God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 69

Jia Kai was startled suddenly and looked back at the screen behind him in disbelief——

What? Glass again? !

You must know that the glass species is the highest quality water quality among jadeites, and it is difficult to see them at ordinary times.

Among the thousands of rough jadeites today, only three have been produced so far, which is very rare.

And of these three pieces of glass jadeite, two of them came from Gu Yun!

What probability is this?

If it is normal for King Biao to solve the glass-type jadeite for 132 million, then Gu Yun’s two pieces of glass-type wool were all solved in rough stones with an auction price of no more than 3 million. This situation is unbelievable!

Why do people know so much about the price of wool?

Because there are too many people around Bai Jing, almost half of them are concentrated here, and there will always be someone who has bid or paid for the wool in his hands, so people are especially shocked.

This, this is simply unbelievable in the Sauter public plate!

There are so many good materials, but not a little glass seed is produced, but they appear in the ordinary wool material, Gu Yun’s ability to gamble with stones is simply amazing!

High-grade jadeites sprung up like bamboo shoots after rain in his hands, glass seeds and high ice seeds that are not usually seen, are like Chinese cabbage in his hands! (Refer to Paleolithic here.)

At this time, Jia Kai finally saw the cut surface of the glass species on the enlarged screen.

The water flow washed away the gravel particles on the surface, revealing the almost completely transparent texture inside, without a trace of flaws, pure to the extreme, with a shallow fluorescence.

The green that emerges from the inside is bright, bright and emerald green. Although it can’t reach the top color like the imperial green, it is obviously a “positive, strong, positive, and even” yang green luster!

[Fuck, it’s glass again! Still green! 】

[Block Y is here! ! 】

[Except for the piece that King Biao solved, the other two pieces are all with Yunshen, right? 】

【Ah ah ah, I’m crazy, it’s another high-grade jadeite! 】

[I don’t dare to calculate the betting rate anymore…]

In the atmosphere where people were so excited that their voices were hoarse, Bai Jing’s hand holding the laser knife was still steady, and he cut off all the thick skin of the black sand with a few knives, and then began to rub the stone with a grinding wheel.

About five or six minutes later, this piece of glass seed Yang Green Jade was completely presented in front of people’s eyes.

This is a spherical jadeite with a diameter of about 11 Y cm and a weight of 3.3 kg.

Its transparency is extremely high, the jade is delicate, clear and moist, and the green that emerges from the pure base is like green leaves washed by rain. Under the sunlight, the green is extremely pure, and it lives up to the name of yang green!

“God Yun, 10 million stars, sell me this jadeite.”

“12 million star coins!”

“I’ll pay 13 million!”

Before Bai Jing could speak, the two fist-sized pieces of glass seed Yang Green were raised to a high price of 16 million. Gu Yuanchao said at the right time, “Sorry, this piece of glass seed jade is not for sale either.”

Hearing this, the mood of the energy engineer and wool merchant who just competed to bid was obviously lost.

The 5.5kg glass seed floating flower jadeite was left behind by Mrs Gu. I thought that this lighter glass seed Yanglu would be auctioned on the spot, even if the price was a little higher, it didn’t matter, it was a glass seed Emerald!

It’s a pity that Gu’s mysterious energy master is too powerful, the speed of extracting energy liquid is unparalleled, and the quality of energy liquid has reached 6th grade or above!

The Gu family has a large auction every other month. Four or five sets of Level 6 energy boxes are sold at a time. No auction house can match this frequency and quality—

Even if the Gu family has only been in the energy industry for three or four months, his reputation is no worse than that of other veteran energy division families.

Everyone knows that Gu’s energy liquid is of extremely high quality, even better than others of the same purity!

From this point of view, it is impossible for glass jadeite to have their share, alas.

Just after Bai Jing solved the Y piece of glass jadeite, the leader of the organizer got the data provided by the analyst and stood up from the leather sofa at once!

All Star Network broadcasts 23.8%! !

Staring at this number for ten seconds, the mature and steady man couldn’t suppress his excitement at all, his breathing suddenly became rapid, he paced back and forth in the office, and even jumped up and waved his fist.


This is a number that has never been reached in the previous jadeite public auctions!

This means that among the more than one billion people in the empire, more than 200 million people are watching calcite, and more than 95% of the traffic is on Gu Yun!

From 17.6% of the broadcast volume at the beginning, to 12.7% because of Biaowang’s collapse, and then to 23.8%, Gu Yun brought more than 10% of the broadcast volume, which means more than 100 million people!

