God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 67

Qian Yan was stunned when he heard that the green grass, green jade, and jade that Gu Yunxie had created had turned into a top-quality water species with spring color, and even sold for a high price of 13 million.

Hearing more rumors is more shocking than seeing it with my own eyes, Gu Yun is right next to him, a few steps away!

He couldn’t help standing up, raised his head and glanced over there, just in time to see a wool dealer happily putting the spring-colored two-color jadeite into the space button, as if he was holding a piece Rare treasure.

Even at a glance, Qian Yan still saw the noble and elegant violet looming in the emerald, which complemented the light green grass, and the color conversion had no sense of boundaries.

He sat down heavily, stunned for a while before sighing.

It’s really not an inch!

He thought it was a good thing to bet on the ice seed yang green, but he didn’t expect Gu Yun to actually bet on the water seed, the rare emerald with two colors of spring and color!

Although the planting water is one level worse, in terms of rarity and color, it can completely make up for the lack of planting water!

Not to mention profit margins.

He used 12 million jadeite rough to solve 22 million jadeite, and the net profit was 10 million, nearly doubled.

And Gu Yun used 900,000 wool to solve 13 million jade, and the net profit was 12.1 million, which was more than 14 times! !

In this way, the two are not comparable at all, he has lost too much to each other!

Thinking of this, Qian Yan’s face suddenly flushed red, as if he had been slapped several times.

Where did the self-confidence come from that made him compare with this new star of Gambling Stone Street? This face is slapped!

Fortunately, no one knew what he was thinking, fortunately.

Otherwise, he really has no face to mix in the stone gambling world!

At the same time, the leader of the organizer is holding the data of the live broadcast platform handed by the analyst, changing the gloomy cloud before, and smiling from ear to ear.

I saw that the above playback volume has risen by 1.1 percentage points in just ten minutes, and it is still rising!

Among them, Gu Yun contributed 80% of the broadcast volume, and the sixth-level stone gambler Qian Yan accounted for 20%. It is clear at a glance whose role is greater.

Sure enough, it was the most correct to give most of the shots to Gu Yun!

The leader of the organizer sat leisurely on the sofa with Erlang’s legs crossed, and hummed a song unconsciously.

Hahaha, what a wise decision he made!

calcite area.

After selling the water-seeded spring-colored two-color jadeite, Bai Jing did not waste time and immediately began to unravel the second piece of wool.

This time the wool number is No. 157, which belongs to one of the seven jadeites he focuses on.

For the water seeds just now, Bai Jing didn’t expect to be auctioned for more than 10 million. He expected it to be around seven or eight million, so he classified the piece of wool to a second-class position.

This is because he obviously underestimated the value of violets and paid attention to planting water.

Bu Cun Baijing is currently holding this piece of wool material, but it really grows water well, otherwise he will not focus on it.

This is a native elephant skin rock at the mouth of Souter Field. It is not large, only half the size of a basketball, with a maximum of 134 kilograms.

The surface is gray-white, like the skin of an elephant, full of lines. It looks rough, but it actually feels smooth.

A gray-green python belt runs through the entire piece of wool from top to bottom, and there is no truncation in the middle, indicating that there is a high probability that there is no fault in the green in the wool.

There are several inconspicuous cypress branches and pine flowers distributed under the python belt.

It was a hard-to-recognize pine flower, white, shaped like a cypress branch, and similar in color to an elephant’s skin, but Bai Jing made it out with excellent eyesight.

The wool base of the elephant skin is very good, and there is a certain probability of ice species or even glass species.

But if it performs so well, its reserve price will not be marked with only 500,000 stars.

Just because the upper part of the wool material is covered with small locks, especially there is a white waterline above it, which is exactly opposite to the texture of the wool material, so it is easily discovered by most people.

In fact, most of the waterlines are semi-invisible, extremely thin, like the remnants of the water flowing an inch, and it is easy to integrate with the texture of the original stone. Unless you have excellent eyesight, you will never be found.

It’s a pity that the woolen strands of this elephant skin are all cracked in the upper part, which is already eye-catching. The waterline is also contrary to the lines, so it is naturally clear. It would be much better if it was at the bottom.

The most important thing is that this piece of wool is numbered 157, which is at the top of the marked area.

Perhaps due to inertia, most people either start from the number 1 in the front, or look backwards from the number 3,000 that ends on the day.

In short, this piece of wool has been seen by thousands of people at least an inch.

As the saying goes: don’t be afraid of big cracks, be afraid of small locks.

In the big crack, in addition to the bad crack which has a deep impact on the jade, some such as the leather jacket and the big cross are formed in the later stage, but they are not harmful and are easy to avoid.

