously recognized Bai Jing, and walked up to him with a smile: “God Yun, is this your first time at the public auction?”

The name ‘Gu Yun’ was like thunder in the hearts of these wool merchants. Not a single locust freshman was present. Unfortunately, they were busy laying out wool and did not have time to chat up.

The middle-aged eagle didn’t have much wool, and it didn’t take long for it to be placed.

This time, he brought all the wool that had performed well for several years, and was waiting for a good price in this public auction.

As wool mining becomes more and more frequent, the transaction price of each session of the public auction is also rising.

Bai Jing looked at the middle-aged gangster. I was here for the first time. ”

The middle-aged gang Fan Lan is eager to get rid of the sea and the wreckage. The local Ying family has a small mine, which can only produce a few hundred pieces of wool every year. This time, the performance accumulated in recent years is used All the good wool is brought.

This is the third time I have participated in the public auction. If you are interested, can I introduce it to you? ”

Bai Jing chuckled: “Okay, thank you Uncle Wei.”

Wei Cheng quickly waved his hand: “I don’t dare to do it.”

Then he said: “The site of the Sote public auction is divided into two areas, the marked area and the dark marked area.

The wool in the marked area generally only accounts for about one-tenth of the total wool. The auction method is on-site auction. Every day, 3,000-5,000 pieces of wool will be auctioned according to the serial number. Whoever shows the highest bid will win the bid. ”

“The wool in the dark marked area accounts for more than 90% of the total wool.

There will be 5 days of free viewing time for dark bids, and each piece of wool has a ‘bid box’. If you like it, use the bidder to scan the corresponding number below and fill in the psychological price, and the program in the bid box will be automatically generated. Electronic bill.

After entering the sixth day, a batch of wool materials will be sealed every day, and the bid will be opened on the second day after the bid is sealed.

At this time, all the sealed wool materials will be removed from the public plate, waiting for the winning bidder to pick up the goods. “【Note】

Bai Jing chatted with the other party for a while, and after understanding the general process of bidding, Gu Yuanchao walked over with long legs.

“Ajing, it’s getting late, I’ll take you back to the hotel to rest first.”

He looked at Wei Cheng and nodded lightly: “Thank you for answering Xiaoyun’s doubts.”

Wei Cheng’s face flushed with excitement, this is the imperial major general who killed countless beasts for the empire.

It is rare to see him on weekdays, and he is really honored to speak to him so kindly today.

This must be a good sign!

After Gu Yuanchao sent the boy to the highest specification hotel suite, he quickly returned to the venue. He will be very busy in recent days.

After Bai Jing washed up, he tested his mental strength with a measuring instrument: 22500.

After extracting the energy liquid in the glass seed emperor green, his mental power secretly takes a few sips. His mental power has reached the 2S level.

Bai Jing thought for a while, and took out a smaller piece of black jade from the space button, along with a box of Level 8 energy liquid as a supplement.

I wonder if he can absorb the energy inside with his current level of mental power?

As soon as he took out this jadeite, a thin white line of spiritual power drilled out of his body as if feeling it, and the gleaming white tip circled around the former.

In the end, it seemed to have made up its mind. After ‘gudonggudong’ took a few mouthfuls of the eighth-level energy liquid, it slammed the white tip into the black emerald!



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