God-level Stone Gambler Chapter 7

A week later, Bai Jing’s notebook was filled with dense knowledge points, all of which were related to gambling stones. However, this knowledge is relatively fragmented and can only be regarded as a preliminary understanding.

He turned off his light brain and prepared to go to the wool area to experience it on the spot, and strive to bet up a piece of wool as soon as possible in order to obtain the qualification for the assessment of the stone gambling apprentice.

Before falling asleep, Bai Jing searched the nearby wool area, and there were three in total. Sure enough, the largest of them is Gu’s No. 5 wool material area, which belongs to the industry of Gu’s.

After checking the route, Bai Jing lay on the soft bed and had a good night’s sleep.

At seven o’clock in the morning, Bai Jing finished washing up, wearing the most common white T black trousers and old-fashioned black-rimmed glasses and went out the door.


Walking on a remote path, he found that the bodies of Jiao Gui and the three had disappeared, and the minced meat and splattered blood on the ground had also been cleaned up to leave no trace.

Bai Jing glanced at random, and walked to the suspension car pick-up point without changing his face.

Walking to the platform, he relaxed slightly.

It has been a whole week since the last killing of Jiao Gui and the three of them, and until now there has been no movement. He should have escaped for the time being.

There were not many people on the early bus, and Bai Jing followed everyone onto the white suspended train and took a seat in the corner.

The levitating train is like a long-shaped spaceship floating in the air. It shuttles rapidly on the spiral track, rising and falling, rising and falling, too fast to see the scenery outside the window.

Bai Jing’s slender fingers tightly grasped the armrests on both sides, his whole body tense, and he closed his eyes desperately to resist the weightlessness and dizziness caused by the high speed.

In less than two minutes, the suspended train slowly stopped at the station.

Bai Jing’s face turned pale, he immediately untied the protective belt, and staggered out of the car door. On the other hand, everyone else in the car looked as usual, and there was no discomfort caused by the high speed, it seemed that they had long been used to it.

Most people got off the bus at this stop, and the moment they opened the door, they walked towards the wool area.

Bai Jing sat on the bench outside and relieved for a long time, before he restrained the desire to vomit a little.

The entrance of Gu’s No. 5 woolen area.

Bai Jing pointed the optical brain at the detection instrument, and a sweet electronic voice sounded: “The credit of the citizen with ID 1053166247 has been approved, please enter.”

As soon as he entered the hall, the detector behind him sounded a warning sound: “Warning! Warning! Citizen with ID 982348501 has failed the credit review, and the Gu’s mine has been deprived of the right to gamble!”


“Fuck, isn’t it because the loan of 10,000 star coins hasn’t been repaid yet, I’ll have to gamble!” A middle-aged man with a frenzied expression was dragged out of the door by two tall men in uniform.

Bai Jing didn’t look back and walked straight into this bright hall.

There are five entrances on the right side of the hall, marked with “A-E” above; there is only one entrance on the left side of the hall, marked with the letter “S”.

Hundreds of blue reception robots shuttled through the hall. As long as they swiped on the central screen with their optical brains, they would take the initiative to answer questions.

Bai Jing swept behind the others, and a blue robot came to him with a ‘da da da’.

【Robot No. G5178 is at your service, Xiaolan will solve any problems of the guests. 】 The round blue fat man’s eyes narrowed into two horizontal lines, and he looked extraordinarily well-behaved.

Bai Jing: “Excuse me, what do the letters at these entrances represent?” He had just come into contact with gambling stones, and he didn’t understand many common sense things.

[Xiaolan replied: These letters represent the grade of the wool area.

Every time a batch of rough stones comes to Gu’s wool area, they will be divided by many professional stone gamblers to ensure that the price and quality of rough stones are relatively matched.

The wool material in the S area is the highest grade, which is mainly auctioned; the E area is the lowest grade. 】

Bai Jing: “What is the approximate price of wool in areas D and E?”

[Xiao Lan replied: There are three grades of wool in the D-grade wool area, and the prices are 1W, 3W, and 5W stars respectively;

The E-grade wool area, also known as the scrap area, sells for 500 stars per kilogram of wool. 】

“Okay, thank you.” Bai Jing looked at the balance on his brain, only less than 20,000 star coins, and can only be screened in the E-grade wool area.

[You’re welcome, do you have any questions? Little Blue will answer you right away. 】

“I don’t need it for the time being.” He planned to go directly to the E-grade wool area to select wool.

[Please comment on this service of G5178 robot, 5 points means very satisfied, thank you. 】

Bai Jing blankly clicked on the option with only 5 points, received a thank you from the little blue fat man, and then it ran to the next customer with a ‘da da da’.


Area E had the most people, and Bai Jing waited in line for a few minutes to get in.

There are several rows of long stone platforms in the vast space. Each stone platform is divided into hundreds of grids, large and small, separated by transparent special materials.