The small cracks will cause more damage because they are inconspicuous and easy to penetrate into the jadeite.

For example, some water lines are the performance state of invisible locks on the wool skin, which is not obvious on the skin, but will cut the internal jade meat, causing a large amount of energy loss.

It is precisely because of the small cracks that this piece of wool No. 157 is an elephant hide with a good foundation, but the reserve price is not high.

But even so, Bai Jing still spent 3.1 million star coins to shoot it. It seems that there are many people who are serious about gambling on the Sote public market.

Seeing this piece of wool, the people around were whispering.

“Hey, so many cracks!”

“I was very optimistic about this piece of wool, but unfortunately there is a waterline, so I don’t dare to gamble.”

“Me too.”

“It’s impossible for Yunshen not to see the waterline above, right?”

If it wasn’t for Baijing’s bet on a rare spring-colored jadeite, I’m afraid people would be even more at a loss.

【Exciting! 】

[I want to see if Gu Yun can bet up this time. If the bet goes up, I will call Dad directly. 】

[Upstairs, I have taken a screenshot. 】

[Organizer, if Gu Yun loses the bet this time, take back the camera! 】

[Pay some attention to Qian Yan next to him, he just raised his bet. 】

Although he was slapped in the face a few minutes ago, the unpleasant feeling made other fans of the stone gambler unable to bear their breath.

They don’t believe it anymore, how can Gu Yun keep betting?

Even if they are slapped in the face, they have to fight for some benefits for their idols, otherwise the limelight of the entire Sote public auction will be taken away by Gu Yun! Nothing left!

Gu Yun’s fans didn’t bother to reply, they just waited for them to call Yunshen Dad, and it would be very cool then.

Bai Jing has long used his senses to detect the inch. The most frightening waterline is not the invisible lock, but the slightest kind of lock formed the day after tomorrow, which does not damage or affect the jade.

It is inevitable that the other broken locks do damage a part of the jadeite.

As a rock, the elephant skin has no weathered sand cortex, and the skin is not thick, so Bai Jing directly picked up the grinding wheel and started rubbing the stone. The part to be rubbed first was naturally the upper crack.

With the sound of the grinding wheel’s ‘ZZZ’, countless small gravel particles fell, and soon a window the size of a baby’s fist was wiped open.

Sprinkling some water on it, you can see a very clean and clear texture, with shallow fluorescence, full of water color, as clear and transparent as glass, lustrous and moist.

But at the same time, people can also see the dense small cracks inside, like cobwebs, turning the beautiful glass jade into broken jade.

“Oh my God, glass, glass species!!”

“What a pity–”

“It turned out to be the best kind of glass, alas.”

“It’s really a pity that this broken strand has gone completely deep.”

Seeing the unwrapped glass seeds, people were shocked.

The glass species is the finest jadeite texture, which is rarely seen in ordinary times.

At present, there is only one piece of glass that has been solved on the field, and that is the Biao Wang just now.

However, the auction price of Biaowang reached 132 million. This piece of wool is only 3 million, and the glass jadeite has been solved!

However, what makes everyone very regretful is that the cracks can clearly see the jade flesh completely split at the mouth, there are so many cracks, no matter how good the planting water is, this is a piece of waste!

[The glass seeds just shattered like this? 】

[Woo woo woo, my heart is bleeding. 】

[Tsk, your **** of clouds is betrayed—]

【The organizer quickly changes the lens! 】

[Please, give the camera to the sixth-level stone gambler Qian Yan! 】

The live broadcast room began to clamor for another stone gambler to replace Gu Yun, but if they could see the background data, they would find that the playback volume did not decrease at all!

Sure enough, silence is the majority.

Gu Yun’s calcite speed is very fast, everyone is watching calcite carefully, no one pays attention to those barrages.

Qian Yan next to him was also unraveling the last piece of wool. The quality of this piece of wool was very average. It was not an inch in size, and it weighed about 70 to 80 kilograms. Yu spent 2 million to photograph it.

This is the first day of the opening of the open bid. Yu spent nearly 150 million yuan. I am afraid that the funds will be very tight in the future. After all, the dark bid area is the big one.

Qian Yan will be more cautious in choosing wool materials in the future.

This piece of wool is a rock with a rust skin, and the skin has a rust color. It is unlikely that this material will be high green.

After he wiped away the fist-sized wool skin, he found that it was a bean-green oily green seed, and he could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, it is not gray-green, and planting water is also considered mid-range.

Moreover, after being irradiated with a strong light, it is obvious that the green has been eaten. The jade inside is not small, and it should be able to bet up!

Since Qian Yan’s rise, many wool merchants and energy engineers have come to his side.

