God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 68

When the knife went down, the three-finger-wide cut surface revealed a pale red layer of red mist. This performance really made everyone stunned for a while.

The fog of jadeite refers to the semi-weathered transition layer between the skin and the flesh. The fog means that the rough jadeite is of high hardness and old.

The fog layer is generally divided into five types: white fog, honey fog, yellow fog, red fog, and black fog.

Among the types of fog,

White fog and honey fog are superior fog layers, which means that the jade under the fog layer is clean;

The yellow fog and red fog are medium-attribute fog layers, red fog loves running skin, and needs to be judged carefully;

As for the black fog, which is a poor fog layer, black easily penetrates into the emerald, causing the background color to be gray, but there is also a small possibility of high green, which is more changeable.

Now the white scene cuts out the red fog layer, making the uncertainty bigger.

There is a certain possibility that red penetrates into the interior, and the red jade is solved; it is also possible that the red is only in the epidermis, and the inner jade becomes a gray base.

【a little nervous. 】

[Should be able to produce red jade… right? 】

[However, the probability of Hong Fei appearing in the red fog is not always high. 】

【I believe in Yunshen! 】

[It’s not a blow, no one can keep betting up, and it’s normal to break down once. 】

Gu Yun’s fans controlled their speeches, and they didn’t say anything about the bet going up. Yunshen had already bet up twice in a row, and they couldn’t put too much pressure on Yunshen!

Under the nervous and expectant gaze of everyone, Bai Jing put on a grinding wheel to wipe off the thin layer of fog, revealing the jadeite texture inside.

“Oh my God, it’s really Hong Fei!!”

“The glutinous red jade——!!”


“As expected of the Cloud God!”

I saw that the palm-sized cut surface washed with water revealed a bright red color, bright and bright, like the color of blood, pure red, dazzling red, like a delicate and beautiful beauty dancing under the moonlight, enchanting. And charming, intoxicating.

Its texture is crystal clear and translucent, as moist and delicate as cooked rice grains, and the seed water has reached the level of fine glutinous seeds!

Jade, that is, red jade and green jade, through this name is enough to explain the value of red jade.

The color of red jade includes yellow-red, orange-red, maroon, bright red and other kinds of red jade.

The best red is called “cockscomb red”, the red is bright and bright, the jade is delicate and transparent, and it is the top grade in the red jade. 【Note】

Judging from the color revealed by the cut surface, although it has not reached the top color of “cockscomb red”, the color is bright and not dark, the color is gorgeous and not rigid, it is a rare bright red!

The top grade in the red jade!

As for jadeite, green is the most common.

While purple, red, yellow, combination colors, etc. are relatively rare colors, perhaps because of cosmic radiation, these colors of jadeite are easier to extract higher purity energy liquid, and the energy engineer consumes less mental energy. .

Therefore, jadeite with rare colors like red jade is very popular in the market. The jadeite of the same water is 1.2-1.5 times as bright as the green jadeite.

The bright red fine glutinous red jade that Bai Jingxie solved is even rarer in color, and the price can be more than double!

Bai Jing used a laser knife to cut along the surrounding thick leather shell, but after a few cuts, the outline of the jadeite was revealed.

The grinding wheel turned quickly, and the gravel fell one after another. Finally, the 8.8 kg fine glutinous red jade was completely released.

The spherical jadeite, which can only be held up by two palms, is bright red and uniform in color. It is infiltrated in the delicate and moist texture like flowing blood. The surface is lightly fluorescent, enchanting and charming, attracting people’s attention.

[Fuck, such a big piece of red jade! ! 】

[Wow, this color is so gorgeous and beautiful. 】

[Three pieces of wool, three pieces of betting go up, still big! ! Who else besides Yunshen? ! 】

[Can’t say anything other than marvel. 】

[Only one word: cow! 】

You must know that the red fog is a layer of fog that is easy to run off the skin. Even if red can penetrate, most of it is only a shallow part. It is rare that the entire jadeite is all red, not to mention it is pure bright red!

