God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 64

Bai Jing walked over curiously, stood at the edge of the crowd, and found that they were surrounded by a piece of white salt sand skin all-gambling wool, numbered 2466.

This piece of wool weighs 36 kilograms and is in the shape of an oblique semi-cylindrical shape with smooth edges and corners and a fine leather shell.

The python belt like wood grains runs through the whole piece of wool. Around the python belt, there are clusters and clusters of compact green pine flowers.

Songhua is the expression of emerald green in the shell, and the full pine flower shows that the wool is almost all green!

It does.

People lined up and stepped forward one by one, holding strong lights to illuminate back and forth along the thin leather shell. With the movement of the light source, you can see a large area of ​​green, bright and rich in color, which is very likely to be seen from the leather shell. Sex will be high green.

Such as full green or even rare imperial green!

There were whispering voices around, the voices were not loud, but Bai Jing’s five senses were very keen now, and he could hear it faintly.

“Hey, why is this piece of wool placed in the marked area?”

“It is estimated that the seller deliberately placed it in the Mingbiao area and wanted to compete for the king of the Mingbiao area!”

“Yes, looking at the performance, this is definitely a rare good material.”

“No. 2466, hey, the bid is opened today, I’m afraid it will be sold at a sky-high price.”

Although every bid king is in the dark bid area, it is for these hundreds of thousands of wool.

Most of the dark-label semi-bet wool materials are used, and good materials are emerging one after another. This piece of wool material can’t be put in the top spot. It’s better to put it in the bright-label area and get the title of invisible standard king.

Moreover, the auction is on the first day when people’s emotions are at their highest, and the price will not be low.

This may be the reason why “I would rather be a chicken head than a phoenix tail”.

When it was Bai Jing’s turn to look at the wool, he penetrated his perception into the wool through the action of checking.

As soon as the perception power entered the leather shell, it felt a strong active reaction, it was a glass species!

And from the color of the display, it is a rare full green, this green is second only to the emperor green!

As the saying goes, “the color difference is first class, the price difference is ten times”.

Although it is a bit exaggerated, for jade with good water, the color difference will indeed bring several times the price difference.

And the brighter the color, the higher the purity of the extracted energy liquid. When the energy liquid level is above level 6, high-quality, super-quality and ordinary quality are not at the same level.

However, after Baijing’s investigation, it was found that this piece of white salt sand skin was not all emeralds as people thought.

There are about ten kilograms of glass filled with green jadeite, which accounts for one-third of the entire wool. The color is uniform and emerald green is dripping.

In other parts, the light-colored pine flowers were formed later, and the silk python was also broken, so the green color was not deep, and there was only a layer of green on the skin.

But even so, the price of this wool material can reach more than 70 million!

Bai Jing glanced at the price tag at the bottom of the wool material with excitement, and calmed down when he saw the string of zeros.

The base price of this piece of white salt sand skin was marked with 30 million stars!

Seeing that so many people are paying attention to this piece of wool, I don’t know how high the bidding price will be.

Bai Jing recorded the number 2466 on Guangnao’s electronic book, and noted the highest price of 50 million in the back.

If the auction price is higher than this price, he does not intend to continue to bid.

Profit is on the one hand, and profit rate is on the other hand. In the case of limited funds, he will still give priority to the one with higher profit rate, even if he chooses a few more pieces.

Bai Jing knew that it was very unlikely that the price of 50 million could take this piece of wool, so he did not put it among the few pieces of wool that he focused on.

People with sharp eyes saw that ‘Gu Yun’ had opened his brain, and he was recording with a serious look.

Although I couldn’t see what he was writing, it was nothing more than recording the wool number and so on.

These people could not help but feel more confident about No. 2466 wool material, which led to the final transaction price of this wool material being higher than expected, and became a veritable leader of the marked area!

After recording, Bai Jing raised his head and saw a familiar figure in the queue. At this time, it was his turn to go up and observe the wool.

It turned out to be the little fat Jin Mao!

Next to him was a middle-aged man and a fifth-level stone gambler. The latter was carefully illuminating every inch of his skin with a strong light, and his expression was obviously a little excited.

The last time I went to Gambling Stone Street, An Ge was watching him carefully all the way. Bai Jing was so keen, he immediately understood that the other party recognized his identity.

He didn’t intend to keep the two of them a secret.

So after the shock, the little fat man accepted the fact that his brother Jing was Gu Yun, and swore that he would keep his mouth shut, otherwise he would not be able to advance to the second-level stone gambler for the rest of his life!

Bai Jing smiled, believing that they would not talk nonsense.

I didn’t expect to meet Jin Mao’s family here.

The Jin family’s robot manufacturing business is not as good as before, and its profits are declining year by year. Now it is only barely operating.

He supported his son Jin Mao to become a stone gambler and also wanted to find another way to revitalize the family.

This time, Father Jin managed to scrape together more than two hundred million yuan of funds, and specially hired a fifth-level stone gambler, just hoping to raise a few pieces of wool to reverse the funding problem.