As a level 3 jadeite, Youqing Seed is very popular among energy experts. After all, there are very few senior energy engineers, and level 3 energy liquid is the most in demand in the market.

Bai Jing didn’t understand the storm on the live broadcast platform at all. The grinding wheel kept turning, wiping off the thin leather shell, and soon about a third of it was wiped off, and the exposed window became bigger and bigger.

“Huh? Why does it feel like the cracks seem to be a lot less!”


“No, I found it too, there are not many broken strands-”

“Isn’t that, damn, could there be intact glass jadeite??”

I saw that as the jadeite under the skin was exposed little by little, the original spider web-like cracks became less and less, and now they are almost invisible.

The people around were breathing heavily, staring at Bai Jing Jie Shi without blinking.

Finally, after rubbing the grinding wheel down, they saw the jade inside.

Perfect glass seed, no fissures! !

“Glass seeds, soaring, soaring—”

I don’t know who is howling excitedly, and all the people around him rushed over in an instant.

Some people who had just run over to Qian Yan’s side immediately came upon hearing the news. Although they were a few steps away, they couldn’t squeeze in from the outside.

Gu Yuanchao stood in front of Bai Jing, his brows arrogant, causing the people around him to shrink their necks, not daring to take a step forward.

Five minutes later, the jadeite was finally released. Except for the leather shell, it was full of jadeite!

Bai Jing used a laser knife to cut off the broken jade in front of it with an extremely precise angle. The remaining two-thirds had no cracks at all, and it was the purest and best glass.

“Oh my god, it’s a rare glass species of green jadeite!!”


The people in the innermost saw little, clumps, and traces of green on the pure base, like stars, and like clouds floating in the air, with a bit of an ethereal texture, coupled with refreshing and sparkling The moist glass texture is simply beautiful.

Generally, ice-type floating jadeite is uncommon, not to mention the glass-type floating jadeite of a higher grade!

It is more valuable than glass seed green, and its purity is higher!

【Ah, ah, I really like it! 】

[I can’t wait to take it as my own! 】

[Just now, the one who said that Yunshen’s gambling is going up is called Dad, don’t pretend to be dead. 】

[Hehe, give your idol a shot? Unless he also solves the glass seed! 】

【Cloud God is the strongest! 】

【Cloud God is the strongest! 】

The entire live broadcast room was swiped by ‘the strongest cloud god’, and none of the fans of other stone gamblers dared to speak out.

The provocateur just now kept his word, called ‘Dad’ and went offline. Since then, this ID has never appeared on the SOTT public market.

He has no lines on his face, shame.


“God Yun, I will give out 20 million star coins!”

“25 million star coins, sell it to me!”

“You want to win 25 million stars? I’ll give you 27 million!”

This 5.5kg glass floating jadeite was looted by everyone, and the price was raised to 30 million in just one minute!

The highest bidder was a senior energy engineer.

Glass species jadeite is rare, and glass species with good color and high purity are even rarer.

Most of the time he extracts ice jade, and if he wants to go further and become a famous energy master in the empire, he needs to extract energy liquid with a purity of more than 68%!

He is bound to get this piece of glass floating flower jadeite!

Bai Jing glanced helplessly at the excited people around him. He hadn’t even said that he wanted to auction this jadeite, and these people were already fighting for it.

He intends to extract the energy liquid from this piece of glass jade.

Gu Yuanchao and Bai Jing had the same heart, and explained in a timely manner: “Sorry, this jadeite will not be auctioned for the time being.”

Others remembered that Gu’s entry into the energy industry in recent months was aggressive, and they understood that it was to be left to their own energy engineers, and couldn’t help but sigh.

The energy engineer also pursed his lips and had to give up.

He didn’t leave, because the energy master understood that other than Gu Yun and other stone gamblers, it was impossible to have glass-type jadeite.

He must stay here, even if there is no glass jadeite, ice or high ice is fine!

With the mining of rough jadeite, there are fewer and fewer high-grade jadeites.

Other wool merchants obviously have the same plan. Even if they are squeezed into sweat and their feet are swollen, no one will leave.

There were other wool materials in Baijing’s space, so Gu Yuanchao put this piece of glass floating flower jade into his space.

No one dared to make any crooked ideas in front of the Imperial Major General.

The third piece of jade to be solved next is No. 106 jade, which is the second-class wool material taken by Gu Yuanchao with 900,000 star coins, and the marked reserve price is 200,000.

This is a piece of red sand skin wool, about the size of two basketballs, weighing 40 to 50 kilograms, and the surface is bumpy. When you touch it with your hand, you can feel a somewhat rough texture and uneven sanding.