Such a large piece of red jade is extremely rare!

Therefore, this piece of waxy red jade was looted by everyone as soon as it was solved.

“God Yun, I will give out 8 million star coins!”

“9 million star coins!”

“God Yun, I will pay 10 million stars, sell it to me!”

“12 million!”

In the end, this fine glutinous red jade was picked up by an energy engineer at a price of 15 million, which is almost the same as the ice seed!

At present, the three pieces of wool placed on the stone platform have all been unraveled, and the total price of the three rough stones is 4.9 million star coins.

A total of two-color water-type spring-colored jadeite, a glass-type green flower jadeite, and a fine-glutinous-type red jadeite were obtained, with a total value of 58 million star coins, more than tenfold!

And if the glass species of floating flower jadeite is extracted from the sixth-grade energy liquid, it will be doubled several times, which is simply a superposition of huge profits!

At this time, Qian Yan next to him also completely unraveled the green and green jadeite oil green seed in his hand, weighing 46 kilograms, and the auction price was 5 million star coins, which more than doubled, which is a big increase.

This must have caused a lot of discussion in the past. With the probability of losing nine out of ten bets, he successively bet on the ice seed yang green and the oil green jade, and made a net profit of more than 10 million star coins, and his strength is not bad.

But now, not even a splash of water can be splashed.

After hurriedly bidding for the price, several wool merchants rushed back to Gu Yun’s side, lest they miss the birth of the rare jadeite.

Waxy red jade?

Qian Yan was stunned for a moment after hearing the cheers from the crowd. Was it another high-grade jadeite with a rare color?

He smiled wryly, and returned to his residence with the complex-faced Yu family head.

If he stayed any longer, his self-confidence as a sixth-level stone gambler would probably be hit to the ground.

Qian Yan’s departure did not have any impact on the noisy Jieshi District, and only his loyal fans sighed on Xingwang. Everyone else was attracted by Gu Yun.

Without him, looking at Gu Yun Jieshi is really exciting!

You can also see rare emeralds that have never been seen before!

It’s such a wonderful feeling, it’s addicting.

At the same time, the leader of the organizer received the playback data sent by the analyst again.

At the moment when he saw the data, the middle-aged man who was used to seeing the wind and waves could not help but shrink his pupils, and then burst into a hearty laugh.

“Very good, very good, the 5 percentage points that fell due to King Biao’s collapse have been recovered, and it has risen by 2 percentage points. Gu Yun is really amazing!”

The middle-aged man commented with a smile, and then ordered: “Leave only one necessary live ball in front of each calcite machine, and give all the rest to him and Gu Yun! Quick—”

If the playback volume hits a new high this time, maybe he can go a step further and sit in a higher position.

And all of this is thanks to this new star in the stone gambling world!

‘This is not only a new star, but his lucky star! ’ The leader of the organizer thought happily.


Bai Jing took out three more pieces of wool from the space button and placed them on the stone platform.

The first piece of wool fixed on the calciner was the piece of wool that he took to make up the number by adding 10,000 star coins to the base price of 100,000.

This wool is gray-black, and the leather is very rough with many cracks.

On the surface, there is no pine flower python belt. It is also medium in size, weighing 20 to 30 kilograms. It is really garbage and can’t be garbage anymore.

Bai Jing knew that there was no jade in it, but he still had to go through the process.

After a casual observation, he cut a knife along the two centimeters of the leather shell, and the cut surface was indeed a white stone.

Without the slightest pause, he moved the tangent line three centimeters inward again, and once again dropped the knife, but still no green came out. At this time, the whole piece of wool was nearly half cut.

“It’s broken, but I believe that the other half definitely has jade!”

“Hey, I’m looking forward to it.”

“The next knife will definitely be green!”