Even if the dark bid king rose ten years ago, the playback volume did not exceed 20%!

“Ha ha ha ha–”

The leader of the organizer laughed wildly. With this performance, his promotion was definitely a sure thing.

If Gu Yun keeps betting on the rise, he might even cross two levels!

“Cough.” The middle-aged man cleared his hoarse throat due to excitement, and connected the subordinate’s video communication: “Replace the poster cover of the Sote public live broadcast room with the picture of Gu Yun betting on the glass seed!”

“Yes, you heard right, none of the other stone gamblers will stay, there is no need!

Also, whether it is today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, as long as Gu Yun is there, give him 90% of the shots! ”

The leader of the organizer is in high spirits and speaks decisively: “There are other fans of the stone gambler who have complained, please comfort them, I think you understand what I mean.

By the way, all the staff responsible for the ratings tonight will be given a bonus of 5,000 stars. ”

As long as he can raise the ratings and let him go further, this bonus is a drizzle.

The subordinates were a little apprehensive. After all, the fans of senior stone gamblers are not easy to provoke, but when they heard that there was a bonus, they immediately said with full energy: “Yes!”

They will definitely do a good job of it!

In this way, even if the audience has not entered the live broadcast room, they can see the picture of Gu Yun unraveling the glass jadeite on the live broadcast platform. I believe that many people will be attracted by Gu Yun’s exquisite appearance and the charm of the glass jadeite.

At that time, the playback volume will reach a new high!


When Bai Jing unpacked the seventh jadeite, the little fat man also unwrapped the green hibiscus green jadeite in his hand.

Weighing 16.3 kg, the soft green with a hint of yellow, coupled with the moist texture like hibiscus, is also considered to be the top grade among mid-range jadeite!

“It’s soaring–”

“I’ll give out 9 million star coins!”

“10 million star coins!”

Because this hibiscus planted with green onion is not small and the water is good, it has caused many wool traders to compete for the price.

In the end, this piece of wool with an auction price of 5.5 million star coins shouted a high price of 12 million, more than doubled!

It was the first time that Fatty had solved tens of millions of jadeites, and he was stunned, with a very unreal feeling.

It would be fun to think that he earned 10,000 star coins on Gambling Stone Street before, but now he has produced tens of millions of star coins in jade!

Net profit of more than 6 million!

If he was on his own, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to earn so much in ten years.

And these are just two numbers that his brother Jing casually reported.

Holy crap, Brother Jing is so awesome! !

Jin Mao looked at the other piece of wool placed on the stone platform, his eyes were shining, what kind of jade is there?

He directly picked up the piece of wool that weighed thirty or forty kilograms with both hands.

After carefully placing it on the calcification machine, it took ten minutes of observation to draw the first tangent line. It is conservatively estimated that even the husk cannot be cut off.

It was Father Jin who asked Jia Kai to come and dissolve the stone together, so he nervously made a two-finger-wide incision on the yellow salt sand skin.

“The glutinous grass is green!”

Jia Kai’s pupils shrank suddenly and exclaimed.

I saw that in the crystal clear texture like boiled glutinous rice, the light green is like fresh and natural grass that has just sprouted, exuding vitality, which is very gratifying.

Irradiate the cut surface with a strong light, you can see the green from the inside, the green is obviously eaten, and the size of the jade is definitely not small!

The shock in his heart was indescribable, and he truly admired Gu Yun.

In addition to the three pieces of wool that he selected, Father Jin took a total of two pieces of wool, and the two pieces were both mid-range jadeite, how terrible!

Only when he solved the stone with his own hands, did he understand more clearly that the difference between himself and the other party was like a moat, and it was an existence that he needed to look up to forever.

Father Jin stood on the side with a smile and squinted. A piece of jade earned more than 6 million star coins. He had experienced great winds and waves, and he had to admit how hugely profitable it was to gamble on stones.

His robot production factory has been working hard for two or three years without earning these stars!

More importantly, the son and Yunshen actually know each other and are still friends. This is definitely the incense burnt by the ancestors of the Jin family.

Father Jin has thought in his heart and does not intend to let his son disturb each other all the time. Any relationship will not last long as long as he has the intention of using it and money.

As long as Yunshen can occasionally remember to mention the Jin family, he will be satisfied.

Bai Jingjie’s seventh piece of wool is a piece of water stone with a bacon skin. The size is a circle smaller than a basketball. It is flat and weighs 167 kg. The skin is red like bacon, smooth and transparent, and feels smooth.