There are sparse point-like pine flowers and two band-like pine flowers distributed on the husk, gray-green in color, not compact, and not connected into pieces, indicating that the green inside may not even be colored.

In short, from the husk and pine flowers, the performance of this wool is not very good.

Not to mention, there was a ten-centimeter-long crack in the middle of the wool. Although it was not deep, it made the wool look even worse.

Many people look at this piece of wool and wonder, why is it cracked again?

Haven’t heard that Cunyun God likes to gamble?

Before that, Bai Jing did not specifically bet on cracks or betting on type or color, mostly based on the performance of wool.

But this time, I specially found some wool with cracks on the surface, and then checked the performance of the leather shell, etc., and finally determined it with perception.

After all, with 3,000 pieces of wool, even if a piece of wool only takes 10 seconds, it will take 9 hours!

In this case, it is absolutely not enough time to select rough stones aimlessly. You can only find a feature first, and then look at other performances of the wool, so as to make a comprehensive judgment.

And Bai Jing is looking for the cracked one first, the crack can be seen at a glance, especially the big crack, it is obvious.

Of course, those with good wool base but low base price will also pay attention to them, so these wool materials he photographed basically have this feature.

But Bai Jing didn’t expect that his move would lead to the cracked wool in the marked area in the next few days, especially the leather shell that performed well, and the transaction price increased by 30%! !

Of course, that’s all for later.

Seeing this piece of red sand skin wool in Bai Jing’s hands, although everyone felt that the performance was not good, they did not make a sound.

The performance of the first two pieces of wool was not very good, and in Gu Yun’s hands, it was not possible that the jadeite worth tens of millions had been released!

Even on the Star Online, no one dared to provoke it.

Two consecutive slaps in the face, no one is a masochist. Isn’t it shameful to have to stretch out the face and slap?

What’s more, betting on stones, everyone naturally wants to see the jadeite bet from the original stone, otherwise what’s so good about a broken stone!

Looking at Gu Yunxianshi is indeed exciting, the thrill of soaring adrenaline fascinates countless people, and the jade he solves is even more amazing.

Many viewers in the live broadcast room have followed Gu Yun on Star Field, looking forward to receiving the latest stone gambling news from this talented stone gambler in the future.

On the first night of Sauter’s public auction, in just 20 minutes, Gu Yun gained millions of fans, and the number of fans is increasing at an extremely crazy speed!

There is no doubt that he will be the biggest winner in this Soter public plate!

In the limelight, Bai Jing began to dissolve the stone.

He did not choose to rub the stone along the fissure, but cut the fissure directly with the laser knife!

With this knife, you can know whether the crack has penetrated deep into the jadeite!

[Fuck, it’s so exciting! 】

[Hey, my scalp is numb, I dare not look at it. 】

[Upstairs +1, fortunately I don’t gamble on stones, my heart can’t bear it. 】

[God of Cloud is God of Cloud, always so neat and tidy! 】

【Ah, ah, the knife fell—】

As soon as the knife went down, in the eyes of people, the wool was divided into two, and the cut surface was not cracked, but it was a white stone.

This one fell apart.

Bai Jing’s expression remained the same. He cut the left half of the wool material twice along the leather shell, but no green came out; he cut another cut in the middle, and the cut surface was still a white stone, indicating that it was completely broken.

[Cut down. 】

[Cough, I am not saying that Yunshen will bet down, Yunshen will definitely bet up! 】

[Sister, you are so cute, hahaha——]

【I am male……】

[Wow, Yunshen still has male fans? 】

[Of course, and many, all around me! 】

[Suddenly sweating for Young Master Gu. 】

Gu Yun’s fans now have nearly 40 million. If statistics are calculated, it will be found that more than half of them are male fans!

This is difficult to see on other male public figures, which shows its great charm.

Half of the wool was cut, and people thought that Gu Yun might have to gamble this time. After all, no one can bet 100% up.

Don’t say 100%, even the legendary god-level stone gambler with a gambling increase rate of more than 80% has never appeared, just a name.

Bai Jing put down the half piece of wool that had been cut, and with the help of Gu Yuanchao, fixed the other half of the piece of wool on the lithotripter, and held the handle of the laser knife again.

The blue dim light flickered, and according to the direction of the pine flower, it was cut along the two centimeter thick part of the leather shell!

The author has something to say: Small Theater 1:

A face-slapping object: I’ll call my father when the bet goes up!

Ten minutes later: Dad! (permanent offline)

Small Theater 2:

Gu Shao: Ah Jing, I heard that you have a lot of male fans?

Bai Jing: ?

Gu Shao: Hmph, there can be thousands of male fans, but there is only one boyfriend!

White King: .



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