When Bai Jing approached, he happened to see that the fifth-level stone gambler was saying something excitedly in Father Jin’s ear, and vaguely heard voices such as ‘I must take this piece of wool down’, but when he came over, stopped.

The little fat man looked at Bai Jing in surprise: “Jing… Brother Yun! I didn’t expect you to be there!”

When he was about to rush up to give him a hug, he saw Gu Yuanchao with grim eyes behind him, he immediately retracted his hand and said respectfully, “Your Excellency Major General.”

The people around looked at Jin Mao enviously, what good luck did this kid have, to actually know the genius stone gambler Gu Yun!

Even Father Jin’s eyebrows and eyes were stained with excitement, and he glanced at his son with admiration. To be able to make friends with such an excellent stone gambler, his son is much better than my father!

The fifth-level stone gambler Jia Kai hired by the Jin family stood on the side vigilantly, with a strong sense of crisis.

With Gu Yun by his side, what else is going on with him? !

Although he is also a fifth-level stone gambler, Gu Yun is known as the ‘God of Clouds’ and is the exclusive stone gambler of the Gu family, and he is an ordinary intermediate stone gambler. The fame and status of the two are simply heaven and earth. different!

After Bai Jing greeted Little Fatty and Father Jin, he looked slightly hesitant, wondering if he should tell the other party not to spend a lot of money to take this piece of white salt sand skin wool.

Father Jin has been immersed in the business field for many years, and he has become an elite character, he smiled happily: “Jia Kai, let’s go to see other wool materials, the bid will be opened in the afternoon, keep the two young people together. Let’s talk.”

Jia Kai and Father Jin left, Bai Jing and Little Fatty looked at dozens of pieces of wool, and then said softly after walking a little further: “I carefully observed the pine blossoms on No. 2466 wool, and found that a large part of it was formed later. Green is unlikely to penetrate deep inside.

So I suggest that Uncle Jin don’t invest a lot of money in the wool material numbered 2466. ”

Seeing that Jin Mao was listening seriously, Bai Jing added: “Of course this is just my judgment, not necessarily accurate.”

The little fat man grinned, his small eyes turned into crescents: “Of course I believe in Brother Jing, you are the cloud **** I admire the most!”

If you don’t have a good relationship, who cares if you earn or lose.

Every year, there are not a few people who lose all their property due to gambling stones on the Jade Public Market. Only some people with firm minds can regain their strength. As for the others, it is possible to live or die.

And Bai Jing’s advice was simply too important.

The fifth-level stone gambler who had just hired also told his father that this piece of wool should be photographed at all costs.

According to his judgment on this piece of wool as a whole, there are at least 20 kilograms of glass jadeite in 36 kilograms of material, worth at least 150 million, or even more than 200 million!

Thinking of this, Jin Mao shuddered violently. If his father really spent more than 100 million to film it, the Jin family would probably lose a lot this time!

Not only that, they have a total of more than 200 million funds, and the remaining funds are not enough to buy a few pieces of good wool. This time the jadeite public auction will become the last straw that crushes Jin’s.

The little fat man thanked Bai Jing sincerely, and then said with some twist: “Brother Jing, that… If there is any wool material that you are not sure about these days, can I ask you for advice? The Jin family is willing to give 60% of the profit!”

It has to be said that Jin Mao has been fascinated by his eyes and ears since he was a child, and his talent for business is no less than that of his father.

Bai Jing smiled slightly: “You don’t have to be so outspoken. If you have any questions, you can come to me after the bidding time is over.”

There are so many raw materials in the Jade Public Market, it is impossible for him to take pictures of all the good performances, and it is not bad for the little fat man to take pictures.

Jin Mao was about to go crazy with joy. He wanted to hug Bai Jing and kiss him a few times, but because of the cold light in Gu Yuanchao’s eyes, he didn’t dare to move, so he could only say, “Thank you, Brother Jing! Thank you Yunshen!”

As he spoke, he sent a message to Father Jin, telling him the good news, and at the same time telling him not to bid for wool No. 2466 in the afternoon.

Gu Yuanchao stood aside with his arms folded, his body exuding a strong cold air, making everyone around him dare not approach, forming a vacuum of dozens of meters in radius.

He watched Jin Mao leave coldly, with a low voice: “Ajing, why are you being so nice to this little fat man?”

Bai Jing: ?

Gu Yuanchao frowned: “You talked to him more today than I did.”

Bai Jing: “…”

I didn’t expect the dignified Major General of the Empire to be so naive when he was jealous.


In the afternoon, Gu Yuanchao went to check the safety protection of the bid opening site. Bai Jing continued to look at the wool material numbered 2000, and stopped when he saw the wool material numbered 3000.

Really too much.

Checking wool materials and using abilities so frequently and quickly is really troublesome, making Bai Jing a little dizzy.

After resting for a while, he turned on the electronic notebook on his brain, and there were more than 30 pieces of wool material on it, of which seven pieces were the most important.

Fortunately, he has written down the wool material number, the jade seed water, the price, and the highest psychological price.

Otherwise, after seeing thousands of pieces of wool in a row, who still remembers the specific performance of one piece of wool?