“That’s right, there’s high green in the shit–”

The onlookers started to discuss, even if this piece of material was a piece of garbage, because in Gu Yun’s hands, they felt that they could produce good quality jadeite!

? Bai Jing gave them a strange look.

This piece of wool is so bad, obviously there is no jade!

These people are all well-informed wool merchants, energy engineers, and stone gamblers. What happened to each of them?

Eyes don’t look like that.

He cut the remaining wool in half with one knife, and there was nothing on the cut surface.

【? ? ? cross? 】

[I don’t believe it, there must be jadeite in the remaining small pieces! 】

[Yes, I will wait. 】

[Uh, that, Yunshen can’t keep betting up all the time (whispering)]

Bai Jing put the cut wool material aside, waiting for the cleaning robot to take it away, and then put the fifth piece of wool material on the lithotripter.

It was only then that people finally realized that Yunshen had really lost the gamble!

It’s amazing to bet on others, but it’s amazing to bet on Gu Yun.

This is enough to show that his stone gambling ability has been recognized by everyone!

With the passage of time, a group of people have been replaced on the other calcifiers. Each of them only has at most two pieces of wool in their hands, and it is very likely that they will be defeated by a few knives, and they will naturally solve it quickly.

Among the hundreds of thousands of pieces of wool, there are indeed some jadeites, but there are not many bettors, and even rarer ones are betting on medium-to-high-end jadeites, even a piece of egg white or hibiscus jadeite is good!

In this comparison, Bai Jing’s record is even more highlighted. Four pieces of wool have increased by three, and the betting rate has reached a terrifying 75%. Not to mention, they are still tens of millions of jade!

Except for the one who was dissolving the stone, everyone ran to Baijing’s No. 2 stone dissolving machine. It is no exaggeration to say that the scene was crowded with people.

Under the instructions of the organizer, the staff specially erected a huge screen behind the No. 2 calcite machine, on which the scene of Baijing calcite was played synchronously, so that the people in the back could see it clearly.

Bai Jing began to unravel the fifth piece of wool.

The number of this piece of wool is No. 682, which belongs to one of the wool materials that Bai Jing focuses on. The reserve price is 500,000. He spent 2.4 million to take it.

This is a half-mountain and half-water rock with a potato skin and shell, in the shape of an irregular triangle, about 30 centimeters long and less than 20 kilograms in total.

This kind of wool has thin skin, high transparency and good foundation, and most of the jade inside is fine and delicate.

However, this piece of wool is covered with small patches of black ringworm, and along with the ringworm are several clusters of gray-green pine flowers, which are inseparable and indistinguishable.

The pine flowers around black ringworm are distributed in dots rather than bands, which is difficult to connect to green.

In addition, above the wool material, there are also cross locks, which are uncertain whether they are harmful to the quality of jade, which reduces the gambleability of this piece of wool material a lot.

Seeing that this piece of wool is also cracked, many people’s eyes flash with light, and they have already begun to ponder the wind direction of the target tomorrow.

This is the first day of Sauter’s public auction. All the guests are very enthusiastic, and they can’t wait to cast all the materials that perform well, so that each piece of wool has more than doubled the price of the reserve price by four or five times. , and the birth of the sky-high price tag king!

However, after most people gambled down today, their excited hearts have calmed down. This is only the first day of the public market, and there are still more than ten days after that. The funds brought in like this will definitely be soon. Running out of flowers.

Be sure to focus on the cracked ones tomorrow!

This is what many people think after seeing the wool material selected by Gu Yun.

Bai Jing picked up the grinding wheel and started rubbing stones along the area with pine blossoms and black ringworm. The thin crust was quickly rubbed away, revealing a rubbing mouth the size of a baby’s fist.

Sprinkling some water on it, you can see the almost transparent texture inside, as clear as ice, watery, slightly less than the glass seed, but purer than the ice seed, which is very gratifying.

“It’s ice!”