The surface of this wool material is not cracked, but the pine flowers of the husk are very bright green, and the upper part of the wool material is connected into a piece.

As the saying goes: It is better to buy a line than a piece.

That is to say, if there is a large area of ​​green on the surface, but there is no jade inside, it is better to choose pine flowers with a linear or globular epidermis, which is more likely to appear green.

Because if the pine flowers are connected together, it is very likely to be “violent pine flowers”, which means that all green runs on the skin, and the inside is colorless, or the water head is short, dry, and partial, and only low-grade jadeite can be produced. 【Note】

Seeing this piece of wool, people are confused again.

If it is said that the fissures and ringworm are uncertain, it is impossible to judge whether it is deep inside and how much, but the characteristics of this tyrannosa flower are still very obvious.

It’s impossible for the **** of clouds to not see it, right?

So someone asked, “God Yun, isn’t this a tyrannosa flower? Why did you choose this wool?”

This person is also a stone gambler, with the badge of a Y-level stone gambler on his chest. He looks young, and his eyes are full of admiration for Bai Jing, but his attitude is extremely serious.

Bai Jing glanced at him, turned the wool over, and pointed at the very faint needle-like traces at the bottom with his long, jade-like fingers: “Actually, there are a lot of needle-like pine flowers here, which are more difficult to identify and have different colors. Light, but easier to green–”

“Oh, oh…Thank you Cloud God.”

Glancing at those beautiful brown eyes, the young man’s face suddenly turned crimson, he didn’t even dare to look up at him, and he didn’t have the courage to ask questions at all.

[Tsk, I bet that this stone gambler must be a fan of Yunshen! 】

[He’s still a handsome guy, but he’s so shy~]

[Looking at Young Master Gu’s expression, hiss, he suddenly feels so cold. 】

[If eyes can kill, he must have been killed countless times by Young Master Gu! 】

[Hee hee, he was jealous of him—]

At this time, the people closest to Bai Jing opened their eyes wide and looked at the place pointed by the other party.

Besides, there are so many wool materials in Sote’s public plate, and the eyes are full of flowers, but Yunshen can still find the inconspicuous hair needles and pine flowers at the bottom of the wool material, what kind of eyesight this must be!

After Bai Jing finished his answer, he cut off the part of the pine blossom with a laser knife without wasting time.

This knife almost cut off more than half of the wool, causing everyone to take a deep breath.

[Fuck, goosebumps are rising! 】

[Sometimes it is more exciting to watch Yunshen cut stones than to solve jadeite. 】

[Upstairs +1, that kind of piece of wool that has been solved for half an hour and a lonely one, is speechless. 】

[That’s right, I also recognized it! 】

However, after seeing the exposed cut surface, everyone lost their voices.

Green with a knife!

No, this is not the most important, but, this is another high-grade jadeite!

The cut surface, the size of an adult’s palm, was as clear as ice, and the whole body was light blue.

Like the sparkling sea water wrapped in jade, and like a clear and clear blue crystal, the jade is delicate, clean and clear, showing a noble and elegant temperament.

“It’s ice blue water jadeite!!”

“It’s soaring–”

Everyone was excited. This was the first few pieces of high-grade jade that Gu Yunjie had produced. No one had counted them. They were all intoxicated by this charming color and could not extricate themselves for a long time.

【So beautiful, so beautiful! 】

【Why do I have no money (shock)]

【Ah ah ah, why is the God of Cloud so strong! 】

In the end, this 9.2kg piece of ice blue water jadeite was photographed at a high price of 22 million yuan. The wool merchant who photographed the jadeite was overjoyed and could not wait to put all the jadeite that Gu Yun unearthed in his pocket. It is exquisite!

Ten minutes later, Bai Jing finished the last piece of wool.

When he extracted the egg whites worth 12 million yuan and planted green jade from this piece of wool, everyone looked at Bai Jing in astonishment, with disbelief, shock, and even awe in their eyes.

It’s like seeing some kind of incredible situation and can’t recover for a while.

And the star network exploded, and countless barrages passed at an indiscernible speed, all expressing their shock.

[Holy shit, I counted correctly, 8 yuan bet up 7 yuan? ? 】

[I figured it out, 87.5% of the betting rate! 】

[This bet rate is fake, right? ! 】

[Is it bad eyes or bad math upstairs? Count by yourself! 】

【Ah, ah, the God of Clouds is so awesome—]

[This bet increase rate, oh my god, Master Gu Liubai wasn’t so high back then! ! 】

Master Gu Liubai is currently the only eighth-level stone gambler in the empire. Thirty years ago, in the Jade Public Market, he gained five yuan from the six yuan in a single day, and the bet increase rate reached 83.3, which made him famous. Gu’s position in the rough jadeite industry is unshakable and prosperous!

