God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 66

Seeing that Gu Yun was sitting beside the No. 2 calcifying machine, planning to calcine the calculus, the people who had just watched King Biao came running over one after another.

Among them, there is no shortage of wool merchants, energy engineers, stone gamblers, etc., and the surrounding area is full of water.

In fact, there are also sixth-level stone gamblers next to Xie Shi, but I don’t know why people still prefer to watch Gu Yun stone gamblers.

Maybe it’s because he can surprise everyone.

The glass produced by Biaowang is full of green jadeite, regardless of the texture and color, it is excellent, but unfortunately there is only one piece, and it is still a high price of more than 70 million!

Many wool merchants do not say that they have not grabbed them. Even if they grab them, they will not be able to eat them. Not everyone can easily come up with hundreds of millions of assets.

Instead of guarding the wool that doesn’t know whether to gamble up or down, it’s better to come to Gu Yun.

Everyone knows that what is solved from the opponent’s hands is all medium and high-grade jade, even if it can’t be photographed, watching him solve the stone is also a kind of enjoyment!

At the same time, more than ten live **** obeyed the instructions, rushed from other calcite machines, and started shooting from all angles around Bai Jing. It is bound to capture all the beauty of the prosperous age and the handsome calcite action!

The current Baijing, surrounded by people and live **** in the center like the stars and the moon, has become the most eye-catching focus of the entire calcite area. No fifth-level stone gambler has ever received such high attention!

Only Gu Yun, a stone gambler who is respected by everyone as the ‘God of Clouds’, has such a high treatment.

Qian Yan, the sixth-level stone gambler who was beside him, gave Gu Yun a complicated look, feeling a little uncomfortable in his heart.

His client, Yu Shimou, was going all out to enter the rough jade industry. In addition to the Biao Wang who had just broken down, he also had two pieces of wool in his hands.

But before he started to dissolve the stone, the people around him ran away, leaving only a few people, which made him, a sixth-level stone gambler, lose face.

Is Gu Yun really that powerful?

Although he has heard of the opponent’s record in the mouths of others, but seeing is true and hearing is false, let him see how strong the opponent’s stone gambling ability is today.

There are three pieces of wool on the stone platform next to Baijing.

The distinguished Major General of the Empire consciously put the first piece of wool on the lithostat machine and fixed it for his boyfriend.

The live broadcast captured this scene, which immediately triggered a collective climax of CP fans.

[Sure enough, where there is a cloud god, there is Young Master Gu. 】

[Ah, ah, Young Master Gu is too fond of him. 】

[Say it 100 times, Chaoyun CP is real! ! 】

The first piece of wool that Bai Jing wanted to solve was number 209, the second-class wool that Gu Yuanchao helped him photograph.

The epidermis is a relatively common yellow sand leather shell, the overall size is about the size of a football, the surface is evenly sanded, there is no obvious python belt, and the pine flowers are wrapped around the wool like hair.

If this kind of silk pine flower grows on a good seed, it has a certain gamble. If the seed is not good, the color of the jade will be dull, even green.

On the whole, the performance of this piece of wool is very average, there is nothing eye-catching, and no one will specifically shoot such a piece of wool.

Seeing this piece of wool, a wealthy middle-aged businessman next to it suddenly said, “I originally wanted to cast a net to photograph this piece of wool, but I didn’t expect it to be bought by you.

I remember that the transaction price seemed to be… by the way, it was 900,000 stars! ”

Bai Jing nodded lightly: “That’s right.”

At the same time, there is some understanding in my heart.

When he selected wool materials, he specifically excluded some kinds of wool materials with acceptable water quality but high reserve prices. Facts have proved that the bidding price of this type of rough stone is very high, so the profit is average.

Therefore, he often chooses wools with lower reserve prices and not particularly outstanding performance.

I thought I could shoot it at a lower price, but I didn’t expect the final transaction price to be four or five times!

He didn’t understand at the time, why there were several people competing with him for this general material, it turned out to be the case.

This kind of mentality of middle-aged wealthy businessmen is all too common in the jadeite public market.

There are thousands of guests participating in this Sote public auction, and not everyone can hire a suitable stone gambler, especially a senior stone gambler.

Besides, 3,000 pieces of wool are auctioned in one day, except for a genius like Bai Jing who is extremely fast, who can read all the wool that was auctioned that day?

Most people can see a few hundred yuan is very fast.

In this case, apart from observing which piece of wool is highly discussed, many people gather, and writing down the pieces that they think are better, the rest is entirely up to luck.