“No, it’s a glass species—”

“Look carefully, this is the highest ice species after the glass species!”

“Hey, it’s another high-grade jadeite!”

“I seem to see a little green, is it a floating flower?”

“I can’t see it.”

Amid the exclamations of the crowd, Bai Jing continued to rub stones along the black ringworm. Although these black ringworms were dense, they did not harm the jade inside at all, which made the surrounding people even more admired.

Ordinary black ringworm can be gambled if it is lying down, but if it is straight ringworm, it will be nailed to the stone skin like a nail, and it will penetrate deep into the stone and cause great damage.

And this kind of ringworm with pine flowers is easy to confuse people, and it is absolutely not to gamble.

Many people see Songhua integrated with black ringworm, and they acquiesce that this is an inconspicuous straight ringworm. They didn’t expect it to be a supine sleeping ringworm.

With the grinding of the grinding wheel, about one-third of the wool of the potato shell has been loosened, and people can finally see the true content of the jade inside.

On the enlarged screen behind me, there are strips of green silk floating in the pure and lustrous high ice texture, fine and straight, wisps and wisps, hanging down like silk sash, as if the wind blows. will float away.

The color of the green silk is pure yang green, the color is bright and bright, agile and ethereal, like a beautiful lady in green rafting on the blue waves, every frown and smile will shake your heart.

“It’s a golden thread!”

“Oh my God, it’s a high-ice golden silk seed that is excellent for water–”

Someone shouted excitedly.

The golden thread jade is as rare as the floating flower jade, not to mention the high ice jade that is second only to the glass species, the purity is too high!

[So beautiful, how can there be such a beautiful jade! 】

[Woooooo, I really like it. 】

[It’s the first time I’ve seen such a good golden seed that grows water! 】

[Want to keep it. 】

【How can Yunshen be so strong! ! 】

Bai Jing turned a deaf ear to everything around him and continued to rub the stone. When the solution was halfway through, the cracks caused by the cross locks flashed out in the jade.

Just when people regretted, these cracks disappeared soon, which shocked everyone.

“This luck!!!”

“Suddenly the splits don’t feel so scary anymore.”

“Wake up, you are not the Cloud God!”

In the end, 16 kg of high-ice gold wire jadeite was unraveled from the wool material. The cracked part in the middle was cut off, and the remaining 12.7 kg was divided into two pieces of about 6 kg each.

“God Yun, I only need one piece, 12 million star coins!”

“13 million!”

“15 million star coins!”

Many people are excited. Two pieces of high-ice gold wire that are close to the glass kind are also suitable in weight. How can you grab one?

Just now, the senior energy engineer was desperately bidding for the price. He couldn’t shoot the glass seed material. He had to win this high ice seed!

Bai Jing glanced at Gu Yuanchao, who was beside him, and the latter nodded at him with a smile.

This is only the first day of Sauter’s public auction. There are so many materials in the back. Don’t worry, just leave the best pieces for auction at Gu’s auction house. Of course, the energy liquid with high purity will be extracted first.

Bai Jing thought about it for a while. Among the next wool materials, there is another piece that can be used to extract glass seeds. This piece of high-ice gold silk jadeite can also be auctioned directly. After all, the materials in the dark bid area are not cheap.

In the end, the larger piece of the two pieces of wool material sold for a high price of 20 million yuan and was bought by the senior energy engineer; the other piece was sold for 18 million star coins by a well-known wool material businessman, and he was overjoyed.

In fact, the prices of both rough stones and jadeites on the Sauter public auction are on the high side, 10%-20% higher than those of large auction houses outside.

After all, all the rich people with assets of over 100 million are gathered here. Coupled with the influence of the strong gambling atmosphere, it is inevitable that the bidding will be fierce.

But that doesn’t mean these wool merchants will lose money.

For example, a wool dealer who spent 18 million star coins to buy this piece of high-ice jadeite will not sell it immediately after he buys it.