But today, thirty years later, this record was broken by Gu Yun, with 7 out of 8 bets, an 87.5% bet increase rate! !

Whether it is the number of bets or the probability, it has never happened in the entire history of the empire!

And the most terrifying thing is that there are middle and low-grade jadeites such as bean seeds and oily green seeds among the wool materials that Master Gu Liubai bet on, but Gu Yun, there is not a single piece!

All he bet are medium and high-end jadeite, and none of them are less than 10 million!

Someone briefly calculated the jadeite that he had bet on, and the more he calculated, the more frightened he felt:

Two glass species, namely the glass species floating flower and the glass species Yang green jade;

Two ice species, one of which is high-ice golden silk species, and the other is ice species blue water jadeite;

There are also three pieces, namely, the water species spring with color two-color, the waxy species red jade and the egg white species full of green.

Although the latter three are not of high grade, they are all rare colors, whether they are spring color, red jade, or full green! !

Is this really something that humans can do? ?

At this moment, everyone suddenly felt that the title “God of Clouds” was very appropriate, and they would witness the birth of a “God” in the jade world!

[Kneeling to Yunshen, orz. 】

[Totally overwhelmed with excitement, woohoo, Yunshen is the strongest! ! 】

[As expected of the cloud god! ! 】

【We are waiting for the moment when the God of Cloud ascends to the throne! 】

【This day will not be far away—】

The so-called “God Throne” is the seat of a god-level stone gambler. No one has ever sat on it for hundreds of years.

But they believe that Yunshen can absolutely! !

Almost immediately, the tag #guyunsuotepublic betting increase rate 87.5%# immediately rushed to the top of the hot search, followed by a big explosion.

And it is followed by #guyungambling double glass species#, #guyunyunshen# and other hot topics.

In just one night, Gu Yun’s number of fans on Starfield exceeded the 50 million mark, and it is still growing. This number exceeds that of many senior stone gamblers!

And with the influence of the Sote public listing and the live broadcast platform, the name Gu Yun is currently unknown to almost everyone in the empire.

Even those who haven’t watched the live video are overwhelmed by the news pushed by the friends and major platforms around them. Everyone knows this genius stone gambler who has made a big splash in the Soter public market. His name is Gu Yun!

Next to the calcifier No. 3.

Jia Kai, who finally finished unraveling the glutinous seed and green grass, saw a flash of surprise in his eyes when he saw the news automatically pushed by Guangnao, and then shivered suddenly when he looked at the jadeite whose bets had risen in his hand.

No, not right!

Not 87.5% betting rate, but 90%! !

Because the two jadeites that the Jin family unraveled were also chosen by Gu Yun!

90%, 90% betting rate! Jia Kai was breathing rapidly, and the shock in his eyes lingered for a long time.

After a while, he remembered that half a day ago he wanted to compete with Gu Yun, including 40 minutes ago that he was dissatisfied with Father Jin’s practice of replacing wool, and he wished to use the time-space shuttle device to strangle his previous self.

Gu Yun is about to become a god, but he still wants to compare himself with a god?

At the same time, the five great families of the empire who received the news—the Yuan, Lei, and Du clansmen—all had extremely ugly expressions on their faces.

Gu Yuanbai was finally lost, and now there is another Gu Yun, why is the Gu family so lucky? !

No, if things go on like this, this Gu Yun will be more terrifying than the eighth-level stone gambler Gu Liubai!

How could there be such a monster, you must know that it has only been less than half a year since he ascended the high platform of the stone gambling battle as a first-level stone gambler! !

For many, this is destined to be a sleepless night.

Perhaps starting today, the stone gambling world will face a reshuffle.

Later generations wrote in the records about the “God-level stone gambler”:

This day is a day when everyone falls into madness.

On the Sauter public market, the only god-level stone gambler in the empire successfully broke the previous record with an increase rate of 87.5%, spreading his name throughout the empire.

Later generations recorded the date of October 20, 835 as the ‘Eternal Day’.

It also means that the grand deed of the god-level stone gambler will be remembered by the world forever!

The author has something to say: Small Theater:

A: This bet rate, fake, fake, right?

Fan 1: Are you going to treat your eyes?

Fan 2: Did your math physical education teacher pay it?

Jia Kai: No, the betting rate is 90%! ! (looks sluggish.jpg, slaps myself.jpg)


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