It’s not just middle-aged wealthy businessmen who cast the net widely, many people want to pick up some wool with a low base price.

For example, the base price is 200,000 stars, and if you add it to 300,000, even if you get 10 yuan, it will only cost 3 million stars, which is many times better than the loss of 60 million if you break one block.

Moreover, there must be one or two pieces of jade in the 10 pieces of wool. If there is a big price increase, it will be a guaranteed profit!

Unfortunately, what they didn’t expect was that there were too many people with this mentality, which caused the price of each piece of wool to rise four or five times.

Want to pick up leaks at the cheapest price?

Oh, there are no doors.

Compared with the 132 million standard king, the 900,000 star coin is not only an obvious contrast, but it is a bit pitiful.

Many people around Bai Jing were from other planets. They had never seen Gu Yun Gambling Stone with their own eyes, so they were shocked to hear the price.

“This… wool looks very ordinary, and the price is very low.”

“Why not buy those that perform well?”

“On this kind of wool, can you really bet on it??”

Others secretly glanced at Gu Yuanchao, who was standing beside Bai Jing, thinking that the Gu family didn’t seem to have no funds.

Among the audience of the live broadcast platform, in addition to Gu Yun’s fans, they were also dissatisfied with the situation in front of them.

[I want to see tens of millions of calcites, that kind of excitement! 】

[Biaowang has been gambled, 900,000 wool? ? tease me? ? 】

[I feel that Gu Yun is a little too big this time——]

[Give the lens to the other sixth-level stone gamblers. 】

[Sisters, next to Qian Yan is dissolving stones again, go and see! 】

[This piece of broken wool has nothing to bet against, it will collapse. 】

This time, the Sauter public auction is not like the stone gambling or points wars of the past, it is just a competition between two stone gambling masters, either one or the other.

There are almost more than half of the senior stone gamblers in the empire, and all of them have tens of millions of fans and are very popular.

What’s more, the Sote Public Disk is the emerald event of the whole empire. All planets are broadcast live, and the number of broadcasts is not comparable to the past!

It can be said that if any stone gambler can make a big splash in the Sauter public market, he will definitely gain extremely high attention and status!

Whether it is the major families present or the audience on the live broadcast platform, his name will be remembered, this is an unmissable performance opportunity!

Now the organizer is obviously biased towards Gu Yun and put his live broadcast screen in the best position. This move has caused dissatisfaction among other stone gambler fans, not to mention that the wool material selected by the other party is obviously not interesting.

Gu Yun’s fans naturally support Yunshen, but the wool has not been solved, so they can’t refute it for sure.

If the gamble breaks down, wouldn’t that give others a handle on their idols?

So they just criticized and waited for Yunshen to slap the face, anyway, this situation has been seen many times, just one word: cool!


The analyst who counts the broadcast data is sweating profusely reporting the data of the live broadcast platform to the leader.

The broadcast volume of the live broadcast platform is 17.6%. Since the collapse of Biaowang, the broadcast volume of Xingwang has dropped by 5%!

In order to increase the number of broadcasts, he obeyed the leader’s request and distributed most of the live broadcast to Gu Yun.

However, after a brief rise of 0.2 percentage points in playback, it quickly dropped by 0.8 percentage points!

Looking at this situation, not only has the situation not improved, but it has become even worse.

Now the playback volume has dropped from 17.6% at the beginning to 12%, a full drop of 30%!

The analyst was so anxious that his voice was hoarse: “Leader, what should I do now?”

The leader of the organizer rubbed his forehead wearily: “Keep the status quo first. If there is no effect after half an hour, then spread the camera to other sixth-level stone gamblers.”

The analyst led the way, and the leader of the organizer sat on the sofa with a dejected expression, wishing he could kneel in front of Gu Yun and beg him to increase his bet. But ten million, must bet up!

calcite area.

Bai Jing carefully observed the direction of the pine flowers on the surface of the wool material, and then held the handle of the laser knife under the suspicious eyes of everyone.

After pressing the button, the blue laser burned like a flame, and the beam of more than 20 cm long was as sharp as a blade.

Without any hesitation, Bai Jing operated the laser knife and dropped a knife two centimeters along the leather shell.

The knife was clean and neat, and a piece of the thick crust on the surface of the yellow sand skin fell, but the cut surface did not appear green.

Before everyone could return to their senses, the laser blade flashing with a cold blue light fell again, like a swordsman pulling his sword out of the sheath, without the slightest hesitation, fast and accurate!