At present, the best mines and mines are owned by the Empire Energy Center, and the second-tier ones are divided up by major families. The remaining mines are not many, and they may double in a few years.

Bai Jingjie’s sixth piece of wool is a piece of authentic old pit black sand. It’s not big, like a child’s ball.

Its surface is covered with a thick wax shell, black and shiny, with clusters of green pine flowers distributed.

This wool has a very small probability of high green, even imperial green, but 99.9% are white stones.

Although people have high expectations for Gu Yun, the probability of this wool being high green is too low.

The most important thing is that among the five pieces of jade in front, the opponent only bet on one piece, which means that the betting rate has reached 80%!

If the bet goes up again… hess, they don’t dare to think about it any longer.

The epidermis of this black Usa is still a little thick because it is covered by a wax shell, so Bai Jing used a laser knife to cut a few knives along the circumference of the leather shell.

Afraid of hurting the jade inside, these knives were not deep, only about one centimeter deep. In addition, it was spherical, so there was no sign of green on the cut surface.

【Should you be gambled down? 】

[If the bet goes up again, it will be a miracle! 】

【It’s a miracle now—】

【Cloud God is the strongest! ! 】

Just when everyone was talking about it, the excited voice of little fat Jin Mao came from next to the No. 3 calcifier: “Hahaha, Hibiscus species, it has risen-!!”

Father Jin also had a smile on his face, while Jia Kai, the stone gambler standing beside him, blushed, and was so embarrassed that he wanted to find a crack to burrow in.

Since Father Jin knew that his son asked ‘Gu Yun’ to help him look at a few pieces of wool, and the other party agreed, he was simply pleasantly surprised.

However, Father Jin was not a blind person. He never dared to disturb the other party. It was only when he was about to bid that Jin Mao asked for two pieces of wool with a relatively high reserve price.

The little fat man has just reached the second-level stone gambler, Jia Kai is the fifth-level stone gambler, and the five pieces of wool they picked were naturally selected by Jia Kai.

Bai Jing gave a negative answer after detecting it with his perception. The performance of these two materials is acceptable, but the reserve price is obviously high, and it is not worth so many stars.

After thinking for a while, he gave Jin Mao the number of the two pieces of wool that he liked that performed well but whose reserve price was higher than expected, and told them to do what they could and not to invest too much star coins.

When the auction ended, Jia Kai’s face was a little ugly.

Father Jin obviously did not take the two pieces of wool as he said, but instead spent nearly 10 million stars to bid for the other two pieces!

The reason the other party gave him was that the reserve price was too high.

But he could see clearly that the wool he chose was not as high as the two pieces that Father Jin had photographed!

However, Jia Kai couldn’t attack, because he chose three pieces of five pieces of wool.

Although he felt that the golden father was just to appease him, because the three pieces of wool did not add up to more than 2 million stars.

Jia Kai secretly held a sigh of relief, after all, he is the stone gambler hired by the Jin family, and Gu Yun is obviously not giving him a way to survive!

So he occupied the No. 3 calcite machine as soon as the bidding ended, and he must bet up to prove himself.

But the fact disappointed him greatly. Two of the three pieces of wool he chose broke down, and the other piece was ten kilograms of bean seed jade, which was bought for 300,000 star coins and lost more than 1 million.

As soon as Jin Mao rubbed off one of the pieces, a hibiscus species of green onion came out, looking at it, at least ten kilograms!

Not to mention the sound of various high-end jadeite gambling rising from Gu Yun’s side, which really made him feel a little ashamed.

He thought about it, from tomorrow onwards, shut up and be a mute, so as not to humiliate himself.

Just thinking about it, another incoherent shout came from the side: “Damn, God, I’m crazy, it’s a glass species again-!!”

The author has something to say: Small Theater:

Bai Jing: There is no jade in this wool.

People: I don’t believe it!

Bai Jing: ? ? ?



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