A piece of wool is displayed in each grid, and next to it is a small bucket of water and tools such as a strong light that is necessary for gambling stones.

There are many people in the E-grade wool area. Some people walk together to observe the wool materials in the same grid. Some people choose slowly by themselves, and everyone looks at it very seriously.

Bai Jing intends to stay here all the time today and observe the characteristics of wool up close.

This week, he learned a lot about gambling stones at Xingwang. He also used holographic technology to touch wool, but it was not as effective as practicing in the gambling casino.

Betting on stones, the first thing to check is the crystallization of the surface of the wool skin.

Generally speaking, coarse leather has large crystals, soft structure, low hardness and poor transparency. This kind of coarse leather is not suitable for stone gambling.

The fine leather material has small crystals, compact structure, fine texture, high hardness and good transparency.

The crystallization of the sand leather material is between the first two, and the quality changes greatly, but there are also good materials, and it has a strong gamble. 【Note 1】

After understanding the initial judgment criteria, Bai Jing did not use his senses, but observed the wool material in turn along the stone platform.

As far as his current perception is concerned, there are only ten opportunities to probe the wool, which must not be wasted.

The first thing Bai Jing observed was the wool material numbered E1.

This piece of wool is about the size of a basketball, and it is an irregular oval. The surface is gray-white and covered with a sand-like substance. It is a white sand leather shell.

When he touched it with his hand, it felt a little rough to the touch. After being sprinkled with water, the surface dries very quickly, indicating that the wool was not performing well. He quickly retracted his gaze.

Next, Bai Jing took a look at the numbers one by one.

He first observed the surface of the leather shell and touched the texture of the wool skin with his hands to judge the thickness of the crystals.

When the judgment is inaccurate, scoop a little water and pour it on the surface of the wool to observe how fast the water dries on the stone. The slow drying means the varieties with smaller crystals and relatively good texture. 【Note 2】

Because Bai Jing’s ability is perception ability, his five senses will be much stronger than others, and his sense of wool surface is more accurate.

By observing the surface of a whole row of wool, he has been able to accurately judge the degree of crystallinity of the leather.

After excluding all the coarse leather materials, only more than ten fine leather materials and sand leather materials with the best performance were selected, and the numbers were recorded and continued to be observed.

The second step of gambling stone is to observe the green on the wool, that is, the pine flower.

Songhua refers to the green deposits that can play a role in analyzing and judging gambling stones.

As the saying goes: “It is better to buy a line than a piece.” It means that there is a large green on the surface but there is no jade inside. It is better to choose a pine flower with a linear or lumpy skin, which is more likely to appear green. 【Note 3】

In this way, half of the more than ten wools have been eliminated, leaving seven.

According to the direction of the python belt, the distribution of ringworm, and the presence or absence of fissures and other various judgment criteria, Bai Jing left the last three wool materials that basically meet the characteristics.

Looking at the three finally selected wool materials, Bai Jing took a deep breath, put his hand on the first wool material and pretended to observe carefully, and manipulated his perception to slowly penetrate into the interior.


A minute later, he withdrew his hand, the wool was dead and there was no jade.

He came to the second piece of wool not far away, followed the same method, and penetrated his perception into the wool, but there was still no response.

He looked at the third piece of wool. The external performance of this wool was actually not as good as the two just now, but for some reason, Bai Jing had an eye for it as soon as he saw it.

Perception condenses into a thin line and penetrates deep into the surface of the wool material, and the active response is felt as soon as it enters the epidermis. The response was not very strong, but it extended to the bottom. Bai Jing roughly estimated that it should be six or seven kilograms.

He immediately scanned the code below with his light brain, and spent five thousand star coins to buy this piece of wool.

At the moment when the wool material started, Bai Jing felt a long-lost sense of satisfaction, and a smile unconsciously overflowed from his lips.

He finally understood why so many people like to gamble on stones. The thrill of betting on the right treasure among the many wool materials is really fascinating!

The self-driving white shopping cart came to him at the right time. Bai Jing held the piece of wool with both hands and carefully put it in.

Then, Bai Jing carefully observed nearly fifty wool materials, and only selected five that performed relatively well. He was much faster than just now, this time in less than two hours.

The five pieces of wool have been detected by perception. Except for one of them, which has a very weak active response, all the other pieces are dead.

And the jade in the piece of wool that had a weak reaction was only the size of a ping pong ball, so I’m afraid it wasn’t even half the cost.

In the whole morning, Bai Jing checked a total of more than 100 pieces of wool material, detected eight pieces with his senses, and finally found only one piece of material that could produce jade.

It has to be said that the probability of this is simply terrifyingly low.

The E area is worthy of being the scrap area. The wools that perform slightly better are rare, and of course the price is cheap enough.

Bai Jing looked at the continuous flow of people in Area E, and planned to go to Area D to see it, hoping that Area D could bring him more different experiences.


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