God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 63

The egg-sized black jadeite is smooth and round, and only two layers of film representing the boundary can be seen, and the inside is two pieces of black paint, without two traces of light transmittance.

However, just after the thin white line of mental power pierced the boundary, countless thick black qi suddenly poured out from it!

These black mists are dark and dense, like surging lake water, rapidly spreading upward along the white tip, wrapping the spiritual force and pulling them inward!

Bai Jing felt two huge suctions coming in the direction of his mental power, and his head twitched and hurt, so he had to grit his teeth desperately to hold back.

Thin white lines of spiritual power continued to protrude from his body, spreading out countless branches, intertwining closely with each other, and inseparably entangled with the black mist.

Two minutes and two seconds passed, the white tip was pulled into the black mist by two inches, and then pulled out by the mental force.

The pale lips had been bitten with blood, and Bai Jing’s forehead was instantly covered with fine cold sweat.

He could feel the dark and thick black fog swallowing his spiritual power, like a terrifying beast hidden in hell, finally breaking through the cage, biting the prey fiercely and dragging it into his territory——

The pain of being swallowed made the mental power become violent, and several thin lines turned into the shape of two big mouths, biting towards the black mist, and you could see the small white fangs inside.

It’s a pity that the black fog is too strong, and the spiritual power is finally lost.

In the entanglement, it suddenly thought of something, and separated two thin lines and plunged into the eighth-level energy liquid at both ends.

‘Gudonggudong’, the eighth-level energy liquid in the silver box was less than half visible to the naked eye, and the white mental force suddenly became much stronger, biting the black mist with small fangs viciously.

Gradually, as the black mist was swallowed, the thin white lines became thicker and thicker, and countless branches spread almost all over the room.

‘Stop! ’

Bai Jing felt two powerful energies rush into his body, and the pain like a crack came from his head.

The mental power has reached the limit of what the body can hold, but the thin white lines are retracted, and the black mist has to wrap around the tip and pull it inside, and it can’t be shaken off.

The mental power was completely irritated, it had never encountered such an unreasonable guy, and it really needed to be cleaned up!

So it opened its mouth and swallowed the black mist faster than before, and the black jade became translucent to the naked eye.

At this time, Bai Jing’s whole body was blushing abnormally, and the bulging energy made him almost breathless. There was too much energy, and he felt like he was going to burst!

Bai Jing, who had endured to the limit, grabbed the table and deformed it with his five fingers. Immediately, two invisible air currents swayed from the body in two circles, and there were two ‘booms’, and everything in the room turned into Butterfly.

Fortunately, this is the top-level hotel in Sauter, with strong defense capabilities, otherwise the entire hotel will collapse!

Two waves of invisible spiritual energy flowed along Bai Jing’s body, not only the bedroom where he was, but the living room outside was also a mess.

And the values ​​on the mental power testing instrument he put on hand are rising rapidly: 22500, 23600, 24800… 31400, 33000, and it didn’t stop until it was close to 40000!

The eighth-level energy liquid has been completely emptied, and the original color of the box is exposed at the bottom.

The energy in the black jade was completely devoured, and the thickened thin lines of spiritual power were white as if they were about to glow. The tips, like suet and white jade, retracted their mouths and fangs, turned back into long strips, and were stretched to the point of being hit. Had several hiccups.

It used a few branches to make a ‘thumbs up gesture’, and this time it also defeated the bad thing and wanted the owner to praise it.

But it waited for a long time without hearing the praise from the owner.

Yingbai’s tip tried to poke the fainted Bai Jing lying on the ground.

no response!

The branch dancing in the air froze in the air twice.

Woohoo, what should I do?

At this moment, it felt two extremely powerful breaths, and suddenly retracted itself into Bai Jing’s body.

Gu Yuanchao rushed back desperately.

Fu Yan gave Bai Jing two pairs of instruments for measuring mental power. He carried two instruments with him, so they could sense each other.

Five minutes ago, a high-pitched alarm sounded from the instrument. He took it out and saw that the number on the instrument was rising at a rocket-like speed, increasing by thousands every two seconds!

Is there any risk of psychic mutation?

Gu Yuanchao’s face changed, and he hurriedly explained a few words, driving the mecha to the hotel at the fastest speed.

The sergeants looked at the streamer disappearing in the distance, and were shocked in their hearts: it was the second time they saw the major general look so flustered, you must know that even in the face of high-level alien beasts, the major general never changed his face.