The time is now three o’clock in the afternoon, and there is still an hour before the bid opening.

Bai Jing intends to use this last hour to watch a part, and go to the dark marked area tomorrow while taking care of the bright marked area.

Not long after walking, mental power suddenly fluctuated significantly.

Bai Jing walked in the direction of the fluctuation and came to the vicinity of the wool material numbered 3298.

This is a piece of lying flat wool with a weight of more than 400 kilograms and a length of about 1.2 meters. It was evenly cut into three pieces, numbered 3298-3300.

This piece of wool looks like the wool of the new factory. The surface has no weathered husks, it is bare and looks like a gray stone.

The black-green pine flowers are covered in groups on the surface of the wool material, the color is not bright, the possibility of high green is not high, and the overall performance is only average.

However, for such a big head, there are no cracks on the surface, indicating that this piece of wool still has a certain degree of gambling.

Maybe the seller is planning to cut it into semi-bright materials and sell them in the dark marked area. For such a large piece of wool, even if the cutting water is average, as long as it can be green, it can be auctioned at a good price.

It is a pity that the cut surfaces of the three rough stones were not green, so they had to be placed in the marked area.

Bai Jing probed his perception into the three pieces of wool, and when he felt the active reaction and color in the last piece of wool, his beautiful brown eyes were stunned.

He lowered his eyes to hide the excitement in his middle eyes, and quickly wrote down the number of 3300 and the reserve price of 1 million.

The price of 1 million is already very high for these pieces of wool without green incisions!

That is to say, in the jadeite public market with a strong atmosphere of gambling and rich businessmen, if it is placed in a stone gambling shop outside, it will never have this price.

However, after Bai Jing sensed the pure bright yellow inside the wool, he felt that it was worth it!

He did not record the number in the electronic book, but kept the number firmly in his heart.

No. 3300, he must get this piece of wool!

In order to prevent others from noticing, Bai Jing didn’t stop by this piece of wool, and took a few steps forward to check other wools along the number.

But if you look closely, you will find that his attention is not on the wool in his hand at all.

After a few minutes, Bai Jing’s mood gradually calmed down.

The bid for No. 3300 will be opened tomorrow. According to the performance of this wool material, there must be not many bidders.

At that time, just hold your breath and put in a high price at the last minute.

At that time, there will be so many wools bidding at the same time, and no one should stare at a piece of wool with average performance.

It didn’t take long for the sweet announcement to sound: “Dear guests, the auction of wool materials numbered 1-3000 in the marked area will start in 20 minutes. Please go to the auction hall in time to take a seat.”

The announcement sounded three times. Except for the few people who were concerned about the dark label wool, thousands of people walked to the auction hall on the left side of the bright label area. It was dark.

Gu Yuanchao came to Bai Jing at the right time, held his hand, and used his tall body to help him block the flow of people.

Bai Jing held each other’s hand instead, the two smiled at each other, and followed behind the crowd into the auction hall.

The layout of the auction hall here is very similar to that of Gu’s Auction House, but it is more expansive.

There are 5,000 seats in a ring-shaped seat that rises from front to back, ensuring that every guest can clearly see the big screen.

The numbers 1-300 and the corresponding reserve prices are displayed at the bottom of the huge holographic screen, and the 3D models of the first 300 pieces of wool are displayed in turn at the top to help people recall quickly.

A group of 300 clear bids will be auctioned, and the auction time of each group will be 10 minutes. The auction will be carried out in sequence according to the number. There are ten groups in total. If guests have their favorite wool material, they can directly use the bidder to make a quotation at the corresponding number. There is no need to auction one by one, which saves time.

When the 10-minute countdown expires, the person with the highest bid will successfully bid for the piece of wool, while the wool with no bids will be passed in, and will be auctioned again on the last day.

Bai Jing opened the electronic notebook on Guangnao, and on it was written the serial number he wrote down, the jadeite seed water, and the price. Among them, 7 pieces were highlighted, and 36 pieces were inferior.

It is impossible to photograph all these wools, so his focus is still on the 7 pieces.

At 4 o’clock, the auctioneer stood on the high platform on the right and introduced himself first: “I am Xu Tianning, the auctioneer in the clear bid area of ​​this Sote public auction. The first set of clear bid auction numbers are 1-300. The time is 10 minutes and the auction starts.”

Bai Jing found No. 157 on the bidder, and the reserve price was 500,000 stars. No one has bid yet.

Gu Yuanchao was arranged by his little boyfriend to take pictures of No. 106, 184, and 209 as much as possible, and repeatedly stressed that the highest bid should not exceed 1 million stars.

The man’s slender fingers twirled on the bidder, looking at the young man staring at the big screen, a smile appeared in his eyes: Well, he will definitely carry out the task that A Jing has arranged for him, and he will never disappoint the other party. .

The author has something to say:

small theater:

Gu Shao (grievance): Ah Jing, do you dislike me for not being able to gamble on stones?

Gu Shao (grieved): You talk to the little fat man more than I do!

White King:…

Gu Shao: The task that A Jing gave me must be completed><

Poor Young Master Gu is finally not a pendant (dog head)


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