The cut surface of the cut waste is completely white stone, while the other half of the cut is faintly green. This knife is equivalent to completely separating the emerald layer from the stone texture, and there is not even a millimeter of error.

“Hey, this knife is more accurate and powerful than what the infrared system recognizes.”

“It’s green!”

“So fast.”

“Well, the color seems a little light?”

I saw a little green from the fist-sized incision. The color is definitely not a bright and rich color such as yang green or full green, but a light color, which greatly reduces the value of jade.

As for the texture, since the surrounding jade layer has not been wiped off, it is not very clear for the time being.

Just when everyone thought that Gu Yun would put on a grinding wheel to wipe off the excess gravel on the cut surface, Bai Jing did not put down the laser knife in his hand, but clenched the black handle.

The fair-skinned fingers are slender but powerful, and the sharp blue blades fall from different angles along the leather shell.

It is obviously the first time to cooperate, but I feel that I have cooperated thousands of times.

With the pieces of leather shells falling to the ground, the leather shells of the whole piece of yellow sand fur were almost completely removed, leaving about half of the whole piece of wool.

The entire stone cutting process took less than two minutes!

No matter from any section, you can see the light color of jadeite, like a jelly enclosed in a translucent box, just waiting to reveal its mysterious veil.

Then just wipe off the surrounding gravel.

The people around them all opened their mouths in astonishment. They had never seen such a stone cut. Not only was the speed fast, but also the ability to judge jadeite was incredible!

With so many knives, it didn’t even hurt a shred of jade flesh! And the knife is green!

The audience on Star Online was even more shocked by Bai Jing’s actions.

【……what happened? 】

[Fuck, I’m stunned. 】

[Being dazzled for a while, before I can react, the cut is over! 】

[Just now, Yunshen’s neat and tidy movements reminded me of the swordsman in the ancient earth dialect, so handsome! 】

[Ah, ah, every time I look at Yunshen Jieshi is a kind of enjoyment. 】

[I’m so handsome, passersby are fans. 】

Because the weathered layer of the yellow sand skin wool is very thick, it will take at least half an hour if the steps of cutting stones – producing green – rubbing stones – cutting stones are repeated all the time.

Bai Jing has seen more than 3,000 pieces of wool today, and has been using his senses to detect the jade in the rough stone. After that, he went through the exciting bidding process and was mentally exhausted.

Now he has a total of 8 pieces of wool to unravel, and each is calculated by half an hour. It takes a total of 4 hours, which is really a waste of time.

So he simply cut the mess with a quick knife, and tried to remove all the wool within an hour, so that he could go back to rest early.

The laser knife was replaced with a grinding wheel, and with the slight ‘ZZZ’ sound, countless gravels were erased, and the palm-sized cut surface finally revealed the true face of jade.

The texture is lustrous and translucent, the water color is full, and it has the texture of clear spring flow. The light green is revealed from the inside, which is soft and natural.

“The water is green and the grass is green!”

“It’s up, it’s up!”

“As expected of Gu Yun.”

Although the color is not bright, the color is uniform and the water is good.

And this is solved from 900,000 wool materials. According to this weight, it is no problem to turn it three or four times!

“It’s Ice Seed Sun Green! It’s gone up and up –!!”

Just as they watched Gu Yun continue to wipe the stone with a concentrated expression, there was an excited shouting from the side.

The other people next to the calcite machine rushed over and surrounded the adjacent No. 1 calcite machine.

The No. 1 calcifier is still calcining Qian Yan, a sixth-level stone gambler. Twenty minutes ago, he cut today’s Biaowang, and after a while, he continued to calcite.

The second piece of wool he chose for Mr. Yu was authentic pineapple shell wool. The skin was as thin as paper. A light green python belt slanted through the middle, and there were ribbon-shaped pine flowers around. The only pity was the bottom. Ringworm, the size of a palm.

However, according to Qian Yan’s judgment, the color of these ringworms is not dark, and there is a high probability that it will not affect the jade inside.

After he illuminated it with a strong light, he could see the emerald color penetrating from the inside, occupying most of the wool, and it performed very well.

The reserve price of this piece of wool is 3 million, and the owner of the Yu family spent 12 million to bid for it. Qian Yan is very confident in this piece of wool.

Now most of the wool material has been unraveled, and the texture is as transparent as ice. The emerald color that emerges from the inside is rich and pleasant, bright and full, and it is the kind of ice green!

And judging from the shape that is half the size of a soccer ball, the bet is definitely up!

The texture of ice seeds is one grade higher than that of water seeds, and sun green is two shades higher than grass green. Many people around Bai Jing ran to Qian Yan.