The man’s forehead and hair were covered in sweat. When he saw the mess in the house, his expression became extremely cold. If he looked carefully, he would find that there was an inexplicable panic in his eyes.


Gu Yuanchao rushed into the room abruptly, and when he saw the boy who had passed out on the ground, his face was ugly and scary.

The man knelt down on one knee, and his slender and powerful arms hugged the boy horizontally and placed it on the big bed in his room.

“Ajing, Ajing!”

Hearing the noisy voice, Bai Jing turned over, and his fair fingers pushed away his strong chest, signaling to stop making noise.

Gu Yuanchao, who was holding the therapeutic apparatus, was stunned for a while, and after checking the other party’s body, he found that——

Just fell asleep?

The big stone in his heart fell, and the man called the hotel service staff to put on new furniture, etc., and compensated for the corresponding losses.

The cleaning robot was just too scared to come out by the rioting mental power, and it was only now that it began to clean up the mess on the ground.

Gu Yuanchao washed the sweat off his body, took the young man in his arms, kissed his hair gently, and fell asleep with him in his arms.

Two nights of good sleep.

Bai Jing felt that his mental state had never been better, opened his eyes and found himself lying in the arms of the man.

Through the thin clothes, he could feel the heat from the other’s chest, hard and hot, but it made people feel very warm.

Gu Yuanchao’s perennial vigilance made him wake up immediately when Bai Jing woke up.

Feeling the slender waist and exclusive breath of the young man in his arms, his voice was slightly hoarse: “Ajing, are you awake?”

“Well.” Bai Jing got up quickly, and glanced at each other quietly.

Gu Yuanchao stood up for two pauses and said helplessly: “…don’t look at it, I’m going to take a bath.”

Bai Jing looked away and returned to the room to wash.

Now his room has been restored to its original state, and the damage it looked like last night was completely invisible.

The black jade was still on the table. All the black inside was absorbed and turned into a smooth, translucent jade. The color was lustrous and beautiful, unlike other jades that turned into rough stones after their energy was extracted.

Bai Jing held it in his hand, it was cold and very comfortable.

Mental power that was twice as thick stretched out from his body, hiccups on both sides and thumbs up on both sides. After being praised by Bai Jing, he couldn’t be more happy, and the two were wrapped around his wrists and didn’t want to go back.

Seeing the white jade in Bai Jing’s hand, the unbearable mental force stretched the white tip into it and let out a comfortable sigh.

The two parts of the spiritual power were inhaled into the stone, but there was no longer that kind of terrifying suction. Instead, the spiritual power was stored in it like a container, and it could be used as needed.

When the spiritual power was recovered, although it was a little more refined, it appeared to be as white as jade and much purer.

Bai Jing can feel that this is its best state, and the value of mental power has not dropped, remaining at about 40,000.

This value is already close to 50,000 of the 3S level. As long as the other two black jadeites are absorbed, the two will definitely be able to break through the 3S level!

The energy contained in this black jadeite is too strong!

Bai Jing put away the white jade that had stored spiritual power. Through the translucent outline, he could see the spiritual power surging inside, like undulating waves.

Gu Yuanchao was a little worried about the young man, but he had no choice but to rush back to the public market.

Bai Jing reassured him that with this mental power storage container, he would not be in the same danger as last time.

Sure enough, this time when he absorbed the energy from the other two pieces of black jade, he used up two boxes of the eighth-level energy liquid, plus much stronger mental power than before, and absorbed all the energy inside without much effort. complete.

When the body reached the limit, Bai Jing quickly exported the excess mental power into the white jade, and nothing happened.

At this time, his mental power value has reached 6W, completely surpassing the 3S level!

At present, there are only 3 strong people who have reached the 3S level of spiritual power in the empire.

The second is the president of the Stone Gambling Association, the second is the eighth-level stone gambling master Gu Yuanbai who is currently lying in the medical cabin, and the last two are master-level energy master Jian Run.

And Bai Jing is the fourth powerhouse in the entire empire with a spiritual power of 3S!

As for the powerhouses whose genes and physical abilities are both 3S, there are only two people named Gu Yuanchao.

Together, the two are invincible.


Two days before the opening of the public market, Gu Yuanchao brought back two bidders and handed two of them to Bai Jing.

The bidder is designed as two black bracelets, small enough to be worn on the wrist, with a number engraved on the bottom.

This number is equivalent to the identity number for entering the public auction. No matter whether it is an auction or a dark bid, a bidder is required, and the auction result is claimed according to the number.

Except for the five major families, everyone entering the venue needs to pay a deposit of 1 million yuan, and receive bidders according to the order in which the deposit is paid.

The purpose of paying the bond is to prevent someone from evading the bid.

Although the people who received the invitation letter were either rich or expensive, the bid evasion still occurred frequently.

Bid evasion is the act of bidding at a high price during the auction, but ultimately failing to pay within the specified time because of the wrong bid or regret.

If the bid is evaded twice, the deposit will not be refunded, and the organizer will be blacklisted, and will no longer be able to participate in the Jade Public Market.

Gu Yuanchao watched the young man put the black bracelet on his fair and slender wrist, which made the wrist even more white, and he coughed lightly: “Ajing, I may not be able to stay by your side during the bidding tomorrow. ”

Bai Jing fiddled with the bidder on his wrist and nodded casually: “I know, don’t worry.”

In fact, Gu Yuanchao was useless, and he didn’t know how to gamble.

Gu Yuanchao’s voice carried two points of seriousness: “Ajing, when I’m not here, you two must be careful about Yan Ji, the sixth-level stone gambler.”

After his investigation, this person is probably the murderer who controlled Ying Wenfeng’s suicide.

At present, it is not clear who is behind him, because his optical brain information is different from Ying Wenfeng’s, and it has been completely cleared without leaving two traces.

But the data shows that his mental power level is S level, so it must have undergone mutation, and the specific level is still unclear.

Taking the opportunity of this public auction, Gu Yuanchao intends to observe his movements up close, and he must find out the family behind him!

Bai Jing raised his head: “Okay, I will be careful.”

If the other party intends to control him, he can use his mental power to compete with the other party.

The next day, after the two had eaten the hotel’s hearty breakfast, they came to the entrance of the public plate.

In order to facilitate entry, ten entrances were opened to the venue. Many wealthy businessmen and aristocrats from aristocratic families brought their own stone gamblers and were undergoing genetic and iris tests to enter the venue. All eyes were full of people.

The five major families of the empire have special VIP channels to pass through.

The appearance of Gu Yuanchao and Bai Jing attracted the attention of everyone present.

Two are the heirs of the Gu family and are admired by everyone as a major general of the empire; the two are high-profile new stars in the gambling world, the “cloud gods” who have successively solved the best jade, and they are eye-catching existences wherever they go.

What’s more, the Du family, who was rumored to marry the Gu family, was just a few steps away!

Du Feng, the head of the Du family who is also a seventh-level stone gambler, did not come. This time, Du Feng’s cousin Du Hong was leading the team. In addition, Du Jingya and Du Xingyu were two brothers and sisters.

Du Jingya is Gu Shao’s marriage partner!

And Gu Yun also has a close relationship with Young Master Gu. What kind of spark will the three of them create? ?

Everyone’s gossip heart is just around the corner.

The VIP channel was naturally unobstructed, and Bai Jing and the two quickly met Du Shi’s line.

Du Jingya are two tall, beautiful girls with long hair tied into a high ponytail, with a bit of heroism between their eyebrows, and two kinds of free and easy beauty.

She glanced at Gu Yuanchao and nodded perfunctorily at him: “Young Master Gu.”

Gu Yuanchao also said hello twice, and then withdrew his eyes to look at Bai Jing, and there were no sparks between the two.

People eating melons around: This is it, this is it, this is it? ? !

Gan, it’s boring.

Du Jingya’s gaze didn’t take back, instead, she turned around Bai Jing twice, ignoring Gu Yuanchao’s warning gaze, and stepped forward: “Are you Gu Yun?”

Bai Jing replied, “That’s right, it’s me.”

Seeing these two scenes, everyone’s emotions were immediately mobilized.

It’s coming, it’s exciting!

Are the two going to start declaring sovereignty or tearing up X, let’s fight!

Du Jingya gathered her hair in her ears and smiled heartily: “You are very capable of gambling stones, can we… exchange contact information twice?”

Bai Jing: “Okay.”

He has never rejected girls, not to mention that the other party is also two excellent fifth-level stone gamblers.

The two brains instantly collided.

Gu Yuanchao, who was standing on both sides, looked a little dark, and his black eyes looked at Du Jingya coldly, wishing to take Bai Jing into his arms to declare his sovereignty.

The latter ignored his gaze completely, and even planned to invite Bai Jing to have dinner in the evening, but was mercilessly rejected by the man.