The distance between the two is right next to each other, but a few steps away, which is very convenient for the onlookers.

Star Online.

[Don’t look at Gu Yun, go look at Qian Yan’s window, there is an ice seed Yanglu! 】

[Wait for me, I’ll go too. 】

[What’s the matter with the organizer, give others some more shots! 】

[That is, ice seeds are always stronger than water seeds, right? 】

Looking at the dense crowd around, Qian Yan finally felt at ease.

If everyone rushed to Gu Yun’s side, what was the dignity of his sixth-level stone gambler?

Qian Yan knew that Gu Yun, who was next to him, had solved the green grass, and also admitted that the other party’s eyesight was really good.

However, what he solved was the Ice Seed Yang Lu, which was not lost to the opponent at all!

The depression of betting against King Biao disappeared completely, and Qian Yan continued to scrub the stone with the grinding wheel in his hand.

Because the epidermis of this piece of wool is very thin and most of it has been untied, he quickly untied the jadeite in the pineapple shell completely.

This icy green jadeite is an irregular cube with a side length of about fifteen centimeters, high transparency, uniform color, and weighs 13.5 kilograms.

At this time, some wool merchants who were watching Baijing calcite couldn’t sit still, they rushed to the No. 1 calcite machine and squeezed in desperately.

“I’ll pay 16 million!”

“18 million!”

“19 million star coins!”

In the end, this piece of wool material was sold at a price of 22 million, netting a net profit of 10 million stars!

A piece of wool can bring such a high profit, which is already very good!

The owner of the Yu family also showed a smile. The result of King Biao’s gambling collapse made him doubt whether the Yu family should enter the jade industry.

But now, he has experienced the charm of stone gambling and the attention and traffic brought by the increase in gambling, which has made him firm in his determination to take a share in the jade industry.

The number of people around Bai Jing was reduced by more than half, but this had no effect on him. He just wanted to finish the jadeite as soon as possible.

At present, the rubbing stone has been rubbed for nearly half. When the grinding wheel turned again, people were surprised to find that the color of the jadeite had changed. It was no longer a faint grass green, but a light purple.

“My God, Violet, it’s Violet!”

“It’s not that the water is green and grass is green, but the water is spring with color!!”

“The value of jadeite is high now.”

Violet is an extremely rare color among many colors, more precious than red and yellow.

As long as any jadeite is stained with purple, the value will be at least doubled!

In the spring belt color, “spring” is violet, and “color” is green.

This jadeite has violet and green at the same time, and it is full of water. It is a rare spring-colored two-color jadeite! !

[Spring color two-color! Kneeling to the cloud god. 】

[Who else can solve the rare jadeite in 900,000 wool? ! 】

【Who can compete with Yunshen! 】

[Or the organizer has the eyesight, our Yunshen deserves so many shots. 】

Gu Yun’s fans raised their eyebrows and refuted them rudely.

Hmph, the sixth-level stone gambler who bet against King Biao, I can go to you!

Dare to compete with our Yunshen for the camera, and let my sister slap your face—! !

“Violet, spring color?!”

“Let me see!”

“Don’t squeeze, fuck, I haven’t seen—”

A large number of people came in and surrounded Baijing. If it wasn’t for Young Master Gu’s presence, the order at the scene would have been chaotic.

Five minutes later, this rare water spring color was finally born in Bai Jing’s hands.

In the lustrous, translucent, water-colored water texture, the green grass occupies the lower part of the left half, the light green is like a green spring, the closer it is to the center, the lighter it becomes, and finally becomes a noble and elegant violet color!

Like a beautiful girl with a veil, the faint sense of mystery and beauty is enough to drive people crazy——

The purple in this jadeite is not as enchanting and enchanting as Peach Blossom Spring, mixed with red, but a pure light purple, light but lustrous, which complements each other with the not-so-rich grass green, and it matches the extreme!

The best water species spring color, weighing 10.8 kilograms!

“God Yun, I will pay 10 million!”

“God Yun, look at me, 11 million!”

“12 million star coins!!”

Before Bai Jing could speak, the surrounding wool merchants were vying to raise the price.

Gu Yuanchao motioned to Bai Jing to let him decide for himself, the young man thought about it and decided to auction it.

With his current ability, it is more cost-effective to extract energy liquid from glass jadeite, and water type is not considered for the time being.

In the end, this piece of water-species spring-colored jadeite was auctioned at a high price of 13 million. Who would have thought that it was solved from 900,000 wool! !

And this is just the beginning.


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