What’s happening here?

The melon eaters looked at each other in dismay, and the melons in their hands fell one after another.

Why does it feel like both of them are competing for Gu Yun? !

Is it their delusion?

After entering the venue, the space of tens of thousands of square meters is all wool, and the two rows and two rows are neatly placed on the stone platform, which is simply an ocean of wool.

The number and reserve price are noted below each piece of wool, and they are arranged in order, which is spectacular.

The distinction between the open and concealed areas is very clear, because there is a ‘bid box’ next to each piece of wool in the concealed area.

The sweet broadcast sounded: “Dear guests, the bidding time for Sauter’s public auction is from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm every day, and the opening time of Mingbiao is from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. Today, we will bid for No. 1-3000 in Mingbiao District. Wool, please pay attention to the time.”

After hearing the announcement, many people walked towards the front of the number in the bright sign area. The dark sign area only opened on the sixth day, and it was too late.

What’s more, the blind bidding area is a blind bid, not only to consider the valuation of the wool material, but also the valuation of other bidders for the wool material, the competition is greater, and the transaction price is higher.

Bai Jing also took Gu Yuan and walked towards the Mingbiao District.

There are about 20,000 pieces of wool in the Mingbiao area, and this only accounts for about two-tenths of all the wool. It is impossible to read all the wool in five days. It can only rely on luck and eyesight.

Many people were picking wool at the entrance of the Mingbiao area, and the sound was a bit noisy at two times.

Bai Jing had just walked a few steps when he heard someone shout, “Fuck, the reserve price is 300,000, so expensive?”

The other two next to him echoed: “Oh, yes, the price of rough stones this time has risen a lot compared to the last two sessions.”

When Bai Jing walked past them, he glanced at the wool material numbered 12, the yellow sand skin, about 40 to 50 kilograms. The sand grains on the skin were very uneven, and the pine flowers were also very sparse.

This kind of wool looks like Xinchangkou’s wool. It is tender, and the pine flowers on the skin are not even green, but even the base price of such wool is 300,000, which is too exaggerated.

You must know that this is only the reserve price, and the final transaction price is usually more than several times more than that, and even the wool with good performance can even double dozens or hundreds of times!

Bai Jing knew in his heart that most of the good ingredients went into the dark marked area, and the materials in the bright marked area were second-class.

But with so many pieces of wool, he didn’t believe he couldn’t choose a good one.

Bai Jing looked at the wool material very quickly. Those that did not perform well were basically ignored at first glance. Only when he encountered the material with fine skin or old pits did he stop and carefully distinguish the surface of the pine-flowered python with cracks and so on. Then use perception to detect.

Those who wanted to use Gu Yun’s fame to follow him to watch him choose the material, saw that Gu Yuanchao didn’t dare to approach him on either side, so he could only watch from a distance.

It’s a pity that Bai Jing looked at the wool material too fast, and after a while, he left them behind, and as time passed, no one followed.

In the past two mornings, he has seen wool materials numbered around 2000.

Fortunately, his mental power and perception have increased several times, otherwise he would really be overwhelmed.

Guangnao’s electronic book has more than 20 pieces of wool material numbered, all of which are low-priced but good for jadeite, at least as good as waxy.

In addition, there are more than 30 pieces of water that are still acceptable, but the reserve price is more than 2 million stars, and the price is bound to rise during the auction, so the profit is not high.

Among the more than 20 pieces of wool, he highlighted five pieces. The seed water of these five pieces of jadeite was above ice and the color was uniform.

Among them, No. 682 is the high ice golden silk species, and No. 1045 is the glass species Yang green, and the single price exceeds 10 million!

Gu Yuanchao looked at the boy with some excited eyes, and took his hand: “Ajing, take a rest first, don’t be too tired.”

Bai Jing was indeed a little tired after picking wool for a long time. The two rested for a while in the nearby rest area and drank two nutrient solutions. Out of the corner of the eye, there seemed to be a lot of people gathered not far away.

It happened that the two of them had enough rest, so Bai Jing pulled Gu Yuanchao and walked over curiously.

The author has something to say: Small Theater 1:

Mental Power: Damn it, let me go, are you an idiot? !

Black Mist: Bite and Hold.jpg

Spiritual power: I also defeated the bad things this time, and I want the master to praise ><

Woohoo, no response!

Small Theater 2:

People who eat melons: Wow, famous scene!

People who eat melons: ? ? ? This is not what I thought.



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